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Site B ( A Look into the Unofficial Backstory of Lahkesis Saugn)

=== Forward ===
Because of the nature of this version of events and because it has not been approved by Game Moderation this specific version of events must be considered non-canon. If a version of events happened in the official Star Trek Theurgy canon then it may have happened exactly like this. But because of the nature of this things it cannot be known. Again because of the nature of the gray area of canon we are dealing with for this characters from these events may appear in the official canon at some point, or they may never appear.

Put simply, what you are about to read happened, though maybe not like this and maybe not in the reality we know. A grain of salt is thusly required.

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=== Some time ago ===

When the loudspeaker clicked on and the voice began it's speech, the man at the desk did not look up from his work. Perhaps it was the fact that he was more focused on the task at hand and cared very little for what the facility director had to say, or maybe it was because easilier that morning the very speech being read aloud had slid onto his desk for final approval. Either way, the reading of this speech was not for him. It was for everyone else in the facility. It was for all the little people who made it all possible. It was to remind them of their goals and the lofty heights they had already achieved.

When he did shift his focus from his work, though only for a moment, it was at the monitor, at the display of the three girls. They were gathered around the tree. On a whim he had designed their living quarters and the surrounding space to have numerous plants in it, and it seemed they responded well to them, though the one had showed a desire to remove the leaves of the plants and watch them deteriorate. The girls were never to leave green deck, their isolation from the rest of the galaxy would ensure that his research would continue. Their behavior, and the less social traits the one was beginning to exhibit were not the point of the experiment at this stage, and thus such matters were inconsequential and would continue to be until later stages. The girls mental health was not so important, it was their physical health that was, and for that he had ensured that monitors were installed on each of them. If anything were to change, he would know about it.

As the speech ended and the speakers clicked off throughout the facility the man at the desk reached up to his neck and pressed a button on the device resting just above where his shoulder met his neck. The goggles that covered his eyes hummed to life for a second.

Quietly behind him the door opened.

"I take it you have the final transfer forms ready for me to sign," the man said softly as he turned to the door and removed the goggles, setting them on the desk in the same place he always put them when he took them off. And as he looked up at the woman that light caught the layers of milky white on his eyes that left him blind, at least in terms of regular sight.

"Site B is moving on of schedule, we need only for you to sign the transfer orders and we can move the four," the woman said cooly as she took several measured steps toward the man. The room was far too dark for her tastes, but the man needed very little light for his work, he just adjusted the settings on the goggles that allowed him to see and it wouldn't matter.

"Ah yes, then my findings have been submitted to the correct individuals," the man said as he held out his hand to take the PADD he knew she carried. "And they took them exactly as I predicted they would. Meaning you did exactly what I ordered you to do."

"Our benefactors were most impressed," she said as she handed him the PADD and watched as his fingers moved deftly over the tactile controls, if it weren't for the fact that his false gaze never seemed to leave her it would have looked like he could see the PADD with ease. "They still believe you work for them only."

"As I knew they would be, they are not fools, one does not let the fool hold the razor to the king's throat for too long, it is likely that before to much longer they will return to the shadows again," the man said with a subtle smile as he pressed his thumb to the PADD authorizing the transfer request. "Site B will ensure that when they make their move we will already have made ours."

"I will see the matter is prepared well in advance," the woman said as the man handed the PADD back to her. "Will you be requiring anything else tonight, Sir?"

"No, Hera, I think it would be best for you to prepare the pods and go ahead of me to Site B with the four. I want to ensure my plans for the three begin very soon. Likely we will not meet again until the transfer is complete," the man said with a quiet sigh as he stood up from his chair and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Take care of them, if all goes well they will bring about a new world." Again a subtle smile crossed his face as he touched the ends of her deep blue hair.

"Yes, Sir," Hera said with a faint nod as she turned and stiffly walked from the room, leaving the man alone.

The man sat back down and returned to work. He did not move until the speaker clicked on to notify the facility of the shuttles departure. A small signalling device somewhere in the folds of his robes chimed and he knew it was time.

"A pity," the man said softly to himself as he got to his feet and stepped away from his desk. "I had hoped to finish this gene sequence before the plan moved ahead, but these matters... well, no time to delay."

And with that he pulled a type-I phaser from his robes and aimed it at the desk.

"One day ends..."

He reached up and pressed the button on the device on his neck and then pressed the button on the phaser, causing a beam to erupt from the end of it and slam into the desk, destroying it in less than a second. The phaser, rigged into a sudden overload took out a good section of the facility as well. Of course the green level was unharmed. that was part of the plan and of course the evac signal sent out. And of course the girls were long gone by the time the mysterious cloaked ships appeared from the black and fired on the facility.

Three weeks later the three girls were recovered by a Starfleet ship passing through the area investigating weapons fire detected on long range scans. The three were transferred to the Daystrom Institute for further research and thus in the open could not be claimed.

Around the time the girls first arrived on Earth a cryo-chamber opened not far away in the grand scheme of things and a man carefully climbed out. Attendants came forward and in in a process not unlike some ancient ritual gently cleaned him with warm damp cloths and bowls of rose scented water, before helping him into a set of robes in a rich amber color.

When he was dressed he was escorted out of the revival chamber and through the maze of tunnels. He walked slowly, he had no need to rush. From that moment forward he would never need to rush again. Finally he emerged into the daylight and a subtle smile made its way onto his face as he turned his blind eyes upward, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face.

"And another day begins..."

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Lieutenant Commander H'Unkel had never been to a facility like this before. The door had simply side "Site B - Administrative Building." It was very uncommon for the side to not be named after something or someone. Yet his orders had been lear. He was to report to this building for a debriefing, though his orders had neglected to tell him what he was being debriefed on.

The main lobby of the building was imposing. The ceiling seemed to go up for at least 3 stories and had massive chandeliers floating in the space. His engineering training told him they were likely holographic, but as he walked toward the desk he could hear the low hum of the antigrav devices that held them aloft. It was a lot of effort for a device whose function would have been easier to simply do holographically. Indeed the whole of the lobby was like that. There were several long red plush sofas and chairs with thick black cushions. The floor was tiled with a mozaic he could not make out from his vantage point. It was all just a bit to much for him.

He made his way to the large receptionist desk in the front where a man sat answering the com lines. The man looked up as he approached, but said nothing.

"Um, Hi, I'm Lieutenant Commander H'Unkel, of the USS Seatiger, I was ordered to be debriefed on my new assignment here," he said to the receptionist.

The receptionist only nodded and gestured to a pair of large red wood doors.

With some deal of aprehnsion H'Unkel made his way toward the doors. As he reached out to the handle the knob turned and the door opened and behind the door stood a woman. She had light blue hair that hung down to her chin, though the ends and roots were darker, almost a maroon. She smiled when she saw him and her pupiless sky blue eyes locked on his.

"Good morning Mister H'Unkel," she said pleasantly as she pulled the door open further and gestured for him to come in.

“Um, yeah I was ordered to come here by Admiral-” H’Unkel began, but was promptly cut off.

“Admiral Marian, of course. We were told to expect you,” the woman said as she stepped aside to allow him into the room beyond.

H’Unkel stepped through the door and found himself in a long hallway, the walls were dark with lights set well below eye level casting odd shadows. The wall was lined with innumerable awards and accreditations. Some were from Starfleet and the Federation, and others were from other galactic powers within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

“As you can see our work here has changed a great many things in the Federation and the surrounding space. Yet we strive to learn more and more,” the woman said as she led him down the hallway. “We have been working tirelessly for the past two decades on any number of projects, some of which have already come to fruition and are already aiding Starfleet.” Her tone was almost like that of a tour guide. Her heels clicked on the smooth stone floor beneath them as they walked and he was aware of just how tall she was.

“I can’t say I know why I’m here, my orders only said to report here,” H’Unkel said as he tudged along after her.

“Unfortunately due to the nature of our research a certain level of discretion is required, though I am certain the need for your presence here will become clear soon,” the woman said with a polite smile.

After a moment’s silence they reached the far end of the hall and the woman touched a panel on the wall. A moment later the doors before them slide open to reveal a lift, she stepped in and turned to face him.

“Let us just say that I am certain you will be an undeniable resource to the furtherment of our goals,” she said with a coy little smile and for a moment H’Unkel could swear he was looking into the face of someone he knew, or at least someone he had known.

After he stepped into the lift she touched the panel and it scanned her hand. H’Unkle only saw a flash of her name appear on the screen before it went blank, but it engraved itself in his mind, Hera Soong. He recognized the name Soong, but he was aware of no one with that name. The turbolift began to move and for a moment neither said anything.

“I don’t suppose you could give me a hint as to what this is about,” H’Unkel said with a nervous sort of laugh.

“I doubt you would believe me even if I told you,” Hera said with a coy smile. “However our Site Administrator will be able to answer all of your questions.”

“Are we going to see him now?” H’Unkel asked again feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“Nothing gets past you,” Hera said with a smile.

A moment later the lift stopped and the doors slide open. The room before them was almost as vast as the lobby had been, but the windows looking out over the colony below were tinted, making it seem as if it were much later in the day. The room was sparsely decorated, instead there was a path leading to a small area with a few low set chairs. The path and the area were surrounded by a pool filled with some unknown liquid. The air had a sweet almost floral scent to it.

“Ah, Mister H’Unkel,” came a voice from the area in the center of the room and H’Unkel was aware of a man sitting in one of the chairs. “Please, come and sit with me. I feel we have much to discuss.”

H’Unkel glanced to Hera, who simply gestured for him to go, she remained by the door to the lift.

With little other choice H’Unkel walked closer, taking the seat the man was no sitting in. The man smiled slightly as H’Unkel sat down.

“I am certain you have many questions as to the nature of what we do here and the reason you were brought here, but for now I must ask your patience. All may be made clear in time, but know that these matters are of the utmost importance,” the man said, his voice was low and smooth, with the sort of respectful tone that put H’Unkel at a little bit more ease.

“Alright,” H’Unkel replied shifting slightly in the overstuffed chair. The man across from him seemed to sit like a statue, motionless, yet in the low light H’Unkel was aware that the man was not really looking at him. This would have disturbed him, if it had not been for the glimpse of milky white covering the man’s eyes.

“I have a few questions for you, before we get to far under way, I hope you will not find them to personal,” the man went on, his coy smile never leaving his face. “Just answer them to the best of your ability.”

H’Unkel nodded, then realizing how stupid of an action that was he said, “alright.”

The questions began innocently enough. They were all standard identity questions, but very soon they drifted toward being more personal. The man seemed to be curious about an ex-girlfriend of H’Unkel’s and their relationship. The man worded everything quite politely, but the intent was clear. He wanted to know if they had sex and how often they had. H’Unkel had sexual relations with that girlfriend a number of times before they called it quits because he was being transferred, more specifically they had called it quits because he had been summoned here.

But H’Unkel knew better than to talk back to a superior or question this. This girlfriend had been a member of a strange alien race and their relationship was on record, though some details the man asked about were not.

Finally the man leaned back slightly and ran a finger across her lip as if in deep thought. When he spoke it did not seem to be to H’Unkel. “Collect the specimen,” he said and suddenly H’Unkel felt a hand on his head, pulling it to the side and something being placed on his neck.

And then he was instantly aware that he could not move, his body simply stopped responding. He could not blink much less breath, which meant removing the device on his neck impossible. Terror took him, but he could say nothing. His lungs began to burn.

The man simply stood up. “I wish this could be less painful, but I cannot risk damage to you at this point. The sample must remain intact,” he said softly, almost with a note of pity in his voice. And then the man turned his attention to whoever it was behind H’Unkel. “Once the specimen is prepared have the lab begin their analysis. I want to see it before I depart.”

“Depart, sir?” a voice behind him said, it was Hera.

“It is just about time for me to make my way to Starfleet Command and meet with our friends. I believe it is time to discuss a great many things,” the man said casually.

“Indeed, sir,” Hera said softly. “You’re personal shuttle will be prepared for your departure as soon as the lab has completed its analysis.”

“As well, until transphasic entegraty in confirmed upon my return, Plan 7B6 will be in operation,” the man said with a sigh. “I will need to remove such planned operations from my memory before my departure, so prepare the synaptic configurer for a calibration. Our operation must remain secret.”

H’Unkel’s mind was spinning at this point and he did his best to control it. He could barely see straight.

The man left the room and Hera walked around to crouch down. She held a hand to H’Unkel’s neck and H’Unkel saw her then as if for the first time. Maybe it was his oxygen starved brain, but he was aware how much she looked like Cleo Saugn, his ex-girlfriend. Only Hera looked older and colder, like an older sister or a mother. And that was the last thing he thought as darkness consumed him and he thought no more. Hera remained, he fingers monitoring his pulse until it slowed and stopped. Only then did she get to her feet and press a small hidden button on the chair, causing the platform to lower.

The man, walking alone toward the lift paused. “The future comes Hera, and we will move with it or be left behind by it,” he called out to her as he stepped into the lift and the doors closed behind him.


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[ Site B ]

Ever since the incident, Hera had been moved to the very heart of the facility. Her body, damaged as it was, now rested in the tank where the roots of all of the plants reached down to. Thick vines covered the walls and reached into the murky water. Small insects and amphibians swam through the water, all directly harvested from the homeworld of the plant, all the last of their kind.

In the room with the tank had been placed a low backed armchair made of red plush leather. In that chair, most days the blind man, Oleander Soong, could be found sitting and observing. When bothered he would deal with any matters that we of concern and then return to the chair. No one had seen him sleep or eat beyond his attendant, one of the Type Cs.

Laying close to the farthest edge was the torso of Hera, below her ribs was only bone, when she had been submerged there had not been even that. The biochemical reaction that sustained her life force now was tied directly to that of the plants themselves and in turn, to every duplicate, he had created since her. She was the first and now she was connected to all of them. In some way, Oleander marvels at it. He had taken brain scans of her, though, in the end, he had elected to simply let her rest.

In her damaged state, he found himself more aware of how much she meant to him. He had indeed prevented her from growing roots and placed her in the tank to keep her current form alive. And now he waited as she regrew her body, as the life of the plants made her whole and kept her alive.

When there was a sudden shift in the tank Oleander noticed it, a faint change in the smell. Though he could not see, he could smell it in the air. She was blooming, and with her the whole of all the plants bloomed too, the bioluminescent lights beginning to glow up the vines.

She is becoming,” Hera said, her voice sounding as if it were in a half dreamlike state, though it was filled with awe and pleasure.

Which one?” Oleander asked as she moved from his chair to the edge of the pool.

The girl… The child… She is…” Hera went on, seemingly unaware of him.

[ USS Callisto ]

With a clang, the tray of dishes slipped from Kelo Saugn’s fingers and fell to the floor of her quarters. She could feel the rush coming over her. She’d felt it before, but never like this. She looked at her hands and saw the lights under her skin swelling. It didn’t make sense, she wasn’t even being stimulated. Why was she…

She felt a jolt and a spasm wracked her body and she cried out in bliss as her body climaxed and her bright reddish hair began to swell with light and the smell of strawberries filled the room around her. Leaving her a panting mess on the floor.

[ Santiago Bay Colony ]

The diplomatic dinner was in full swing and Akropos Saugn was in her dress uniform. She looked elegant and like the flower she was. When suddenly her cheeks flushed with light. She could feel her pulse quicken as her heart began to pound in her chest. This was all wrong. She wasn’t even feeling that aroused, why was this happening.

Her date for the evening, the young Mike Garrad glanced over to her. “Are you feeling okay, Akky?” he asked, concern in his voice.

It’s just…” she began, but bit her lip to keep from moaning. This was all wrong. She felt as if her body was going to burst. She had only felt like this a couple of times and only by herself. She wanted the first time Mike saw her like this to be special, not like this.

“Come on, I think you need a drink,” Mike said and moved to help her up.

Y-yeah,” Akropos said as she tried to get to her feet, but suddenly she found her legs were nothing but jelly as they fell out from beneath her and she fell to the floor, letting out an orgasmic cry of sheer bliss.

Mike’s face turned beet red as a number of other guests and the diplomatic dinner turned to look at them. “Akky, come on, people are looking at us,” he said, trying to get her to her feet.

But Akropos was too far gone into a world of pure pleasure and sensation. Her bright orangish hair began to glow as veins hidden beneath her skin began to pulse with light. And suddenly the scent of oranges began to fill the room.

[ Dozens of other locations ]

Suddenly scattered around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants several beautiful creatures fell to the ground, lost in cries of pleasure as the air around them began to smell sweet and either floral or of some form of fruit perhaps.

[ Site B ]

They can all feel it and their bodies rejoice in it,” Hera went on, her voice breathy, lost in pleasure.

Oleander leaned in closer to his precious one. “Tell me, which of them is becoming. Which of your daughters is becoming divine?

The girl… On the outcast ship… She sees the light… She is born anew in Radiant light…” Hera said her eyes open and glowing with a fierce internal fire. “She is becoming something more…. She exceeds… She is beautiful…

Oleander listened, but said nothing. There was only one answer. Only the Type Bs could ascend and only 3 of them remained. Of them, only 2 were on ships. One was in deep space and far from harm, the other…

Lahkesis…” Oleander breathed, a smile crossing his lips. “She is on the Theurgy. It draws close to time for me to at last meet her.” He reached down and gently stroked the hair of Hera. “But first we must make you whole. Rest now, my child. Rest and dream of your children. I must make preparations for what is to come and you must heal.

As the bloom died down Hera relaxed in the tank and she closed her eyes once more. She could see the girl in her mind's eye. See as she became more. It made her smile. Her daughter was becoming. Soon she would be some much more.

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