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Tribulation - A CONNIE Mircofic

by Absinthe

Prying himself out of bed and out of the arms of Miss Lyric Lake was always more than Marcus wanted to do in the morning, but it was also his only time to sit by himself, well almost by himself, and play his guitar.

Pulling on a pair of flannel pants he walked from the bedroom to the main part of his quarters. He found his guitar right where he had left it, beside his chair. He picked it up and sat down, strumming a few times before carefully putting it back into tune.

When he had it as tuned as it was going to get he stretched out his fingers and let them find a chord. He began to strum as his absentmindedly picked a song and began to sing quietly.

"Darling, can't you see?
I'm a broken man with addictive tendencies

And I think I love you

But I don't ever think I can
Ever learn how to love just right

So, run away from me
Run as far as your dark brown eyes can see

Just as soon as you know..."

"As soon as I know?" Lyric said standing in the doorway. She had not bothered to put on anything to cover herself, content that the Captain's Quarters were private enough to not need to worry about it.

Marcus looked up from the guitar and smiled as he continued to strum. He strummed through a refrain before he returned to singing, now looking at the woman he was quickly falling in love with.

"That I don't ever think I can
Ever learn how to love you right

Oh, and all the ways that you won't bend
Are the only ways I live my life..."

Lyric walked over to him and sat down on the arm of the chair, wrapping an arm around him as she leaned on him.

"Don't worry about it, I know already..." She said as she cupped his cheek and turned his face to look at her. "But I don't run away..."

He smiled again and leaned back to relax into her arms. In return she leaned forward and kissed him.

{OOC - It's a lot of fun listening to a song and imagining Marcus playing it. I honestly thing the songs by Matt Maeson are a good fit for the sort of melancholy that Marcus is good at expressing in these moments.}

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