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SSV Hereford - a Mass Effect 3 AU (OOC)

Ok, so in Discord, we discussed Mass Effect a lot and ended up wanting to do a Mass Effect AU. This probably won't actually start until closer to the end of my semester / start of Christmas holiday break, but we'll get this OOC thread going to discuss it more and get things set up.

The setting is after the Reapers attack Earth in Mass Effect 3 and push deep into Systems Alliance (Human) territory. The SSV Hereford is the prototype vessel for a Hereford-class cruiser that takes in elements from the Normandy II. The base hull is the standard Geneva-class cruiser that you see in Mass Effect, but with Silaris armor and one of the spinal mass accelerator guns switched out for a pair of frigate-sized Thanix Cannons mounted on the top and bottom of the ship. It also has improved heat sinks to minimize the ship's heat signature, but it doesn't have the full stealth capabilities of the Normandy. Support elements aboard will be a Kodiak, a couple of Mantis dropships, and perhaps a pair of fighters.

The crew will reflect its special operations mission profile, with multiple officers having N-grade experience or training. The commanding officer, whom I will write, is a N7 graduate and a Rear Admiral that pushed for and ran the project prior to its launch in response to the Reaper invasion. The senior staff will, I take it, be similarly experienced. You can go here for a list of Systems Alliance military ranks. Ground element is a platoon headed by Canadian Vet's character , split between the special ops types and regular Marines.

CO: patches
XO: Havenborn
Ground element leader: Canadian Vet. CV can make up a better title.
Ground element XO: Triton
Ground element members: Firefox013

I'll make a profile thread in a minute.

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