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Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[Lin Kae] attn: Lucan

Flattery got Soo Young anywhere she wanted to go, so after hearing her praise of his tool and providing it enough pleasure to leave herself in a messy state, she was welcome to use his shower for as long as she wished.  He didn't let her get too comfortable in there alone, though, giving her perhaps a minute or two to wash down the bulk of the mess before he stepped into the shower behind her.  There, his hands swept around her, grasping her waist and pulling her back to his chest.  "We haven't finished yet," was all he said, as his hands moved up to continue caressing her breasts while his wand, as she liked to call it, stood tall and nestled itself between her buttocks.  Kisses were planted along her shoulder and neck as his hands cupped and grasped, lifted and rotated her bosom, experiencing with all kinds of movement and pressure to find what she liked.

"I've never done this, you know.  Shared a shower with someone else."  It seemed so different from what he might have expected it to be, so cozy and even a bit tender, the smaller space requiring a closeness that was hard to stop.  Sex in the shower was likely more challenging, but as far as holding and touching, it was a great place to forget the rest of the world and focus just on one's lover.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[ Axius vel Onea ] Attn Lucan

It was instantly, like a popping of a bubble, that white-hot fluid shot into and spilled out of Rihen's wet vagina, falling down on his chiseled abdomen and forming tangles in the dark hair surrounding his throbbing testicles. Pools of cum flooded the deep creases of his erratically rising stomach as she continued to milk it right out of the dick that stayed inside her warmth so long that he began to lose the ability to chain together thoughts. He finally let out the cry he had been containing for the majority of the act, and the guttural moan reverberated throughout his being.

He grabbed her hips, as the absence of substance was leaving him to drift as the last drop of liquid dripped from her walls. She collapsed on top of him, still leaving his softening cock enveloped in warmth. "Rihen, don't tell me you're that dirty all the time," he said, with breathy vowels and sharp consonants, lacking air that he let out in the large breathes of pleasure.

Rihen's body glided closer to his head, where their lips met one more time as he sat up, supporting himself with one bulging arm. "But, we still have to clean up," he smirked locking eyes with her as his long finger slipped across the film of sticky fluid caking on his abdomen. He raised it to her lips, and slowly allowed it to enter her mouth.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

Sensing Kae rather than having to see him stepping into the sonic shower, Soo did not open her eyes when he embraced her, smiling ruefully when his hands sought her tender bosom and began to fondle her. The pulsing vibrations in the air of the shower made vapour rise from his hands as he cupped her sensitive breasts, and her breath hitched when his rough palms slid over her puckered nipples.

"Oh, I can feel that," she said throatily when he said they weren't finished, and she reached behind herself to slide her fingertips up and down his roused length where it lay nestled on top of her buttocks. She titled her head to the side to welcome his warm mouth against her neck. She groaned in anticipation, having yet to feel him inside her, when he confessed to have not shared a shower. "Don't worry... I'll show you what you have been missing out on."

She turned her head as she said this to capture his lips with her own, and she began to stroke his arousal with a firm grip around his base. He tasted like men did the night after a party, but she did not mind, since she had the same taste in her own mouth. Well, aside from the taste of him from just earlier, that was. As she kissed him, and worked her hand along him, she felt his desire rising once more, and it made her own body answer in kind. She made indistinct sounds against his lips and arched her back, pushing down his bulbous crown to her swollen nether lips, and rubbed him against her ready sex.

"Please..." he whispered and set her free hand against the wall of the shower, arching her back even further. "I know you want to."

[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Ericajohn

She may have been surprised by how hard he came, flooding her with his warm semen, yet Rihen certainly did not mind, undulating her hips and milking it all out with her sex as best as she might. Leaning on his strong chest for support, she made sure her patron was thoroughly pleased until the very point when his convulsions ceased, and she could lay down on top of him, satisfied that her native generosity had brought him joy that morning.

"Oh, I don't think I was too naughty, was I?" she said with a wide grin as she kissed him, running her fingers up and down his shoulders and neck when he propped himself up. "I may have spoken of my own wishes, but by the judge of things... I think you shared my need to make you quake."

She made his callsign sound very naughty, swirling her tongue around his fingertip a little bit, but acquiesced to his will to get up and get cleaned for the shift that was about to start. She may have been a civilian engineer aboard, but that did not mean she didn't do what she could to help out aboard the ship. "Thank you for a wonderful night," she told him and sat back, cupping his hand in both of hers to kiss the palm, and then she gave him another of her characteristic, blinding smiles. "...and the morning wasn't so bad either."

She stood and walked out, throwing him another smile over her shoulder. "I think I will try that tea of yours first," she said and she exited, "Jamaharon always leaves me thristy."

OOC to Ericajohn: We can end our scene with this post of mine unless you want to cover how he prepares to leave for the scenes in 06: The Turn. :)

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[Lin Kae] attn: Lucan

And he did want to.  Oh how he wanted to.

With Soo Young taking position, bracing herself with a hand against the wall, the other guiding him exactly where he needed to be, Kae took hold of her hips and pressed inward, both the moisture of the shower and the slickness of her waiting sex enough to see the entry go smooth and quickly, Kae fully penetrating Soo Young before beginning the motions, pulling himself backward before another forward push.  The first few times, he was simply testing how well she braced herself, but as she proved more then capable of handling it, he was more willing to let loose and truly enjoy himself with her.  Her small yet well built body was an absolute pleasure, tight and fit and more then enough to handle him, while the sounds that came from her during the act were gratifying enough to only encourage the act further, to forget all else and simply focus on his partner.

"Soo, you're so tight," he said to her, or maybe he more moaned it out.  Was he surprised that she was?  Maybe only because he didn't think anything could be so tight as she was.  When he would move to pull back out so he could push back in, he started to wonder if it was her tightness that made it difficult, or his own subconscious desire to not be buried deep inside this very lovely, very sensual young woman.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

"Yes-s," Soo moaned when Lin Kae began to enter her, and she seemed to remember the feeling of his cock inside her from the night before - the sensation triggering memories that had been erased by her alcohol intake. He passed through her outer flesh, squirming into her passage, and her toes curled against the floor when the wizard began to thrust his cock into her. Soo's thighs trembled from the release of endorphins in her veins, and with a slack-jawed smile, she settled her forehead awkwardly against the wall, just like both her hands came to brace against it - fingers curling against the smooth surface. "That's it... That's it..."

It began to feel very, very good. Her breathless words became moans of ecstasy as the Holographic Specialist massaged her inner walls with his thick erection. His thighs began to slap rhythmically against her legs. Soo felt blood pumping into her crotch, tingling veins and throbbing muscles that she'd only feel when being with man. The muscles of her cunt clamped tighter than ever against Kae's shaft as he continued to pump in and out. Her own juices dripped down her sweaty inner thighs. Vapour rose from their bodies as they moved, the sonic shower turning their perspiration to mist as soon as it formed. His sac slapped her clitoris gently each time he surged against her, but the orgasm that built inside her was not a clitoral one. It was the delightful, slick friction of his girth inside her vaginal passage that overcame her, and her trembling knees bent as she reached her second climax that morning.

To prevent herself from falling, she straightened and reached behind herself - fingers digging for a hold behind Kae's neck as she lost control of her voice. His thrust pushed her front up against the wall instead, and that kept her from falling as well. Her heaving breaths fell in sync with his movements, and her cries fogged up the glass. Her breasts were rubbed by the wall as Kae surged into her, and with the new angle in which she was being penetrated, she felt the head of Kae's cock brush the front of her passage. Her upright stance also clamped her tighter around his pumping length.

And though his mind, Soo witnessed his reaction to her orgasm - another layer of gratification added to the sex for her.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[Lin Kae] attn: Lucan

Like Soo Young, the actual act had a way of bringing back memories.  He didn't have a full grasp of what their previous night had been, but he did find a sense of familiarity in things.  The way her skin felt pressed against his, the scent of her skin when he was kissing her neck, or the feeling of being inside her again, this time with a clear mind and a want that must have been as powerful as the night before.  The shower became steamier and steamier with the panting and the sweat that came from them, their bodies kept constantly clean even as their dirty act continued.  He was never going to be able to look at his sonic shower the same way again, not without remembering Soo Young Seung in there with him, the woman leaving behind an impression that would not fade easily.

His own climax came swift, even after the one she had given him with her expert fellatio.  This one erupted within her, their bodies beginning to slow down as the last of him was squeezed out, finally coming to a full halt, bodies pressed together against the shower wall.  He could feel her pulse beat through her back, just as she would feel his heart against her, the warmth of his breath against her shoulder and neck.  "Being with a telepath is . . . different."  He said different, but his mind would tell her he meant it in a good way.  It was a unique experience, having someone who psychically reverberated everything, passing it back and forth, building it ever upward until the  both of them were soaring to new heights.

Yeah, she definitely left her impression upon him.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

Kae's words poorly reflected his meaning, yet nonetheless, Soo heard it, and she faced the challenge of conveying her own gratification for having been with him. Both yesterday and the lovely morning they'd just shared.

Still panting, heart racing, she stood on her tiptoes and let him slip out of herself - the feeling of loss great - yet she turned around to face Kae with a bright smile. Turning around in his embrace, she remained perfectly close and wrapped her arms behind his neck. She kissed him, really thoroughly, as their bodies recovered from the euphoria they'd shared - hearts beating as one. The wizard tasted really good, and especially in the intimate confines of a sonic shower, and even more so after having sex with him. Oh, she could so get used to this. Being with a man. True, she had a tendency to like women more... but this man? Oh, he was something else.

"Mind if I borrow your shower again some other time?" she asked, lips barely parted from his, and she bit her lower lip playfully as she said it, opening her eyes to look into his, "But... I really need to report in. I am due for maintenance in the Flight Hangar this morning, and as much as I'd rather stay here and have sex until this headache wears off, I hardly think it will be effective. I need breakfast and I need it bad, okay?"

Something which her flat stomach attested to with a loud growl, overriding the thrumming sound of the shower.

"Well," she said and laughed, "like I said. I need to go, but..."

She kissed him again, wrapping her arms tighter around him and made sure she left him with a really good impression. She prushed herself up against him really tightly too, as if a promise for the next time. "...but I want you again, whenever you can tear yourself away from your wizardry, okay?" And thus she pushed the button and stepped out of the opening doors, the mist following her out and spreading across the floor as she stepped away. She gave Kae another smile over her shoulder as she left his bathroom - removing her bare self from his company before she ended up shirking her duties even more than she had.

With any luck, she could return to him again soon, right?

- Fin

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