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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | SCO's Office | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Miles Renard & anyone else in the assault bay

To say that Nathaniel had been avoiding the Fighter Assault Bay was a bit of an understatement. He hadn't stepped foot in the hanger since he had submitted his after battle reports. Of course even that couldn't keep him away from his bird for that long. He looked over his bird for a moment before feeling just angry. It had been his first command, and he had fucked it up.

One of their pilots Ravon was now MIA, because he left him behind. The man had done things sure... rapist or not he still wasn't entirely sure if he bought the story on Ravon's amnesia, but what he was sure of was that they were down a wolf... because of him. He let out a long frustraited sigh thinking he was mostly alone he turned and kicked something, his Vulcan strength sending the tool whipping to the other side of the launch bay. Probably the most frustrating thing about this was that he hadn't so far been reprimanded for his command, which is why he had come here. The stop at his bird was only temporary. He wasn't sure if he was going to get to see it again any time soon, and he walked with shoulders squared towards the SCO office.

Walking up to it he could already hear voices from the other side of the door, and swallowed slightly he was still angry, but he wasn't sure who he was angry with. Walking up to the door he knocked. "Are you busy Miles? I'd like a word." He wasn't really sure about what he even had to say as far as this confrontation went. He just knew that it was well overdue for a meeting.

He turned to Sten, and for the most part ignored the fact that Miles was already here with someone else. He was tired of waiting, and if he had too he would have the other man be part of the conversation.

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[Miles Renard | SCO's Office | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Isley and Covington
He looked over to the shut door hearing the voice of Isley "Come in, Lieutennant"  he offered.  Upon entering the room the Lieutenant JG stood and looked towards the Chief of the bay and Squad XO.  Miles simply turned his attention to the chief and spoke, "I guess we can table that particular discussion." 

Turning his attention to Isley he spoke again, "Yes Maverick, go ahead" he said waiting to hear what the Lieutennant had to say.  Not to mention if he had an explanation for not arriving this morning at the early time he had asked all wolves to assemble to begin getting the bay ready for Covington's deck crew.

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[ Sten Covington | SCO's Office | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Miles Renard

To say that the Boss has much to say was an understatement.  And considering that Sten was his de facto departmental Chief, it fell upon Covington to advise him on such matters.  Although, technically he did not have to consult with his Chief of the Deck on such matters.  But something to be said about Renard, he had learned early on in the testing phases of the Mk III that the Briton was not just some grease monkey to boss around but a valuable resource when it came to fighters, their ground crews... and their pilots. 

But there was no chance to respond.  Indeed, when the door opened on its ad hoc hinges, Sten turned his head over his shoulder to watch Maverick just walk in as though he owned the place.  And that by itself was very much against any kind of protocol, even the more relaxed ones.  And addressing the SCO by name?  Even in front of the Chief of the Deck that was hardly appropriate.  However, the veteran did not say anything, simply clenching his jaw as the Vulpinian welcomed in the pilot and effectively dismissed the Chief of Flight Deck Operations.  "All right, Boss," he simply replied.  After all, everyone knew his "sirs" were rare enough. 

And with that said, he had work to do, and left the pilots to their conversation.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | SCO's Office | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Miles Renard

Nathan gave a sigh as he sat down into a chair. Watching Sten leave he felt a cold chill run up and down his spine for a moment as he looked at Miles. He had been rehearsing an entire speech for this occasion, but now that he was here in this office it felt completely pointless to even talk. What was he supposed to say? He had been in command and suddenly one of the wolves under him had vanished without a trace, no idea if he was alive or dead.

"Sir,I'm a little lost for words I was hoping you could help me to understand what happened?" He said lightly he had been in command could recall the event and he wasn't even sure what he was looking to hear out of miles. The facts were plain as day as he had lost Razor in the attack. "I'd like to hear your assessment of the situation... and if.."

Nathan's eyes dropped from Miles as he searched for the right words. If he had done the right thing? He had chosen Theaurgy over one of his own. He knew the big picture, that old Vulcan mantra of how the needs of the many outdid the needs of the few, and yet time and time again he had replied the events of the last few days over in his head. He shook his head Miles was his superior officer not some plush-toy to cuddle up with when he felt miserable. As much as he wanted it he knew he wasn't going to hear anything good about his performance.

"I'd like your critical assessment of my command in the last mission sir."

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He nodded to the pilot, "I cant say I am pleased with the results of us loosing a pilot but from the reports from all the other pilots I would say that the loss could not have been prevented." he said stoically.  as fr your command in the air you did the right thing, fleeing the battle was the only option that prevented your capture by Vasser's crew and as such was the only option.  I purposefully refrained from placing conditions on your command as I knew the likelihood of my capture was high and therefore the less I knew about what your commands were the better.  taking refuge was the right choice and you couldn't have done more to prevent casualties as far as I can tell.  Reprimanding you for things beyond your control would have no benefit and therefore I do not feel it is the right decision.  In combat against the drones your forces did very well and in the end the Calamity was destroyed.  Given the overwhelming odds that we were facing loosing one ship and one pilot though a enormous loss looks to have been seemingly unavoidable."  He paused a moment, "The sad truth is when you take command you have to accept one thing above all else, Sooner or later you will loose someone.  Worse yet sooner or later you may have to order someone to their death in order to prevent the destruction of your home base or to accomplish the mission.  If never gets easy to have to loose someone.  If it ever starts to feel easy to lose a pilot then it might be time to consider hanging up your wings." he said thinking back to how he with no hesitation ordered Rawley to be used as a target to take out a few of the enemy drones.  It had been far too too easy he began to realize and began to wonder if he was getting to the point he was now warning about.

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So the disturbance he was feeling now was just normal? He was supposed to be feeling like crap? Nathan sighed feeling slightly dejected at Miles's answer it hurt a little to tell the truth, and he shook his head. It felt all the worse now that he knew that Miles agreed that there was simply nothing he could have done to save one of them. He had never felt powerless while in a valkiry before, and that hurt him. He looked at Miles long and hard trying to read the mans face and he sighed finally shaking his head. "It doesn't feel right. That I could do everything in my power and then still loose, I thought that we were supposed to out think the no win scenario?"

He shook his head. There was one other thing he needed to bring up before he left. "Miles sir, some information came up while my team was on the planet. There was a fight, and Ghost was knocked unconscious after accusing Razor of trying to rape her. Razor then insisted that we leave her behind, I refused and carried ghost back to her craft. Sir I have no reason not to believe Ghost at this point, and while I dislike the idea that I lost one, I think we should note this on the official record, perhaps even investigate the incident."

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Miles nodded, "Agreed, Security needs to be informed of this and an investigation of the accusations are definitely in order.  Given the recent trials we have endured it sadly wouldn't surprise me if one of our own may have "morally faltered" or at the same note if another may have made an untrue accusation with the reason being recent traumas.  Either way if one of our pack feels that one of our own assaulted her whether this has occurred should be determined as soon as possible even if that person is no longer in our midst."  He paused a moment, "besides if he was truly not lost it would be best to determine how we are to receive him if he should return."

Looking around a moment "Now as to the question about no win scenarios.  The command division of officers typically has a simulation they have Ensigns take when being considered for the promotions and responsibilities of the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.  This test is known as the Kobayashi Maru scenario.  Test takers are placed in the position of the captain of a Federation Starship.  AS far as they know this is a standard test there are correct and incorrect decisions to make etc."

He paused a moment, "the scenario goes as follows, The captain is informed of a freighter registration Kobayashi Maru sending out a distress signal.  The Freighter's location is within the Neutral Zone.  Originally it was the Klingon neutral zone currently the scenario plays out in the Romulan neutral zone."

"If the captain chooses they can ignore the distress call as responding to it would require crossing into the neutral zone which could be interpreted as an act of war by the Romulans."

"If they choose to ignore the distress call they will be informed that all communications from the freighter have ceased and they will be informed post test that the Maru was destroyed and there were no survivors."

"If they respond to the call once they attempt to begin rescuing the crew of the maru they are immediately attacked by two decloaking Warbirds.  Given the strength of the two ships attacking while the Federation ship is attempting to beam up survivors the ship will take major damage and the Maru will be destroyed.  Destruction of the test takers vessel is inevitable and the simulation ends with the loss of the ship and all hands onboard."

"The test is a no win scenario and is meant to teach a person with aims at command that no mater what there are such things as no win scenarios.  more importantly though it tests what a person does when faced with a no win scenario.  Do they obey Starfleet regulations and ignore the distress call. so as to not damage diplomatic relations?  Do they try and save the Maru at risk of their own ship and crew.  When engaging with the Attacking vessels does the captain do do thy desperately try and save their ship.  do they attempt to sacrifice their ship to save the Maru. DO they flee as soon as the enemy decloaks.  To me that old test isn't about out thinking the no win scenario to me the test seems to be about knowing yourself and seeing what YOU would do facing the no win scenario."

"Oh there was one person who beat the test of course, James Tiberius Kirk continued to take it well until he was up for his commander promotion.  After taking it multiple times attempting to find a solution to the test he thought outside the box and chose a third option.  He cheated.  he hacked the programming of the test simulation causing the Klingon shields and weapons to go down then destroyed them and saved the crew of the Maru."

"Some saw this as what it was, cheating.  However enough argued that his option was commendable for its creativity that instead of being flunked out of Starfleet for ignoring the purpose of the test he was given a commendation for winning at the no win scenario."

"The reason I mention all this is to let you know that among the command division the no win scenario that is given as a test has been beaten but even so the test is still recognized as having the inherent value of giving those of that division the necessary skills of knowing that there are no win scenarios and the important thing isnt just winning but how do you react when faced with an impossible to succeed situation."

"As I said its tough but you got almost everyone back alive and aided us in the fight against the Calamity.  You lost one person.  now remember your words earlier, you said we are supposed to be trained to out think the no-win scenario.  We were attacked by our allies, you fled base with no commander and were thrust into a state of command, took refuge on a dangerous planet with low survivability odds. Then survived a high risk skirmish with technologically superior opponents.  Finially, you made it back to base before engaging those opponents again and defeating them.  In the course of this mission with low odds of success much less a success with any survivors you had only one casualty.  You did out think the no win scenario.  Hell you could have easily retreated and disappeared into the ether never to return and I doubt anyone on board would view you as cowards for it.    But you didn't, you kept your pack safe and got them home you lost one but the pack made it back home.  Remember, a member of the pack wasn't lost because of you... almost the whole pack made it back home, thanks to you."

He paused a moment,again now allowing the pilot to respond to the attempt at the motivational talk.  He of course knew there was still at least one other thing he needed to discuss with the pilot before dismissing him. still he knew what he had said had to be a lot to take in.  he could tell the pilot was having trouble coping with the loss of a fellow squad member.  Still morale was important and he couldn't have one of his pilots down in the dumps when they had missions to accomplish.

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"I know about the Kyobiashi. I was in the academy after all." Nathan said leaning back into his chair a little with a huff. "I also know the favorite prank to pull is to simply fire on the ship and claim that they felt like it was going to be an ambush. It worked the first time some captain pulled that trick so now every student who reads up on it does that one, but saying you can pull the triggure in a simulation and actually having done it... those are two very different feelings."

He shook his head. He didn't feel that any of it was thanks to him. He felt more like he had let down the rest of the wolves. Of course it was impossible to know which was the case, and he knew Miles was at least mostly right. There was little more he could have done, and in truth what they had done had saved the ship. Perhaps he needed to start viewing his actions as a win instead of all negatives. Yet with each supposed victory he had implemented he couldn't help but feel that he was always causing damage where ever he went.

"Permission to be dismissed sir?" He asked Miles, looking into the mans eyes. He hadn't found exactly what he wanted to hear. Part of him had wanted to be chewed out, or have some lash of anger. Instead he was told that he had done a good job. It wasn't what he wanted, but it was also kind of what he had needed to hear.

Though he could also tell that there was something else on Miles mind, one last subject before the two of them could part and close this thread of conversation. "Or is there something else that the two of us need to talk about now?"

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He nodded, "Yes Two things, one is my new policy regarding acting flight leader.  This is not due in any way to the results of the previous mission but only because there are three officers besides yourself that are equally deserving of Acting squad lead status when appropriate.  As of today Due to your equal rank Yourself, Morrigan, Ghost, and Goldeneyes are all on rotation for the acting Squadron Commander status when I am not in the air.  SInce you had the last turn you will be 4th in the rotation and I have yet to decide who will get the acting lead status the next time it is necessary.  Understand that this is not based on any form of preformance during the previous mission but because I feel that given your equal ranks all of you should be given the opportunities to lead.

"Now onto the more immediately pressing business.  I am certainly not going easy on you on this one."  His voice dropped a bit and he dropped all of the cordiality in his mannerisms expressions and voice taking on a firm and even angry tone, "Where the hell were you this morning when you were supposed to be in this bay?"

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Nathan wasn't all that worried, and in fact a little greatful that he wasn't going to have to deal with being in charge during their next mission. He would wish luck to which ever one got the lead on that mission because for the time being not being in charge as a squad commander. He would be happy to follow one of the other wolves... for a time at least while he got over the shock of loosing one of their own.

Nathan leaned in as things seemed to get more serious and when Miles asked the question he opened his mouth to answer the question, and then closed it. His hand clenched then opened as he tried to think of what time that would have been. It was only a few hours ago, where the hell had he been? For a moment be it due to the seriousness of the question or something else Nathan couldn't remember. It was like there was a dark hole where time had gone in but nothing had come out, at least nothing that he could remember and share with his boss.

"Sickbay." He lied, after a moment of pure hesitation. "I didn't sleep well last night, got rather... sick, I went in this morning to try and see if they could help settle my stomach."

It was all lies, but it came naturally, and if Miles did ask anyone he could just blame it on a different nurse, have him run around and talk to every on duty medical staff there was until he lost interest in this. He could blame the 'stomach pain' on guilt. It was an easy story to sell, and he gave a confident nod as if he remembered everything now.

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He nodded,  "I'll take your word on it.  A lot of us are still dealing with the aftermath of yesterday after all.  Besides I figure if I asked them for a record it would take forever to retrieve it.  Wouldn't be surprised if half the ship wasn't in there at one time or another between last night and this morning.  Still I wish you had cleared it with me, I told Chief Covington I the squad would take care of the mess in the bay for his deck crew and I was hoping we all would be available to show them we were there for them as much as they are always there for us."

more importantly though is how you made your presence known moments ago.  Frankly you seemed to just interject yourself into a conversation between myself and Covington.  IT almost felt as if you saw yourself as a higher level of priority than the chief of the flight deck.  I understand that you had an important matter to discuss but you should know the only reason I didn't tear into you right then was because I wanted to know what it was that was so damned important that you missed this morning's assignments and were willing to interrupt a conversation with two officers that are above you in the chain of command. 

"Also on a matter of protocall, when asking for entry into my office, or speaking with me, especially if I am with another officer.  I suggest you adress me with the proper decorum befitting a superior officer.  It isnt a matter of self pride but a matter of respect for the other officer who I am speaking with.

As I am sure you know, Chief Covington, when on this deck is for all intents and purposes, equal in rank to myself if not slightly higher given his experience and yet when speaking abut business in front of other officers he addresses me professionally.   By addressing me by my first name and interrupting our conversation you may have left an impression that you view yourself as deserving of greater familiarity with me than he deserves."  He paused a moment then added,  "Now you are dismissed.  I suggest you make your first order of business an apology to Chief Covington  Also, please inform him that I apologize for the interruption, and that I would like to continue our conversation as soon as he is once again available."

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Nathan let out an internal sigh of relief as he looked at Miles, his mind no longer worrying about what he had been up too in nights prior. This was all going to go away and for the moment anyway he seemed to be back in the clear. He was glad that this little meeting hadn't taken some turn for the worse and at the same time he was going over his interactions with Miles and Covington, an embarassed flush overcoming the pilots face for a moment.

"Yes sir, sorry sir." Nathan said suddenly realizing all the breaches of protocol that he had gone through that morning, hell he had kicked a tool box on his way down here not even thinking about how he should have been acting on the flight deck. He stood up to leave once he was dismissed and would take the lesson to heart. At least as much as he could.

"I will make an effort to find Covington now." He said leaving the room and Miles alone in his office. Nathan still had a slight jitter to him as he walked out of the room, still shaken by the loss of a comrade, but at the same time there was now something a little more personal. Once he was done apologizing with Covington he was going to need to launch his own investigation.

What had he been doing this morning?

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