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This board serves as a place where all our writers are can write scenes that didn't make it into the main story-line of Star Trek: Theurgy.

These scenes could, for example be:
  • Scenes from the past, detailing early character stories
  • Behind the scenes stories, where the characters are shown doing things that wasn't seen in the main story line
  • The GM may even post things that foreshadowed the events in Star Trek: Theurgy, detailing how things truly transpired

The naming convention for threads on this board is simple. Just write the location and the title of the scene. No need to bother with stardates unless its very important to the scene in question. Example:

USS XXXXXX: Insert Title Here

Threads on this board may be started at any point independent of the main story-line, but it is expected that all members participate on the regular boards too.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Game Moderator

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