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You can enter our Discord chat server by clicking HERE or "Connect" on the widget above.

This is Star Trek: Theurgy's chatroom. Since we are a forum-based group, the usage of the chatroom is completely optional. There is no requirement for any members to maintain a presence in our Discord server channels. Skype is also an option, and you may find Skype information on the memberlist.

Chat Rules

These are our Discord server's rules, and only full members of the sim may access the server. All guests or visitors that have not finished the joining process will be kicked and banned. If you are a member, ask the GM for the password.

1. Play Nice
Respect other members, their plot ideas and their character creations. Always try your best to keep discussions friendly and open. Stick to English and keep the topics of discussion to their appropriate channels. If kindly asked by the GM or another member to move a conversation to another channel, please do.

Members who can't behave like adults will be kicked and/or banned at the behest of the GM. This Discord server of ours should be a place where everyone feels safe and welcome, and if there is any indication that someone has been personally attacked or disrespected because of their sexuality, gender or something they wrote, it may result in a ban. The same applies if a member feels forced or harassed into writing unwanted In-Character development. In the same respect, being possessive about characters or writers in the sense of telling others to "back off" in any way or capacity may also lead to a ban. This applies to both DMs and the channels. If anyone feels uncomfortable, it is safe to come to the GM with such a report via chat or PM.

It is really simple: Everyone has an ass, just don't act the part.

2. Out-of-Character Chat Only
Star Trek: Theurgy is a forum-based role-playing community, and the story is told on the forum. Chat role-playing is forbidden in the channels unless done in a brief, jocular manner. Private Messaging between members on the chat server can be a good way to create snippets of dialogue for Joint-Posts, for example, but this should never be done in the channels.

To avoid confusion about this rule, all members should refrain from using short-hand reference to themselves as their characters in first-person. In other words, you are not your character in the channels. You are the writer of your characters only.

3. No Controversial News, Politics or Religious Discussions
These topics are restricted to the forum only. The board is named Controversial News, Politics & Religion and by posting there instead, it allows for more thoughtful commentary. This is a great way to keep the drama down, and avoiding misunderstanding and rash mistakes in argumentation.

4. The Discord Chat is not supposed to be required to partake in plot discussions
The chat is an optional venue for those who have the time for it. Chat participants may, of course, suggest plot development and thread ideas in the #conference_room channel to see if there is any interest, and if there is, members on the forum should be appraised on the Main OOC Board so they can comment as well.

Common sense applies here, where one-on-one thread ideas are exempt, but not if there is official Department activity involved or it affects other characters indirectly.

5. Use your registered username on the forum as your nickname in chat.
For sake of making it easy for everyone, primarily new members, the nicknames ought to be the same as the usernames on the forum, just to avoid any confusion. If a user is unhappy with the forum username, that can be changed too in the forum profile (just alert the GM of the change).

6. Images with artistic nudity must be posted in the nsfw-boudoir channel and kept away from other channels
All characters depicted must be of age 18+ both mentally and physically. No visual content with pornography featuring sexual acts including masturbation, penetration or phallic arousal is allowed. Offenders will be warned once if posting such by mistake. A second offence will result in the member having access to the channel removed.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Game Moderator