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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 02 [0930 hrs.] Shaking That Itch
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @SarahBerry


Alistair listened to Sarah's answer attentively, reading her expression as she spoke, and he smiled with melancholy at her last. "I envy your certainty," he said quietly, speaking more somberly than he had so far. "For what it's worth, your instincts are dead on. The Theurgy is on the right side of this. I've met the Infested, two of them. I barely survived both times." He lifted his right forearm pointedly, the scar still visible; the wound was less than two days old. "They exist, they're every bit as dangerous and evil as you've heard, and they have to be defeated. Everything depends on it. I've seen what happens when they win."

Alistair sighed, rubbing between his eyes wearily. "Thank you for indulging me. I'm just trying to figure people out, why they...uh, why we choose to fight, and why we choose to keep fighting." He glanced at Sarah with a trace of embarrassment. "I...uh, I signed on to Starfleet for selfish reasons. I wanted to indulge my curiosity about the universe, nothing more. I never wanted to do any of this hero stuff. I'm terrible at hero stuff. I keep looking round, expecting to see someone properly qualified standing next to me who'll take over and send me back to my normal boring job while they save the galaxy. It's not happening, though."

After a moment, Alistair shook his head before looking at Sarah again. "I didn't have much of a choice with this; I was...uh, volunteered, rather than given the chance to volunteer. I keep asking myself, if I had the opportunity to choose this fight, would I have said yes, or would I have turned away?" He paused, frowning. "I think I would have said yes. I hope that I would've said yes, like you did, like so many others have. It's irrelevant anyway, since I'm making that decision every day that I stay here. I do wonder, though."

Alistair winced then in realisation. "Oh crap. Sorry Sarah, I'm rambling. I do that too sometimes, I'm prone to that." Thinking back, he added with an awkward smile, "Uh, you can call me Alistair, by the way. If you like, that is, if you...erm, prefer. It's the same number of syllables as 'lieutenant'. I never like being called by my rank, even when working."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 7 [1630 hrs.] An Evening in the Big Easy
Last post by oberonfrost -
| Rylan Sil | Deck 21, Holodeck 4 | U.S.S. Theurgy | @Tae

"Etouffe, if I have to choose," Rylan said as the pair started stroll under the oaks, "but to be honest I was craving boudin balls when I picked the program." He didn't recognize the song, but the saxophone melody droned on hauntingly as they turned a corner and made a beeline for the restaurant with the enticing simulated aromas.

Rylan hoped that she wouldn't be upset at the way he'd cut her off in front of the captain. "No camera and everything is off the record the record. That said, this whole thing is kinda crazy, right?" He signaled to the hostess that they needed a table for two and the holographic server led them through the tangled oyster house to a small table deep in the back. "Parasites and Borg, who knows what else."

Just then a waitress sat down classes of water and a basket of cheesy biscuits. Rylan motioned for Nara to order first, then followed suit. With their drink orders placed he went on. "I don't think I actually caught your name...?" Maybe she had said it back at the embassy and he missed it, preoccupied with impromptu presentation he had accidentally attended.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
Last post by Tae -
CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

There was a seething pain and anger in Nara. A flash of it went through her eyes, not directed at Asra. Nara felt like she'd failed herself with her experiments. If she'd gotten further before being found out, maybe she'd still be an officer. She was getting lost in her head and decided to probably spend most of her night in the gym in the next few hours. Unhealthy, yes, but she had a few years of stress and anger to let loose finally. And Asra, a friend though she was wasn't the type of person to understand that much pressure.

Nara had very nearly missed Asra's following words, even as she meets her friend's eyes, and a smile slowly tugs onto her lips. Being offered her old research back, that was a new one.

Damn, I wish Asra were my new CO and not Vanya.

Nara shook her head and smiled at the offer, almost blushing. Being offered her old research back was a boon that she'd never have imagined. And it was a temptation that Nara never wanted.

"Make sure those particular files are encrypted and buried, for the time being, Asra, because Vanya said that she'll speak with the Captain about my research. I want that, I do, you have no idea, but I was ordered not to recreate anything more until I hear back from Captain Ives about that particular line of research." Nara did her shrug then and took a moment to relax. It was easy for her by now. Put it out of her mind, and let it go, drifts off and put that behind her.

The comment from Asra about spending time in the gym made her smile, even if it was a bit of a bitter-sweet gesture. It was nice that her efforts were noticed, even if she did little to hide it. Though Asra did give her a few ideas, so she noticeable more cheerful this time around, moving on from the melancholies of the discussion.

"Asra, I have not joined the modern world with holodecks. Not for anything more than using a track or going for a hike. The embassy was nice, but they didn't have a holodeck because it is on a planet after all. I'm still reading books, though I have had to move to a PADD; enlisted quarters kinda suck. I'm in a bunk bed, even here, and I have no idea who my roommate is supposed to be. I think I might be alone, but I kind of doubt that. We'll see if I get anyone over the next few days. If you're asking if I'd like to go run a program with you, then sure, I'm happy to do so. I've got nothing going on for the next few hours."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Day 1 [1500 hours] 39 Problems
Last post by oberonfrost -
| Rylan Sil | Hotel Jarantine | First City | Qo’noS |

Klingons have always had a hard culture, and that was generally reflected in everything from their vaunted warships to their very minimalist furniture. Luckily for offworlders, like Rylan Sil, who came from a very different and much softer background, the Hotel Jarantine did not ascribe to tradition and offered a much more comfortable experience for its guests. The building's exterior still bore the hallmarks of an ancient temple, the interior had been converted into a modern commercial wonder ideal for alien diplomats and others not used to ‘Klingon hospitality.’ The Federation News Network started off all of their correspondents assigned to Qo’noS in a small suite at the Jarantine. It was only a temporary arrangement for the first few weeks until other, more permanent arrangements could be made. Rylan was already pushing the boundaries of temporary accommodation at this point, but it was hard to beat the hotel for comfortable, alien friendly accommodations in the First City.

The suite he had been provided was small but plush, even by Risian standards. Rylan was silently thankful that the staff had been by to tidy up while he’d been locked in at the Federation embassy last night and earlier that morning. He plucked the two PADDs that he’d been given back at the embassy from his left jacket pocket and plunked them down on the wooden tabletop in the sitting area. One had been given to him by Ms. Barnum, who was part of the embassy staff, and the other had come from Thea, the holo-presence of the mysterious starship Theurgy, currently in planetary orbit. From his right pocket he lifted out Mera, his multi-functional camera drone and depressed the activation trigger with his thumb. The thrum of the drone’s tiny antigrav generator was barely discernible as it floated away from his hand and awaited command.

Rylan turned away at first, just letting Mera hang in the air. He ran a hand through his rust-colored hair and looked at the replicator. Captains Ives and Jackson had given him plenty to think about back at the embassy. Now he just needed to do the thinking. Rylan punched a button at the top of the Klingon replicator nestled in the wall just across from him. “Two shots of vodka and a pot of deka tea with one mug,” he ordered. The order appeared in a shimmer of crimson and gold accompanied by a faint whine. Rylan immediately knocked back the first of the vodka shots. He savored the burn as it went down. “Okay, Mera, access the FNN data network and get me everything that’s been published on the U.S.S. Theurgy and Captain Jien Ives in the last nine months and put it on the monitor.”

The drone chirped in response and the small monitor on the desk across the room lit up. An expansive list of articles and holos began to populate on the screen. Rylan sighed and downed the second vodka shot. He lifted the replicated ceramic teapot and accompanying mug from the nook then made his way to the desk. He pulled yet another PADD from the desk, one of many that he’d stashed away in the suite at the Jarantine and poured himself a cup of the tea. Then he was ready to dig in and start taking notes.

“Kevin Alton,” he muttered to himself as he looked through the bylines on the list. “Kevin Alton, Kevin Alton…. Almost every one of these was put out by Alton.” Rylan didn’t know the other reporter personally, but he was familiar with the name. Kevin Alton was a longtime FNN veteran. His reporting on the Dominion War had been far better sourced and received than Rylan’s own. Alton had several awards for journalism sitting on a shelf somewhere. And Kevin Alton was well respected by his peers.

“Mera,” Rylan said, glancing back and looking at the drone hovering over his shoulder. “While I read, scan the located media and compare to the tactical logs from the Theurgy. Identify any inconsistencies between the two and compile a database.” The drone chirped again and began working silently.

“Okay Mr. Alton, let’s see what you’ve got to say,” Rylan said to himself as he pulled up the first of the many articles Mera had located and began reading.

Rylan had only managed to make it through the first three articles with Kevin Alton’s byline before Mera’s digitized voice said, [Analysis complete.] He turned away from the desk and looked at the drone. “How many?”

[Thirty-nine inconsistencies found,] the drone acknowledged flatly.

“Thirty-nine?” Rylan repeated, surprised at such a large number.

[Affirmative. Thirty-nine,] the drong replied.

“It was rhetorical,” Rylan said tersely. “Save the list; we’ll come back to it later.” He turned back to the screen and delved back into the archive of articles. As he sipped his deka tea and scribbled notes on the PADD at his side, Rylan noted how nothing he’d seen so far had made any indication of the type of conspiracy that Ives and Jackson had intimated back at the embassy.

Over an hour later the pot of deka tea was empty. Rylan had reviewed all of Kevin Alton’s articles and holos relating to the Theurgy, as well as the handful of others that bore a different byline. Mera had the list of discrepancies between the reporting and ships tactical logs displayed as a hologram in the empty air of the hotel suite. Thirty-nine items that were either different between the two or were missing from one or other all laid out in neat little rows. “Where are the Borg?” he said as he ran a hand through his already tousled hair.

[References to the Borg occur in the U.S.S. Theurgy tactical logs beginning at stardate…] Mera began.

“Rhetorical!” Rylan snapped, exasperated already at the steaming pile he seemed to have stepped into.

“The other night at the bar, there were those drunk Klingons singing… wasn’t there something about the Borg there?” he wondered aloud to himself. He’d been half-drunk on bloodwine at the time but he was sure someone had mentioned a cube in one of those songs that were being sung around him. “Mera, scrub the bar footage from last night and look for any references to Borg or cubes.”

[Working,] Mera affirmed. There were a few seconds of tense silence when Rylan wondered if he maybe imagined it. Bloodwine never did quite agree with him. [Footage located,] Mera said finally.

“Play it,” Rylan said. He watched as a holographic display from inside ‘Iwllj jachjaj resolved itself in the air before him. The ruckus of the drinking house played over Mera’s integrated audio system. It was difficult to make it out at first, but after two playbacks he found it and was able to use the drone to isolate it. There was only one line that was really clear but it had to be a reference to the Borg being at the battle in the Azure Nebula. There was no other explanation for the words that made any sense.

“One more time, audio at max,” Rylan said and the hologram skipped back to the beginning of the isolated section.

The voice of the burly Klingon bard erupted in Rylan’s hotel suite. "...'a ship as white as bone turned the tide, skewering the enemy's side, carving paths through which we rode, and saw the Queen and cube both explode."

Rylan was nodding as the line concluded and the playback stopped. “Yeah, that sounds like Borg to me. So why’s Alton not reporting on them?”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0200 hours] The crush of weights
Last post by Tae -
CM 1 Nara Nueva | Lower gymnasium | Deck 14 | vector 03 | USS Theurgy | attn: @Dumedion

Nara slightly frowned, hearing that Talia wasn't competing anymore, but a life in the fleet could easily preclude that. A smaller population than anything planet-based. Even with a crew of over a thousand, there wouldn't likely be enough people to put together a decent competition for the typically human sport. So she got it, of course, it wasn't like Track, where all you needed was a holodeck or a large enough ship. She focused on finishing the declines with the dumbells before saying anything more. She'd enjoyed the heavier weight, but the barbell was a completely different beast with the extra weight.

"That's unfortunate. You look like you could win the big one. Also, thank you kindly. I found some new motivation."

Nara's words were polite and even slightly evasive when she mentioned finding new motivation to train. While Nara knew her body quite well, Talia was right, the 16.9's would be too much for her, and she consents to the lower weight without any fuss going on there. Nara just nodded, listening to Talia tell about not finishing the doctorate that she worked so hard for back when they were at the Academy together. That meant that Talia had either dropped the studies and changed career tracks or become enlisted.

There's no way in hell you dropped the Academy and became an NCO, and you would have seen that through to the end.

Just before she gripped the bar and lifted it off the stops, those thoughts raced through her mind, the acceptance of the cardio session, Talia not finishing her Ph.D., being here now. Talia mentioned dying 'twice' and all of that coupled with realizing her past and what that meant literally right now. She slowly lowers the bar to her chest, keeping that focus on breathing and the mind-muscle connection. Nara was indeed making the exercises as hard on herself as possible, and that wouldn't do. Seeing Talia frown, though, she needed to have this talk while she was lifting and angry.

"I was at the Daystrom Institute." The first rep goes back up in a fast motion, not a four or even a six-count like with the free weights. This rep was a three, two counts down, one explosive angry pushup, Nara's muscles flaring and screaming to life, her voice nearly angry.

"Studying radiation." Two! The second rep same as the first, slow and controlled on the down motion, and as soon as the bar touches her chest, she explodes back up, gritting her teeth.

"Thalaron radiation." Three! The auburn-haired woman the anger out on her own, putting as much pain into the weights as possible. The offense was now showing on her face. She'd told Asra this two days ago, but that had served to bring the anger to the surface, and now it needed an outlet from her body and back into it through the iron.

"I moved to practical testing."  Four. Those words were bound to scare anyone that knew even part of what she did. Even in a controlled environment, Thalaron radiation was dangerous, and she knew that. That's whys he'd taken precautions, and that's whys he was here now, tensing her muscles as hard as she could to make the exercise that much harder, to feel that much more pain to drive away from her anger. Her form is still as close to perfect as possible.

"They found out." Five! Of course, they had. No secrets stayed that way forever. The athletic woman was angry at herself, Starfleet, and her commander. Furious, she'd failed before finding an answer. She couldn't fail her body, but it could fail her.

"I was right!' Six! Her models had been as perfect as she was trying to sculpt her body into becoming. The pain of being found out wasn't anywhere near enough vindication for her. So she'd found an outlet that had always worked for her in the past, the gym.

"Shinzon proved it." Seven! Another slow rep down and an explosive lift up, Nara's face slowly becoming redder than her hair. The reddening visage was as much from strain from the workouts as from talking about her demotion like this. Nara's arms and chest were alive with the pressure, her posture still rock-solid, and a vein began to bulge along each of her toned biceps. The veins snaking from her forearms, across the biceps, and to her toned shoulders. Not quite as fit as Talia's were, but still better than her academy days.

"They demoted me!" Eight! Nara gave it her all with that last push, screaming out the phrase as it hurt her to even think about it, and it did. Her career was where all of her stress and anger stemmed from, where all of her focus had gone. Nara should have stopped, making it two sets of eight, but she kept going, too mad to follow the plan.

"Sent me to Qo'noS!" Nine! While usually not a terrible assignment, embassies were great postings for security, operations, or command. Some careers thrived with an embassy posting on their resume. Scientists posted to Qo'noS were sent to that planet as punishment. Her reps were still solid; even if her pace slowed slightly, the motions were precise and even.

"Made me a clerk!" Ten! Nara finished the tenth and final rep setting the bar onto the stop with a clang.

She was still mad but knew where her failure point was. That tenth rep had been sloppy, and she didn't want to overdo it too much on her sets. Nara laid there for a time and seethed, angrier than Talia had probably ever seen her. But at least the frustration was slowly ebbing away.

"That's why I'm here every day destroying myself; that's why I train until I nearly pass out at the end of every shift. I've been given another chance here on the Theurgy to be a real scientist again, to use my doctorate."

There was pain and gratitude in Nara's voice then. Thankful that she could vent her anger in the room with someone else that would understand whys he pushed herself so hard. Failure and giving up were anathema to both women here, and she hoped and prayed that Talia knew that. Nara's anger wasn't directed at her at all. After fifteen seconds, she focuses again and puts her hands back on the bar.

"Let's finish these up and move to incline, and I'm glad to have you along for cardio day tomorrow." Nara forced a smile at that, giving the sable-haired woman a wink from her inverted position, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself as much as ready herself for the next exercise. With a dedicated look, Nara locked her eyes on the bar and wrapped her hands around it, prepared to begin the next set at her Spotter's word. Unless Talia thought they needed a moment, but they could always talk after, weights now and all that.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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 Lt Arven Leux | Breshanti Colony | Suspect Brewery | @Pierce @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia @SummerDawn

Arven heard the call for the grenades. No sooner had the order come than Arven lobs that foul machine away from him towards a group of Klingons away from where Cir'Cie had thrown hers. He'd managed to get a good angle from up on the catwalk and managed to get the device right into the center of a group of Klingons violently fornicating. Arven didn't wait to see what would happen due to that, and he gave a weary sigh doing his best to keep his thoughts in check. The drugs he'd taken were allowing him to focus barely, and then there was the fear and adrenaline of combat. He didn't get much of it on the Honshu, but Arven's time at the POW camp had filled his life with violence at different points. at least Arven thought he was in control still, he wasn't, that had left him as soon as the grenades began going off.

Finally getting up top and on the catwalk, Arven got a good view of the control room and spotted the Savi aliens he'd never seen before. The Savi were strange beings that were possibly behind everything or just another pawn. Arven didn't know and didn't care.

Right now, they were the reason they were here, their blood running hot and passionate against their will. This wouldn't do for the Trill. He was angry and could very likely fight against them hand to hand if they got close enough. Of course, no way would Arven do anyone any good. There was so much that Arven didn't know about combat, but he knew what it could take to stay alive.

He dialed his phaser up to the maximum setting, the doctor aimed at what looked like a ceiling support beam over the control room. And after a moment of taking aim, the Trill fired, missing wildly and hitting a glass skylight. The excited energy beam slammed into the glass and steel, causing an explosion in the glass panel.

Arven's missed shot succeeded in only drawing the attention of the Savi! The hostile aliens turn and begin to exit the control room, having taken notice of the Starfleet crew. Arven's violet eyes go wide, and he starts firing wildly in the general direction of the aliens. At the very least, he was providing a hell of a distraction, the phaser causing small explosions wherever the maximum power beam struck. Pieces of malt vats and stills breach and spew combinations of water, liquor, and other substance all over—masonry reduced to powder blowing out from wherever his phaser touched. If Arven was just trying to be distracting, He was doing a marvelous job, pinning the Savi down and drawing attention to himself.

But he was actually trying to hit the creatures, so Arven wasn't effective at all. He hadn't fired a phaser in years, not even in a defensive drill, and He'd never aimed to kill. Hopefully, Zark, a combat soldier, would manage to score a hit or drop some structure on the aliens. Right now, Arven was almost a danger to everyone, firing willy-nilly. How many shots did he even fire? 10, 20? Arven didn't know, and he also had no idea how many shots the power cells of the standard hand phasers even held.

Sensing that their attacker had no idea what he was even doing, the Savi begin to move, unnoticed by the Trill, the creatures moving towards the far wall where Arven wasn't firing or pelting with debris. The situation would get worse if no one noticed because Arven sure as fuck didn't.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0200 hours] The crush of weights
Last post by Dumedion -
[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Lower Gym | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

Talia smiled briefly at the compliment, watching Nara struggle through the last of her reps. She was pushing herself hard, and while Talia understood the predilection, everyone had limits. She watched her arms and chest spasming, offering her just enough support to get her through – no more, no less. There was always a bit of a learning curve when it came to new work-out partners; you had to learn their bodies and limits, and then give them just enough push to break through.

“No, no shows. I…left all that behind,” she murmured. “I see that you’ve improved from what I remember,” as if you ever needed to, she finished silently; gesturing quickly to the Doctor’s physique, “you were always in amazing shape,” she commented.

Unsure if it was just her imagination, she focused on the Doctor’s motions; it seemed like she was trying even harder to dial into her targeted muscle groups. Her breathing technique was amazing, the control over her body immaculate. Talia felt her eyebrows raise in appreciation for the effort and drive Nara was giving herself. She’s like me, she realized, too stubborn to know when to quit. Her eyes narrowed at the thought. Is that how I look, she wondered - So wrapped up in punishing myself that nothing else seems to matter?

Blinking herself free from the troublesome thought, she nodded to Nara as she released the barbells, resting for a moment. Then she reached for the weight-bar, setting her grips, and Talia gripped as well, locking her elbows out as she leaned on it. She checked the plates Nara had already slid on, questioning the weight given how close she’d just watched the woman come to failure. If she’s trying to impress me, she needn’t bother – but I’m not sure that’s her objective. Still, her gut told her that this would hurt her more than help, and Talia always listened to her gut in the pain-house.

"So, what about you, Talia, get that Doctorate in archaeology and ancient religions that you were shooting for? Also, want to meet up tomorrow for cardio? I can't wait to see if I can still smoke you on the track. Holodeck 05 tomorrow, same time if you want to join."

She took a moment to consider her answer, after making a decision: she dropped the 15.9s, sliding them from the bar, one in each hand. “Hope you understand – but I don’t think these will do much for you other than hurt yourself. I’ll swap them for a couple 11.4’s. You’ll still feel it, and you’ll push through all the way to the end,” she moved quickly to the rack, sliding the plates home. The second part of Nara’s question caused her to hesitate, as she thought about who she was back then and where she wanted to go. It opened the doors to melancholy and regret – not at her decisions – only the hand fate had dealt. Fucking Breen. Perhaps she just missed her uncle. Perhaps she just missed the life she was so sure of before she woke up on this ship. Doesn’t matter now, she sighed, working the tension out of her neck as she turned. Hell of a memory on her to even ask, honestly.

“I never finished my PhD,” she shrugged at Nara, returning to the bar with the plates. She slid them home with ease, pursing her lips for a moment. “I still keep up on some journals, keep tabs on a few interests; but it’s more a past-time now than anything,” she huffed, running a gloved hand over her face. “Especially now, with everything going on,” she murmured, gesturing to the ship. “As for the cardio,” she huffed, setting one hand on her hip, nodding to Nara’s legs. “I remember watching you set the track records my freshman year. 400 and 800 I believe,” she shook her head. “I’m not interested in dying twice, thanks. I’ll stick to my ropes and climbers – but I’d enjoy the company.” There. You said it – and didn’t sound like a simpleton. Good for you, her mind mocked her.

As the pair set their grips, Talia waited for the nod from the Doctor to set the bar before they began when she noticed Nara’s face darken considerably. Cocking her head, Talia felt herself frown at the sudden response. Did I say something wrong? “Doc-,” she started but caught herself, “Hey, Nara, what’s up?”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 02 [0930 hrs.] Shaking That Itch
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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

There wasn't much of anything showing up on scans red line. The neck strain was likely a little painful but he didn't seem visibly bothered by it- perhaps he was simply used to the ache by now. This was relieving to see however, despite how fast the code was passing by, there were no shots of red-coded DNA shooting by one screen that indicated a defect. Lowering the scanner, she focused on the bottom left side of his body, slowly waving the wand across him as she watched the screen with intently-focused eyes.

"Oh absolutely. It feels like ever since the reports of Theurgy came through- it's been months and months of speculation and rumors, firefights and lost lives. But I think at best it's been, what, a month? At best?" She shrugged softly, not quite meeting his eyes as she gazed at the screen. Though at his question, bright emerald eyes dipped upwards to look at him in a bit of surprise. It wasn't an odd question per say, she'd actually had much of the same conversation with Nurse Vojona. But it always felt at odds to describe her reasoning.

"Well, I-.." A pause. "Hm." She found trouble collecting her words suddenly, switching sides and scanning his lower right side as she found the correct thing to say.

"I guess it is perhaps childish, but it felt unfair." She reasoned, taking a step closer to keep the scanner in range. "You are Starfleet officers, there is no reason why you would go against the grain if there were not an exceptionally good reason to. And I just.. I have friends onboard Theurgy..several of them. I know them well and I believe them. It did not feel right to pass judgment on an entire crew without knowing all the facts, without hearing both sides. And aside from that, Theurgy needed medical staff. There are so many hurt and dying and not enough hands to care for them. What sort of nurse would I be if I allowed anyone to suffer when I could help?" Her normally soft expression changed to furrowed brows and a firm lip line as she worked, the quiet of sickbay dotting her words with a breathless silence.

"I do not have any family on Earth anymore, so even if I did pick wrong the wrong side, I have no one to disappoint." She gave a small smile then, pulling the scanner up and clicking off the light beam with a small click of a button. "But I have very strong gut instincts on people.. I am never wrong, so I am confident in my choice. Are you not, Lieutenant?"

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
Last post by Scavenger01 -
[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra jumped slightly at the physical contact, tensing all over before relaxing as she looked up in Nara's brown eyes, picking out the forgiveness from all the other emotions rolling inside them. She nodded along as Nara explained what had happened, a look of amazement taking over her face when Nara mentioned reconstructing a lot of her work from memory, imagining the effort that took blew her away. She agreed with pretty much everything that Nara said though a flash of guilt emerged at the mention of Starfleet rendering research into Thalaron radiation illegal. Taking a big sip of her drink Asra was about to start talking when Nara decided to add her new coping strategies to the explanation. Unable to resist the urge Asra's eyes flicked down raking across Nara's abdomen before speeding back up towards her face, a slight blush on her cheeks.

" Ummm I was working on some very specialized projects for a few years, so I may have had; complete access to the classified database at Daystrom" The last sentence was spoken in a rush and more into Asra's mug than at Nara. Looking back up Asra looked straight into Nara's eyes, " Since you wrote them would you like your research papers back, I'm not sure how many I still have but they might help fill in some of the more precise data you couldn't remember" Asra spoke softly lowering her mug to the table so she wasn't hiding behind it, she could only imagine if her research was taken how much she would want it back, given that this woman had amazingly recreated most of it she couldn't see any harm in it especially if she'd already told Lt Vanya that she had been researching it.

No matter what Nara's response it was definitely time to get this meeting back to happier topics " So! What does Dr Nueva get up to these days outside of the lab, the gym is obviously a given" Asra gestures to Nara's body " I don't suppose you've finally given in and joined the modern world with holotech or are you still on books?" Asra's voice carried a degree of forced levity both from previous conversations and unused to being in this environment but her cheeky smile and body language clearly showed she was not uncomfortable with the current situation.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara continued to sip her tea, her eyes shining with mischief slightly, shrugging as if it wasn't a big deal. Setting the half-empty glass of tea down she smiles, and leans back, draping an arm over her chair. She was prepared to be lectured to and always enjoyed a lesson now and again.

"Well, honestly, Asra, if you hadn't joined up, I would have tried to recruit you. I think I suggested it more than once. Even if you didn't join up fully, the SCE still could have used your theories. Besides, you went off to your next chapter, and I got blackballed from academia for being right." Nara would come back to that in a bit, for now, though, and she got to listen to Asra geek out about her work and what they did and didn't do.

"Right, that's why the Intrepid's are unique so far, and the variable geometry nacelles never went anywhere. I'd wondered if that was something that you cooked up, and it's good using the deflectors as a secondary emitter. That's necessary, especially with the multi-vector modes that are becoming prevalent. I'm glad that your work has some practical implications and uses." It was a joy to listen to Asra, the younger scientist was brilliant, and Nara just had to sit back and be amazed by the brilliance that this young woman had, amplified a little bit, perhaps by being joined now. Watching and listening to Asra go off on tangents and follow the train of thought. It didn't put her off at all, Nara was in academia, and she understood it. When you got a specialist talking about their particular field, they could go on at length for hours. And this was no different.

But then she watches Asra ask her questions and put the clues together. The work on Thalaron radiation, her current rank, hell, the fact that Asra knew about the avenues of work she was going down caused her to lift an eyebrow. And then came Asra's apology, which made her smile. Sure the topic was painful, but it had been a few years, so she'd mostly made her peace with that. Noticing that Asra was mortified by bringing up her demotion, Nara leaned forward and placed a strong, comforting hand on Asra's shoulder, squeezing it gently.

"Asra, it's ok because the reason that I'm even still in Starfleet is that I was right on all counts. I was right about how the radiation manifests, its wavelengths, and how weapons could use it. All of my theories proved to be correct due to the Shinzon incident. I'd moved to practical modeling in an attempt to find a way to shield against it, and that is when my superiors discovered my work. I kept a good chunk of it in my head and wrote a good portion of it down on paper, which I presented to Lieutenant Vanya when I came aboard just before my first shift. She says that she'll present my data to the Captain, and hopefully, we can find a way to stop future incidents like Paris. I always thought that Starfleet was wrong to make that research completely illegal, by the way. You need to know how to defend against a weapon because even if you don't have it, that doesn't mean your enemy doesn't." Nara spoke with conviction and let out a heavy sigh, seeming to relax then, though not wholly. She reached for her tea before continuing.

"Besides, I deal with the frustration now with way more training in the gym. Hell, you should see my abs. Also, just how high was your clearance level that you even knew about my work? Because that all got sealed." Nara winked at that and took up her glass to finish the sweet beverage. While Nara's comment might have been flirty, she was mostly teasing. She was significantly more into Asra as a peer and fellow scientist than a romantic partner. Besides, now they were in the same department, so there would have been a personal/professional conflict there. Besides, with as tight as her clothes were and that her arms and legs were bare, it was apparent that Nara had put on a fair bit of muscle in the intervening years. And Nara did pose an interesting question, looking paitiently over the top of her glass, curious about Asra's answer.
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