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One Flerking Afternoon - A CONNIE drabble saga

Part 1

"I can't believe we've been reduced to being a delivery service," Olivia said rolling her eyes.

"Flerk are highly coveted and this could be a huge diplomatic win for us, and we need one," Marcus offered with a halfhearted shrug. "Any win in this sector is a big one."

"But delivering a pet? Seems a little beneath the purvey of a starship," Olivia retorted.

The communicator on the desk between them chirped.

"Marcus here, what is it," he said flipping the device open.

The voice on the other end was panicked. "Captain, the Flerk has gotten out of it's cage."

OOC : A fun little story inspired by one of the stories on record I have from TOS. I thought it would be fun to do a set of drabbles on how the Connie crew would cope in the situation.

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Part 2

"I can't believe we're reduced to this," Olivia said holding up her tricorder.

"I will say this is a new one," Marcus replied.

"How can you be so calm?" Olivia glowered.

"Can we please just focus," Marcus replied feeling suddenly anxious.

"What's that?" Olivia said.

A furry creature between a rabbit and a ferret leapt across the corridor.

"Hold still," Olivia called after it.

"Come on," Marcus said quickly following it.

Around the corner it had simply vanished.

"You lost it!" Olivia complained and glared at Marcus.

"I didn't lose it, you lost it," Marcus retorted gesturing at her tricorder.

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Part 3

"All over the ship?" Marcus asked nodding his head.

"Whenever anyone gets close to the thing," Anson replied.

"That can't be a good sign. Last thing we need is a bunch of petty fights breaking into pointless brawls," Marcus observed. He'd almost gotten into it with Olivia not long before because of this animal.

"We need to capture this thing and fast," Anson replied with a frown.

"I'll contact it's owner and see what I can learn, in the mean time I want security doubled and everyone on their guard," Marcus said and patted Anson's shoulder. "Keep on your toes."

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Part 4

"I take it this doesn't come as a shock to you," Marcus said leaning back in his chair and rubbing his temple.

"Flerks have been known to escape and cause havok from time to time. Every time we build a cage we think will hold them, they manage to figure out a way to escape," the Chateen Ambassador said shaking his shaggy head. "And catching a stressed one is said to be impossible."

"And the whole telepathic thing doesn't help. How big can the field get?" Marcus asked cautiously.

"It'll mostly depend on how stressed it gets," the Ambassador warned.

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Part 5

The communicator on Marcus's desk chirped. He grabbed it and flipped it open. "Marcus here, what is it."

"Bad news sir, according to recent scans a low level telepathic field is effecting nearly the entire ship. The creature is now isolated in cargo hold 7, but we seem to have no method of controlling it's effect," came the calm voice of Jonathan Heron, the chief science officer.

"Right, I'm headed down, keep it right where it is," Marcus replied and snapped the communicator shut.

Marcus got up and made his way out of his ready room, feeling his stomach drop.

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Part 6

"You can't go in there," Marcus said grabbing her shoulder.

"Why not?" Olivia asked pulling her shoulder from his grasp.

"The last thing the poor thing needs is to deal with someone being bitchy," Marcus replied, his face red.

"Call me a bitch again," Olivia dared, her face just as flushed.

"I didn't call you one in the first place, I said you were acting like one," Marcus replied moving closer to her, his fist clenching.

"Keep pushing me, Marcus," Olivia hissed as she braced for a fight.

"Sirs, if I may, i think I can help," Jephro said suddenly.

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Part 7

"I think we all owe you one," Marcus said with a smile.

"I was simply doing my duty," Jephro nodded.

"I just can't believe how fast that thing calmed down in your arms," Marcus shook his head.

"I am pleased it being calm has reduced the telepathic field so we can continue our mission," Jephro replied.

"I do wonder why you weren't as effected as the rest of us," Marcus wondered as he scratched his chin.

"Alien emotions present differently Captain, not everyone feels like humans feel," Jephro replied with what might have been a smile.

"Fair point," Marcus realized.

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Part 8

"I want to apologize for what I said," Marcus said softly.

"You don't have to, I was feeling the same thing," Olivia replied.

"But still, it didn't help anyone and could have made things much worse if we had come to blows," Marcus said flexing his hand, pleased it was no longer stuck in a fist.

"Yeah, it would have done nobody any good if I laid you out," Olivia said crossing her arms.

"That sure you could?" Marcus asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, no problem," Olivia smiled and laughed.

Marcus couldn't help but smile and laugh in return.

OOC - As said elsewhere this was meant to be a quick little story. I may tackle a bigger one later, but I wanted to get back to writing

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That's what the crew of the Connie look like, though not all of them were in this particular stories. I plan to post some of my older stories for the crew shortly.

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