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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Quarters | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz
Valyn kept her eyes locked on Enyd, lost in her own head for a time. Enyd was an interesting human, and evidently not all human at all. Unlike many, if not most Romulans, Enyd seemed relatively open to speaking. Valyn herself was well aware that the knowledge she herself was willing to share was a very shallow pool. Beneath it however, was a trove of information. Enyd didn't seem to be particularly cagey to her, and was far more open minded than her Romulan cousins as well. Her own prejudice towards the Dominion and Cardassians was one that would be hard to break. She had been imprisoned, tortured, and victimized in their camp, and she wouldn't forget it. She wouldn't forget the cruelty that she faced, nor would she forget that it had opened her eyes to her own acts of implementing the same cruelty on others.

"That sounds unpleasant." She offered in response, her nose upturned. Just imagining the smell turned her stomach sour. "You'll have to tell me, given your your nose as sensitive as mine? Soon as I get the chance I need to get some numbing spray from medical. Obviously left my last posting in something of a hurry and it mighta been a bit suspect if I asked for a good supply to hang on to instead of my usual morning visit to the doc." She brought her right hand up to scratch the side of her neck. "No offense but humans are pretty strong smellin'. Klingons...and random Andorian ice demons...", She shuddered. "As for the will to live...I get that." Her eyes darkened briefly, her vision flooded with two sights, the camp, and the Remans. She didn't share any stories though. "Anyone can survive anything, given the right incentives and motivation."

"I had to sleep in a fighter...a Romulan fighter, once, with the life support out. I'll take the metal Klingon bed any time over a full set of headgear." She smirked though, as if reminiscing on something. "You should replicate some Romulan sweet cream with your Klingon Coffee, they actually pair together really well."

"I'm guessin' they've been trying damn hard to figure out how to remove the parasite without killing anyone, but I imagine it's easier said than done. I'm no Doctor though." She had some basic understanding of medicine and physiology but she wasn't going to pretend that she'd have any valuable input for the project, if it existed. "Many times there isn't another way. As idealistic as Starfleet and Earth like to paint things...violence is a real part of the galaxy and it isn't going anywhere. There will always be need for a bigger gun, and people who know how to best use 'em. There's bigger need for people who know how to talk things down before you have to set it loose though." If the Dominion War had taught her anything, it was that she shouldn't dive head first into the fight. Not without some thought, at least.

Valyn watched her pace, though the Romulan still appeared relaxed, and in her element. "They don't even have to be charismatic. If they have enough of a following from rhetoric, charisma, or even raw military strength...they can bring just as much horror with them." She paused and thought for a moment. Enyd had gained some trust. They were both here, breaking Federation law to save the very same Federation. She'd opened up to her, so Valyn responded in kind. "I knew Shinzon of Remus. Before...everything. During the war. He was just as frightening then, but he didn't have the power. After the war the Empire delivered him everything he needed to take control. Then he planned on killing a planet full of people, and he sure as hell wouldn't have stopped there. If it wasn't for the balls of Picard or the sense of Donatra we'd be back at Galactic War. The Dominion and the damn Borg changed everything. War became commonplace. Weapons development increased. That's a hard change to reverse. Makes it easier for people like Shinzon to get some power and bring destruction with them." She knew she sounded a bit dramatic, but she meant it all.

"The neutral zone has been integral to both Starfleet and the Empire, both of 'em were inspired to create now tech, try new methods...the fights and battles won't cease. The war all those years ago made that certain. The Emperor had painted Starfleet as these horrible villains, he was no better. Even the bureaucrats know that it's mutually beneficial...most o' the time." She thought for a moment, "I don't foresee us ever having a full friendship, but I could see some humans being allowed on Romulus eventually. Humans not being lured there by a madman." She smirked this time, thinking about her time on the Enterprise. "Always being at the ready creates problems though, it just feeds the fear and prejudice...from both sides."

"I served on ships with the Romulans...then when I joined Starfleet I got the Enterprise, then a I'm here. This ship though...she's impressive." She reached over to touch the bulkhead near the window and let out a breath of relief, "I was worried at the state of the ship, given everything that's happened." Theurgy however, far exceeded her expectations. "Ships get boring sometimes, but Starfleet has holodecks, which helps. Don't worry though. Ships are where it's at if you want some adventure, or to see new things, or to make a big change. Starbases are alright, depends though. Where'd you serve, anyhow?" She raised an eyebrow.

"As for advice...try to make the most of it. Utilize your downtime, you have less on Starships. Find some good holoprograms. Make some allies. Do your job, and do it well. Oh...and make sure you know how to use a phaser, not just to stun." It was a brutal truth, but one Valyn felt bound to share. "If someone ever comes aboard the ship, or you're in a battle...they are there to kill you, and that stun setting sometimes isn't gonna do the job."
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