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He met her gaze and a bit of color drained from his face as he felt how much his words hurt her, felt the sympathy his statement caused within her.  When she turned to face him, he didn't turn away and made no attempt to hide his physique from her.  Instead, he reached out and touched her face, wanting to believe her, to accept that people he didn't know would fix what he found hard to believe.  To put trust in something and someone he didn't know, that was difficult for him.  Harder to still to bear was the loneliness she felt, something from her that called out to that part of him that felt the same and had for the last several months.  It made him want to take her in his arms and hold her, to chase the lack of a shadow away from them both, that darkness.  His gaze softened and he looked away, not wanting to take advantage of their situation for something meaningless and trivial, momentary.

Taking the towel, he again didn't turn away from her as he began drying himself off.  Much as he might have been used to sonic showers and the dryness of them, he had to admit the towel felt almost as good as the water, especially when combined with finally being clean.  It made him feel a bit less manly having used her scented soaps, but after the way he had smelled, it was a welcome improvement.  He tried to be unobtrusive in the way he watched her, wondering if she would turn away while he dried himself off, or if she couldn't resist a look or two.

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When his hand touched her cheek, all the tough girl image faded and standing before him was simply a young woman struggling in a situation out of her control but doing her damnedest to make things right.  She believed in her captain and crew even if she didn't know most of them at all and the few she did not to a deep extent.  They were her family though and she would live or die with them but she longed for something she had never truly felt and despaired she never would.

In that moment of soft contact, she almost reached out for him but he'd been toyed with enough and given the extenuating circumstances she didn't want him to feel used and tossed aside.  She respected and admired him too much to give in to the urges she felt.  Yet her attraction to him was evident physically and psychically as her warm brown eyes held his gaze when he took the towel from her.  He wasn't shy per se but she felt like he was testing her.

She wanted to prove to him that she wouldn't take advantage, that she wished him to only feel comfortable and treated with respect around her no matter what the circumstances.  But she was a woman and when he stood there in front of her drying himself, she couldn't help but let her gaze drop slightly.  She only gazed at his torso, the lower parts covered by the towel, and it was only a quick glimpse but still a glimpse.  Her cheeks flushed, not a common reaction for her.

"I didn't mean to gawk ... I'm sorry," she said quietly and cleared her throat as she looked out the door to her room wondering if she should give him some space.  "I'm not sure what they'll have in the mess hall but they usually have something really good for dessert," she tried to distract even herself from the heavy feeling in the air.  Of all her randy encounters over the years, only one other had touched her deeper than the surface and in that one touch to her cheek she'd felt a rush without even a kiss.

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He couldn't help but smile peacefully at her inner emotions and her beautiful brown eyes, so full of emotion and honest belief.  Her emotions were tangible in his mind, the hope in her superiors, the love for her crew.  They mixed with the loneliness and fear and made something else, something that made her stronger, gave her reason to get up everything morning.  At the moment, he had no such reason and being a gymnast would no longer be enough, not without the competition, the challenge of being not just his best, but the best of everyone.  He'd have to find something else, he realized.  Some other passion, but it could wait, for the moment.

Finished drying, he leaned past her to grab his clothing, not deliberately touching her, though he brushed against her for a moment.  He turned his back to her and pulled the pants on first, had to turn from her before saying, his skin reddening in a bit of thrill, from his chin down to mid chest, "You have my permission to gawk as much as you like."

At the mention of the mess hall, his stomach grumbled noisily and he pulled his shirt over his head before turning back to her.  A broad smile graced his lips and he asked, "Chocolate?  I've missed chocolate!"

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The soap she used was a neutral scent, one that brought out a person's own scent rather than false flowers or substances.  When he leaned forward to gather his clothing, she would get a whiff of his definite manly scent and her eyes rolled back as he turned away and she held her breath to hold on to the aroma for just a little longer.

Letting out that breath very, very slowly ... and silently, her eyes dropped again from those broad shoulders to the narrow and powerful hips.  His ass was perfectly curved and toned making her fingers curl under the lip of the counter to keep her from grabbing that delectable derriere and a surprised coughing chuckle erupted when he gave permission followed by a mumbled "good thing."

Even as he turned to face her, the smile was there to greet him.  As delightfully uncomfortable as he could make her, there was something else that made her comfortable at the same time.  Yeah, too much time in the black most likely but it was a thrilling feeling.  "Aha!  Someone else with a deep love affair with chocolate I see.  Well let's get some shoes on you and see what we can find."

Stepping out into the hall, their shadows were still there and she sauntered past them with her arm through Scosche's to hopefully help him skirt past them with a little more ease though it was only part of the reason.  In the mess hall, she went to the replicator and paused.  He was Klingon and Betazoid but had traveled all over so she wasn't sure what particular foods to order.

It might help him feel a little more in control, she thought, if he were to place the order.  "Whatever you'd like, hopefully it will be able to replicate it for you and I'll have the same," she offered him and waited to see what he would order.  She was always willing to try new things but if he chose something very basic and homey, she was good for that as well.

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He felt the heat of her desire within her and, as he settled his shoes on his feet, couldn't help but admire her own body, wondering what she might look like in the throes of passion.  Maybe he'd find out sometime, at least he hoped he would as his eyes followed her buttocks as they left her quarters.  Feeling more humane and more himself now that he'd bathed, he couldn't help but murmur, "That's not the only thing we both seem to have desires for."

Moving a step faster, he took his place at her side and slid his arm in her companionably, once again taking in what few details that he hadn't seen of the corridors his first time through.  As they walked, he was careful to avoid gazing at her too long, but couldn't help an occasional linger on her lovely face or her deep brown eyes.

The closer they drew to the mess hall, the more he could swear he smelled food and his stomach agreed with him, grumbling noisily.  As she walked him to the replicator, he thought for a moment about what he might like.  Ordinarily, when he was training, he would get something with a small portion of meat and a healthy side of vegetables.  Now, however, not having eaten properly for months, he felt a need to gorge himself.  It was hard to resist, though he reminded himself at the last moment that, should he do so, he would probably suffer for it later, his body unaccustomed to anything but the scant rations he'd had.  Finally, he settled for a vegetable stew and the largest chocolate sundae the machine could make.  He smiled at Skye as he waited for the hum of the machine, "I hope you won't think badly of my choice.  I have a definite craving topped with lots of chocolate."

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"That's not the only thing we both seem to have desires for."  He seemed so sweet and yet had a simmering sexuality to him.  It was at that moment she realized that his Betazoid heritage was luring her and yet the power of his Klingon heritage was boiling just beneath the surface.  Andrus had been completely sensual and Isley powerful yet here was a man who encompassed both wonderful traits.  "Apparently not," she replied and licked her lips before turning her gaze back to the hallway.  It simply wouldn't do to run into a support beam like a school girl right then.

Glancing back at the guards, she felt the urge to tell them to run along and play somewhere else.  They'd put a tracker on him after all but she knew they wouldn't abandon their post until one of their superiors called them off.  So for now they would get to watch them eat dinner and continue with the lingering glances while the other wasn't looking.  Scosche was proving yet again that her call sign was appropriate, willing to shamelessly engage in more intimate maneuvers when opportunity knocked.  As far as she was concerned, he could knock her up against the wall anytime.

His order brought one of those more happy smiles and she was glad he wasn't going to glut himself sick.  She'd made that mistake herself and was waiting to see if she needed to suggest he start off a little slowly.  Every moment with him she found herself relaxing and falling into old habits, a bit of swagger in her step and heat in her gaze.  "How can I think badly of a choice like that?  It's good stuff though ... computer make my vegetable stew with beef."  One of her slow grins started with one corner of her mouth and then the other, a slight drop of one shoulder and hip backing her words.  "A girl can't get enough meat and chocolate," she winked.

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 Unbidden, but not unwelcome, came the image dripping cooling chocolate on her naked body, followed swiftly by his tongue across her pale skin, of sucking each drop from her body as he... he stopped and shook his head.  As the thought crossed his mind, he'd not taken his eyes from hers and blushed at how his own desires must have been plainly obvious, even if her eyes were to remain on his and not drop down to how his pants had begun to tent.  With a blush, he turned away and coughed, clearing his throat from the sudden desire to taste her.

Gathering up his food, he stepped back and waited for her to gather her own before heading to an empty table.  As he was accustomed to, the conversation in the room seemed to slow, then stop as those around them realized who he was, their eyes falling on him, gawking.  He sighed inwardly, but outwardly did his best to ignore how uncomfortable it made him.  He'd never sought fame, only the competition, the desire to prove himself the best, but with that desire the fame came anyway.  There were a few faces he could see who looked at him with confusion, only to be informed of his history by their companions in hurried whispers.

Glancing at her, he tried to disregard the growing pressure on his mind, the curiosity to know him mingled with awe at his accomplishments and even a few minds that prickled with resentment.  Those he had wondered about before, how anger over what he'd made of himself burned in others, until he'd figured out they were jealous, knowing he'd done what they couldn't and never could.  Had he not actively tried to avoid such people, he might have told them fame and champion weren't all they were cracked up to be.  He wouldn't have changed his choices, granted, but he would still prefer being able to go somewhere, anywhere, without having a constant gaggle of fans, or the weighty eyes of bodyguards protecting him.  Though, maybe things would be different aboard the Theurgy, given they were all, more or less, in the same boat and his accomplishments meant little aboard a ship on the run.

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Skye saw something going on behind those dark eyes and his embarrassed reaction, knowing she had gotten to him a little.  "Computer ... add some Kaeston bread," she requested.  It was something she remembered was native to Betazed and thought it might make him feel a little more welcome.  A quick glance downward brought a flash of a grin but around others she thought it might be best to not bring attention to that part of his body.  When she had her own food she walked in front of him to block anyone's view of his nether region, in a way trying to protect him as much as possible from prying eyes.

Those eyes seemed mostly only on his face and the realization of who he was, bringing out a lot of different reactions.  Some giggled and others did double takes.  A few looked rather pissed but one she remembered had made a pass at her that she declined rather rudely, justifiable though as he'd been rude first.  All in all, she figured he was feeling more than a little uncomfortable so broke off half of the bread and handed it to him.  "I don't know about you, but I love to dunk chunks of bread in the broth and this has the perfect texture," she proceeded to eat as if everything was normal, ignoring everyone else around them.

Of course their main interest, other than each other, was the decadent sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped peanuts, and a cherry on top.  If she thought it wouldn't melt too fast, she'd suggest they take them back to her place but it was far enough away they'd end up just drinking the concoction.  Plucking the cherry from the top, she slipped it past her lips and then licked her fingers with a definite air of pleasure that only increased as she spooned into the rest of the dessert.  "Oh hell I almost forgot how good this stuff is," she groaned and sat back with the dish in her hand as she scooped small bites, savoring the thick rich chocolate.

"In the morning I go on duty shift," she said conversationally but he could sense her concern for him and the feelings of loneliness he might have.  "Depending on everyone else ... security and captain or whoever ... do you think you'd like to hang out at the gym or something?  Maybe they'll assign someone who can show you around and get more comfortable here and when I'm off shift we can have dinner again."  In spite of the sexual tension, though that was certainly loads of fun too, she enjoyed the simple presence of his company.

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"It is certainly one of the best breads of my planet," Scosche replied as he took his seat across from her.  He did as his mother had taught him and ate his soup, though she'd be sorely disappointed at the way he seemed to near enough inhale it.  It warmed him through and satisfied more than just hunger, filling him as though it were the finest foods of any gods, his or anyone else's.  As he set the bowl down, he barely covered his mouth in time to stifle the exhalation his stomach produced, though he still gave her an apologetic look.  Pushing the empty bowl aside, he eyed his dessert with eager purpose, though he hesitated as he pulled it in front of him.  Slowly, he drew the cherry from the top and, eyes meeting hers, swirled his tongue around the small red ball, before wrapping his lips around it and breaking it off from the stem.  His eyes fluttered as he chewed it slowly, savoring the taste and texture, the sweetness of it so far above that of the rations he'd had no choice but to eat for months.

He blinked at her for a moment, once more lost to the sensations that inundated him, realizing she'd been speaking.  With a nod, he managed to recall the barest whisper of what she spoke, "I would certainly enjoy using something more favorable than that which I was able to construct with my own hands.  Having some actual equipment to use would be... I need to regain my strength.  I would certainly enjoy dinner with you again, as I do this one."

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Skye had actually eaten as quickly as he had and when he covered the belch, she almost informed him given enough carbonated beverage that she could burp the alphabet with the best of them.  Being around guys a lot, those kinds of things were the norm really.  Training at the academy usually had contests of who could outdo who though PJ had been Top Burper.

When he picked up the cherry and so erotically consumed it, she unconsciously crossed her legs.  There were places on her body she wouldn't mind that swirling tongue finding and she could just imagine how his lips tasted right then.  How she'd managed to continue talking about anything normal was beyond her and she wasn't about to second guess, happy she just didn't make a fool of herself.

"Once we get the holodecks going again, we can definitely get some proper equipment to use," she nodded and slowly bobbed the leg draped over the other.  "There's definitely weights, treadmills, and other stuff to help you get your strength back but don't overdo it at first and make sure you have a buddy to spot you.  I'd be glad to when not on duty ... and dinner tomorrow it is," she grinned.

She doubted they'd put him in the brig but even if they did she'd make sure she took dinner to him.  Her mind kept going over things he might be able to do though none of it was nearly as good as performing.  "I know you're sort of in limbo but is there anything besides gymnastics you really like to do?  Or would at least like to try?  If we have a few things ready, it might help you adjust quicker," she offered optimistically.

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"I've never made use of a holodeck," he commented with a shrug.  He'd never had need of it, given his sport was only for one person.  Instead, he had learned to use the forests he mother had taken him to, driving himself from tree to tree, sometimes falling and breaking bones.  Still, he had learned and done better in each attempt.  And, even when he'd taken up competition, he'd always used the equipment provided at whatever arena he had been at.  He gathered a scoop of ice cream and nibbled at it, delighting in each small taste, the mix of chocolate upon chocolate consuming his attention.  It felt as though his whole being were absorbing each atom of the dessert.

Taking another spoonful, he smiled, "I will look forward to you joining me, then.  In the meantime, I will endeavor to keep my strength until you show."

He savored another bite, thinking over her questions as he enjoyed the creamy mix.  He had little other talents, save his gymnastics, having spent nearly every waking moment working towards the goal of the Olympics.  However, he had been schooled and was no fool.  Thinking a moment more, he sighed, "Unfortunately, no, very little.  The arena was all I thought about, even when I was schooled in other things.  If I had to give answer, I would say I learned science at my mother's side, specifically biology.  I know not whether such knowledge though would be of much use in our current situation.  What little I know surely is outweighed by those with actual schooling in such matters."

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Watching him eat the ice cream, Skye could see his wheels turning to try to come up with something and found herself biting her tongue to keep from commenting on him needing to keep up his strength for her.  Ohhhh Skye, honey ... you can be so shameless sometimes but hot damn if he isn't more tempting than the sundae! she chastised herself mentally.

"Science and biology, hmmmmm," she mused as she turned the spoon upside down in her mouth and used the tip of her tongue to pry out some chocolate that had stuck to the bowl section.  "You might be able to help out with cataloging things in the science department or the hydroponics bay," she suggested with a wag of the spoon.  "Might not be exciting but definitely useful."

"Maybe once you have your strength up you could be a personal trainer or something in the fitness area.  If we work on your fighting skills, you could even apply for something in security eventually."  Setting down her empty dish, she had a bit of a frown.  "I know it's going to seem like things take forever but we'll figure something out and I think as long as you're able to continue training and doing what you love that everything'll turn out fine."

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"I... I have little desire to fight," Scosche confessed, looking down at his sundae.  It embarrassed him, the fact that, unlike his father and much to his father's disappointment, being a warrior held little interest for him.  Not that he didn't feel the urge to fight nor the desire to please his father, but he felt it every time he caused pain, the sudden surge of emotion in whomever he happened to have been swinging at, at the time.  It was almost a physical pain to himself when he hurt someone else and he had no hunger for hurting himself.  He had taken up gymnastics as a way to still be a champion, but not be directly in competition with anyone, at least not one on one.  It had made his father roar in anger whenever the man had tried to teach him his Klingon heritage, the way he cringed away from hurting anything placed before him.  Even now, he wondered if it had been one of the reasons his father had left.

He cleared his throat and took another swallow of ice cream, not looking up at her.  She was a fighter, obviously, and he had no way of knowing how she would respond to his self-imposed pacifism.  There was nothing wrong in fighting to defend one's self, family or people, or so he'd always thought, it was simply something he found difficult to do himself.  The cause, whatever it might be, would have to outweigh the pain he would cause, both to his target and, by reflection, to his own mind.

With a nod, he pushed the half-finished dessert away, "Whatever else might happen, there would be little point in continuing a training for a goal that no longer exists.  Even if I were to return to the Federation today, without being pursued by your mysterious enemy, I am no longer ready for the Olympics next year and doubt I would be able to regain the proper physiology by then.  I might be ready for the next one, in 5 years, but even that is uncertain, given you, nor your superiors, cannot offer assurance that we'll be returned home by then.

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She might not be an empath or a counselor, but she could understand his feelings.  It was obvious given his two heritages how conflicted he must be and when he pushed away the dessert, he could feel her hurting for him even before she reached out and took his hand.  "I'm trained and I'll fight to the death if necessary, but it's not something I truly enjoy ... unless the guy I'm punching was a total jerk and deserved it," she gave a half-smile trying to lighten the mood a bit.

"I can't begin to know how you're feeling and believe me I wish I could watch you in the next Olympics, but you are so much more than a gymnast.  You just haven't found you yet is all."  He needed a goal, something to look forward to and to offer him direction and there was determination in her to help him find just that.  "You may think it's senseless to train and get back to competitive strength, but I disagree.  The sooner you feel more like yourself, the easier it will be to expand your horizons."

With that little smirk, she turned her attention to the half-eaten sundae.  "You realize if you don't eat that, I will, and then I'll have to find a good way to work off the calories," she stated with a mischievous grin.  "Otherwise I won't fit into my flight suit and end up grounded and trust me ... when I'm bored, it's not a good thing.  Too much time on my hands usually lends to all sorts of havoc.  So," she propped her elbow on the table and put her chin in her hand, "are you going to save the crew from me?"

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It was a struggle to push past the depression that felt comfortable, that had been most of his existence the last few months.  He hadn't only been locked up in body, but in mind as well, never knowing if he might be captured, tortured, killed or if the nightmare might end and he be able to return to his life.  As she gripped his hand, he clung to it with... he dared not hope, not yet, not until he'd met with whoever would next decide his nebulous fate.  But, he might imagine that there might be hope yet in his future.  Recovery, it seemed, was not to be had in a day or hour.  Still, he squeezed her hand and nodded at the ice cream, "I would have you bored, with me as your soul target for relieving it."

Lifting his gaze, he smiled gently, though his eyes bore the heat his words carried, "I can imagine a few good ways to do away with pesky calories, most, however, would not be meant for public display."

He had almost forgotten the guards by now, but mention of having privacy brought them back and he turned his head, looking at one, then the other quickly.  With a sigh, he pushed the ice cream further away, "I, however, cannot eat more and so would welcome you to it.  Better it be enjoyed than fall to waste.  If we are to work off those calories, I would much prefer it be without audience."

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"I would have you bored, with me as your soul target for relieving it."

Skye's eyes were already on his face but he could feel the passion rage up within her, see the dilation of her pupils and a slight sucking in of her cheeks as her lips pursed as a particular scene of a movie from ancient times replayed in her mind.

[glow=red,2,300]Suzanne Dorn: You mind if I join you?

Rick Vaughn: I don't think I'd be very good company right now.

Suzanne Dorn: Why not?

Rick Vaughn: Nothing. Job. I'm a ballplayer.

Suzanne Dorn: I know. But that's not why I came over here. I don't chase ballplayers.

Rick Vaughn: Why'd you come over here then?

Suzanne Dorn: Because you are the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on, and you look like you could use a friend.

Rick Vaughn: Check?

~Quote from Major League~

"I can imagine a few good ways to do away with pesky calories, most, however, would not be meant for public display."

Slowly Skye reached for the dish of unfinished ice cream but still holding his hand started to rise from her chair.  "Check?" her lips echoed the memory and obviously didn't give a shit about anyone's thoughts as she led him right out of the mess hall, leaving the guards to hurry along at their convenience.  To hell with them, she thought as she pulled his arm around her so she could lean in and eat the ice cream on the way back to her room.  The entire way he could feel her simmering desire.

"Buckle up boys, it's going to be a bumpy ride," she said for the guard's benefits as the door shut and left them outside and just her and Scosche inside.  Setting the dish down, she rounded on the gymnast and pulled his face down until her lips were almost on his.  "Gentle Betazoid or Rough Klingon ... your choice but make it fast," she growled at him and remained poised to strike.

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At first, he was surprised by her actions, the pull of him by her hand.  It was unexpected, especially for a woman he'd known for such a short time.  While not entirely unfamiliar with women, and though he did recognize the way her eyes changed and her breath came differently, he hadn't expected her to move quite so expediently.  He blinked at the word she used, having no clue what a check might be.

As they entered the turbolift, followed by the security guards, he couldn't be as free as he wanted, not comfortable wrapping his arms entirely around her, but he did so anyway.  He tensed, though, as the guards eyed him, and he wondered if there was some kind of jealousy on their parts.  The heat from her, the obvious desire, made him hard, which she could no doubt feel as she pressed back against him.  As the lift came to a stop, he leaned his head down and whispered in her ear, "You're beautiful."

Being dragged to her quarters, as though they were young children off to play, made him laugh.  As she pulled him in, he kept his eyes off the guards and, as soon as the doors closed, he met her as she turned to him, pulling her close, his entire body bending down to suck on her lips, groaning at the taste of chocolate and ice cream and her.  He growled, a very Klingon sound, as he found some of his strength put to use, ripping her shirt down her back, his large hands sliding beneath to kneading her smooth, soft back, her silken skin making him all the more hungry for her.

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There was a definite feeling of giddiness, of being so completely naughty that it was like ejecting from an old plane and free falling.  The only difference was with that you usually had a parachute and Skye didn't intend to slow down until they both crashed.  A wicked smile grew as she felt his rigid member poking her backside and when the blonde looked at her, she winked and ran her tongue around the edge of the spoon while the dark haired guy scowled.

Being called beautiful touched her though, the way he said it at least made her actually feel beautiful.  There were many other women much more beautiful and she was typically classified a handsome woman because of her strong jaw and features.  His sweetness earned him a surreptitious booty rub, just enough to ensure he stayed hard until they got to her room.  She wished she had more to offer him, a nice suite and tub but for now she was just an ensign.

His lips were just like she imagined, firm and practiced setting off electrical shocks but the real kicker was when he literally ripped the shirt off her back.  She gasped in surprise but he could sense the euphoria already beginning in her.  "Oh this is gonna be good," she said in a voice somewhere between a growl and a purr.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kicked off her shoes and then let go long enough to start ridding him of his nice new clothes though much more carefully.

Clothes flew everywhere until both were bare, skin slipping against skin, and Skye literally climbing up his body to lock her legs around his hips as she buried both hands in his hair.  It was hard to say who was devouring who but there was a definite love of chocolate leading to them licking and sucking every last bit off of each others' lips and tongues.  "Don't worry about me," she whispered huskily as she leaned back out of the kiss long enough for a good breath.  "I won't break."

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It had been a long time since a woman had said that to him and it caused him to wonder how much experience she had with Klingons in bed.  Not that he was a typical Klingon in that respect, though he had been known to give as good as he got, but he did not feel, as some Klingons seemed to, that sex was about domination and required the shedding of blood. So long as it was immensely pleasurable for them both, what did it matter whether blood was involved or not?

He held her up by her buttocks, keeping her firmly planted against his abdomen, his long, hard cock waving back and forth between her thighs, occasionally making contact with her nether lips.  Already, fluids leaked from his tip and he felt his heartbeat treble in his chest.  Gripping her by her arm pits, he maneuvered her back to the small dining table and set her down on it, stepping out of his pants as he did, leaving him tall, muscled and entirely naked as he bent over and, mouth open wide, engulfed a good portion of her left breast between his lips, tongue working slowly back and forth over the hard tip.  His hands moved between her thighs and spread her wider, massaging her thighs, his left sliding down her right leg, caressing her silken skin, kneading toned muscle beneath.  Moving his right hand, he slid his fingers up into her golden hair, gripping tightly then releasing, his hunger for her growing with each second, each movement and touch.

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Skye gave every impression she was definitely enjoying him and he could sense she liked it rough though harbored an awe of the more sensual ways, something of a treat like the sundae had been.  Sex for her was something wild and free.  No holds barred was what he was getting the most at that point, especially when she could feel the trail of moisture streak her lightly rippled abdomen as he pulled her up so easily and plopped her ass on the table.

A very dirty sounding chuckle erupted as he leaned down and almost inhaled her breast, a light shudder and groan of delight her response to his tongue brushing along her nipple.  Strong hands gripped her thighs and then parted them more, the sensation forcing her eyes closed as part of her longed for him to just plunge right in because she was more than ready for him.  Her entire body tensed in anticipation as he caressed her.

It was when he grabbed her by the hair though that a feral smile formed.  "Oooo I like," she purred and reached for his hips, letting her short nails press firmly into his flesh though not enough to bring blood.  She seemed quite like minded with him regarding blood-letting, that it wasn't necessary but so be it if it happened.  There was such a sweet gentleness normally about his lips and eyes but right now that was vacillating with a harsher needful look.

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Even in his weakened state, she had felt nearly light as a feather in his arms.  It gave him some hope that, in a yet uncertain future, he might regain what he'd lost, at least physically.  Right now, however, he pushed all thought but her out of his head, focusing his abilities on detecting which of his actions brought the greatest pleasure to her.  He groaned at the way she reacted to his hand in her hair and gathered it up again, his lips moving up to her neck, biting gently at the silken skin there.  With his left hand, he reached between them and caressed her labia, ensuring she was slick enough for him to enter.  Satisfied, he took hold of himself and, with only a slight amount of effort, found her entrance. 

For a moment, he hesitated, pulling his head back to look down at her, meeting her eyes and letting her see the hunger and need he held for her.  Standing upright, he took in the length of her body, her full, firm breast, her taut stomach.  He couldn't resist, as his gaze fell on her belly button and circled it with his thumb, before sliding his hand between her lower back and the table.  Pushing the crown of his staff between her labia, he returned his eyes to hers and, without preamble, gave a quick jab of his hips, sinking as much of his length as he could into her, grunting animalistically at the sudden wet, tight, warmth around him.

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A lewd curl of one corner of her mouth formed as he groaned and grabbed her by the hair again, pulling her head back to bare her throat to him and bringing out a groan of her own as he did a little more than nipping the flesh.  Her hands smoothed up his arms and then her fingers dug into his biceps as he touched between her legs, teasing along slit which made her moan even more turning into soft pants of anticipation as the tip of his impressive cock touched her velvety lips.

He paused though, his expression setting her on fire seeing her own need mirrored in his eyes.  One hand reached up and cupped his neck while the other slid down his chest to curve around his waist then she invited him in with a smile and tilt of her hips that brushed her nether lips along the flaring head.  Then he stood and gazed upon her, eliciting an even stronger response within her as he caressed around her navel.  It was such a tender gesture amidst the more primal acts and led to the ultimate instinct.

With a speed she knew he had but hadn't expected in that moment, he plunged forward and spread her hot, slick walls out in every direction only to snap back and hug him tight.  Her own grunt joined his a fraction later and she nearly lifted herself off the table, the strength of her arms supported by his neck and side bulging in a knee-jerk reaction to the penetration.  "Fuck yeah," she snarled and forced herself to let go enough to settle back down on the table.  "You nailed that landing," she said with a shiver of delight.

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"I always do," he answered huskily, referencing his gymnastics, as well as the pleasure he knew he'd brought her.  It was one of the few results of his Betazoid heritage he enjoyed, and certainly the best of those few, the ability to sense what pleased his lovers, not that he'd had more than he could count on one hand.  Still, he'd always enjoyed the sense of power that came with being able to tune his well-trained body to another's, to know that a specific twist of his hips, swirl of his tongue or, in Skye's case, a hand in her hair ushered in even greater peaks of ecstasy.

Slowly, as she stretched out on the table beneath him, he started a withdrawal of his erection, now shiny with her secretions, before jabbing back in, a pace he kept up for a few minutes.  Even now, his stamina was above average, but he knew he couldn't last for very long, weakened as he was and it having been a while since enjoying a woman's body.  He couldn't imagine, however, enjoying a woman more than he was right now and arched his long back, bringing his head down to her nipple, taking the hard point between his lips and tugging, only barely biting down with his teeth.  His right hand continued to hold her head back, fingers entwined in her hair, his left strode down her right side, caressing her, feeling her soft skin, over her hip and to her thigh, massaging her strong muscles.

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"Mmmmmmmgoodtoknow," she moaned as he withdrew and thrust back in rather quickly, causing a light huff and dirty chuckle.  They both knew he wasn't at his best and she fully intended to help him get back in shape because already he had her dancing near the edge.  Her own appetite was quite large but she would try to ensure she didn't wear him out too much for now.

Laying there she reveled in the feel of his teeth on her sensitive nubs, deep inhales followed by sighing exhales sounding loud in the small area.  Her nails scrabbled firmly along the flesh of his shoulders and back as her heels rested on his perfect ass though she did graze those nails along his ribs on occasion.  Keeping her hips tilted down at a slight angle, he continually grazed that hard shaft along her clit giving them both that not so little added extra pleasure.

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Even as he felt his peak rising quickly, he knew his body would soon be at the end of its strength, at least for a few minutes.  It dismayed him slightly to realize how much his time in the cargo hold had affected him, despite the intense training he'd attempted to keep up.  Little held your body in check the way competition did, even if it was against oneself, but there had only been so much he'd been able to do in the tight quarters.

With a pop, he pulled his lips from her teat and bared his teeth down at her, his hips near to slamming now, though there was at least a bit of surprise that he hadn't pushed her completely over the edge of the table yet.  The wet sound of their groins meeting rose to his ears and filled the room, making him wonder if the guards outside could hear them, as well.  If so, let them be damned for not being allowed the pleasure he was feeling now.  Leaning down again, this time he caught her mouth with his own and thrust his tongue possessively between her lips, as though he would catch the very breath from her lungs.  His large hands, one in her hair, the other beneath her back, forced her ever harder against him, until his erection seemed to swell and, finally, with a throaty yell, he released within her, pushing his hips fully against hers until he felt the tip of his erection pressing against her cervix.  He knew she was a professional pilot and imagined, like most women he'd met, that she was on at least some form of birth control and, thus, gave no thought to filling her with his seed.

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