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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Adam/Nicole]

Thread reserved for incident 002 between Adam Kingston and Nicole Howard.

Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Adam/Nicole)

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Adam Kingston made his way down through security with Ester Hamburg in tow.  Today was not going be do his day at all.  He could already tell, judging by the slowly increasing incidents of insubordination and violence on the workplace since the infection.  It was a natural response, from victims to strike out at their attackers, but it was slowly getting out of hand.  All it'd take was one more spark and things would go south real fast. 

He stopped in front of Nicole Howard's office, glancing at the work place where he had taken Nicole merely a week or so before.  A slight erection developing in his pants at the vague memories it brought to mind.  It'd since been cleaned up but it brought back several lovely memories to mind, the two young techs working at it also didn't hurt.  He remembered their antics afterwards happily as well.

He reached out and knocked several times on the door before triggering the sensor and moving in with Ester in tow. "We may have a slight behavioral problem in engineering that needs to be discussed ma'am." he says acting as professional as possible despite his problem in his pants.  "Cadet Hamburg seems to have developed a bit of a tongue when speaking to her superiors, namely male superiors as of late."

He glanced over at Nicole's desk as he entered and then took a place next to the doorway glancing at Ester and directing her to speak her part on the matter and defend her actions.  Inwardly he couldn't help but feel a slight buzz. If played out right this would be an excellent means of getting ahead possibly on two fronts.  However he had to be careful how he proceeded for that to work.

Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Adam/Nicole)

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"And this infraction required intervention by Security?  So much so that she had to be brought to my office, like a child in school?" Nicole asked with more than a little irritation.  She pushed her chair back and rose, stepping around to the front of the desk to lean back on it, her eyes intent on Ester's.  She'd known the girl was having trouble, but had been uncertain what, if anything, she should do about it.  As Ester's commanding officer, she could have commanded the young woman to attend counseling, but the time had never seemed right, what with all the work they had ongoing.  And, every time she looked at Ester, she couldn't help but be reminded of her first female lover, with Ester's blonde hair and striking eyes.  It would be easy to... but she shouldn't think that, no matter what.  She was the superior and it would be wrong.  Glancing at Adam, she said, "She's here, now, and I'll deal with it."

Clearing her throat, she raised an eyebrow, but kept her voice low and friendly, sympathetic.  For the most part, she could understand, given what had happened during the infection of the ship and wanted Ester to know who she could trust, "Ester, what have you to say for yourself?"

For a moment, Ester was at a loss for words, nervously glancing at Adam's towering form.  She would have preferred being alone with Nicole, to explain what had happened, without having an audience.  She'd messed up and knew it, but that didn't mean she wanted to admit to it in front of everyone.  Finally, she took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, but her voice quivered with fear at what punishment might befall her, and shame at what she'd done, "It was... I... I'm sorry, Commander, I really didn't mean to... I just..."

The more she tried to talk, the harder it became, until she couldn't hold back her tears.  Crying loudly, she stood there forlornly and stammered out, "W-why'd... it have... to happen?  W-why to... me!  I... never did... anything wrong...!"

Pushing up off the desk, Nicole took the young woman in her arms and held her tight, quietly hugging her, one hand brushing up and down Ester's back, trying to comfort her as best she could.

Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Adam/Nicole]

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It took Nicole a few minutes to calm Ester, but she knew it would be a while before Ester would be herself again.  Trauma did not go away quickly and Ester needed to talk with someone.  Without a glance at Adam, she murmured, "It'll be ok, Ester, but I have to command you to talk to the counsilor.  In the meantime, I will confine you to your quarters and will speak to Garen to see when he can pencil you in."

Ester nodded and pulled back, wiping her eyes.  Standing straight, she glanced at Adam, then back to Nicole, who rose and waved Adam off.  She was late to her duty shift on the bridge and gathered up the pad she'd need.  With a hand on Ester's shoulder, she lead the young woman out of her office.

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