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100 Words To Describe Someone’s Body


Ample -  used for referring in a positive or humorous way to someone’s body, or a part of it, that is large
Angular -  bony, lean, or gaunt
Apple-Shaped - have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips
Barrel-Chested - has a large chest that curves outward
Beefy - has a large heavy body and strong muscles
Big - tall and heavy, and often fat
Bony -  so thin that the bones are prominent
Brawny - physically strong, with big muscles
Broad -  of great extent; large
Built - very beautiful or physically very attractive
Bulbous -  bulb-shaped; bulging
Bullnecked - with a short thick neck
Burly - large and strong; heavily built
Busty - having large breasts
Buxom - vigorously or healthily plump
Calloused - having an area of hardened skin
Chubby - plump and rounded
Chunky - bulky and solid
Colossal - extremely large
Coltish - tall and thin
Compact - physically small but looks strong
Corpulent - having a large bulky body
Curvy - shapely and voluptuous
Dainty - delicately small and pretty
Dumpy - short and stout
Elfin - small and delicate, typically with an attractively mischievous or strange charm
Emaciated - abnormally thin or weak
Fat - having a large amount of excess flesh
Fit - in good health
Flabby - having soft loose flesh
Flat-chested - having small breasts
Frail - weak and delicate
Gangling - very tall and thin, with long arms and legs, and not graceful
Gawky - tall and thin, and moving in a way that does not seem graceful or comfortable
Giant - of very great size or force; gigantic
Heavily-Built - having a large, broad, and strong body
Heavy-Set - having a stocky or stout build
Herculean - muscular and strong
Hourglass Figure - the circumference of the bust, waist, and hips, are a wide bust, a narrow waist, and a wide hip that has similar measurements to that of the bust.
Hulking - large, heavy, or clumsy
Husky - strong; hefty
Itsy-Bitsy - very small; tiny
Lanky - ungracefully thin and tall
Lean - without much flesh; thin and fit
Leggy - having attractively long legs
Lithe - thin, supple, and graceful
Long-Legged - having long legs
Long-Limbed - tall with long legs and arms
Meaty - fleshy; brawny.
Musclebound - has extremely large strong muscles as a result of a lot of exercise
Muscly - with well-developed muscles
Muscular - having well-developed muscles
Obese - grossly fat or overweight
Oval-Shaped - large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection
Paunchy - having a paunch; having a prominent stomach
Pear-Shaped - having hips that are disproportionately wide in relation to the upper part of the body
Petite -  having a small and attractively dainty build
Pigeon-Chested - having a narrow chest that sticks out more than usual at the front
Plump - having a full rounded shape
Podgy - somewhat fat; chubby
Pudgy - slightly fat
Puny - small and weak
Round-Shouldered - having the shoulders bent forward so that the back is rounded
Runty - a person of small stature
Scrawny - unattractively thin and bony
Shapely - having an attractive or well-proportioned shape
Shrimpy - of inferior size; puny, runty
Shriveled - wrinkled and contracted
Sinewy - lean and muscular
Skeletal - very thin; emaciated
Skinny - very thin
Slender - gracefully thin
Slim - gracefully thin; slenderly built
Slight - thin, not very tall, and not looking very strong
Slightly-Built - thin and not very tall
Solid - big and has a strong firm body
Spindly - long or tall and thin
Spoon-Figured - hips are larger than your bust with a defined waist
Statuesque - tall and beautiful like a statue
Stocky - broad and sturdily built
Stout -  somewhat fat or of heavy build
Strapping - tall and strong
Stubby - short and thick
Svelte - slender and elegant
Tall - of great or more than average height
Thick -  with meat on your bones
Thin - having little bodily flesh or fat; lean or slender
Taut - firm with strong muscles and little fat
Thickset - has a wide strong body
Toned - having firm and well-defined muscles
Top-Heavy - having a disproportionately large bust
Towering - extremely tall
Trim - neat and smart in appearance
Tubby - short and rather fat
Underweight - below a weight considered normal or desirable
Upstanding - tall and straight
Voluptuous - curvaceous and sexually attractive
Well-Built - large and strong
Willowy - tall, thin, and graceful
Wiry -  lean, tough, and sinewy

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