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[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

She saw the grin forming on his lips as hers would push down in a slightly frown of annoyance. Her eyes never left him as he paced like a hungry lion in the close confines of the small room. "Yea sadly I understand you. I do have to say I am deeply disappointed in your choice of sides. I would think even you would know better," she said coldly feeling trapped for the first time. Her body tensed watching as he freed himself of his jacket. "And what is it that is really coming. Besides a small pathetic boy taking what doesn't belong to him. She growled out as her body twitched slightly as his sudden movement. Her eyes stayed on him seeing his rough and powerful upper body knowing normally she would be a fair match for him but now it was a little more of a question. Still she would make sure if he did manage to take her it would be with a fight.

"Well don't I feel special," she whispered never having pictured that he had wanted her. He never truly made a move or showed any signs so to hear it was a bit of a surprise and not one she was sure that she liked. "You can try and collect," she said coldly before she watched him draw his weapon as a long low growl would slip from her lips. "I think your hard of hearing. I told you no," Dyan growled as her eyes narrowed and his fists clenched in anger.

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He shifted into the more humanoid form taking his time so the shift was less exhausting and more natural.  of course in doing so he made use of the way the bones rearranged to allow the restraints to loosen over a few key areas.  not remove them per Say but drop just enough that if he transformed back into his natural form he would easily be able to slip out of them.  Still he wasn't going to make things easy for the vile person.  Yes the term is correct.  He said as looked into the person's eyes. "Sorry but I don't think you have the ability to make me bend over like you want? Though I would love to see you try."  he said eager to goad his captor into a state of foolish anger.

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[Edena Rez]

Jona surrendered control, seeing no way in which a conversation between him and Ives would result in anything worthwhile.  He was poison to Jien, so better to cut his losses and try to help in some other way, as part of the think thank inside the head of Edena.  When control was given up, it wasn't Edena who took over though.  Instead, it was someone who thought she might be able to help him in his more difficult times.  he was having a crisis, reeling from the manipulation of Declan Vasser, his attempts to make the Theurgy Captain betray his ideals.  The way her eyes fell to his, the softening of her face that spoke of her endless wisdom, there was no confusing her for anyone but Kiya Rez, the original Rez host, the one that he had become close to during the Ishtar Incident.

"You're frustrated," she spoke, sounding so gentle and understanding, not the slightest hint of Starfleet protocol in her.  She wasn't speaking as an officer, but as a person who cared about him.  "People cannot begun to fathom what rests on your shoulders.  Your crew, Jona, even Vasser himself doesn't know what it is to look at the rules you abide by, which could very well be a prison for you as well.  Jona is right that your enemies will use it against you, but that doesn't mean you should give up on them."  Kiya reached out, touching a hand against his cheek, another comfort she could feel he sorely needed.  A Captain stood alone in some things, and in such cases, it was a civilian, not an officer, that he needed.

"You're a man of principle, and you should never betray them.  You are the one who has to decide what to do, just as it is the duty of the men and women who follow you to trust that.  Tell me what you need, Captain Ives, and how you can get it."  The answer was likely inside him all this time, just requiring him to focus on that instead of all the frustrations of betrayal, of Jona, and of the heavy gravity blinding his senses.  Kiya sought to give him a moment of clarity, to remind himself why he was the Captain, and how to get back his ship.

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[ USS Theurgy | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Kurohigi

Confusion about whom he was speaking to quickly evolved into clarity while Kiya sought to strengthen his resolve, for Captain Ives did recognise her despite the face she wore and the voice she used. The subtle hints that gave her away was far easier to detect after having met her in person, and upon recognition, Jien's ire abated and the challenge in his scowl was soothed by the touch of her hand against his cheek. The comfort she brought made him change... into her female form, and she closed her eyes to absorb Kiya's words.

To hear that she shouldn't abandon the principles of the fleet they sought to restore meant a lot to Jien, and somehow, breathing came easier to her despite the low setting on the life support systems in the cell. One way to fight the fatigue upon her body had been anger towards Jona, but the balm of Kiya's reassurance also made the burden of breathing easier to bear. The perspiration that dampened Jien's black tank top and beaded her brow was still there, but each drawn breath was deeper - measured to sustain her with the help of renewed resolve.

Still, there was doubt. Worries that could not be silenced. What had happened on the bridge at noon had taken a heavy toll on her. "I... I made my decision, laid out our course and chose how I believed we were best suited to deliver the truth far and wide in the Galaxy," she said in answer, opening her eyes and looking away - staring at the white bulkhead. "But those who I believed followed me... they did not trust me. They did not believe that I had chosen the right course. Captain Vasser, with all his experience and willingness to adapt to the situation we are in, he managed to rally enough loyalty to spark this mutiny and seize the ship. I can understand how the Harbinger crew that transferred aboard might follow his orders, but people under my own command sided with him - people who I trusted and whom I thought believed in our mission."

The thought of how Vasser had sabotaged their shield and killed some of the crew lingered with Jien, and it made it even harder to imagine that people like Sjaandin Fedd had arranged it of their own free will; that Vasser's ideas were so compelling that Jien's crew would kill their own to facilitate a change in command.

But then there was the words Declan Vasser had said to T'Rena just before they were sent to the Brig. Blinking, Jien tried to remember them. "T'Rena, you can mind meld everyone into seeing our way of things? Prioritize those members of the crew who have skills and positions of value to the ship's operation and work your way down."

Had that question meant that the Vulcan had already done so, or that she was supposed to starting using the technique when the mutiny began? Frowning, Jien looked back into Edena's eyes. "What do you know of the Vulcan mind-meld?" she asked in the end, trying to find an explanation that might bring clarity to what was happening. "Do you believe T'Rena could have turned my crew against me before I was removed from command?"

[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

Breast heaving in anticipation of what was to come, Zaraq licked the blade of his weapon - eyes trained on the Asurian. He did not like the answer that Dyan repeated, but that was not really going to stop him. Question was if he wanted to do it the hard way or the easy way...

"I can shoot your legs out," he rumbled and drew his phaser from its holster in one smooth motion with his free hand - aiming against her knees. "For while you'll heal, female, it would make the fun I am going to have with you easier. I might even shoot your arms. Like picking the limbs of an insect."

Pointing with his phaser to her knees, he raised his chin to look down his nose at her - letting her know who was going to dominate her. Oh, he had not enjoyed himself as much as he was since before he agreed to join Starfleet. He missed hunting on the Klingon homeworld. The holosuites had been down for weeks, and he had not enjoyed the chase and the kill of the wilds for far too long. They may be standing in a crowded space, with no range for pursuit, but the principle was the same. He had never hunted an Asurian before, and the thrill of the kill was small compared to the rewards of a tough struggle with the prey.

"But I would rather claim you on my own merits," he snorted and tossed the hand phaser behind himself, baring his teeth at her - nostrils flaring as his frame heaved in presentiment and excitement. "I will bring you down like a wild targ on the tundra, and if you refuse to yield, I will skin you alive until you fold... and spread those pale legs for me."

And with those words said, he lashed out with his brawny arm, striking the tabletop form underneath and sending the entire table spinning over and crashing right against Dyan. The chairs clattered on the floor, and with a roar, he came at her - calloused fist seizing the chest of her uniform jacket. Regardless how much damage the table had done, he hurled her sideways to try and smash her head against the bulkhead, or at least tear her uniform open.

[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

The violent commotion in the interrogation room next to Riptor's got the pilot grinning, not yet having answered the former SCO's challenge.

"Do you hear that?" said Daniel Ritwer and appreciated the new form of the Vulpinian before him, stroking his beard with his free hand. "It sounds like they are having fun. That is your precious little pale angel that is being shown a good time - getting what has been coming for her. Never liked her myself, with or without the tail."

That was the moment where Riptor backhanded Miles with the same hand that held the phaser. It was the response he had to the curve-ball thrown from the former squadron commander. Riptor did not care how hard he had hit Miles. It didn't matter, but getting what he wanted did. So, after the strike, he tried to seize the Vulpinian's hair and get him to kneel before his tall frame.

"Take it out." He put the phaser to Miles temple. "No tricks, or I will make you one head shorter, okay? Learn to know your place and we won't have a problem on this voyage."

Riptor was already hard with anticipation - the idea to make the Vulpinian his slave quite promising.

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Hearing the commotion and more importantly feeling the throbbing headache from being clocked with a phaser like an old fashioned pistol whipping only made each word Daniel said only solidify the plan Miles was putting into motion.  "You mean my Valkyrie making a impulsively idiotic Klingon regret thinking she could ever be anything close to the toy fools like you would fantasize her becoming."  he quipped before feeling the phaser being pressed against his head forcing his hands toward doing as asked.  "I promise Rip... I'm going to make you regret every second of the rest of your pathetic life when the tables are turned.  And it's inevitable that they will be."  he added.  "It's only a matter of time before your so called Commodore and Vulcan witch of a Captain slip up."  he said in a voice of angry resistance despite his hands doing the opposite making sure he did as told.  He had to do as asked while on his knees and helpless before a primed phaser.  But he wasn't going to let Riptor think he was as broken as he at first led on. 

It was obvious his initial ploy to bait with being broken and with his lover betraying him had failed so the charade of being broken was useless now.  No he had to be just compliant enough that he wouldn't get killed bur resistant enough to make the idiot before him think there was still a sport in trying to break him.  It was a delicate balance to make himself the right kind of temptation, to make himself exactly the bait that Riptor would want to take.  He could tell by the engorged cock that Miles revealed with falsely trembling hands that Miles had made himself quite the nearly irresistible bait for Riptor.  He knew that the cock before his face would not be exposed to the air for long and had prepared himself for what he would have to do but he had to keep up the facade of being forced to comply in order to make the bait all the more irresistible to the inhuman human before him.

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[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Her eyes narrowed watching as he licked the blade of his weapon feeling his eyes trained on her with almost laser precision. She was going to fight him and made sure if he did manage to take her it would have come with a fight. She didn't flinch as he drew his phaser knowing if it came down to it she could heal herself. It wouldn't be the first time that she had regrown a limb...or two. "Go ahead. It won't stop me from fighting you," She said as her mind braced itself for the pain that might be getting ready to experience. She watched him as he pointed his phaser at her knees not liking the look of domination that was crossing his features. When he tossed the hand phaser behind him she thought for the first moment she would be able to win this fight. "You don't have what it would take to bring me down child," she growled out as her eyes focused on him in hate and anger. He was the only thing standing between her and freedom.

Her body flinched from the loud noise as he struck the heavy table from underneath. Dyan only had just enough time to bring her forearms up before she felt the heavy impact of the table against her body. It wasn't until she lowered her arms that she felt his hand gripping the front of her uniform jacket. A sudden jerk at the jacket would shred the material as her body went slamming sideways her shoulder taking a good deal of the blow. Slowly she would push herself up a twisted smile forming on her lips. "Alright. You better then I thought," she said as her tail snaked out trying to wrap around his ankle to pull his feet out from under him.

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[Edena Rez - Kiya Rez in control]

"I know that Vulcan Mind Melds are probably one of the most powerful psychic abilities in the quadrant."  There there were other races who had more powerful telepathic abilities, among the Federation, none were more effective then the Mind Meld.  The suspicions made by Ives got Kiya thinking as well, as she found herself on the same page as the Captain about why his crew had turned on him.  "There have been cases of Vulcan Mind Melds used many times in the past to alter a person's way of thinking.  Oftentimes, they can retain their own personality, just with a single opinion or memory adjusted, and done so in such a manner that the person never even realizes that they are under any manner of influence.  usually, atmospheric changes during a meld could be used to sever the connection, but after it has already been done, the only way to repair the damage is to have the meld undone.  Other then that . . . people of strong mind can break free of it.  I've heard Cardassians are trained from childhood to not yield to Mind Melds, and other Vulcans can also overpower it if sufficiently triggered."

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[ Jien Ives | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Edena (Kyia) Rez

Listening to Kiya when she spoke of the Vulcan mind-meld, Jien tried to find some meagre hope left in her heart that perhaps her crew had not willingly sided with Vasser, but instead been brainwashed to follow his command before the mutiny began. All she had was a brief comment from the traitor himself, and while there was some hope, Jien did not know which theory was most plausible any more.

Was Vasser right to abandon Starfleet ideals to fight the fleet they were trying to save, and in that there was no use risking their lives at the small chance of spreading the word? Alternatively, in order to save Starfleet, should one neither desist nor abandon the tenants you meant to preserve from alien influence... even at the cost of grave tactical disadvantages? Kiya was on his own side in this, but what of the others in the two crews?

The immediate question was if Vasser had used his Vulcan for his own benefit, regardless if the man was right or wrong. Then that would explain Sjaandin Fedd, among others. Cameron Henshaw was, however, something entirely else. The thought of her made her change... to his male form. 'He' was, of a sort, the slighted party. Jien had only been male when intimate with her. To think that she had infiltrated his very own Ready Room and used her body to earn his trust, even back on Theta Eridani IV. That was long before any talk of Starbase 84 and while Jien had ordered the construction of the phasing cloak. What was most evident was her rank making her overqualified to be his Yeoman. Even if she had been mind-melded by T'Rena back on the planet, it still make everything between them a bitter lie.

Having been unable to reach any definitive conclusions in his brief ruminations, and even changed back to his male form, he spoke to Kiya again. "Thank you, Doctor," he said quietly, looking towards her where she stood by the wall. He walked back to her and quietly took her hands into his own. While his own hands were calloused to bear the strain of his unarmed combat skills, he had never considered Edena's before, but now he knew he held the hands of a famous surgeon, who had used her hands to heal rather than to harm. While Edena's hands did not show such specific marks, Jien tried to imagine the hands of the woman who had...

It must have been the lack of oxygen that made him remember the time in the surgical suite, where they had partaken in Ishtar's game. Beyond the entity's cruel manipulation of what now lay between them, they had done what was required, and they had done it with great respect towards one another.

"I had not thought to end up alone with you again," he said quietly, trying to find something to fall back on in the madness around them, and Kiya was one facet of Edena that had never betrayed him. He had never met the grifter, but Edena had been a spy just as much as Jona had been when she first came aboard the Theurgy. Kiya had never been involved with Starfleet Intelligence beyond exposure to Jona and Edena, and that was a quality he cherished right then - when the world was falling apart around them.

[ Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

The former SCO seemed to think the tables would be turned on Riptor and his commanding officers eventually, and it was likely words inspired by Carrgian Trent's speech on the intercom.

"Words, promises, spoken guarantees," said Riptor as he looked down on the Vulpinian - the line of sight obscured once his own cock sprung free - throbbing in all its roused glory. "In the end, they are just words without true merit... It is only our actions that outlive us. The imprint we leave on the Galaxy. " Riptor tilted his head to the side and chuckled, grabbing the base of his rigid arousal and brushing its crown across Renard's face.

"Suck it now," he said in addemendum, and he made sure to keep his phaser pointed at Renard's head. What made it all so much more arousing were the sounds of commotion in the room next door, and while Riptor did not care too much for women, he imagined Zaraq raping the Asurian little harlot with his thick and ridged instrument, and that made Riptor even more keen on having his way with Renard. "Bittersweet are my thoughts on our sitiation now, since T'Rena showed me the future, and I know that the Galaxy is already lost. So what does anything matter any more? Will Vasser succeed? Perhaps, but it might not be in our lifetime, and certainly not without more battles. Battles to be fought by our children, as far as I understand it, but what does our actions here and now lead to? Nothing, that's the answer. We are nothing more than breeding stock for the wars to come, so why should I care to limit myself in my own desires? There is nothing else for me out there than to breed and enjoy myself in full, so why not indulge myself completely when I can? I do think you should do so as well... Don't you agree?"

Grinning, Riptor stretched his neck - not caring about ought else than his own satisfaction now that he had been granted such a pristine opportunity.

[ Zaraq | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

Zaraq was utterly distracted by the sudden exposure of the Asurian's upper body - uniform jacket torn and revealing a lot of creamy pale skin.

While primed for combat and to beat her into submission, his primal instincts were bent on mating when presented with such a sight. Klingon society was, actually, rather prude in its views on sexuality because of the honour system, and while having been exposed to Federation views since he was exiled, it had not exactly helped in that regard. He'd been forced to find his own ways to satisfy his urges, but so far, he had never gone so far as to take it by force. He had charmed and he had paid latinum, but neither method had granted him the opportunity of a sight such as Dyan's partially bared body. It was even better than he had imagined it since he first lay eyes on her.

The sight did, however, make him miss the fact that she ensnared his ankle with her tail, and she utterly unbalanced him when she got back on her feet. In futility, he tried to correct his stance, but it happened too fast, and he went down sideways - smashing a chair that lay on the floor to pieces at the end of his fall.

Snarling like a poked animal, Zaraq leaned down and seized the middle of her tail with his colossal fist. He pulled at it, hard, and meant to bring her down unto the floor of the interrogation room. From there, he would wrestle her down underneath himself - using his massive body and its weight for leverage. If required, and an opportunity presented itself, he would give her a backhand slap across the face to make his prey more pliant.

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[ Miles Renard| Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Riptor

He laughed at the stupidity of Riptor's justifications, "You truly are without worth," he said. thinking to himself about the person before him.  Wondering was there anything about him that was worth sparing if he got the chance to put Riptor on the defensive.  Federation ethics, hi own peoples senses of ethics and beliefs, the recent encounter with his own creator everything blend together in turmoil of what do do if he had a chance.  Closing his eyes he reached out and took hold of the mans cock and opened his mouth.  Slowly he reached out with his tongue and began to lick the surface of the organ.  slowly he swirled the tongue around it pushing his head forwards as he took the organ into his mouth more fully.

What he was doing in away didn't feel bad or anything.  The taste if anything was mildly salty.  The texture not too awful different than sucking on Dyan's tongue.  the motion the action everything about it did nothing to disgust him.  But, the thought of bringing this sub-human pleasure almost made the bile rise up his throat.  Dispite the revulsion he continued.  Slowly, complying he reached around and grabbed at the males rear and squeezed it gently as he pulled himself in closer beginning to cuck on the cock more and more earnestly.  "yes" he thought to himself.  start enjoying yourself Start loosing yourself to my tongue you worthless piece of shit."  He thought as he felt the humans hips begin to move and felt a hand grab his head and force him further feeling the cock probe his throat enough to elicit a mild gag reflex.

Not that that in itself stopped the human at all.  If anything feeling Miles gag only made him want more.  He grabbed at the fox persons head and forced it against his shaft further moaning softly to himself as Miles's eyes shot open in shock as his throat filled with thick long cock spreading it wide.

A pleasurable tingle seemed to exist at miles core as he felt himself getting hard from felating the monster of a human male then gagging tears welling in his eyes from the mild choking he felt as a swell of meat making his throat bulge as the human began forcefully making miles deepthroat him.

Miles felt his cock grow hard from the treatment cursing how he seemed to enjoy it and tried to suppress the thoughts that he might even be enjoying this revolting human.   His eyes began to roll back from a bit of asphyxiation tears from the involuntary gag reflex reaction streaming down his face as Riptor shoved the entire length deep into the Vulpinian's throat making miles involuntarily start sucking and swallowing trying to swallow the organ down.

Pleased with the seemingly eager sucking he pulled out and grinned s miles Involuntarily began to pant.  His tongue lolled out of his mouth seemingly looking like the eager cock sucker Riptor was wanting to make the imprisoned SCO into.   "See? I told you I was going to make you my bitch"  he said taunting Miles.  "Suck it down."  he added Forcing the cock back down the Vulpinians throat making him wince again closing his eyes trying to think of anything to endure this treatment, trying to endure the shame as he felt himself beginning to enjoy having his throat utterly raped by Riptor as the Harbinger pilot continued to threateningly taunt Miles with the phaser which remained pressed to his temple.

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[ USS Theurgy | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

She looked up at him trying to look somewhat defeated as her tail snaked its way around his ankle hell bent on fighting him. When the muscles of her tail flexed and yanked she watched with pleasure and amusement as she unbalanced her would be attacker. Still her time of gloating would be short lived as she scrambled to her feet knowing this fight was far from over. Her tail remained wrapped around his ankle ready to try and yank his feet out from under him again. If nothing else it would let  him know that she was not going to be an easy win. A deep growl would slip out in response to his own her eyes narrowing. It wasn't until she felt his hand gripping her tail she knew he was planing on tugging her down. She quickly tried to yank her tail free but he was too strong as he brought her down to the floor. She tried squirming and flipping before she felt his massive body and its weight coming down on her threatening to steal her breath from. A harsh backhanded slap across her cheek would sting but it would also make her mad. When his hand came close again her teethe would try and sink into any of his flesh she could. The more they would struggle the more she would come to realize that if she was going to get away from this with some energy left she was going to have to try something different. Maybe if she started giving him what he wanted he would let his guard down a little more allowing her to strike. Slowly she would let her legs spread as her fighting slowly started dying down hoping he would think she was growing tired.

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[ Zaraq | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

While Zaraq managed to strike her and come away unscathed once, the second time drew the Asurian's bite - teeth sinking into carpus of his hand. He bared his teeth and snarled at her - right up in her face. In order to get his hand out of her mouth, he had to lay his elbow against her upper body and pry with a rough thumb into the side of her mouth - getting her jaw to unlock.

As soon as he got his bloodied hand loose, however, he found that he was gradually making progress. He got her thighs spread for him and he made sure to keep them that way by letting his torso weigh her down. The true test lay in keeping her from biting him and scratching him with her nails. And as he fought her, Zaraq came to realise just how close of a resemblance their actions held to that of Klingon mating rituals. It lay in his undeniable nature to appreciate the struggling he had to go though to claim her - the reward so close he could taste it. With Klingon women, this was no rape at all but fully consensual foreplay.

Zaraq began to tear Dyan's uniform open whenever he could reach - the chest ruined already but the waistline of her trousers was still fair game. Undergarments were quickly yanked at and torn like they were made of paper. He scraped her skin with his teeth - took the peak of one bared breast into his mouth and sucked hard at it. He did so with one massive hand to Dyan's face - holding her head flush to the floor. The promise of mating permeated his whole being, and he had grown hard from the scent of female, and the conquest of her.

With deft motions, he used his free hand to release his ridged phallus from its confines - his size evidence to how compelling Dyan was to him. His intent was to get inside her without delay, and he could barely think of ought else. He spat into his hand and reached own between their bodies, showing her the mercy of lubing the head of his
reproduction organ. Then, it was but a matter of entering her - to finally earn the experience of her body...

OOC: I'm refraining from posting again with Riptor for two reasons, one being to facilitate an outcome previously discussed and also because the the rape-depiction-quota of mine has been traversed already as it is.

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[ Jien Ives | Holding Cell A | Brig | Deck 07 ]

Kiya did not answer Jien. Not immediately and not in any way that he had expected. Her eyes were downcast as Jien held her hands, and when she looked up at him, she took a step forward - her parted lips slowly drawing close to his own. Her eyes were wide as she looked into his, as if she was afraid he would reject her before she could reach him, and still make sure he wanted her too. It was madness that Kiya wished to kiss him under the present circumstances, and yet he also remembered the real her - and the way she had kissed him before. He was not thinking clearly, not even remotely, and neither could she. They could barely breathe, and here they were about to reminisce, together. Her arms were sliding behind his neck, and he could feel her breath against his lips.

"I can't do this," she said, quite suddenly, and she fell back against the wall of their holding cells, hands open as if the touch of of his had burned her. Jien had moved to step after her, but the look in Edena's eyes stopped him short. Because it was Edena, and no longer Kiya Rez. It was his First Officer that faced him for the first time since they entered the cell - Jona having been the chosen presence to better fight the low setting of the life support systems. While Edena's tank top was slick with perspiration from the task of endurance, she was now winded for the first time - sucking air into her lungs at a rapid pace.

"You are right, of course, I..." Jien said, not sure what he ought to say. He had erred. "It was not my intention. Nor do I think Kiya had thought we..."

"No," protested Edena, shaking her head, "I mean, I can't do this anymore. This. Us. Jona and Kiya, and then me, together, serving in this position, because.... Because day by day, I learn more about Jona when I am around you, and I learn what he did when he served in Starfleet Intelligence. He has hidden too much from me."

Jien frowned, looking at Edena when she started to pace the holding cell, talking quickly and loudly, as if to override the protests of unseen people around her - Jona likely shouting at her, and the other two trying to mediate. "I am starting to... To make his priorities my own. His thoughts permeate my waking hours, triggered by the sight of you. Shut up! Just now, I saw it. When I saw the difference. When Jona and I were put into contrast with Kiya's opinion of you. I... I see how Jona has made me think, and I realise how unfit I have become to stand by your side. Kiya is right. You cannot abandon what Starfleet once was, and yet I find myself doubting because of him, and if I cannot... restrict Jona, he will end up betraying you. I know this because I am starting to know him more than I would like to. He is draining me of values I do not want to loose..."

Her eyes were closed, as if trying to shut out the sight of someone in the cell, and it was not Jien. Despite her shortness of breath she kept talking. "It's not just that... Jona may be a liability to this crew and our mission, but Kiya is... Kiya's feelings towards you have not abated since the Ishtar Entity forced the two of you together. I think she... she misses her husband, and is... You... I don't know, but it is not something that should reside between an Executive Officer and her Captain. It just can't."

Only then did Edena open her eyes, turning to face him. "I am sorry, Captain, but there is more... It is not just the former hosts. I did not want to tell you. The edict is still in effect since Niga... but I was not infected when you came for me back then. I remember everything, in detail, especially since we are here - where you attacked me." She closed her eyes again, as if trying to shut out the memories. They were in the very place where Jien's infected shadow had tried to rape her.

"I think it is the schism... The subconscious leverage that Jona has used to make me resent you, despite how I know it was not truly you. I am so sorry, Jien... for I know you need me so direly at this dark hour, but for all these conflicting and confusing reasons that crowd inside my head, I cannot be trusted. If we make it through this... I must resign my position at your side."

At a loss for words, Jien simply stared at her - not knowing what of everything that she had just said earned his voice the most. Yet as it were, he would not have the time to say anything...

...because that was when the sharp light detonated outside their forcefield - casting everything in whiteness.

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Re: CHAPTER 04: Invictus [01: Subjection]

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[ Dyan | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

As she bit down into his flesh she was assaulted with so many different sensations. The sound of him snarling at her, the warmth of his breath against her cheek, the flavor of his blood on her tongue and the feeling of his thumb prying her mouth open. Slowly she would open her mouth feeling as though she had managed to take a small pound of flesh from him. Still by the time he had managed to pry his hand from her jaw would be sore from having bit down on him so hard. Even when he got his hand free she would still be fighting him. If he planned on clamming her as his prize it would be a hard win. As her legs slowly spread she could feel his torso weighing her down keeping pinned. Every time some of his skin would come close enough she would bite and scratch where she could.

The feeling of her uniform being torn away from her pale body would make her growl as her slender form tried to squirm away from him as much possible hating the feeling of being so exposed before someone like him. Her tail more then once lashed out trying to hit and bruise the side of his chest. When her undergarments that last line of her defenses was torn away her body would shutter slightly as the cool air of the interrogation room would brush against her moist pussy. "Zaraq I swear I am going to make you pay for this," she growled out feeling him taking one of her bared breast. As he sucked on it hard as much as she hated it the nipple would harden at the sensation. The pointed tips of her ears would twitch slightly as she heard the zipper being pulled down freeing what she could guess would be his erection. As he did she would squirm and struggle against him knowing what was about to come.

Closing her eyes she could feel the moist head of his organ brushing against her pale lips before he filled her as she growled lowly. It hurt but it also felt good on a pure primal level. Still a plan formed in her mind waiting tell he got lost in the feeling of mating before she would strike.

Re: CHAPTER 04: Invictus [01: Subjection]

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[ Daniel "Riptor" Ritwer | Interrogation Room 02 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Miles Renard

Oh, but Riptor was thoroughly enjoying himself - able to mix the threat of violence with bodily satisfaction. That it was the Theurgy's SCO sucking his cock heightened the glorious sense of victory - the spoils of war more than just a little sweet to him.

Looking down, he saw something below his proud and glistening length. He tilted his head, and since the Vulpinian worked back and forth - going fast and then slow and then fast again - he could glimpse that the Lieutenant Commander was aroused as well. Seeing that, Riptor's grip on his hand phaser tightened - knuckles whitening. He almost squeezed the button on his weapon too hard. No, not yet.

His free hand made its way into Renard's hair and he rolled his hips and dragged the Vulpinian closer - forcing him to gulp and swallow around the additional push. Yet to the SCO's credit, he didn't try to pull away.  So Riptor fucked his throat, relishing the ragged hitches and gags the Lieutenant Commander worked to keep down - the leak of precum rolling down his chin from his slackened jaw. Riptor could hear him draw breath through his nose as he bobbed his head, and it would not be long until Riptor woul-

The Red Alert was sounded, and Riptor looked around - almost forgetting to keep his phaser against the Vulpinian's head. Still there was no further detail added than that everyone had to report to battle stations, so Riptor just grinned at Renard where he sat. "Phantom will let me know when he needs me, so we still have some time to finish this. They will be using those mines to begin with anyway. Continue."

Likewise, Riptor resumed his pelvic thrusts, grunting with each push, and in the moments before he might come, he deliberated over whether he'd be satisfied with the man's mouth, or if he should lift him up on the table, fuck him, milk him and make him come over himself - to make him wear the shame of his desire towards someone like Riptor.

[ Zaraq | Interrogation Room 03 | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

Being Klingon, the lash of her tail excited Zaraq. As much as it hurt and how welts rose from his leathery skin, she was whipping him into a frenzy. Dyan told him she would make him pay for what was about to happen, and yet he only heard consent: That she had accepted what was coming for her and that she only wanted to be compensated for it. "Any price," he promised, licking the swollen mound of her other breast before he pressed the crown of his ridged length into her.

Oh, but he found her moist and ready for him. It was not something he had expected. That he'd excited her to the degree that her sex would accept his thick girth - accommodate the hard ridges that lined his shaft - no, he had thought her less pliant. He grunted in appreciation - his rough organ squirming along slick inner walls. His ridges sawed across her clitoris on the way inside her, and again as he pulled back. Like that, he now found himself mating with Dyan Cardamone - the prize that he had secretly hoped for since he first lay eyes on her.

That she growled, squirmed and struggled against him merely kept his idea of foreplay continuing into the act itself. He wanted to ask her how she felt, but expected nothing would make her admit to such a thing. Instead he kept moving - pushing himself deep into her and teasing her clit with his Klingon ridges. Females loved his unique reproduction organ and he gave it to her in full - hilting it and grinding the last inches into the woman. He kept appreciating her breasts with his mouth, keeping her arms locked over his head.

That was when the Red Alert was sounded, and Zaraq growled in sharp displeasure. He wanted no distractions. No outside interference. He was finally mating with Dyan Cardamone, and he planned to savour it as much as he possibly could. Let the ship burn for all I care.

- Fin

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