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Attn: The Counselor

Chief O'Connell blushed, but at least he was smiling.  "I couldn't have dug myself deeper if'n I had a new shovel huh?" he snickered.  "No really, I knew it was you.  The whole 'not drinking on duty' thing was a dead giveaway," he blustered, but whether or not he had really recognized her as the new counselor before he shot his mouth off was questionable.  It was likely that he had forgotten the old adage:  Better to keep quiet and let people think you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

There was only one thing to do to turn this around:  Get proactive and turn it around. 

He grinned a confident smile that had melted many a heart in the past but probably wouldn't melt any hearts now on account of Billy Bob's face being as red as a Starfleet captain's collar.  At least he managed to be disarming.  "Shoulda known that only the officer on duty or the ship's counselor wouldn't be drinkin' on a fine simulated evening like this," he shrugged.  "If you're not on the clock my offer still stands.  I can tell you could use some counseling yourself so in my way o' thinkin' that puts us very nearly on equal footing.  At the very least I could convince you that you're not alone.  Or is it the converse?   Ah it don't matter no how.   As long as one of us gets their head on straight it'll be a success.  What say we amscray and meet up in Below Decks after we put some clothes on?  If you want to get an inside out conversation out of me you're gonna hafta put some clothes on," he snickered as his face reddened again.  Hell you're so purty a fella would be lucky to remember his own name let alone what he was gonna talk to you about."

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[Wenn Cinn] (attn Kurohigi)

With an outstretched arm he indicated that they should walk together to the bar, "I thought there was more chance of me putting you out an airlock than me calling you boss.  It seems however that it was me that was spaced instead although the Prophets saw fit to send me back again."  The half-smile on his face and hard glint in his eyes indicated that he was only partially joking about jettisoning her back when they first met.

"I've been brought up to speed on most things.  I haven't had the time to get through all the details yet of course but I have a broad impression of what happened since I went MIA.  It seems that despite the initial mistrust that events have conspired to prove your true intentions."

He stopped at the bar and ordered a couple of suitably happy-looking party-type drinks.  When they arrived he handed hers to her and took a sip, "Phekk that is sweeter than I thought."  His eyes squinted as he became accustomed to the taste and laughed, "I did not anticipate that... but it's not bad.  I hope you like it."

Slowly he started to walk away from the throng of people round the bar and thus away from the noise, "I trust you've seen the reports pertaining to my resurrection?"

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Selena smiled seeing the Captain listening to her assessment.  It made her feel a lot more secure in the position she was building herself.  Perhaps sooner rather than later she could begin to make her real moves towards the truth.  The more he trusted her the more he would be willing to see her as a potential confidant. The more likely if there was anything not entirely on the straight and narrow he would be likely to make her privy to said information.  Yes this mask was coming together quite nicely tonight.  After all she had now proven her usefulness in potentially scouting out others for his causes whatever they may be.

Still there was something else in her mind at the moment, something that had been triggered since she had listened in on the hail from the Admiral who had hunted them down.  She knew that most people had dark things in their pasts hell when Vasser and the rest of the Harbinger's crew had been assigned to hunt down the Theurgy, the skeletons in Ives closet that this enemy within the Federation had chosen to reveal had been made available.  Upon recieving her higher station she had been privy to the access needed to read what had been made available.  For the most part these charges seemed to hold a fair degree of probable truth, but far under par for the course for the dirt she had dug up before on current and former SI ops.   Hell for guy in Intel, compared to the records she had leaked before Ives was a Saint.  At least when given a sword that allowed him to cut rules and morals aside it had appeared he had at least used a degree of judgement and hadn't abused the power he had been given.  Meeting him face to face had only strengthened her previous opinion. 

On the other hand every second on the Harbinger with Vasser made her feel something was wrong.  The way Vasser seemed to waive the regulations on some things but not others picking and choosing just how "Starfleet" things were run on his ship.  The way his XO was so strict about every rule making her in a sense the bad cop while the Captain was the understanding easier going one just seemed suspicions to her.  Like a facade created to create unflinching loyalty towards the "kind and understanding Captain"  The kicker had been the time the two had just disappeared after they had initially cloaked.  On a ship with an already skeleton crew, at a time when moments before they had been on the brink of death the two had just left the bridge and had not returned for some time having left the bridge with but a noncom helms-woman to staff it alone. 

'What kind of captain leaves the bridge at a time like that?' she thought, 'And why was he and his XO in the same room together, if not for the obvious reasons?' Though those reasons frankly were the least disconcerting to her at the moment.  No, no matter what Captain Ives said she was not going to trust Vasser.  And, she damn well wasn't dropping her guard around that XO of his ever again.

She sighed softly for a moment after finishing her drink, creating a false air of disappointment in her voice, perhaps if she sounded just disappointed enough he would seek her out to try and make things lie they had never been interrupted by business that had turned into the possible pleasure with another.  Perhaps if he wanted in her pants badly enough she would have a chance to learn more. "Well if you two will excuse me I think I'm making for a bit of a third wheel myself now.  You two have fun together; I'll leave you alone to "discuss future assignments."  she said taking her leave feeling much more secure now that the Paralyzer was secure within her hip compartment and secure in that she had left a lasting impression on her target.

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Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann Attn: Kurohigi & IronFerrox

Ida was gladdened to hear that Captain Vasser had understood the nature of the threat during the Niga Incident and did not consider her a liability just because she had been the first to be infected. Yet that was but a minor thing compared to hearing him say that she would be a welcome asset on the Harbinger, which was when Ida silently thanked Chief Ravenholm in her thoughts now that the idea had been given voice to and the outcome was so beneficial. There was a risk that Ives or Cinn would hear of this before she presented the idea to them, but she hoped the two Pinkskin in her company could keep it to themselves before then.

Yet Ida's words of gratitude fell off her mind when Vasser finished by saying that he wanted to enjoy her company for the evening, and she was immediately a bit self-concious about standing there before him and the cybernetically enhanced woman in just her trousers and her bra. "Capt-" she began to say yet Vasser had just told them to use his first name, "Declan. Thank you, of course I would accompany you tonight if you want me to. I am, however, afraid I have never been to Suraya Bay so I would not be able to recommend any activities."

At this point, Chief Raveholm seemed a wee bit... hurt, for some reason, and chose to withdraw - leaving Ida a bit confused as to what had just happened. Had the female thought she'd been put aside by Vasser in favour of Ida? Was that truly so? And in that case, what was she supposed to do? Ask her to stay as well? Ida was not sure what would be the just choice. Of course, she did want to speak further with Vasser, but not at the expense of insulting the other woman. She ended up looking towards Vasser since he knew Ravenholm better than she did.

"Pardon me, I did not mean to intrude upon the two of you..." she said quietly and drank from her glass in order to focus on something else than the implications of spending time alone with Captain Vasser before she presented her idea to Ives and Cinn. She looked towards Ravenholm and tried a brief smile even if the woman had seemed to allude to something intimate going on between her and Vasser. "I did not realise I was imposing. I truly didn't."

By Lor'Vela, things had been so much simpler back at her office...

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The augmented human laughed softly as she turned from walking away, "Intruding? I wouldn't even be talking to him if he hadn't caught me following him around."  She said hoping that the two bought the cover that she was a shy and timid girl at heart who may at best have had voyeuristic intentions to why she had been shadowing the Captain. "but, after he caught me watching the matter of the weapon came up and one thing led to another and here you are.  Besides I am sure I can find a way to entertain myself here."

"If I stay with him I bet you'll be off to some lonely security office. Clearly the logical means to ensure that both of us are placed in a situation that will ensure our enjoyment will be for me to seek other entertainment and leave you without an excuse to leave some very attractive company.   Clearly one of the best possible scenarios for all parties involved."  she said, another possibility entering her mind though she didn't want to be the one to point it out.  Besides, she was trying to play the slightly shy one here. Pointing out that possibility might ruin the facade; responding to it being brought up on the other hand would only be more fun to act out.  She really was starting to enjoy this mask; perhaps she would have to wear it more often.

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

Attn: Kurohigi

It was something so many didn't talk about, the true danger that the pilots put themselves in for the rest of the ship.  They hung out together mostly, understanding each other better than any of the rest of the crew could but Eve still chuckled when he said he should have at least turned off the safety protocols on the holodeck.  "I actually prefer to get to know people without using a medical tricorder on them," she replied with a touch of her hand to his.

There was a moment she looked at the gorgeous man before her and felt a certain pang.  Lucan had been so busy with Saresh and other things that they hadn't had a chance to even really just talk yet she had the feeling he hadn't been lacking for company of late as she had, though it was purely her fault.  They had not pledged themselves to each other after all, though she couldn't help loving the man.  Everyone had someone who made them weak after all.

She mentally gave herself a shove, telling herself she was quite stupid.  There was a man in front of her who was clearly interested and she felt attraction to him as well.  Her eyes told him so too as she lifted the glass to her lips and took a long drink of it and him.  Leaning in closer as she set the glass down, she looked up and pursed her lips.  "Perhaps we could go somewhere a little quieter and get to know each other," she suggested, unable to deny her body's needs nor his.

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[Edena Rez] attn: thebanshee

"Reports are frankly the best way to catch up with a couple of our encounters.  The Niga Incident and the Mysterious god were both points of difficulty for the crew, the kind of thing that most only talk about in mandatory therapy sessions.  Many of the crew lost memory of the Niga incident, and those were the lucky ones.  My unique blending with the Rez symbiont provided me a measure of immunity during the outbreak, which also means a lot of vivid detail remains."  Edena was horrified to think about it, but Illya, in control of Edena's body, didn't carry the weight as firmly on her shoulders.  She saw it all through Edena's eyes, but just her voice was enough to tell Wenn Cinn that it didn't bother her as much as others.

Taking a sip of her own drink, Illya smiled, enjoying that overly sweet taste.  She had sweeter taste buds then any of the other personalities, making her likely the only one who could have tolerated it, but when she enjoyed a drink, she enjoyed it immensely.  "Life has thrown us far too many bitter pills to swallow.  I will grasp for whatever sweetness I can get my hands on, so thank you for the drink."  as things turned to talk of Wenn's mysterious resurrection, She gave a nod.  "I read the report, though I am afraid much of it is gibberish to me.  The Rez symbiont might be 300 years old, but ot has always had Trill hosts, and Trill are much more firmly rooted in science then faith.  To me, the prophets will always be nothing more then a powerful race of aliens living within the Bajoran wormhole . . . I apologize if that is insulting to your beliefs.  My point is that I believe your return the result of a powerful being, but the prophets?  Can they have an effect this far from Bajor's wormhole?  Or is it the result of another being of considerable power?  The mysterious god we met also had the capability, I think."

[Declan Vasser] attn: ironferrox and lucan

As Selena attempted to dismiss herself, Declan raised a hand first, attempting to stay her before he got the words out.  "Please, miss Ravenholm, don't rush off.  I was enjoying both your company.  I wouldn't want either of you to feel like a third wheel.  Future assignments are a matter of business, and that's not what this time is supposed to be about.  We are all supposed to be enjoying ourselves, and I am enjoying both your company.  I'd very much like to hear some ideas how we might continue it."  Selena and Ida were both excellent company, so why should there be a limitation that said he could only speak with one of them?  Thus far, he hadn't felt like he had gotten to know either of them beyond the scope of work, a shame when one considered they both must have other interests beyond their job, things to share?

"Though maybe you were hoping to find an interested party for that," Declan added to his comment towards Selena, gesturing to what hung around her neck, one very much like the one he had around his own.  Ida's neck was bare, but then so was the majority of her torso, save for that white brassiere which didn't do much to quench any attraction her exotic blue skin brought to the table.  "Been a while since I was on Risa, but what I do remember is that a Horga'hn is displayed by those seeking Jamaharon.  You're aware of what that is, aren't you miss Ravenholm?"

[Nathan Isley] attn: Searcher

"I'm sure your status as Head Nurse makes plenty of people want to know you.  It takes a special kind of person to heal the sick, care for the injured.  You must be very . . . attentive."  What he saw in her eyes was definitely interest, something his own gaze returned with a excess.  When she suggested going somewhere a bit quieter, he smiled, clearly liking the idea and all that it implied.  "Well, I'm sure there is plenty of space out here for us to find a quiet slice of it for ourselves.  Could I interest you in a lovely walk along the water?"  The walk would give them time to discuss things further, while also seeking out a perfect place to lay claim to, to let whatever was going to happen between them happen.  Nathan extended a hand, gesturing toward the beach, his other hand pressing to the small of her back to help guide her forward, wrapping around and resting on her hop as they started to walk away.

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

Attn: Kurohigi

Eve smiled gently, enjoying how he hesitated before saying she was attentive.  "It's a deep part of me to care about others and easing pain and suffering is second nature to me."  Her expression turned a bit playful and she smiled a little more broadly as the moved away from the bar, his hand smoothing over the thin fabric to rest upon her hip.  "Something tells me you would be all stoic, say It's just a flesh wound when you're missing an arm or such."

It was a compliment really, even if she was teasing him a little.  She saw him for a true man who would hide his own pain for the sake of others.  "I have to say I'm impressed by this simulation.  There are many beautiful places to choose from."  As they'd walked her body drifted closer to his, enough that her arm would brush up against his side.  Each time it happened, it was like tiny electrical pulses shooting between them.  Finally she brought her own arm behind him and let her fingers play along the skin right above the waist of his swim trunks.

Even with the sexual tension growing, she observed him with a medical eye which just melded into making him even more attractive.  He was in peak physical health, had the body of a young god and yet his dark hair and beard gave him a bit of sophistication.  His skin was warm to the touch and firm, the muscles moving smoothly beneath.  Simply put, he was exquisite and she could hardly wait to unveil that part hidden from her in the moment, to touch and taste him then feel him deep within her.

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It surprised her immediately Billy Bob didn't go running for the exit, but just as quickly, it seemed he was determined to insult her anyway.  A person's profession wasn't the only reason not to drink, but O'Connell seemed quite eager to equate her drinking habits to her occupation, as if the former made the latter that much more obvious.  In her less than stellar mood, she was tempted to react to the undertone of condescension in his words, and inwardly she felt a flash of irritation.  She took a deep breath, which gave her just enough time to come to her senses.

If she wasn't in such a foul mood, she would've quickly identified the man's behavior for what she realized it could very well be:  an attempt to save face at a time when the fragility of his male ego couldn't bear too much in the face of his blunder.  Of course, she knew not all men were so inclined, and she knew she would be just as guilty as he had been if she were to chalk his behavior up to something as transparent as a stereotype.  Nevertheless, there was a certain cockiness required for being an engineer, similar to that required for fighter pilots or security officers, and Hayden suspected there was some of that in play here.  It didn't sit well with her either that he'd taken her silence as a need for therapy, but then again, he was probably just trying to be friendly.

O'Connor accepted her irritation was distorting her reactions, and in any case, remembering Eve's nod to her, she decided to give the man the benefit of the doubt.  She smiled wanly as he complimented her looks, and automatically looked down when he referenced her attire.  She was wearing a simple sun dress in an emerald green shade that was neither too revealing or short in Hayden's eyes, but in truth, she felt more comfortable in uniform anyway.

"I'm comfortable dressed as I am, but if I'm really that distracting, I can put on my uniform," she replied with a chuckle.  "I'd love to get away from here and shoot the breeze, but do you mind if we go someplace quieter than Below Decks?"

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[Wenn Cinn] attn: Kurohigi

"I can't even begin to imagine," Cinn confessed regarding the Niga incident, "and for that I am grateful."  He looked around at the throng of people, most of whom would have been involved in it, wondering how many of the faces were hiding the tears of a clown.  The XO didn't seem to be as disturbed by it as he thought anyone might have been, perhaps the Trill host/symbiot relationship did indeed prevent her from suffering as greatly as the others would have done.

"You are very welcome for the drink and I agree with the sentiment about bitter pills but this has certainly reminded me that I'm alive.  Nothing like a sugar rush to get you awake for the party," he chuckled and licked his lips, still tasting the sweetness from just the small sip he had taken.  He looked at the glass suspiciously, wondering how much sugar his system could take in one go and then shrugged, "I got a second chance, I might as well abuse it."  Taking another sip he pulled another face and laughed, "Yep, abuse it to the max."

Cinn listened to what she had to say about the reports of his return and nodded as she asked about it, "I take no offence at all, if I took offence at everyone who called the Prophets the 'Wormhole Aliens' I wouldn't have time to do anything else.  I have my faith and no-one can take that away no matter what they say about it."

He paused for a moment, considering her questions, "When I was dead it was the Prophets who spoke to me.  I can't explain it any more than you can but I know it was them.  The Orbs of the Prophets have been used many light years away from Bajor and they still allow communication with the Prophets, I can only guess that their influence is greater than anyone thought.  The 'god' you met may have had a similar capability as you suggest but so do the Pah-Wraiths.  It would be presumptuous of me to suggest that no other beings in this universe could have the same powers as the Prophets but I can only tell you what happened from my perspective.  I was resurrected by the Prophets who reside in the Celestial Temple near Bajor."

Cinn remained calm throughout his explanation, he believed what he had experienced to be as he told Rez.  There was no anger, frustration or persuasion in his words simply a calm description of his time with his deities.  As he spoke the calm seemed to radiate from him as his memory took him back to the conversation, humbled and honoured by their attention.

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[Selena (Luna) Ravenholm] attn: Kuro and Lucan

Luna turned around and listened to her captain for a moment. Honestly, she was a bit disappointed that she may not be able to have extra time for a bit of "research," but she would find a way to turn things in a direction that favored her goals. She usually did find a way after all.

She shrugged at his question about Risan culture.  She really didn't know and if anything was willing to learn firsthand whatever was necessary if need be.  By the context of the setting and the lack of the usual Federation-standard levels of self-restraint, she could guess that it involved loosening of one's inhibitions.  Given the interactions she had witnessed between crew so far most of those inhibitions seemed to be those centered on sexuality.

Within less than a second's time a signal was sent between her internal systems and the Theurgy shipboard computer.  Much like a PADD up-linking to the host computer, the information was downloaded directly into her brain to computer interface.  Of course she wouldn't let either of them know what she had done.  As far as they knew she was as clueless as she let on.

"Not really, I just took it because they were giving them out and I figured I would just go with the flow of things around here.  Didn't really think to ask; I just took one cause it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."  She replied being honest in a certain way as she hadn't known what it was when she had taken it.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann ] Attn: Kurohigi & IronFerrox

To Ida, it seemed Captain Vasser managed to sway the augmented Pinkskin to stay. If only for a little while longer at least.

Then, when Vasser insisted upon enjoying both the company of them both, the Andorian glanced towards him and wondered in passing if the man meant anything specific by the way he phrased it. Yet her suspicious nature failed her given the jovial circumstances of the event, and especially since she had just heard - with her own ears - that Vasser wanted her to be his new Chief of Security on the Harbinger. She had no reason to justify her usual doubt. Instead, she took the opportunity to pick up a drink from a Risian that passed by with a tray. She had no intention of drinking it though - still considering her shift not to have truly ended.

Yet the topic of Horga'hn and the seeking of Jamaharon that surfaced made her reconsider quite quickly. She turned her head away and sipped the drink in order to cover her stoic embarrassment at the notion that the two Pinkskins were seeking sexual intercourse - having not heard the altered meaning of the necklaces from Rihen's announcement since she had arrived late. Chief Ravenholm seemed oblivious to what she had done, yet to think that Captain Vasser had donned the pendant and sought...

Ida cleared her throat a bit and then took a deep breath. Glass in hand, she folded her arms underneath her chest, not knowing how to proceed. her antenna shifted uncomfortably. Should she tell Ravenholm what she had gotten herself into, or ought she have to figure out for herself? In the end, it was Ravenholm's safety as a woman that won Ida over, but not in the sense that she thought Captain Vasser would take advantage of her. No, for there might be others of less character than Vasser who'd see that pendant and violate the wearer because they'd think it justified. Being a victim of rape as she were, she spoke up before the Captain managed to answer.

"They are usually statues," Ida said roughly and gestured towards the pendant, "and they symbolise an open invitation for anyone visiting Risia that they seek relaxation and satisfaction through sexual contact. They may use other words, but I understand that is the crude meaning. You should take it off, otherwise people will get the wrong idea about you if you do not seek..."

She trailed off, not really having to finish her statement. She downed her drink instead, and in doing so, she caught a glimpse of Wenn Cinn on a terrace. Yet it was not his wide-shouldered frame that caught her eye across the large distance, but the woman to whom he was speaking.

Edena Rez.

Images from the Thermal Springs Lounge flashed before Ida's eyes. What would Cinn say if he'd learned what Ida and his former prisoner had been intimate? It certainly would not help that Ida might be leaving for the Harbinger either. No, she refused to be paranoid, hoping that Cinn would understand. She knew Captain Ives wanted to get rid of her though, so she supposed that was a kind of bittersweet comfort.

To reel in her thoughts, Ida put her drink aside and busied her hands with tying the sleeves of her uniform jacket and undershirt low around her hips. She tried to think of something besides her duties, present and coming. "I paint when I am off duty," she said out of the blue, wanting to change the topic from the pendant that Captain Vasser was wearing. She refused to think anything of it. She looked towards them both, her artist's eye opening a little. "It would be my privilege if either one of you would consider modelling for me sometime. You would both do well illustrated in acrylics or oil. Perhaps not tonight, but whenever the time presents itself."

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[Nathan Isley] attn: Searcher

"You know us lone wolves.  We have our stubborn pride in the way of common sense much of the time."  Add to the fact that Nathan had a human's pride with the physical superiority of a Vulcan, mixed with the physique that demanded a certain amount of toughness, and you had a man who didn't easily seek medical attention, though a sight as welcome as Eve was the type to change minds on such matters. 

Feeling her touch against him, that undeniable sexual energy that poured off her in waves, a hand on her hip simply couldn't last.  It was subtle, but his hand did eventually find it's way to her backside, palm pressing against the firm cheek, fingers tensing a bit but not outright groping at her flesh.  If they were more distant from others, he likely wouldn't have settled for touching her above the clothes, but as they shrank away into the distance, that became less and less of a concern.  "Sometimes a lovely nurse needs the attention of someone else as well.  Do you, miss Jenkins?"

[Edena Rez] attn: TheBanshee

Trill might have believed in science rather then religion, but Illya could appreciate the effect it had on Wenn Cinn.  there was a serenity to him when he discussed the Prophets, remembered the divine touch he felt from them.  As a con artist in her time, she learned what to say to people to get what she wanted, something which made her quite capable of serving false roles.  This time, it was less about personal gain and more about building bridges that Edena's time as a detainee had burned.

"I have heard that gods tend to ride their chosen hard.  If the Prophets returned you from the dead, then that must mean they have some grand purpose for you.  Any thought as to what it is?"

[Declan Vasser] attn: Ironferrox and lucan

Selena explained her ignorance to the meaning of the item she carried, while Ida filled in the information with the kind of knowledge that came from someone perhaps well versed in the Risian traditions.  "Spent some shore leave on Risia before?" he asked Ida, curious if that came from first hand information or she was simply a study of many things.  Honestly, between Ida's artistic mind and Selena's deep understanding of all things technical, he was feeling quite outclassed in the intellect department, though welcomed the feeling of raised IQ simply from being in their presence.

When Ida mentioned her painting, it seemed a lovely topic to continue on.  "I would never have thought of myself as a model, though I suppose a skilled artist could make something of this face," he responded, fingertips brushing along his jaw as he suggested Ida capable of removing the imperfections that he thought might plague him.  "Selena would most certainly make a good model, I think.  She is a very beautiful sight, if I may say so as an off-duty commanding officer."

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

Attn: Kurohigi

"Stubborn and yet noble at the same time, something I find quite admirable," Eve replied.  She knew if it were simply attraction that many more Wolves as well as Theurgy crew would be swarming the medical bay.  Lucan was quite attractive though often times a bit aloof.  Many of the medical staff were quite attractive but it was the admission of pain or not being at one hundred percent that kept many from getting the attention they needed.

One corner of her mouth turned up more as his hand slipped to cup her backside and she glanced up at him, even more warmth radiating from her.  Fingertips teased along his skin over the waistband, curling in a tiny circle over his lower spine.  Though sometimes it was fun to play little sexual games, Eve wasn't quite in the mood to play them.  She had been through physical and emotional trauma and so far ignored it for the most part.

Now there was a handsome and very willing man with her and that need to feel alive welled within her.  Another stride brought him to a halt with her facing him, her other hand coming to rest on his chest.  "There are many times I need attention," she replied in a silky voice, a smoldering glance capturing his eyes as she leaned forward to touch her lips on his well-formed pectoral muscle.  "And right now I can honestly say I'm in dire need of your attention." It was her way of giving him permission to simply act like a caveman and drag her off somewhere, to ravage and be ravaged.

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[Wenn Cinn] attn kurohigi

Cinn smiled at the Trill woman beside him and shook his head, "They don't give you anything straight, it was enough to let me know they wanted me back here but as to why they were less than helpful."

Edena seemed to have a confidence and ease with him that he appreciated.  She came across as thoughtful and intelligent while still being respectfully curious.  Despite his initial wariness he was beginning to feel more at ease in her company, probably a good thing since she was his boss but it had come about rather more quickly than he had anticipated.  Maybe it was something in that obnoxiously sweet drink.

"Being spaced counts as a hard riding, I've not had any harder that's for damned sure," he said, voice gravelly and low, "All they told me was 'The Wenn is of the Theurgy', whatever is going on it seems like I wasn't supposed to die yet.  Maybe it's something with this temporal incursion, maybe they have a plan, I don't know.  Ida was curious as to whether I was immortal, I don't think they'd go that far but I don't want to test it out."

Taking another sip of the drink caused his right eye to twitch, he was getting more used to it at least, "Enough of me.  What about you?  All I know you as is the infiltrator turned XO, there's got to be more to you than that.  I would like to get to know you a bit better if we're going to be working together, especially in the situation we're in."

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Selena "Luna" Ravenholm,
attn: Lucan and kuro

She shrugged having heard an explanation, "Oh, so the Captain is wishing me to stay because he wishes to take me up on the implied offer, she said in a deadpan analytical way as if taking in new information.  "A very interesting custom. One that befits a race who I understand have customs dictating generosity in many things.  It appears this generosity also includes their view towards their own bodies.  She said softly caught in her own thought.

When Ida mentioned the paintings her mind was diverted back into the world of the living so to speak and she nodded hearing the captains statements regarding her aesthetic qualities. "Thank you for the compliment Captain.  And I would be honored to be the subject of an artistic rendering.  I suppose I could pose an interesting diversion from the norm of Human form,"  she said as she nonchalantly placed a few fingers upon two different spots One spot on her left arm and one spot on her left leg.her arms and legs. The many seams began to open in a way that would allow her to work on the internal mechanisms of the artificial limbs.  The arm seemed to Open at the center with the top and bottom halves folding up to reveal a full cross section of the artificial arm as she moved it.  On her leg the flesh seemed to split open and parted revealing the Mechanical muscles that tensed and relaxed with each movement revealing how similar it functioned to human muscle. In a morbid way the display might bring to mind what one would imagine what it would be like to preform a dissection on a Borg drone's artificial limbs.   I don't know if you have any interest on mechanical or anatomical studies but from what I understand during the Earth Renaissance The artist Leonardo preformed autopsies as a means of better understanding human anatomy as a means to more accurately portray it in art."  As quickly as she had displayed the workings of her limbs she folded the skin like material back down on her legs and closed the arm allowing the seams to form back as they were before.

She then looked over at the Captain.  "Oh and about my thoughts on the Risian custom and the meaning of this pendant. I have thought over what I should do now that i know it's meaning. I believe the old Earth saying is "When in Rome."  she said walking over to the captain and giving him an impromptu and rather deep kiss on the lips making sure to slip her tongue in for good measure so he would know she meant business so to speak.  "I most certainly accept your invitation to the aforementioned rites; nor, would I be opposed to an artistic friend joining us if she desired."

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"Spent some shore leave on Risia before?"

The remark from Captain Vasser had caught Ida somewhat off guard, not able to reply to it since it would have made her appear either prude or fully indulging in such activities that the pendants suggested. No, it had been safer to speak of her artistry... until the point when Vasser brushed his own jaw and complimented Chief Ravenholm on her appearance. Did he ask for her opinion? "I... would not presume to challenge a commanding officer on his personal preferences, especially not off-duty. Starfleet regulations does suggest that it is frowned upon when a superior officer display affection towards one-"

Yet it seemed that the Pinkskin woman broke out of whatever reverie that she had been caught in and thanked the Captain for his compliment. What happened next, when Ravenholm turned to her, made Ida take a half step back in surprise. Not really alarm, but a... precautionary withdrawal. The Chief's arms and legs opened up to reveal the inner mechanisms of and workings of her body. She referenced someone, probably a painter, in Terran history while she did so. The name seemed familiar, yet she could hardly say she'd paid much attention to the history of art in her own culture, much less during her years in the Academy in San Francisco. Artistry for her was private and sacred, not to be undermined by the pre-existing ideas and achievements of great accalim. She did not paint for sake of recognition. She had painted for money, to sustain herself after her exile... yet never for repute.

"This... DaVinci must have been more scientist than artist if he would go so far to capture something that the eye alone ought to be able to do," she said to the Pinkskin once her limbs returned to normal, fascinated but cautious since she had trouble predicting the whims of the other woman in the company. She was truly an intriguing motif, and beautiful as well, yet before she managed to suggest a time and place for making a rendition of either of them, another whim seemed to have come over Chief Ravenholm.

Her antennae rising in speechless shock, she beheld how the two Pinkskins were suddenly kissing, their pendants touching each other where they hung around their necks. Ida's mouth opened and closed in unsaid objections or admonisions. This was hardly the way Senior Officers should act. She had come to admire Captain Vasser, so seeing him being so forwardly approached by the woman with artificial limbs made her react protectively. Then again, perhaps it was envy that sprung her awkward feelings...

In the end, she had managed to keep her words from pouring out, but then Selena suggested that she might wish to partake in the madness. Less than fifteen minutes ago she had been doing her duty by her desk and now she was openly being asked to join in... in... "I... I am flattered, but It would hardly be proper of me as I might be..." Chief of Security on the Harbinger? Ravenholm served both as Chief Engineer and headed Operations. She might be civilian, but she would be no less Senior Staff than Ida might become if the transfer was approved. "I... don't know. I am sorry. I am flattered, I suppose, but..."

She snatched up another drink and tried to look everywhere else than upon the two Pinkskins, one of which that wanted her to join them. Worst thing was that she could not come up with a reason not to follow them other than a certain sense of propriety and integrity. She cleared her throat stoically, furrowing her white eyebrows. "I can... make sure no one sees you."

As much she could offer her new Captain. Strange as the whole situation was to her, she wanted to show some kind of loyalty to him. She did not dare think he wanted the same as the crazy Ravenholm did.

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Hylota was quite late to the party, she had lost track of time and had been in her new quarters collecting herself, she had lost quite a bit and she had ended up spending a long time just curled up on her bed unsure of ho o proceed, usually she would talk with her brother bout such things and see what his input was, but now...with him in medical care and recovering. eventually she decided he would have been told that sitting around moping for him was good for nothing at all and that she should go and try and make some friends. So with a sigh she picked herself  up out of bed, went to her closet and got out her only dress. She left her scarf behind and put on the maroon toga like outfit and then her usual boots as she left her room and finally headed out for the holo deck to join the festivities.

As she walked through the ship she fiddled with her fingers, the light clang of her boots on the floor was comforting. As she reached the holo deck she stood at the door and took some deep breaths, she put her hands over her chest and sh nodded to herself and walked in. Seeing the alien landscape and the beautiful sting made Hylota smile, it reminded her of the wetter placed on her home world, she looked around and spotted where everyone else was and began to make her way down towards the festivities. She had left her scarf behind so sh could not hide herself in the crowd, she wanted to meet people, to make contact and to make new friends maybe.

As she reached the edge of the crowd she stopped and just stood there out of the way and looked on, so many happy people, she frowned, could he really come in and just join in like that...she didn't know these people and it was likely they would not want to meet her, she was a member of a race most people din not know or care about, she was nothing special an as she stood there she looked down and then back up the path she ha come down, perhaps it was not to late to just go back...she could go back to her room, have a bath and fill out her reports and record some logs...maybe that would be the better idea.

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[Nathan Isley] attn: Searcher

"If you're in dire need, then let us not waste any more time taking care of that need," he told her, their pace picking up, moving farther and farther away until they were outside the range of others, both visually and vocally.  It might have still been rather exposed, but it was enough privacy for him, and he suspected for Eve as well.  Her, like himself, appeared the type to get a thrill from the open air, of the possibility of being seen by another.  It wasn't that it was welcomed, but the thought of it was all the more exciting.

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[Edena Rez] attn: theBanshee

"'The Wenn is of the Theurgy,'" She repeated, allowing the words to grace her tongue in an attempt to better understand them.  "Perhaps they are rooting for our success, and believe you would be vital to it.  I feel a bit better knowing we have some powerful beings out there who might be supporting us."  If the prophets had a purpose for putting Wenn Cinn, alive and well, on board their ship, then maybe it was to contribute to victory.  Maybe they were destined to fail without his help.

"You want to know about me?  I'm afraid my story isn't all that interesting.  Just your typical Trill Science Officer, serving as an Ensign on a starship carrying a Joined Starfleet Intelligence officer.  When he was fatally injured, the Symbiont in him needed a host, and when I was used, it put me on the fast track with Intelligence.  The counselor position I was using here was for cover, so I could keep watch on this ship and assure it's prototypes never fell into wrong hands.  I am fortunate that the Captain freed me of that responsibility and allowed me to properly serve, for I came to respect this crew far too much to carry out my orders to destroy this vessel if it fell into the wrong hands.  The Captain also saw fit to name me his first officer, and I have been working to prove worthy of it ever since."

[Declan Vasser] attn: luxcan and ironferrox

"Well . . .  that's not exactly . . ." he was lost for what to say in response to Selena.  It wasn't that he was aiming to steal her up just because she was wearing that necklace.  Would he have turned down such an offer?  probably not, not even after seeing her open up her mechanical components and display her artificial nature.  He was surprised by it, but he wasn't disturbed or disgusted by it.  There was an elegance to her form, the kind that could be appreciated on many levels, be it artistic, engineering, or simply a loveliness to her form.

If he thought that the biggest surprise, however, he would have been wrong, as Selena engaged him with a deep kiss, the kind he hadn't truly expected of her when she spoke of him taking her up on an implied offer.  When it finished, she even expressed that perhaps Ida might join them, making him turn to look at the woman, even as she protested, thinking it improper.  "Ida," he said, reminding her that ranks and seniority were not an issue that evening, "if you did wish to . . . take part in certain activities, I would not hold it against you.  Even captain Ives agreed that tonight, things should be set aside.  With such things set aside, I would also state that I would not refuse advances from either of you.  Both of you . . . well, I can only hope I am man enough for the task.  If any bit of you is interested . . . know I am as well."  Looking back to Selena, he also gave her an answer.  "If you are game, then I am as well."

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann ] Attn: IronFerrox, Kurohigi & Cathreen Dawinter

'Things' set aside? Like all sense of decency and propriety between officers? Had they all strayed so far from the norm of Starfleet in the months since they fled Earth? Had the Niga Incident blasted an irreparable hole in the hull of their conduct and slowly made them sink to new depths each day?

Ida's neck was much darker blue in indignant embarrassment and she did not know what to do with her hands, so she wrapped both hands around her drink. She wished she had stayed in the office, or better yet, gone to the phaser range and depleted enough energy with an assault rifle to shut down a Warp Core. She wanted something to strike down. Something easy. Something she knew. Her jaw worked as she glanced between the two, realising that neither Vasser nor Ravenholm had been present at the Niga Incident, so perhaps she was wrong. Was this considered more normal than she'd thought?

She had been with both men and women, had let the passion of her artistry be channeled sexually when she had the choice to do so. Yet this was so sudden, and she had never been with with two people at the same time before. Well, at least not that she could remember, ignorant as she was of what she had done while they orbited Niga almost one month ago.

Though at the same time... if she were to look at the two Pinkskins embracing before her... and she considered them in the way an artist might... she could see herself sleeping with either one of them. In regaining control of her emotions, she found herself fancying the exotic hue of their bodies, intrigued by Selena's unique limbs and and the charismatic gaze of Captain Vasser. She took a deep breath, shuddering a little in restiveness, and looked around - concerned about her reputation since the Niga Incident.

"Let us find someplace private then," she said and stepped past them, clearing her throat a little. Yet she had taken no more than a couple of steps...

...before they found themselves facing Petty Officer Dyan Cardamone.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

The drinking had helped Soo a bit in restraining the maelstrom of thoughts around her from overpowering her mind. Yet she had been more measured in her synthehol and alcohol intake compared to the other day in Below Decks, where she had made quite a mess and utter embarrassment of herself. As it were, she was... slightly tipsy, and she wore her small white headphones so that she might play music wherever she walked - the tune also aiding in keeping the two crews on the holodeck from projecting their emotions and thoughts onto her.

She walked the path with a bottle of cider in her hand, stolen from the crate they'd brought from Below Decks not long ago. Dressed in a white top and black denim shorts, with dark leather sandals on her feet, she enjoyed the vista of the beach sprawling far off into the distance and the moonlit sea. And on the other side, she saw the climbing stairs and the luxurious villas and buildings that seemed so perfectly meld into the cliffs and the trees. She had left the other Wolves behind in the amphitheatre, setting out on a private adventure away from the dancing crowd. Titan and Smoke had insisted that she stayed, yet there was something about the two Harbinger pilots that made her ill at ease. She'd noticed something... cold in their feelings towards her, and she had not liked to stay to find out what they intended.

While she walked, Soo came across a woman in a maroon toga. At least she thought it was a woman because of her beautiful features and the shape of her bare head, yet with the way the toga fell around the glimmering texture of her body, she seemed to almost possess the bodily stature of a human male - barring the unique way her legs bent, that was. This was a species she had only seen images of and read about, but she recognised the woman to be of the Ovri after studying her for a couple of seconds. Intrigued, Soo set her steps in the woman's direction, emboldened by the drinks and the rush of her recent dancing.

"Hello," Oracle said and smiled to the exotic, black-eyed woman - removing one of her headphones from her ear. "Did you see the sword dancing? I never realised that Risians had such skills. I thought they merely pranced about in scant clothes and offered massages."

Extending her hand in the Earthen fashion, the halfblood Betazoid introduced herself. "Soo Young Seung. Known as Oracle among the Lone Wolves here on the Theurgy. I don't believe I have seen you around before."

She almost added that she would have remembered if she had, but despite her alcohol intake, she managed to restrain herself from being quite that bold.

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Hylota was considering her departure when suddenly she was greeted, this ma her bump slightly as she had not expected to be encountering anyone. She looked to Soo Young and listened to her greeting and brief bit of small talk and she sighed. "I'm sorry I missed that bit of show, I have only just arrived here Miss Seung. I am a new transfer from the USS Harbinger,  I have never been aboard this ship before today, and my introductions with most of the crews has been strictly professional, so I am not very well known...I'm sorry I am a little out of it after some events that have unfolded before this, pleas just ignore my rambling." She rubbed the back of her head and sighed, She looked at Soo Young and smiled. "I am Hylota Vojona, I am an ensign in the medical bad...I guess you can figure out why I little on edge from that." She chuckled slightly and kept smiling.

Hylota looked out at the group and she fiddled with her hands. "Again sorry, I just need o brighten my mood a little...sadly being new here I do not really know anyone...and I do not know how exactly I will fit in around here." She looked too Soo Young and smiled slightly looking rather shy. "Um would I be able to ask you for companionship tonight? I have no idea what I am doing here, and you seem to know these people and how to act at such an event." In the moist sea air of the artificial environment she was losing her scaly skin and softening up to state closer to human skin, her eyes also benefited from the different lighting, reflecting off the dark orbs making them look mysterious.

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When it came to recent events, Soo had a lot of sympathy for the Ovri when she alluded towards the collapse of the Triage Centre on Theta Eridani IV. On her part, the choices she had made when she manned that shuttle and tried to  extract as much personnel as possible would stay with her for the rest of her life. The sounds of the crew banging their fists against the hull. Their mass psychosis permeating all my thoughts and actions. The screaming. The pyroclastic clouds rolling in. The deadly cough of Reaver fire assailing me as I tried to take off.

Yet Hylota Vojona was trying to smile and it felt like she tried to get over the past, so that made Soo try the same, finding strength in the Ovri to do so. She smiled back quietly and pushed the memories to the back of her head. "I am glad you medics in Sickbay get to have this holodeck shore-leave despite the number of injured we now have aboard," she said thoughtfully and folded her arms underneath her breasts, "You surely deserve it, and I can imagine that people are really thankful that we have you aboard when something like that happens. In the weeks to come, you will have come to save more people than any others aboard, making you the heroes as opposed to us fighter pilots and tactical officers that tried to fight back the Reavers. We could not fight the fires or the earthquakes, but indirectly, you fight to limit the casualties."

The Ovri then asked her for her companionship for the night, and despite how formal it sounded, Soo could not help how the way she phrased it could mean something entirely else... Then again, it could just be imagining things because of her slightly inebriated mind. It made Soo smile, however, and as according to the formal request, she chuckled and slid up to the Ovri's side - laying her hand in the nook of the Ensign's arm. "Chief Seung reporting for duty," she commented in mockery of regulations and gestured with her free hand to begin walking, "I would not be so presumptuous - or bold - to say that I know how to act during Lohlunat  on Risia, but I do know is that it will not do to just stand around and talk about strife and injury. Lets dance, drink and sing. Find enjoyment where it might not be found otherwise. So tell me, Hylota... what strikes your fancy?"

Men, women or both? thought Oracle, surprising herself with her bold thoughts even if she kept them unvoiced.

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[Wenn Cinn] attn kurohigi

Cinn nodded at her appraisal of the Prophets, "It is comforting thought.  Especially for me, as I'm sure you'll understand."

This Edena wasn't supposed to be host then?  That was interesting.  As was the knowledge that the Jona character must have been the one who had been fatally wounded and set these wheels in motion.  Who the other two personalities were was still a mystery but it was worth investigating further.  The nagging question of who he was actually talking to right now bubbled to the surface but he put it to one side and smiled warmly.  She seemed to be open and honest with him about her history and her reason for having been assigned to the Theurgy.

"That's about your career," he said, the smile turning into a grin with a small shake of his head.  "What about you?  The woman who has had the career must have other interests than work, other... passions?"

He steered them to a bench, close enough to the crowds so as not to be alone with her yet far enough away that their conversation would remain purely between them.  Cinn sat down and leaned back against the upright panel behind, he put his drink on the ground by his feet and gestured for Edena to join him and turning a little so he would face her.

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[Hylota Vojona] Attn Auctor Lucan

As Hylota was complimented by Soo she could tell the events he had as much of an effect on her as they had on Hylota, the woman had probably been flying the shuttles trying to save those that were in the camp. She knew better than to keep lingering on that topic, nothing good would com of it. "well thank you, you have no idea how nice it is to feel like I am important. And you are right a lot of us are not here tonight, I know half of the medical team from the Harbinger is either in medical working still or being worked on. I almost did not come myself, but i figured I should meet some people and get out after all that has happened." She smiled at the other woman, her mind admiring the woman's figure, reminding her of the beautiful bodies of her peoples med, her mind already thinking of mates as she drew closer to her fertile period.

As Soo linked arms with her Hylota smiled. As Soo introduced herself s Chief she momentarily thought of the chain of command. "Well I guess you outrank me, but thank you, to have company for such an event brings my quite a bit of happiness, It is nice to know that I am not alone for how o start off this evening, how about a drink to start, then we can try and chat about happier things and see where things go for us, how does that sound Chief Seung." She smiled at her and patted her hand and took a step closer to her companion for the evening hoping that she would not scar her off.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Zenozine

"That sounds lovely," she said and gave Nurse Vojona a cheeky grin, leaving the headphone that she had removed out so that she could hear her night's companion, and she certainly did not mind the indistinct attraction she thought she could derive from the Ovri - new as she was to interpreting their unique manner of thoughts. "I am glad I can help in making you feel welcome aboard, for you will hardly be alone here, and if you want, I can help break the ice a bit with a few people I know. They are rather unwilling patients in Sickbay, but at a night like this, they will not treat medics like the plague. Reason is that us pilots do not like to have our wings clipped and sentenced to long periods of medical recovery before we can get back into the cockpits again."

A holographic Risian paused before them to let them take drinks from her tray, and as Soo sipped her glass, she glanced up towards Hylota's forehead. "Is that a tattoo?" she asked, wondering if she wore any others beneath that toga. "Does it have a meaning or significance, or are you really into grounding things to spice your meals?"

Soo realised she had begin to stroke Hylota's arm with her thumb, but upon this realisation, she did not stop since she'd heard no objection. Her smooth scales were too intriguing to leave be.

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