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The following is a listing of all of the named NPC’s that appear in the main storyline of Star Trek: Theurgy. All [[Starfleet]] [[characters]] are listed by departmental NPC pages.
The following is a listing of all of the named NPC’s that appear in the main storyline of Star Trek: Theurgy. All [[Starfleet]] characters are listed by departmental NPC pages.
==The United Federation of Planets==
==The United Federation of Planets==

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The following is a listing of all of the named NPC’s that appear in the main storyline of Star Trek: Theurgy. All Starfleet characters are listed by departmental NPC pages.

The United Federation of Planets

President Nanietta Bacco

President Nanietta Bacco
Nanietta "Nan" Bacco was a Human female from the Federation Member State of Cestus III who was elected Federation President in October of 2379, serving through the sundering of the Romulan Star Empire and the parasitic invasion of Starfleet Command.

Bacco's first year in office did not start off well. Only days after assuming office, Shinzon of Remus launched his coup against the Romulan Imperial Senate, murdering all but one senator and installing himself as Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire with the support of the Romulan Imperial Fleet. Shinzon initially made peace overtures and requested that the USS Enterprise-E be sent to Romulus for negotiations. It later became clear, however, that Shinzon's true intent was the subjugation of the Romulans and the elimination of humanity, and the Enterprise only barely saved Earth from destruction at the hands of a thalaron weapon.

Hoping to avoid the complete destabilization of the astropolitical scene, Bacco decided to send a convoy of Federation starships, led by the USS Titan, to Romulus in an attempt to help the subsequent factions vying for power come to an agreement. The Titan's commanding officer, William T. Riker, was accompanied by many other Commanding Officers in the diplomatic effort, among them Captain Jien Ives. The efforts failed, however, and the Romulan Civil War began. There was a summit between the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan leaders in December of 2380, while the USS Theurgy was being chased by Task Force Archeron. At the conference, President Bacco convinced Chancellor Martok to discontinue the Klingon Empire's expansionist policies in return for the renewal and new creation of several trade agreements, including a more extensive technology-sharing program. Bacco also convinced Martok to provide support for a civilian science organization known in Federation Standard as the Matter of Everything and in Klingonese as HapHoch, an organization previously banned in the Klingon Empire.

At the summit, Praetor Tal'Aura also revealed to her counterparts that Romulan Commander Donatra had assembled a fleet at Achernar Prime and was planning on declaring the existence of the Imperial Romulan State, with herself as Empress. Tal'Aura noted that the worlds Donatra was planning on annexing for the Imperial Romulan State included Xanitla, Ralatak, and Virinat, and that these were the Star Empire's prime farming worlds. While President Bacco refused Praetor Tal'Aura's request that the Federation provide military aid in recapturing Imperial State planets, she also made it clear to all parties involved that she would provide humanitarian aide to the Romulan Star Empire if necessary. The Bacco Administration eventually, however, determined that it was necessary to recognize the existence of the Imperial Romulan State in order to maintain solidarity with the Klingon Empire, which had agreed to recognize Donatra's government almost immediately.

In the closing days of 2380, President Bacco traveled to the world of Koa aboard the USS Venture together with Ambassador Elim Garak. This, to witness their ceremony of entry into the United Federation of Planets as a Member State. The voyage back was delayed by administrative complications, yet fortunately for Bacco, it led to her surviving the thalaron bomb that detonated in Paris. When Starfleet Intelligence stated that Praetor Tal'Aura was the most likely to be behind the attack, she authorised Starfleet to investigate and act on this threat to the Federation.

Ambassador Elim Garak

Ambassador Elim Garak of Cardassia
Elim Garak was a member of the Cardassian Obsidian Order until his exile to the space station Terok Nor in 2368. After the Dominion War, he became a political figure, then served as Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. By 2378, he had become the Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. The Federation would provide for him a residence in Paris that had been used by the Nazi regime of twentieth-century Germany (78 Rue de Lille), suggesting how they viewed the Cardassian Union. Garak would accept it, knowing the sins of the Union. It was during this time that he began to affiliate himself with Starfleet Intelligence, and Commander Jona Rez in particular.

In March of 2381, he received the encrypted real Simulcast from the USS Theurgy, and while he couldn't openly support or act on his awareness - being trapped on the USS Venture at the time and unable to verify the contents - he had plans to set things in motion as soon as he and President Bacco returned to Earth. This was, however, when Praetor Tal'Aura had a thalaron bomb detonate in the middle of Paris. Garak survived, but was hard pressed on focusing on the innocence of the USS Theurgy and its crew given the pending war with the Romulan Star Empire. He suspected, however, that the alleged infestation of Starfleet Command had something to do with the development...

Klingon Empire

Martok, son of Urthog

High Chancellor Martok
Image © Paramount
Martok was a Klingon warrior of the 24th century Klingon Empire and became High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. He was a popular general in the Klingon Defense Forces and saw his people through the Dominion War of the 2370s. He led the House of Martok, married Sirella and had children including Drex. His wife Sirella and his daughters Shen and Lazhna were, however, killed in January 2376 during Gothmara and Morjod's coup d'état.

When he was later told that Drex had been killed as well, fallen at the hand of the Theurgy's crew, he finally answered Starfleet Command's call for aid in bringing down the renegade ship. He entered the Azure Nebula aboard the Klingon flagship, the IKC Rotarran, leading a part of the Klingon fleet in the search for the traitorous Captain Jien Ives.

He encountered Vector 2 - the Sword - of the Theurgy in the very heart of the Azure Nebula, where he attacked in full force.

General Chu'vok

General Chu'vok
Image © Paramount
General Chu'vok was a high-ranking Klingon flag officer in the Klingon Defense Force, and as of 2381, he was in command of all forces in the Epsilon Mynos System. He was tasked by High Chancellor Martok to protect Aldea Prime and the interests of the Empire in the alliance with the Aldean Defence Committee.

When new recruits of the USS Theurgy arrived to Aldea, having travelled incognito to reach the system, they had to use a password to get to speak with General Chu'vok. The General would then grant security clearance to the Aldea Prime Shipyards and have a Klingon beam the new Theurgy officer to the shipyards, putting them inside one of the Theurgy´s docking arms and right before one of the airlocks.

Before then, Chu'vok participated in Chancellor Gowron's war plans briefing in 2375, where he was to play an instrumental role in Gowron's proposed battle plan against Sarpedion V. In Gowron's strategy, General Martok was to lead fifteen Vor'cha-class battle cruisers into battle to soften Sarpedion's defenses, followed by Chu'vok's forces.

Administrator M' Kish

Reporting to Chu'vok, M'Kish was in charge of the management of the Klingon extraction and production stations and plants in the Aldean System, as well as the ultimate management of the troops at these location. A short man, with pale eyes and a scarce beard, he was known for his lack of patience. He reached the position as a political manoeuvre to allocate him a rank of great honour, but which had little real power, while most of the decisions were taken by members of his Cabinet.

Rov, son of Pekdal

Rov, son of Pekdal
Rov, son of Pekdal, was a Klingon member of Klahb, and in 2379 led the attempted takeover of the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS. He had been hired as a kitchen steward at the embassy sometime in the month prior to the takeover. It was Rov who insisted that they must capture Worf and attempt to use him as a hostage. Worf was not captured in the initial assault, but Rov went ahead with his plans anyway assuming that he soon would be. He contacted the Klingon High Council and demanded that Martok step down as Chancellor, that the hologram impersonating Kahless be deactivated, and that Empire declare war on the Federation. During the takeover, Rov personally killed Damir Gorjanc, an embassy employee, and Vark, another leader in Klahb. Vark was angry with Rov when he found out that Rov refused to serve in the Klingon Defense Force during the Dominion War because they would not grant him the status of an officer and wanted him to serve as a bekk.

Eventually, Worf was able to regain control of the security system and flood the building with anesthizine gas knocking everyone unconcious. Rov was able to escape in the confusion. He later turned up broadcasting his demands to the entire empire from Pheben V. The base was destroyed by a Klingon fleet patrolling the nearby area; however, Rov was likely using some sort of remote transmission device as his body was not recovered.

Rov had since then assumed a new identity (Bekas, son of Bragt), changed his appearance, and infiltrated Martok's hand-picked force of 200 Klingons on the Theurgy. He had sided with Gorka and Gorka's grandfather, who also sat on the Council, and would commit sabotage on the Theurgy in April of 2381, detonating a bomb in the Spearhead Lounge.

K'Tal son of Machi of House K'Tal

K'Tal son of Machi of House K'Tal. Head of Imperial Intelligence

K'Tal was a Klingon man in the 24th century, head of the House of K'Tal and a high-ranking member of the Klingon High Council.

Despite his position on the Council, K'Tal did not serve any agenda or issue, but the Klingon Empire itself, making him respected as a true Klingon of honor. He earned the respect of his colleagues, who felt that while others would age and die, K'Tal would endure. In the early days of the Betreka Nebula Incident, K'Tal supported a proposal from Federation ambassador Curzon Dax for a competition with the Cardassian Union for the rights to the disputed world of Raknal V. In 2334, K'Tal was named as Chancellor Ditagh's Arbiter of Succession when the Chancellor fell ill. K'Tal narrowed the field down to two candidates: Kravokh and Grivak. The position was eventually won by Kravokh.

Following the assassination of Chancellor K'mpec in 2367, K'Tal oversaw the ascension of Gowron to power. Later, he was the only member of the High Council to side with Gowron when Toral, son of Duras contested his place for leadership, believing the Empire needed strong and experienced leadership, instead of a meager child.

In early 2373, K'Tal was the Councillor in charge of Imperial Intelligence, and was investigating rumors of a plot to assassinate Starfleet Captains Jean-Luc Picard and Benjamin Sisko, in order to prevent a renewed alliance with the Federation. At the same time, those conspirators used K'Tal's name and image to lure the humans into their own deaths. Once the plot was revealed, K'Tal had the surviving conspirators bound by law.

In 2381, K'Tal was still the Head of Imperial Intelligence, much to the chagrin of Gorka's grandfather, who wanted the position returned to House Mo'Kai. In the events following Martok siding with Captain Ives of the Theurgy, Gorka's grandfather tried to have K'Tal killed, but failed, and instead fell to K'Tal's blade. This, however, would make Gorka, son of Margon, become the head of the House Mo'Kai.

Gorka son of Margon of House Mo'Kai

Gorka, son of Margon of House Mo'Kai
Gorka was Administrator M' Kish's aide and current heir of his House, after his predecessor (Khorvan, son of Drax) was deposed for unknown reasons, due to an event that took place in the Aldean System. Extraordinarily tall and muscular, even for Klingon standards, he behaved in a self-contained and diplomatic manner, far from the stereotypes of his species. He possessed under his command several of his own House starships, as well as other troops delegated by the Chancellor. Shortly after the USS Theurgy arrival to Aldea, he held a meeting with Natalie Stark where he reported on the troubles that the Klingon administration had with the pirates in the system.

Before the bombing of Paris in April of 2381, Gorka chose to openly challenge Martok's chancellery, meaning that the old High Chancellor had lost his wits due to old age and grief over the loss of his lineage. This being evident, in Gorka's meaning, in how Martok had decided to side with Captain Ives and the Theurgy, who was know as Romulan defectors. In the events following Martok siding with Captain Ives of the Theurgy, Gorka's grandfather tried to have K'Tal killed, but failed, and instead fell to K'Tal's blade. This, however, would make Gorka, son of Margon, become the head of the House Mo'Kai. This, during his voyage to Qo'nos, where he would try to sway the High Council to denounce Martok as High Chancellor.

Kopek, son of Nargor

Kopek, son of Nargor
Kopek, son of Nargor was a Klingon male from a scion house who sat as a high ranking member of the Klingon High Council, rising to the position in the late 2370s. He was a fervent opponent of Chancellor Martok, due to Martok's commoner origins. Kopek's chambers in the Great Hall were ornately, with polished black marble floors, pillars of gleaming obsidian, targhDIr furniture, scented varHuS candles in carved crystal sconces, delicate Vulcan paper ceiling tiles, a Betazoid water sculpture, and double doors carved from a Terran redwood. Kopek's aide was L'Vek. Kopek's political leanings were considered neo-Cardassian, having gone so far as to sell the Cardassians weaponry during their war against the Federation. Additionally, he smuggled Imperial supplies to the Orion Syndicate during the Dominion War.

At some point, Kopek fathered a first-born son with a mistress; in order to hide the shame of his bastard child, he dashed his skull on Mount Vor. Lorgh suspected Kopek of giving Gorrik information about the survivors camp on Carraya IV in 2376. In 2379, Worf forced Kopek to give him the command codes for the Klingon Defense Force; Kopek's code was Kopek wej Hut baH Soch vagh loS taj. In exchange, Worf gave him a data rod containing the complete file on Kopek collected by Lorgh of Imperial Intelligence. Later that year, Kopek took part in the plot by the Klahb to seize the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS, provided the organization weapons and security overrides.

Beyond his support towards Gorka's challenge against Martok, it might be that Kopek had something to do with the attempted killing of K'Tal son of Machi of House K'Tal. Did Kopek foresee it's failure, attempting to uplift Gorka to a seat on the High Council?

Kudesh, son of Otruk

Image: Kudesh, son of Otruk

Kudesh was born to a common family living in the lowlands of the Ketha Province of Qo’nos. As he matured, it was observed that his mental acuity did not develop at the same rate as his physical gifts. Upon reaching adulthood, Kudesh positively towered over his fellow Klingons and, while not stupid, was lacking in his ability to think creatively. Destined for a life in a mine, Kudesh was saved from this undeserved fate by a chance run in with KDF General Martok during one of the warrior’s targ hunts. Happening upon the general at an opportune moment when Martok had become encircled by a herd of wild targ. Charging forward, Kudesh seized the two largest ones simultaneously and choked the life out of them barehanded. Grateful for his life, Martok resolved to do what he could for Kudesh and his family.

Now a member of the KDF, Kudesh first served aboard the IKS Ch’Tang before transferring to the IKS Rotarran when General Martok took command. He continued to protect the General, not only from Dominion and Cardassian forces, but from several assassination attempts from rival Klingon houses, cementing his status as bodyguard to the future chancellor. When Martok ascended, Kudesh went with him, continuing in this role. Unflappable, apolitical and 100% loyal to Chancellor Martok, Kudesh, son of Otruk, is a force to be reckoned with for any who would oppose or bring harm to Martok.

† Captain Drex, son of Martok

Drex, son of Martok
Image © Paramount
Drex, son of Martok was a Klingon, the son of Martok and Sirella, the leaders of the House of Martok. His maternal grandfather was Linkasa. In 2372, Drex was one of a large number of Klingon warriors sent to Deep Space 9 under the pretense that they were there to stand beside the Federation against the Dominion. Drex had a reputation for belligerence, and frequently harassed station personnel and civilians while he was at Deep Space 9. He and two accomplices were responsible for accosting Elim Garak in his shop. Garak declined to press charges, noting that he got off several remarks that caused "serious damage to their egos". Suspicious of their motives, Captain Benjamin Sisko ordered Lieutenant Commander Worf to investigate. Seeking to gain Martok's attention, Worf assaulted Drex in Quark's and took his d'k tahg.

In 2376, Drex was the First Officer of the IKS Gorkon. The captain of the Gorkon, Klag, was of the belief that Drex had inherited none of his father's honour, and was a detriment to the ship and its crew. He was replaced by Tereth in the end of the same year. Since then, Drex became obsessed with the notion to prove his honour as a Klingon warrior, and his fierceness earned him favour among some parts of the Klingon Defence Force. He served as First Officer on a Vo'quv carrier between 2377 and 2380, and then became Captain of the VoD'leh-class carrier IKS Hakkarl (trans. "Vanguard"). As of March of 2381, the Hakkarl was patrolling the Klingon-Federation Neutral Zone, and had entered the Azure Nebula by the time Drex intercepted a message from a secret Klingon outpost. It was an encrypted message meant for his father, High Chancellor Martok.

The orders attached to the message, however, Drex could carry out immediately, and that was the destruction of a coreless moon orbiting Ithacae III and its hidden Klingon facility named SuD Lang. He was unable to do so when he and his ship were destroyed by an ancient weapon hidden underneath SuD Lang that was built by the Gîl Naur, a forgotten civilization of the species known as the Radiants.



Praetor Tal'Aura
Image © Paramount
As of 2381, Tal'Aura was the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. In 2379, Tal'Aura supported Shinzon of Remus plans to seize control of the Romulan government on promises that his hawkish views towards the United Federation of Planets would produce a more strident stance on the astropolitical scene. After Praetor Hiren rejected Shinzon's demands, Tal'Aura planted a thalaron radiation projector in the Hall of State and left the building just before the device killed all of the senators present. Following the death of Shinzon a few days later, Tal'Aura, one of the few members of the Senate left alive, proclaimed herself praetor. This move was not supported by a large proportion of the military, who planned a coup d'etat against Tal'Aura. It failed, however, and Tal'Aura fought to remain in power. This is what started the Romulan Civil War.

By late 2380, Tal'Aura had consolidated control of most of the Empire, gaining the support of the Tal Shiar, the war-hawk faction, and most of the Imperial Fleet; she remained in constant conflict with the faction of the Imperial Fleet loyal to Commander Donatra, however, and by December of that year, Donatra's forces captured a number of Romulan farming planets, including Achernar Prime, and declared the existence of the Imperial Romulan State, with Donatra as its Empress. Tal'Aura requested that neither the Federation nor the Klingon Empire recognize Donatra's government, and that they provide military aid in its recapture by the Star Empire; the Federation President, Nanietta Bacco, flatly refused to take sides, while Klingon Chancellor Martok, immediately declared that the Klingon Empire would recognize the Imperial Romulan State. It was sometime around here that Tal'Aura was picked for a new parasite, and became one of the Infested.

So, as one of the Infested - with their plans for the Borg invasion through the Azure Nebula foiled - she made a statement in retaliation. In the interest of inciting war, she detonated a thalaron bomb in the Palais de la Concorde, Paris - right in the city where the President of the UFP had her office. The President, Nanietta Bacco, managed to survive the incident, but when the Infested in Starfleet Command cited that Praetor Tal'Aura was the most likely to be behind the attack, Bacco authorised Starfleet to investigate and act on this threat to the Federation.


Senator/Empress Donatra
Image © Paramount
Donatra was a Romulan woman in the 24th century who served in the Imperial Fleet of the Romulan Star Empire. By the year 2379, she had ascended to command of the Romulan Third Fleet, and was captain of the IRW Valdore. In the wake of Shinzon's coup of the Empire, Donatra rose in political prominence, and in 2380 declared herself the first Empress of the newly splintered Imperial Romulan State.

Donatra's new government was almost immediately recognized by the Klingon Empire, though the United Federation of Planets initially refused to intervene in what it considered an internal Romulan affair. By early 2381, the Federation was forced to recognize the sovereignty of the Imperial Romulan State as a result of pressure from the Klingons and the need to show solidarity with its ally. The Federation and Imperial Romulan State established ambassadorships to one-another's states with Donatra appointing former warbird commander Jovis as her Ambassador to the Federation.

When Praetor Tal'Aura introduced banned thalaron weaponry during the Romulan Civil War, in April of 2381, and attacked Donatra's hold in Romulan space, it spelled the end of the Imperial Romulan State. Donatra had no choice but to flee for the Klingon border with her remaining ships.


Radue, The First Appointee

First Appointee Radue
Image © Paramount
Radue was an Aldean in the 24th century. He was the First Appointee and leader of his planet's government. Originally he belonged to the faction that preferred to maintain an association with Federation during the Dominion War, but has since then been fully aligned with the alliance to the Klingon Empire. By the time the Theurgy underwent repairs in the Aldea Prime Shipyards, he was still the head of the Aldean Defence Comittee.

In 2364, Radue, along with other members of the Aldean leadership including Rashella and Duana, revealed the existence of their planet to the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D. The decision was made by Radue in order to solicit the help of the Federation in dealing with the imminent collapse of Aldean society due to what they believed to be sterility caused by a genetic disorder.

When the Enterprise discovered the planet, Radue and others tried to persuade the vessel to help them by leaving some of the children from the ship behind on the planet to carry on their society and culture. When they refused, the Aldeans under Radue's leadership kidnapped several children. Though the crew of Enterprise were incensed, Radue insisted that the children would stay on Aldea and the formidable planetary defense system seemed to guarantee this fact. Radue offered what he believed to be a fair exchange for the children but was refused by Captain Picard.

When Doctor Beverly Crusher revealed that the Aldeans' sterility was in fact caused by radiation poisoning as a result of Aldea's planetary shield weakening the ozone layer, and eventually the children would suffer the same fate, Radue refused to believe her. However, he was ultimately forced to capitulate to Captain Picard when Commander William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commander Data disabled the Custodian, the computer controlling the planet's defenses. After the children were released, the Enterprise helped in repairing the planet's environmental damage, offering hope that the sterility of the society could be reversed.

Maddrisa Maepilwud a.k.a. Maddy Maplewood. Best. Chef. Ever.

Maddrisa Maepilwud a.k.a. Maddy Maplewood

Maddrisa, or Maddy, as she preferred to be called thanks to Human influence, was the proprietor of a tiny lounge café set between a tailor's shop and a hairdresser. Preferring the personal and old fashioned way, Maddy made her meals and drinks by hand, alone, using natural ingredients and products, rather than a replicator, and as such, had a more limited clientele. But she was known for her generosity and robust interest in conversation and meeting people. Visitors to her lounge can expect delicious full course meals from a multitude of cultures and preparations, and a chance to converse with a good listener.

While compassionate, warm, caring and generous to a fault (she often "forgot" to charge for her meals or drinks), Maddy had no trouble dealing with rowdy folk, especially Klingons, Nausicaans or Orions, and was handy with a rolling pin, frying pan, or a fork.

She enjoyed trading recipes and ingredients to learn new dishes that she could prepare for her patrons. Her motto was, "No one leaves this place with an empty stomach...ever!"


Ectand qi Versant, Voice of the Savi.
Original 3D art by Jack Nesbit.

Ectand qi Versant

As the first Savi to officially speak with anyone hailing from the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant, Ectand qi Versant served as the appointed Voice of the Savi. It was a position created to deal with the Asurians when the truce was made, and the Asurians received help from the Savi to infiltrate Starfleet and assess their society. Whenever the Asurian Queen or any operatives of the Asurians were in contact with the Savi, Ectand was the one they held communications with.

As a male Antes of the Savi, Ectand held a High Class standing and sat on the advisory council to the Scion Captain of the Versant, Semathal. While firmly convinced that the Scion Directive was the right path ahead for the Savi, his mother and father had opposed the idea of advancing their own species through the Scion gene. Ectand lost his parents at a young age because of that, their sentences for opposing the Code being invasive biological experiments and the result made public record. The experience hardened Ectand in his convictions... but were they hard enough to break?

† Admiral Semathal qi Versant

The Scion Semathal of the Savi High Council.
As one of the firstborn Scions, almost a hundred years old, Semathal was chosen to be the Commanding Officer of the Versant - one of the four Precept ships of the Savi. There were seven Scion Admirals that formed the Savi High Council, the highest ruling body of the Savi, and Semathal was one of them.

This scion was chosen because of the receptor responses measured in its brain while still in its Antes mother's womb. As one of the most intelligent Scions yet born, it learned about its role in the furthering of its own species at a very young age, and while there was no records of what was believed to be an accident, Semathal raped and murdered its Ante mother. It did so out of the shame of being created in the womb of something so inferior. While it thought Antes had no place in the future of the Savi, it knew that the research couldn't continue without them at this stage of its people's evolution. Still, despite its own parentage, Semathal thought Ante females were merely good for the potential breeding of more Scions. Male Antes had ceased to play any significant role in its opinion, and the Scion Captain of the Versant might eventually decide that it didn't need them at all.

In its personal research, Semathal discovered the parasites that had usurped power in Starfleet Command could further enhance its strength and intellect. The interest in a joining was mutual, and since seven years back, Semathal had been a host for one of the parasites - furthering both its own species' development and granting the parasite its will.

Semathal was killed by insurgents aboard the Versant in late March of 2381.


Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio

† Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio

Over a hundred years old, though looking far less, Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio commanded the Asurian fleet at the orders of the Asurian Queen, Sara-Unga. She was one of the very few survivors of the Battle of Starbase 84, and when the Queen granted leave to claim revenge against the crew of the USS Theurgy, she enlisted the help of the Savi in order to find the ship in the Azure Nebula.

After the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant, she led the remaining four Asurian Overseer saucers in pursuit of the split-up Theurgy. They encountered Vector 3 - the Stallion - just as it found the USS Cayuga adrift in the Azure Nebula after an attack by the Borg. In the battle that followed, the remaining four Overseer saucers that she'd led into battle were destroyed, but she managed to transport aboard the Cayuga since it had no shields left.

The next morning, she managed to free the surviving Asurians out of the Brig of the Cayuga, still bent on revenge after the loss of her closest family in the Battle of Starbase 84.

† Ramor & San-Teeg

The Asurians named Ramor & San-Teeg were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center. They were ordered to find more hostages than Winter Bannin in the crew quarters of the ship, and on the way there, they encountered Rhys Williams, Zelosa Ejek and Kythalie Benmual outside the broken Counselor's Office.

† Jisa & Ora-Sedra

The Asurians named Jisa & Ora-Sedra were two sisters freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center. They were ordered to commit sabotage in Engineering, and once there, they encountered William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell and Kaylon Jeen. Motivated by the death of their parents in the Battle of Starbase 84, they tried to kill as many Starfleet officers they could.

† Iege & Drara

The Asurians named Iege & Drara were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center, ordered to strike against the very Bridge of the ship. There, they encountered Captain Anya Ziegler. Motivated by the death of their daughter in the Battle of Starbase 84, they tried to kill as many Starfleet officers they could.

† Odo-Gah and Vara

The Asurians named Odo-Gah and Vara were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center, ordered to find a shuttle that would be able to take them off the ship, and on the way there, they encountered Cir'Cie and Vanya.

† Hara Sar-Dia

Marshall Hara Sar-Dia
Hara Sar-Dia was a bulky, muscled older commander of the Asurians.

A woman of impressive battle record, but unusually taciturn and restrained for an Asurian. She resembled a business woman in demeanour. She was scarred, lost a breast in battle and lacked a Velsren sac. As of March 2381, she'd had command of her ship for well over fourty years but rarely used it, preferring combat in person.

Rather than opening fire immediately, she was more likely than the usual Asurian to try to hail another ship, have a discussion, investigate the situation herself, partially because of her nature and also because of her missing sac.

Hara had thick hair, long and curls a lot, she looked middle aged and has wrinkles. Her nose, shoulders, and forehead were broader than the usual Asurian. She held herself shoulders back, chest out, and even though shes missing most of one of her breasts entirely, she didn't take shame in it and dressed accordingly. Her horns showed a marked dent in both horns towards the tip but otherwise curled like ram's and weren't too unusual for an Asurian.

She was killed in action in the Fighter Assault Bay of the USS Theurgy during the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant in March of 2381.
Marshall Viel Erion

† Viel Erion

Viel Erion was described as large, beefy, and very angry at all times, Asurian to the bone, hell-bent on taking down his enemies or die trying. He's wasn't stupid though, knowing one ship would not take down the whole Theurgy. One of his favorite techniques was getting onboard, blasting his way in or sneaking in, and then blowing things up or setting them on fire. His big weakness was that he was kind of computer system illiterate.

Taller than the average Asurian, Viel's armor had to be custom fit, and he was pretty proud of that fact. He was big, hair cut around his shoulders and he looked he cut it himself in the mirror. He has very large horns that curl, but the ends are straightened. His Velsren sac was intact, so he looked young even though he was older than Hara by about half a century. He openly admits injecting steroids that he salvaged on one of the old Sheromi Sphere ships.

He was killed in action in the breached Spearhead Lounge of the USS Theurgy, at the hand of Lillee t'Jellaieu and Drauc T'Laus, during the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant in March of 2381.

† Jaris-Al Kaori

Navigator Jaris-Al Kaori

Viel's navigator was Jaris-Al Kaori who tended to stay on the ship when Viel left.

Nonetheless, he was still a warrior, and never left their Overseer home without a sindt, but he was one of the rare few Asurians who took an interest in Sheromi tech. He knew more about the Overseer he piloted than most Asurians. He was sure of the Theurgy´s guilt, mostly. Secretly, he wanted some of the Theurgy´s logs. He thought computers didn't lie, and he wanted to know exactly what happened at Starbase 84. He invited Hara in the hopes she'd be able to secure them for him.

Jaris was the smallest of the three, both height and muscle wise. He was not weak at all, just the opposite, but compared to Asuria's strongest warriors, he looked smaller by comparison. His horns were shorter, and they didn't make a complete curl yet.

Before Dyan Cardamone began her mission to Starfleet, genetically engineered to appear human and having her regenerative abilities suppressed so that they wouldn't impose upon the changes that had been done to her, Jaris had been interested in mating with her. Her mission separated them, however, before he would make any claim towards having her as his mate. As of March in 2381, when it stood to reason that Dyan might have helped Ives in the mission to Starbase 84, Jaris was not entirely sure about his feelings any more.

When he met Dyan Cardamone again, she killed him and left his body on an Overseer saucer that had boarded the USS Theurgy.


Here is a collection of other NPCs which are more character-related, or they belong together as cross-Departmental groups.

Rebecca, Miranda and Camille, fr. left to right. These three were love interests of Daniel Havenborn in April of 2381. As of then, it remained unknown what fate awaited the four.

Camille Rhodes-Banks

Camille Rhodes-Banks was a Lieutenant Junior Grade Human born in 2350 into a third generation Starfleet family, Camille was born, raised and spent most of her life aboard starships living with her parents and two sisters. Her parents were both career minded science officers, and instilled the same kind of curiosity in her. It would eventually become her goal to join Starfleet, she attended the Academy where she majored in holographic sciences. It was during her time at the Academy where she met Rebecca Banks and after a year long relationship they married. After she graduated from the Academy she and Rebecca spent three years on Jupiter Station continuing their research into photonic applications. Several years later they were transferred to the USS Theurgy together.

Rebecca Banks-Rhodes

Rebecca Banks-Rhodes was a Lieutenant Junior Grade Human born in 2351 on the frontier colony of Gault, Rebecca was born and raised on the planet for several years before her parents divorced and she and her mother left her father. Rebecca and her mother, a civilian scientist, moved to the Deneva colony where they lived until Rebecca announced her intention to join Starfleet. Her mother supported her decision and wished her the best of luck. While at the Academy she found that she had a natural instinct towards the sciences. She excelled in general sciences until meeting Camille Rhodes, afterwards she specialized in holographic sciences. They married before Camille's graduation and Rebecca eventually joined Camille on Jupiter station after she herself graduated. They worked together on the station in photonic applications sciences for a few years before being transferred to the USS Theurgy.

Miranda Dove

Miranda Dove was a Ensign Human born in 2359 at the Utopia Planitia Colony on Mars, Miranda was born to a pair of engineering parents, her mother a Starfleet engineer and her father a civilian starship designer, both of them worked at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. She was one of seven children born to her parents but the only one to follow in their footsteps to become an engineer. She spent much of her free time learning from her parents before attending the Academy, she specialized in holographic systems and when she graduated she was assigned to the USS Theurgy as her first posting. Since that time she has served to the best of her ability.