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USS Theurgy | A Late Night Thank You


OOC: This scene would have taken place during Interregnum 04-05.

Day 01 [2300 hrs.] A Late Night Thank You

Jaya Thorne | Personal Quarters of Sten Covington | USS Theurgy ] Attn: CanadianVet
It had taken some clever wording and a bit of research, but Jaya's investigation skills paid off.  She arrived at her destination shortly after 2300 hours, wearing her regulation grey sweat pants and a white ribbed tank top.  A matching grey workout hoodie was unzipped and falling off of her shoulders, which made room for the brown locks of her messy ponytail to rest there instead.  She wore simple sneakers on her feet and a bottle of authentically replicated single-malt whiskey along with two whiskey glasses in her hand.

The computer chirped at her as she approached.

"Relax Thea, it's just me.  I just wanna thank him.  Let me in, will you?"

"[Visitor Acknowledged.  Your presence will be logged in my databanks.]"

The door chimed a different tune and slid open, allowing the PO1 access to the personal quarters of the Chief of the Deck.  Her brown eyes scanned the room, but found the lights dimmed and the place deserted.  "Huh.. maybe he's not here..?  Thea, please locate CWO Sten Covington.. again."

"[CWO Sten Covington is currently in his personal quarters.]"

" he's not.." The brunette retorted as she crossed the room to a low table and plopped herself onto the couch beside it.  The whiskey bottle found it's way to the middle of the table and the two glasses were placed nearby.  "Guess i'll just have to wait.."  She kicked her shoes off, grabbed a pillow and propped it behind her back, then stretched out across the cushions.  She drew her arms up and crossed them behind her head as her eyes closed.  "No reason why I can't relax in the meantime.."
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Re: Chapter 09: A Late Night Thank You | Day 01 [2300 hrs.]

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The amount of work that had landed in the lap of the Bear Cubs was substantial, to say the least.  What was left of the original fighter complement all needed some serious looking after, along with everything else that had wound up in their bay from the Harbinger, Orcus and Resolve over the last week or so.  Not to mention the Reaver and that monstrosity Razor had come back riding in. 

And on top of all that, Covington needed to refresh himself on the specs regarding the Valravn-class interceptors.  Already, he knew they would be nightmares when it came to maintenance, both with the frequency requirements and the work itself.  Knight never seemed to be able to pick the right man to be his maintenance advisor, or he made a point to ignore what someone who actually knew the realities of working on a flight deck where space was at a premium and every member of the deck gang had to keep birds flying round the clock if need be.  But, eventually, he had to knock off and get some rest.  There would be plenty of work came morning.

The bay was quiet enough when he decided he would pull the plug.  The Cubs were exhausted themselves, so he had elected to give them the night to bounce back.  They needed it, and people who couldn't see straight from tiredness were the kind who'd wind up needing an emergency transport to Sickbay if they were really lucky, or who could cause a fighter's antimatter storage to breach if they made just the right kind of muddle-headed mistake.  And he too needed to get his sleep if he was to ramrod the mess of maintenance and repair that was ahead of him and his crew.

Returning to his quarters, he had wasted little time in getting out of his coveralls and heading into the shower.  A sonic shower.  Part of him thought he ought to have gone to the gym, enjoy one of the therapeutic water showers that were available on a limited basis, but that would have involved a lot more walking than he felt like at the time, and it would be nowhere near his quarters.  So he had to satisfy himself with the simple pleasure of washing his hands and face in his sink after the sonic shower's cycle had been completed and he donned a pair of old Academy sweats pants, the exact same he had been issued as a recruit, and a faded t-shirt emblazoned with the Valkyrie Mk I project logo. 

But coming out of his bathroom, his eyes first caught the bottle of whiskey on his coffee table which had not been there when he had retired to the bathroom.  And second, there was someone on his couch.  She was one of the additions from Black Opal, and taking a moment to wrack his memory, he recognized her.  It was Thorne, that Petty Officer who'd been flying the Allegiant during that mess of a battle over the Starbase.  And there she was, stretched on his couch, very nicely so for that matter, with her eyes closed. 

"I wasn't told I was expecting a roommate," he softly grumbled.

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Jaya jumped at Covington's voice.  Her arms swung down to propel her prone body upright on the sofa as she opened her eyes.  She had expected to hear him enter, but perhaps the day was wearing on her more than she realized.  Regardless of the reason, a few moments later she was sitting up with her feet on the floor and a goofy grin on her face.

"I'm less of a roommate and more of <cough> a visitor."  The cough surprised her, but she shook it off as nerves and stood to greet the man properly.  She extended her hand for Covington to shake, since it was after hours and they were off duty.  "Jaya Thorne.  I wanted to thank you for that bit of flying you did out there.  You saved my hide, and I've found that one good deed deserves another.  I hope you don't mind, but I may have researched your likes and dislikes that Thea has registered.  And asked around."  That playful smile surfaced again.  "I heard you like your whiskey 'old-fashioned', so I brought you a bottle of the recommended variety, a 12-year-old Dalmore."

Jaya bent over the table to lift the bottle up, causing her tank top to billow forward and reveal only bare skin beneath it.  While the unzipped sides of the hoodie prevented any truly indecent exposure, the shape of her ample chest was not left to the imagination.  She handed him the bottle and clinked the glasses together as she picked those up off the table.  "I suppose I should ask if you like yours 'on the rocks' or not, though I'm certain Thea can just replicate the ice."  The hoodie had been slowly working it's way back off of her shoulders since she stood up, and now it fell to her elbows.  The sudden pull of gravity put a kink in Jaya's charming smile.  In a series of fluid motions, she shifted the glasses to one hand and shrugged out of the left sleeve, then switched hands and shrugged out of the right sleeve.  Her free hand caught the over-sized garment before it hit the ground and she flicked it behind her, onto the sofa.

"Sorry.  Damned thing wasn't made for women, so it's a bit big and falls off all the time.  You'd think with as many females as Starfleet has, they'd make fewer unisex items."  She laughed, somewhat masking a second cough, and gestured to the nearby dining table.  "Would you like to sit there?  Or are you a couch kind of man?"
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Re: Chapter 13: A Late Night Thank You | Day 01 [2300 hrs.]

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Attn: @Even Angels Cry

When he had called upon his unannounced visitor, she nearly jumped out of her skin.  If he was any judge, she had been drifting off.  But, truth be told, it had been quite the pleasant sight when she was stretched out, and when she sat up she showed a row of nice, even white teeth in a rather goofy-looking grin. 

So, she was a visitor?  How had she even come in?  Unless she'd managed to convince Thea that she would be welcome all right.  And when she stretched out her hand, he took it in his great scarred, furry paw and gave it an honest shake without crushing the much smaller fingers.  So, she was there to thank him for what he did in the mess that was the battle near the Starbase.  "Saved that undoubtedly shapely ass of yours?  Wait, you were flying the Allegiant, weren't you?  Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: I had no idea what I was doing.  Looked like you had a bit of a problem, I flew in that general direction and let the Reaver's computer do most of the fancy pilot shit.  But I'll accept the thanks, and the whiskey."

It was indeed one of his favourites that had been brought in.  Now, the question was whether it was real or replicated.  But at this point in the day, either would do just fine for him.  But the flash of bare skin, absent a bra he had caught when she leaned forward was even more welcome.  She was a pretty little thing, and he didn't mind getting a peek if he could.  "Neat is just fine," he answered as he watched her dance out of the sweater, leaving very little to the imagination about what she had up top as she did so.  But, at her comments about the oversized sweater, he offered a grin of his own as he took a glass from her.  "You'd think, but I'm not going to complain." 

It was his sense much of her freeing herself of the sweater had been for his benefit, so why wouldn't he tell her just that?  But, with regards to seating arrangement, he raised his glass to the couch.  "You're already here, so why shouldn't we just sit here?"

And besides, being on the couch he might be able to get a few good looks down that tank top of hers...

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"Yea, the Allegiant.  She's my girl."  Jaya's charming smile morphed suddenly into a frown.  "Hope I didn't bang her up too badly.  I just got my wings and what's the first thing I do?  Fly into battle and nearly break my ship.  Not so smart on my part, but I did bring her home thanks to you, and everyone else out there."  She shook Covington's grizzled hand as she listened to his side of things. 

When he mentioned that they could just sit on his couch, Jaya plopped herself right back down and went about pouring the two of them each a glass of whiskey.  The bottle was placed between them on the table so that whomever needed a refill could simply top off their glass.  She passed Covington his drink and threw back some gulps of her own.. and coughed again.  Jaya was used to beer.  Cheap beer, expensive beer, lagers, IPA's, you name it she had tried it.  She could knock back a few without feeling too awful unless they were bottom of the barrel swill.  But this whiskey was completely different.  It was smooth going down, but it still punched her gut when it hit.  The aftertaste lingered sweetly in her mouth for a few moments when she'd finished her sip.  It was good stuff. 

"Wow, This is really good!  You, sir, have excellent taste."  She laughed as she brought her glass up to his and clinked them together.  Jaya downed what was left and poured herself more.  "So what else do you like to do?  I skimmed your bio on Thea while I was looking for a present for you.  That's how I know about the whiskey, but I'm sure there's things that you like that aren't on Thea.  I mean, I know there's things I like that aren't in her data banks cuz I didn't think it was proper to write them on a form."  She shrugged.  "We all have our quirks.  Do you get to fly all the fighters and shuttles aboard the Theurgy?  That's what I would do.  Just fly them around every chance I could."  Her voice took on an almost dreamlike quality.  "There's something freeing about flying.  I can't really explain it.. I just know it's where I feel the most at home."

She was sharing an awful lot.  It was time to get him to do some talking.  "How about you?" 
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With the whiskey in hand, Sten raised his glass in a salute before taking his first sip.  The smoky, peaty liquor went down his throat, smooth fire warming him all the way down to his stomach.  Oh, he certainly had needed that all right, and before he knew it his glass was empty, and as he sat himself down next to the helmswoman, he refilled his glass.  Oh yes, it certainly had tasted like another.  And probably a few more.

But the question about his hobbies surprised him.  That wasn't something that came up often, but certainly he was happy to share.  "Music.  20th and 21st century especially, and folk tunes.   Listening and playing guitar, mostly; but I can sing, too."  That wasn't something that normally came up.  Sure, now and again he would jam with other crewmembers with similar interests, but the last time he'd really performed was during lolhunat

But then, the conversation came back to flying.  Did he fly shuttles and fighters?  That was a good question to ask.  "I'm not a pilot," he answered simply.  "Sure, I can sit at the helm of a shuttle or in a fighter's cockpit and fly them, but today was my first combat sortie at the controls.  Technically I could do ferry flights, but normally it's just maintenance, testing and diagnostic flights, because the pilots aren't always the best at telling me what's wrong, and sometimes the diagnostics don't always pick up a fault so someone needs to take the bird out for a spin to see what's wrong." 

"To me, that's just work.  My home's on the flight deck, making the magic happen." With that said, he grinned and drained his glass once more.  Normally, he didn't drink that fast, but then again he did have a prodigious tolerance.  As he refilled his cup, he turned his head, giving his guest a good once-over.  He'd already had the impression she wasn't wearing a bra, but part of him was thinking he certainly wouldn't mind finding out for certain.

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Jaya flashed Covington a sly grin as he mentioned music.  She had never considered herself a lover of songs, but there were a few that touched her on an emotional level.  She would have to remember to ask him more about it later. 

For now though, he was discussing his work.  The flight deck had always seemed frightfully boring to Jaya.  She was familiar with the kind of labor it took to clean and maintain the shuttles, workbees and fighters.  She also knew what it meant to keep an orderly deck.  Jaya had done these things for years before she was trusted enough to begin piloting the crafts.  But even after she had proven herself as a skilled workbee pilot, it took forever before she was allowed to pilot shuttles.  Her first real exercise in trust when it came to shuttles had been flying the USS Allegiant into battle, and she did a real bang up job there.

Jaya finished her whiskey and poured herself another glass while Sten spoke.  Her tolerance was high, but she was starting to feel the alcohol coursing through her body.  Maybe she should have had fewer drinks at the lounge earlier.

"I hated working on the flight deck.  I was flying with ECS when I was.. recruited.  I was promised wings,  but instead of piloting the shuttles, I was busy organizing the deck and maintaining the birds.  I passed my tests and everything, but they didn't care.  They'd rather send out Johnny Bravo, fresh out of the Academy with his ensign credentials and shit to fly my babies instead of me, the girl who's been working on them and training in them for years.  Whatever."  Jaya shifted forward on the couch.  Her elbows met her knees for a moment as she adjusted her position to better face Sten while seated beside him.  The scoop neck of her tank top drooped as she moved, just enough to see the tops of her bare breasts.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to vent like that.  This is supposed to be a celebratory 'thank you' evening for you."

Now facing the man, Jaya stared at his face.  He seemed kind and wise, but from what she had heard, he was also strict and expected a certain level of perfection in his work.  She admired that in a person.  His hair was neat and tidy, and his baggy clothes belied the physique she'd read about on the computer's data banks.  Her eyes wandered his body as she took in the sight.  Then a question came to mind.

Perhaps it was the sheer amount of alcohol in her system, but the words left her lips with no filter to stop them.  "So, what's your policy on interpersonal relationships?"
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@Even Angels Cry

Well, at first glance it seemed that there was another person in the room who cared for music.  However, the question was whether or not Jaya enjoyed the same kinds he did.  There was a broad expanse in what was now commonly known as classical music, and there was much he wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.  Particularly in the genre known as pop...

But with the topic switching to work, the pilot was quick to speak her mind about her own experiences.  Sten Covington might not be a pilot, but with four decades in Starfleet, first as a shuttle and shuttlebay tech and then involved with the fighter program he had seen more pilots come and go than this girl had eaten hot meals.  And he knew one when he saw one.  Just as he knew that a pilot confined to the bay doing maintenance would be grinding his teeth non-stop until he could stretch his wings.  Sometimes it was a good training tool, teach them tolerance; other times it was unavoidable.  But he certainly understood where she came from.

But all thoughts of a reply fled his mind when she turned towards him and leaned forward, her tank top becoming a sufficient victim of gravity to show even more of her breasts.  Nice, he thought to himself.  For a moment he was going to chide himself for that thought, but her next question also put an end to that train of thought. 

His thoughts on personal relationships?  Well, that was a good one all right.  "Well, I prefer if they're not within the same general sphere of responsibility, for one thing; and so long as everyone understands that no means no and it won't interfere with the work getting done, I have absolutely nothing against them."

But then, he grinned.  Oh, he had a distinct impression this was indeed an invitation and he reached forward with one hand, and a callused finger hooked the neckline of her tank top and pulled it away a little bit more, giving him an even deeper view down her shirt.  "And something tells me you've got something along those lines in mind?"

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Jaya leaned forward as Sten tugged at the neckline to her top.  This was exactly what she hoped would happen, but it was still unexpected.  She looked more surprised than she meant to, which made her laugh at herself.  "Hah ha, well aren't you a mind reader.  Hold your horses, handsome.  We gotta lay us down some ground rules."  She flashed him a sultry grin as she pulled away from his hand.  The tension made the neckline of the tank top stretch even more until the fabric was gaped open and the entirety of her chest was laid bare for the Chief of the Deck to see. 

And what a sight it was!  Her apricot colored skin was lightly peppered with tan dots across the rounded tops of each breast.  The freckles were small and evenly dispersed for the most part.  Despite not wearing a bra, Jaya's breasts were holding themselves up rather well.  Her light brown nipples said their own hellos to Sten as her perky brown nubs stood out against a lighter brown areola.  "We've got a bottle of whiskey and... almost 9 hours to kill.  I can think of a few ways to pass the time." 

Her cheeks were rosy now, as she bent towards Sten.  Her free hand pressed against his abdomen and slid up to his chest.  She took note of how his body felt under his clothing.  Thea hadn't been wrong.  This man had definitely spent time in a gym.  While her hand rested on his chest, her cheek brushed his face as she moved her head closer.  Her lips stopped beside his ear and she whispered "If a fling isn't your thing, I can leave now.  You won't hurt my feelings.  But if you're down for this, I could rock your world.  Just don't expect anything more from me.  Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings." 

She kissed his cheek beside his ear, and then again lower down on his neck.  Her fingers massaged his pecs with firm pressure.  Then she sat back far enough to sip her whiskey without bumping into him.  She watched his expression with feisty eyes, like a kitten ready to pounce.  When was the last time she'd even had a chance to sleep with someone?  Definitely before the battle.. hell, the more she tried to place it, the farther away it felt.  She was tired of satisfying her own needs in single-player fashion, and her most regular fuck-buddy from the Black Opal was dead.  Covington outranked her but he worked a different area and Jaya didn't care about the regulations regarding romantic encounters between crew members.  His looks hadn't faded with his age, and he'd taken care of his body.  Thea hadn't mentioned any current attachments, and if he was involved but failed to mention it, that wasn't her problem. 

All the signs indicated that this was something both parties wanted tonight.  So Jaya took a chance.  She finished her whiskey and tipped her head towards his.  Her lips barely parted as she pressed them against his in a slow kiss.  Hopefully she'd read him correctly.
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@Even Angels Cry

Well, now Sten knew two things for certain.  First, Jaya Thorne did have in mind what he thought she did; second, she certainly wasn't shy, not that with a rack like that she had any reason to be!  But she did slow him down some, as she indicated he needed to, he unhooked his finger from her tank top, but he still made no effort to hide the fact he was checking out those wonderful tits of hers.  They were quite nice, some of the nicest he'd seen in quite some time for certain. 

And then, she laid out her conditions.  Flings and evenings, and not a relationship proper? He could live with that.  And it seemed she'd already decided he would agree to it, considering her hand, considerably smaller than his own, was busy feeling him up through that faded t-shirt of his. 

And then she kissed him.  When she did, he raised his hand against and got a handful of her breast, giving it a good squeeze for good measure as he did so.  After all, she'd been feeling him up for some time now, it seemed only right he would return the favour.  But before things got too heated, he pulled his lips back, and he grinned.  "No strings attached?  I can live with that."  His fingers moved a little and started to flick one already stiffened nipple.  "But I'll see your fling, and raise you friends with benefits."

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Jaya groaned a little.  Oh he had a firm grip!!  This was what she was after.  She was always in the mood, always horny it seemed, but lately she'd had no time to blow off her steam.  She'd been bouncing from one mission to the next with barely enough time to sleep.  And when those precious moments of unconsciousness were finally allowed?  Well, the one thing Jaya loved more than sex or flying was sleep.  Most of the last week had seen her too exhausted or to worried to masturbate, and since her old fuck-buddies from the Opal were all dead, she didn't have anyone else to turn to.

'Sithick knows you pretty well..'  The thought invaded her mind, unbidden and unwelcome as Sten's fingers flicked at her nipples.  She shivered.  It was partly in pleasure from his actions and partly in disgust from her thoughts.  No, Sithick was definitely NOT an option.  Friends, sure.  She could be friends with him.  But she wasn't going there with Sithick.  Nevermind that the majority of the men she was friends with she also slept with at least once.  This is where she drew her line.    Besides, if their earlier conversation was any kind of indicator, her gorn friend already had a lover.  She needed to step up her game.

Jaya flashed a playful smile at Sten as her hands left his chest and toyed at the hemline of her shirt.  She fully intended to get laid tonight and so far, it sounded like her target was down for it as well.  It was time to go all in.  "I could do friends with benefits, but that implies you'll want to see me more than once.  I gotta be honest, I'm a bit of a mess in the morning.  This hair has a mind of it's own, if you know what I mean!"  She chortled as she yanked the tank top up and over her head and tossed it carelessly onto the floor.  Her hands then wiggled in the air around her head, indicating the poofy disaster that was bound to happen once she woke up.  "But really, I drink too much and I sleep a lot... and around, haha.  But yea, we can do that friends with benefits thing." 

She sat topless before Sten, bare breasts and perky nipples on display in the dim artificial glow of the room.  Her mouth quirked to the side  as she surveyed his shirt.  Why was it still on again?  He wasn't going to need it for at least an hour.  "Let's just make you a bit more handsome, yea?"  She said as her hands gripped the bottom of his shirt and she began pulling it up.  She knew he was impeccable shape for an older man, but she wanted to see it for herself.
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@Even Angels Cry


That was the sole word that went through Sten's mind as he gave that lovely breast a squeeze.  Large enough to fill his paw, warm, firm, smooth, and a plump, firm nipple poking between his fingers.  Oh, he wasn't sure how she'd take his suggestion all right.  But, from where he was sitting, at least a semi-regular lay would do wonders for his stress levels these day.  There was only so much hands could do to keep that in check, after all. 

But, turns out, she accepted, though with a warning about having serious bed-head.  "I think I can live with that."  And then, the movement of her shirt took his hand away from her breast as she pulled the tank top over her head and unceremoniously dumped it on the deck, before hauling that well-worn, faded t-shirt of his off and sent it to join her own clothing.  And indeed, he was in good shape.  Between a moderate diet, a physically demanding job and regular exercise regimen and modern medicine, he was indeed in excellent shape, especially for his age.  His chest and shoulders were heavy with powerful musculature, and his arms were corded with muscles.  But despite the lack of a six-pack, his stomach was flat and taut.  And especially with modern medical sciences and what it did for life expectancy, he was firmly in his prime still. 

"So, like what you see?"

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Jaya smirked and cast a lustful gaze at Sten.  "Mmmm, do I ever.  You got nice pecs for an old man."  She laughed as her palms pressed into his chest.  She leveraged her pressure until he got the idea of what she was trying to do.  She wanted to be on top.  "I guess now the question is.. can you keep up with me?  Or is your motor rusty?"

Jaya slid a well-toned leg off the edge of the couch as she leaned forward over Sten.  She brought her lips to his in a feverish kiss, letting her hands roam on his exposed upper body.  When her fingertips ventured further south, she found the waistline of his sweats.  Not one to let clothes hamper her, Jaya ran her palms over the soft material in search of a prize. 

She knew the shape instantly and began rubbing his hardened member through his sweats.  It was larger than she had expected for a man of his age, but then everything about Sten was unusual for a man of his age.  Her lips left his as she rocked back into a sitting position.  She winked at him playfully and hooked her thumbs into his sweatpants.  In one motion, she pulled them down under his growing erection and then hungrily dove onto it.  Her pink tongue licked the tip teasingly before taking his phallus into her mouth.  She sucked once, twice, then pulled off and let his moistened meat bounce against her breasts.

"So.. do you prefer Sten?  Or Covington?  Or Sir?  Or.. something else with much less decorum, like daddy?  I like pet names, and I'll answer to anything.  You can decide what you want to call me when we're alone."  She went back in for several more long sucks before coming up for air again.  "You also get to decide how we do it.  As long as we fuck, I'm game.  If I need a safe word, it's Opal.  Safest fucking place I knew." 

Jaya didn't need to wait for a response.  She knew the drill; less talking, more slurping.  Her ears would listen while her mouth worked it's magic.  One of her palms rested on his lower abdomen with fingerpads pressing firmly into him each time she inched her mouth down.  The other one cupped his hip like it was her lover's cheek.  That wasn't far off from the truth, with the way she made out with Sten's firm pole. 

Her tongue did a dance on the way up and down, flicking at the sensitive underside as she bobbed.  Her lips held just the right amount of tension, enough to create pleasurable suction for him but not so much that all the fluids stayed in her mouth.  This meant that after several strokes, her blowjob began to get sloppy as the mixture of her saliva and his precum dribbled down his shaft.  Each downstroke got her closer to her goal as she forced more of his member into her throat.  She wasn't moving quickly, but she was being methodical. 

The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and Jaya gagged loudly.  Her eyes looked up at his face as she pulled off and went back in for more.  This time she felt the reflex trigger but didn't move his rod out of the way.  She gagged on it and inched the tip further down her throat.  Her airway was now mostly blocked, but she held him there and repeatedly tried to swallow.  This action caused the walls of her throat to constrict and release, seemingly milking his dick with her mouth.  It also caused many loud gags and gurgles to reverberate through the room.  After several seconds, she pulled away coughing and let the milky strands of their mingled fluids (though mostly her own saliva) to form glistening strings between her lips and his tip.
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@Even Angels Cry

"I'm old, girl, not obsolete."  Sten grinned as he shot back this allusion about his age.  Since his divorce, his sex life had actually improved, and it would seem he had just the right combination of age and weathering, physique and presence to attract a fair bit of companionship.  Some he had rejected, for various reasons, but overall he couldn't complain much.

Though, it would seem she enjoyed being in control, and it did not take long for Jaya to push him back, enjoying what he had to offer... before she unceremoniously drew his sweats down.  But then again, he had pretty much done the same thing when he'd pulled the neckline of her tank top down.  What the hell, they were both adults who needed to blow off some steam after nigh on getting killed out in the black.  And of the two of them, only one was trained to actively fly in combat. 

But before he knew it, his member was in her mouth, and she was... enthusiastic to say the least.  And that thought was given voice when he let out a satisfied groan as she worked his shaft with her mouth and tongue.  And before long, he groaned again as he exploded in her mouth.  She WAS good all right.  And he needed that kind of release just about now.  And when she looked up at him, he caught his breath, and offered another grin.  "My turn," said he. 

After all, he would need some time to recover from that...

Reaching with both hands, he made no attempt to disguise how he just blatantly took hold of one full breast, and he wrapped his other arm around her entire body and he easily lifted Jaya up, only to deposit her onto the couch.  When the let her go, both his hands went to her waistband, and he too dragged everything down to her ankles. 

But he did not attack her pussy with his lips directly.  For instead, one hand went to a breast, his mouth to the other, and his free hand made for right between her legs.

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Jaya licked her lips clean, then her hands and what she could of his dick before he grappled her.  She gave him a satisfied 'ahhh' as he laid her down and opened her mouth wide enough for him to see that she'd swallowed everything.   Guys liked that shit.  It was some sort of ego boost if a girl swallowed your spunk, so she made sure to do it most of the time.  Sometimes she was asked not to, other times there was too much or she wasn't feeling generous so she'd spit it out.  Tonight she was just horny. 

She ran her the tip of her tongue along the edge of her front teeth.  Her smirk could slay a dragon.  "I dunno Pops, that happened pretty fast.  Not that I'm complaining, but can you go another round?" she teased, as he unceremoniously stripped her lower half.   She had expected a quip back and pressure as he thrust himself inside.  Instead, something considerably smaller than his cock invaded her body while his mouth and other hand made use of her breasts.  Jaya raised an eyebrow in surprise, but quickly lowered it as his teeth scraped against her nipple.

"Mmm, someone knows a few tricks.."  She arched her back into his attentions and wiggled her hips beneath him.  His mouth felt so good!  His hand knew what it was doing too, though that didn't surprise her.  He wasn't a spring chicken; he'd been around the block a few times.  Still, she'd be more than a little disappointed if her evening ended at finger blasting.  Maybe she shouldn't have been so eager to suck him off?  She moaned as his fingers hit a good spot and rocked her hips back at him.  Her hands gripped his arms, then slid to his back and dug in as he worked her over.  Okay, maybe he knew more than a little about what he was doing!

His motions were making her toes curl and her pelvis twitch.  The orgasm was mild but sudden.  Jaya barely had time to take a breath before her body shook with desire.  Her nails etched their mark into the skin along his shoulder blades as she gasped for air.  It was a few seconds of utter bliss before she came down.  She looked up at him with half-lidded brown eyes and grinned.  She reached a hand down and plucked his fingers from within her.  Bringing that hand to her mouth, Jaya sucked her own juices off, then one by one licked his fingers while holding his gaze.  "Not bad, but I think it's time for the main event.  Don't you?" 

Jaya released his hand and snaked her own up behind his neck.  She pulled him in for a quick kiss before muttering "Round three. Fight!"
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Sten chuckled and shook his head as she opened her mouth to show him she had swallowed his cum.  He honestly could care less what she did with it after he came.  He smirked at her as she made a joke about how fast she had sucked him off.  He replied to her as he was removing her bottoms..

"You keep on asking more questions before I answer the previous ones.  Seems like you talk a lot for a woman that just wants to get to the fucking... And just for your information... To call me Daddy would take a lot more commitment on your part that you said you were willing to give" 

He smirked at her again as his lips and left hand caressed her breasts and the two fingers of his right hand went between her thighs.  As she complemented him on his touching of her, he alternated tugging on her nipple with his teeth and pinching the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  His other hand, he curled the fingers up to massage that spongy spot just inside the entrance of her warm, wet pussy.   As he felt her muscles clench his fingers as she had her mild release he grinned satisfactorily to himself as his teeth and fingers released her nipples simultaneously.  As she sucked his fingers clean, he leaned back, she would notice that he was hard again, but she had to make another smart ass comment... He returned her quick kiss but if she saw his face, she could see his mind was working.
After her next playful comment he looked to the side of the couch for what he had available and grabbed her tank top and rolled it up into a length between his hands, he leaned forward and placed it before her lips.  He wasn't really upset but.. well some of the things she had said brought out a side of him..

"Open your mouth.. the small talk is for before and after.. not during.."

He then proceeded to attempt push the makeshift gag between her lips whether she opened her lips or not and started to tie it behind her head.  She had said she had a safe word, and if anything besides that came out of her mouth before he tied it off, things could get more interesting.

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A joint post by @Even Angels Cry and @JosiahDorn

Jaya Thorne & Sten Covington | Personal Quarters of Sten Covington | USS Theurgy ]

Jaya struggled against the makeshift gag.  Sten had been so cool and collected.  Perhaps that was all a prt of his act?  It didn't matter now.  She pushed the reflex to fight aside and glared into his eyes.  If he wanted it rough, she could play rough.  But she wasn't about to roll over and let him have his way.  She was fiesty and if he didn't know already, he would soon.

She opened her mouth to let the gag in, but also to bare her teeth at him.  She growled, low and menacing.  There was a fire in her eyes, as if she was daring him to continue.  Her hands reached up and pressed against his chest.  A second later, she was dragging her nails down his abdomen and smirking despite the gag in her mouth.  Oh this would be fun!

Sten smirked down at her as she didn’t say anything as he gagged her.  She was glaring at him which just broadened his smirk. Then she bared her teeth and he felt her nails on his chest. He reached down and took her wrists into his hand and attempted to forcibly pin her arms above her head on the couch leaning in and putting his weight back on her hips where he was above her. “Oh you want to play that way do you.  Well you know that will only end in me winning and if you piss me off too much I won’t let you cum again."

Jaya groaned in anticipation as Sten wrenched her arms above her head.  She squirmed under him as he forced his will on her, but not so much that she'd actually break away.  Just enough to pretend.  Just enough to get her blood boiling.  She growled again, much more playful this time.  He could see it.  She knew he could see just how much she was enjoying this.  She worked her wrists under his grip, but didn't try to free them.  Just move them.  Pretend to fight back.  She heard him, but his threats weren't real.  Not yet anyway.

Sten looked down at her as she struggled. He could see the lust and need in her eyes. Her body was acting as if she was resisting but her eyes screamed to him to use her, to take her, to have his way with her. Two could play at that game. He was going to have a lot of fun.  “I am going to let you go. When I do you are to get up. Go into the bedroom, lay with your ass on the right edge of the bed and I will be in there.”  He stood up off of her and let her wrists go.

Jaya's glare was ice cold as he got off of her.  He had given her instructions, which meant he expected her to follow through.  She stayed laying on the couch for almost a full minute after he released her.  When she finally did push herself up off the couch, she made sure to spread her legs wide and roll her ass out.  She bent at the waist, making sure he got a good look at just how wet she was before straightening and strutting to the bed.  Her hips swung wide from side to side as she walked in a very deliberate manner, placing one foot directly in front of the other and staying on the balls of her feet. 

When she arrived at the bed, she sat on it and lifted one leg up onto the mattress.  She used one hand to lean back a little while the other slipped into her slit and parted her pussy lips.  She held herself open while rubbing her clit and staring at the doorway.  She'd get on her knees and turn around as soon as she saw him looking at her.  Right now, she wanted him to see.

He watched her. Not moving. Enjoying her little show. He know she felt rebellious and powerful for her display but on the inside he was laughing. Though he did enjoy the site of how wet he made her. After she disappeared  into the bedroom he went to the replicator and eventually walked away with two hanks of black jute rope and a leather paddle. He walked into the bedroom and saw her facing him on the bed facing her playing with herself. Though it was pretty hot seeing her touch herself, she was on the wrong side of the bed and wasn’t laying flat as he told her.  He started counting down. “Three... “. The look on his face was perturbed.

Jaya raised an eyebrow, as if to say 'you know you like it'.  But Sten looked in no mood to play.  She rolled her eyes and hopped up, moving quickly to the right side of the bed.  She saw the paddle.  She knew she'd earned a spanking.  She didn't care.  Once she was on the correct side, she laid her upper body over the bed and let her ass hang over the side, like he'd said.  Her knees were on the floor and she wiggled her bare buttocks at him.

Sten saw her eyebrow raise and and then she rolled her eyes at him. He was just going to be playful but when she rolled her eyes his hand gripped more tightly on the paddle and he tossed the two hanks of rope on the bed as he walked around behind her.  Even her cute wiggling as wouldn’t dissuade him from taking her attitude out on her behind. “Nod yes or shake your head no to my questions since you are gagged. Do you know why I am going to paddle you?” He asked as he brought the paddle down firmly across her ass cheeks.

She nodded. 

Jaya yelped as the paddle impacted her bare ass.  The force of the swing made her lurch forward and she began nodding quickly.  She knew.  She had expected it but it still stung.

Sten smirked approvingly as she flinched and then nodded quickly.  he reached his hand not holding the paddle between her legs and petted her wet pussy.. dipping two fingers in quickly and back out.. then bringing them to his lips and licking her juices from them. "Are you prepared to listen without smart-assery from this point forward?" He asked as he brought the paddle down a second time on the same spot a little harder this time.

This time she moaned as his fingers invaded her sloppy hole.  Gods yes!  Finger fuck her again!  But they were pulled out just as quickly.  She whimpered and wiggled her ass again.  Then he asked another question.  She huffed but nodded.  Yes she'd listen.  And she'd tone down the smart-assery...  This time she nearly screamed as the paddle hit the same spot a second time.  She nodded more fervently as her bum began turning a nice shade of bright pink.

Sten gained even more energy and resolve to play with her as he heard her moan.  He fed off of it.  His mind roaming a thousand possibilities on how to fuck Jaya's mind and not just her body.  He looked to the bed and saw the two hanks of black jute rope.  "Good.. now.. get on the edge of the bed.. draw your knees up under you against your chest.  lay your face flat on the bed in front of you and your arms straight back towards me along your sides." He admired the rosy pinkness of her bum and rubbed both cheeks as he spoke to her and let go as he gave her the orders.

She crawled up onto the bed.  Slowly.  She was complying, just at her own pace.  Her wrist wobbled and she lost her balance.  She fell face first into the mattress and laughed through her gag.  It took a few moments before she was in the desired position, but when she got there, she once again wiggled her ass.  Her left toe went numb but she didn't mind.  Probably something to do with the alcohol.  Or the concussion from earlier.

He watched her as she slowly.. painfully slowly... got into the position that had told her to get in.  As she fell over, he reached to catch her, but then when he heard her muffled laugh, he knew she wasn't hurt or anything.  But ten she wiggled her ass again.. Teasing him in ways that  she felt were not pushing it.. and it was cute, but he would make sure she knew she was to do as told and nothing more. CRACK He slapped her behind with the paddle once more then tossed it to the bed and leaned over her.. his erection pressing against her ass as he grabbed the two hanks of rope, dropping one beside her on her right and starting to unravel the other as he shifted to her left behind her.

Jaya wailed through the gag once more as her body rocked forward from the impact.  She didn't mind spankings but did he really have to hit the same spot over and over?  It felt like her ass was on fire.  Like if he hit it one more time it would split in two.  Her fingers danced on the bed as she adjusted to the pain.  Hopefully whatever she did tomorrow wouldn't involve too much sitting.  When he pressed against her and began unraveling the rope, she whimpered again.  Not because she disliked rope, but because being bound with rope would give her very little room to misbehave.

Sten heard her reaction to his smacking her with the paddle and watched her as he uncoiled the rope.. he then tied a clover hitch on her left ankle.  He made sure it wasn't too tight so as not to cut off circulation, and then pulled her left wrist down so that her left arm was parallel to her calf.  He then made a couple of loops of the rope around her ankle and wrist.. then cinched it by running the rope between her arm and calf and tightening it up.  "I am going to move you to your right side." He pushed her gently over so that she was resting on her right side and looped the rope up more up her calf and cinched it again with her upper calf and middle of her arm.  He then threaded the loose end of the rope back through the middle loops so that it looked like a stitch.  "Moving you back," He told her as she shifted her back to her knees,which pushed her face back into the bed.

In this position, Jaya couldn't wiggle much and definitely couldn't crawl away.  She turned her head on the mattress for better breathing.  Was he going to fuck her soon? Would he just play with her some more?  She had no idea.  She hated not knowing.  She was a bad sub, all things told.  She liked being in control.  She liked at least knowing what was coming so she could prepare herself.  But tied up like this, she could do nothing except wait.

Sten started to rub her ass as he got her back on her knees. He knew the tying could be a bit boring for the bottom if they were not a die hard rope enthusiast.  He reached his hand between her thighs and rubbed her wetness over his palm, then quickly pulled back with his bare hand and slapped the same pink spots where he had hit with the paddle on her left and right cheeks.  Slap, slap!! He pulled his hand back down and rubbed her pussy some more.. pressing his finger in slow circles around her clit for a moment.. then again.. Slap Slap He hit her pink ass with his hand wet with her juices.  One more time, his hand lowered to her pussy, this time, three fingers plunging into her and pressing down against that spongey spot as he slammed them in and out a few times.. then before she could even think about climaxing, he pulled them out and slapped her ass again, harder than the other two times. SLAP SLAP

Being tied up was fine and dandy, but Jaya had kind of hoped for a rousing round of romping.  Instead, she'd become a rope bunny for this man, whom she guessed would consider himself a Dom of some kind.  But maybe being tied up was a good thing.  The alcohol was starting to affect her now.  Maybe it was the position she was in, but it felt like her head was swimming.  She felt his fingers enter her and she wiggled her fingers and toes.  She moaned through the shirt gag and stuck her ass out further.  Then came the slaps.  She jumped and tried to squirm away, but she was quite literally tied up and he was keeping her in place.

There were only two slaps though, and then she felt his fingers plunge in again as a third rubbed her clit.  Her hips moved against the ropes.  Please just let her have this!  Once again she tried to scoot herself out of his grasp as the hits landed on her already sore backside.  Before she could think to scream out, he had three fingers in her and he was pumping away like a madman.  Her cry was half moan, half scream as she felt herself right on the brink of an orgasm only to have it snatched away.  His hands came down harder than before and the smack echoed through the room.  This time the tears fell.  "Pwwweeeth!!  Juss leth me cumm!!"
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A joint post by @Even Angels Cry and @JosiahDorn

Jaya Thorne & Sten Covington | Personal Quarters of Sten Covington | USS Theurgy ]

Sten chuckled deeply and darkly as she begged for release. "Oh I will.. but not yet."  He picked up the second rope and tied the hitch on the ankle of the leg he hadn't tied yet.. then after wrapping and cinching he announced: "Moving you to the other side now.." and he shifted her gently to her other side.. finishing tying up her leg, cinching it at the top and weaving the extra down the loop in a weave pattern as he had done previous. "There done" he announced..

Then he looked down her.. "Now what was it you asked for.. yes.. you wanted to cum.. didn't you.. " He grinned down at her as she looked up at him from her side view.. she was effectively hog tied chicken wing style with the two sides not joined..he moved slightly closer to her and grabbed the hard length of his member and rubbed the head of it across her wetness as she lay on her side... "Is this what you wanted, Jaya?" He playfully sliipped just the head in then back out.. rubbing her clit with the soft tip...

With tear-stained eyes, Jaya watched him as best she could.  He moved her, positioned her, tightened rope around her, pulled the slack and checked for circulation.  He was being careful.  She was grateful for that.  She was waiting.  He held the cards now.  He knew what she wanted.  And then she felt it.  His hardened member slipped along the wetness of her slit.  She whimpered. God, just pound me already!!  It slipped in with a slurp, but just to the tip.  Then out with a squelch.  Then again.  And again.  When he pulled it out, he pushed the head against her clit and rubbed her there too.  It was too much and not enough.  She grumbled and moaned through her gag.

Sten turned and reached into a drawer and tossed a pair of medic's scissors on the bed.. "Just in case.. for safety" He said as he gripped her hips and moved her back to her knees.. her face firmly planted in the bed as she was not hogtied face down so she couldn't really move over than to wider her hips or pull them slightly closer together. "Now.. if i take off the gag, are you going to behave and only answer when I talk to you?" He asked her playfully as he rubbed his hardened member against her wetness again, with the angle he was now afforded he let the hardened member slide along her slit with her labia pressing along either side of the top of it.  He leaned over her and unknotted her gag and let hit fall around her face so she could reply to his question.

Jaya had intended to unleash a tirade.  The words she chose didn't matter so much as her tone and intention.  But this new rubbing in her new position took her breath away.  When the gag fell off, she let out an incredible moan and tried her damnedest to rock her hips back to met him.

Why was he doing this?  She was here to thank him!  Obviously this was his idea of a good time.  She could be down for it, but she wasn't prepared tonight.  She was just horny and needed a release.  And thus far, inciting him with angry glares and sly comments hadn't worked in her favor.  She tried to nod her head but it was difficult to in her position.  "I'll do what you want as long as you ride me hard and make me cum.  A lot."

Sten just laughed a bit though as he saw the expressions wash across her face, but then he bit his lip as he heard her moan.. He was not usually this adventurous in sex, but something about the night and his stress and her attitude had just triggered it in him so when she finally gave in so to speak, he position his cock at the sopping wet entrance of her hot sex, and grabbing her hips, he almost pulled her off the bed as he yanked back on her hips and pressed his own hips forward to start to pound his hard member in and out of her with great intensity.  She asked to be fucked hard and well, he had a lot of frustration to pound out on her now..

Jaya screamed as the length of Sten's cock entered her.  She was so wet that he slid right in.  He wasted no time in getting down to business, and neither did she.  He'd teased her for a while already and she was dying to let the feeling take her.  It happened on the fourth thrust.  She screamed again, louder this time as her body came in a flurry of tears and squirts.

Sten felt her pussy convulsing on his throbbing member, and when she screamed, he pumped into her harder for a moment.. Then he slowed down as her convulsions did, letting his cock slide out of her. He was not overly fond of doggy style positions himself though it was effective in this case, so he gripped her hips and rolled her over to her back so she was looking up at him with her tied arms and legs chicken-winged above her, he leaned over her and massaged her ample breasts with his hands as his cock slid back into her wet folds, gripping her breasts as he pulled himself in and out of her slowly at first as she recovered from the previous orgasm.

Jaya came down slowly.  Her breathing grew steady again and her moaning lessened.  She stared up at him when he flipped her over.  And then he entered her again.. slower.  More controlled.  She exhaled.  At this pace, she could feel every part of his cock as it slid in and out, massaging every inch of her walls.  She shuddered. "Ohh.."  Her teeth found her lip and she bit down.

Sten watched Jaya's face as she reacted to him slowly taking her again and heard her moan, so he decided to just keep at it for a bit.. pushing in deeper, but keeping the slower, methodical pace.  Letting his member throb inside of her with the pleasure she had given him so far and continued to give him with each stroke.  He bent his knees slightly so that his cock was pressing up against the top wall of her moist cavern with each thrust, giving her a new sensation and more pressure to his member at the same time.. "mmmm" He softly moaned as his hand rested on her outer thighs as he slowly fucked her this time.

With each thrust, Jaya was brought closer to pleasure.  It was a slow roll, but she reciprocated as best she could.  Her hips bounced against him to his rhythm and she moaned out a beat.  She would have gripped the bed if her hands had been free.  Instead, her fingers pressed into her own legs.

Sten started to pump his hips against her harder and faster as his pleasure increased. The wet slaps of his thighs against her ass with each thrust echoed in the small bedroom. “Oh fuck!” He growled as his cock throbbed. He leaned into her to increase the pressure of his thrusts and bucked against her until he pressed as deeply as he could and his cock spasmed and shot it’s seed deep into Jaya’s soaking wet pussy. The mixture of both of their juices running down his thighs and her ass onto the bed.

Jaya struggled for breath under Sten's weight.  The force of both orgasms gave her a delightful languid feeling in her limbs.  Or maybe the ropes were cutting off circulation?  It didn't matter.  Jaya closed her eyes and let the sensations take her away to that blissful place while Sten prepared for round two..

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