Fasha, callsign "Morrigan" (KIA)

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Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Fighter Pilot
Species:Human(Catachan Colonist)
Age:Mid 30
Orientation:  Homosexual
Weight:137 lbs
Eye color:Light Brown
Played by:Megan Batoon
Practicing Mont’yr J’karra
Starfleet Academy, class of 2278
Service Record
2378: Assigned to the USS Revelation.

2379: Assigned to the USS Normandy.

2380: Promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) and assigned to the USS Theurgy.

Fasha was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Theurgy until her death at the Battle of Starbase 84. Before her death, Fasha aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

Fasha was born on Catachan in 2351 a planet that exists in between the boundaries of the Klingon DMZ. Born the oldest child of her family Fasha, like all Catachan children was taken from her parents and placed in her nearest youth education center, where like many others she was educated and tailored for life in Catachan’s Planetary Defense Corps (CPDC). Years of existing within the DMZ along with an already war-like culture had turned Catachan society into one dedicated to creating soldiers out of all of it’s individuals. And like many others Fasha was raised this way as well. Growing up in one of Catachan’s youth education centers, Fasha was provided with two main influences in her life. Her trainer Tal’Vashoth B’Aras, an aged and jaded warrior of the CPDC. And Tamassran, E’zra a former member of the CPDC Medical Corps. From B’Aras A’rsha Fasha learned the skills required for the trade of waging war. She learned numerous skills from hand to hand combat to firing ranged weapons and learning to pilot a standard Catachan Navy interceptor. From E’zra Fasha learned values such as compassion, mercy and humility.

For 18 years Fasha spent her years learning all that was expected to be known as a member of Catachan society. And upon coming of age Fasha was conscripted into the CPDC for 2 years of mandatory military service. During her tour of duty Fasha served upon the Catachan Navy vessel known as the CDS Mythal. While serving on the Mythal Fasha served primarily as a combatant a position upon Catachan Navy vessels given to those who excelled in their primary combative lessons. Combatants aboard Catachan Navy vessels are tasked with both defending and boarding opposing ships and also maintaining and operating the squadron of Catachan Navy Interceptors kept on board. In her two years as a CPDC Combatant, Fasha gained combat experience from a young age, tracking down pirates who had the nerve to try and raid supply ships or civilian vessels in Catachan space.

Fasha continued to serve in the CPDC after her two years of service were up and began to hone her skills as a pilot more and more as time passed, finding a larger interest in the art of piloting small strike craft, During her years of service, Fasha eventually reached the rank of flight leader in the CPDC Navy upon the vessel the CDS Mar S’ara. For the length of her service Fasha mainly tracked down pirates and raiders that dared wander into Catachan space. It wasn’t until 2373 where Fasha got her first taste of real combat, when the Dominion War began. During the Dominion war, hoping to take more territory, the Dominion launched a campaign across the DMZ between Starfleet and Klingon territory swiftly taking planet after planet expecting each planet to be easily conquerable considering each planet operated outside of the jurisdiction of the surrounding superpowers.

Their predictions proved wrong as the CPDC repelled every invasion attempt launched upon the planet. But over the span of two years, constant invasions ruined the planet cities were turned into deadly battlefields between CPDC Ground Forces and the few Dominion forces that managed to slip past the CPDC Navy cordon around the planet. And debris from the numerous battles taking place in orbit raining down onto the planet ravaged the planet surface. By the time the Dominion War had ended, Catachan had retained its independence but at a price, the entire planet was a ruin. Agricultural centers were ruined and shelters had become overcrowded due to the destruction that had overtaken most of the planet.

In recognition of Catachan’s involvement in the war, both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire offered aid to the war torn planet. Catchan’s were offered opportunities to settle on new planets within Federation or Klingon Space while Catachan underwent restoration. In light of the assistance offered by both galactic superpowers Catachan began to allow members of their military to serve in positions within both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire in return. Fasha was sent along with many others to serve within Starfleet’s ranks. Upon induction into Starfleet, Fasha was sent to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco where she experienced non-Catachan human life for the first time. It came as quite a culture shock to Fasha as she witnessed numerous people both rich and poor offering nothing to society. In Catachan society all individuals were used for the good of Catachan but on Earth Fasha watched how hundreds of poor people sat upon the streets, begging for food while the rich lazed about as others worked to supplement their income.

Fasha couldn’t understand why life was allowed to progress as it did on Earth but ignored it in favor of focusing on her studies at Starfleet Academy. During a vocational aptitude battery administered by the Starfleet Academy Board, Fasha displayed great technical and tactical skill which landed her a recommendation to the Tactical CONN Department’s training curriculum. With her previous experience in piloting and an already decorate military history Fasha excelled in her studies and eventually managed to take one of the top positions in her graduating class. Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy Fasha served upon two Starfleet vessels the USS Revelation and the USS Normandy piloting each ship’s respective Mk II Valkyrie strike craft. After two years of service one on each ship Fasha was transferred to the USS Theurgy to help test the newly produced Valkyrie Mk III prototypes deployed on board the vessel.

After the Theurgy’s defection from Starfleet Fasha was persuaded by Captain Jien Ives and continued to serve as a pilot in the Theurgy’s crew. Upon the Theurgy’s defection from Starfleet Fasha was affected deeply due to a conflict in her beliefs in Catachan culture betrayal is an act of cowardice and dishonor. Her conflict stemmed from the fact that she was at a loss of where her loyalties truly laid. In the end Fasha steeled herself pushing aside her doubts and dedicated herself to the path that Captain Ives had chosen for the Theurgy. Fasha now views those serving the corrupt Starfleet as her enemies even other Catachan’s if they stand in the way of the Theurgy’s goals. This new mindset however has led to a new exhibition of aggressive behavior in Fasha stemming from her views on those who oppose the Theurgy or Captain Ives.

During the Niga incident Fasha was one of the few to keep herself quarantined from the rest of the crew. There were numerous occasions where she was assaulted by members of the crew attempting to force themselves upon her but each time she managed to effectively defend herself from their advances. By the end of the incident Fasha went through a period where she mistrusted most members of the crew and for a time distanced herself from others. However given enough time Fasha learned to understand that the majority of the crew was unable to control themselves under the influence of infection.

During the Ishtar incident Fasha was surprisingly able to avoid the effects of the Ishtar entity and remained unaffected until the end of the incident. During the Theurgy’s first engagement with the USS Calamity, Fasha along with other members of the Lone Wolves Squadron engaged in a short skirmish with the Calamity. She was unharmed during the battle and assisted in Valkyrie repairs and maintenance diagnostics during the crew’s stay on Theta Eridani IV.

After an attack from the USS Calamity on the planet Theta Eridani IV Fasha participated in a short skirmish between the Calamity’s Reavers and the Theurgy and Harbinger. The battle was soon cut short however with the arrival of Task Force Archeron and after a short attempt at negotiating a peaceful resolution yet another skirmish erupted between the Theurgy and Harbinger’s crews and Task Force Archeron. During the battle with the USS Calamity’s fighters Fasha’s Valkyrie had sustained damage from a system malfunction stemming from what appeared to be minor damage to her craft. After taking a glancing shot from an opposing pilot’s phaser cannons, a fire broke out within the cabin of Fasha’s craft, luckily her suit prevented any major damage to Fasha and she was able to maneuver herself back to the Theurgy’s fighter bay and receive medical attention for the burns she had suffered.

After a short stay in the medical bay, Fasha was released unfortunately on this day the Theurgy would be assaulted by those who were once viewed as Allies. Captain Vasser, commanding officer of the USS Harbinger, launched a hostile takeover, trying to seize control of the Theurgy from Captain Ives. During the takeover, the Fighter Bay of the Theurgy was stormed by mutineers and in the chaos she was incapacitated by one of her fellow pilots, Hannah “Nightmare” Von Slaverton, who had been psychically brainwashed to side with Captain Vasser.

Special Notes

Fasha being a native of Catachan follows certain customs set by her culture. One item that she always carries regardless of it is permitted or not is a blade known as a Tau'Kon'She. The Tau'Kon'She is a weapon given to a Catachan upon completion of their training from their mentor also known as a Tal'Vashoth. Each weapon is unique depending on who has taught the Catachan youth but each holds great significance to the owner. Fasha's Tau'Kon'She takes the form of an ancient human knife weapon known as a Karambit

Fasha's Tau'Kon'She

The wooden Theif Karambit by WolfWoodWorks.jpg

Fasha's Tau'Kon'She is made from an ore found on Catachan known universally as Catachite. It is known for it's ability to hold an edge well and also for it's strength and lightness. However it is also known to give off deadly fumes when smelted making it very difficult to work with. However the end result pays off for the danger as Catachite weapons are often highly prized amongst collectors.

Personality Profile

Fasha was a person who has had discipline instilled into her from a very young age. If there is anyone in the world that you could describe as the very epitome of military behavior, Fasha likely fits the bill. Though this isn’t to say that Fasha is without any type of flaws or other behaviors. Fasha has exhibited signs of having a short temper and is a bit impatient at times. She is also a bit stubborn having a hard headed form of determination towards anything she puts her mind towards.

Some of the more positive qualities of Fasha’s personality are traits such as her sense of loyalty. Fasha is a very dedicated person and rarely ever questions her orders. She is also very cool under pressure having an extensive background of experience in the field. Socially Fasha is a bit blunt often speaking her mind without a second thought unless it is in a more militarily formal setting.

She enjoyed practicing the Catachan martial art known as Mont’yr J’karra, a style of fighting designed by natives of Catachan that differs according to who teaches it. Fasha’s style of Mont’yr J’karra focused on the use of takedown throws and joint locks followed by crushing blows to soft points to a foes body such as the stomach, groin or throat. Mont’yr J’karra was a lethal style that focused on quickly attaining control of the battle and ending it quickly with a fatal technique such as crushing a windpipe or snapping an opponent’s neck. Other more brutal methods were sometimes used as well but differed on the practitioner

Fasha was a very skillful practitioner of the Earth art of Yoga. She was an avid fan of the physicality of the art along with the increased flexibility that practicing it granted her. It also provided her with an outlet to release her stress that didn’t involve striking or fighting to release pent up emotion such as when she practiced Mont’yr J’karra katas.

Fasha owned a substantially large collection of books both digital and in physical form. Most of the books she read were all based on similar topics warfare. Fasha was very intrigued with how other cultures and races viewed the warriors or soldiers of their worlds. She had read tales of Klingon heroes and wars of Earth’s past. She had read texts that entailed the entirety of a world’s past in warfare.

She was also an avid gamer, possessing a small handheld gaming device that she often kept stowed away in one of her pockets at almost all times. She played a large diverse genre of games from RPGs and RTS games to Dating Simulators and such. Fasha picked up her love for video games during her stay on Earth during her studies at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, where one of her classmates introduced her to it.

Fasha was a fan of 21st century music and often loved to sing along to it’s lyrics. She often enjoyed the beats from such music and didn't really care for the lyrics as long as they blended in well together when sung. Some of Fasha’s favorite artists were groups such as Maroon 5, Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift and Magic!. Fasha was often a bit shy with her singing and usually only sang when no one was around. Though sometimes it was possible to catch her when she was unsuspecting.

Physical Profile


Fasha appeared quite young bearing the appearance of someone in their early or mid 20s rather than someone in their early 30s. This is due to a slight change in human physiology caused by certain minerals that are found in livestock and produce raised and grown on Catachan. The minerals found in Catachan foods prolong the prime of a human beings life giving them more youthful appearances to an older age and allowing them to stay physically fit and hold off the physical deterioration that occurs with age. Fasha has a lean frame giving her a slender appearance that is comprised mainly of skin over muscle.

As part of Catachan culture Fasha draws a red line, made of a special kind of paint mixed with her own blood, across the bridge of her nose. This line is known as a Ta’lissera it is used by Catachan’s to identify one another. Commonly when Catachan’s greet one another they trace the line on their face and speak the phrase Ta’lissera. Fasha also bears other marks known as Vral, which are used to commemorate certain achievements in a Catachan’s life. Fasha possesses several Vral each one represented as a ray extending from a sun tattooed on the back of Fasha left shoulder.