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Re: DAY 05: Creature Comforts [0930 hrs.]

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[ Heather McMillan | Upper Science Labs | Deck 04 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Carrigan Trent

There was so much that McMillan want to tell the man, open up to him about everything, but the young woman had the feeling that might be a bit too much right then, and she would like him to share with her about his side of things, as much as she would enjoy regaling about her people and their ways. No, they needed to meet somewhere in between. And she needed to get control of her hormones and her light. It was beginning to cloud her judgment and choices. A very dangerous thing. She had no idea that the light of the Radiant would affect her so deeply. But perhaps it was not fair to put all blame on the light alone. She was going through something no other Radiant on Earth had ever experienced before. Being hunted so relentlessly, framed for crimes she and no one on the ship had truly committed, fighting for survival.

And she was glad that he was willing to wait things out. And more than that, she could feel that from him. Reluctantly, but slowly backing up when he released hold of her bra, she allowed him to view her, as close to naked as she would get for now, with him, and with a growing blush, she remembered that she wasn’t in his or her quarters, and that anyone could wander in right then and find the commander and the young biologist, very much not ready for duty. But aside from that, as she bent down to pick her pants into a bundle in her arms, along with the top and jacket, she thought about her statement, in ancient Radiant language, and the following translation, “I mean exactly what I said,” said McMillan, with a small smile, “uhm...but both inside, and out? Does that make sense? It’s just, I-I…uh...I felt the strength, not just the greater strength and durability that all humans have compared to me or my people. But in you, there is such firmness. I think it’s brilliant...I mean that’s good!”

She lightly brushed her hair back, sending strands flying straight back like a shot, and let it slowly cascade back down. She rose to her tip toes again to kiss him once more, then stepped back, “I need to get back to...”  she looked at her holographic pet rabbit, “ this. But Carrigan?” She looked up at him, a hopeful smile on her lips, “If...uhm, when you have the time, we could, well, uhm…continue our conversation? Somewhere more comfortable than here, maybe.”

Preferably his quarters rather than her disaster zone of a room.

Re: DAY 05: Creature Comforts [0930 hrs.]

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Trent nodded when he was given an explanation as to what Heather had meant by his being 'firm'.  He had seen the medical reports stating that compared to humans, her people were positively frail from a purely medical standpoint.  But this reference to his inner strength?  There were days he certainly did not feel it; but then again, doubts were part of the burden of command.  A burden that this particular young scientist was excelling at making feel much lighter, he had to admit. 

But this meeting, such as it was, was drawing to a close.  As much as he hated to admit it at that time, he too had much work to do; preparing a starship for battle was a never-ending task, and he had to get back to it. 

When she rose up to kiss him one more time, he allowed himself one last touch, his thumbs gently tracking over the exposed skin at the tops of her breasts and across their delicate swell, his fingertips brushing at their fabric-covered sides as she stepped away.  "Oh, you can count on it, Heather." 

And with that said, he bent down to recover his pants, and most unceremoniously pulled them back on, taking the time to give the biologist's coltish legs a long look in the process.  "And I will certainly be looking forward to it," he added with a smile.


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