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CHAPTER 02: Beach House [2200 hrs]

The beach house was not large or lavish, consisting of little more then a small kitchenette and table, before moving to a top and bottom bunk on the opposite side of the single room.  As far as privacy went, though, it did suffice, as Edena quickly surveyed it, Illya doing everything possible to assure her mentally, even as her heart pounded like a jack hammer.  It's fine, Eden.  Perfectly natural and way overdue, I think.

You'd think it was overdue after a five minute break, came the mental voice of Jona, unable to stand being silent in a brain filled with three women.  He was far too serious a person to be trapped there, not to mention his voluntary hibernation to avoid encounters like this, even if Illya would tease him for remaining when Edena's body was p close with another woman.

Jona, you wouldn't be complaining right now if this was round two between me and babe the blue ox. Illya responded, specifically calling out her time with the Andorian security officer.

"Enough," Edena muttered, trying to shut them all up before she started to look crazy in front of Wenn Cinn.

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Cinn held her hand still as she looked around the small house, watching her reactions and trying to gauge how to proceed.  She looked almost terrified and he was beginning to feel a bit uneasy now too.  He didn't want her to feel forced into anything, he didn't know if she was getting egged on by someone else in that head of hers and that concerned him.

When she muttered he paused, unsure of who she was speaking to. 

"Edena," he said quietly, "if you don't want this... if you aren't sure about this... it's alright."  He let go of her hand and instead stroked her cheek gently, "It's one thing to want to do something and another to go through with it.  You are a beautiful and complicated woman, that much is very clear, and although I would enjoy your suggestion of throwing it all to the wind for a night, we don't have to.  We can just talk if you'd prefer?"

It was that simple, he'd seen what had happened on Bajor with women who had been taken to serve their Cardassian overlords and there was no way he would ever do anything remotely similar.  If she didn't want to go any further then he wouldn't push.  He smiled that easy smile of his, no pressure, no begging, simply warm and supportive of whatever she decided.

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As if Wenn Cinn's speaking her name silenced everything in her mind, Edena was alone.  The ghosts in her head vanished, all retreating to a part of her where they were no longer able to see or hear anything she did.  She suddenly found herself very lost, lacking Illya's confidence, Kiya's warmth, even Jona's pragmatism.  Now you all leave?! she thought, feeling unprepared to handle the conversation on her own.  It was his words, assuring and kind, which shook away some of her nervousness, at least enough for her to properly talk to him.

"I'm sorry.  I don't mean to be so . . . awkward.  I am not good with relationships, not kinds that get this close.  Last time I was in something more then a professional relationship of my own, I was still a cadet in the academy.  The last time I was alone with a man, myself in control of my body . . . was during the Niga Outbreak."  Surely, she didn't have to say anything more for him to understand what she meant by that.  "For me, it wasn't as simple as some of the others.  My mental condition, having the others in my head, it helped me fight off the infection's psychological effects.  The awareness of it all . . . felt as much a curse as the gift of being able to fight it off.  Unlike the others, who might have deeply repressed memories of it, I still remember it."

Her arms crossed her body in a defensive way, as though shielding herself from the phantom sensations.  "I feel like I was stained, blemished by unwanted contact.  Illya used my body once since then, and I have memories of her and Kiya's experiences during the Ishtar incident, but it wasn't them that was infected at Niga.  It was me.  I haven't . . . erased those touches and sensations, replaced them with wanted ones."

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Cinn nodded slowly, it must have been hell for her to have gone through that experience.  What she was saying was similar to the description rape victims throughout history had used about themselves after an attack.  Leaning forward, his hand still at her cheek, he kissed her forehead before stepping back and out of her personal space.

"I've read some of the reports but I didn't realise your experience had been so different from the others.  You don't have to apologise to me, you have nothing to be sorry for," his face, solemn for a moment, softened in its expression again.  "You have to get through your ordeal at your own pace.  There are people who have had numerous relationships who have been in a similar position as you, don't think for a moment that if you had had more relationships you would have coped better, that's a fallacy."

He moved to the table and pulled out the chairs, sitting on one himself and gesturing at the other. "I've never really been good at the whole relationship thing either," he confessed, "When you don't know from one day to the next if you are going to be alive, dead or somewhere in between during those hormonal years you tend to develop a 'love them and let them go' attitude.  I wasn't the best at it, perhaps I'm just too much of a romantic at heart.  So I kept fighting, loved few, lost many and held on tighter to my faith.  Once my war was over I threw myself into work, always the excuse of being to busy, always training or praying, to prevent anyone getting close just to be lost again.  I was lying to myself of course but I've only recently been able to admit that to myself."

He sighed, barely believing he was confessing all of this, "I know I'm not a counsellor and I know I haven't any idea what it was like for you but I am here to listen, if you want me to." 

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Edena took a seat in the chair Cinn gestured to, trying to figure out how to explain what he had missed.  "It was like . . . something that is meant to be enjoyable was twisted into something horrible.  The others were reduced to mindless creatures of lust, walking around without clothes, engaging with anyone within reach.  When I was infected, it was like a madness, the combined might of my own mind not enough to resist it alone, the other three in my head lending all their strength just to keep me from becoming the same.  I locked myself in my room, relieved my pent up tensions the only way I could, until finally a cure was devised and I tested it on myself.  Honestly, I think those feelings were worse then the violation of being taken in the first place.  It's one thing to suffer a rape, but to be turned into some kind of animal who would have welcomed it?"

Edena had once posed as a counselor, as part of her cover on board the ship, using Illya's years of psychological manipulation as a con artist to her advantage.  Truly, talking about things helped as much as she used to tell people it did.  Wenn Cinn was willing to bear her burdens, and she now felt lighter because of it.  "Since then, during the Ishtar incident, my former hosts got their original bodies back, and two of them engaged others.  Those memories became mine when we were joined again, actually mine.  Their memories exist separate of me, but those memories . . . it was like I was the one with their lovers.  That one didn't upset me as much as," she stopped, a small laugh leaving her, "realizing that the closest thing I have to a sex life is all manner of strange."

Cinn had his "love em and leave em" situation, while Edena more had "love em by proxy."

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Truly what she had experienced in both situations was something there was no way in all the universe he would be able to get his head around.  Neither having gone through the Niga incident with her memories intact nor the memories of the other personalities inside her head melding with her own after the Ishtar incident were like anything he had experienced, he had no point of reference for either.

"It can't be easy," he said thoughtfully, going to the only place he knew, "to have all of those memories of what happened to you and not be able to bring your attacker to justice.  I am sure you are consciously able to understand why but is there some part of you that wants something done about what they did?"

He paused for a moment, "I have no idea how that must feel, having memories of something you didn't do but seeing it as though you did do them.  You need your own memories, those times you can draw on when things are going badly or someone you can turn to when you need comfort.  No-one can tell you when you are ready to take that step though, you have to be ready on your own terms."

Cinn was drawing on material he had read from rape cases, memories of the conversations with the women his cell had rescued from 'companionship' of Cardassian military personnel and interrogation techniques.  Edena seemed to be opening up or at least feeling better for telling him all of this, if it helped her recovery then he would sit here for as long as it took.  If it meant she could go out there again and enjoy the party all the more then it could be worth it.  Self-sacrifice for the greater good, it seemed to be his lot in life and then death and now life again.  He couldn't even summon the malice to be irritated that he had been lured here with the promise of letting go the rigid lifestyle they both had adhered to for so long, Edena seemed to need this more and he was willing to help.  It was why he had chosen the career he had, to serve and protect.

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"I don't seek justice.  maybe that's strange, but having felt what I did when I was infected, knowing that my willpower was only enough thanks to having 3 uninfected minds in my head pushing me, how can I blame the one who did it to me?  He didn't have the same defenses I did."  It was logical of her, enough to make even a Vulcan proud . . . well, not proud, since that was an emotion, but she would at least get an approving nod.

"What I want . . . is to choose something rather then have it thrown at me."  Edena glanced at Cinn when she said that, seeing exactly why Illya had been encouraging her to approach Wenn Cinn.  Right now, she had a choice, and it was to either walk away and end their conversation, or act upon gut instinct and a wish for something of her own.  It was why the other hosts were silent, providing no more influence upon her, giving her an untainted moment of freedom.

Edena didn't consider herself one of those girls who knew how to properly signal a lover.  If Illya were in control, she could have done it with a smirk and a look, but Edena needed to be far more deliberate to make clear what she wished.  She leaned towards Cinn, lining her lips up with his like a ship ready to dock at a station, but kept the motions slow, perhaps waiting to see if he would return the gesture, and kiss her.  If he needed any more hint how nervous she was, the quivering lip slowly approaching him might have done the trick.  Edena could only hope she even remembered how to kiss any more.  Was it like riding a bike, and one never forgot?

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Cinn's eyebrows raised as she spoke, amazed by the strength of this nervous woman who was sitting so close to him.  He had given her what she had wanted, the choice, and he was relieved not to have misread that from her.  Now she was leaning towards him, her lower lip trembling as she made her choice in what she wanted.  His stomach somersaulted with anticipation at the kiss that could lead to who knew where.

He made his own choice.  Lifting a hand he stroked across her cheek gently and cradled her head.  Leaning towards her he tilted his head to the opposing side just a little.  He watched her face come ever closer, slowly and deliberately taking time to savour this moment. 

He could feel the warmth of her skin at the close proximity they were at now and felt the softest brush of her nose against his.  He could feel her breath on his skin.  Her scent filled his nose as he breathed in with anticipation of their touching lips.  The world fell away, silence broken only by the sound of his rapidly beating heart in his ears.

The first touch of her lips was quivering and delicate.  Cinn pressed forward gently, just a fraction further, just enough to taste her and not seem to push for more. 

Those soft lips, sweet and tender in the kiss, made him tremble.  His eyes closed and his other hand reached for her waist.  The hand on her waist held only gently, rubbing across her ribs as he found purchase.

Yet he had to maintain control, had to let her decide how far she wanted to take this.  It took all of his self-control to hold back from pulling her into his lap and deepening the kiss.  His whole body trembled again with the discipline he imposed on himself.  He groaned with the intensity of it all, an aural demonstration of his desire to keep going if she wanted him to.

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Cinn returned her kiss, and soon enough, she was putting skills long left unpracticed into play.  How long had it been since she was the one doing the kissing, rather then let Illya or even Kiya be the ones to do so?  It was before the Symbiont, that much was for sure, before she even had her commission, her rank of Ensign.  It went all the way back to the Academy, ten years prior, a fact that made her internally wince at how long she let herself simply enjoy a person, content to feel sated by Illya having her fun in the body.

The feeling of a hand on her ribs made Edena place her own hand on top of his, delicate fingers feeling the rough grooves of a stronger, masculine hand.  There was no mistaking Wenn Cinn as a hardened warrior, a soldier before he was a security officer.  Bajorans who fought for freedom against the Cardassians were among the most formidable people she had ever met, an admiration for their inner strength she could not fully put into words.  As she shared her embrace with Cinn, though, it was a different form of admiration she felt for him, as she did exactly what he only wished to do, and move herself to straddle his waist, arms moving around his neck as the kiss deepened further, her chest pressed against his own.

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Her hand on his felt like a warm, soft breeze over his rough skin.  For a brief moment he wondered whether Trill were telepathic as she slid over from her chair to his lap, exactly as he had envisioned.  Cinn's eyes opened to watch as she settled there, limited as his vision was he was blown away by her.  His hand ran up through her short hair, fingers feeling the silken locks around them as the kiss deepened.  He didn't manage to remain entirely passive as the kiss deepened gently asking for more, his jaw opening and his tongue probing for hers. As her arms went around his neck he slid his hand free and instead took her waist in both hands now.  As she slipped onto his lap he felt the surge of blood and the tightening sensation in his groin. 

Slowly he slid his hands upwards, the smooth material of her sun dress making the movement easier for him, until the heels of his hands felt the soft swell of her breasts beneath.  He could already feel their fullness against his chest and now to be so close to them with his hands set his palms tingling.  He longed to cup them and hold them but maintained his passive role as best he could in the circumstances.  Instead he let his thumbs stroke beneath them before sliding his hands down again to her hips and then to her thighs.

He paused again as his hands reached the hem of the dress, his hands momentarily wandering onto her smooth skin as though by accident.  He held her there briefly before beginning to slide his hands back up towards her hips, catching the hem and pushing it up only a little before he lifted his hands and placed them back onto the material at her waist.

In his previous encounters with women neither party had been passive, it was a coupling out of a desire to feel something that wasn't pain or loss or anguish and both parties had thrown themselves into it with abandon.  Never had he remained anything like the passive partner as he was right now.  It was frustrating but at the same time he found himself enjoying the teasing.  Given half the chance he would not have remained passive however as long as she needed him to be like this he would remain only asking gentle questions of her.

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The kiss broke with the feeling of hands upon her breasts, Edena's forehead resting against Cinn's as her breath came out in a whispered moan.  It felt good, enough to make her simply pause and focus on that single sensation a moment.   Her body remembered better then she thought, as she hardly even realized that her hips rolled, grinding herself against the man beneath her.  As she felt the dress being pulled up her skin, she raised her arms, offering no resistance as her figure was unveiled, skin soft and immaculate, save for the spots which started at her forehead and traveled down either side of her body all the way to her toes. 

The only thing she had left on was a pair of underwear, simple white cotton, practical if not a little boring.  Edena started work on Cinn's clothes too, wishing for nothing more then to see them on even ground, one stitch of clothing each, before she was willing to part with her last barrier against nudity.  She felt her hands explore his chest, palms running over tight abs and strong chest, the entire act leaving her with those same breathy moans as when he had touched her.  He was quite unlike any other man she had ever been with before.

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Cinn swallowed hard, his loose trousers tightening rapidly with her grinding down on him, as he lifted the dress from her.  Edena clearly wishing him to do so and he was more than happy to oblige.  As the material slid from her his eyes followed an inch below the hem, watching as she was revealed to him, her flawless body with its characteristic marks making his hunger for her grow even stronger. 

As she started to remove his shirt she gave him the opportunity he had been secretly desiring.  Without interfering with her hands he reached to stroke his hands across her toned stomach and then upwards to her breasts, cupping them gently and lifting them before his thumbs stroked across her dusky rosebud nipples.  He was breathing harder, wanting to taste those perfect, hardening protrusions but realising she was so close to the end of her task that he would have to release those pert orbs at any moment. 

Her hands were on his bare now.  Those soft, warm hands that did nothing to cool his ardour.  His shirt was loose and open, with a shrug he pushed it off his shoulders and let it slip down his arms and back until it rested on the back of the chair.  His arms now free he returned once more to her body, he no longer felt the need to hold back completely and reached for her breasts once more.  As he cupped them once more he resumed his gentle teasing of one firm bud but the other he leaned into, kissing the very tip of it before letting his lips surround it and sucking on it gently.

Cinn groaned softly into her breast, her sounds sending him crazy, his tongue teasing and stroking before very softly nibbling with his teeth.  He let her go from his mouth, kissing his way back up her chest and neck.  His hands reached behind her, splaying across her back and pulling her close to him as he tasted her skin with his lips.  He reached her ear and nuzzled gently against it before he whispered roughly, his voice hungry and passionate, "Tell me what you want..."

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Edena had never felt such attention before.  Her relationships in the Academy was the awkward fumbling of students, and Illya's use of her body left her to feel things, not Edena, the actual owner of the body.  Cinn was attentive, with the kind of care that she hadn't known with a lover before.  His hand was gentle in touching her breasts, so arousing as she felt his mouth touch upon the most sensitive part of her bosom, enough to draw out a surprised gasp from her, hands moving to press against his head, to keep him there, doing just that.  Her breaths became deeper, to swell out her chest and press her nipple even more against him

When asked what she wanted, she paused, her mind pondering the question, seemingly taking her away from the moment.  When finally she came back to reality, she drew herself out of his lap, and lowered herself down, hands working to remove that which covered him.  he had been quick to get rid of her dress, but now it was her turn to expose, coverings vanishing quickly, putting on display just how much Wenn Cinn had to offer her.  Taking in the sight of his manhood a moment, she rose back up, standing before him once more, and brought him back to kissing, only for a hand to reach out and grasp his length, begin to stroke it with the kind of nervous innocence that spoke of her lack of experience, yet a willingness to try.

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For the briefest of moments Cinn wondered if he had said something wrong as Edena sat there on his lap.  When she stood up he feared he had indeed pushed to far and she would simply walk away.  Instead he watched as she lowered herself and reached for his trousers, he breathed a soft sigh of relief and lifted his hips to allow her to take them off him.  He watched as she eyed his twitching shaft, almost self-conscious of her examination of him.  Would his size scare her?  It seemed not as she stood stepped back to him, drawing him into another kiss.

His hands had just started to raise to reach for her waist when she took hold of him.  The sensuous rhythm of the kiss was broken as he stuttered, groaning at the feeling of her hand beginning to stroke his rising arousal.  He could feel that she wasn't sure of herself but in that it made her attempts even more erotic and he felt himself twitch and throb in her hand.  His hands clamped to her waist, holding her tighter than he had wanted to but not tight enough to hurt.  He tried to compose himself, tried to win back some of that control he had maintained for so long.  Slowly and just as stuttered as the kiss had become he managed to slip his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pull them down past her hips. 

With one hand remaining on her waist he dragged the other over her firm stomach and then down to her pubic mound, the heel of his hand stroking over the rise before lifting off and trailing his fingers down in the same manner.  He couldn't resist any longer and moments after his hand had gone from her skin his index finger was back, stroking up the inside of her thigh and up to her lips.  Slowly he drew that finger over her valley, not straying inside but teasing the sensitive and swollen skin.  The gentle touch reached back almost to her entrance but not quite, drawing back from that point as he had felt her heat reaching a peak.  Instead he let his finger press a little further between her lips, putting just a little more pressure onto her clit as he reached it.

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Cinn managed to not be distracted by her hand against his manhood, going so far as to pull down her underwear and expose that last piece of Edena which was still covered.  Her cheeks flushed for a moment, though the redness that followed was more from arousal as he touched her most intimate region, proving himself a master manipulator of such a place as he worked with the kind of talent a young Edena back in Starfleet Academy could never have imagined.  Most of her experience with being manually stimulated as as simple as a bit of rubbing, building up moisture before fingers were inserted, but Cinn worked his whole hand into it, palm showing some firmness before fingertips worked her over, parted her lips and drew within.  From there, the tactics continued with something far more then just some in and out motions, as Edena quickly felt her fire being stoked. 

She stopped stroking him for a moment, simply lost in what her partner was doing to her, before she found herself again and resumed her own efforts, experimenting with different degrees of firmness until she found one that wasn't tight enough to cause discomfort for Cinn, but enough to give him the full effect of the stroking.  She switched between full length, going from base to tip, to focusing more on just the sensitive head, thumb pressed against the thick vein at the back to further the work she put into his own pleasure.  Her other hand pressed against his shoulder, bracing herself so that her jelly legs didn't give out under what he was doing to her, that pressure placed upon her clitoris from the inside enough to make her pants quite audible, not to mention her eyes fill with lust.

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For a woman who professed to be inexperienced Edena seemed to be naturally gifted with her hands.  His fingers still touched and caressed her most intimate pleasure zone, gathering some of the arousal that seeped from her to lubricate his fingers as he began to focus more on her clit.  Cinn grinned as she paused in her motions, clearly enjoying what he was doing to the extent that she couldn't manage anything else.  When she came back to her task however the grin vanished and a pleasured groan instead took its place.

Even as she leaned on him for support his free hand grasped her waist a little harder.  His breathing was harder and faster through gritted teeth.  His hips bucked, forcing himself through her grasp as he groaned again.  He wanted to feel her surround him so badly, feel that lithe body take him inside her and hold him tightly.  Sheer frustration and desire made him shudder.  Glistening liquid leaked from him and ran down to her hand, his body betraying his pleasure and enjoyment of her touch.

His fingers began to work harder, still keeping a firm but gentle pressure but now faster, pinching the swollen bud between his index and middle fingers before sliding them away and instead pressing down upon it.  He kept changing the pressure, the speed, the tactics, never letting her rest, finding out which combination she enjoyed the most and then when he did so, using it without mercy.

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Naturally gifted might have been a strong way of describing it, or at least that was how she thought about it.  She was merely . . . driven to probe more, thanks to the methodical way in which Cinn worked against her.  He took his time, did things she couldn't have imagined, and it only prompted her to do the same, to explore every possibility for the most successful ways to return the favor.  Feeling Cinn motion his hips to thrust within her grasp, Edena took it as a hint, stroking with greater speed, more firmness, which was rewarded by lubrication in the form of precum from the tip of his member.  Her face buried in his neck as he picked up his own pace, leaving Edena's hot breath panting against his strong body.

"I can't . . . "  She couldn't finish the sentence, but Cinn would soon discover it wasn't a denial of him, a wish to stop.  What she had meant to say was that she couldn't take much more, a warning cut off by her voice breaking into a sustained moan, as her body was shook by her first orgasm of the night.  This time, she knew she would have fell to the floor, if not for a strong grip around her waist keeping her vertical.  She actually felt embarrassed to finish so quickly, but she wasn't mentally prepared.  Her body might have had at least a few orgasms in the last few years, but Edena was never really in the right state of mind, either allowing Illya to control or being infected during the Niga Incident.  This time, she was there, vividly, and overwhelmed by the partner she had chosen.

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Edena responded so wonderfully to his touch that he felt humbled by her sensitivity.  Her breath on his neck was electrifying, each hot gust sending waves of heat though him.  That broken sentence almost made him stop but since she hadn't tried to pull away made him continue and he was so glad he did.  Moments later her sounds changed once more and he felt the vibration through her as she climaxed on his hand.  The small respite from her attention as she reached that peak was a relief, he had been brought so close and with the additions of her head in his neck and the shuddering release would have probably sent him over the edge.

As she began to come down from that blissful place he slowed and lightened his touch, allowing her body to recover without turning the pleasure into pain but keeping the pleasure going for as long as possible.  His low and gravelly voice spoke quietly right into her ear, "Just the beginning but I want to know if you taste as sweet as you sound."

Taking advantage of the orgasmic state she was in, Cinn stood slowly, moving his hand from her sensitive lips to her waist, his arms wrapped around her and lifted her gently.  Carrying her to the closest of the two beds he lay her back but left her legs hanging over the edge.  He dropped to his knees and lifted her legs over his shoulders before he kissed the inside of her thigh, kissing slowly upwards.  Her sweet, heady scent filled his nose and he groaned as his eyes turned to look at his destination.  The petals of her most intimate area glowed in their sensitive and pleasured state.  His lips met hers and he kissed her softly before letting his tongue reach out and take his first taste of the nectar she produced.  He dragged his tongue up from her dripping entrance to her clit before kissing her there and withdrawing.

"Edena," he groaned as he savoured her taste.  His eyes flicked up to hers, he wanted to tell her how he wanted to pleasure her until she cried out but the words wouldn't come.  Instead he bent back down and pressed his mouth to her once more.

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What was coming next made her much more nervous, her body trembling a little under his care.  "I've never . . ." she had never experienced oral sex.  Her lovers in the past were more the type to warm up with touching and then move straight into penetration, allowing her to skip both the giving and receiving of what her current partner was about to offer.  Would he even like it?  She was well aware that all women were different in scent and looks.  Would a close up on her nether region prove unattractive to him?

The feel of contact between his mouth and her womanhood drew a deep breath in through Edena's nose.  She was thankful to have been laid down on the bed, for this time, she was sure she would have felt her knees go out from under her.  Instead, her hands moved to grasp the sheets below her, needing to grasp something, and Cinn's bald head offering no hair, like she had heard Illya describe with her lovers in the past.  She squirmed for a few seconds, the foreign feeling proving unusual for her, though it quickly settled as her body sent it's communiques to her, telling her that what she was feeling was good, not something to struggle against.  After that, she allowed her partner to do as he will, while she opened her senses to experience it in full.

"Cinn," she responded, almost automatically to her own name.  It was practically breathless, the way she imagined storybook heroines spoke the name of their prince charming.  Had she truly some so far, to think herself some princess in their intimate encounter.  She would keep that thought to herself, lest she risk giving him something to joke and tease about later.

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"I've never . . ."

Cinn could hardly believe that no-one had ever taken their time to indulge Edena's senses like this before.  He forced himself to keep the pace slow, drinking her tangy-sweet juices and savouring every drop she gave him.  His tongue dragged slowly from her dripping entrance to her clit, lapping sensually over her most intimate area.  Her voice sounded so pleasured and breathy it made him groan, delighting that it was his name she called and how much she was enjoying what he was doing.

Changing his focus he began to lick and kiss her clitoris.  He found a rhythm of motion before moving his hand up to her thigh and stroked along the silken skin until he reached the damp heat beneath his chin.  With his index finger he traced around the entrance to her tunnel teasingly before pushing into her to the first joint and circling again. 

He began to kiss her clit over and over again, sucking gently on it with each kiss and slowly leading to him suckling on her sensitive bud.  As he did so his finger slowly worked into her, joint by joint, withdrawing and pushing back inside each time he went a little deeper.  When his index finger had reached full depth he withdrew again and began to follow the same pattern with the addition of his middle finger.  He curled the pair of digits inside her as he stroked her walls, putting pressure on the internal pleasure centre.

His shaft was aching and rigid and as he worked he found himself getting lost in his enjoyment of bringing this woman pleasure.  He groaned into her, sending the vibrations through her as he did.  His ears listened for every sound she might utter, trying to customise his assault on her senses to maximum effect.  Her sounds made him enjoy it even more, even just the sound of her hands on the sheets curling into fists was as erotic as her moans to him.  This woman had been denied her own pleasure for so long that she deserved every last bit he could give her and he did everything he could to ensure she felt like a princess.

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In Edena's mind, it was all too much, that which was offered by Wenn Cinn proving beyond her body's ability to withstand.  At the rate things were going, he was going to make her climax yet again, and after already having one, she was beginning to feel like she wasn't pulling her own weight in this exchange.  Shouldn't she be rewarding him for his attentiveness with an orgasm of his own?  Even if that was her thought, his manhood was well out of her reach, thanks to their current position, and he didn't seem to have any intention of stopping until he satisfied her once again.

"You need to," her words stopped short, thanks to another deep moan, brought on by the addition of his fingers to the work of his tongue, "You need to let me return the favor."  She managed to finish her sentence, letting Cinn know that she wasn't about to let it become a one sided exchange between them, that she would give with as much effort, even if not as much skill, as she received.  With her intentions made known, she allowed herself to simply enjoy the act performed, her breaths becoming faster, shallower, with each time he upped the ante.  More depth, another finger, all of it combined to keep her body tensing, her toes curling, until she finally found herself rocked again, body overtaken by another surge.

She pressed a hand to her chest, feeling her heartbeat, as she found herself once again needing to recover.  She didn't let herself remain idle too long though, for fear that Cinn would keep attending her without being attended himself.  Edena sat up, patting the bed in a gesture for him to take her place in laying back, and let her be the one to take care of him now.

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Cinn smiled as he heard her speak but didn't let up for a moment.  This woman was truly something else, in the middle of all he was doing to her she was still concerned with his enjoyment.  She needn't have worried because he was enjoying bringing her new sensations despite his own aching need. 

Her second orgasm was better than her first, feeling her pulse around his fingers as well as hearing her pleasured sounds.  He slowly let her relax, easing the pressure  on her clit as she came down from the high and withdrawing his fingers and sucking the juices from them with a groan.  His eyes never left her, watching as she almost tried to control her heartbeat by placing a hand on her heaving chest.  A sense of achievement warmed him as she enjoyed the moment.

Smiling as she patted the bed, Cinn acquiesced to her desire.  He had enjoyed her taste and would have liked to have stayed there for a while longer.  Instead of laying back as she had suggested he propped himself up against the wall a little way, wanting to watch as well as feel her attentions to him.  Whatever it was she was planning to do to him he wanted to watch the beautiful woman explore his body.  His stomach flipped as he felt the anticipation of being brought to the peak of pleasure by her.  Edena's hands had started it off, he knew she was unsure but she was keen and he was more than ready for her to begin.

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He positioned himself to watch her work, something which made her own stomach do flips, her cheeks redden, as she knew his focus would be upon her.  Perhaps that was how it should be, but she couldn't help but feel heat in her cheeks from it.  regardless, she steeled herself to do what she had never done, to take every little thing she had heard from Illya, had ever learned about pleasing a partner, and explore with it.  She laid herself between Cinn's thighs, face already mere inches away from his manhood, as her hands worked with long, purposeful strokes along the length, studying it with care.  Every motion was a hint at how best to approach the subject, but diving in was just as important, she knew.  No more hiding and no more nerves.  It was time for action.

Her tongue finally slid out from between her lips, head turning sideways as the tongue pressed along the underside of the length, sliding from base to tip, taking her first taste, a strong scent but not an unpleasant one.  The second motion moved slower, again from the base and moving up, but when she reached the tip this time, her lips parted and sank upon the head of Cinn's manhood, taking it into her mouth.  She sucked as she slid from holding the entire head between her lips to drawing back to what was little more then a kiss on the tip.  After four or five of those, she slid deeper, taking more of the length, each time after that moving a bit farther down the shaft, until she appeared to reach her limit.  From there, it was all about speed, slowly getting faster with it to edge him farther along.

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Cinn groaned as he watched Edena work with his hands, her face to close to his demanding hardness.  He was almost breathless when he watched her mouth approach him, the first touch of her tongue made him twitch and sent a shot of pleasure through him.  Watching fascinated as she explored his manhood Cinn finally remembered to breathe and gasped air into his lungs. 

He almost bucked as she took him into her mouth, resisting the urge barely and instead letting out a deep and lengthy groan.  She was teasing him so badly and he ached for more.  She didn't keep him hanging around for long and was soon surrounding him with her warm mouth and hot tongue, sucking and licking as deep as she could take him.  As she began to speed him his breathing matched her pace, one of his hands grabbed at the sheets, holding tight to stop himself from bucking his hips upwards.  His other hand reached for her head, not putting any pressure on her but lacing his fingers into her hair and feeling her bobbing up and down on him.

"By the Prophets, Edena," he groaned, "just like that, so good."

He gave himself over to her ministrations, letting go the pressures of everyday existence and the constant threat they were living under.  The pressure was building rapidly, he felt his groin tightening and each out-breath became a grunt.  Before he knew it he felt himself grow harder still, felt himself beginning to pulse in her mouth.

"Eden... Edena... I'm...," he tried to warn her, he gritted his teeth and tried to hold back the tide before she had decided whether to stay where she was or not.  His breath hitched and held as the moment seemed to last an eternity before he couldn't restrain the flood any longer.  "Edena," he grunted her name as the first pulses of his seed jetted from him.  In his ecstasy he could no longer concern himself with where the thick ropes were going, only that the intense pleasure had been caused by her.  Each pulse was greeted with a heavy grunt from him, his hips bucked and he let himself go with it.

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It was funny how once she found her groove, the rest of the world seemed to vanish.  She was performing the act and didn't think of anything else but pleasing her partner, getting that next moan out of him or feeling that next tightening of muscles that told her he was enjoying what she did.  The warnings Cinn gave her about his approaching climax didn't even seem to register until it finally happened, and she felt something warm and thick in her mouth.  In the instant it happened, she stopped, as if he had frozen her with it, as she processed exactly what was happening.  It was all that would happen until, a few seconds later, he would feel her swallow it back, and continue to suck and stroke a little longer, trying to assure he was fully finished before she pulled back.

When at last she sat back up, fellatio done, the embarrassment of it hit her.  "I've never . . . done that before," she said, not exactly meeting his gaze.  Did he think she was strange for swallowing?  She didn't exactly know what was common when it came to dealing with the inevitable release during oral sex, had just acted on a whim, and now was dealing with the aftermath.  "You'd think at my age, I would be past this sort of fumbling and nervousness.  Until tonight, I suppose I never realized that I haven't really done anything when it comes to . . . this."

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