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Director's Cut / Re: [2380] Starbase 12: Conversation with a Cosmonaut
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PO3 Valerii Anhel Arkhipiv | Tammy's Joy | Deck 285 | Starbase 12 ] Attn. @Griff

Valerii looked to the Klingon ship and sighed wistfully looking at the dented and pitted hull, regarding the ancient ship still plying the spaceways. Seeing such an old ship brought to mind a story that he'd read, and he sung a bar from the it, his voice soft and wistful, trusting Alistair's universal Translator to pick it up. "Ми молимося за останню посадку на земній кулі, яка породила нас....*" The bit of song cheered him, and he wagged a finger in the direction of the ship. "That ship reminds me of the fanciful ideas that we had about Spacetravel, so much of what was imagined never came to pass, but I slept through it all. Heinlein was a visionary, but he'd never have imagined this sort of world."

"Tangents are fine, we all have plenty of hobbies and habits and interests. Though I would say that you're still in logistics, you just went into the personnel side of it. And yes, I will never not claim to be one. My flag may have changed, but I still serve. I'm not a scientist, and I'm no longer a leader, but sadly what's important is that I'm still a mechanic, something I had to be even when I was a Squadron leader, I am still an engineer. Anyway, regardless, whatever we are my friend, and minder, we shall be drunk, now, it is time for Vodka." With that said, Valerii called up an order for actual Vodka, inputting whatever codes he needed to to get the real stuff, not something synthetic.

* = We pray for one last landing on the globe that gave us birth.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1430 hrs] A Quick Course in Cardiovascular Acceleration
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Jefferies Tube | Deck ?? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The familiar singing shimmer ended and it was suddenly more cramped and quiet except for the occasional beep of some equipment or the steady thrum of the EPS conduits.  None of that mattered though as Zark gently pushed Reggie against a wall and closed her eyes to lock lips.  It was very familiar yet different as she pressed her blue lips into the tanned ones and squished their warm bodies together.  The Zhen still had control of the Wolf's hand and she moaned delightedly as her own tongue crossed into the Betazoid's and she went ahead and enjoyed the sensation.

She was enjoying it so much that her free hand caressed it's way down her back.  It was smooth and tantalizing the whole way down and long blue fingers traced a pattern the entire way.  She moaned happily as her pert nipples rubbed gently against the taut body.  Waves of pleasure encouraged her onward, especially since her partner wasn't making any signs to stop.

This did elicit a sense of chariness in the Zhen though since she felt like she was doing all the enjoying and Reggie wasn't responding as enthusiastically as she could have.  This caused Zark to pull away for just a moment and a thin trail of saliva linked the two as lusty blue green eyes looked on into dark brown on where to go next.

She didn't know why she got the sense that she should just continue, but Zark wasn't going to ignore it and she planted another quick kiss on Reggie's lips before helping to remove the interfering top and tossing it aside.  "Enjoy." was all she whispered into the Betazoid's ear, letting the warm air caress the tanned skin. Blue lips and tongue travelled down the exposed collar, teasingly brushed against dark nipples, planted marks of passion along the very fit belly, stopping to place a much more intense kiss on the belly button.  As she reached the narrow set of hips, strong slender fingers hooked on to both the pants and panties, and pulled them down in one smooth motion, leaving the delicate folds for her to admire.  Zark looked up once more for confirmation with a salacious smile before leaning in as her lips unerringly guided onto the nub at the top of Reggie's sex.
Director's Cut / Re: (2381) USS Theurgy: Got My Mind Set on You
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counseling Offices | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @joshs1000

One of the skills Rhys had learned as a counsellor was surreptitious observation. Keeping track of a the other person’s movements and reactions, but doing so without making them feel like a cell under a microscope. It was tricky and involved trying to avoid staring and performing as if this were a normal situation.

He was certainly glad to here that Lok had suffered no physical ill effects. Personally, Rhys could not have imagined anything worse than being in cryo-sleep. He knew it was irrational as the procedure was safe but the idea of it creeped him out. Though when Lok mentioned muscles atrophy, Rhys couldn’t help casting an admiring look over his patient’s musculature and wondering if Lok was already this impressive how much more he would be without any atrophy. Rhys took a moment to recover and felt faintly embarrassed at his reaction and hoped Lok had not noticed.

When Lok explained the mental effects of what had happened. Rhys nodded slowly. It was a story he hard almost daily. Even without the added stress of loosing six months most people on the crew had some issue or another from the Ship’s situation. Rhys was a rare exception, there wasn’t really anyone waiting for him back home, no family. There was an old friend back in his home village but their relationship had grown increasingly strained anyway.

Rhys felt an overwhelming sense of sympathy for Lok, and setting down his drink he moved his seat closer to Lok’s and put a sympathetic hand on his leg. He did his best to not think about the muscle beneath his hand despite how nice it felt. He wasn’t that successful. Rhys focused on a particular word that Lok had used. “Why do you say selfish?” Rhys knew it was common for some people to feel that their own negative feelings were somehow selfish or self-indulgent. He wondered if that was what was happening in this case. “I’d say what you feel is normal and understandable and echoed by many on the crew. So why selfish?” He inclined his head slightly looking at the larger man.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Brutus -


  Ens. Cameron Henshaw                                           Captain's Yeoman

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  Lt. Valyn Amarik                                           Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

  LT. Amelya Rez                                           Asst. Chief Medical Officer

- Writer: @BipSpoon

Please welcome back to the fold @BipSpoon  they return with their characters, Cameron Henshaw, Valyn Amarik and Amelya Rez. Each character has an enticing and deep background and all have played key parts in the story of the USS Theurgy and we look forward to seeing more of their journey in the coming chapters ahead! Glad to have you back, @BipSpoon


One other minor note - I'll be out of town while I make sure my brothers wedding goes off without a hitch starting the morning of May 15th. I'll be back by Monday the 20th. In the meantime I hope everyone continues to have fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone has written and come up with while I'm gone.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 11 [2345 hrs.] Ships in the Night
Last post by Number6 -
[Lt Vanya | Xenobiology and Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Brutus

Feeling her lovers body against hers only intensified the sensation of Vanya’s anticipation.   The game they were playing, immature, childish risky… and yet it was also liberating, to act on these fantasies was like some kind of game, Vanya had a thick anti authority streak in her – being the product of a renegade Romulan experient will do that do you.    While she understood the need for decorum, sometimes it was nice to let your hands of the helm console.  
“You have the right idea…” she said.  

Vanya finished her sentence by kissing her way down Nat’s smooth neck, first in short sharp packs a friend would normally exchange in relaxed public settings before settling on long, hungry kisses, the kind of  passionate hungry kisses a frustrated Vulcan might give on their marriage pon farr.   And yet, it was still tempred with thet tenderness that Vanya had felt for Nat since they gave into their feelings and embraced their passions for each other.    With an almost artistic grace, she was able to avoid interfering with the cortical monitor that her lover wore.   While the possibility of discovery was vaguely exhilarating, accientially loosening the monitor and was a sure way to expose them, and bring an abrupt end to the evening.  

As she continued to kiss around her neck and shoulders, Vanya’s long and nimble fingers moved towards Nat’s huge mounds, softly toying with them, again, lightly caressing them with her fingers, before firmly kneading them together, pressing her against her own bare flesh.   

“isn’t this relaxing my love?” Vanya whispered into her ear.  
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [15:30 hrs,] Once Upon the Island
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Pirate vessel qu'DuHSum | BIQ'a'bIng Ocean | Unnamed Island | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz‍ 

Hathev had lost count of the Klingons on the beach as she had been both gunning them down and creating a literal line in the sand that dared anyone to cross.  She thought she had seen one of the Klingons disappear.  She could not immediately determine whether it had been under her fire or some kind of transporter beam.  So when the ship pulled away from the beach and it became apparent that their Klingon pursuers could do so no longer, she stepped down from the turret and froze.

In the briefest of moments, Hathev saw Cross laying on the deck, blood oozing from a head wound and a Klingon approaching her, a blunt weapon dripping in green blood in his raised hand as it swung down towards her own skull. 

Time continued to move at a standstill to her perception.  She saw the site to site transporter beacon on his belt, the adornment of his armor and she knew this was the Klingon commander.  The one who had led the raid, the one who had ruined their vacation, who might have killed Cross, and who wanted to kill her now. 

Logic told her how to react, what movement she should make, and the most efficient way to subdue the attacker.  But none of that mattered as something else happened to her.  Something she did not expect…

Hathev got angry.

As a Vulcan, Hathev experienced the deep and intense level of rage and anger that had almost destroyed her people.  She had learned to control it through logic and discipline.  Since her mind meld with Cross, her ability to exercise that control had been compromised and while she had been able to more or less keep it in check until now.  Even so, she needed to acknowledge and accept that her emotional self would never again be fully silenced.  But in this moment, this blink of time, anger and a growing sense of rage boiled her own green blood.

Her right hand shot up, catching the wrist wielding the war hammer and stopping him cold.  He seemed surprised by her defense but even as he pushed against her with increased force, she immobilized his attack.  Her elbow locked, her leg kicked back bracing her.

“Klingon P’tahk,” she spat, her eyes narrowing

He reached for the dagger at his belt, his hand barely gripping it before the closed fist of her free hand smacked it away, sending the blade overboard.


The Klingon tried for a head butt but he telegraphed his movement too clearly and the Vulcan side stepped the attack.  The Klingon’s momentum worked against him and he stumbled forward.  Hathev held her grip on the captured wrist and twisted the arm until the joint gave a satisfying pop and the Klingon growled in pain as his hand released the war hammer.

“...have had…”

His bad arm hanging limp at his side, the Klingon tried to swing wildly at her.  Hathev ducked and caught eye of the transporter beacon on his belt.  He lunged for her again as her hand clamped down on his collar bone and squeezed.

“…enough of…”

The nerve pinch was not as effective on Klingons as it was humans, but it was enough to slow him down long enough for her to tear the beacon from his belt and throw it to the deck behind her.  He found enough strength to bat her arm away.  The motion turned Hathev in her place momentarily putting her back to him and giving him the time he needed to recover and come at her again.


In the motion of her spin, she had come around, her hand gripping the handle of the Klingon’s fallen war hammer.  She continued the circular motion using her momentum to her advantage as she swung upward at him.

Metal and flesh collided with a sickening crunch as the hammer smashed through the Klingon’s jaw sending flesh, blood and bone flying.  Hathev followed through with a second strike.  His head recoiled with another crunch as he staggered back, his momentum taking him the rail and overboard. 

He did not scream or call out as he fell.  Hathev surmised he might have been dead from the broken bones in his jaw and neck before he hit the water.

She stood there, her chest heaving, as she forced herself to push the anger and rage back into its proper place.  Red Klingon blood mixed with the green Vulcan blood on the hammer in her hand turning both into an ugly shade of brown.

The weapon fell to the deck with a loud thunk and she remembered that Cross had been injured.  Calm control returned to her and she rushed to his side and checked him.  As they did with humans. Vulcan head wounds bled far worse than almost any other and so it was difficult to assess just how badly he’d been hurt just by a visual assessment.  He was awake and groggy, and she was able to assess that his upper spine had not been injured so she deemed it safe to move him.

Even so she was not cavalier as she lifted him in her arms, carried him into the on deck cabin, and set him gently down on the bed which, much to her surprise, actually included a mattress.

She found some old garments in the wardrobe which she was more than happy to tear apart to use as a wipe to staunch the blood and give her time to find a medical kit. 

Rudimentary by Starfleet standards the kit contained a medical tricorder and what looked to be the proper tools to put her first aid skills to use.  The tricorder indicated no concussion.  Training kicked in and she found the Klingon equivalent of the medication needed to stabilize him.  She dosed the medication and then applied the dermal regenerator to the wound to close it.

She set the tricorder to a continuous scan while she washed herself up and ruffled through the wardrobe.  She pulled out a piece, a black body suit with silver armor across the front.  It was sized just smaller than her preference, but she suspected it would fit well enough and she slipped into it while waiting for Cross to wake.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 4: S [D01 |1830] Second Station from the right and straight on till its over
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Aerodrome | Erudite ] Attn. @Eden @RyeTanker  @Brutus


On his way back to the aerodrome from meeting Barpin, Alistair got more than a few odd looks from passing Savi. He was, in all fairness, outside the assigned area for the Theurgy crew, and was probably the first alien that many of the Savi had ever seen. His escort, a terse being named Rayui, was the only reason that Alistair wasn't stopped. Still, Rayui set a glacial pace in traversing the giant vessel, ignoring Alistair's increasingly exasperated requests to go faster.

If he'd thought that he could've made it without being stopped or (more likely) shot, Alistair would've ditched Rayui and sprinted flat out to the aerodrome. The idea of the team launching before he reached them was painful. It wasn't that Alistair had critical information or advice. He simply hated the idea of sending people on such a dangerous mission without seeing them first. It just felt...wrong.

Fortunately, Alistair made it to the aerodrome in time, and he sighed in relief when he saw that the Valkyries and shuttles were still there. Still, he limited himself to a brisk stride rather than jogging, if only for appearances. It had to look as if he was a competent leader, even if he was a mess inside.

Finally, as he approached the group, Alistair called out "zh'Wann, Valin, over here." He patiently waited a discreet distance from the rest of the team for Ida and Cal to come to him, giving him a moment to reflect on the absurdity of the moment. Ida had saved his life weeks ago on Praxis, and Cal had been quite aggressively kissed by Alistair's girlfriend just a few days prior, among other activities before that. It would've been comical under other circumstances, instead of just bizarre.

After Ida and Cal reached him, Alistair couldn't help but consider the latter for another moment out of simple curiosity. He immediately saw what attracted Enyd; attractive, confident, maybe a little flair too. Still, time and place.

"Okay, you both know your jobs better than I do," Alistair said, "so I'll keep this brief. The Savi data that you're going after could give us an edge against the Infested. With luck, it'll give us clues to their plans, their resources, maybe more. At a minimum, your raid should draw some enemy ships away from Hobus and give us better odds when we attack the main facility."

Alistair paused. "With all that said: the data is not worth thirty billion lives. In two hours, we are attacking Hobus with or without you, no matter what happens. It's up to both of you to assess the risk during the raid and, if necessary, abandon the mission to join back up with us later. Use your own judgement. Are we clear?"
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH2: S [Day1|1900hrs] Show us what you got!
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[ Dominic Winters | Holodeck 3 | Vector 2 | Deck 21 | The Ranger ATTN: @Pierce @Dumedion

Dominic picked up on the complexities of the emotions from his two wingmates here, Goldeneye and Shadow, each with something different to offer. Goldeneye’s want for action and activity was tinged with sadness and worry. Whereas Shadow adopted a colder professionalism to her with a hint of impatience. He listened to her as she described Corsair and his decent stick which had to get his brain buzzing on what that actually implied. Considering that the term ‘stick’ was a euphemism for something else and let's face it, pilots were a randy bunch. Live free, die hard.

Dominic walked his way through the checklist with a precision that you could only get from being a practiced pilot. Every step being done as instructed took time but its time well spent and he followed it well, rather than being a stubborn sort who would rush through it all. A few questions got thrown in, but otherwise, he picked up on it fairly quickly. As soon as the ladder was stowed and Shadow headed to her ship. Dominic looked over the internals and took a deep breath and flexed his hands. In a way, this felt a lot like his first time flying a Peregrine. Something new, rough and wild that would be very unpredictable. He glanced to the control room and then to Shadow. “I’ll do a manual take-off first and guide my way out. Back in my day kiddie-pilots had to do it all manually.” He threw in an old people’s joke to lighten the air. He even switched to an old, strained man voice when he started up in the ‘back in my day’ aspect.

There was a method to his madness though in that learning to perform a manual take-off and landing proficiently increased the Pilot’s survivability and ability to function in an emergency where the ship had no power, low power, or some other emergency. He began to hum a little tune to himself as he took the ship out to the strip with a bit of shakiness at first as he adjusted the controls and got used to the slow speeds first and then took himself out from the landing bay.


The controls inside were familiar enough for him to handle manual control off the bat with some mild adjustments being needed along the way. He glanced at the navigation display and saw the layout of the system they were in. The Holo-theurgy sat behind them some distance away and he smiled beneath the helmet. The choice of path was certainly unique but not unexpected. This felt a bit like how they did things on the Thunderball years ago when the Peregrines were first handed to a bunch of would-be pilots and volunteers. Though the Peregrine, even when Starfleet manufactured lacked a lot of the fancy toys this thing had. Some of which they shoved into the ship as the war raged from sheer desperation which spurred invention.

He glanced up at Shadow as she did a wonderful lateral arch to be canopy-to-canopy with him and pointed out where the throttle was. “Yeah, I know. It’s why I am petting it like a villain petting their cat.” He responded easily. He’d kept the ship at a matched speed for the time being until they had come to a stop and stared out at the path before them. Now it was to really get a feel for it as he gripped the control stick with one large, armored hand while the other settled on the throttle. He shifted his hand forward and set the throttle to half-impulse at first and shot off along the path. “Lets see what the path holds for us!” Atlas is not the steadiest with the ship as he starts flying in and around the asteroids of rock and ice. Though it is quickly apparent he’s adjusting fairly quickly with how the ship handles, like fitting a new glove and getting used to it. There are plenty of near misses though he has either deliberately or not.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH 2: S [Day 01 | 1857 hrs] Expectations
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[CPO Avandar Lok | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Lok nodded in agreement with Cross’s statement about the efficiency of Klingon crews. He himself was usually pretty quick to leap to their defense when more ignorant minded people attempted to disparage them for being Klingon. Granted such instances of prejudice were rare these days among Starfleet personnel but were a bit more common among certain sects of the civilian population. At least such prejudices weren’t nearly as bad as they say a century ago.

Then Cross brought up the topic of what was essentially Klingon flirting. Luckily Lok had fur or the senior officer would have been able to see the redness of his cheeks, but his ears did fold back a bit and felt hot from embarrassment.

“Well I uh…I mean sure -uh yeah, I’ve…been on the receiving end of that from some Klingon women in the past, but I let them know politely I wasn’t interested”, he replied, trying to dodge the topic. One of Martok’s aide’s did in fact make a pass at him, though he, the aide, preferred the more traditional role of a Klingon male in such things and instead read Lok some old fashioned love poetry he had written. The two didn’t meet properly then, it actually was a few weeks later while Lok was on leave at Deep Space 9 where they hit it off. Who knew there could also be a softer side to a Klingon? They hadn’t spoken in a number of years, not since Lok’s father passed. Lok wouldn’t tell any of this to Cross of course, he barely knew the man after all. He did add though as a way to perhaps add a bit of humor to his response, “...I only had my jaw broken by one of those women once for rejecting them so I think I came out of it ok.”

“As for Martok though”, he further added, “I think he was just sizing me up as a worthy adversary of some kind…at least that is what I was told…and I think his chuckle was probably him concluding he would win. I’m not really a trained fighter so he was probably right.”

He grinned and listened as Cross told his own story about what must have been a rather strange if ridiculous affair at a Klingon museum. “Well at least it made the museum interesting”, Lok responded with a chuckle. “Did you get in any trouble for it? Damaging property and all that.”

“I’ve never run into anything like that since I joined, but they also don’t send knuckle draggers and grease monkeys like myself to museums.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 6 [ 1300hrs. ] Let's Get Physical
Last post by Sqweloookle -
[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Hirek's Quarters | Deck 17 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz sorry kinda extending it a little.

Even as he enjoyed the compliment that he was pleasing to the Romulan's senses the two were suddenly pressing their bodies together and Hirek's lips were brushing over his. Elro moaned as he heard Hirek declare that he was indeed 'delicious', a soft chuckle escaped his lips as Hirek stepped away and towards the replicator.

He was up for trying some Romulan cuisine, though he frowned as he walked over to stand by Hirek. "Unfortunately our replicators won't be able to make your Ale, it's against the law. So the programming won't allow it, though if you can find similar ingredients in the database we could see how that goes." Elro said, his tone sad that he couldn't try the forbidden Ale.

A moment later Elro smiled. "I will be happy to try the Mollusks for certain," he added, for several moments he wondered if there was perhaps a beverage from Betazed that they could drink instead. "Oh how about you try Uttaberry wine? That is until we find some Ale in our travels."
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