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CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel

[ Deck 03 | Upper Gymnasium | 2350hrs. ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

Miles Stood in the gymnasium waiting for his friend to arrive.  There was still a good ten minutes before they were scheduled to meet, but he couldn't help but arrive a bit early so he could stretch out a bit as he stood in his most human like form within the sparring ring. 

The ring, as it was, measured about 20 by 20 meters and was a slightly padded mat with no boundaries aside from the pad that made it up having about a 10 centimeter thickness creating an equal drop-off to the ground.  He waited for her in the same clothes he had worn in the holodeck having found no need to change since these were the clothes he often used if he wanted to move to his full extent.

Stretching a bit he felt more confident in his movement and began to get used to the slightly spongy floor by preforming what could best be described like the jumps flips and tumbles of a gymnastics floor exercise mixed in with kicks and strikes and the motions of different throws, take downs, and holds.

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After a long night she was finally heading to where she was looking for and that was the gymnasium. As the turbolift doors slid open her pale lips would hold a smirk as she headed slowly towards the gymnasium knowing she would be arriving almost on time. She didn't stop tell she was outside the door her nose flaring slightly as she took in the scents in the hallway smelling Miles scent knowing he was inside. As the door slid open she wasn't disappointed  seeing him in his human like form as she slowly made her way towards him her tail waving softly behind her. Her eyes slowly trailed over his form seeing he was in much the same clothing he had been in during their first encounter tonight. Her top hadn't changed the bottom was replaced by leggings that seemed to form over the slim firm curves of her legs.

As she stopped at the edge of the ring her foot came out lightly pushing against it feeling it gave slightly before her eyes turns back to him as she smiled softly. "I see you choice interesting clothing for a sparing match. Doesn't leave much protection," she said as she stepped up on the ring her tail waving slightly as she looked over his body once more before looking into his eyes. "Since you can not regenerate like my kin I know I won't be able to use some moves on you. Any thing or any where else that is off limits?"

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He nodded, "Well since neither of us are wearing gloves, neither of us can put full force into our punches or else we would risk fracturing bones in our hands.  Since we both have claws I would advise against trying to cut skin since I doubt the doctor wants to deal with using a dermal regenerator on either of us at midnight.  Obviously no intentional groin strikes,  grabs are legal as long as nothing to injure sensitive tissue so to speak.  When it comes to Grappling and submissions, tap-outs end the attack.  As far as chokes go, no faking passing out for an advantage. If you appear to be passed out then its a tap-out.  Once a tap-out occurs we reset to our starting positions.  As for what can or can't be grabbed in combat and what are allowed means of distraction there are no rules.  After all we need to keep this fun so no worries about what may or may not be touched in the process.  Since this is fun I can assume we aren't keeping score and the goal is just not to tap out from submission.  As for our extra appendages such as our tail, anything is allowed other than suspending yourself in flight above the opponents reach.  Other things that count as a tap-out are ring-outs which occur if any part of either of our bodies touch the surface outside the ring or is over 50 percent of a body is over the edge but not touching the ground."  He explained hoping she found the rules he had came up with fair.    then he explained his choice of attire, "As for my lack of clothing well, My greatest strength is in my movement.  Really the only reason for this thing is as a means to keep things from flopping about if I became aroused in your lovely presence. It weren't for that, and the obvious advantage of mammary support for those of the female gender, one of the rules would be no clothing at all.  That way there could be no advantages from grabbing onto clothing items as a hand hold."  he said then smiled before giving her a polite bow as to say he was ready to begin when she was.

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She nodded her head softly hearing that they couldn't put full force into their punches. True she could have if her healing ability had recovered enough to become active again. "My dear Miles the only things I wish to cut from you is that tail and your clothes," she said letting a soft smirk cross over her lips as she continued watching him. "Don't worry about be flying. I haven't had time to strengthen the muscles enough for flight yet," she said as she allowed her eyes to venture over his body making it clear that her intention was to get her hands on him one way or the other. His words of his lack of clothing reminded her even more of the state of undress he was in. "We will see how well your movements are by the end of the night," she spoke with a soft smirk on her lips. Her smile all but grew as he spoke of becoming aroused by her presence she loved the way he spoke finding she liked the way he talked to her. "I am looking forward to our match," she said as she bowed her eyes remaining on him as she continued smiling softly. Her eyes remaining on him as her legs tensed before she dashed forward her shoulder aiming right for his waist.

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Miles SMirked hearing her statement, "Sorry Valky, but I'm not parting with my tail even for you."  he said before bowing to her as well.  He was expecting her to strike quickly but was far from expecting the burst of speed she showed.  seeing her path he quickly took the impact to the hip and rolled with it allowing himself to go backwards and roll into the ground her momentum carrying his body backwards and down into the ground.  He quickly locked his arm around her neck as he went down backwards into a sacrifice throw.   Quickly the momentum shifted from down to backwards as his knee crossed into her abdomen pushing her away from him and her back into an arch.  Just as quickly the foot extended pushing her away and into the air further before releasing her head and sending her flying behind him courtesy of her own momentum.

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His smirk only fueled her more wanting to make sure she was going to give him one hell of a fight. "Oh but come now. I adore it so," she whispered to him a heavy smirk forming on her lips as she looked at him. For a moment she felt the pride in her that she had managed to take him by surprise even if it was just for a few seconds. Her body impacting his hip told her more then anything he was more experienced then she thought. Maybe he would be the one would truly challenge her. Her body rolling with hers was indeed new as she moved with him feeling her momentum carrying her body into the ground as she growled loudly. Her body rolled with her tail following. Her hand shot up feeling his arm lock around her neck. Her growl only grew feeling his knees coming up pushing her up as her body twisted in an almost serpentine fashion as she landed a few feet away her eyes narrowing towards him. Her eyes quickly focused back on him seeing him seconds before she felt his body impacting hers as he pounced on her.

"Oh no you don't furry butt," she growled out as she squirmed half way out from under him feeling his weight keeping her from fully escaping. She could feel his arms trying to lock her body into place as she continued squirming under him trying to lock any part of his body she could into place. Her tail wrapped tightly around his making sure he wouldn't be able to throw her off of him. She was quickly realizing that she wouldn't be able get a good hold on him. She used every inch of muscles she had to push herself up off the mat her muscles flexing as she started gaining height putting them into a more kneeling position. She repositioned herself quickly feeling her body softly rubbing against him.

"I will admit one thing fluffy. You are at least good at grappling," she said as she looked back at him seconds before her arms tried to move back around his neck to try and roll him.

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Feeling her start to get to her knees, he quickly wrapped his own tail around her firmly. He could tell her strength though was greater so the only way to get her in another submissive position would be to either take the back somehow, no easy feat, or allow himself to go back into the mat and pull her into one of the many different guard positions.  "And I'll admit that you are far stronger than you look.  In a match of strength against strength alone I would be at a major disadvantage.  Luckily for me my style of grappling is not about strength but about position and leverage."  Making a quick list of notes he settled on going for the one that would place her furthest from him not allowing her to get much distance close to him.  Feeling her attempting to push against him and force him down as she rose to her knees and he rose to them as well.  He quickly slipped a knee downwards and into the outside of her arms and gripped at her wrists.  One foot came resting at her hip and the other across her abdomen allowing him to pull her by her arms forcing her slightly off the ground.  In a quick motion he kicked her knee out from under her and attempting to grapple the arm enough to force her into a kimora hold.  Feeling her immediately escaping from it he switched his position to trying to use an omoplata submission but got no where as he felt her push against him righting herself and pushing into him.

He felt her perfect body as it squeezed against him. He wrapped his legs back around her before she could gain a better position but now she was even closer than before.  Still at worst they were in a nearly even position with him keeping her in a standard closed guard with his arms wrapped around her squeezing her chest against his abdomen unable to keep from being aroused a bit as he felt momentary presses of the bottoms of her breasts against his increasing erection.  As they fought in the grappling match she slipped back up her breasts dragging against his torso as he tried to hold onto her as she gained inch after inch of position on him.  As quickly as he could he attempted another sweep but she was ready for him this time.  blocking the sweep and passing his leg to take a mount position on him.  Now she truly had the advantage.  "You have me at a disadvantage."  he said simply as he plotted a means to sweep her from the mount in order to get himself in a position over her knowing doing so would likely place him in her guard.  Still, it would be a lot better than being in a full mount at her mercy as she was poised in a position to force him to submit in any number of ways.

Most of the positions I mentioned are Brazillian jiu-jitsu submissions and positions.

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Even though they where in a fight there was something about the feeling of his tail wrapping around her that she liked. "Thanks. But you should feel it when I have a chance to fully work out," she spoke finding he was a lot faster and agile then she gave him credit for. Still his admonition that she was the stronger brought a smile to her lips. She felt his body moving to his knees as her tail wrapped tightly around his waist. If he was going to try a back attack she would make sure that he would have to deal with her tail. Their grappling match was quick and skilled just as they where. She felt his wonderful body pressing against hers in a way that only served to arouse her more. A long deep growl slipped out of her lips as his leg wrapped around her knowing he was close to getting her into a pinning position. She could feel his body so close to hers wanting to feel just what he could do with that body. His arms wrapping around her squeezing her breasts causing her nipples to harder even more.

It seemed with every move they made their body would rub against the other sparking new found desires. "Maybe I should let you have the advantage just to see what you will do with it," she whispered softly to him loving the feeling of the way their bodies rubbed against each other. As he swept her into a position where he was over her. She slowly allowed her body to relax seemingly willing to submit herself to him for a little if for no other reason then simply to see what he would do with her.

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As they grappled his hands groped and grabbed at flesh trying to find good grips as they wrestled around their bodies had locked up multiple times in half pins.  Each time sweat and momentum allowed each of them to worm out of holds.  Desperate to have an actual grapple on her he began grabbing at anything including her supple breasts and perfectly toned ass. She was still soft and petite looking but he could tell just from every touch of her body that under that skin there was power in every fiber of muscle.  From the feel he would guess she could probably put the average klingon male to shame.  Her strength wasn't in muscle mass but in muscle tone.  He guessed her muscle fiber density must be much more concentrated than most species.  Though her body appeared soft and as evidenced before could be as soft as any woman could be.  Even her muscles before when he held her were soft and pliable when she was relaxed and wanted to be held.  But, in a fight she was something altogether different.  Under that deceptively fragile exterior were muscles that were harder than stone and capable of exerting a force like a torsion based catapult storing energy and waiting to be released into a devastating kinetic force. There was a power he could feel in that body, something wild, primal, feral, almost Like a power and hunger of a beast he had never faced before.  If she were an angel her job would not be that of praising but would be the job of warring and passing down holy judgement, If she were a demoness she was no mere temptress but a general of hell's armies.  His assessment of her as a Valkyrie was indeed the most accurate one.  Under every inch of luxuriously soft, perfect skin was the hardened flesh of a winged maiden of battle.  This juxtaposition of strength and beauty with such a perfect figure.  There was hardly another female he could imagine that could match perfection even amongst his own kind.

He blinked a bit at how she suddenly made that suggestion was, how obvious the relaxation was, how blatant the kind of submission was.  At first his thought was she was lulling him into a trap but he thought better after a moment.  "We are oviously at a kind of stalemate here.  To decide who would be the victor we would have to resort to punches and other things that would wind up putting me in the med bay most likely.  Perhaps the two of us should be testing each other in a different kind of submission."  He suggested, "perhaps instead of seeing who can use pain to make the other submit we should see who can overpower the other with pleasure to force them to submit to the others whims."  He said with a grinning smirk pulling her into an embrace and kissing her passionately on the lips.  

No longer caring about the match but more interested in the obvious ulterior motives for their meeting here tonight.  as he kissed his hands reached behind her and to her tail gently rubbing against it up and down the side of it until he reached the base and pushed his hand over it and around her side and over her abdomen.  His hands moved somewhere much more sensitive and began to move slowly back and forth fingers pressing against a certain crease between her legs hoping to encourage further submission to his eager fingers' explorations.

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As their match continued she found the desire peeking as he grabbed her beasts and ass as her hands gripped his tail and ass. Still she knew what she wanted and to get what she wanted it would mean taking on a slightly more submissive posture. "Or we could call it a draw and just try and wear each other out," she whispered as she looked up at him. As he pulled her up into an embrace her arms wrapped around his neck as she kissed him back passionately as her tongue slipped into his mouth. As his hand ventured down to her tail her smile grew before she leaned back just enough to whisper to him. "I am starting to think you like my tail as much as I like yours," she whispered softly feeling his hands caressing her once more. Her head rolled back softly feeling his fingers starting to carese between her legs which was already wet with need and desire. "Miles," she whispered his name as her fingers softly brushed over his chest and down over his hips before her fingers hooked his undergarments working on slipping them off. She let her hand reach for what she was sure would be a rock hard erection. Her mind tried to focus on arousing him as her hands softly wrapped around his cock stroking him softly loving the feeling of him in her hands. "How about you lay on your back and we'll have some fun to get warmed up," she spoke as her hands brushed over the head of his cock paying close attention to the head of his massive member.

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He couldn't help but smile hearing those words.   She had no clue just how many sessions he could last through on average having yet to meet a female outside his race that could match his full wants.  Though he had to admit Thea's lack of organic boundaries had been his first taste of something even close to it.  He couldn't help but feel though that if anyone could fully sate his desires and push him to the point of exhaustion it would be her.  of course he had no ideas what if any encounters she had experienced previously this evening.   Still having spent himself thrice within Thea tonight he felt no less wanting. 

Hearing her statement about her own tail.  "Its exotic in all the best ways." he answered about her with a grin  thinking about all the fun things that could happen between them given their mutual added appendages.

He couldn't help but feel a shock of tenseness as she felt her reaching for him and eagerly returned his own kind of affection as his fingers slipped into her own undergarments and forced  them down as well before his tail pushed against her slick slit the fur of it tickling the entire surface of it getting a line of fur slick with her moistness.  AS his erection came into view it was far from a disappointment far above average for a human though to tease he had to smile and add for pride's sake.  "It's not usually this small.  In the more Human form certain aspects of my body are not as fully represented."  He said letting her known that in comparison to his true organ this still impressive human like cock was something embarrassingly small in comparison.

Still he couldn't help but comply with her request as he did as told but in doing so made sure his tail remained where it was.  now roughly pressing against her slit almost as if he was giving her a threat that depending on what she gave would determine whether he teased her mercilessly or if he would instead give her something he was sure she had never experienced before.

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She couldn't help but smile hearing what he thought of her tail, there always seemed to be something about his words that made her feel special. Almost as though she where truly something special to him. It was a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time and while she enjoyed it also made her a little scared. She smiled feeling his erection along with the feeling of his fingers lopping into her own undergarments as he pushed them down. A soft moan slipped out of her lips feeling his tail pushing against her slit as a thought entered her mind that pulled a heavy smile to her lips. "You know that smell is going to be on your tail," she whispered softly teasing him. Her eyes ventured down watching as his erection came into view. He was indeed impressive and it would show as the tip of her tail would softly start to wag. "Maybe you can show me a true representation some time," she whispered as her hand softly started stroking his erection. As he lay back she would smile as she shot him a look that read this would be something they could both enjoy.

Slowly she crawled over him her breasts pressing against his lower abs as her pussy hovered a little above him clear liquid glistening over pale skin. Laying like this she was face to face with what she would soon be enjoying. Reaching out she ran her hands along its length loving the feeling of its hard hot length. Slowly she leaned in her tongue softly licking along the head of his cock more then ready to see to it that he enjoyed it. Opening her mouth she softly trapped the head of his cock in her mouth as she sucked on it softly as her tongue played along what was trapped in her mouth. Her tail would wave back and forth slowly above him as her mouth moved further along his cock before gently pulling back.

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"You know that smell is going to be on your tail,"

He couldn't help but smirk hearing those words, "So what if it is.  I can always wash it out if i have to." then added in response to the other part.  "You act like I'm not planning on showing you both sides of myself I have to offer tonight.  I just felt I should make the first time more easily manageable.  he said as he   looked up at her slick womanhood.  closly he reached up and pulled her down gently before taking his own sample pressing his tongue against her gently sliding along her slit before suckling softly and sliding the tongue into her savoring her taste as he passionately kissed her lower lips.swirling his tongue within her pressing his tongue against her clitoral region and gently rubbing at it as his lips slowly pressed against it kissing her womanhood gently as she began to give him his own loving attention.

By the mother she was amazing every lick and suckle was like heaven as she began.  She savored him.  She wasn't giving him a blowjob she was tasting a cock she had wanted to feel within her lips and the difference was night and day.  Miles couldn't help but moan as he felt his meat becoming the target of her lust as her own flavors coated his tongue sharing notes of hidden and revealed desires.  By the time she had merely sampled he had grown from her attentions and she was now finding herself with a much more impressive human tool than before and one that was slowly leaking a stream of slick pre over her tongue.

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She couldn't help but smile almost wanting to ask him why he didn't keep there for a while as a reminder of their wild time together. "I want to see what ever you have to offer. That is the only way I ill be able to tell if you are going to be a worthy lover or not," she whispered hoping to spur him on as much as possible. "I will say that you are indeed far larger then the males I have seen of my homelands but in a good way," she whispered her body prepared to be with him. When he pulled her down gently she would follow wanting to feel his tongue playing with her. As his tongue pressed against her gently she couldn't help but moan softly at the feeling. "Miles," she whispered his name softly as he swirled his tongue within her making her want him all that much more. His moans made her smile as she continued savoring him. "I should have mentioned that when my kind becomes aroused we remain aroused until we are fully satisfied," she spoke soaking in his every reaction to her.

Feeling him growing from her attentions brought a smile to her lips loving that she was having this effect on him. He was indeed impressive and she could only hope that his stamina would match his size. "Getting excited I take it?" she whispered before her tongue softly licked around the head of his cock before cleaning the pre cum from his cock. She couldn't say much considering her pussy was growing ever wetter and tighter with need and desire. Opening her mouth she slowly captured him in her mouth sucking on him softly before her head started bobbing on his cock slowly making sure he felt every inch of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

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he gently licked at her softly sliding his tongue over and around her inner walls as she softly whispered to him.  "that's good to know,  I guess i'll just have to let you enjoy me like this for a while then shange to keep things exiting tonight.  Perhaps you will be the first outside my species to be able to sate my full appetite," he growled back playfully remembering how the three rounds with Thea earlier felt merely like an appetizer for this main course he had been awaiting since earlier.

Eagerly he dove back in licking hat her dripping sex before taking his thumbs and gently pulling her sexy lips apart and licking her exposed flesh before blowing on it to send a cold chill up her body before calming it with the warmth of another deep kiss taking tine to run is tongue back and forth against her clit as sharing the rhythm as she began to bob up and down on his cock.

SLowly his cock began to release more and ore of the pre into her mouth if he was a human male it was probably enough that a partner would think he had already came.  Still there was no real throb of a climax like you would expect.  "He smiled feelign her tongue lapping at the pre as it spilled into her mouth.  "Enjoying my precum?"  he said softly.  knowing by her eager sucks that she was savoring every moment.  "Because I must warn you the sterilization drugs my kind takes... they make us produce more than usual to try and make up for the sterility.  I hope you didn't eat to much because after were done your stomachs going to be full."   He teased though truthfully giving her a sincere warning knowing the climax when it come would most likely be of a volume she would not be expecting.  He couldn't wait to see her eyes go wide as pump after pump of cum filled her to capacity and further wondering if she would act more in desperation to breathe as cum filled her up or desperate to try and swallow far more than any female could hope to.

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Every one of his gentle licks and soft slide of his tongue over and around her inner walls pushed her deeper into the all most unending desire she felt for her. "I am ready for anything you can bring fluffy," she whispered knowing she was. She wanted him to bring everything he had and more. "I am sure I will be more then enough for you to handle. My kind have a high stamina," she whispered knowing all her matings to this point had been teasers and left her wanting more and more. She could only hope that her fluffy one could be the one to fill her hunger. As he dove back in licking her wet sex she moaned loudly and longingly her tail softly waving above him. The sudden blow of cold air to sensitive skin made her body shutter atop him. The warmth that he gave her as his tongue rubbed against her clit soothed whatever chill there had been on her body.

As his cock began to release more and more in her mouth she would do her best to swallow what he had. One thing she did have to say about his kind was they where good at releasing their fluids to capacity. She knew he hadn't climaxed since he hadn't throbbed and there hadn't been a groan or sound of pleasure coming from him. She only just heard his warning as she continued letting his rock hard erection sliding in and out of her mouth as she wanted to bring him as much pleasure as she could. "I would be more worried about you then I would be about me," she whispered as her tongue softly moved down the underside of his cock. "If worse comes to worse I will just let it spill out for the next unsuspecting person that has to use the gym," she spoke as her tongue drug back up his cock before she let it slip in her mouth sucking on him softly wanting to feel his cock pumping in and out of her. One hand slowly slipped around softly cupping his full balls caressing them softly as her fingers played with the sensitive piece of flesh right behind them.

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Her teases and dares only spurred him on further as she tempted him to his edges of reason.  "Such a waste though Valky.  I guess i'll just have to make sure you get as much as I can give then."  He said before kissing her again and grabbing ar the back of her head with his on tail.   She felt a tense pull from the tail as it wrapped gently around her neck and pulled her in forcing her lips down further and further n his cock with each suck.  Soon she was bobbing and sucking on him proper as his tail guided her into the motions he wanted admiring the view of her glistening sex as he licked at it teasingly as his tail guided her to pleasure him with her mouth.  "Mumm Valky I'm gonna fill you so full." he said before his tail pulled her in fully forcing the massive meaty rod deep into her mouth and down her throat.  Feeling her fully encompassing him he couldn't hold back and he began to rhythmically buck in and out of her loving mouth receding then impaling over and over again into the deepest reaches of her throat that he could reach in this form. It was not long before she felt him give another buck as her lips were forced flush with his hilt as a hard throb pulsed against the tongue.  This was it, what she had been drawing out was coming now and his warning had not been in vain.

His hips flush to her lips the throbbing cock began to pump a veritable torrent into the depths of the winged beauty's throat.  His tail held her head in place without choking her as he pulsed hard enough that with each throb her neck slightly bulging from the way he seemed to engorge within her with each throb then recede back to normal only to swell again with another pump.  Within seconds she had been filled to capacity as promised and his warm thick cream began to leak from the corners of her mouth.  Not wanting to drown her in his cream he began to pull out as he continued to cum.inch by inch his cock splattered he surfaces of her mouth anew.   With a final ecstatic groan of pleasure miles pulled his cock past her lips and the final pumps spewed forth onto her waiting face practically coating it in a full beauty mask of white musky spunk.  he couldn't help but smile as he began to lick her inner walls clean again as he let his tail loosen from holding her giving her room to move however she wanted knowing if she had to cough up some she could but secretly hoping to see her attempt to swallow as much of his load as she could.  "Did you enjoy your treat Valky?"  he said teasingly "I have plenty more for the rest of you."  he said as a couple fingers slid deep into her wet cavern and began to move in and out temptingly as he eagerly began to finger fuck her.  "I hope you know that this was just the foreplay for me."  he said as he pulled now sopping wet fingers from her and smiled before licking the honey from her walls eagerly before pulling away for a moment hoping she was eager to begin the next phase of what could be called an improvised but very intense cross-species mating ritual.

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She loved teasing and daring him with everything she was doing to him. She loved knowing she had this power over him. As lips turned to a heavy smirk as he spoke of making her take what he had to offer. His kiss made her moan softly before she felt his soft tail wrapping gently around her neck forcing her down n his cock even more. Oh how she would pay him back for this when she could. For now though she was enjoying the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She almost had to groan loudly feeling him forcing her mouth deeper on his cock. Every time he pushed her down she moaned loving the feeling of him forcing himself down in her mouth. As he made her mouth bob on his rock hard cock she would find herself helping forcing her mouth feeling him filling every inch of her mouth. His teasing her sex was arousing her all that much more. Her eyes widened feeling him pushing her down fully knowing usually it was the other way around.  Her hands lightly played over his thighs as he continued bucking in and out of her impaling her mouth and throat with every thrust.

His thrusting and the way he shoved her mouth down so that her lips where forced flush with his hilt feeling him throbbing hard against her tongue. As his cum started rushing forth she knew he wasn't in lying in that it would be more then she ever took before.  It seemed like his cock fluctuated between small and engorged before she felt another massive amount slide down her mouth filling her stomach. It only seemed like seconds before she felt some of his seed leaking from the corners of her mouth dripping down her chin. As he inched out inch by inch she would let her tongue play along the underside of his cock as she felt him splattering her insides more. She shivered hearing his final ecstatic groan of pleasure as his cock moved past her lips leaving a small string of cum between the head of his cock and her lips. Her eyes closed as she felt more of his seed hitting her face as she did her best to swallow everything he had given her. Already her stomach would be slightly swollen but she knew something of her body that other did now. Slowly her stomach went down as she swallowed more her body absorbing more and more using it as fuel. It would take around five minutes before she would finally swallow it all.

"You're going to have to do better then that fluffy," she whispered as her words slowly turned to a long moan feeling him sliding his fingers into her tight slit moving in and out of her tempting her with what was to come. "And I hope you know you haven't even started to slate my hunger," she whispered as she slowly moved down him her tail brushing over his face. "Even though I do have to say its rude cumming before your partner," she whispered raising her hips as she gripped his cock rubbing the head along her wet lips. Slowly she sunk down on his cock feeling him stretching and filling her as she moaned softly. "And you move too slow," she moaned loving the feeling of him stretching her like he was.

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HE couldn't help but moan feeling her warm inner walls Sliding around his still hard cream slick member.  Each inch he pushed into her warm inner walls was a new kind of pleasure.  "I go too slow, Well excuse me for thinking you might not want to rush in."  he said with a soft moan grabbing a hold of her and pulling himself against her more fully pushing his hardened meat all the way into her inner passages hilting himself within her forcing his hard cock against her deepest barriers.  "I was under the assumption that the female of most species preferred an extended amount of foreplay.  I guess you would rather just fuck like mindless beasts wouldn't you?"  He said groping her breasts roughly before beginning to suckle on her neck before pulling out a bit then smoothly but eagerly hammering himself back into her forcing her eager inner walls apart.  "Is this more what my Valkyrie wanted or is she still sore about me feeding her before making her leak all over me first?"

((ooc: sorry for the short post here, I am having trouble discerning their current position.  Are they laying down sitting somewhat are they facing each other or is she letting him enter her from  behind, who's on top?  Sorry Its just hard for me to tell who is in what position at the moment.   If I knew I think i could write a little more here.))

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His moaning mixed with hers fueled her hunger for him as she felt his cum coated cock sliding into her body. His words though made her smirk as she looked back at him her eyes burning with lust and desire. Feeling his hands on her hips before he pulled himself against her filling her in one fluid motion touching her deepest part she moaned long and low almost panting at the feeling. Her arms raised slightly feeling the pleasure of him touching and playing with her breasts. His biting on her neck would cause her hips to but against him as she growled long and lowly. Her tail tightly encoiled around him feeling the connection with him. "Foreplay is normally what I do enjoy. But you also have to remember. I have been in a state of arousal since our kissing in med bay," she whispered pressing her breasts into his hands wanting more of his touch. "There is something to be said about foreplay at the right time and being fucked like a mindless beast at times," she whispered softly moaning feeling him thrusting into her wet wanting body as her hips rolled against his. She did her best  to thrust him in deeper wanting him as deep as she could get him. "That is more of what your Valkyrie is wanting," she whispered as she leaned back capturing his lips in a deep passionate kiss.

((ooc: No worries. I was thinking they started off with him laying on his back and her laying over him. When she went to mount him I was thinking more reversed cowboy. Now I was thinking she would be ridding him with him kinda half sitting half thrusting into her. Here is a link I was thinking they would be in.   Hope it helps))

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Eagerly he grasped her body molding her breasts in his hands cupping then squeezing them as he leaned into their kiss his tongue greeting hers.  Slowly his thumb grazed over her nipple before he gently twisted it with his finger pulling just a bit before gently gripping at the base of her mammary and gently giving her an almost milking like movement as he pulled her body back into his. He felt his meat sliding deeper and deeper within her waiting body nestling into the crevice between innermost inner walls and the impenetrable barrier to her very womb.Eagerly he pushed into her depths letting her feel his meat forcing innermost parts of her against other inner walls as he began to undulate against her moaning and kissing as he moaned softly against her lips loving the sensation as her tail wrapped around him.  "Such a naughty Valkyrie."  he teased as a hand moved down to between her legs as he started to pinch and rub at her clit as he eagerly plunged within her as she rode him. 

"How about you show me how bad you want it before i give you my real body first?  The humans I have been with sorely lack in the drive to take what they want.  I've missed the eager hand of a vixen willing to take what she wants from a male and show him just how much he is willing to succumb to whatever she wants to use him for."  He said hoping she grasped the suggestion that on his home world. The females were often the more sexually aggressive and it had been a long while since he had felt a woman take what she needed.  You say you have been wanting me since we started in the med bay.  Then let yourself go and show me how badly you have wanted to have me"  he dared her hoping to find out if she was really as eager, wanting, and willing to take what she needed as her scent seemed to betray.

OOC:  I was thinking they were like that but I wasn't sure.  also I hope you don't get the wrong idea I'm not trying to suggest S&M or BDSM in this scene or anything like that I am kinda hoping that while in his human like "more weak so to speak" form she may want to take advantage of him a bit and be the sexually dominant one. 

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The feeling of his eager hands grasping her body made her moan all that much more loudly savoring the feeling. His thumb grazing over her erect nipples sent sparks of pleasure through her body pushing her deeper into the matting drive of her people. She kissed him back passionately before she lightly nipped his tongue feeling the aggressive nature of her people slowly starting to seep to the surface before she would push it back down. Every time he would push deep in her depths she would moan for him her body clearly enjoying the sheer size of him stretching her. "Something tells me I am not the only one being naughty here," she whispered as she looked into his eyes seconds before she felt him reaching between her legs pinching and rubbing her swollen clit making her groan as her body rubbed against his in sheer want. "Becareful what you ask for fluffy. When my kind lets themselves go it usually doesn't bode well for those outside our kind. We have been known to draw blood from time to time," she whispered as her lust clouded mind debated on giving him just what he was asking for. What harm could there be? He did ask for it.

Slowly she stood up pushing his hands away from her missing the feeling of his cock filling her as it slipped from her. Taking a few steps away from him she slowly turned to face him smirking softly. "Alright fluffy if that is what you want don't say I didn't warn you," she whispered as she slowly brought her foot up brushing along his side before it moved inwards to rest in the center of his chest before she softly pushed him down on his back once more. Slowly crawling over him she would run her hands up his arms before her hands found his wrists slowly pulling them together before her tail softly wrapped her tail around them pinning them above his head before she let his cock slip across her pussy focusing its attention on her clit making her moan softly. Leaning in her eyes would be clouded with a dark lust speaking that it would be far to late to pull her back. Leaning in she softly bit his ear as a long growl slipped out her lips. Reaching past them she grabbed one of their shirts before she leaned up laying it over his eyes blindfolding him. "Now little man you just concentrate on the feeling and let me enjoy myself," she whispered as she tightly gripped his cock tightly before she would softly slid it back in her body angling it to rub against what would be her peoples equivalent of a g-spot. Her head rested against the crock of his neck as her tail tightened around his wrists. "You're such a good little slut," she whispered in his ear as she enjoyed the feeling her breasts brushing against his chest.

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He smiled, "Only drawing blood from time to time; I guess i can afford to spill a bit."  he said knowing that if it was with her it would most certainly be worth every drop lost to her aggressive enjoyment.  He said softly enjoying how eager she seemed to be to show him her people's ways.  "And I never said I wasn't naughty Valky, I just suggested you were. Or, am I wrong in thinking that terrains would be wrong in comparing something as enticing as you to a succubus of their lore."

He couldn't help but think he may have struck a bit of a nerve when she got up off of him and stepped away.  He wasn't sure if he had offended her until she turned back around and spoke.

"Alright fluffy if that is what you want don't say I didn't warn you,"

"SO I guess i did strike a nerve"  he said witha smirk watching eagerly as she used her foot and pushed his back against the ground forcefully as he looked up at her his eyes trailing eagerly to that wet snatch of hers and her perfect breasts as she stood over him.  HE coudlnt help but grin eagerly as he felt his arms being pulled forcefully above his head giving just a little resistance to her as she wrapped her tail around them and secured his hands above his head.  "I didn't know your kind was into bondage.  Or is this just something you like?" he said with a eager grin feeling her press herself against him a bit  moaning as he felt her clit slip against his head moaning when she brushed the nub of her clit up against his hole making it more than clear his cock was no longer a means or his pleasure but merely a tool for her to get what she wanted from.

A low soft whimper could be heard as she bit at his ear causing him to struggle a bit his arms wanting free to embrace her, to hold her as she gave him such amazing bliss.  "Better be careful if you do that when I'm my real self.  You wouldn't want to end up coughing up a hairball would you?  he teased as she grabbed the shirt half expecting her to use it as a gag to stop his incessant teasing.  Instead he found his eyes covered instead as she spoke up again.

"His only reply was a soft nod and a moan as he felt his cock slide within her body again savoring the feelings as she suggested. moaning softly as she forced his head up against her spot and teased him again."  "Yes.  make me your fluffy slut."  he said in response loving the turn she had taken as he began to plot ways to make her the same for him before the night was up.

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A smirk crossed her lips hearing he wouldn't mind spilling a little bit of blood but she wondered if that would change once she mated with him like her kind did when they where really enjoying themselves. She saw the way his eyes eagerly traveled to her wetness knowing she would be enjoying him soon enough. His lack of resistance as she bound his wrists spoke to her of how much he was wanting this. "It is just something I like," she whispered lowly. There is something about making yourself completely helpless before your lover that adds a different level to the whole act," she whispered softly as she enjoyed the feeling of his cock rubbing against her clit giving her new levels of pleasure. His soft whimper made her smirk all that much more find his ears as sensitive as hers. As he struggled a bit her tail would tighten around his wrist making sure he wouldn't slip free from her. "Oh I haven't even started with you get but your going to see that is just the start," her words where either a promise or a threat but there was still the truth in them.

As his cock slid back in her body she would moan softly loving the feeling of being filled once more. The angel she was making him enter her in was stroking one of the more pleasurable spots on a females body. "What do you mean make you? You already are," she whispered as she continued making his cock rubbing against pleasure spot. "You're my dirty little slut and don't forget it," she growled out to him lowly. There was a reason she had left his mouth open and it wasn't for his teasing. Leaning down her ear would brush over his lips making her shiver softly. "Suck on them softly. Run your tongue over it," she ordered as the claw like tips of her fingers brushing along his sides leaving slight red marks in their wake from the pressure. "If you bite too hard I sink them in," she warned being fully honest with him. As he played with her ears her thrusting would pick up making her moan all that much louder as her body slowly started to tighten around him with pure pleasure they where sharing.

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Hearing her words feeling her movements tasting her scent It all did just as she wanted and more.  If his erection wasn't already at full mast she would have just pushed him there.  There was something so amazing about how she growled when she spoke to him.  How there was that threat of violence if he didn't do as she wanted but yet she held in the actual attacks.  She was a kinky one this Valkyrie incarnate but she obviously knew what she wanted, and by the way she talked about the bondage he couldn't help but imagine that her liking to it was almost from the experience of enjoying being on the receiving end of the restraint as a male had their way with her flawless winged form.

He nodded as he accepted her slight condemnation.  "I wont,  Especially not when I make you mine."  he whispered.

he smiled feeling her ears on his lips and before she even asked he was suckling on them.  His tongue softly glided over them before he began to suckle on their tips as lovingly as she had sampled her flawless bussom.  He eagerly teased with his tongue and lips as he sampled her feeling her shivers of pleasure as he teased the sensitive lobes nipping at them very softly to add to the effect as she rode him.  Soon he cloud feel her inner muscles tightening around him as she rode.  His cock throbbed with eagerness but unlike last time he woudl not give in so easily and cum.  He had to make her win this race. as he arched into the thrusts forcing his cock to roughly press into the angle she forced him into as his cock began to ruthlessly stretch and pound at her sensitive spot.  Each moment after another made her moans louder and louder as his lips suckled his teeth softly nipped and his lips suckled and kissed the structures that perfectly framed her head.

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