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CHAPTER 02: Behind the Amphitheatre [2200 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: Behind the Amphitheatre

[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | Amphitheatre | 2205 hrs. ] Attn: IronFerrox & Leonal

With a shimmer in the darkness of the Risian night, Thea materialised on the holodeck.

She had opted to use the transportation system in order to make a site-to-site transport instead of hitching a ride through the ship-wide hologrid like she usually did. The reason why she had done so was twofold, one in that she used her new emitter and had beam it around the ship, and two... because she had chosen to don real clothing on her photonic body instead of her usual immaterial body-suit. She seldom dared venture outside her quarters when she did so, yet for this special event, she had spent a couple of hours over-analysing her choice in dress, colour and dress size. In the end, she had chosen a wispy summer dress of white cotton, and while she did not like the length since it was a bit on the short side, she feared the event would be over if she lingered by her wardrobe any longer.

Thea looked around, finding herself among the towering pillars on the shore-side of the amphitheatre. It was as if the moonlight upon the water of the bay area danced up and down the marble columns, and the shadows played tricks on her optical sensors.  She noticed some people in the shrouding darkness below the amphitheatre's outer wall, having sought privacy among the pillars while still being able to indulge themselves in the captivating vista of Suraya Bay. The beach was just a hundred meters away, and the brilliant horizon cut a sharp line of light as far as the eye could see.

To Thea's right, in the far distance, she saw two Vulcans. When she narrowed her eyes against the shimmer cast from the water... she saw how one of them laid her hand against the other one's cheek. They were two women, and it appeared like a loving gesture between them... yet it reminded Thea about something in her database too. The Vulcan mind-meld. Perhaps they share in stories of Vulcan now when they are so far from family and native friends? Perhaps they miss their husbands?

The exchange lasted for a couple of seconds. Then, the one who performed the meld lowered her hand, retreating from the area. The Vulcan that had received the meld stood still for a couple of seconds, as if in brief internal conflict... then stepped after the first one - limping a little. It was the limp that made Thea recognise her as Cir'Cie, the botanical scientist. She had been hurt before the Chief Counselor managed to rescue her on Theta Eridani IV. Thea had yet to make out who the first Vulcan had been... before she noticed someone approaching from the opposite direction.

"Commander Renard," she said after turning around and seeing who it was, and she smiled to the Squadron Commanding Officer. "Are you enjoying the Festival? It really looks like Lin Kae has outdone himself in making this program. I hope he takes the time to enjoy it himself as well, for he has certainly earned it."

Pausing, Thea tilted her head to look at him, quizzical. "How... are you?"

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The Vulpinian smiled having came from the area near the shore where he and the Asurian had spent some time together.  He was currently in his most human form wearing his "collar" and the black rather revealing male swimsuit only. "He certainly has outdone himself.  I'm a bit surprised he isn't here sharing the evening with you to be honest." he said politely and a bit surprised to see the AI hologram alone.  "As for me, I am doing great just got through with a very enjoyable stroll with a certain winged Ensign and was trying to find something to occupy some time before we met up again later in the gymnasium for a bit of midnight sparring." he said with a extremely contented smile. 

This particular expression of his the hologram had probably never seen on his face before.  It was a kind of subconscious contentment, not the ecstasy and bliss from their time together under the Ishtar entity's whims, or even the military satisfaction and prideful happiness he often showed when debriefing his squadron on a well executed mission.  No the expression was something different. If the AI didn't have the files on his species she would probably think it looked like some sort of lovestruck gaze like a human teenager with a crush on their teacher might have.   But this was a Vulpinian, a species who's reputation for casualness towards sexuality was on par with the Risians, clearly not a species that would be subject so some kind of school-age human romantic whim, hell the files even said their species viewed actual romantic attachments without being mated with intent to produce offspring as a perversion equal to how many humans viewed homosexuality in the mid 20th century.  Still the soft contented smile he wore and the almost glazed distraction in his eyes betrayed something other than the norm for the fox person, something alien for the norm of his species but all too easy to discern if he were human.

He seemed to snap out of his seeming lull as he looked back to Thea again.  "By the way i like the dress, You program it in or are you wearing it over an au naturel projection tonight?"

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Upon being asked if she wore her dress on top of her projection or not Thea became a bit self-conscious, yet she took heart in the way Commander Renard had phrased his question. Whether or not it was 'programmed' as opposed to 'real', like she had expected people to ask her when she wore it. She was just as 'real' as her dress by all accounts. She was no illusion. No trick of light. At least the Vulpinian had the empathy to not make her feel as immaterial as others made her out to be.

"It is not a part of my projection," she said and smiled, folding her hands behind her back and assuming her usual stoic pose despite the lack of her formal body-suit. "It's a replicated summer dress that I have stored in the wardrobe in my quarters. It was made using the input data I fed to the replicator, keywords being 'white', 'casual', 'feminine' and my dress size, as far as I knew it ought to have been. I am ashamed to admit it is the third version after I requested some adjustments from my replicator system, wasting our energy for such a vain thing. I... do like how it came out, though."

Barring the length... Though she had not discovered how impractical it was until that night, and she could not make herself condone further adjustments to it. She had made sure to wear panties that were not too small instead, feeling a little bit more confident in not accidentally exposing herself in a way that would not be befitting a Ship A.I.  It was not like she hadn't heard the talk from the younger NCO:s aboard that they wanted her to star in their own seedy holonovels. She did not wish to perpetuate the erroneous image that young officers might have of her.

At the same time, she was interested in exploring her own sexuality, when there was such opportunity.

"How about your clothes?" she asked in kind, following the doctrine of small talk as far as she knew it.  "Are they programmed for this event or are they your own?" She found the apparel odd, guessing that it was native to his people, yet she did not wish to be presumptuous. Thoughts of the brief time with the SCO's beast form came to her, and she wondered if the collar had any such significance. Was there a leash somewhere, meant to be fastened to it? A Vulpinian woman on his home planet?

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He smiled softly hearing her words, "I think it came out just fine and was worth every ounce of energy it took to replicate.  To be honest I was hoping that it was seperate from your Projection.  The subtle things in life, like the feel of cloth on skin are worth experiencing for any being whether they be synthetic, organic or photonic.  It's those subtle things that make us know we are alive." He said as he touched the cloth gently looking to her as he admired the way she looked in the clothing she had prepared. 

"As for your question it's kinda complex.  The shorts are actually a form of Terran athletic swimwear."  he said not remembering the specific name of the design.*  "The material though Is a material of my own planet.  When its not being worn its actually about 4 sizes too small and I have no real clue about how the material works.  All I know is that It has an amazing degree of stretchability without feeling tight.*" 

He looked around for a moment then tugged on the collar a bit  "As for this, Its a bit of a long story.  The general idea and shape is from my homeworld.  It's the symbol of being a a high altitude or space pilot.  Kinda like the wings that my squad have on our jackets is to symbolize a pilot on Earth.  The reason a collar means pilot is because of sort of early on low tech repair we space pilots had to make.  Our helmet to suit seams were prone to not staying airtight so we began using airtight repair tape over the seam to make sure our suits stayed sealed.  As you can imagine that meant that all us pilots would be wearing these flight suits with a tape collar around our necks.  Didn't take long till as a nod to the tape collars that our official dress uniforms incorporated a collar as a symbol of us being pilots that broke atmosphere.    As for this one having a look a lot like a Federation uniform collar; I personally designed and uploaded the appearance into my replicator.  Real reason I made it though was so if I were to shift into my four legged form I would still have on something of a uniform to identify my rank, division, and that I'm, not just some feral beast.  Besides it's got a built in com-badge and a rudimentary translator in it so even when I am in the form that can't speak in a Federation language I can still give basic responses and hear when someone tries to contact me."

He then looked around a bit, "To tell you the truth I have gotten a few odd looks from some of the females on the ship since I came in here wearing it though.  For lack of a better term I would call the looks almost predatory, not that i mind its just something I haven't seen before." Is there some kind of Terran sexual fetish that involves competitive swimwear or shirt collars?  He said blissfully unaware of the Terran concepts of Pet-play and the inherent symbolism of collars in the human BDSM subculture.  and how wearing a collar and the rather short black shorts made him look almost like a submissive at some kind of kinky sex party.

* The trunks are most similar in appearance to a solid black version of very short legged "jammer" type swimsuits. Particularly they are meant to look most similar to ones worn in Olympic tier competitive watersports.  Essentially the idea is for the amount of skin they reveal they don't look like they were meant to be erotic but rather they look "functional"

**Basicially if he changes form the suit changes with him into whichever shape he takes allowing him to shift at will while still wearing at least a little clothing.

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When Commander Renard touched her dress, Thea swallowed yet remained still - wondering if he did so for other purposes than feeling the texture of the smooth cotton. His words resonated with her, however, in how he illustrated a fact she had come to know just recently. After her new sensory mapping was installed and she was able to leave the ship and feel the open air of Theta Eridani IV, the caress of wind and the touch of sunlight have been unknown to her. To wear garments. To enjoy sexual experiences with Lin Kae and Simon Tovarek that was fully her own and not the omnipotent trick of an alien entity. All these things were new to her, and yet experienced before in vague impressions of their true qualities.

Well, not Lieutenant Tovarek... That was a new experience, and the recollection of the data in her memory banks triggered her emotion chip to make her blush - Renard's touch having prompted more than the sensory imprint of his fingertips.

Furthermore, while Renard spoke of his native apparel, Thea was not only running the analysis of the conversation, but her background tasks were twisting and breaking down the data adherent to the catalyst of her initiative with Lin Kae. To enhance her 'sense of touch' and find a way to let her scent the things around her projection - something she still remained bereft of. The catalyst of the initiative stood right before her, or he was rather a part of the organic memory engram data that somehow had been stored in her digital memory banks. In retrospect, she had not been herself - her organic mind intoxicated by the desires that the Ishtar Entity had made her feel. Yet even if neither her actions nor her needs had been entirely her own, the memories of that time with Commander Renard in the broken Holodeck 04 remained.

She also remembered what she had said on the Bridge after the threat of the alien entity had passed. She had glanced his way and smiled - a bitter-sweet expression. I will miss your scent, Commander, she had said quietly before she walked away.

"My internal sensors does not extend to the minds of the crew," she commented when Miles asked about what people were thinking when they saw him there during the current Lohlunat  event, despite the data-feed from her memories not having been inattentive to the words of the Squadron Commander. "According to the popular if inaccurate theory of Occam's Razor, it might just be that they appreciate your physical appearance, Commander."

Tilting her head and smiling a little, Thea remained where he stood, but the sudden silence between them made it evident that the last time they had spent together on a holodeck had not been discussed. She had not been prepared to speak with him afterwards, when he had hailed her that night, yet with some time for analysis having passed it might prove a bit easier for her.

"I still miss your scent," she said, her smile again bitter-sweet.

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He looked into her projected eyes and softly spoke, "Probably," he answered about her assessment of it being simply physical attractiveness.  something he hadn't considered a possibility; something he really had never thought on. 

He could vividly recall their experience in the broken holodeck. Of course he could also remember the experiences in his other bodies at the same time, which always felt weird when he thought for more than a second or two about it.  He couldn't help but still feel that primal attraction to her despite her body no longer being flesh and blood.  She was still much the same beautiful woman still very enticing in every way that made him so willing to fall to the Goddess's whims.  This time they weren't in a crisis; they were talking to each other at a party where there was nothing that would prevent them from expressing themselves to the fullest.  No rules to prevent; it no shame in it at all even.  It felt liberating for there to be no time constraint, well aside from a meeting in a few hours. Still it was hardly much of a constraint compared to fearing what was going on outside while the two succumbed to animal desire their earlier coupling.

He couldn't help but have a soft friendly smile grace his face as his eyes softened hearing her next words.  "I still miss your scent."

He softly embraced her in a warm hug, as he gently inhaled fully noticing the lack of scent from her as well.  "I miss you having one."  he said softly.  "But it makes you no less alive to me." he said softly gracing her cheek with a friendly kiss.  "If you would, I would enjoy mating with you again."  He said softly never being good with the whole idea of proposing the action.  He was especially not as skilled with it as he would be if he could tell if her pheromones were increasing or decreasing as a cue of her arousal and interest in the prospect.  Even though the words were very blunt and matter of fact in nature they came out extremely nervously As shyly as anything he had spoken before in her presence.

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Thea returned the embrace readily, and such a simple thing felt all the more vivid to her since she had her sensory upgrade made. His words about her scent made her realise that she'd had such when they were together, and it gave her pause in how she had thought that it would suffice that she could feel the scent of others. Perhaps it was not so. Since Lin Kae could make the holographic Risian night around them wear the scents of Suraya Bay, surely he could give her a scent as well? Though how was she to chose when there was no way for her to experience the same thing as the people around her?

Her computing processes were quickly diverted from the idea when Commander Renard kissed her cheek and spoke next, making a suggestion that triggered her emotion ship, which generated a maelstrom of input data that she barely could keep up with. Embarrassment. A reflex of awkward laughing. Stepping back and covering her mouth in surprise. She momentarily felt like a puppet dancing to all the strings Miles had managed to tug at. "Mating," she said, clearing her throat a little, "I don't think I have detected a more blunt way of courtship in all the holonovels in my databanks. Depending on the species, such a bold suggestion is usually accompanied with a degree of forewarning or anticipation. Humans tend to enjoy the custom of a date where they consume food and drink enough beverages to make them that bold."

At the same time, one thing had led to the other with Simon Tovarek, and they had not even been intimate before they had ended up kissing in the light of the star charts. She was also anxious to explore her femininity, and the night's event was perfect in that regard. Renard had merely surprised her...

"I fear it will not be the same for you, sensitive as Vulpinians are to the scent of their partners, and I..." she trailed off a bit. "Even now, I am reminded by my own limitations, standing here before you and not being able to sense your smell like I used to. It would seem that we are still bereft of something important to us. That is... if we would like to re-experience what happened without an alien entity controlling our minds."

She tilted her had and smiled to the Squadron Commander, raising her hand to brush her fingers over the cheek of his almost Vulcan face. "Though it would seem we might have something new to experience, you being in this form..." she said and ran her hand down to his chest, "which would let us save what we did before to another night. I suggest choosing to wait until the point where I have had my next upgrade. In the meantime, I am unfamiliar with this form of yours... and how it would be to copulate when you are wearing it. So...."

In the end, she had decided to embrace the mentality of the Festival celebrators. Thea gave Renard a grin and slowly began to retreat into the darkness beyond the first marble pillars - enshrouding her in the shadows of the night. "Come on then..."

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He understood what she meant, How it wouldn't be the same.  In a lot of ways he as happy it wouldn't be the same.  Though the lack of a scent to further drive him would be there, there was so much more there to make up for it most importantly their mutually non-coerced states of mind.  There was a part of him that remembering their actions made him feel as if in a certain way that he had raped her.  How willing or unwilling she would have been if not intoxicated under the Goddess's spell made him wonder if he had committed what Terrans would refer to as 'date-rape.' Now he knew that was far from the case though.  Even without the coercion of 'Ishtar' she would have probably been willing to mate.  Whether they would have been willing in those particular circumstances he knew was the opposite though.  In their right minds they would have been much more wary of the situation and would not have been so diverted by each others presences.  Still even more importantly it was great to know that she would not have been against their actions had their situation been less dire.

"I am sorry if my words were less than ideal." he interrupted after her assessment of his choice of words. "My species relies on unspoken scents and gestural cues to determine willingness to couple.  I am a bit new to being blind to whether or not a partner would be interested in more carnal pleasures.  Also I am less than familiar with the Terran concepts of dating or romance.  Among my kind only pairs who are mated with the reason to procreate are encouraged to engage in what most of the Federation would call 'romance.'  Intercourse on its own is a quite casual thing and is more an activity for mutual enjoyment of a pair or group rather than an emotional bond.  My kind prefers what humans would call 'friends with benefits' in our relationships to a romantic attachment.  We value the platonic side of friendship for emotional bonds to the romantic want for another as a form of bond amongst each other."

He enjoyed hearing her own assessment of how it wouldn't be the same and was happy to hear she wanted to try him in this form, as well as her eagerness to copulate for the new experience.  Hearing her invitation to "come on then" he eagerly walked forwards to her and embraced her again within the shadows pressing his body against hers.  "I can understand your motivations for this particular relationship.  You wish to gain new experiences. I myself enjoy exploring the unknown and would enjoy helping you explore your "operational parameters."  There is nothing I think that would benefit our friendship greater than sharing in each other's growth."  He said analyzing their relationship in a way he hoped she would agree with before running a hand over her face and back through her hair before pulling her towards him and accepting her invitation in full with a deep kiss.

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Safely hidden in the night-time shadows of the marble pillars, Thea turned around to face the Squadron Commander just when he embraced her - his arms going around her waist and her upper back resting against one of the columns. The cool touch of the smooth stone penetrated the thin fabric of her wispy dress, yet her digital mind had made the emotion-feed a priority. Within virtually no time at all, she recognised the common impulse and acted on the motion to raise her arms and wrap them around Renard's shoulders and neck - smiling and looking into his eyes as he spoke to her in the darkness.

They were words of his interpretation of the situation, and it was one she agreed with. She was a learning photonic being, and experience was the best fodder for her artificial soul to grow. His joke about her operational parameters made her chuckle, the humour one that she could relate to, and while she had a mind to answer, Renard was already running is hand through her hair and kissing her - the electrifying feeling overtaking her and wiping the memory cache of their continued conversation clean.

Thea returned the kiss, her hands and and fingers holding on hard to Renard's bare shoulders as her damp lips moved in battle with his. She sucked in a breath through her nose, which was a mimicked behavioural pattern fit to work with whether or not her mouth would be able to inhale oxygen if it could. The sensory mapping all over her bodily projection tingled with the intimate pressure of a man against it. Her hands found purchase to run their fingers through his short hair in turn, and hold him against her mouth - splitting his mouth open with his own so that she could gain access to his tongue.

Her knees felt week from the emotion input, and in order to gain balance, she had first set her feet apart, but she soon came to lift one leg and wrap it behind Renard's hip and thigh. Her eyes opened then, feeling his organic phallus being hard - pushing against her panties. She gasped against his lips feeling it, but she soon closed her eyes again to resume swirling her tongue around his.

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Miles moaned softly into the kiss having wondered what it would be like now that she wasn't human like the other time.  He was more than presently surprised to feel the same rush of emotions through her kiss.  Everything about her was a rush back to that night.  The passion in her eager lips, the way she eagerly reached out with her tongue to grasp his, everything about her said all he needed to know about what she truly was.  She was a young woman eager to explore, and he was equally eager to explore her.

With a rough gasp he shoved his tongue eagerly into her mouth as he pushed her gently against the column.  Moments before Miles had been so close to wanting to go further but kept from it with his new very close friend.  With Thea he couldn't hold back much longer as he felt himself pressing against the cloth barrier as she wrapped a leg around him.  Eagerly his right hand reached down her back and reached from behind cupping her rump before sliding around and between her legs. 

He began to slowly and very gently slide his fingers against the curves of her sex under the cloth slowly sliding a finger between her lips forcing them to part just a tiny bit and pressing the cloth into her ever so gently just enough to leave an impression of her own dampness against the cloth as he moved his fingers attentions back outside and softly swirling the finger around the rims of her cloth covered labia and then back into the center pushing the cloth in just a bit further leaving a deeper impression before gently swirling the finger around the silhouetted entrance teasing her entrance with the very cloth keeping their bodies from touching most intimately.

He broke the kiss for a moment giving her time to catch her breath. He knew that she didn't have to breathe but also knew the simulated respiration, the simulated heartbeats, every organic function was part of what made everything feel real for the both of them.  "Thea, I want to gently mate with you like I wasn't able to that night.  I want you to know that I can be much more than the beast that you lost yourself to that night.  I was rough that time.  I want to show you how soft I can be as well."  he said said gently using his hand down below to just gently cup her warm sex rather than tease it as he moved the kiss up her face. Softly he began kissing her earlobe giving it a soft suckle  before moving the kiss to her neck gently kissing practically able to feel the simulated pulse of hers with his tongue.  Soon though he rejoined his lips with hers and passionately kissed her as his other hand began to roam as well moving to her chest and gently cupping and lifting her perfect, simulated breasts.  He couldn't help but love the feel of the cloth and how it felt as it separated skin from skin and how wonderful it felt to be cupping her aesthetically perfect form again.

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[Soo Young Seung] Attn: Zenozine

Soo Young Seung and Hylota Vojona entered the shadows behind the ampitheatre, and the Lone-Wolf had still not managed to refocus her mind - still spinning from the catalyst of the Nurse's intimate thoughts about Soo when she had touched the mark on her forehead. The Ovri had apologised for it, which made Soo chuckle a little as she walked with the Nurse underneath the stone canopy of the marble forest. There were others among the marble pillars, engaged in conversation and... other things. She could tell the activities apart not just from the faint sounds, but in how their passion assaulted her senses and affected her even more.

"No, no reason to apologise," she said, heart beating quicker as she glanced up at the Ovri's dark eyes, grinning to her in an almost mischievous way. "You have certainly made an impression on me, but its not 'poor' in any sense. Rather the opposite, and there is no reason to think you'd ruin anything by having such thoughts about me. Certainly not... since on my own part, I have barely been able to think about anything else after I met you."

This being said, Soo stepped in front of the taller woman, running her hands up Hylota's bare and toned arms until they reached her graceful neck. Spectres of moonlight from Suraya Bay's water danced over the side of her face, her lips pursed and her eyes large. Slowly, Soo stepped up against the Ovri, their boedies meeting. She rose up on her tiptoes, about to lay her lips against Hylota's.

[Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854] Attn: IronFerrox

When Commander Renard's hands began to explore her photonic body, Thea could feel his touch acutely through the thin veil of the summer dress she wore. She found herself making sounds born from the input of her emotion chip: reactionary mewls of delight at being fondled by the Vulpinian's hands. It was when one of his hands found its way down between their bodies and into the apex of her thighs that she had to rip her lips away from his and gasp into the nocturnal air.

His touch was gentle, teasing, and did not venture behind the waistline of her panties. His fingertips toyed with her new sensors and it made her hold on to him - her arms around his neck and shoulders being the anchor in the datafeed that coursed through her. She realised that he spoke to her, promised her things, saying that he would be gentle and not the beast that had claimed her in the darkness of Holodeck 04. It made her smile with pursed lips and closed eyes, returning his whisper into his ear with a breathless voice. "Whatever you do, please proceed."

He was dedicating his attention to her neck and her ear with his warm lips, brushing them against her skin. Thea could feel his tongue too, pressing into her digital nerves - the upgrade making her knees weak from the touch. She began to undulate her hips against the firm pressure of his hand against her damp panties, groaning faintly when the input caused further arousal in her projected body. Finding herself kissing back instantly when Renard returned his mouth to her own, she was further rewarded by the encompassing feeling of his hand upon her chest. Though her dress, he palmed an achingly hard nipple - no bra there to leave him bereft of the impression he was having on her. Thea leaned into the touch, still rolling her hips a bit against his lower hand.

"The sensory readings you are giving me..." she whispered with closed eyes against his lips, "are truly amazing. Please, give me more..."

OOC: Please note that the scene between Soo Young Seung and Hylota Vojona takes place at least 20 minutes earlier than the scene with Thea and Miles Renard since Miles has had the time to take a stroll with Sar-unga Neleo before he encountered Thea. The order of events will be chronological in the PDF once it's made.

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Miles reacted instantly to her requests replying, "Of course Miss Thea; anything for you," he said genuinely to her.  There was a loyalty in his voice.  Something was very true about what he said that made her know the words weren't just about tonight but about everything in his mission.  The squad CO would do anything for her, for his ship.  Of course, pleasing Theurgy's avatar was an added bonus and was something he relished at any chance he was given hoping there would be future times to enjoy her company both intimately and as friends and fellow crewmembers.  There was a bond forming between him and her on his side at least.  It wasn't like the bond he felt a little pervy for with his time with Neleo.  It was a different bond, a loyalty like he had felt in the many times he had shared beds with a female captain or admiral serving aboard a carrier in his home wars.  With his words she could safely know that the squadron commander would always do everything in his power up to his last breath to make sure Thea accomplished her mission and that if she ever wanted anything to make that mission more comfortable or enjoyable she could always come to him.  He would always enjoy her company.

Eagerly he obeyed her words as he kissed her again a hand moving from her breast and down slipping under the dress and back up to directly fondle her tender cups lovingly paying attention to that hardened aching nub of a nipple that begged to be touched and making sure to share the attention with her other breast as he gently ground his hand below against her aching femininity.  Slowly he reached up from her crotch and began to pull her sodden panties down letting them unceremoniously hang at her knees. He pulled off his own shorts exposing his hardened human like cock.  Gingerly, he rubbed it against her projected but so real entrance feeling her slick fluids practically begging him to enter her already.  Slowly, gently he obeyed pushing softly into her warm entrance.  "You feel wonderful Thea." he said loving the way her warm body felt as she eagerly embraced his manhood.

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[Hylota Vojona] Attn: Auctor Lucan

As Soo Young Seung led Hylota down into the amphitheater among the marble columns Hylota could hear the other people, the sounds carried along the walls so no one could tell where anything was coming from, but she could tell what was going on down here and it made her blush. as she slowed down she felt her arousal spike as she was giving into the moment and she shuddered involuntarily as her vagina began to swell with increased blood flow. her firm scaly exterior parted as her soft inner flesh was revealed and her juices began to collect and moisten the area. As this happened Hylota's breath fluttered as she felt a wave of arousal flow over her like a warm embrace.

As Soo spoke Hylota snapped back from hr fog of arousal and blinked rapidly as she looked at Soo as she was told that she had not done bad and had in fact made a good impact on their relationship Hylota began to relax, and as Soo stated she had only thought bout her since they ha met Hylota blushed even more. Then as Soo moved in close Hylota felt compelled to move closer as well, not sure of ho things would advance from here, but she did no care, this moment was special and as Soo moved closer, rubbing her hands along Hylota's skin Hylota cued in to wheat was going on and pulled the half Betazoid closer.

Seeing the other woman purse her lips for a kiss Hylota leaned in and pressed her lips to Soo's and then without warning she gripped Soo's ass and cradled Soo in her hands a she began to straighten out, lifting Soo up so that their chests rubbed together. Unlike before Hylota's mind was not filled with fantasies but now with more primal desires, the love of the feeling of Soo's breasts against her body, the softness of her skin, the warmth of her body, on a primal  level Soo appealed to Hylota on many levels and it filled Hylota with desire. "Oh Soo, I want you so badly." She began to move into the dark and closer to the warm sea breeze as she desired to get intimate with Soo.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

Soo gasped in surprise as she was lifted up in the Ovri's strong hands - feeling those thickened fingertips press into her black shorts. By instinct, she kept kissing Hylota, and she raised her legs to wrap them around the other woman's waist. With her arms behind her happenstance lover's neck, she felt herself being carried away into the shadows of the towering columns, and she knew that the nurse desired the same as she did - to find escape from the strife and horror recently suffered. "I w-want you too."

The blind path they'd set led to Soo feeling herself being pressed up against one of the pillars, increasing the intimate friction of Hylota's lean chest against her aching breasts. She moaned against the Ovri's full lips and writhed in delighted agony between the cool stone and the alien. She found her own hands beginning to wander, as if on their own accord, and they strokes across Hylota's neck and up over her head, across her mark and then down again to tug the maroon toga off her shoulder - baring more scaled skin. Once bared, she let passionate kisses rain down the Ovri's graceful neck - burrowing her tongue into the groove behind her collarbone. The taste was nothing like a human's, yet it only made the experience even more exotic to her.

When Soo finally pulled away, she looked Hylota in the eye with wild passion and leaned back against the pillar. Her pursed lips were bruised and full in the fickle moonlight. Since she had the unrestricted opportunity, she grabbed the hem of her white top and pulled it off over her head - leaving her in shorts, panties and a white bra. No more had the garment been tossed aside before she returned her clinging grip across the Ovri's strong shoulders and her bare head - kissing her anew.

[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 ] Attn: IronFerrox

With her summer dress askew - hitched up past her slim waist by Commander Renard's questing hand - Thea was biting her lower lip and trying to keep herself upright against the pillar. She certainly did not mind that Renard was baring her lower body by reaching up underneath her dress to tease the hardened peaks of her breasts. Rather the opposite, in how she could enjoy the holographic breeze from the sea wafting against her. She felt it even more keenly when he tugged at her panties, and her digital nectar cooled her heated sex. It also forced her to set her foot down since she was still having her leg wrapped around his waist.

She opened her eyes at that point, looking down to see him bare his rigid arousal, which was so different from the organ she had been acquainted with in the broken holodeck. It looked like Lin Kae's and Tovarek's and not like the bestial and knotted hardness that she remembered Renard by. The Squadron Commander was not a bulky man in his current form either, making his phallus appear much larger when compared to the width of his hips. She looked at it with her simulated heartbeat fluttering, and the anticipation made her fidget where she leaned against the column - her sex aching to be just as spoiled as her breasts were by his attention to them.

Yet he did not leave her wanting for long, and she dug her nails into his bare shoulders when she felt him align himself and rub her dewy folds. She was breathing heavily, eyes narrow slits, and she undulated her hips against him in encouragement. Her thin dress had been hiked up to her armpits by then - the breeze stroking her puckered areolae. She needn't wait for long, however, as he pushed inside - squirming up her vaginal passage. It caused her to groan loudly, and her legs quivered in response - making her panties fall the rest of the way. She barely heard that he whispered something to her, latching on to him as hard as she could - arms and legs embracing him and letting him hold her against the pillar.

"Yes," she wheezed deep down in her throat, "harder, but slowly..."

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Hylota was unsure of how to go about things with Soo, as they got to a hidden place she lifted Soo some more and laced her fingers together to cradle the woman. As Soo proclaimed that she wanted Hylota, Hylota blushed and she remained still as Soo went over her body, she was n shock over this revelation, she had not thought that thing would happen, and so soon as well, it was an exhilarating moment to say the least. As he was kissed all over Hylota felt her arousal grow and her vagina grew slick with anticipation.

As Hylota was stripped down with a little effort and the toga slipped off her shoulders the outfit fell off of her completely as it had been designed to. Hylota stood there in nothing but a pair of pantie with her dress outfit bunched up around her boots. As Soo kissed over Hylota's body the moist sea breeze moisturized her scaled skin and softened it back up, allowing for her to feel softer and warmer as well. Hylota also began to undergo a primal move, her body began to excrete a sweet oil that was lace with Hylota's pheromones, a Soo kissed Hylota's body she ingested the oils and they began to work their influence over Soo, and as another breeze blew over them the vapors moved in the air giving an alluring sweet scent of a fertile Ovri.

as Soo stripped herself off Hylota let her down and she smiled as she built up a mating kiss. Her dark eye danced with the reflected moonlight as she looked down at Soo. As Soo brought Hylota in for a kiss Hylota let herself be pulled down an as their lips met her hand gripped Soo's firmly as her strong tongue pushed out of her mouth and into Soo's, it was slick with pheromones and a sweet sexual nectar made to trap a mate. As they kissed Hylot closed her eyes and her hands drifted to Soo's bra as her mind filled with desire and in a strong forceful pull she removed it and ripped it from Soo's body as she pressed forward and pressed her moist cunt to Soo's  As she did this she made her equivalent of a moan, a high pitched chirping sound that made her tongue vibrate as they kissed.


Re: CHAPTER 02: Behind the Amphitheatre [2200 hrs.]

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The taste of Hylota's skin made Soo wild with need, unknowing of the pheromone-laced oil that she had begun to secrete. The sweet scent that rose from her lover's body permeated her mind and dulled her thoughts - making her bolder in the paths her tongue and lips took. She was allowed to set her feet back on the stone floor, and as she did, the undressed sight and touch of the Ovri's body met her - the toga pooling on the floor. Soo could not help but lick that strong chest of hers, the pheromonal oils making her loose pace in her own rush to undress - her bra remaining for the time being.

Yet when the Ovri kissed her back - their lips parting in the exchange - Soo felt something slide into her mouth. She gasped in surprise, eyes widening momentarily, but upon realising that it was Hylota's warm tongue that slithered against her own - thick and strong with intent - Soo did not pull away. Her eyes fell shut and she began to suck upon the thick tongue that filled her oral cavity. It tasted even better than Hylota's skin, and Soo put her hands behind Hylota's neck so that she might suckle upon that alien tongue more thuroughly - her own primal instincts overtaking her. There was no thought, oddly, on how strange a turn this was for her. She mewled like an animal around the exotic tongue as she tried to handle it all. She hardly noticed how her bra was ripped from her body - her upper torso bare to the evening breeze and the warmth of the Ovri's strong body.

She did notice the next thing, in how Hylota pinned her against the pillar with her crotch pressing against her own - forcing one leg out to the side and making her gasp with the sweet pressure. The sound of the Ovri's pleasure reached her not only by sound, but by how that delicious tongue quivered and teased the 'O' of her mouth and her own tongue. "Mfh..." was all she managed in response to the chirping noise, her hips starting to undulate against Hylota's so that she might get that sweet friction of their clothed sexes grinding together.

At this point, Soo's hands wandered down from the nurse's shoulders and neck so that she might cup her hands over the Ovri's soft and scaled posterior - hands stealing down the panties' waistline behind Hylota's back. With her grip, she made sure that their moving crotches would not part. In the end, however, she could not stand the anticipation, pulling her head back as best as she might so that she could speak - the Ovri tongue released with a wet pop from her own lips.

"Take off my shorts, h-hurry..." she said thickly, mind ablaze.

OOC: This might be a good time to have Hylota reflect upon what happened just earlier in Sickbay, IC-wise, if you feel like delving into something like that at this point. *smiles & shrugs*

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Hylota was filled with pleasure as Soo rubbed against her pussy, the soft inner flesh was much more sensitive than Soo's, but Hylota lacked a clit, so to make up for that her vagina's inside was easy to stimulate. Hylota was losing herself to the sensations, but before she knew what was happening Soo pulled back off of her tongue and a it popped free of the pilot's mouth Hylota's eye snapped open and her tongue retracted and  and she began to coat it with her pheromone again, it was common among her race to take several such kisses to lull a resistant male into a willing mood.

As Soo told her to hurry and strip her off Hylota grinned and leaned in as she placed her hands on Soo's breasts and she massaged lightly before her hands slid down and unto the waistband of the boy shorts, as she lingered Hylota teased Soo some more, she was not overwhelmed yet, so she was going to linger a while to ensure Soo would not leave. Eventually Hylota pushed down and moved Soo's final undergarment down before she raised her leg, and as an added tease she placed her leg between Soo's lips and drew the leg up and placed her boot onto the shorts and slid her leg back down as she pushed Soo's shorts off.

With a smile she pressed her chest into Soo's, the feeling of her soft and tender breasts against Hylota was a wonderful sensation, and as she pushed in close enough he pressed her parted lips onto Soo's crotch. The warm wet expanse pushed over Soo's vagina Hylota let out a chirping moan and she tightened her vagina making her lips slide over Soo's. "I hope you know ho to do this my dear, because I have no idea what I a doing." She went in for another passionate pheromone laced kiss. 

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Mind absent in abandon of rational thought, Soo heard Hylota's words but could not bring herself to be surprised that the Ovri did not know how to please a human woman. She merely reacted to the words themselves, them being a veiled request for instruction on how to proceed. She would have spoken, had planned to do so between the breathless sounds she made, yet the Ovri pushed that delicious tongue into her mouth again, and Soo's entire body shuddered in sweet pleasure at what has happening to her.

"Mph," she managed in hurried urgency, reaching for one of the alien woman's wrists and directing those thick fingers down between their bare bodies. She brought Hylota's four fingers to her own sex, pressing them against herself, and once she thought the Ovri grasped the fact that she wanted her to use her hand, she used her own to show what she was supposed to do. She released the wrist and lay her fingers against the slick lips of the Ovri's entrance, and she began to rub those lips eagerly. Yet in short order, one finger, then two, began to steal inside the sheath - squirming into Hylota's sex with eager wish to please her.

Soo held herself upright with her other arm behind the nurse's neck, aching breasts brushing up and down against the Ovri's minutely scaled chest as she rolled her hips against the hand that pressed against the apex of her legs. What overtook her senses, however, was that tongue and how it made her dilerious, eager to suck and answer it with her own tongue - almost like performing fellatio upon a man's organ. She licked and sucked upon Hylota's tongue as if it pleased her more than it did her, at the same time as she kneaded her fingers in and out of the Ovri's sex.

Her eyes rolled on the waves of pleasure, and as thoughts deteriorated into the pool of pleasure that she was drowning in, Soo hoped she would be able to bring the Ovri down with her.

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He simply nodded in response to her request as he felt her legs wrap around his torso spurring him to gently press her up against the pillar. A hand gently parted her ass cheeks as he groped one eagerly but far from forcefully.  He pushed into her further as she embraced him both inside and out. Her simulated inner heat felt wonderful as he pushed deeper and deeper into her core before feeling himself pressing his organ against her simulated cervix.  Slowly he pulled out just a bit and shifted his angle just barely so his head grazed the barrier to her womb and instead pushed against the furthest walls of her inner depths stretching her out a few inches inside as he hilted himself within her letting her feel his balls touching the tender skin of her body.

Gingerly he pulled out leaving nothing but his head within her before he slowly pushed his full length back into her in a single slow but fluid motion.  Her perfect body hugged him warmly as he slid in.  He was already leak his pre into her body as he pushed in and pulled out in slow steady plunges into the very deepest parts of her body.  Her inner walls were too much for him as he groped her breast a bit roughly and pressed his lips against hers moaning into the kiss using her mouth and tongue as a means to muffle the lewd moans that he made as he felt her body sliding around his cock like a perfect fit.

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[Hylota Vojona] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota watched as Soo motions and allowed on of her hands to be moved so her finger pressed against Soo's pussy, sliding past her lips and pressing into her vagina, the single finger was quit agile and had a wider range of movement, but the webbing prevented them from being put to use in this fashion. But the large tipped digit did do a good job at stimulating the human hybrid. Her heavy ridges worked like rubbing as they slid around inside of Soo, and after a few moments Hylota doubled her efforts and added a finger to the mix and adequately stuffed the vagina while she noted the woman's clit and her thumb pressed down on it as she tuned her hand to get a better angle and she fingered the half betazoid woman.

As Hylota herself was fingered she did not handle it as graceful, she sensation of fingers moving inside her brought up a recent memory and she remembered the pleasure that held and she felt herself grow aroused at an accelerated rate. The pleasure was wonderful, Soo was worthy indeed of the Ovri's attention. As he tightened around the fingers she noticed how much attention that was being given to her tongue and she realized that Soo was getting addicted to hr tongues taste, and with how sensitive the appendage was she was mildly aroused by the actions,but she knew her tongue would b devoid of her sweet pheromones before long so to ensure that it did not run out she pitched her head down so her pheromones slipped down her tongue Soo's mouth.

As she kept working the other woman's pussy she kept her feet rooted so that they would not fall over. But as thy went on further and further Hylota's body became impatient and needy and her muscles worked to pull Soo's hand further into her while Hylota pressed her hip into the hand, the larger opening wrapping around the slender human hand. As they kept going she pressed her head closer to Soo's and pushed her tongue deeper into Soo's mouth in an almost predatory act of love making.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 ] Attn: IronFerrox

Thea was experiencing how the Squadron Commander could be a gentle lover as well, not just the beast that had claimed her in the darkness of the holodeck, and she relished the way he listened to her needs - surging into her with insistence yet care for her to be comfortable. She gasped against his lips as he pushed inside her with his slow and yet very firm rhythm, and she held on to him with her hands and legs - fingers gripping his head as she rode the tide. Ensign Carver's sensory mapping responded in full to the motions they moved in, applied to her projection seamlessly, and she imagined that the human that Lin Kae had asked to help in her upgrade would have enjoyed Miles Renard as a lover as well.

"Just a l-little bit faster," she moaned quietly into his ear eventually, and the reason she asked was made plain in how she began to roll her hips against him - her whole torso undulating in time with her lover's thrusts. Her summer dress hung down her back where she leaned against the pillar, yet the front of the dress was hitched up above her sensitive bosom. They throbbed with the need she felt, and she found that she could put more words to what she desired. She spoke against Renard's lips while they kissed passionately. "Your m-mouth, can you, k-kiss my chest?"

The moonlight spectres danced over them as they moved in their insistent pace, and Thea found herself truly enjoying the exploration of her own sexuality together with Renard. Her digital sensor-feed and the corresponding emotions from her emotion chip was intoxicating in its unique characteristics, and since she had experienced the culmination before... it came as no surprise when she cried out in her first orgasm - arms and legs clutching hard around Miles while it lasted. The cry was soundless at first, breath lost, but then she groaned hard in the immediate aftermath.

It was a digital seizure, perhaps an imitation or interpretation of organic bliss. While originally Ensign Carver's bodily response, now her own, made unique in the coalescence of the subroutines that made her be who she was.

[ Soo "Oracle" Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

To Soo, it seemed like the Ovri were uniquely gifted in using their hands because of those delightful fingertips - fingers that were squirming past her outer lips and digging shallowly into her female heat. Soo had gasped and groaned as the first fingertip popped into her, and when the second joined in to expand her inner walls, Soo was completely derailed in her desire for her lover. She rubbed Hylota's sex as best as she might, and her fingers had no webbing that prevented her from sliding deeply past that smoothly scaled labia - two fingers soon becoming three and the heel of her hand kneading the Ovri's outer sex through and through.

Not only was the thick tongue in Soo's mouth and the pheromones upon it the only thing that caused to elevate her sexual desire. For like always, she was caught in the feedback loop of her lover's desire - her needs being augmented further by the Ovri's responding feelings. Yet the tongue was so unique and she found herself being addicted to the taste of it. Hylota seemed to enjoy Soo's fingers as well, and it was remarkable how she soon could even use four of her fingers in relatively short order. It seemed that her womanhood was capacious, yet nonetheless snug and wet around her thrusting fingers.

"Mph!" was all that Soo could say when Hylota stepped closer, completely at the alien's mercy, and her mouth was ravished by that slick and strong tongue - going as far as the back of her throat. Her eyes had widened momentarily but soon fluttered shut, mind lost in the pool of desire that had formed inside her. Unerring as her lower hand might be, experienced with women more than men, Soo was ultimately a slave to the proceedings. It was all so overwhelming, these primal notions blossoming in her mind, and It was more than enough to hurl her over the edge. With a muffled scream, Soo came hard against Hylota's hand, the oil from the tongue triggering a response far beyond normal. Only Rawley had ever made her squirt when she came, yet as was evident from the wet noise and the warmth running down her legs, the Ovri had managed as well.

Soo's fingers had faltered in stimulating the nurse in kind, but it did not take more than a couple of moments of shuddering convulsions before she resumed pushing her four fingers into her lover's unique sex. She did not want to let go of the tongue in her mouth. She continued handling it as if it was a male cock laced with sweet narcotics, kissing Hylota's lips when she could and sucking at the organ when it extended. Yet she still wanted to ask if the kneading motions and the four fingers inside Hylota felt good to her. All other concerns or thoughts were secondary - her will subject to the strange situation. What was happening to her?

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Hylota was loving the stimulation she received from the fingering, and as the hand pressed further and further in she felt herself drawing near her orgasm, but she was not going easily, she was holding back an just enjoyed the sensations, mostly her tongue, her people had larger tongue so males did not have the small tongue that Soo did which allowed her to fit more of Hylota's tongue in her mouth and use it like a cock. Hylota was enjoying herself quit a bit, but as Soo neared her peak and fed off of Hylota's lust, Hylota's own limited perception picked up on the sexual loop more vividly.

And then as Soo was wracked with the pleasure of her orgasm Hylota was suddenly hit with an emphatic burst of sensations and her body shuddered as she went through a climax as well, she clamped down on the fingers as she felt her own juice spurt out as well as she as sharing in an orgasm or equal intensity as Soo's. As both women then rode down their climaxes Hylota noticed that Soo had not noticed she had cum already, so she gently took a hold of the hand inside of her and she pulled it out and brought up Soo's arms to wrap them around her neck to support Soo's weight and she kept her tongue in place.

Hylota had not realized how much she enjoyed the sensation of her to guess being sucked, but soon she noticed ho crazed Soo was becoming, the woman was starting to act like she craved the pheromones on the tongue. Deciding to act for the greater good of the pilot Hylota withdrew her tongue, and she forced herself to calm down to stop herself from making more pheromone laced saliva. Of course now that she was done she undid hr boots and sat down on the ground of the amphitheater, she rested Soo in her lap and cradled her in her arms as she relaxed. "You really are a wonderful woman Soo, perhaps when we meet next I will allow you to suck my tongue again." She rested her forehead on Soo's for a moment before laying back against the stone pillar they had fucked up against.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Behind the Amphitheatre [2200 hrs.]

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Soo was confused when Hylota removed her fingers from herself, yet it occurred to her that the Ovri had made sounds in time with her own - that the nurse had climaxed just when she had. The cursory questions in her intoxicated mind were answered, and she groaned in content when she wrapped both her bare arms around Hylota's neck. The sound was muffled by the oral extremity that filled her mouth, but she did not care, she was not going to let go of the Ovri's sweet tongue - twirling her own tongue against it as best as she might to taste it better.

When she was eventually bereft of it, sliding out out as it did and leaving Soo with her lips pressed against the nurse's, the fighter pilot sucked a deep breath down her lungs and shuddered in wanton loss. Her lips trembled, and her eyes opened wide in worry that she had been doing something wrong. Instead, Soo could but watch in a haze when the Ovri removed her boots and turned them around, her hands ending up on Hylota's shoulders when they did so. Yet their embrace soon let Soo sink down in the nurse's lap - straddling her hips as the Ovri had her back against the pillar. Immediately, Soo tried to kiss the Ovri again, wanting that tongue in her mouth once more. Instead, the marked forehead pressed against Soo's, preventing her to reach the nurse's lips when she spoke.

"Next time?" asked Soo with an unseemly whimper, head reeling with the strange loss she felt, "Please, I want it now. Can't you...." The fighter pilot trailed off, hands on the Ovri's cheeks while she tired to form a trail of thought. An idea came to her, and with trembling legs from the orgasm that Hylota had already given her, Soo stood up from the Ovri's lap, presenting the nurse with her glistening nether lips. She set her weak hands against the stone pillar and offered the apex of her legs to her unexpected lover.

"Please, I want it..." she whispered so that her desperation would not carry to the couples in the shadows all around them. It was bad enough that her aroused state probably affected them all, just like their lust made her own grow. All this without the help from the Ovri's pheromones and her tongue. "I want it inside me..."

Re: CHAPTER 02: Behind the Amphitheatre [2200 hrs.]

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Hylota watched as the pilot got up and he blushed, she had not thought that he would have this strong of an effect on the mammal, but her people were more accustomed to dealing with the chemicals, mainly o that when one female got fertile a city would not devolve into a mass orgy. to compensate for the changes in environment, moisture and culture her people produced more pheromones in their mouth to kick a mate into the mood, but when compared to a human it was a lot more than was needed, and with the similarities in body chemistry and the low levels of pheromones they usually dealt with made it far to easy for an Ovri to take advantage of them.

Hylota was intending to tell the woman that she would not give Soo her tongue, but then Hylota remembered how she had been helped and she bit her lip and sighed. "Alright, but after you cum again my dear you will not be getting any more of my tongue until we have had some more time to calm down and relax a little more, because this is getting to be a little extreme my dear, I think you should avoid kissing me until we know just how much of an impact I am having on you." She placed her hands on Soo's hips and looked up at the aroused female. "I would hate to turn you into an addict. the last thing you need as a pilot is to be craving sex." She smiled and then looked at Soo's pussy and gave it a kiss on the clit.

Hylota looked over he pussy in front of her and she moved her thumbs to pull apart the lips as she leaned in and looked up at Soo as she went in close and pressed their lips together and she used all of her force to plunge her tongue into the pilot's soaked pussy and her tongue as showed in several inches as it adjusted to the shape of her vagina and formed to fill her perfectly as she began to pull her tongue back and then shoving it back in. She worked hr tongue around inside of Soo, the large amount of pheromone on her tongue was wiped off and soon the only thing Soo was getting was a dick-like tongue thrusting in and out of her.

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The elation that swept through Soo when Hylota acquiesced made her grin as if she was a girl being given her first toy, meeting her gaze with anticipation and a nod of affirmation to he words, though the expression faded into slack-jawed pleasure when she felt those finger, lips... and that tongue make contact with her. She lay the side of her head against the smooth pillar and held on to the stone with whitening fingertips as she felt it - pushing, squirming up inside her. She sucked a breath through her teeth and tried to keep her knees from buckling. The feeling of carnal satisfaction, to feel that limber Ovri tongue fill her up, again and again, it made her whimper in unabashed gratitude.

"Oh, thank you," she whispered hoarsely against the stone, her breath fogging the smooth surface momentarily, "Oh, god thank you," she mewled more loudly, even if she wasn't that religious on neither the Earthen nor Betazoid side. She even showed her gratitude by rolling her entire torso against that thrusting tongue - undulating her hips in a slow but insistent rhythm. The pillar might have been cold against her breasts and her cheek, but it did not matter when the nurse made her feel so warm inside.

Still, she resumed to look down her body and meet Hylota's gaze in the dancing moonlight - her eyes conveying her pleasure just as much as the sounds that slipped from her pursed lips and the movements of her hips. Her nails scraped the marble as she struggled to keep herself upright - thighs trembling. Eventually, the lightheaded feeling would fade, perhaps having something to do with the sweet scent dissipating from the woman below her, but it hardly mattered at that point. It took no more than two or three minutes before the onset of another climax swept through Soo Young Seung.

"Oh, oh, oh, harder, harder, yes, yes, ye-" she panted before the first cry in a rising crecendo spilled from her lips, and her sex clamped down upon that firm tongue that worked itself in and out of her wet tunnel.

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