Skye Carver, callsign "Kestrel"

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Name:Skye Carver
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Earth – Denver, Colorado
Weight:135 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Victoria Pratt
Working out, gymnastics, music, dancing, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, and old earth pop culture.
Starfleet Academy, class of 2380.
Service Record
2380: Assigned to the USS Theurgy
2381: KIA at the Black Opal
The Star Cross

Before her death, Ensign Skye Carver was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Theurgy. She aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century before she was killed by friendly fire at the Black Opal.


Skye Carver was born to Lt. Michael Jameson, a Starfleet fighter pilot, and Amberlee Carver, a fitness trainer and adventure climber in Denver. It had been a vacation fling for the pilot and he didn’t even know he was a father until the child was three and he returned just to see an old flame. There was no denying the child was his, not only through testing but also her features (that square Jameson jaw) and spirit. He offered to marry Amberlee but she wouldn’t have any part of marrying Starfleet. “Gone too much and I’m not one for the stars,” she’d told him. There was a smile though when she told him his daughter’s name. “It’s going to suit her, figure she’ll turn out a pilot just like you. I named her Skye … and she’ll carve her way through anything.”

Even as a toddler Skye was climbing up on things and trying to fly through the air, landing safely on cushions or soft furniture. Visits from her father were always great as he would take her up in shuttles and taught her how to fly. It sparked the fire in her to do more, to be like him but she was still her mother’s child. Hiking and rock climbing were a staple mother-daughter time and she was always riding horses on the trails too. As she grew older, she studied hard though wasn’t always the best at her courses. She had drive and determination though so when she graduated secondary school, she entered Starfleet’s preparatory course.

Not many knew her father was Starfleet and she didn’t drop the name around simply because she wanted in on her own merits. Of course the instructors knew as it was in her file but no one really brought him up, even in passing. The coursework was fine and she knew she’d have her foot in the door at least and sure enough upon completion she was accepted into Starfleet Academy. She struggled in some areas, the more technical things holding her back in some respects but her natural physicality and affinity for flying coupled with her absolute tenacity pushed her through. It was assumed she would go into security but more and more exposure to the different types of ships showed she would definitely serve best as a pilot.

Sometime in her last year at the Academy, her father who had ascended the ranks to Commander, disappeared on a diplomatic mission though to this day he is listed as MIA rather than deceased. Skye was questioned some about him but given she only saw him perhaps once a year and hadn’t for the last two, she was released though now had questions that would likely never be answered. After that, she could either be found working out in some fashion on a holodeck or running simulations of fighter runs when not in classes. It was enough to give her the edge to complete the flight training with scores well exceeding the mark to be able to join The Lone Wolves and begin her career on the USS Theurgy as one of the Valkyrie pilots.

Skye never thought she had a charmed life but she hadn’t thought it truly cursed either. At least she hadn’t until she had been on Theurgy only a short time and it seemed all hell broke loose. Traitors? How the hell could they say they were traitors? They’d pledged an oath to Starfleet, to even higher powers. Still they found themselves fleeing and fighting for their lives. Never had she imagined she would have to fire on her own people but fire she did and sent a silent prayer for each ship destroyed. Each sleep shift she lay there for a while, thinking of the faceless people as well as those she knew and felt guilt.

That guilt soon evaporated though as the days wore on and it all focused to sheer survival. In her fifth week since they fled San Francisco, she was out on patrol when a group of four Valkyrie ships were spotted on radar near a freighter. Lt. Josh Reynolds didn’t mince words when they were hailed and immediately opened fire. There was nothing for it, two against four though two were destroyed almost immediately. Going into evasive maneuvers, she and Josh worked together and a third was disabled. The fourth was wickedly talented and began to retreat. She’d just stated she would go into Pure Pursuit when the seemingly disabled ship exploded, taking out Josh’s fighter and sending hers careening.

When she woke, she found herself in a luxurious bed with subtle music playing and one of the most handsome men she’d ever seen next to her. A quick self-inventory revealed her to be quite nude and peeking under the sheet … twice … he was as well. A merry chuckle and baritone voice echoed in her mind and then his eyes opened. “No, you have not died and gone to heaven,” he vocalized. “You are my prisoner for as long as it takes to get your ship going again.” After all the pain of the last few weeks, she felt soothed but of course a rogue Betazoid could certainly do that quite easily. Andrus Hagan had no love of the Federation or his home world so it seemed her curse had been lifted at least for a little while.

It would have been easy to stay with Andrus and there was a moment she almost did but he sensed her loyalty and more so her need to get back with her crew. Her ship was fixed and ready, stocked with enough rations to last a month. If she hadn’t found Theurgy by that point, she might as well give up and find a place to settle. If she was still alive anyway. Like a bloodhound set loose, she started searching for signatures of Federation ships and anything unusual that would lead her back home but time wore on and loneliness was almost unbearable. She did what she needed to survive though and when that month timeframe hit, she told herself just one more day. The next day she said it again and so on.

During this time, she thought about a lot of things and none of them were too comfortable. Conspiracies and traitors, her father missing, the one fighter that got away, and a man so incredible it was almost enough to change her mind about certain things. Was it all connected or just a series of coincidences? Digging through the drawer, she only had a couple days’ rations left and she leaned her head against the upper cabinet, banging her head several times albeit lightly in frustration. Hope was fading until a blip on the panel alerted her. Deuterium … the ship had been leaking that substance! Her heart leapt into her throat as she remembered to chew the protein-rich bar sticking out the side of her mouth, and set a course for the USS Theurgy.

Shortly after reaching her destination, Carver earned the Star Cross for their efforts during the Niga Incident. Unfortunately, she was KIA when the Theurgy reached the Black Opal.

Personality Profile

Skye is typically a fun-loving if at times intense woman, going easily from soft and sexy to full throttle risk taker. She has a good sense of humor and can even be a bit of a trickster at times but is never malicious and definitely knows when not to push buttons. Sort of the rough and ready type, she is also extremely loyal.

Physical Profile

Being very physical, Skye engages in many activities that keep her body in excellent shape. She’s toned to the point of lightly muscled yet there’s no mistaking she’s a woman with curves in all the right places.