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Nerina laughed, a surprisingly soft, feminine chuckle, her hair falling back over her neck and shoulders. "No, no, Mom hates the stuff. And Dad thought white wine was a bit strong." she said as she leant against the bar, clearing a space between her and the wall for Isley to lean. Truth be told he was fairly attractive, and seemed like an interesting person. Nerina wasn't... superb in these sorts of environment, but given the circumstances she felt that she might as well give it a go. What was the worst that could happen?

"But I drink Cider, actually." she said, nodding at Regal and then holding up two fingers. "Old Earth variety, English ancestry I believe. It's just got enough kick to it that it's quite nice without being overpowering. But I'm having to pace it out, I only got one crate of it delivered before... Anyway, here's to your discovery. Even if you broke protocol." she added as Regal put two open bottles of the clear yellow sparkling beverage in front of them. Nerina picked one up and waited to toast the pilot, glancing at Regal to keep him nearby while she took her first long sip of the drink.

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[Below Deck]

Nerina had her own charms.  Not just her voice, but her appearance was also quite feminine.  Though those of Klingon blood were often viewed as warriors first, she had an attractive figure that other humanoids would undoubtedly find appealing.  "Well, glad to hear you don't drink too strong; most of the Klingons I have met have been mean drunks . . . well, I guess they were plenty mean before the drinks too.  A few friends and I ended up having a fist fight on the promenade of DS9 with a couple of them.  A dislocated shoulder and a few lacerations to the face before it was broken up.  The one I fought had a broken rib and a punctured lung.  Luckily he still had two more."  Three lungs made something like that a bit less of a threat, but still required hasty treatment.

When she offered the toast to his discovery, he was quick to add to it in his own way.  "To arrogant, impetuous decisions."  He spoke, at least willing to admit what he did was wrong, even if it had ended well for them this time.  His glass clinked to hers, before he took back his first taste of the cider.  It was a softer taste then he was used to; drinking with other males was often a test of toughness, where one drank strong liquors without any sort of mix to dilute the flavor.  Women were more sensible; it was about a taste, rather then an alcohol content.

"The deletion of the ship's avatar, designated Thea, was the most simple.  It was simply a matter of accessing a subroutine I installed and activating the process that would remove all files related to the hologram.  The Valkyrie fighters were a bit more complicated.  The subroutine for that one involved decompressing the hangar bay, causing the fighters to be pulled out into space.  Once they had cleared a safe distance, a remote overload would cause their engines to explode, obliterating all traces.  I had also prepared a warp core overload for the ship as a whole, allowing a countdown to be issued, giving those inside the ship time to evacuate to the nearest escape pods."

Her explanation of what would occur was only half of what Jien wanted.  There was also a matter of how the subroutines were installed.  "I gained access to the ship's systems using a conduit in the jefferies tubes.  Deck sixteen, near the Emergency Warp Core Jettison Control; it was deemed the location least likely to draw attention, and served as an adequate back door to the main computer.  The authorization for these subroutines is Rez-Omega-Delta-Five; you can use this access code to alter or delete the subroutines."

Jien's talk to betrayal left her feeling a shame that could not be truly put into words.  Illya and Kiya both frowned, feeling the sorrow that emanated from Edena.  Jona kept silent, far too professional to be holding her hand through what must be done.  "My reports . . . they were limited to activity that might have been a potential threat.  As such, I reported nothing of the crew to my superiors; everyone you serve with on this ship I hold in high regard as upstanding officers of the Federation.  With every report, the same piece of information was always given about the personnel.  'Captain and crew operating within the standards and regulations of Starfleet.  No cause for concern.'"

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Pacing in front of the holding cell, Jien's eyes returned to the traitor's at the point where she finished the statement she had sent to Starfleet Intelligence.

"No cause for concern, you wrote," he said in cold syllables, and his brow drew down over his eyes when he added, "what about our bloody concerns, then? The ship and its crew? Would you not think that it would be a concern that you had effectively undermined the chances for me and the Senior Staff to handle a difficult situation? I cannot even recall how many times the USS Vendetta was considered done for, yet still managed to get out of any precarious situation. What if we had one of you aboard then?

"What if you - whom are not privy to all the facts of a situation - made an ungrounded decision to delete a sentient life-form that happens to Federaton prototype technology? Have you not spoken to Thea every day since you came aboard? Have you not smiled and jested with her, knowing that you might kill her based on your limited knowledge of our mission strategies? What if you gutted the ship from its Warp Core when we were merely stalling for the opportune moment to retreat? What if you ejected a squadron of Valkyries along with their pilots - whom I assure you will not be going for the escape pods - to create morbid fireworks in celebration of our demise - rendering us bereft of our final line of defence for the escape pods?"

Jien came to stand right before Edena Raz, his arms folded across his chest.

"I am perfectly aware that you were only doing your job. Hell, I spent six years on Aldea masquerading as one of the natives, so I know where you are coming from, but did you even consider the repercussions of your orders; how they might affect the outcome of our missions? Your presence upon this ship as been a hidden rot in its hull. So tell me, why should I not send you out the closest fucking air-lock?"

Though that was not his intention, he would hear what the spy had to say for herself.

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Jien's words left Edena feeling defeated.  It was true that there was no way she could have been absolutely certain of anything, yet she had her orders.  Lowering her head, her eyes shutting tight to prevent showing signs of weakness in them.  Jona, sensing that compromise of her emotional center, took the opportunity to force himself into control of her body, Edena's personality going dormant in favor of his own.

"You know as well as I that not everything can be won with high hopes."  Her eyes were more determined, and her voice deeper and more masculine; the way she was acting was completely different, and it was obvious to anyone who saw it.  "If the USS Vendetta was under my purview, then it would have been destroyed at the sight of failure.  Even if it managed to survive that first case of near compromise, my reports would have seen changes to it's command structure to bring forth more . . . competence.  Those who serve in Starfleet are expected to lay their life on the line for what must be done, and if it meant keeping new technology out of enemy hands, and tipping the balance of power further away from the Federation, then it is the duty of such a ship to make a sacrifice."

It was the cold observation of an agent; words that Jien might have known well, even if he no longer agreed with them.  "I get it.  You're a captain, and that means you feel responsible for this ship and it's crew.  Believe me when I say I want nothing less then the continued service of your fine vessel and it's staff.  That is why I have revealed my nature to you.  It will soon be time to repair this ship, allowing for a blackout in which I would send a report to Starfleet Intelligence.  That places you in an interesting position; you have the power to determine what I tell them.  You need an inside man . . . you're looking at him."  Between the behavior change, and the use of male pronouns, it must have been painfully clear Edena was no longer the one in charge, even if a condition like hers had never been seen before.  What would Jien think about it?

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Nerina paused as he added his own words to the toast, quickly hiding her pause with the glass, draining a good chunk of the liquid in one go. She was feeling... odd around this young pilot, she knew she should be upset with him, even if his discovery was just what they needed. And yet, looking at him, it was stirring odd feelings up inside her.

Not that she was prudish or anything, but she had prided herself on avoiding any hint of her advancement so fast through the ranks of Starfleet being due to personal relationships. She had gone on a few dates, even had a couple of boyfriends, a fellow cadet in the Academy, a shuttle owner on DS4, but had not been in a relationship for a long time.

She found herself staring at him for longer than was polite and quickly shook her head and turned to Regal. "Mr. Regal, may I ask why that program of yours is still running? Holograms are an intense drain on our already dwindling resources, and she is hardly essential to the running of the ship, is she?" she said, her voice going cold. William made a non-committal noise in his throat and then nodded as Felicity took this moment to deposit a large tray filled with empty glasses on the bar. "Actually, if this place is as important as you and the captain said when you demanded I do this job, if this venue is as essential a place to the crew's wellbeing as you guys think it is, then she is essential. One man can't run a bar by himself, I need her. If I had a real life waitress, maybe, but without one, I need her to run the bar. Like when I'm asleep." he said. Nerina grunted, seeing the logic he was using and not instantly having a comeback for it.

She eventually turned back to Isley. "So, when you're not flying the fighters, what do you do to relax?" she asked him, ignoring Regal, who shrugged and began to clean up the glasses Felicity had brought him.

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If he had to go by the impression he got from Nerina, he would say she was a consistent professional.  The way in which she took the time to question the use of the hologram during an energy rationing periods, even when she was off-duty, was a display of how seriously she took her job.  There was nothing wrong with it, but it also left him with a bit more motivation to get her to loosen up. 

It was also during her time facing Regal that Nathan took a chance to size up her frame.  It would have been rude to do so while he was talking to her, but while her attention was elsewhere, it was a great time to see what the executive officer had to offer.  She was rather shapely in the right places, carrying a fine set of hips and breasts on a frame that seemed slightly too thin for them.  It resulted in quite the eye full, only enhanced by the beauty of her face, with those dark, piercing eyes.  There was not a complaint to be found on her.

When her attention turned back to him, his eyes were already prepared to meet her gaze, and was waiting for her when she was fully turned around.  "When I'm not flying fighters, I enjoy . . . martial arts, jogging, and I have been a fan of twentieth century Earth music for some time.  It was a rather wide ranged time for music back then.  When I transferred to the Theurgy, I brought my collection with me.  I like to play it in the comfort of my quarters."  There was a subtle invitation in there for her.  She could have asked to listen to some of the music, which would have involved going back to his quarters together.  It was hardly by accident that he dropped the words her way.  He had an interest in seeing more of that frame he had been admiring behind her back.

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The change certainly gave Jien pause, and he raised his chin in order to appraise this new persona that had come to possess Edena's mortal coil - his scowl still persisting.

Oh, he had come to hear that she had a joining-defect with her symbiont, but he had not the vaguest idea of whom he was speaking with now. Apparently, there were two other women in the Rez ancestry, yet no man. He further realised how incomplete the alleged Assistant Chief Counsellor's personnel file was; lacking details that his own security clearance ought to have unlocked. Given how it was a fabrication, he truly could not say anything for certain about this enigmatic Trill. He only knew what the late Chief Counsellor had told him, which was far too little.

"Before I order you to present yourself - whomever you are - to me as your Captain," he said atfer a few seconds, his arms still folded across his chest, "I will tell you up front what I think of your haughty opinion; your erroneous belief that you can deliver reports to Starfleet with recommendations of re-commissioning - not to mention the quaint idea that you have the bloody right to play gods in the shadows. I say who the hell do you think you are, questioning the competence of war heroes like the crew and officers of the Vendetta? I could write you an essay about the repercussions of Starfleet history had you been aboard to blow our ship up or changed even one person in the crew manifest. I could run you a body count for the people who would have died if the Vendetta had not pulled through when it should have. You - whomever you are - represent the very reason I left Starfleet Intelligence."

Jien took a step closer to the humming wall between them. "Your kind make me sick, and the only reason I do not lower this forcefield and ram your opinions of my old crew mates back down your throat with my fist is that I also know that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You have not served in the light of day, and therefore does not know what it means to have the crew around you as equals. You are merely a spectator with an agenda, not actually lifting a finger in earnest attempt to save the people you serve with. And you have the gall to ask for the opportunity to serve in the staff? Of course you'd prefer that, wouldn't you? The choice between death and life plain to any imbecile."

Jien held this spirit in contempt, and his stare reflected it plainly.

"State your name, rank and position and then return to the shadows; where you belong."

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"And I need not tell you that there have been many instances where what I am suggesting has been necessary.  You know as well as I, being a former Intelligence officer, that we have records of cases in which those sacrifices did have to be made.  You also know of times when safety measures like ours were not in place, and it ended in disaster.  If you chose to leave SI, it was because you didn't possess the moral vacuum necessary for the job.  A job like this will eat away at you if you let it.  I stopped allowing it too long ago; something the current Rez host has been unable to do.  She is soft; even softer then you.  It's why I have to take over and do what's necessary when she hesitates.  The body you're looking at right now just had a bad luck of the draw, being the only Trill for light years when my body was mortally wounded.  The Symbiont knew too much to be allowed to walk free, and that's why Starfleet Intelligence recruited her."

Jona spoke of her being weak and unfit for the work he performed; a lack of respect one might have expected from a high ranking Intelligence officer, faced with a girl who had graduated in the middle of her class, and lacked any of the qualities he deemed necessary before her joining.  She was too little like him.  "You want to know who I am?  Jona Rez.  Lieutenant Commander.  Starfleet Intelligence Agent."

Edena's body fell to it's knees, as her hands came up to her face.  She appeared visibly ill.  It was the true host, back in control of her body, and left overwhelmed by everything that had been said.  "I'm . . . I'm sorry.  I have nothing but respect for you and this crew . . . but my duty was as an agent.  When I trained with SI, they told me I shouldn't consider myself a member of any crew I infiltrate.  They warned about getting attached to anyone, or letting too much of myself get into the role I was playing.  Jona is right . . . I'm not cut out for this."

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Nerina's eyes did light up when he mentioned the music, and she did turn to face him slightly more. However, the look in her face was not one of lust or even flirtation, but rather genuine interest. She put the cider down as she focused now on him alone.

"Twentieth century music? Really? Which region? I did my Academy dissertation on the role of South East Asian Nation States in the lead up to the Eugenics War. Well, one of them. But I always had a deep respect for the music from that region and time, the anti-war protest songs, the works of Han Zo Mon and Kylie Krueger." she said, speaking quickly, her voice having a tone of something akin to joy, a stark contrast to the business like attitude that she had the vast majority of the time. But she quickly caught herself, and shook her head. "But of course, there was a lot of really good music before the end of the century of course. People like... Uh..."

She looked blank as she stared at nothing in particular, before meeting his eyes. "The Stone Rollers?" she tried, her voice trying to sound confident but unable to prevent a small hint of doubt creeping in at the very end. She picked up the cider and took another sip to hide a nervous cough. She flicked some hair out of her face, only to get it out of the way, she told herself.

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There was a grin on his face when she attempted to name the band, finding some amusement in it.  It wasn't exactly common knowledge in their day and age, but the fact that he knew the answer himself made it feel so obvious in his mind.  "They're actually called the Rolling Stones."  He said, in a friendly tone that was either annoyed nor contradicting.  If anything, he sounded informative, like he was enlightening her about something new.

"I find music from that time had so many different ways of affecting people.  I have heard songs that have given me that extra drive when I am working out, or ones that help me to relax, and even some that are great for setting a mood when you just want to be alone with another person.  Sure, there are plenty from other centuries and planets, but I found the twentieth century Earth collection to have the best range."

That was the set up.  Now came time to lay it out, and see how it went.  "You should come by my quarters some time.  I'll play some of my favorites and you can tell me what you think."  He didn't press for it to be immediately.  It might have been too forward for her, but if it was by her own choice, it might have been more likely that she would be accepting of the offer.

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With the revelations fresh to Jien's ears, he watched Edena fall down - face made unreadable.

He remained standing for a couple of seconds, remembering having heard the name just uttered. He would have to do some research in the off-line contents of the Federation database - their connection effectively severed after leaving Earth - yet he believed that the man he had just spoken with, or his ghost at least, was a distinguished Starfleet Officer. This fact did not lessen his revulsion the least, but it did assist in telling him enough to know where this ghost's priorities lay. Trustworthy was a strong term... but at least their ambitions coincided.

For the greater good, yet differing in the how it might be best achieved.

After a couple of seconds, Jien crouched down with his elbows resting on his knees, folding his hands between his legs, whilst he sought out Edena's gaze. "That you tell me this, 'Commander, serves you well, for I would never consider letting you out of this holding cell unless you did. That your empathy overruled your sense of duty towards a faction other than this crew makes me trust you a tad bit more. You might think yourself inferior in the eyes of Starfleet Intelligence, yet you are perceived to be quite else here; where loyalty is something treasured and not frowned upon. Now stand up, 'Commander. I would not have you grovelling before me."

Straightening, Jien sighed, considering the woman further.

"What you and Mr. Jona have said does hold merit: the chance you present not to be neglected. Moreover, there are other things to consider; how we need to know more about the enemy than we currently have manpower to dedicate to the research. The crew and I need to focus on keeping this ship functional, and we have not had the time to thoroughly analyse the correspondence we have found. We, the Senior Staff, had to escape far too early, and there are too many unanswered questions. I need someone who can work on this full-time, and continuously keep the staff informed of any new findings made through sub-space correspondence and SI clearance to the Federation database."

The question, or the offer, was unspoken. She had already said she had turned herself over to his absolute command, though he had yet to give her the role of a command support staff position - plainly an advisory function for the Senior Staff of the ship. While not having a Bridge posting, she would be close at hand and be on the Main Bridge as required.

One question remained, and he dealt it to her in a quiet voice.

"Would you have been able to follow through with your orders?"

Jien knew it to be a question that either answer might doom her, depending on how she motivated it - how it would reflect upon her continued services.

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Nerina laughed as he said the name of the band, and slowly finished off her drink as he continued to discuss the music. When he offered to play some, she paused, realising that it wasn't exactly procedure to visit a pilot in his quarters, even if it was purely to listen to music. But then, when she looked at him...

The various conflicting ideas and demands in her head all clambered for attention, and she eventually settled on an answer. She smiled at him, and put down her glass. "That does sound like fun... But my roommate back at the Academy was obsessed with the Stones. Every evening, she'd be playing their songs and dancing around, singing to them. I could probably do that entire Satisfaction song from heart now." she said, laughing, her answer deliberately vague. She wasn't about to jump into his bed just yet, but she wasn't shutting him off either. She kept her distance, slightly, but she still stayed upbeat. She smiled at him again. "Well, I do think the other crew members may want to buy you a round now, however..." she said, sighing softly, as she began to take her leave.

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Edena had acted as a spy for Starfleet Intelligence for years, and before her, Jona had been one of it's top agents.  How ironic that she would now be using the skills they taught her to spy on them.  "There is only so much I can do without drawing attention.  SI might wish for the coordinates to this ship in order to prepare an ambush, and if I refuse that, it could be the end of my cover then and there.  We would need to find ways around making them avoid issuing a termination order." 

Edena's head shot up, her mind allowing another host it's time to speak.  This time, it was Illya, speaking with an idea of her own.  The culture, high and might tone of her voice made her unmistakable.  "If the Federation had reason to believe you were seeking out allies elsewhere, they would want to know who.  Edena could send an encoded message back to SI, informing them that the Captain has arranged to meet with some old associates whom he believes can resupply and rearm the ship.  Starfleet Intelligence would never allow such a threat to go unknown.  It would buy some time."

There was a slight dip in Edena's head, as she returned to being the central personality again, and finally stood herself back up.  She had to take the time to consider what Jien had asked.  "I don't know if I could have.  I know Jona could, and would have used any doubt in my mind to take over and finish the job.  But I also know that as cold as he sounded, he has never been in a situation where he has needed to put a termination order into effect.  He treats such an order almost the same as a captain would issuing a self-destruct."

[Below Deck]

If it was just a matter of spending more time at the bar, he would have been fine with his invitation not being taken.  Seeing Nerina walk away, however, was something he didn't want to tolerate.  His only hope was that some part of her that was Klingon would be unable to refuse a challenge.  It didn't have to be battle; more a challenge of her integrity.  "Liar."  He called her, arms crossing, waiting to see if that much got her attention.  "A roommate back in the Academy played it all the time?  You know the words from heart?  You didn't even get the band's name right."

A small grin formed on his face, as he began to outright challenge the woman.  "Look, I get it.  You wanna get out of here before everyone finds out you can't hold your liquor and don't know how to have any fun.  You bow out now, and you save face."  Taunting a Klingon woman, even one who was half human, was never a wise idea, yet there was a part of Nathaniel that thought that even when she was angry, Nerina might still manage to be just a little sexy.  That was worth seeing, if it came to that.

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At that, Jien grunted. "There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done," he said ruefully, "I heard something of both from Jona, while you say the latter be the case. I suppose I have to believe your words, since you evidently know him just a little tad better than me. I suppose that is a good quality, hidden behind his haughty defensive persona and shallow understanding about the moral consequences of his actions. However..."

Jien raked back some hair from his forehead and considered what that other nameless Trill-ghost had said, not being able to remember whom it might might be. He began to pace a bit again, yet this was no longer a wolf stalking its prey. " for the use of misinformation, I think there are merits to be found there. However, if SI move to investigate any claim you make about fake old associates, your cover is blown regardless. No, the associates have to be real, and they have to be so clean that SI cannot pin anything on them."

The aforementioned being something that they ought to dwell upon at a later time, Jien came to a stop - considering the Trill and her future aboard.

In the end, Jien turned to the brig officer and gave him a nod - a simple nod that told it all - so the forcefield vanished. He turned back to Edena, and despite the occasion, it was not the time for smiles. "You do understand... that you have a steep hill indeed to climb if you are ever to earn back the trust you lost, from every single crewman on board - not to mention Thea? One meagre way to remedy this... is that you don your new uniform and openly walk this ship together with a crew from Operations, removing each and everyone of your contraptions and sub-routines in plain view."

Only then, did Jien extend his calloused hand to his new Intelligence Officer.

"Welcome aboard the USS Theurgy, Lieutenant Commander Edena Rez."

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The force flickered for a moment before vanishing again; a sure sign it had been deactivated, along with the sight of the metal edges of the small alcove no longer lighting up with that glowing blue; the energy field was now inactive.  She wasted no time stepping out, just so she could be standing in a place she couldn't just a few seconds before.  The sense of freedom was a relief to her, even in front of the ship's commanding officer.  He already had her first assignment; to undo the very same damage that she herself had put in place.

"Before I do so, I would like to recalibrate the ship's internal sensors, so that you can detect everything I did.  I wish you to see everything before I begin, so there is no question that I have not removed every single component and subroutine from the ship."  It seemed a simple request, and one meant to assure that Jien was fully aware of everything beforehand, as well as being able to later sweep and find the modifications she made were no longer present.  She knew her word had to be tainted by her actions, and hoped this offer would be the first step up that steep incline that Jien had mentioned to her.

Looking around for a PADD, she quickly located one, and began to input a series of numbers, creating a coding sequence capable of detecting her changes.  "SI officers have developed a new signature; each of us use a new frequency when covering out tracks, which almost acts as an identifier to our work.  Only Starfleet Intelligence's central headquarters has access to the list of all the frequencies, but at least with this one, you can detect any hidden data or subroutines I have installed anywhere in the last five years, be it on this ship or any other."  Edena handed the PADD over to Jien, allowing him to make the necessary input to the ship's sensors personally, and locate all of her work.

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After shaking her hand, Jien accepted the PADD from Edena's hand

"Permission granted, and I will run this buy the Chief of Operations and the Chief Engineer. In the meantime, I would venture to guess you would like to move your personal belongings to your new quarters and freshen up. I'll give you one hour, and then I will have a couple of Operations Officer waiting outside your door, ready to follow along to assist you in your first task. I will also announce your pardon and your new position aboard over the comm."

With the PADD in his hand, Jien walked with Edena towards the exit of the Brig. "Worth knowing is that we have located an M-Class planet named Niga that we will enter orbit of in order to resupply and repair the ship. We are currently in the Mahewa System and have effectively escaped the Fleet - now in hiding in order to regroup for our stealthy voyage back into proper Federation space. If you care to learn the extent of the ship's damage, I suggest you speak with someone in Engineering at first given opportunity."

Stepping outside, Jien exchanged quick words with the Andorian Deputy, telling her about Edena's release, before returning his attention to the Trill. Behind his shoulder, ThanIda zh'Wann seemed not too convinced this was a wise thing to do, but her antennae and eyes turned away without comment - restoring Edena's security clearance aboard the ship though a wall panel.

"Best of luck, 'Commander. Do not disappoint me again," said Jien, his face quite serious, "The Quartermaster on Deck 02 will be able to help you locate your new accommodations. I will speak with you later on to make sure everything has been accounted for in your assignment."

And this, the Captain left here there in the Security Department - the sliding doors closing behind his back.

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The security clearance meant almost as much as the clearance to leave the brig.  There was nothing quite like the idea of putting some distance between herself and that confined space.  As suggested, she found and spoke with the quartermaster, and acquired his help in locating her new quarters, where her belongings had been moved to.  She knew everything she had must have been looked through as part of the investigation into her, which had a way of making her feel a bit violated.  It was something she could blame no one for, however.  It was what they had to do in response to her own actions.

Waiting for her was a new uniform, featuring the red command division color, to replace the blue she had been wearing previously as part of her false identity.  Having been a science officer before she was an agent, she was used to the color, but she did feel there was more prestige in the red; it was the color more commonly worn by leaders, after all.  removing her outer jacket and casting it onto the chair in front of her, Edena took hold of the hem of her shirt and began to pull up, stopping near the naval to look toward Jona.  "Eyes forward, soldier."  She commented, noting that even if he was a part of her now, he wasn't getting a free show.  Pulling the shirt off over her head, and dropping the trousers, she was left in her underwear.

Being in the brig always left a feeling a dirtiness on a person.  A sonic shower was the perfect thing to remedy that feeling.  Stepping into her bathroom, she pulled off her shirt-like underwear, exposing her moderate frame; she was petite, and while she did have some shapely curves, she was a bit undersized in the breast department, especially when compared to Illya and Kiya, whom she felt like were flaunting their figures, though they were simply standing around.  Hands to the waistband of her final piece of clothing, she wiggled her hips to help get out of them more easily, letting them slide to the floor, and leaving her body bare in front of her small mirror.

Entering the small chamber that was the sonic shower, Edena activated it.  The vibrations in the hair helped to loosen away dirt and any other contaminants on her body, as well as to deeply massage her body, while a degree of steam would wet her body and warm her up.  She drew her hands across her face, and through her hair, as it was moistened and became flat against her head, rather then it's normally frizzed look.  Afterward, her hands pressed against the wall of the shower, simply allowing the shower to do it's work for a while, during which time she allowed herself to be lost in thought.

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Below Decks

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Nerina was just about to leave the room when his 'Liar' hit her. She stopped, and listened, silently, as he laid out his thinking, challenging her. As he finished, she turned around, and stared at him.

In that brief moment, her guard slipped, and a sneer was across her face, anger and annoyance and almost rage crossing her face as she tried, desperately, to stop herself lunging at him and snapping his neck like a twig. She might, had she been outside her body and in someone else, have conceded that her chest was heaving in a pleasing fashion, but at that point all she could do was stop her Klingon blood boiling.

She then took the few steps back to the bar and leaned over, grabbing another bottle of the cider that Regal had gotten out and left, roughly pulling it open and then begin to chug it down, the bottle empty in several seconds. She slammed it down, her eyes closed. She then opened them, and turned to face him.

And she began to sing.

If this was a holonovel, she'd have the voice of an angel and it would be loud and proud and at the end of it the whole room would applaud. But this was real life, and thus her voice had practically no range, the song coming out at almost a drone, and softly, just loud enough for Nathaniel to hear. But the song's melody was in there, somewhere, and more importantly she did indeed sing the song, word for word.

As she came to the end, she cracked her knuckles. "I didn't recall the band name because I hated her for playing the records while I was trying to study." she said, her tone of voice a mixture of triumph and defiance.

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That look on her face was one he never got used to seeing in a Klingon female.  He couldn't tell if it was going to end with a punch to his face, or if she was going to end up biting his jaw; the sign that she wanted to mate with him.  of course, both of that supposed that she was following her Klingon side.  If she were human, it could have just as easily ended with a slap for his attitude.  In a fight, a Klingon could take a Vulcan normally, but in their case, it could have went the other way.  As where most Vulcan did not train physical, Nathan did, while Nerina followed the path of a Starfleet officer, rather then a Klingon warrior.  It might have bridged the gap between their capabilities, or even put the advantage in his corner.  He was hoping it didn't come to blows, though; he was more interested in another kind of physicality.

When she actually began to sing, he raised an eyebrow, and suppressed a grin in her direction.  Instead, he listened to her rendition, finding her words to be accurate.  It proved she wasn't lying . . . not that he was actually accusing her in the first place.  He was just looking for any way he could to keep her from leaving.  When she finished, his hands came up to give a small clap, trying not to draw too much attention to her, but providing her some praise for her performance.  "You definitely know the words, and I'm impressed you actually sang it in front of everyone . . . even if you did contain your voice."  He smiled her way, allowing her the victory she had obtained.

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Nerina shook her head. "Please, I'm one of only a few beings who get named in Starfleet Regulations under Cruel and Unusual Punishment, I'm not allowed to sing within 1000 yards of a prisoner." she said, smiling at him as she made the joke, her skin blushing slightly as the alcohol burnt off slightly and she realised what, exactly, she had done. She was by no means shy, but she much preferred ordering or just plain public speaking than anything artistic. The idea that she had just sung in a public place was... She couldn't quite believe it. And yet, it happened.

"Now, that said, I really should be heading back to my quarters. If I've proven in your mind that I'm not a liar, Mr. Isley, I will bid you goodnight." she said, giving him a slightly overblown bow, and then she turned to leave. However, her step was unsteady, and she began to fall, her arms flailing slightly in his direction as she slowly but surely began to fall to the ground, the alcohol having seemingly headed straight to her feet.

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"I'm sure it can't be all that bad."  Nathaniel responded.  Sure, she might not have made it as a professional singer or anything, but he wouldn't say her voice was something that would have inflicted punishment upon others  Simply making her perform, even if it was through a challenge, was a big step for her, he imagined, based on the impression she gave of herself.  "You had the courage to get up and sing, and that should say something.  Klingon warriors will tell tales of this day."  He made it sound like glorious battle, which for her, it could have been; a social battle she had fought and won that day.

Her unsteady body began to stagger, and he was quick with his motions to catch her.  Her body was denser then her figure might have suggested, which made her weight quite surprising.  A normal human might have fell over trying to catch her, but Nathan had his Vulcan half giving him a physiology stronger then the typical Earthling.  With his appearance looking completely human, however, it often caught others by surprise when he displayed that strength; however.  The only thing that separated his looks from a standard human was the blood in his veins, which made his skin take on more of a green appearance then a red when he was overexerted, or blush ran to his face.  Neither of those cases applied to him just then. 

"Wow, looks like you didn't inherit a Klingon constitution.  I'd better make sure you make it back to your quarters, and don't stumble out an airlock."  He put his hands on her arms, standing behind her and just to the side, acting to keep her from going too far to the left or right, as well as bracing her back and enabling himself to pull her back if she went too forward.  Covering every direction she might have gone in, it still allowed her the freedom to walk, and could thus show him the way to her room, where he could make certain she arrived safely.  "I'm sorry about calling you a liar.  It wasn't that I didn't believe you.  I was just looking for an excuse to make you stay longer."

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It was with determined steps that Ida made her way to the newly occupied Senior Staff quarters belonging to Edena Rez. Without further a due, she simply overrode the lock upon the door with her position as Deputy Chief of Security on board the Theurgy and entered the rooms. She had also made sure to deactivate the internal sensors in the room. No one on board would know about what was about to transpire.

With her antennae angled forward, she looked around and listened, seeing both with her midnight blue eyes and her sensitive appendages. After swiftly determining that the new Intelligence Officer was on the head - taking a sonic shower - she pulled her hand phaser from her hip and stepped into the hazy room.

She lingered not for a moment, simply stepping up to the shower and opening it with her freehand. She then extended her hand to clasp it around Edena's neck - pushing her against the far wall. If not the phaser in her hand - trained against her flat abdomen - held her still, the grip around her neck and the mask of death she wore over her blue facial features would give her pause enough to pre-emptively raise her voice and override any objections.

"Hear my words, Pinkskin," she hissed between her teeth, her scowl uncompromising, "know what I am to say as facts indisputable. I do not trust you for a single moment, and I find the Captain's benediction of your crimes against this crew a grave mistake. You should have wilfully died instead of showing your true colours. Died, rather than betray your friends, as anyone of this crew would have done for you!"

Raising her phaser, she pressed the cold muzzle up underneath her jaw - raising her chin and pressing her head against the wall. "I may have given you the security clearance since I was ordered to do so by my Captain... yet know that I will never let a single action you do go unwatched. While I draw breath... you will hold yours."

The Andorian former guardsman's glare was cold, and brutally honest in its crystal clear hate. "Do you understand, Pinkskin?"

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Nerina snorted at his complimenting her singing, not bothering to reply. She knew her voice wasn't that bad, but she also knew she was no singer. His attempts to make it into some sort of personal victory didn't really press any of her buttons, in anything it ended the topic quicker as she wasn't one to crow about her victories.

But after she began to fall and he caught her, she softened slightly to him. As she slowly began to walk away she spoke. "I'm fine, thank you Pilot. But I will accept your offer for a walk." she said as she began to head to her quarters, her walk one of confidence even if she was still leaning on him.

They were next to the turbolift when he admitted his reason for lying. "Really?" she asked, her voice surprised before she shook her head as the lift opened. She stepped in, and leant against the back wall. Her face was slightly flushed, her hair toused a little, as one hand went to her hip. With her hips forward and head back, she looked at the pilot with a mixture of emotions and alcohol on her face. "It's bad form to lie to a superior, Mr. Isley. But perhaps it's warranted in this case." she said, her free hand waving at him to enter the lift, her eyes taking in his form with a long, slow gaze.

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[Edena's Quarters]

The sound of someone entering her bathroom caught her attention.  Edena turned towards the door, where she could see a figure outside through the foggy glass.  Even with her own figure obscured by the steamed up shower door, her hands still moved to cover strategically, one arm going across her chest, while her free hand cupped over her crotch.  "Who's out there?"  She asked, knowing it had to be someone with clearance to get past her door's security; that left only a hand full of people it could have possibly been.

She was startled by the opening of the door, and the hand that grasped at her throat.  It had been enough to make her forget her nudity, and raise her hands defensively at first, only for them to end up pressed against the wall in a form of surrender, as her eyes shut tightly.  Her heart was beating heavily for a few seconds, before she seemed to begin calming down, even with a phaser pressed against her bare torso.  She reacted to none of the words that were spoken, nor when the phaser was brought to her jaw.  It was only when Ida had finished talking that her eyes finally opened, and displayed much more confidence then one would have expected from the Trill.

"Sorry, but Edena isn't available right now.  She fainted about three seconds after you stuck that hand phaser to her skin."  Came a voice commonly associated with Illya; the kind of high society, sophisticated tone that made her appear like some kind of noblewoman.  Her eyes moved downward, taking a look at the effects of the steam on Ida's uniform, leaving it wet and clinging to her figure.  "You might be a bit overdressed for here, Babe.  If you want to join me, you should have taken off your work clothes first, don't you think?"

She was unafraid of the weapon brandished against her, and with good reason.  "You're not going to fire that thing.  You'd be the one in the wrong if you did.  You barge into another officer's quarters, using your security clearance for your own benefit, and hold a weapon to me.  Can't claim self-defense either . . . I'm not exactly wearing anything that can conceal a weapon."  Illya had been a criminal in her lifetime, using her ability to psychoanalyze in combination with great improvisational acting to con people into doing what she wanted.  For her subsequent hosts, it helped to keep them out of trouble as intelligence officers, and to better pass off as whatever role they were hiding behind.

Illya brought hand up, a pair of fingers pressing against the phaser and slowly brushing it away, so that it was no longer aimed directly at her.  "You had your mission and I had mine, Babe.  That's why I am not offended that you are here playing mama bear on me now; as the one most responsible for the safety of this crew, I have nothing but respect for your actions.  My mission has changed though.  I'm no longer under the orders of Starfleet Intelligence . . . I'm under the orders of Captain Jien Ives.  The best way we can both do our jobs is to forget everything, and start fresh.  If you can't do that . . . well, I suppose we could try kissing and making up."

[Below Deck]

The walk to the turbolift wasn't eventful.  Nerina managed to keep her footing well, preventing any need for him to rush to keep her vertical.  Once inside, and the destination named, they were on their way, the soft hum of the lift acting as the only form of silence breaker between their exchange of words.  "I figure I would get away with lying to a superior officer so long as I was off duty.  If that's not the case, then perhaps she knows some way I can makes amends for my transgressions?"  His words were flirty, implying that whatever means he could use to repay her might have been best left in private.

Within that small space, there was little to see, leaving him without any real need to be sneaky in taking a look at her.  It only helped his case that he seen her doing the same to him.  Often times, that was enough of a signal between a consenting pair for something to occur, but he kept himself reserved, continuing to simply drink in her appearance as the lift brought them to their desired point of exit.  "So . . . what does a healthy female Human-Klingon do around here to keep such a lovely figure?"  He was being less discreet with his flirting, coming outright with statements about her attractiveness.  Such forwardness might have come off a bit surprising, but games were often too slow for his tastes.

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It was true that Ida, in her liberated passions as an artist aside from her currently acted-upon duties and her Andorian strong sense of right and wrong, had come to appreciate the fairer sex in manners not limited to a canvas... yet despite the invitation, and the bare view that both appealed to her artistic senses as well as in more... direct manners, Ida was merely aggravated by the Trill's words. She chose to enlighten the despicable spy about the situation as a whole, given how the current persona had a rather... cavalier attitude towards her own life and the ramifications of Ida's factual promises.

For they were no idle threats.

"I don't care whom you currently are," she said and she offered a smile of her own, though her scowl lessened by not even a hair, "It makes no difference to me. You, her, or any damnable soul hiding behind those eyes, you are all equally guilty. Just as my mercy is equidistant with my wish to acquiesce to your petty distractions. Yet for you, Lieutenant Commander Rez, it is far more important to know whom I am."

Her blue fingers still gripping the Trill's throat, she let the muzzle of her phaser wander - skimming down her neck and along her collarbone. "First, this weapon that I am holding is set to level 10, and it would mean that this sonic shower be dusted with your cremated remains when I press this trigger long enough," she said, her eyes lowering to trace the path of her weapon - not only to see her glistening flesh yield to the pressure of the muzzle, but to also catch any unwanted bodily movements. The weapon was running down her chest now - into the valley between her breasts. "Secondly, you fail to take into account that you are facing the Deputy on board, and I will be the one leading the investigation of your murder... which - sadly - will not be progressing very far. One need to take into account the greater crisis we face, and the importance of our mission back to Federation Space. Priorities, 'Commander, does not always merit those already dead in the face of the potential increase of bodies in the morgue."

The weapon circled the silken swell of her left breast casually, yet Ida only let he back of her mind process the view - to remember it for future reference when she had a moment to pull out her drawing utensils. She could already picture the forbidden result, knew she could never save it if push came to shove in these ripe moments.

"You give me little credit in the means of wiping my tracks. You think only Starfleet Intelligence can keep their backs clear in their secret endeavours? Believe me when I say that your murder will be but a footnote in this ship's accumulated logs, if perhaps later noticed due to the lack of a solution. These harsh times merits harsh methods, and most of the crew would stand me by in this decision - for the sake of their survival and not just for the injustice they have suffered up until this point. Justice may be blind, yet my eyes are completely open. You are a hazard walking these corridors, and the Theurgy is at stake with all the people on board. A very ripe and potential threat."

Ida raised her eyes, and the phaser came up to brush against her soft lips - the weapon's muzzle just underneath the locked horns of their eyes.

"Who do you think I am to believe you have severed your ties with Starfleet Intelligence, Pinkskin? You are merely following protocols for each potential development. Who are you to tell me that the next message you send to Earth will not contain our location in the Mahewa System?"

Ida noticed that her heart was racing despite her cold words, and she knew the reasons to be mixed - only chose to not acknowledge it.

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