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Re: Day 13 [ 0600 hrs.] Chaos Rising in the Morning

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[Ens. Joseph Adams | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

At the promise of being reminded of his very risky words, he sighed, uttering a quiet 'Oh Boy...' in preparation for what would likely be something that would cause him to regret saying such broad statements. The smile on her face was certainly not encouraging...

A small laugh following her comment, he shook his head, choosing to think of the statement as more of a humoured jab than an inappropriate workplace comment. Besides, he wasn't nearly uptight enough to take her words to heart.

"Hilarious. I'll keep those two in mind, Via and Zark...?"

Musing on the names for a moment as he committed them to memory, he laid back and continued through the stretches, as guided by Enyd. Surprisingly, not seeming to pay much mind to the odd glances cast their way.

Finally finishing, he took her hand, lifting himself to his feet, she had been right about the stretches. He certainly felt 'limber' enough for whatever Theurgy could throw at him today. Testing the theory by rolling his neck, he nodded a little as she patted his shoulder and spoke.

"Likewise, Enyd. Good luck with whatever scheme you're pitching."

He replied with a small shrug, he hadn't really asked what her idea was, and it seemed to late to ask. Although he had a feeling that he'd find out very quickly, should Enyd be able to pull it off.

That of course hinged on whether she was indeed trying to persuade the Captain of something, as opposed to being summoned for another reason, something which he felt was much more likely.

"Be seeing you."

Returning her wave, he turned his gaze from her retreating back and towards the rest of the gym, almost ready to leave himself. Deciding to make his way to the Kettlebells, he suddenly stopped, one hand on the handle of a 6kg weight.

Had he just got a wingwoman?


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