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CHAPTER 02: Steam-pools [2130 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: Steam-pools

[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | Steam-pools | 2130 hrs. ] Open thread for everyone! Top enclosure is occupied though.

Upon the cliffside that Phantom reached, the sounds of the blasted festival were still loud on the heady, vaporous air.

Like shelves, four levels of steam pools climbed the sheer slope from the sea, and serpentine paths of paved stone and torches led the visitor to whatever shelf he deign visit. Steam and warm air saturated the atmosphere around Phantom as he made his way to the highest one - entering the glass enclosure that looked like a round cocoon and wrapped around the length of the shelf. The glass structures along the cliffside kept the evening breeze from stealing the steam and the warmth and yet did not diminish the extraordinary view of the bay area.

Another distinct advantage was that the sounds from the two crews died down when Phantom walked into the enclosure, and the heat that hit him like a wall made beads of sweat form upon the unburned side of his face. He squinted to see better through the steam, and when he found that the top shelf had six pools, he set his steps towards the farthest one - the one with most privacy.

Taking a swig from the large bottle of kanar that her carried in his hand, he saw through the drifting steam that the pools themselves still remained their rather quaint-looking affair, being chiselled out from the stone - perched against the rock wall of the cliff face adjacent to him. There were some resilient plants climbing the rock wall too, and the foliage dripped with water from the steam.

There were holograms walking through the steam as well. They were Nuvian masseuses, dressed in scant white garments, and one of them walked up to Phantom. She silently offered to take his clothes. Kilinvoss did not return her smile, and the backhand blow he give her sent the hologram sprawling across the stone. She whimpered and removed herself from his sight soon enough, letting him undress in peace.

He shed his black clothes methodically, baring himself to the heat before he stepped into the pool. Unconcerned by the almost scalding water, he sat down on a worn protrusion of stone roughly positioned in the centre of the steaming pool - looking through the glass wall before him. Gazing across the the moonlit sea.

Yet all he could think of when he drank his bottle was that he missed Cardassia.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | Steam-pools | Top enclosure | 2130 hrs. ] 

Ensign Maya strode up the trail to the steam pools that Rihen had told her about earlier that day.  The Risan could tell that the green blooded physician could be uncomfortable with crowds and suggested the simulated pools as the perfect place to go to get away from the noise without leaving the celebration, and had even hinted that the little Vulcan might meet someone there to celebrate with. 

Since the rest of her shipmates were pairing up nobody gave the Maya a second thought.  Everyone assumed that Vulcans had no interest in recreation, company, or romance.  The petite Vulcan was nearly invisible as she was passed over for more extroverted flamboyant celebrants.  And knowing her people the way she did, Maya understood her shipmates' reasoning. 

It was ironic since the concept of a group activity that would encourage bonds and relationships had been Maya's idea.  It was Maya who had informed the vivacious Risian of how badly the personnel onboard needed to learn how to play again.  But aside of her musical talent, everyone aboard assumed that Vulcans didn't know how to have fun.  Their assessment was probably correct, but Maya was willing to learn.

But there was no point weeping over dairy products that had escaped their container.   As a Vulcan, Maya could center herself and attain serenity so quickly that not even she realized how much the situation disappointed her.  But doing so would be a betrayal of her convictions.  She had left her home world in order to experience whatever sensations she pleased.  She had the right to feel her passions if she chose to.  Didn't that include sensing the negative emotions as well as the positive? 

She had to admit to herself that she generally called upon her Vulcan disciplines when experiencing negative emotions.  In truth, she seemed to only allow herself to experience the positive.  Although this gave her a generally sunny disposition for a Vulcan, lately events had not encouraged positive feelings.  By suppressing her negative emotions while being denied the experience of positive ones, Maya seemed just as cold and unfeeling as the rest of her people.  Taking the girl off the planet Vulcan was easy, but taking the planet Vulcan out of the girl was more challenging.

As she entered the crystal dome at the top of the cliff she was comforted by the moist heat and assaulted by the humidity.  She closed her eyes and used her preternatural control of her nervous system to adjust her breathing to compensate for a humidity many times greater than conditions on her home world.  If the others wanted her to sing another song it wouldn't do for the little Vulcan to develop a cough.  When she opened her eyes she saw scantily clad Nuvian masseuses, their holographic forms healthy and symmetrical right down to the upswept ridges on their foreheads.   Maya knew they were holograms because she detected no psychic signatures to reveal their presence.  The lovely girls were simulations composed of photons and force fields.

The girls who politely disrobed her and took her garments may have been only simulations, but Maya wasn't alone.  She could sense the presence of another long before she made out Phantom's head and shoulders poking out of the steam pool farthest from the entrance.  His back was to her as he brooded over scenery of holographic Risa.  Maya almost smiled.  This must be the someone that Rihen had hinted she could celebrate with.  The ravishing Risian knew that Maya was probably the only one aboard who wouldn't be affected by Phantom's scarred and hideous appearance.  The poor man must as lonely as Maya would be if she allowed herself to wallow in her emotions.

With short, delicate steps, Maya tiptoed to Phantom's pool as quietly as a cat.  Using unnaturally fluid movements,  she slipped into the warm water and sat on a bench level protrusion placed at the edge of the pool behind and to left of Phantom and stared at him without saying a word.  She could have remained undetected if a holographic Nuvian hadn't offered the little Vulcan some refreshment.  Although Maya's voice was barely a whisper, Phantom would have to be deaf not hear the slender surgeon's expression of thanks as she received her lemonade.

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Upon the realisation that he was not alone, Phantom's upper lip curled slightly and he turned his head - his good side and seeing eye espying the new visitor in the pool. To her, from that angle, it would be as if his face was nothing but ordinary.

"I had a wish for some privacy," he rasped with his damaged throat, and then he turned around a bit further - his ghastly eye and cheek cast in moonlight from the panorama windows. He saw that it was the Vulcan he had seen before venturing up the path to the steam-pools. She had obviously not taken the hint, if seen him looking at her at all. "Am I correct to assume you are one of the Theurgy doctors? If this has to do my appearance, my standpoint on the matter can be found in my medical journal. It is not open for discussion."

He glanced out the windows again while she answered, and not being particularly interested if she objected or stated some other kind of business in the steam-pool, he drank a few mouthfuls of Kanar before he rounded on her in full. He stood up from the protrusion he'd sat on and faced her - the water shy of an inch still preserving his modesty - and interrupted her. His bottle in one hand, he tilted his chin back and sucked some air through his teeth without having to open his lips. "State your rank and name, Vulcan," he grated to her, his good eye as unblinking as his lidless one.

"Doctor Maya," he said in his fractured syllables, "what do you possibly think you can do for me? If I'd like company, I'd fuck one of these holograms here, and as for conversation, you are Vulcan, and I presume you do not see the sense in idle talking. What topic do you think can have any impression on me?"

...after having lost so many.

It was only fitting his appearance suited the cost of duty he'd paid.

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After leaving the beach, Sjaandin soon took the lead. He knew the way better than Cam, and so before long he was pulling her by the hand and not the other way around. After a few steps through the simulated foliage, he began to feel like a young man again. He quickened his pace, making sure she could still keep up as his feet recalled the way to the steam pools. He didn't even have to really look; they knew the way.

He tugged her gently towards the third level of pools. It was the best one. High enough to be surrounded by warmth on all sides, but low enough to still smell the sea. He explained as such to Cameron as the holograms approached them, their arms outstretched to relieve them of their clothing. He held his arms out, allowing them to peel off his see-through shirt. He stepped gracefully out of the pants, revealing long, strong legs kept in impeccable shape by incessant exercise. His ass was curved just enough with muscle to catch the eye, with nary an ounce of fat. Betazoids were not particularly hairy people, so there was mostly smooth and pleasing flesh to be seen. He turned halfway around at the waist, the motion doing interesting things to his trapezials and abdominals. That was all she would be able to see from where she was standing. He did not want to give everything away just yet.

"Well, Cam," he could not help saying, "what do you think of the sights so far?"

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"I had a wish for some privacy," the grizzled and intimidating officer known as 'Phantom' abruptly announced before turning just enough to display the grotesque disfigurement that had robbed him of half his face.

"Yes, I am the same way," Maya admitted.  "Regretfully, I am often uncomfortable in large gatherings."

"Am I correct to assume you are one of the Theurgy doctors?" he asked her wearily.  "If this has to do my appearance, my standpoint on the matter can be found in my medical journal. It is not open for discussion."

"Your appearance is irrelevant Commander," she assured him.  "You were looking in my direction and I thought you might want some company."  The little Vulcan was still under mistaken impression that Rihen Neyah had arranged for Maya and Phantom to hook up spontaneously.   She trusted the Risian's instincts implicitly and still thought that Rihen had put them together so they could befriend each other.  Little did the ensign know that she and Phantom were as incompatible as shock prods and water.   "I assure you I have not come here in an official capacity in anyway."

She had no idea if he had heard her or not.  He had turned his back to her and consumed a few gulps of this drink before he rose to his feet and turned towards her.  "State your rank and name, Vulcan,"

"Ensign Maya," she replied.  "I'm the Theurgy's neurologist.  How do you do?"

"Doctor Maya, what do you possibly think you can do for me? If I'd like company, I'd fuck one of these holograms here, and as for conversation, you are Vulcan, and I presume you do not see the sense in idle talking. What topic do you think can have any impression on me?"  Phantom's reply was textbook.  He was the perfect example of the wounded warning others away.  It was seen in nature, and it was seen in sickbay too many times to be special anymore.  Maya knew exactly how to respond to wounded pride, and knew how to respond to a warrior's challenge.

"Commander, with respect I must disagree," Maya replied calmly.  "A coupling with a hologram would be a meaningless experience; they are only simulations and are no substitute for sharing yourself with a real person.  And communication is never meaningless.  As for topics, I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and see if we are compatible, whether for friendship or anything more."

Maya stood up revealing her slender figure, deathly pale skin, and dark moss green areolas.  "And sir I don't mean to criticize, but my name is not 'Vulcan.'  I understand your feelings though.  I avoid most Vulcans myself."  It was undignified to expose herself to him this way, but it couldn't be helped.  Trust was impossible if the other party thought you were hiding something.

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As he took the lead her smile grew and soon enough she found herself giggling softly feeling like a teenager running away with her lover. She followed behind him looking forward to their time together and being able to leave everything behind her for one night. She followed him up to the third level feeling her breath stilling in her chest for a few seconds. The view was beautiful with the expanses of sea and sky meeting together in a single thin line. "I agree its beautiful here," she whispered as she watched the holograms approaching them their arms outstretched. She followed his lead holding her arms out. Slowly the holograms started to peel of her dress revealing her slim small body and small perky breasts. Her body was small and tone. Once more as was becoming natural for her she would go braless. As they slipped down her panties she would have to help pull them over her her tone firm pear shaped bottom.

Her eyes turned to him and she was left in awe of a new scene playing out in front of her. Her eyes looked over his long, strong legs that she could easily picture holding her up as he he took her. Her eyes drifted up to his ass seeing it was curved and muscular. Something she liked to look at and later touch. All the smooth and pleasing flesh begged for touch and enjoyment. As he turned halfway around her smile grew. She couldn't help but notice he was keeping the main sight hidden from view. "I think I am going to enjoy. It seems I will be enjoying myself tonight. I hope you are enjoying as well," she whispered seductively as she walked behind him her hand softly brushing over his firm ass before slipping into the water looking back at him almost asking him to join her.

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Yet the way Doctor Maya exposed herself to him did not come across as a means to build trust. Instead, Phantom thought the woman desired him for some unfathomable reason. A conclusion close at hand for him given how she had pointed out the merits of fucking someone real as opposed to a hologram.

In fact, this made Phantom's scowl grow worse, since anyone genuinely wanting to be with him after his disfigurement made no sense, which caused him to mistrust the Vulcan even more. He knew, also, that the rumours about him even before his injury did not truly paint him up to be the ideal partner. The Cardassian-raised veteran. The Wing Commander that put more stock in performance than pardon for mistakes. Some faults were necessary for sake of development, yet not when it put the mission in jeopardy - devoted to meeting mission-parameters and being brutally efficient about it.

Pausing in brief thought, lips drawn back to bare the teeth already in display in the moonlight, Phantom considered this offer that he thought she made - seeing that she looked pleasant enough to ravage and not think twice about it afterwards. In fact, he was certain he could make her reconsider her interest in him by granting her wishes. At the same time, he did not have to violate the mindless holograms. Attacking them was only an advanced from of mastrubation, while the doctor's reactions - or the lack thereof - would be genuine.

"You understand my feelings, do you?" he rasped like a serrated sword being drawn from its sheath. He drank more kanar before throwing the empty bottle away - the thing clattering and rolling across the stone. "You don't know anything. You do not know where I have been or what I have endured."

Phantom advanced on her then, wading through the water, and he tried to catch her wrist in his hard fingers. He'd tried to hold her bent arm at an awkward angle between them, bringing her to her knees. "Be careful what you wish for, Maya," he'd threaten and emphasise her name - successful or not - since she'd had the bloody nerve to correct him. His silvery hair was wet and clung to his head, and his half-beard made him look even more ferocious. The promise of sex made him stir, and the way he might punish her with it made his arousal even more easy to begin to form. Since his injury, he'd not had the chance to release himself of tensions either. He'd not felt any desire at all... until this moment where he could scourge someone for his own shortcomings.

"My company comes at a cost..." he'd rasp into her face. "So I hope you can reimburse me for your presumptions."

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Fedd's spine (and a certain other part of his anatomy) stiffened at her touching of his ass. Seemed she was getting frisky. He grinned like a cat and slunk felinely into the water behind her, his hands reaching out to goose her lovely rump beneath the surface. He looked at her silken hair, his arms reaching out to encircle her slim waist. "Funny, the steam pools are much more beautiful than I remember them." He meant it, of course, as a compliment of her beauty. Really, the way her brown eyes glistened in the steamy air lent the evening a sparkle the stars could not hope to match.

"So what were you saying about burning bright? If I recall my Interplanetary Cultural curriculum correctly, some Terran philosopher claimed the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. What say we prove him wrong, Cam?" His hands migrated up her back, gently squeezing the muscles of her lower back and shoulders as he went. His nimble fingers began working the tension from her body, and he could imagine keeping it up until she was putty in his hands. He dared to lean forward and plant a soft, unexpected kiss on the most sensitive part of her head, her neck just behind and below her ear.

Some part of him could not ignore the tension slowly creeping up his own back and curling its sinister tendrils around his throat. Cameron was much smaller than him. He had nearly a foot and at least fifty pounds on her. She felt so vulnerable beneath his hands, yet implicitly trusting him. It brought back thoughts unbidden of the Ishtar incident. Painful and shameful memories threatened to rise up like noxious smog and stifle his psyche, but he stuffed it down and put his focus on Cameron.

Even as his hands kneaded her shoulders, his mind reached out and ever so politely tickled the back of her own. Cam, he projected, the telepathic equivalent of a whisper. Can you hear me? Regardless, he kept up the psychic massage, easing tension from the surface of her brain while his physical massage relaxed the rest of her.

"Let's make a list, just for fun," he said aloud. "A list of the places we haven't yet been but want to. I'll go first. Bajor, the Shore Leave Planet, and Tycho City."

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Attn: Leonal

She felt his hands goosing her firm rump beneath the warm surface of water making her jump slightly. His arms encircling her slim waist brought a large smile to her lips as she slowly moved back brushing her bottom against him. Her head tilted slightly looking up at him with a soft smile as her hands brushed over his hips. "You're too kind. I think it will only get prettier as the night goes on," she whispered feeling his body close to hers. As he waxed philosophy she couldn't help but giggle wanting to turn around and start in earnest. "I saw we prove them wrong and burn hot enough there will be no water let in this pool when we are done" She had already made up her mind she was going to enjoy him as long and as hard as they both where able. She maybe walking funny later but it would all be well worth it. His hands migrated up her back and she would find herself leaning back into his touch softly.

Feeling the tension being worked from her shoulders and back Cam would find herself groaning softly knowing it wouldn't be long before she melted into a pool of pleased skin. Somehow the thought of her floating atop the water in such a state brought a smile to her lips. The soft unexpected kiss on the most sensitive part of her head pull a soft gasp from her lips as her head leaned back softly. It was definitely something that was welcome. The feeling of his mind tickling the back of her own caught her off guard but she still found herself smiling. The telepathic whisper to the back of her mind was indeed new. She wasn't sure how she was going to answer him. 'I can hear you' she focused her mind on trying to telling.

His psychic massage eased the tension and some of the sorrow that had bothered her mind for the past couple days. It would seem her run in with him would be more beneficial then she had first guessed. His suggestion of making a list of places they hadn't been yet and wanted to. One popped into her mind right away. "Berengaria VII. I would love to go there and see the dragons there," she said as her body started to slump slightly feeling deep tension starting to melt away. Still one question remained in her mind as she slowly moved her hands back brushing over his thighs. "So when do I get to return the favor?"

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Too late, Maya realized that the disfigured wing commander wouldn't interpret her standing up and exposing herself as a gesture of trust; it would be considered a challenge.   Even a touch telepath could feel his aggression as he advanced on her.  Worse, his particular kind of aggression was painfully familiar to the little Vulcan; her first experience in the medical field had been as a sexual facilitator for those experiencing the pon farr, the Vulcan mating period. 

It was an unfortunate fact that not every Vulcan had a partner when the neurochemical imbalance seized them.  If left untreated, the condition was usually fatal.  Therefore a select group of specialists were required to provide this medical service.

Over two centuries ago, when Vulcan was being run by the High Command, medical students who tested high in telepathic potential and met the physical standards were required to serve as sexual facilitators.  While attending Starfleet Medical, Maya had admitted to a counselor that all Vulcan women were battered women who were battered once every seven years.  Maya, on the other hand, had entered the medical field as a professional battered woman; her job had been being a victim.  She had been battered on a regular basis, and her mind and body had been trained to adjust and comply.

Even now, after her trip through a temporal rift had literally left those unspeakable experiences in the past, Maya was still psychologically programmed to be a victim.   Even now, as she sensed Phantom's arousal her body was responding.  There was no point using her uncanny control over her nervous system to override it; Commander Kilinvoss was channeling his aggression into sexual assault instead of homicide.  Maya was a licensed sexual facilitator and should be able to cope.  If all it cost was temporary mental and physical trauma and one Vulcan's dignity to allow the disfigured warrior some catharsis she could endure it.  That didn't mean she wanted to.

"You understand my feelings, do you?" Commander Kilinvoss' harsh raspy voice challenged.  "You don't know anything. You do not know where I have been or what I have endured."

"You don't know what I've endured," Maya muttered softly as she looked away, closed her eyes, and bowed her head.  "I only wished for some company and thought you desired the same." 

She gave a quiet grunt when he seized her wrist and twisted her arm to force her to her knees. 

"Be careful what you wish for, Maya," he sneered, dragging out her name to make it an insult.  Even with her eyes closed she could feel his hot breath on her face.  "My company comes at a cost...So I hope you can reimburse me for your presumptions."

Maya tried to raise her mental defenses but thanks to her training as a sexual facilitator, it was no use.  When faced with sexual assault, she had been conditioned to form a telepathic mating bond that would put her in sync with her partner, allowing her to provide exactly what was needed.

As his desire stimulated her, she instinctively made just enough empathic contact to find out what he really wanted.  He wanted to hurt her.  He wanted to discipline her.  He wanted her to fight back just enough so he could have the satisfaction of completely dominating her.  And thanks to an outdated mental discipline programmed into her psyche, Maya was very likely going to let him. 

Phantom's irrational need to punish her permeated her mental defenses.  Her mesiofrontal cortex adjusted her emotions to fit his desires and thus insure that his needs would be satisfied while theoretically ensuring that Maya would suffer as little physical harm as possible.  Of course, what worked for Vulcans might not work on humans.  He could always decide to do lasting harm.

 "I...I...I...I'm s-sorry," she stammered as she struggled to fight against the fear he wanted rather than the physical duress.   Her Vulcan brain was such a well programmed machine that it was releasing hormones and endorphins despite her desire to remain calm and impassive.  "I had hoped we would be kindred spirits," she murmured as she kept her eyes closed and exposed her throat as she attempted to turn away from him.   "I apologize for my presumption," she added quietly.

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It struck Phantom as odd, seeing the Vulcan's facade crumble so easily under the close proximity of his face. Usually so calm and collected, this specimen appeared frightened of his visage, and if anything, it was a testament to just how much of a freak he had become. Her fear thus fuelled his simmering fury, casting it in full blaze - making him seize a means to make use of his hideous advantage.

"Kindred spirits? You mean trading confessions of our angst?" he wheezed through his exposed teeth in harsh mockery, yet seeing her bared neck awakened the will to violate something beautiful. It boiled in his blood, pulsed through his hardening desire, and with a brutal yanking motion on her twisted arm, he forced her face and front against his muscle-roped thighs and abdomen. His rigid arousal was presented to her just above the disturbed tranquility of the steaming water. "This... this is pure honesty, Vulcan. Now, how much truth do you think your spirit can bear?”

With his free hand, he made a fist in her silken dark hair, and he held her smooth cheek against the pillar of his arousal - its engorged warmth extending up the side of her face. "This is truth; control is an illusion. As is restraint. It is a lie you Vulcans keep telling yourselves. Constant lies in fear of what you really are, and while you seem to fear what is coming for you now, I think you are still lying. First, you feign desire for me, that lie is quite evident, and now you feign your fear for pain. Do you think you can violate my privacy and make a fool out of me?"

Phantom shoved her way from himself then, sending her flailing in the water if she wished to remain above the surface. He followed her with forceful steps - wading after her. When he reached her anew, he grabbed for her hair again and tried to pin her face down on the floor beyond the edge of the steam-pool - standing behind her as she was bent over. He leaned down over her and rasped like a demon into her ear, his hideous grin unseen but heard in his grating voice. "Then again... Perhaps you are aware of another truth: that the soul possess a vile talent to discover the joy in pain. Do you know this truth, Maya? Oh, by all means, don't get up. I will find the answer myself..."

With his free hand, he'd grope her from behind - fingers working to prepare her for punishment. Not for her sake, but for his own enjoyment... as he'd push inside a body more honest than the spirit that wore it.

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Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

When she mentioned Berengaria VII Sjaandin nearly smacked his forehead. How silly of him to forget that planet! He had long wanted to go there, but what with the Borg incursion and the Dominion War it had simply never come to pass. What little shore leave he had received was spent in the company of his beloved little sister, the only family he had left aside from Roxin. "I've long wanted to go there. Circumstance always seemed to conspire against me, though."

Fedd's breath caught in his throat as Cameron's hands brushed his thighs. Oh, how he wanted those small, nimble hands of hers doing to his cock what he was currently doing to her shoulders. 'Now it would hardly be any fun if I simply let you have a turn,' he thought back to her across the temporary bridge between their minds. My, but she was picking this up quickly. In the breadth of a nanosecond, he mentally conveyed to her the fun idea of them romping together in the steam pool, playfully trying to get the upper hand as it were. He wanted to feign struggling with her, wanted her to put up a faux fight to get to touch his manhood. He let it sink in, and continued on.

'In some ways I envy the crew of Voyager,' he thought. Mental conversation was so much more stimulating. Every thought exchanged had an undercurrent of sensation, emotion and subtext that could not be derived from body language. 'So many new worlds to explore. I can only hope someday we master transwarp. Or, failing that, get lucky and find some more stable wormholes.' With that thought came images of the Bajoran wormhole, which he was fortunate enough to see every day when stationed on Deep Space Nine. Some memories came along unbidden... his disgust at the Jem'Hadar, his anger at the one on the station, his disappointment at being demoted, and then faint thoughts of Simoora. He quickly put a clamp on this telepathic incontinence lest he dampen the mood.

During the mental conversation he finished his massage of Cameron's back and settled his powerful buttocks against the pool's side. He held onto her, hoping to nestle her into his hips if she chose not to reciprocate the massage. If she did, however, he would be supremely grateful, and he communicated as much to her mind. All the stress they had been under lately (plus his sexual acrobatics with Tia, which he decidedly did not convey tp Cameron) had left him with more than a little tension. Ideally he hoped she would massage him and then finish him, but perhaps that was too demanding. Really, she would only be priming the pump for the rest of their time together, which he hoped would be quite eventful. The niggling reminder of how frail she looked next to his workout-obsessed frame tickled his hindbrain again, and he slammed it back down into his subconscious where it belonged. One of his hands wandered around her lithe hips, seeking out her small mound with his fingertips, as a distraction for himself. 'Tell me, Cam; were you ever so lucky as to visit the Gamma Quadrant?'

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

There was no point trying to get out of the situation.  Now it was about damage control.   Maya grunted quietly as Phantom forced her cheek to press against his pulsing manhood.

"This... this is pure honesty, Vulcan,"  he mocked.  Now, how much truth do you think your spirit can bear?"

"My spirit has borne your kind of honesty numerous..."

But the Harbinger's disfigured wing commander wasn't listening.  To be honest, Maya had spoken so quietly he probably hadn't heard.  "This is truth; control is an illusion. As is restraint. It is a lie you Vulcans keep telling yourselves. Constant lies in fear of what you really are, and while you seem to fear what is coming for you now, I think you are still lying. First, you feign desire for me, that lie is quite evident, and now you feign your fear for pain. Do you think you can violate my privacy and make a fool out of me?"

"N-no..."  Whether her nearly inaudible response was a reply or a protest was impossible to tell.

Phantom was correct.  He was out of control.  Somehow Maya had made herself the scapegoat for all the injustices that he had suffered and witnessed.  And as long as he remained sexually aroused by his aggression Maya was helpless.  Control was an illusion for her too.

If the old soldier had channeled his rage into more conventional violence Maya would have been able to defend herself.  There were numerous pressure points on the human body that she could strike to immobilize him.  The classic nerve pinch between the neck and the shoulder was only the most famous location, and as a neurologist Maya knew them all.  Unfortunately the training she received to treat the victims of ponn farr made her submissive and compliant, her reactions slow, and her actions clumsy as she struggled to override her body's commands.

He was right about something else too:  They were not kindred spirits.  He enjoyed inflicting pain.  Maya had dedicated her life to mitigating it.  Even though she was a telepath, she could not understand.

When he flung her into the water she was momentarily free of his overpowering presence.  She sputtered and tried to center herself.  She tried to fight her body's arousal so she could flee the area.

She inhaled deeply as he pulled her out of the water but lost her breath when he pinned her facedown over the edge of the pool.  Her face was on the concrete and her hindquarters were sticking up while her legs disappeared into the water.  She could feel his body pressing up behind her as he leaned over and rasped into her ear.

"Then again... Perhaps you are you aware of another truth: that the soul possess a vile talent to discover the joy in pain. Do you know this truth, Maya? Oh, by all means, don't get up. I will find the answer myself..."

When his fingers violated her, she was ashamed that her body was already wet and was opening itself to receive him.  The conditioned response was still programmed into her after all this time.  She sniveled as the mesiofrontal cortex in her brain allowed her to reveal her pain and humiliation because that was what Phantom wanted.  Her body shivered as he probed her with his hand, welcoming the intrusion by becoming pliant and slippery.

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Finding her wet to his fingers, Phantom first thought it was because of the water. He did not remember the steam-pools to be laced with essential olis, so when two of his fingers were easily working in and out of the Vulcan's sex, he realised that the oily slickness was indeed her nectar - that the minute sounds she made could actually be genuine. The deeper he burrowed into her, the more slippery fluids spread over the silken petals of her womanhood.

"It seems I have my answer," he rasped, retracting his fingers to rub her outer lips in firm and circular motions - smearing her juices all over her entrance. "You came after me because you wanted this, thinking the freak would be desperate enough to take you. For, oh, you are indeed enjoying this. Just like all Vulcans lie about their feelings - denying themselves who they are in order to think they have achieved something greater than themselves. Instead, you have just become faded shadows of what you once were. I pity your people."

His grip upon her hair had become an open hand that pressed her cheek down against the floor - hard fingers encircling her scalp. Having found her so wet, Phantom was still roused and ready to claim her when the time came. He raised his eyes to a couple of holograms that had emerged from the steam, all of them masseuses who seemed unsure what to do. He lay his scowl upon them and barked in command. "Leave us. Now!"

Hesitantly, the masseuses backed off - the Vulcan's last means for escape - and once they were gone from his sight, Phantom hoisted up the Vulcan's right leg and pinned it to the edge of the pool with his free hand. He positioned himself, and he paused just long enough to align the head of his hard cock against Maya's slick heat - enough time to make her realise it was time. It was the point of no return. "Now feel your innermost dreams come true, Vulcan."

And then Phantom rammed his length into her. No mercy. Squirming it into her tight and slippery passage.

He grunted at the feeing, baring his teeth as he began to move - making the water slop over the edge and pour out across the floor. By the third push, his entire length was swallowed by the Vulcan cunt, and he revelled in the conquest - all the more because she was so pliant and her body so honest.

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An anguished sob escaped Maya's lips as her pale skin flushed green.  Her slender legs wriggled and kicked as he explored her insides with his hand, but it was a reflex action and not an intentional decision.

Was he right?  Was she afraid of what she really was?  Was she really lying, even to herself?  Did she actually want the bestial wing commander to punish her for turning her back on her people?  Did she try to be so unVulcan so she could fail and be punished?  Did she want this particular kind of pain?

His next words hurt even more than the physical duress he was subjecting her to.  "You came after me because you wanted this, thinking the freak would be desperate enough to take you. For, oh, you are indeed enjoying this. Just like all Vulcans lie about their feelings - denying themselves who they are in order to think they have achieved something greater than themselves. Instead, you have just become faded shadows of what you once were. I pity your people."

They hurt because they were so true.  Maya's overtures of friendship or intimacy had been misinterpreted or rejected by nearly everyone onboard.  She was lonely.  And she agreed with his assessment of her people.  They had taken self-denial too far and had become faded shadows of themselves.  But she was different, wasn't she?

"I... I agree w-with you," she stammered before shouted at the holographic masseuses to leave.  When he hoisted her right leg out of the water and pinned it against the edge of the pool she tried to speak again.  "I-I j-just wanted to..."  She finally opened her eyes when she felt the tip of his manhood poking into her moist and ready opening.  "Y-you don't have to..."

"Now feel your innermost dreams come true, Vulcan," Phantom snorted before he thrust himself in.

Maya gagged before whining as he forced himself inside her.  He was right.  Her body was more honest than her mind.  Her body wanted this, no matter how brutal or demeaning it was or how much it sickened her katra.  She heaved and even worse yet pushed against him as he rammed himself in.  Her whines were like a small animal, but was she imploring him to stop or begging him to continue?

He wasn't interested in forming an intimate connection.  Maya was just a meat puppet instead of a hologram.  He was looking for a reason to hate her.  He was searching for an excuse to do this and Maya had given it to him.  And the worst part was that part of her had recognized his need and had assumed 'sexual facilitator' mode.  She had left Vulcan to escape that role only to bring it into space and over two centuries into the future with her.

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'I know how you feel. It seems you no sooner start planing your vacation then you find out that the Federation has been taken over by aliens,' she spoke trying to find some humor in everything. His thighs even in the hot water was hot and solid. All male. Something she very much liked. His message brushing over her mind brought a smile to her lips. The smile on her lips grew to wrinkle the corners of hers as the mental image of them romping together in the steam pool, playfully trying to touch each other. An idea she would have no problems in doing. Her mind listened to his words as she continued relaxing under the masterful touch of his hands on her shoulders. She didn't agree fully with him but she wasn't in the mood to argue something.

'I don't know how the crew of the Voyager did it. It would have been hard to keep everything together during that,' she whispered back to his mind. 'I do see how it would be interesting though. Still there are a lot of things here that would be interesting to explore,' she spoke back to him her small hands brushing along his thighs soaking in the raw feeling of skin beneath her fingers. As the mental images and feeling flooded her mind it was such an odd sensation. Seeing someone else memories and feeling someone else feeling. Her emotions where so scrambled and different that she almost found solace in someone else feelings. As his fingers finished working their magic she smiled feeling better from what he had done for her. She wanted to return the favor for what he had done for her.

Slowly she turned around her eyes staying on his not yet ready to see what it was he was hiding under the water. Her fingers started on his abdomen slowly tracing a path up along his chest as she continued looking into his eyes. Finally her fingers moved up to his neck before her fingers started softly rubbing the back of his neck. After all it was right to return the favor knowing he had been as tense as she was. 'No I haven't. I have only been in the alpha and beta quadrants. Though I would like to see it,' She spoke into his mind as her hands continued working along the back of his neck. 'If you want to turn around this will make it a little easier,'

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The Vulcan kept being full of surprises, for while Phantom had expected her to be immobile, she instead began to fall in sync with his savage rhythm.

That was not her mere body acting on its own, oozing out her natural lubrication. No, her mind was in enough consent to want the full measure of him inside her - to feel all the friction that his sinewy hardness could provide against the walls of her slick passage. Her sounds were not of panic or horror of what was being done upon her either, but the mewling sounds of acceptance. This was not the first time he had forced himself upon a woman, so he believed he had some foreknowledge on the matter. Albeit human as his first few victims had been, this was his first Vulcan, so if he had known them to be so responsive underneath their cold demeanours, he would likely have tried to court his First Officer.

Commander T'Rena, better known as the Winter Queen.

"I thought... I'd be doing this... against your will... to make a point," he rasped and let go of her head, and he shifted his grip upon her down to her waist and hips His thrusts were sending the steaming water across the floor in shallow breakers. Since she lay upon it, the vapour seemed to rise around the delightful sight of her prone from. "Yet it seems... to me that.... you cannot claim.... I forced myself.... upon you... anymore."

One hand remaining to keep her from withdrawing form him, his other slid up her abdomen and cupped a breast - enjoying the feel of it moving against his palm as he rammed his hips against her. "Besides," he said, grunting with the motion, "I am far too important... to our mission... so reporting me... would be illogical... Correct?"

His hand leaving her chest, his fingers slid down - going for her clitoris. He merely had to put his fingers there since his thrusting motions provided the movement he needed to rub her - to drive her even more wild than she seemed. "Correct, Doctor Maya?"

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Vulcans were touch telepaths.  They were especially telepathically sensitive on their lips, fingertips and... other places.   So with Phantom inside her, Maya new exactly how much hatred and contempt the grizzled old pilot had for her.

But then something happened.  As he thrust mercilessly into her and she bucked against him, his anger towards her seemed to fade.  His katra, apparently a black pit of resentment and hate, actually seemed to have traces of pride and joy that were so foreign to it that his mind translated it as confusion.

The situation wasn't as bad as it seemed!  Maya wasn't a total failure.  The training and conditioning she had been cursing was actually helping Kilvanoss, it was actually mitigating his inner pain.  Her sexual facilitator's license wasn't a lie; she wasn't just a victim; she was actually doing some good!

"I thought... I'd be doing this... against your will... to make a point," he said as he realized the painful grip she had on her head to grasp her hips so he could guide his thrusts.  "Yet it seems... to me that.... you cannot claim.... I forced myself.... upon you... anymore."

There would be no point claiming that he forced himself on her anyway, at least not aboard a Vulcan ship.  Maya's sexual facilitator degree left her on call to deal with uncontrolled carnal urges.  For all intents and purposes she had a license to be raped.  To prosecute Kilvanoss would be placing every Vulcan taking a long voyage in space at risk, for failure to treat pon farr was almost always deadly.

After enduring Phantom's hatred and self-loathing, feeling hope and satisfaction from the disfigured warrior was like a rescue from a burning building.  What had started as a violating rape might end up as a forceful seduction, and it's better to be forcefully seduced than raped against your will.  The logical thing to do would be to decide that the glass was half full and settle for the most favorable way available to be used.  If Phantom could actually enjoy himself, maybe Maya could too.  It was a good thing that her Vulcan brain could compartmentalize her thoughts and emotions, or she would be so distraught that the old soldier might have been forced to murder her to keep her quiet.

Even if Maya's reaction had given him comfort, Phantom wasn't letting his guard down.  He was still letting her know who possessed dominance.  "Besides," he rasped hoarsely between thrusts, "I am far too important... to our mission... so reporting me... would be illogical... Correct?"  Technically, he was correct.  His skill and expertise couldn't be replaced.  All things considered, if he had to do this to someone, it might as well be the Vulcan who was trained to deal with it.

"Yes," she moaned, her voice not sounding at all like herself.  He was gripping her breast!  He wanted to touch her!  He wasn't so disgusted by her that he didn't want to make a connection, even if it was just physical!   Since all of her social overtures had been failures, this was as close to a success she had managed so far.  Maya indulged in a painful smile and grunted as she pushed her hindquarters into him with gusto. 

Apparently he didn't hear her, or wanted more positive confirmation.  He took his hand off her breast and slid his fingers slid down to her clitoris. "Correct, Doctor Maya?" he repeated.

"Yes!" she cried out before gasping for breath.  "You're far... ugh!  Too import... mmph!   Important to report!  Haanh!" she grunted out between his thrusts.  "It's all... umph!  Right if it's...ooh!  Me... ah!"

With his fingers placed where they were, the savage attention he was giving her was making speech difficult, but it didn't matter.  The logical thing to do right now was to lose control.

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'By all means,' Fedd thought back to Cameron, and gratefully turned his back to her so she could start on his shoulders. He gave realized what a tender topic the Voyager might be, or that it might hit close to home. He thought a sort of mental apology directly to her, just a quiet little aside to smooth over his thoughtlessness. He could be unbelievably insensitive when focused on something else. He relaxed into her soothing fingers, letting her have at the tension he had not realized he was carrying. "You're absolutely right, of course," he said aloud, switching to audible conversation just for the hell of it. "I forget sometimes... After the Dominion War... That this is not why Starfleet was founded. Fighting? Kill or be killed? Warfare and bloodshed? That isn't why I joined. I joined Starfleet to explore. The Terran expression is 'to broaden one's horizons,' I believe. How apropos, given that horizons no longer limit us. The sky is not the limit anymore."

He sighed and leaned back, letting Cameron's bosom cradle his head momentarily. "Sorry, Cam. I don't mean to unburden on you. I suppose we all... need each other. Now, more than ever. Perhaps you already noticed what a recluse I've been, ever since coming aboard. I've kept myself distant and aloof but... I can't afford to do that anymore. None of us can."

"But enough of such maudlin chitchat. Let us pursue a more stimulating line of questioning." On the word stimulating he turned suddenly and planted a kiss on her pixie cheek. 'Tell me about yourself,' he thought. 'Or don't. Whichever you like. If you'd prefer, we don't even have to talk.' Sensations leapt from his mind to hers like sparks on a power coupling, scenarios of their supple bodies intertwined in all sorts of fascinating and intriguing ways. His wrists wrapped around her wrists, her ankles, even her throat--only with her permission, of course. Their steam-soaked hair mussed together and tooth and tongue sought each other out, noses pressed to cheeks exhaling hot and hard. The entire tableau went over to her mind in less than a millisecond, the telepathic equivalent of flipping through a catalogue. He was not insisting, no; far from it. He was being playful. If she wished to sit and talk for another three hours he would be fine with that. This was not all about him, after all. It was her night, too.

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Phantom had no idea what she meant when she said that it was all right if it was her, and he honestly did not care beyond the fact that she was acting as if it had been consensual. He wanted to punish her, had thought he was by forcing himself upon her, wishing to vent his hatred, and yet found himself enjoying the response of a willing female that was bucking and writhing in need for more of him.

Baring his teeth as he thrust into her, he decided he would not fool himself to think it was because of him. The Vulcan obviously had her own issues, casting aside her own integrity like she'd just done, seemingly on a whim. He suspected that it did not matter who exploited her body, since she thought she was exempt from laws and regulations about sexual assault. What made her think she would be a better recipient than anyone else?

"Why?" he barked harshly and pulled himself free from her sheath. He grabbed the leg that he had rested on the edge of the pool and forcefully flipped her over on her back so that he might see the truth in her eye. It took him merely a couple of moments to seize her waist and shove himself into her anew. "Why are you... a better choice... for me to ravish?"

Some of his patchwork silver hair hung before his two-sided features as he drove himself into her - mismatched eyes equal in dreadfulness as he stared upon the effects of his brutal treatment. He saw her breasts move in sync with his thrusts, and he saw his thick organ vanish into her moist depths. With one hand remaining on her hip, he seized her jaw and kept her from looking away from his hideous mien - wanting her to know what kind of monster it was that did this to her.

Perhaps he was not punishing her enough? Perhaps there was a limit to her acceptance? If there was, Phantom felt inclined to find it.

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As he turned around she once more looked down to his firm smooth bottom as she smiled softly with want. Her hands started working over his shoulders as she smiled. She would start working deep but gently trying to work out the knots she was she was littered through his body. She couldn't help but smile softly the soft mental apology trying to think to him that it was alright. She felt his body relaxing under her fingers as she smirked softly thinking that soon enough he would be anything but relaxed. When he spoke it took her a few seconds to realize that he was actually talking and not mentally talking into her mind. As he leaned back she smiled softly as her hands slid over the front of his chest touching him softly.

"No need to apologize," she whispered lowly as her hands continued sliding over his chest. "If we are going to make it through this we all need to learn to lean on each other. We don't I don't think we will get through this," she whispered softly to him. "So don't feel bad for unburdening yourself. It isn't yours alone to carry,". She was just about to continue on until he turned suddenly planting a kiss on her cheek making her smile. Her smile continued to grow as he mentioned that they didn't have to talk. She did have to admit that she liked the images and sensations he was feeding her. Over the open line between their minds something told her he would be able to sense the anticipation though maybe not over what one could guess.

Her hands moved from his shoulders as her hands softly brushed along his chest dipping down over his hard abdomen. 'There is one thing I should let you know' She tried to whisper back in his mind. A playful smile crossed over her lips. 'If you wanted a chase around the pool you shouldn't have left yourself open...for.......attack,' the last word echoed before her small hands shot down wrapping around his cock.

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"Why?"  Phantom demanded as he pulled himself out of her.  Maya yelped as he grabbed her leg and forcefully flipped her over on her back. She cried out again as he seized her waist and thrust himself back into her. "Why are you... a better choice... for me to ravish?"

"Because I can forgive you!" she wailed breathlessly.  Maya was surprised at her own response and somewhat proud at the same time.  Despite the punishment he was delivering to her, she was still able to place his needs before her own and forgive.

As if the physical violation wasn't enough, making contact with Phantom's psyche was agony.   The disfigured warrior was determined to hold onto his hate, both for himself and for the unfortunate woman he was ravaging.  His hatred was like an old suit that he wore everyday:  No matter how threadbare or out of style it had become, it was comfortable, and he couldn't imagine getting dressed without it.  He was punishing himself by punishing her, justifying the hatred he felt for himself and everyone else.

He may have been human, but he was remarkably like a male Vulcan suffering from pon farr.  He was ashamed of himself, he had lost control, and he was lashing out at everyone around him.  But unlike a Vulcan, he didn't die, he just continued to suffer.

Maya had been trained centuries ago to make physical and mental contact with those suffering like Phantom and ease their pain.  The training was hard to break, but right now there was no point resisting it.  Her training might save them both.

"Ah!  Ah!  AH!"  Maya cried as he plunged into her.  Her eyes snapped open when his rough calloused hand grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.  She knew the hideous visage that used to be his face was really a mask he used to isolate himself from his fellow beings.  If it was the last thing she did she was going to break him free of that isolation.

Grimacing painfully, she rested her weight on her right forearm and leaned towards him as she reached with her left hand for the unscarred side of his face.  She used the telepathic sensitivity she had in her fingertips to make contact, but not with his mind.  Instead she made contact with the nerves on the side of his face that was still whole. 

She closed her eyes and gasped as if in a swoon as her head jerked back and forth from his body's attentions before pursing her lips and leaning towards him to receive a kiss.

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Sjaandin felt pleased to see the effect his words (and thoughts) had on Cameron. Her comments about whether any of them would make it out of this, now those worried him a bit. Still, her playful attitude made him think there was hope. At least she had shown him something: the burden was to be shared, not kept hidden and wrestled with on one's own.

Speaking of wrestling, his mind felt the overwhelming anticipation in Cam's voice as she delicately touched him. A chase, yes. That had been one of his original idea. What was she up to? He realized something was happening, and his grin widened as he began to pull away, but it was too late. She had him. His eyes fluttered close for a moment, head tilting back slightly as her small hands closed around his cock. It was a magnificent instrument, one that required both of her hands. He was semihard before, but now he was positively rigid.

'Well played,' he said across the mental bridge that united them. 'But what are you planning to do now? Now that you have me.' His dark eyes opened and bored into her. He let his own much stronger hands slide down her back and clasp her buttocks. 'It won't be easy. I'm not so swiftly tamed.' Fedd winked and suddenly was lifting her with both arms. He forced her legs apart as he slid her up his body, trying to break her grip on him by simple virtue of her arms not being long enough. He likely would have succeeded, had he not overbalanced. His bare feet scrabbled for purchase on the steam pool's smooth interior surface and slipped. He laughed as he fell back into the water with her astride him, essentially achieving the opposite of what he had planned.

The hot water surged around then both, but never covered them. He at least managed to keep their heads above water, maintaining an illusion of control. 'It's more slippery in here than I anticipated,' he told her. It was both a statement of truth and a double entendre. Then he tried a different tack. He released her backside and slipped his arms under her elbows instead, trying to force her arms up and apart, thus making them unable to reach his manhood. His arms rippled with lean muscle as he forced her biceps onto his shoulders. He hugged her to him tightly, feeling her slender body against his own and trying not to be driven wild by it. There was an elegant symmetry to it all. They had shared a vulnerable, tender moment, and now they playfully struggled with each other in a pure, uninhibited expression of mutual physicality. They could let loose in ways they could not at any other time.

As he grappled with both this and with Cameron, Sjaandin saw an opportunity to gain ground, as it were. It was rather like scoring a touch in fencing, he supposed. Cam had drawn "first blood", so to speak, but with his longer arms he felt he was a shoo-in to close the gap. A moment presented itself and he seized it, nuzzling up against her pert little breasts as they came near his face. His lips seized one nipple and drew it in, sucking at it a few times before letting go with a teasing swirl of his tongue. He let go of her at the same time, taking advantage of the momentary distraction to slip away from her in the steaming water. He hovered on the pool's opposite side, crouched down with his chin just touching the surface of the water, like a shark, watching her expectantly for her next move. His attitude said bring it on, but his smoldering eyes said, Please.

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When Phantom was told she could forgive him for his vile transgression upon her integrity, he was at odds with how he might feel. On one hand, he did not want permission, yet on the other, he was enjoying her body well enough to not give a damn about what she might believe about what was happening to her. On a primal level, it was gratifying to watch her breasts bounce in time with his strokes, so as he ignored whatever motivations lay behind her words, he let go of her hips laid his calloused palms over them instead - pinching the hard peaks between the sides of his fingers.

At first he was alarmed by her movement where she reached for his good eye, yet instead she touched his chin, and it was an odd feeling she gave him. As long as she did not scratch his face, he did not care what she did. Was it some kind of soothing affection she showed? As if he needed to be comforted? Was the Vulcan taking pity on him? Fuck her damn pity. He bared his teeth at her while he made her dance on the surges of his hips, yet she was clingy, and he had to seize her hips again when she tried to hoist herself up to kiss him. Otherwise he'd escape her, and he was not inclined to let that happen.

So he helped her up, holding her upright and suspended in his arms as he stood in the steaming water - still inside her. He continued to move, felt her wet nipples scrape against his chest. Yet it appeared that what she had been after was a bloody kiss, since she reached with her lips for his own - his half-charred and melted mouth. He had no intention to indulge her since he was not interested to let her feel his damaged mouth unless to invoke her revulsion. He did not kiss her back, his mind on the feeling of the tightness all around him. It made him groan, as he felt the waves building within him. He thrust faster, her body weightless in his arms as he prepared for his final surge.

When it came, relief filled him; the sensation so intense that he heard himself crying out in a guttural voice, becoming momentarily separated from his body, mind wiped from all that had befallen himself and his forty pilots. All the deaths erased from memory, if only for a short time.

After what seemed an age, though only lasted a few seconds, Phantom was spent, and he found himself fighting to steady his ragged breathing.

He unceremoniously unsheathed himself from the Vulcan and dropped her into the water - still hard and glistening from their joining. He looked upon her while drawing air through his clenched teeth, and he pointed at her once she could make eye-contact again. "I don't know what you are about, Vulcan, but for your own good, stay away from me henceforth." He had to swallow and take a deep breath before he continued. "If I learn you have spoken of this in any way or fashion, one of my pilots will come for you in your sleep. Do you understand?"

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When her mouth touched his Maya placed her other hand on his charred face and sent a sensory impression to the disfigured pilot.  Using her telepathic ability, she read the sensory impression of her hand and mouth against the unscarred side of his face and psychically sent it to the opposite side of his damaged head.  For once, just this once, Phanatos Kilinvoss was able to experience what it was like to kiss a girl with his entire face healed and whole.

Phantom reacted by releasing himself inside her.  Maya smiled in ecstasy.  For a moment, just for a brief moment, Phanatos Kilinvoss was free of his pain, free of his past, free of all the misfortunes and injustices that he had endured.   Maya's quiet coo was lost in his coarse and ragged grunts as she held him tight.

Gratitude was something that would be unrealistic to expect from Phantom.  After he recovered, he pulled her off him and dropped her in the water like a bag of drowned kittens.  Maya closed her eyes and allowed her brain to reset her nervous system, banishing any kinks, muscle cramps, or stiffness that would come from both their exertions and his rough treatment.  By the time she rose from the water, she was a limber as a cat.

Phantom wasn't.  He was out of breath and exhausted.  He noticed Maya's recovery and that intimidated him.

"I don't know what you are about, Vulcan, he warned her, "but for your own good, stay away from me henceforth."  He gulped and had to catch his breath.  "If I learn you have spoken of this in any way or fashion, one of my pilots will come for you in your sleep. Do you understand?"

"I understand that you are afraid," she replied calmly, "but I will keep your secret as long as I am the only one you assault.  You may ravage, dominate, violate, and humiliate me as much as you have to, but I will not condone this kind of treatment on anyone else.  Do you understand?"  Her large hazel eyes, normally wide open in ingenuous curiosity, were now narrow and discerning. 

Gone was the shy and timid woman he had assaulted.  In her place was an unreadable Vulcan who was perfectly composed and wasn't intimidated by him in the slightest.  Even the size difference between herself and Phantom didn't faze her.  There were numerous nerve clusters she could use to incapacitate him if he became violent.   Her hazel eyes looked into his watery blue one and sent a message:  In the game of Domination it is the submissive who is in control.

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