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Personnel FileY-e7.png
Name:Mickayla MacGregor
Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Position:Security Officer
(Former Human/Klingon Hybrid)
Age:29 (Born 2352)
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:Scottish Highlands, Earth
Height:5ft 6in / 1.68m
Weight:150lbs / 68kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Green
Played by:Hannah John-Kamen
Combat Shooter Holocompetitions
Rock Climbing
2369: Starfleet Boot Camp
Service Record
2369-2371: USS Lexington (NCC-30405)

2372-2373: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
2373-2381: USS Artemis
2381-2381: USS Endeavour (NCC-71805)

2381: USS Theurgy
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon (USS Artemis)

Chief Petty Officer Mickayla MacGregor was a member of the USS Endeavour’s security division during its final voyage in February 2381. During the Borg attack that destroyed the ship, Mickayla managed to reach an escape pod and what she believed was safety. But it was only the beginning of something far worse. As of March 2381, she served on the USS Theurgy, aiding in it's battles against a corrupted Starfleet Command in the late 24th century.


“It dinna matter who your father be, your mother’s blood is the blood of kings. The tartan is yours by right.”

- Spoken to Mickayla MacGregor the day she left for Starfleet

Born the hybrid daughter of a Scottish woman, Mickayla MacGregor’s existence was a matter of contention not just for her mother, but for mother’s entire clan. And surprisingly, it wasn’t because she was half-Klingon. No, it was because not even her mother knew who her father was. It could be any one of more than a dozen Klingons that were crewing a freighter that stopped to trade above the planet that Mary MacGregor was currently visiting. A night of heavy drinking in a bar with the majority of the ship’s crew and Mary awoke the next morning battered, bruised and alone. The freighter had departed while she slept and she never discovered which of the crew she had been with. It was not until later that she discovered that she was pregnant and that a Klingon was the father. Wanting the support of family, Mary returned home to her native Scotland and stayed with her parents until the child was born. Naming the baby girl Mickayla, Mary resolved to parent the child herself.

Growing up in the Scottish Highlands was not easy for young Mickayla. Her neighbours, schoolmates, even the clan; none of them were unkind to her but there was always the lingering point that she didn’t belong. She was an outcast in all but name. Unable to change the thoughts or actions of others, Mickayla, as soon as she was old enough to understand this, threw herself into what she could control; her education. With her consider energies focused thusly, the young hybrid’s prospects in life began to grow and she began to think of the future. Knowing her future did not reside on Earth, even as much as she adored the peace of the highlands, Mickayla chose to enlist in Starfleet.

Much like her earlier years, Mickayla ignored the reactions to her presence from her peers and focused on her studies. Eschewing a social life, the young hybrid learned all she could in the time she had available. By the time she had graduated from the Starfleet Technical Services Academy at the end of 2369, she had become one of the finest crewmen that the Academy had produced. It was also during this time that Mickayla first learned about and participated in Combat Shooter Holocompetions.

As a Crewman 3rd Class, Mickalya was assigned to the USS Lexington’s security department. Good conduct and reviews soon followed and by the time she was reassigned to the newly commissioned USS Enterprise-E in 2372, she had attained the rank of Crewman 1st Class with her eyes now set on achieving a promotion to Petty Officer. And then the Borg invaded.

In 2373, at the Battle of Sector 001, the young hybrid got her first, true taste of combat when the Borg, set on changing the past to alter the present, invaded Federation space and launched a sphere through a temporal vortex to the year 2063. Pursuing the sphere into the past, the Enterprise, and Mickayla, became involved in close combat with an ever-growing number of Borg that were assimilated before her eyes from her fellow crewmen. The events of April 4th and 5th, 2063, while unable to be spoken of, would leave a permanent mark on the mind of Mickayla Macgregor. Following her return to 2373, Mickayla was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class and transferred to the USS Artemis.

Service aboard the Akira-class starship proved to be quite stimulating to the Scottish hybrid. The Artemis was assigned as a border patrol vessel and so was constantly invovled in skrimishes with pirates, the identification and study of spacial anomalies and the occasional exploratory mission; among other assignments. Overall, Mickayla greatly enjoyed her time aboard the ship, earning the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon for her exemplary service as a member of the ship’s security department. With solid reviews backing her up, Mickayla Macgregor was well on the way to promotion to Chief Petty Officer with a few short years. And then everything changed.

While aboard the Artemis, Mickalya had, for perhaps the first time, really let her walls down and gotten to know her fellow crew; one in particular. But it was not meant to be. After almost two years of dating, Mickayla discovered her boyfriend sleeping with her roommate. Words were exchanged, an altercation ensued and all 3 ended up in the infirmary. In trying to sort the situation out, Mickayla was informed that her supposed boyfriend was, at the time anyway, her roommate’s fiancé. Floored and betrayed by this news, Mickayla gratefully accepted a transfer, without charges being laid, to the USS Endeavour. With the new year came a new ship, a new crew and a new outlook for Mickayla. She had been betrayed once. It would not happen again.

Aboard the Endeavor, Mickayla kept to herself, trying to put the past behind her but the betrayal stung deeply. So, she closed herself off, hoping it would get better. But it didn’t. And before she could try to change what she had done, the Borg arrived. Their attack was brutal and Mickayla barely made it to an escape pod in time. She found herself drifting through the Azure Nebula, hoping for rescue. But when it came, she wished she had died aboard her ship.

For her rescuers, were instead, torturers.

Brought aboard what she would later discover was the Savi Precept-ship the Versant, Mickayla was Corrected to become fully Klingon. Then, she was held inside a strange room, naked, alone and immobile, everything that she considered made up her sense of identity was stripped away without regard or consideration. The alien shell that remained was then examined, it’s responses to pain, pleasure and other stimuli recorded, analysed and catalogued without regard for the being that inhabited that shell.

Lost within herself, Mickayla considered her end but just as her wish was granted, that too, was taken from her when she found herself transported into another section of the ship. No longer alone, a choice had to be made. To continue forward, somehow; or to end it all.

On March 27th, 2381, while the USS Theurgy was docked at Aldea, Mickayla was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

Personality Profile

Mickayla, was a quiet, focused individual at first glance. But as one worked to get to know her, and it could be quite the task if she did not like you, Mickayla was found to be rather warm and trusting. She enjoyed the solitude of a quiet cabin but could also be found in the ship’s library, calmly devouring a book.

On the opposite side, she hated being slighted or made fun of. When this happened, her Klingon blood called retribution and more than one teaser has had their nose summarily broken from a stiff strike to the face.

Believing in a good day’s hard work, Mickayla took the phrase “Don’t call me sir, I work for a living,” to heart and enlisted in Starfleet despite having the grades, temperament and drive to be an excellent officer. It was this same drive and outlook that helped her to steadily progress up the enlisted ranks.

Mickayla, due to her upbringing, liked being able to execute some degree of control upon her life and surroundings. Whether it was the major things like where she was or what she was doing, or the simplest things like when to drink or eat, Mickayla was uncomfortable when she was not in control. When she had asked her mother about this, Mary had simply put it down to her Klingon heritage. As Mickayla got older, she tried her best ignore this need for control but the more she fought it, the stronger it became. And now, after everything that had happened on the Artemis, Endeavour and Versant, the urge and need for control was almost overpowering.

Physical Profile

Mickayla was, for lack of a better description, a perfectly average Klingon/Human hybrid. Perfectly proportioned, but with the denser bone and muscle mass increasing her apparent weight by almost 10kgs, Mickayla was textbook in her biology and genetics. And then the Savi “saved” her.

Aboard the Versant, Mickayla’s hybrid DNA was analysed and everything that made her human was stripped away. What remained was Klingon to the core.

Special Notes

Since her youth, Mickayla had been fully ambidextrous. That is, anything she could do with one hand, she could do with the other.

Mickayla's Family Tree

Neskar, son of Maskan - Head of the House

  • Margon, son of Neskar
    • Gorka, son of Margon
    • Khorin, son of Margon

Nenkor, Son of Maskan – Neskar's younger brother



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