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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [1100 hrs.] Valravn Flight
Last post by ob2lander961 -
[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Nero 

When she heard those words from Wraith Via slowly increased her flight speed, having a feeling about what this training was going to be. The training was still somewhat fresh in her mind. The training center incident especially was, but as the event was so traumatic (as much as she won't admit it) she was able to lock it away and remember her time in the Tactical CONN pipeline.  After being told she only focused on one thing. "Beer", not because she was particularly fond of it, she much rather have a bottle of tequila, but after being cut off from any type of Alcoholic drink for several months, she was damn thirsty.

"That beer is goin' to be mine!!" Via exclaimed in the comm as she pushed forward on the throttle sending her fighter zooming after Wraith. Charles held onto his seat as the inertial dampeners lagged a bit before settling in. She received the Tactical Data from Hunter and brought it up on Via's HUD. He stammered as he spoke. "U-Uh, ok ma'am we are going to need to do Delta-2, Lambda-2, Beta-1, Omega-4, Sierra-1, Alpha-2, and Beta 1-4-0. I thin-"

Via cut him off "I think that ass is mine! Initatin' Beta-1. We gonna get the drop on him." She pulled back on the joystick sending her fighter into a gradual climb, then looked at where Wraith was on sensors. "Ha, gotcha!!" Via put her fighter inverted and dropped down activating her afterburners, attempting to close in onto the sensor circle.

Right now, all Via was focusing on was the objective, being first. Having a set target and mission was what Via preferred overelaborate battle maneuvers and tactics. The only reason why she remembered the defensive maneuvers was because her instructors had to drill each and every one of them into her head after she constantly went off and did something "off doctrine" during training. She was certainly a loose cannon, but when given an objective her sheer tenacity and girt made up for some of it. Whether it was going to help her now during this training was up in the air.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[Reggie Suder | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy ] attn: @ob2lander961‍  @ry‍  @Dumedion‍ 

Reggie had been content to watch the proceedings from the background.  For all the time she'd spent at the front of the pack drawing attention to herself to past few days, she was more than happy to  take a back seat and spectate this one.  And what she'd seen had not failed to entertain. her. 

She watched the fight between Arnold and Enyd, as well as the one between Wraith and zh'Wann to say nothing about the verbal sparring between Shadow and DixieBee some of which came at Frank's expense as DixieBee seemed to be drawing comparisons between Shadow and Franks respective Asses.

Reggie chuckled to herself at Franks comment and took a drag on her cigar .  "Something like that, I suppose," she replied to Frank.  "I don't know Al-Ibrahim all that well yet, but Via flies the four slot on my wing.  Had a training run with her this morning.  She's going to be a credit to the squad, both in an out of the cockpit."

She reflected on that for a moment, enjoying just how much of the 'work hard play hard' attitude she'd once had herself was apparent in Via.  Sure that attitude still existed for Reggie, but the years and, yes, her age had tempered some of that energy.  To a certain extent it reinvigorated her to see the unyielding, potentially naïve energy of youth back on her wing.  But at the same time, Reggie could only how that when...not if...Via had that experience...that one experience that changed everything, that the young woman wouldn't crash and burn.

"I have to say it's damn good to be back in the cockpit. "

She took a sip of her own drink. 

"Hey listen, I wanted to thank you again for earlier today.  I," she let out a sigh, "I needed that conversation.  Far more than I realized."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
Last post by RyeTanker -
[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Holodeck 05 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy]

@P.C. Haring @ob2lander961 @Dumedion

Frank had seen plenty of characters in his time, and any organization generated it's share.  Sometimes, they'd been steeped in sin for so long, one wondered how they were still in uniform.  Other times, like now, it looked like they had the makings of one and only time would tell how they turned out.  The smaller tequila smashing woman looked to be more of the latter variety as she boisterously declared nonsense left and right, much to the bearded man's amusement. Good to know my ass is still in good shape, even after all the sitting around I do.  Grandpa and grandaughter??  That's a new one. The Chief Engineer merely smiled as he took another sip of his scotch and he looked at his co-misidentified victim.  Talia didn't seem to take it too well as she downed her scotch quickly, always an impressive feat with something this peaty, and Frank felt his eyebrows rise in response.

Frank snorted out a chuckle as Talia stripped and kicked a gym bag that she wanted him to watch.  He took another sip and shrugged before nodding.   As the muscular pilot aggressively tried to draw the drunken pilot's attention, the engineer had to bring his glass to his lips to cover a smile.  Conventional wisdom suggested , what was her name, right, Via was going to get the pulp beaten out of her.  Blotto drunk on Tequila and Scotch, and barely able to stand up, but surprises could occur, so Frank held his counsel and kept an eye on the two. 

The Chief Engineer kept his eyes on the general direction of the ring as he spoke to Reggie.  "Interesting crew you got here.  I'm guessing a couple of the new pilots that need to have their differences worked out, though this one" the index finger from his glass hand pointed at the boisterous Via "seems to be having an amazing time.  Hard to tell what she'll since she's more plastered than I've seen anyone in a while." Another longer sip as he worked the flavours of the Scotich in his mouth.  "Seems like she's got some moving to do towards the ring before they start slugging away at each other, so how's life been treating you Reggie?  Much happier to be back in the cockpit?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Lounge | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan

The Andorian let the Caitan finish and she understood both their positions.  However, where Eloi-Danvers was generally being surly and had required a dip into the well spring of patience, L'Nari was effectively refusing an order veiled as a request and had just drawn a bucket. Zark gave the black cat a blank look as she sat there deciding if the Caitan was deliberately being insolent and insubordinate.  Zark understood that many of the non tactical branches of Starfleet did tend to regard their Starfleet ranks as a cumbersome addition to their responsibilities, yet those ranks did exist, and they implied a certain level of responsibility and more importantly, chain of command position within the ship.  The Andorian was going to give L'Nari the benefit of the doubt as she was still young, but there was only so much she was willing to tolerate, especially from a junior. The blue woman's smile turned absolutely beatific after a moment. "Ensign L'Nari" the Andorian began with a very intense emphasis on the rank before the smile disappeared below her frozen icy jade eyes. "You are not excused, and you are not finished here. You're being here has been required by your superiors as a necessary part of your duties.  So, whatever you thought was important has been overridden by your senior officer.  You can take it up with them after we're finished here."  A cobalt finger stabbed the table.  "As you have pointed out so obviously, you're an Academy graduate and you took the necessary courses at" stab "that" tap "time." hard press into table.  "It's been a while and this is normally an annual check.  However, based on your statement, this should be a quick evaluation and you can go back what you were doing before being ordered here."

Lieutenant Zark crossed her arms over her chest as she relented slightly while leaning back in her chair before settling down into what was generally known as lecture mode.  "Miss L'Nari.  I appreciate your faith in Security and we do try to live up to those expectations, but the department is stretched thin.  It usually is, that's the main issue with Security all the time, and without the usual channels to replenish personnel, we have to hope that each and every person on this ship can at least hold out till we can come to your aid, assuming we don't die in the attempt.  At that point, we hope you can run away fast enough or if necessary, fight your way out, to find others like us.  At the end of day your opponent gets a vote in life and death matters.  In the heat of battle, they're not likely to be choosy how they ensure their own survival whether it's killing an armed security guard, or an unarmed diplomat."

The blue security officer leaned on the table and fixed the Caitan with a hard stare.  "Now Ensign, I'm going to overlook this outburst and write it off as you now knowing how I operate.  Each of you." and hard ice jade eyes fixed Faye for a moment before turning back to L'Nari "gets one pass after this.  That's it.  If you need help, that's one thing.  Be insolent, insubordinate, or don't follow an order of mine in any way after this and I will simply ask you to leave, declare you unfit to leave the ship for away missions or participate in any active negotiation sessions with foreign powers where security is a concern.  And I will inform Lieutenant Madsen as such.  She can decide your disposition after that."  Zark let that sink in for a moment before continuing.  "Putting it simply, it would be my judgment as the evaluating security officer, that whoever does not complete the evaluation, cannot be trusted with the safety and lives of the crew.  It's that, plain and simple."

The Andorian's face relaxed and softened noticeably after this as she stood up and grabbed the PADD before configuring it to timers, checklists, and the adjustment program for the bionic arm.   "Ladies, hopefully that's all the unpleasantness we have to deal with.  If you'll follow me to the armoury, you each have some phasers to disassemble and put back together."  Lieutenant Zark gestured for the two evaluees to follow indicating that the discussion was over and she was now no longer willing to invite any sort of comment as she led them out.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 15 [1727 hrs] An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion
Last post by SummerDawn -
[ Lt. Kala Marika | Transporter Room 3 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dumedion @redshift316 @rae @RyeTanker 

To say the last week had been rough would be an understatement. Waking up in sickbay being told you'd been on an away mission gone horribly wrong, violated by a plant and almost turned into it's personal nursery like something out of an old Terran horror flick, would be enough to make any sane humanoid consider hitting the bottle. Sanity though, that had been somewhat precarious before the away mission, thanks to the Borg, the Asurians, various other hostiles that seemed to want to take her life by various means. She was technically not crazy, so said the counsellor, processing was normal, to be expected, and as long as she didn't harm herself or others, some latitude to express herself was okay.

That expression, as it turned out, came with a change in attitude, inspired in some large part by her former boss, LtCmdr Blue Tirian. The women had lived life not caring what others thought, at least that's how Kala had seen her, and her nickname well earned, the women could curse a blue streak, and the blue highlight seemed suitable for the women. Kala's brush with death several times, seeing Blue's seemingly carefree approach, it had twigged something in Kala and she'd taken inspiration from the women, and an old terran social group who always seemed to be on the fringes, rebelling against the norms of the day.

The petite Bajoran walked into the transporter room, not her usual blonde hair, casual laid back style she'd been known for before, but in walked a petite women in striking blue hair, purple highlights, knitted black one piece dress, equally dark stockings, and shoes that looked almost uncomfortably tall. Kala recognized her boss, smiling at Frank Arnold. "I guess Engineering is making a showing on this tour Chief." She glanced around, recognizing a few faces. "Sorry if I don't look like my usual self, just decided a change was in order, celebrate surviving another adventure."

She looked back at Arnold, but spoke to no-one in particular. "I do recommend trying the Breshtanti Ale. Rumor on the subspace channels is the colony suffered a major reactor failure, left a crater large enough to be seen from orbit. Won't be much Ale coming from there for a while." She winked at Arnold, she suspected he knew about the mission, and while Kala wasn't stupid enough to admit she may have played a role in that crater's creation, the mission was classified as far as she knew, didn't mean the news wasn't public. And she had to admit she regretted not being able to witness the explosion, the satisfaction of knowing the creature that'd assaulted her died in the explosion, vaporized at the epicenter of a nuclear detonation, maybe it was cruel, maybe not, but it was satisfying to know she'd won.

(outfit ref)
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [1945] Mayhem over Mai Tais
Last post by Brutus -
[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Allowing herself a girlish giggle and a conspiratorial wink, Faye murmured, "Your secret is safe with me. Lucky for you I don't have the first clue who you are talking about. Couldn't tell them if I wanted to."

Leaning over the table with her elbows planted firmly before her, and her hands tucked up under her chin, Faye tried to recall how Enyd had dressed at the holodeck party, and realized that she'd been so utterly besotted with Riley that she hadn't really paid all that much attention to hardly anyone else. She was sure the other woman had managed to enjoy herself all the same, and was less certain, though considered it quite likely, that she hadn't even bumped into her superior during the concert. She was making up for that now, getting to sit and enjoy the other woman's company in an environment far less likely to lead to unwanted headaches in the morning and with far less chance of damaging her hearing. 

Despite being one to party herself, and happy to cut loose at a moments notice, Faye found it difficult to picture any of her colleagues in a situation where they were not completely in control of themselves, or at the very least carrying themselves with more composure, and thus struggled to picture Enyd plastered. True, she was far more relaxed and less...uptight wasn't quite the right word...reserved? than she was on duty. And she wasn't diplomatically butting heads with Faye. But again, between her, Foval - whom had a double does of Vulcanoid and Borg stoicism, at least in her interactions with the other man, and their boss, Lt. Commander Rutherford, whom Faye would wager 'poise' was the woman's middle name would never be caught behaving like Faye had the other night. 

Then again, off duty was very different from on duty, as Faye well knew. Plenty of command level officers liked to let their hair down. The memory of a certain cultural exploration after a long negotiation session with members of the Aldean council came to mind, and Faye longed for a moment for another one of those urun therapy sessions that were sadly not all that common on Qo'noS. She wondered if the woman across from her would like such a thing, and decided that pretty much anyone with a libido who didn't repress all their emotions would enjoy it. 

Maybe some of her more stuck up Vulcan associates would loosen up after one of those massages. 

The thoughts were there and gone again in a flash, and the two were settling on the use of first names, and the acquisition of a good drink for Faye. 

Idlily sipping the condition, she listened with rapt attention as Enyd covered her motivations for the meeting. She let out a little snort of a laugh at her fellow diplomats estimation of the likelihood of crisis enveloping the duo in their duties aboard the Theurgy. As the saying went, it was funny because it was true. Having had to rescue and protect the heir to the House of Martok just under two weeks ago was but the most recent example of the absurd situations that Faye had been forced to deal with since coming aboard her most recent posting. It was good to be back in Klingon space, but if she ever had to deal with that little shit again, it would be too soon.

Her eyebrows shot right up her forehead at the notion of Lt. Marsden becoming all flustered and bothered down in the Arboretum. She glanced over the railing and through the transparent aluminum barrier to take in the sight of a few officers meandering about the well cared for paths, and allowed herself another giggle. "You and Drauc? Mr. Tall Dark and Tragically broody? I'll admit he's certainly the type to leave people flustered though I've never had quite that reaction to him per say. Good for you though. I'm sorry I missed the show." She winked and leaned back in her chair, rotating the glass in front of her as she contemplated her answer. 

"Some of my Academy contemporaries would say that my type of partner would be summed up as 'whoever was willing' and leave it at that, though that's not quite right. I like to have a lot of fun and I find fun with a variety of people. I certainly appreciate a strong sort, that are say, in need of the occasional confidence booster," Here she thought of Mikayla MacGregor, the Klingon security officer whom was coming to terms with her own sexual preferences and  the changes she had undergone at the hands of the Savi. "Which is ironic because I also enjoy the company of those that possess a great understanding of who they are. Self-confidence is rather hot, I won't lie." An apt description of Lt. Commander Dewitt, or Lt. Commander Martin, both women whom knew what they wanted and were more than willing to take it. She'd never made a pass at Dr. Nicander but he had put off that kind of aura as well, and she'd found it almost attractive enough to off set the fact that she could never read the man. Now that she knew why, she wasn't sure how she felt about not making a pass.

Faye ticked off another finger. "I am an absolute sucker for anyone that is good with their hands and can give a great massage. Though I suppose their job is to turn their clients into putty so I'm not sure if that counts. If we're ever back in Aldea, I know a great place," she laughed, thinking again on that night with the view of the Aldean skyline, the first time she had felt as if the world wasn't going to come crashing down around her shoulders.

"But the ones that really get their teeth into me are people who are naturally, unrepentantly kind. Sappy, I know, but I'm head over heels for that." Here she thought of Riley, who walked into her life, cared for her, and decided that they weren't walking back out. Blushing a bit, she tucked a strand of hair behind her head. "I have absolutely let myself be carried away thirsting after someone and making a scene or two. Which for a Betazoid is saying something, given how open we tend to be." 

Memories of a beach or two, once again back on Aldea, came to mind. In fact, most of her recent escapades could be traced back to that planet, and the chance to unwind that it had offered.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 07 [1025 hrs.] Positronic Shenanigans
Last post by Brutus -
 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Primary Computer Core | Deck 02 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Griff @Auctor Lucan  

Remembering all the damage that had been done to the flag bridge over the months that had ensued since Theurgy first learned of the threat lurking beyond the veil of the galaxy, Natalie had to admit that the place was looking better than it ever really had. She was pleased with how her teams - as well as technicians from the Aldeans and the KDF - had worked hard to restore the center to prime condition, and even offer up improvements. She ran her hand over the back of one such console, enjoying the cool feel of the duranium casing, and the quiet thrum of power that she could perceive just beneath the surface of its control interface.

Offering the Lieutenant what she hopped was a reassuring smile as she looked up at him - she looked up at everyone, a minor annoyance given she was rather young for her rank and position, and being short certainly didn't help instill a sense of authority - and tried to put the man at ease. He was babbling in a fashion that she was all too familiar with, and found it all the more ironic given he had a decade of experience and age on her. Then again, her own experiences had been harrowing, and Natalie had to admit she was not the same person that joined the Theurgy as a Lieutenant eager to work side by side with a prototype ship's AI. 

Much of that person remained, but she had also been tempered in a crucible as brutal as any moment during the Dominion War, if not more so in its fashion. 

None of which manifested in the moment, as Natalie was doing her best to be warm and reassuring, not firm and resolute. The former came naturally to her, the latter, she was still working on. I promise its not a reflection on you, Lieutenant. I've simply been around to watch Thea grow into the person she's become, and for the vast majority of the time I've been posted on this ship, Thea's health and wellbeing have been my direct responsibility. I'm looking forward to seeing how you take on such duties and what insights you might bring to this.

"And frankly its been a while since I sat down in here and saw for myself how things are going."
She offered an apologetic smile and small shrug of her shoulders. "Part of my job as Executive Officer is to evaluate all the crew and see how they handle their tasks, and look after their wellbeing. This is a good way for me to check up on the both of you at the same time and offer any feedback that might come to mind." She was happy to piggyback her points off of those that Thea raised.

Stepping past the two, Natalie strode with confidence up to the central housing unit for Thea's positronic brain. She looked down at the device with more than a little visible affection, before moving her hand over an input control station nearby. "There is also the teeny, tiny matter of access authorization," she glanced back over her shoulder before placing her hand palm down on the panel.

"Computer, Identify: Stark, Natalie, Commander; Authorization code: Stark-Upsilon-Sigma-2-2-7." An echo of Thea's voice that somehow lacked a certain presence that was apparent when the AI herself was addressing Natalie responded out of the console, acknowledging her credentials. "Grant temporary maintenance access to Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt. Unlock diagnostic protocols."

There was a four note tone that followed, and the screens around the room activated one after another, before Natalie removed her hand and turned to the junior officer. "Well Lieutenant, lets get started, shall we?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 16 [1316 hrs.] The Aegis Hearing | Tempus Sigillum
Last post by Brutus -
[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Interrogation | Aegis Holding Cell | Undisclosed Location | Qo'noS (presumably) ] Attn: @ob2lander961 @chXinya @Pierce 

There was something unnerving about waking up from unconsciousness, that was utterly different from coming out of a deep sleep. Akin to the adrenaline rush of coming out of a nightmare, but without the relief of knowing the worst was over and you were alive and well. The shock was still there, the transition rough and unpleasant. Made all the more worse by the feeling that acid had scraped the back of Sarresh throat and his nose was being assaulted by a miasma of of unpleasing scents, amplified by the olfactory implant embedded in his nasal cavity to give him something that resembled the sense of smell he'd once possessed prior to being 'resurrected' as the wrong species and further 'corrected' by the Savi. Ironically Sarresh wished in that moment to possess a simple human nose instead of smelling the suffering from three other sentient beings. 

(It is worth noting that he was being a tad over dramatic. No one present in that room were quite as bad off as Sarresh was making them out to be, but the sudden transition from where he had been to where he was now had skewed his perceptions).

Drab though this new prison was, Sarresh was still working to get his bearings and take stock of his situation when he heard voices. Smelling that he was not alone and seeing that he was not alone were two different things. Hearing another matter entirely. All of it helped push past the cobwebs and give the man something he had been sorely lacking up until that point - focus.

That the first voice he heard was a familiar one helped to settle him somewhat. Of course, the fact that this person was a fellow time traveler aught to have left his hackles up. People paid good money for time travelers in the less reputable corners of the galaxy and Sarresh felt a sinking sensation settle into his gut. Much to his dismay, this did not get better when the second voice joined in the conversation. 

A supervisor? Fuck, I do not need this right now. Running his hand through his still damp hair, Sarresh hunched himself over for a moment and tried to calm his racing heart. He had been kidnapped, for what felt like the second or third time. Which might not be all that many in the grand scheme of things but certainly seemed a distressingly large amount when put into context. A Supervisor was not the worst capture he could wish for. Unless the person was also Infested, in which point they were all kinds of fucked. He didn't think that was the case.

Pushing himself up to his feet and trying to keep from tipping to one side, Sarresh adjusted his wet suit and squared his shoulders, looking for the source of the second voice. He knew who these people were and whom they worked for, and it appeared that Lt. Pierce had some knowledge of them as well. He had seen their work written across the ages in his duties aboard the Relativity and had a somewhat jaded view of the Aegis and their machinations, though he would allow that, usually they had good intentions. 

What is that Terran saying about the path to hell? Not exactly a reassuring sentiment. This isn't going to go well, he thought to himself as he cleared his throat and addressed the shadowy figures. "The timeline has been thoroughly fucked, is what you mean. Event's aren't happening the way you predicted. It's all rather unsettling, I know. Trust me."

The second figure turned to face Sarresh, though he could not see her features. Her voice seemed off, not quite human, something else. "You speak as if you know something about this. You are a foci, all of you. What have you done...Morali, isn't it?"

"I don't recall having given you my name, Miss...?"When he got no response, Sarresh summoned up what indignation he could (hardly a struggle) and pressed on, "Fine, you as what have I done? Oh please. You cannot be that dense as to have missed what's going on. Really? Are you daft?"

"There's no cause to be rude," the other one, Supervisor 585 said, his hand moving to rest on the shoulder of the unnamed female. Sarresh shared a look with Pierce and gave a shrug of his shoulders, willing to defer to her if she wished as he offered his own rebuttal. 

"Rude is my default setting when I wake up after being kidnapped. It's happened one too many times for my liking. Why have you detained us? Supervisors are known for interfering in the events of primitive cultures to help shape the future and ensure they won't destroy themselves, but you tend to be more hands off on cultures at the level of the Federations' advancement. This isn't like you."

"Too much has changed lately for us to remain entirely on the sidelines of current events. The Quadrant stands on the brink of a War that should not yet happen. Events are not unfolding as predicted. Even the contemporary time agencies of the local polities realize that. I ask you again, what have you done?" Though the words were the same, Sarresh could tell it was not just himself that she was addressing. Which made no sense to him, because as far as he could tell, he was the only one in the room that he knew for certain had taken direct action and steps to change the future. 

It was hardly his fault that he could not remember that he was not the only person present whom had a direct impact on the Battle of the Azure nebula, and a hand in preventing the Borg Invasion of 2381.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [2045 hrs.] Resident Niga: Azurite Station
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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Cargo Hold | The Apache | Approach Vector: Azurite Station] ] Attn: @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @Ellen Fitz @BipSpoon @UltimaImperatrixia 


Truthfully, Sarresh was surprised that the young non-comm was already coming to. She had been stunned but a short while ago, and he wondered if there was something about her metabolism that allowed her to shake off the phaser blast far swifter than he would manage. Could that be why the inoculation had not worked as well as advertised? Or had the young woman's exposure been the reason she had been able to push past the stun in relatively short order? Too many questions that Sarresh did not have the answers too. They might very well be in the data he was gathering now, but it was transferring at a rate too intense for him to monitor and process the details. 

Given the one glimpse of a file he had witnessed after he had broken through the base's encrypted firewall to access the encapsulated records, he decided that this was a good thing. He did not want to see any more than he already had.

Sarresh was content to let Cross fill the younger woman in on what had transpired, as he kept his gaze on the console. Clearly the sexual suppressant was working on him, for the moment at least. Objectively he knew that Samala's disheveled appearance would be rather arousing, especially with the way her undershirt clung to her chest. Normally Sarresh would be distracted, if only a little. He was regrettably human, after all. But right now all he felt was the anxious need for the data transfer to complete and the group to push on with their mission so they could light this place up like a miniature super nova. 

Hearing Ida zh'Wann's call over the comms, understanding that someone was coming for the other team, seeking them out, did little to clam those nerves. Cross closed in on Sarresh and he supposed he appreciated that, as the other man did not seem to be under the sway of the virus that had to be present all over this station. So far they hadn't come into physical contact with anyone under its influence - unless Samala had gotten some flesh to flesh interaction before Cross could get into the room. There's a distressing thought.

The follow up only made things more distressing, and Sarresh found himself swallowing back a bit of bile that rose up in his throat. He wouldn't call the Andorian's tone as 'panicked' but clearly stressed was an apt descriptor and in truth he couldn't blame her. The fear bleed away to another, darker emotion which seemed to settle into his stomach like a lead weight. While it kept the nausea at  bay, the rage that began to smolder did nothing to help him get the data any faster. Growling under his breath, Sarresh drummed his fingers on the side of the console. 

"Come one come on come - ha, there we go. Finally," he grabbed the tricorder and snapped it shut, returning it to his hip holster and punching up a command to purge the console. "Ready to get the hell out of here, sir," he quipped as Cross gave just that order, the Scientist drawing his own weapon. Two steps forward, many more back, the way was blocked.  Cross opened up, and Sarresh found himself crouching down and snapping off a shot of his own. Intellectually he knew he aught to be using the rifle. There was a chance these people could be saved. 

But he opened up with his phaser. Instinct drove him, the pressing need to get to the safety of their ship pushing him on. In truth if they stopped to help these poor souls, the greater thread in the base might have time to undo what they had started. They'd be slowed down, carrying those that might be rendered inert by the vials of antidote loaded into the projectile rifle. He couldn't afford to let that happen. Deep down in secluded portion of Sarresh's brain where secrets from the future were locked away, the man understood the profound need to get this data back to the Theurgy and ensure this base was destroyed.

They couldn't afford to be caught. 

More calls came in. The news was mixed, and that was being generous. Sarresh snapped off another shot over his shoulder, dialing the phaser up to heavy stun. So far his shots were doing what they were supposed to. The people behind them were not infested - infected, yes, but not superhuman monsters from beyond the viel. Simply poor bastards that had fallen prey to their own experiments and the machinations of something deeper and darker, driven by base urges. Better they be asleep when the end came, he mused, though in truth stunned into unconsciousness was not quite the same thing.

Feet pounded in the corridor behind them as Sarresh reached out and grabbed Samala, whom would have the detonator for the charges she had set. He tugged, and then pushed her ahead of him, "Get a move on, Crewman," he orded. Objectively he aught to be the one trying to get back to the ship first - he had the data after all - but she had the trigger to help blow this place to hell, and she was their pilot. And perhaps he was simply feeling his age and decided she was clearly too young to die here. Regardless, he gave her a good shove down the corridor they'd traversed prior, before turning around at the next junction and bracing to snap off another shot back into the darkness they'd just left. 

"We're almost there Commander," he called to Cross. Of all the teams, they'd had the shortest distance to their goal, and thus the least amount of ground to cover in their retreat. That was an empty comfort when he heard the sounds of more moans billowing back down the hallway. For all the personnel they'd stunned, it was clear that more were pouring out of rooms and racing after the trio.
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