Khorin Douglas (Stasis)

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Personnel FileY-o2.png
Name:Khorin Douglas AKA Khorin son of Margon of House Mo'Kai
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Security Officer
Callsign:Hardtop (Former)
Species:Klingon (Formerly Klingon/ Human hybrid
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:First City, Qo'noS
Height:6'5" / 1.96 m
Weight:225 lbs. / 102 kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Jason Momoa
Writer:NPC due for stasis
Klingon history and culture
Martial arts
Starfleet Academy, class of 2378
Service Record
2378: Assigned to Deep Space 5 as a fighter pilot.
2380: Assigned to USS Theurgy and joins the Lone Wolves Squadron

Khorin Douglas used to be a fighter pilot who served aboard the USS Theurgy, but he switched to the Security Department in March of in 2381. He aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Khorin Douglas was put in stasis after sustaining fatal injury, and was treated once the USS Theurgy got the medical assistance required. It was not until after the Battle of Starbase 84 that Khorin could be removed from stasis and serve once more in the Lone Wolves Squadron. Not long after his thawing, he was abducted by the Savi, and underwent Correction upon the Versant. Afterwards, he was no longer a Klingon and Human hybrid, since the Savi removed all traces of Human genes. It was after this he left the Lone Wolves squadron and started his duties in Security.

Unfortunately, he was fatally injured in April of 2381, and put into stasis.


Khorin was born in the Federation embassy on Qo'noS. His mother was Heather Douglas, a human diplomat working at the embassy, and his father was Margon, son of Drax, of the House of Mo'Kai. While his parents never married, Khorin's father did acknowledge him as his son, and Khorin was raised in both worlds, exposed to both Federation and Klingon life. Although he was only half-Klingon, Khorin took to the ways of his father's people with enthusiasm, and routinely outperformed other Klingon children in sports and martial training.

He had an older half-brother, Gorka son of Margon, result of a previous marriage of his father. Margon and Gorka were never close, which worsened with the birth of Khorin and marked forever the relationship between Margon's sons. Due this bitterness, Gorka and Khorin had a complicated connection. Gorka never accepted Khorin as his brother and part of the House, treating him with disdain and trying to end his life on several occasions, even in childhood. The tense relationship between them did not improve over the years and led them to face each other on at least three occasions. In all of them Khorin was victorious, leaving his brother battered but alive, which only increased the resentment of Gorka against him.

In 2367, when Khorin was 11, Chancellor K'mpec had died and the succession was being contested between Gowron and Duras. When the Federation saw that a civil war was brewing, they evacuated most of their diplomatic staff, including Khorin's mother. While Khorin begged his father to let him stay on Qo'noS, Margon denied him, telling Khorin that a true warrior knows when to join a battle and when to flee from one. Margon sided with Gowron during the war and commanded a Bird-of-Prey, but was eventually killed during the Battle of Mempa in 2368.

Khorin and his mother relocated to Earth, where Heather continued working at the Diplomatic Corps's headquarters in San Francisco. While he was somewhat familiar with life in the Federation, life on Earth still proved to be a massive culture shock to Khorin, who was distraught at leaving his home. He also began to undergo the jak'tahla during this time, experiencing frequent mood swings and increased aggressive tendencies, which did not help his adjustment.

Eventually Khorin did grow accustomed to living on Earth, and when he graduated from high school he decided to join Starfleet. While he expected to wind up on the Security track, Khorin's test scores instead recommended him for fighter pilot duty. While he was a little hesitant at first, Khorin quickly took to life as a pilot, finding that the thrill of the dogfight, battling one-on-one with his opponent with only a small starfighter to protect him, more than satisfied his Klingon lust for battle.

When he graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2378, Khorin was assigned to a squadron stationed on Deep Space 5. He remained there for two years, growing increasingly agitated each day. Khorin did not enjoy remaining in one place for too long, and hadn't joined Starfleet to sit around on a space station. His fellow pilots gave him the callsign "Hardtop," a reference to both his Klingon heritage and his hardheaded nature. While he was never technically insubordinate, his impulsive and abrasive attitude irritated his superiors, who finally decided that both the squadron and Khorin would be better off if he were elsewhere.

He was reassigned to the Lone Wolves Squadron, a fighter squadron stationed aboard the USS Theurgy. Khorin found this assignment much more to his liking, as a starship is constantly on the move and encountering new challenges every day. His anger issues abated (for the most part) and he became a friendly, outgoing presence in the squadron. As his behavior improved, so too did his performance, and eventually Khorin was rewarded with a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

When the Theurgy was falsely accused of treason, Khorin joined the rest of the Lone Wolves in defending the ship from Starfleet raids. On the final attack before the Theurgy finally lost her pursuers, Khorin and his wingman, Wolf-05, were caught in a phaser blast from an attacking vessel. He lost track of what happened to his wingman, and Khorin's own fighter was heavily damaged. Severely wounded, Khorin managed to stay conscious long enough to return to the hangar. As soon as his fighter was safe, Khorin finally lost control, and suddenly everything went dark.

During the first battle against the USS Calamity, Khorin was wounded by the first assault of the Reavers, yet with the help from Rihen Neyah, he was brought back aboard the Theurgy mid-battle, where he was put into stasis because of the severity of his injuries. It was not until after the Battle of Starbase 84 that Khorin could be brought back to the living. Not long after his thawing, he was abducted by the Savi, and underwent Correction upon the Versant. Afterwards, he was no longer a Klingon and Human hybrid, since the Savi removed all traces of Human genes.

It was after this he left the Lone Wolves squadron and started his duties in Security

Personality Profile

Khorin embraced his father's culture at an early age. He is a passionate, outgoing young man who lives his life to the fullest. He is also, however, very aggressive and impulsive, and has no qualms with taking the lead when the situation calls for it. He never shows fear in any instance, and when a problem arises he prefers to handle it immediately rather than let it linger. When he's not on duty, he enjoys relaxing with his fellow pilots, typically in the lounge. He also used to enjoy running holodeck simulations of famous Klingon battles, but with the Theurgy on the run, energy rationing has become a priority, leaving Khorin without that particular avenue of recreation.

Physical Profile

Due to his Klingon genes, Khorin strikes a powerful, imposing figure. He is a tall and well-built young man, taking pride in keeping his body in peak condition. He is highly skilled with bladed weapons, particularly the Klingon bat'leth and mek'leth. When off-duty he typically wears his long, dark hair loose, but he keeps it tied back when he's in the cockpit.

When he was nine years old, Khorin was assaulted by four Klingon boys several years older than him. They had been insulting his human mother and disparaging his father's honor. Finally Khorin lost control and attacked them, not knowing that one of the boys had been carrying a d'k tahg. Khorin successfully fought the bullies off, but in the process he sustained a vicious cut over his left eye, and still bears the scar to this day, even after the Savi made him fully Klingon.



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