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It was a glorious few moments as they plummeted, 'Kae's' eyes open and the biggest smile seeming to keep growing as they landed with a huge flumph on the cushion.  A big belly laugh began and he rolled over to lay on his side looking at 'Skye' as they both caught their breath.  With face flushed and a happy and confident look, 'Kae' would see just how handsome he really was.

"I know," came the almost snickering voice.  "I'm crazy, always have been and always will be.  Life's not easy and there have been some really dark times in mine so ... when I get the chance like now ... I try to remind myself to have fun and just feel alive."  A rueful grin evolved then and there was a soft sigh.  "I spent three weeks all alone in my Valk, no one to talk to even on the comm system.  Now it's hard to be alone but at first I couldn't reach out to anyone because of what happened with the virus.  Thought I really was going crazy until ..."

Skye knew Kae didn't want to hear about any sexual escapades so refrained from speaking of that night with her fellow Wolf, Isley.  They had both served to lessen certain physical pressures they were feeling but it was actually staying the night with him that had helped her more than anything, having someone near that she could touch when she woke from a bad dream.  "Well, I started reaching out more and trying to make friends.  Gotta say I'm having a great time with you," 'Kae' said and beeped 'Skye's' nose.

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"Is it weird that I can't believe you're the same person from Nimbus III?"  That went beyond just the change in their bodies, to something much more complicated to explain.  "When I first met you . . . I just thought of you as a fighter pilot.  A woman, sure, but a strong one.  No nonsense, tough as nails, needs no man to help her.  Spending this day together made me realize that you're not just a tough woman, but . . . you're also a girl."  It was the best way to describe it.  She could be sweet, she could be silly, all the things that little girls were; sugar and spice  and everything nice.  She was a surprising vulnerability to her, one which reflected the original image of her and showed it as something softer, more tender.

"Without being too much of a guy . . . I think today showed me that you're not just hot, but also beautiful."  To be hot was something purely on the surface.  Skye had always been sexy, there was no denying that.  Now, coupled with the surprising reveals about her personality, he saw she was a beautiful person inside too, and it only made him admire the face he was currently borrowing all the more.  "As scary as some of this has been for me, I'm having a great time too, Skye.  I'm flying far out of my comfort zone, but I feel safe with you.  I know you aren't gonna let me fall without a safety net."

"Computer, play program Lin 054."  Their setting changed to that of a school.  It borrowed elements from several different preparatory schools on both Earth and Bajor, and had served the holographic location of Kae's early studies when he was still in isolation for his immunities.  "This is where I went to school," he told her straight out, the two standing up and walking the grounds.  "My father references about sixteen different schools, trying to get bits and pieces to make something I could enjoy.  My mother insisted there be some of her religion present, so he added parts of a Bajoran temple where I learned her ways as well as my fathers.  The school was populated with a random set of school mates, the ones I spent the most time with being fleshed out the more I spoke with them, giving him their own histories and personalities.  My dad was pretty brilliant at holography, spent a lot of hours making this somewhere I could feel safe, stimulated."

The two ended up at a small garden, a mixture of beautiful plants surrounding the seating area in small planter boxes.  "I know it isn't as exciting as your program . . . but I like it here.  Sometimes I just wander the halls, and sometimes I have them computer load old classmates so I can speak to them again.  The program updates them with histories to explain what they have been doing since the last time I saw them.  My first girlfriend was an Orion whose working for the embassy on Mila V.  She was so worried that the best she'd ever do was work some exotic night club with the history her race has for being slave girls."

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"I don't think it's weird at all," Skye said.  "Most people have an image they portray and the more you act it, the more it becomes reality.  I have to be tough to do what I do but it is nice now and then to let some of the real me out.  Believe it or not, I like wearing sexy girlie clothes and cuddling."

All too often the words hot and beautiful meant the same thing but when Kae said what he did, she felt the difference and tears shimmered in 'Kae's' eyes.  "I don't think you're being a guy at all, but a man ... yes."  Real men cared and respected and Kae, though young and still somewhat innocent, had a maturity about him that a lot of guys half his age again didn't demonstrate.  A compliment for sure.

That soft look was still there when Kae spoke of being outside of his comfort zone and a hand reached out to touch 'Skye's' face.  "In a very short time, you have gone from someone in the pack I must protect to a dear friend who I hope I never let down," she said before leaning in without reservation and kissing those lips softly.  Kae was one of only a handful of people who had managed to get behind her wall.

The scene changed and she realized he was going to give her a glimpse into his life and giving 'Skye' a hand up 'Kae' looked around with an approving look.  "I really like it ... definitely gives a feeling of safe."  The garden brought out a bit of that girl in Skye though it was Kae's body squatting down to touch the flowers with a delicate touch.  "Excitement comes in many forms and not all of them are the daredevil type.  This is a peek into your past, freely shared with a friend so how can that not be exciting?" she asked him. 

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He was pleased to hear that she wasn't bored with the simulation at least, could find herself interested in it enough.  "The dormitories are modeled after the ones from Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, the gardens from the Kai private grounds of Bajor, and the setting itself is placed on Teti Alpha II's colony, famous for some of the most beautiful sunsets in the known galaxy.  My father was proud of his work, and I feel blessed to walk these grounds and know the effort he put into them."

As they walked along, he was still thinking about that kiss they shared after the jump.  It was so warm, not something filled with raw lust, which had been what Rihen had given him so many times while he was on Nimbus III, nor was it the lifeless ones he experienced from the holographic dates he had in his youth.  It left color in Skye's cheeks for a while, as they toured the campus, soon ending in an arrival at the dormatory, where she was shown his room.  It was far more spacious then anything at Starfleet academy, but it was designed for his comfort.  This was the room he lived in for the entirety of his education from age 5 to 14.  It was like a small apartment, with a bedroom and bathroom attached to a spacious living and dining room.  "meals would be beamed in from the outside, filtered through several layers of scans to assure nothing harmful reached me from outside.  On the plus side, I never had to do any cooking or cleaning.  Beam in, eat, beam out the plate."

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"Well I hope you'll let me watch one of those sunsets with you," 'Kae' said with a wistful tone.  "I used to climb up one of the smaller mountains back home and set up a small camp just so I could sit and watch the sun set.  Then there were the stars at night.  When Mom would go with me, we'd make S'Mores and talk for hours.  Of course I'd still make the S'Mores when it was just me," she chuckled.

His room brought a warm smile and Skye thought it was really nice though the more he spoke of how food was beamed in going through several filters and everything kept sterile she felt that bit of pressure in her chest.  It was like being isolated and he'd been through that for so long and as a child.  How had he turned out so good without enjoying the pat on the shoulder from a father or kiss on the forehead by a mother?  She ached for him, for what he didn't have.

"Well I could certainly enjoy not having to cook or clean and the place is very lovely," she stated.  "I'm glad you had holofriends or it could have been very lonely."  Her curious nature was getting the best of her and after a bit of throat clearing she broached the subject gently.  "I know it's really personal and you don't have to answer if you aren't comfortable, but what happened that made your immune system not work that you had to be in an environment like this?  And how did they find something to help you be able to come out of it all?"

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"It's a sort of genetic throwback.  Loss of immunities was something seen in humans back in the 20th century, but with improvements in health it was eliminated almost completely by the late 21st.  The risk with cross-species children is that it can activate old genes like those, and mutate them with alien physiology.  With a Bajoran mother, my immune system was effective inactive until I was fourteen, my medical care handled by holographic avatars and eventually by Emergency medical holograms when the technology started becoming relevant.  When I hit puberty, my genes went through a slight shift, which slowly activated my immune system at age twelve.  Two years later, it was considered strong enough to leave containment, though to this day I still watch my health, just because medical health is touchy enough that you never do know how the body will react."

It was a long-winded speech about something he wasn't sure he explained all that well, but when it was done, he felt better.  He didn't talk about those things with friends, just with doctors.  Sitting on the sofa in his living room, he laid his head back and stared up at the ceiling.  "After so long, I guess I never really thought about the organic world all that much.  Photonic worlds felt just as real to me as the one beyond the holodeck.  Maybe I needed to believe it, so that I didn't have to accept that every friend I had was made of light and forcefields, that every girl I dated was the same way, and not just until I was fourteen.  I kept my relationships after that, was even . . . intimate with a couple photonic girls."

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Skye listened intently, though it was Kae's eyes watching and there were nods now and then proving she understood what he was saying though when he spoke of things shifting when he hit puberty there was a smile that was quickly covered.  "Well ... puberty has a way of making things shift," was the only remark made at that point though Skye could think of hundreds of things to say in that vein.

It was when Kae spoke of needing to believe they were real that a hand reached over and brushed through the long locks.  That was a little weird but Skye knew that sort of thing comforted her so it should comfort Kae within her body.  "I can understand that and thankfully there was the technology to make sure you weren't lonely.  You're really strong where it counts ... inside."

Nothing the hesitancy and fear of possible ridicule when he said he had been intimate with holos, a light chuckle slipped.  "Oooooh the joys of sex with holograms," came a rather lusty sounding voice.  "More people do that than you might think and I'll have you know I've indulged more than once in an absolutely wonderful program I had someone make for me ... Tom Paris AND Harry Kim ... now THAT'S a program."

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"At the same time?"  Kae revealed just how innocent he was with that comment.  His relationships had always been monogamous.  The idea of three people together was a foreign one to him.  Of course, once Skye had mentioned it, his mind started coming up with how it could have worked, and he found himself shaking those thoughts away, mostly because he imagined it happening to Skye herself.  That was a serious threat to his gentlemanly ways to be imagining that sort of thing happening to her. 

"You . . . like that sort of thing?"  Maybe that was crossing a personal boundary to ask, but they had already ventured into that territory.  Somehow, they did manage to end up talking about sex, and they should have been able to be adults about it.  They had stimulated each other already, and Skye had revealed that she had at least one holodeck fantasy come true for her.  Surely there wasn't harm in exploring the conversation . . . was there?

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Skye had to fight to keep from laughing, not just at the words but the completely lost expression on her own face.  She could also tell he was actually starting to think along those lines and a very mild expression took over 'Kae's' face.  "Yeah, both at the same time and sometimes the need to be with someone is too great and flying solo just doesn't cut it so ... if no one is around who wants to mess around with me I run my little program."

Sitting sideways on the couch with the head propped in the hand resting on the back, 'Kae' gave a look.  "You know you can ask me anything and I'll be honest with you, right?  I can see you wanting to ask things but look a little scared.  We're friends, really really close friends," came a lopsided grin.  "I'm not gonna smack you, well not hard at least and only being silly, so ... don't be shy and if I don't know something I'll figure out who to ask."

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"I guess I never realized until now that I haven't exactly lived all that much, even in terms of . . . sex."  The blush that was covering "Skye's" face when that word was uttered was hard to miss.  He wasn't a virgin by no means, but he failed to realized how limited his imagination had been all these years.  His acts were confined to the bed, and even then were mostly simple positions.  Then came Skye, talking of multiple lovers at once, and he was feeling quite outclassed.  "I guess I'm just wondering . . . what kind of daring things you have done.  If that question is a touchy one, or too personal, then forget I said anything.  I suppose I'm just feeling a bit . . . plain right now."

Plain.  That was a good way to put it.  Skye was the one of them who had truly lived, not just in the bedroom but the excitement of everyday life.  Things she did everyday were the sort of things he thought of as an adventure.  The more she spoke about herself, the more he realized how mundane he had lived.  He explored intellectual pursuits, but nothing he  could be proud of to tell someone at the end of the day, for fear of boring them to sleep.

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Skye embarrassed ... that was a look she hadn't seen on her face since she was a young teen.  She listened to the concern and at the end those masculine fingers caressed the cheek.  "You are far from plain, Mister.  Your mind is absolutely brilliant.  Look at all you did on Nimbus III ... and you've had reason to not stick your toe in a lot of waters."

There was that pursing of the lips too, the rueful expression taking over.  "And I did say ask anything.  I'm sort of an open book, sort of like my legs as some might say.  I've had sex in the cockpit, doubled the fun with the holograms of famous Starfleet officers, and had quite a few partners.  Most of them like it rough so it's a little Klingonish sometimes."

"One thing I'm starting to see though, with our little switch going on here, is that maybe I should slow down a little.  I've been going balls to the wall for as long as I can remember but some of the best times, when I've felt truly alive, were when things were quiet and sort of still.  Sitting under the stars eating S'Mores for one thing and the quiet time after sex ... just sitting here talking with you ..."

There was a deep sigh as Skye thought about her life.  "I hadn't really realized that intimacy was an issue for me, guess it's because of my parents.  Andrus helped me to see there could be so much more and he offered me to stay with him.  I almost did too but my duty to Starfleet came first and as soon as they repaired my ship I was gone in search of Theurgy and my pack."

"Just like my father, I put duty before my own needs.  There's been a lot happen in just a few short months but for all I've already done, I think the most daring thing for me is yet to come.  Letting you this close is actually a little scary but I know you aren't going to take anything I say and use it to hurt me."

A corner of the mouth quirked up then.  "Trust is daring and you have that in spades so no, you are definitely not plain.  You have courage and conviction that shows through your intelligence and more gentle demeanor.  That's just as daring as me trying to fight off the troll on Nimbus or antagonizing certain security personnel to try to keep her from infecting the only sane person I knew of aboard Theurgy."

"You really do sell yourself short but you can bet I'm going to keep poking at you, keep you testing your limits to a certain safe point.  You are the quiet and smart daring which will get you a lot farther than I'll ever go.  Of course that just means I'll always be behind you ... guarding your back," 'Kae' winked.  "And they always say it's the quiet ones you have to worry about," came with a wicked grin.

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Skye was too passionate to argue with.  She made him feel good about himself, yet his doubts didn't exactly disappear entirely.  He still thought of himself as rather plain, that he had never truly lived before.  Maybe he would have to try a holodeck program where he was with a couple females he found attractive, see where that led.  That thought had him blushing again, quickly realizing he had to get back in his own body before anything like that happened.  Skye, within his own body, had relieved the need for an orgasm once already, and he certainly didn't want to touch her inappropriately like that for the sake of release.  It was better that she did it, so he didn't have to feel like less of a gentleman.

He looked up at the clock on his wall and smiled.  "It's almost sunset.  Want to go see?"  He stood from the sofa and gestured Skye to follow him out onto the balcony of his room, another redesign of Starfleet Academy dorms for his sake.  A small planter box of Bajoran flowers sat on either side of the balcony, but left the front open for him to lean on, alongside Skye.  The sun began to fall over the horizon, and streams of brilliant gold began to fill the sky.  As the day turned into night, the gold streams tuned blue and green, matching the imagery of the Northern Lights on Earth.  "Charged ions in the atmosphere react the intensity of the sunset.  It creates the gold streams that natives of Teti Alpha II call the tears of the sun.  After the sunset, the streams fade into the darker colors and remain for a couple hours.  At sunrise, the streams return for an hour or so before losing visibility in the morning sky."

It was a daily occurrence, greeting both night and day with the most beautiful rotations of the sun ever conceived.  It was no wonder that Kae's father had decided to incorporate it into the simulation for his son, to give him something beautiful to gaze upon.  "You know, this is the first time I ever watched this with another organic," he confessed.  Skye had been allowed an intimate look into his life.  It felt right, considering how deeply they had gotten to know each other that day.

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He was definitely on the right path, she could see it in the expression.  Yes there were still doubts but Kae had gotten a small taste of something different, something that he was starting to like.  A knowing smile formed and she thought when he was a few years older he would realize and be comfortable with the wonderful man he is already, but be even better.

"Oooo, I'd love too," she responded and tried not to swish out to the balcony.  As he explained everything, there was simple joy in the eyes of the body where Skye's identity resided.  "It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and to think you get a double dose, that you can see that at sunrise too ... it's just incredible."

Then a deeply touched expression formed at Kae's admission.  "Well this organic is very honored ... thank you for sharing with me."  Though she was in a male body, she reached out to embrace her own and leaned down to softly kiss those lips.  It was meant to be chaste but Skye couldn't deny the attraction which soon enough made itself evident.

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He could tell her kiss was meant to be innocent, but it couldn't stay that way.  Something was happening between them, whether they fully realized it or not.  That kiss grew deeper, pushing far past the modest concept of chaste and into a sensual territory that Kae hadn't known before.  Like with Rihen, it was passionate, but with him and Skye having gotten so close, it was so much more powerful, like it could have swept him off his feet entirely.  When it finally parted, he could still feel the tingling sensation on Skye's lips, like a surge of energy was running through him. 

"Wow," he said, touching her lips, like he had done once before in his quarters.  Like it had back then, it created an effect on her body, arousing it with hardened nipples.  There was that pounding heart again, and this time it didn't require a climbing wall or a daring jump.  It was pounding so hard he started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Skye could hear it.  He looked at her, literally, by staring into the eyes of his own body, to see Skye's frame reflected in them.  Again, she looked so beautiful, so much more innocent then he had ever seen her before.  "Your body . . . it's feels so strongly.  I'm almost overwhelmed by how it reacts to things like that."

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That kiss was entirely too sweet and ultimately left Skye reeling a little bit herself then the last comment actually brought a blush to Kae's cheeks.  "I've always been a physical person and in a way it feels like if someone wants me that way, maybe I actually really matter.  There's only been a couple of times though I thought the sex might lead to something more, something deeper emotionally."

'Kae' held 'Skye' in a light embrace, looking up at the stars and sighing.  "When it comes to men, I sort of feel I'm never enough.  My own father never stuck around so why would anyone else?  So I guess I just keep trying, hoping one day I might be just what someone needs for more than a romp or two.  Still I guess you could say I'm sort of conditioned to respond though the intensity it does vary on the level of attraction and that's more than just the physical.  I gotta admit that kiss was pretty damn special."

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"I never would have imagined a kiss with me would be special, with all the kissing you must have done in your life."  He was still being modest, but Skye had already told him how he was different.  He treated her like a delicate girl, a way that so few men did.  They saw how tough she was and treated her like some Klingon swordmistress, when deep down, she just wanted to be romanced, treated as a lady.  It wasn't much to ask if one thought about it, but it so easily slipped by unnoticed.

"Skye," he started, looking to her with more of that eye contact that seemed to do nothing but make him blush anymore.  Maybe her feminine hormones were starting to get to him, make him girlier then he had ever been before.  "I know we said we were going to be really close friends and all but . . . do you think it would be wrong if we . . . ?"  Part of him wanted to give her a tender experience, and to know what it was like to share that with an organic woman.  Rihen had plenty of passion, but it was lust fueled.  It was affection he felt for Skye.  Not love, but genuine feelings of attachment at least.  If that was enough for her, then maybe they could give it an honest try, and not just seek release like they had earlier.

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That look like Skye was thinking to swat him crept up but a little twist of lips turned into a smile.  "There are many kinds of kisses, Kae, and given how special you are there's no way any kind of kiss with you wouldn't be special," she asserted with another gesture called an Eskimo kiss, her nose flicking side to side against his which made her giggle in that deeper voice of Kae's.

There was definite affection between them, something now so comfortable and comforting that there was a soft expression in the eyes.  She felt she could talk to Kae about anything and he wouldn't think her weak or stupid and that she realized was something she had desperately craved along with the great physical escapades.  Andrus had started her on that path of self-awareness but this gender switch had truly forced her to look at a few things more deeply.

His question and more so the sweetness with which he asked brought hands up to cup 'Skye's' face.  "Would it be wrong?  Not at all and actually it would probably be one of the most right sharings I could ever have because I care about you.  Sooooo," a sultry little lopsided grin formed as a bit of that predatory heat warmed the eyes.  "Let's see if I can do your body justice."

If Kae thought that last kiss was almost overwhelming, Skye used the knowledge of what made her body respond the most.  A long languid kiss ensued, one that was patient and promised Kae that every possible need was about to be met though Skye was feeling a bit overwhelmed herself by how Kae's body seemed to throb with every beat of his heart.

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Kae knew he was in trouble before she ever brought their lips together again.  So effortlessly she had managed to get her body worked up, and now she was actually going to try.  He wished he could have done the same for her, but he had never thought of such things before, didn't even know what affected him more then anything else.  To him, weak spots were never something he considered, yet he had to try and repay Skye's attention with some of his own, even if it meant it was on a male body.  She was, after all, tending a female body, despite not having interest in women.

Skye's hand pressed to Kae's chest, noticing for the first time he was broader then her.  Sure, he was still lacking compared to someone like a male member of the tactical CONN division, but it was something.  He was male, something he needed to remember if he ever got his body back.  He was always so timid, yet he had at least enough presence that a woman could fall into his arms, and that was what Skye's body did, pressing forward into Kae, closing a gap between them which ended with her ample bosom pressed up against Kae's chest.  He wondered if that felt good to Skye.  It felt good when he was the one getting pressed against, and it felt good to be in Skye's body doing it, so maybe she would like it too.

"I know I've never been the most manly, but this is still pretty weird," he laughed, his laugh sounding so much nicer with Skye's lilt and alto.  Her hand moved to touch his chest, her head turning to lay against that chest like Kae's body was some sort of vertical bed for Skye.  He already felt tingling in Skye's nether regions, a sign he took as arousal, leaving him to question if it was biological or if he had truly just been turned on by touching his own body.

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In Kae's body, Skye was considering a lot of things about her host.  In her own body, in this situation, she would have gladly stripped and tumbled him into the bed without preamble.  While he might have some sexual experience, she couldn't help thinking he could get overwhelmed and given she was in a different body it was enough to hold her in check.

Now and then Skye could actually be patient and not drop the pedal to the metal and drag her shoestrings along the road, which she did now with a slow and searing sort of kiss.  When they pulled up for air, she used Kae's arms to wrap around her own body and hold it close.  One hand went to stroke through her hair as the other gently played up and down her back.  It was hard to admit it did feel pretty damn good to feel those breasts pressing against Kae's body.

A good natured chuckle joined the lilting sound bubbling from 'Skye' and pulling back to look in those eyes, she gave him a look of complete understanding.  "I've always been forward and agressive enough for both of us but you're more than enough man and don't you ever forget it ... plus you just inspired me."  There was that definite Skye-like look in the eyes, that daredevil sneaking back to the fore.  "I know what my body can take and I have no doubts your body can dish out the good stuff."

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Kae had a bit more understanding of why so many guys would have wanted Skye.  It wasn't just her stunning good looks or that adventurous, creative personality of hers.  It also had to do with how she treated her partners.  She had done nothing but compliment him, try to stroke his ego and raise his self-esteem.  She made people feel better about themselves in a world where most would have only worried about boosting their own.  It was enough to make kae smile even more, reflecting it with his eyes and his lips, or at least with Skye's eyes and lips.  She really was radiant when she smiled genuinely, something she would come to know about herself from seeing it through his eyes.

"Is it alright?"  Despite what they already agreed to, he still felt the need to confirm as he put his hands on the hem of the shirt that covered Skye's body.  When permission was given, he pulled it up and tossed it aside, leaving Skye's upper body covered only by the deep blue standard issue underwear, a small tank top which ended just below the breasts.  It supported and covered and not much else, but it was at least comfortable enough that Kae had nearly forgotten all about it.  He stripped that away too, leaving his female body topless as he pressed back into his original form, granting that same feeling as before, though with far more visual stimuli then before.  He still hadn't looked at them, still playing the gentleman, even if the temptation was much greater now then it had ever been before.  All he had to do was look down and he could see those glorious orbs in all their splendor.

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Skye was a lot better around men than women, preferring how they thought about things and dealt with them in a more straight forward manner.  Too often women were catty and backstabby, something she absolutely detested.  More than one woman had been stunned to find themselves nursing a black eye rather than the typical attempts to ruin self-esteem.  It made her think of Ida actually, how she'd stooped to cajoling the blue woman though she had to admit there was the whole infection thing going on and she couldn't get near the woman to simply try to knock the shit out of her.

Pulling her thoughts back to the young man in front of her, well the mind at least, she was starting to see him instead of herself as she spoke.  It was like superimposition and it helped to keep things from feeling too horribly awkward.  "Yeah, we're okay.  Friends with bennies," she quipped and watched as her body was disrobed.  She'd felt her breasts and woman bits plenty but it was definitely odd to look at them in this way.  Just like when she'd looked at her own ass, a cheeky grin formed.  "Got a decent pair there ... and you can look at them.  I know you want to," she teased and then groaned when Kae pressed her body up against him.

The blending was getting to be intense for her at least, the blurring of gender and heading into acceptance becoming easier.  Kae's body reacted strongly to the feeling of breasts against clothed chest, making her grit her teeth to keep from truly pouncing.  Instead soft lips touched the temple and the large feeling hands smoothed down Skye's back until it reached the ass and started to knead which of coursed sort of ground their hips together in a slow burning fashion.

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At Skye's permission, Kae looked down, spacing himself from her just enough that they were well in view.  It was certainly a new perspective, seeing them top down rather then front on.  They were full enough to obscure the body beneath them when Skye's chin was tilted directly down, while her nipples stood off straight and firmly.  Damn, if he were in his own body right now, he would no doubt have been hard as a rock . . . which brought an odd feeling to him as he looked back up at his own body.  He wasn't hard, but he certainly felt something.  "I . . . think I'm wet," he said, no doubt leaving Skye to understand what he meant.  He felt arousal in her body, which had led to it having the standard reaction that felt as alien to him as an erection did to her.

He pushed down Skye's pants to her knees, exposing the matching blue boy shorts that went along with the already discarded tank.  They were tighter then the briefs worn by males, but without any exterior plumbing, they seemed a good fit.  Those soon went down as well, but Kae wasn't looking.  Instead, he looked to his own body, where Skye currently resided.  He didn't say it aloud, yet the look on his face asked her if it was normal, if he had truly gotten wet, as women did, or if something else had happened that shouldn't have.  By the prophets, being a woman was confusing!

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If it had been anyone else, Skye would have lost every drop of desire and been too busy laughing hysterically at the reaction but this sweet man who had managed to break through so many of her barriers already ... she couldn't laugh.  "Yeah, it's a perfectly natural response," she replied.  "Trust me you want it wet when it counts because dry entry hurts like hell."

Since Kae was stripping her body, Skye started stripping his though she did it with a bit of heat.  Placing her mind firmly on what guys looked like when they stripped for their lovers, she started a slow motion of removing the uniform.  There was desire burning in the eyes, a seductive way the lips pursed though in a masculine way.  Kae could be quite sexy if he would let himself.

Reaching out, 'Kae' touched 'Skye's' neck and stroked softly with the fingertips, feather light and something she knew would cause the breasts to tingle and the nipples to harden more.  "I'm guessing it's normal to feel a bit light headed as Junior rises," she stated as she found herself gazing at her own breasts and licking her lips.  Before she could lose her nerve, she leaned down and flicked a tongue over the swollen nipple to just give Kae a little jolt of pleasure.

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He must have sounded like a fool when he asked about it, yet it wasn't so much the wetness that shocked him as it was the feeling.  He now knew what that sensation felt like, and it made him appreciate all the more when a woman said she was wet.  It was a powerful thing, especially if it was done without any sexual stimulation.

Of course, Skye didn't let that last long, as fingertips brushed along sensitive nipples, causing a hitch in his breath as Skye attacked her own weak points.  She had just sent a photon torpedo into Kae's shields, aiming for the chink in the armor of a ship she knew better then anyone.  Not only did she have complete mastery over her own body, but she managed to make better use of his then he did.  When she stripped out of his clothes, she made him look more manly then he probably ever had, proved that he truly could be that sort of person.  It was gratifying, but not as much as what she did to him.

Kae started searching for his own weak points, wondering where they were, his hands moved along his chest, his shoulders, his neck, until he found a sensitive spot he hadn't considered before.  He remembered massaging it in the past to soothe pain, but had never thought of it for pleasure.  Once homed in, Skye's body pressed to his again, lips kissing that weak point, repaying her for her own attack, though he found himself rubbing her breasts up and down on his chest anyway, something he hoped might be mutually beneficial.  "Damn.  I'll never look at a woman the same way again.  What you feel is just so . . . it's incredible."

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Well she must have done something right because for a split second she could see Kae in her own eyes looking a bit surprised and yet hooked, knowing he could be very devastating with the combination of sexy and innocent look.  What woman wouldn't want him?  He had what it took ... and now he could see that for himself.

That bit of strangeness zapped her though when she licked her nipple, the straight girl in her resisting but the male body definitely took notice as she felt the erect member bob a bit.  As much as she loved for a man to work his mouth over her breasts, it was easier for her to fall back on using her hands on them and let the mouth trail up to the neck and ear which she nibbled and sucked lightly.

Kae returned the volley and when her strong fingers worked at a bit of a sore spot, a moan from deep in the throat rolled out and as those nipples raked along the chest Skye felt a surge go through the body that made her tighten the hold for a moment and crush her body to his.  "Shit that was strong," she muttered and felt a little moisture at the tip.  She'd nearly exploded ... thirty seconds would certainly be a record!

"I don't think either one of us will think the same again," she whispered in that deeper voice.  "Both of us can be short fused it seems and this is making us just like teenagers in the back seat of a car for their first time," she chuckled then ran those manly hands down to her ass again and gave it a light smack.  "Why don't we get you more comfortable and let me figure out how to properly treat our bodies?"

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