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Terminal Directive [08:15]

The footfalls around the empty halls were deafening, Newly polished shoes against a pristine stone floor meant that pretty much anyone would hear the approach of the director. Director Haas did not like being bothered, she had more important things to do than to walk to a meeting, but the head of security had been adamant that this required her attention more than her various pet projects. Walking down the halls noticing the few features that this side of the building had she couldn't help but feel a small tinge of hate for the man who she was about to meet.

This was the lowest floors of Haas Bioroid, positioned not on earth, but rather in the colony of the moon. It was an annoying thought that even here miles below the surface she was technically above the rest of the world, the lower gravity here made every action seem to float for an instant before it was returned to the ground with the solid click of new pointed shoes. her brown suit kept her professional, and matched with most of her hair save what had gone gray with age, her green eyes however were still sharp and dangerous.

When she arrived at her head of securities office she had a simple question on her mind. What dreck could be so important that she was to be pulled away from the rest of her work, away from the more comfortable and pristine living arrangements away from the work she desperately needed to get finished this term so that her company could continue to out perform those bastards at Wayland.

The director of security greeted her standing up from his chair where he had been reviewing a screen, not connected to a monitor the glowing holographic image moved with him, projected from his synthetic arm. From Haas's side it was a wash of solid blue light, from his side it had pictures and writing scrolling across it.

"There's been a murder at 08:00 this morning."

Haas almost laughed, almost told the man that he was fired. What did she care about some murder, did he call her all the way down here to tell her that it was the boy again? Thomas did love his occasional use of whores, though she had told him on more than one occasion to use an Eve, a robot can't get pregnant, they can't try and claim their bastards as some part of the family, and they can't come calling for her credit pool.

The man was saved when he spoke again. "The main suspect is a Bioroid."

Haas opened her mouth, and then closed it looking at the man like he had just spoken in tongues, very offensive tongues. "The directives stop that from happening. That's why we don't use those cursed Jinteki clones, no soul, no free will, and three simple laws protecting us from a world of legal and financial trouble."

"I double checked the evidence, we put a hush order on the investigation, but if this thing is out there."

"If a bioroid can kill than it's not a bioroid. People have wanted the rogue machine for years. The smart AI, that virus that fills up the chat on the net. They are all boogie men, and if this is real, you will find it, shut it down and find out exactly what happened, but no matter what you are to keep this quiet, as few of those NAPD officers as possible."

The more people who knew what was going on the more that people would talk, but Haas knew that if she was getting this report, then at the vary moment so were Wayland, and Jinteki, and heaven help her if news of this ever got across to NBN. The dogs would eat her and her company for lunch.


An email, with a username you haven't heard from in so long that you almost forgot they existed. In it, a video file a haggard man.

"Hey. Your probably wondering why your getting this message. Or where I went for like six years." The man chuckles thinking over the good times. None of the people who recieved this email had ever really seen his face. He was an old friend on a chatroom of shadownet. Not personal, and never this blunt.

"I became a cop, NAPD's finest." He holds up a small badge with his actual name, Mark Simmons, a big no. No runner ever game their name, too personal too easy to track down on the network and it tied you down, the moment you got tagged with a name you were dead.

"I'm doing this because it's serious. Don't worry the email won't be tracked, I kept some of my old equipment tucked away out of sight. I still know the tricks, listen, this morning there was an incident. A murder. I'm sending this too all of you, because it's the big leagues." He looked over his back rubbing a hand over his face he was cold with sweat, and looked wild with fear for a moment,

"Some of you want the cash, others are in it for the joy of a game, and some of you just want to see the corps pay and the world burn, well here's your chance. Listen, at 08:00 hours this morning there was a murder in Beijing the victims name was Hana Miller, and the thing that killed her."

He paused hearing a noise paranoia, already at it's peak. "Fucking raccoons. What killed her was a Bioroid, there is a rouge android out in the world, and whatever happens we can't let the corps win this one. You need to find this first."

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