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Topic: CH06 Battle Log: Discovered Identity [D03|1430]  (Read 84 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH06 Battle Log: Discovered Identity [D03|1430]
STARDATE: 57654.63
APRIL 18, 2381
1430 HRS.

[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @GroundPetrel @Auctor Lucan [Show/Hide]

Pierce heard the incoming communication from the bridge on Vector 1 hitting the console of Central Intelligence Suite. She had been working on some menial reports at the time but suspected there would come a point where command needed her input. That bout with Nicander earlier in the morning and her run in with the counseling office had left her quite a bit to think about after this day was done. Some for longer it seemed now having to explore her psyche more in the future. She could only imagine the torment going on in the good doctor's head now.

"Stark to Pierce and Dantius. Listen sharply. Lt. Dantius, make yourself available to Lt. Commander Rutherford and coordinate with her. Lt. Pierce, you are hereby ordered to work with - our asset -" she would not say Dr. Nicanders name on an open comm line where someone might hear, "-to pinpoint the infested agent within the Klingon High Council with all due haste. This is your most important task.  Do whatever it takes. Keep them safe and find the parasite. Stark out."

Her hand tapped her combadge as she sat at the console. "Aye sir. I will get on it now. Pierce out." Pierce pointed at Dantius, "Well you heard her." A glance over toward Lt. Byrne. "Would you please accompany me to the Brig? We have a particular individual who needs a wakeup call and a prodding for information stat." She flipped the crimson hair from her face over her shoulder as she stood at the console and motioned for him to follow her to the brig. It seemed as if today wasn't even close to being done.

A short while later, the turbolift opened nearby the Brig. "Well, this is it. Let's hope we get what we came in here for this time without sending the doctor into turmoil again." The door swished open before them as they covered the distance with a slight stride. She handed the PADD with the command from Lt. Commander Stark to the security officer to let them know thery had clearance to visit Nicander once more today. Who would have thought she'd be visiting the same individual after the morning's display of events.

The forcefield in place shown clear to Pierce but covered over quickly with an opaque shield on Dr. Nicander's side of things. Byrne close behind Pierce to the point of precision was not something that she didn't take note of as they neared the doctor's cell. "Hello Doctor. I hope you've sufficiently recovered from this morning's events. I hate to do this to you but we need a name for the individual in the Empire if you have it. Time is of the essence and with the turn of events I've just witnessed, good luck is something we're in short supply of at present."

She clasped her hands behind her back and stood upright awaiting the reply she hoped would help to turn the tide in this fight.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1430 hrs] Discovered Identity
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[ Lt. Jonathan Byrne | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce 
Following Alana Pierce into the Brig, Lieutenant Byrne had armed himself with a pulse phase pistol and holstered it by his hip. The reason was two-fold, incidentally, because not only was Vector 02 shaking from sustained weapon fire from Klingon ships and boarding parties were reported on all Vectors... but they were also just about to face one of the Infested.

Pierce greeted the former Chief Medical Officer once they reached the holding cell, and Byrne decided to step close to the transphasic light cannon. Byrne wanted to be ready to use the cannon in case the Brig Officer had assumed incorrectly about the state of the Doctor's mind. It made him come to stand a little bit behind Lieutenant Pierce, leaving her to lead the hearing, and incidentally... leaving him with the view of Pierce's backside. He did not let it become too much of a distraction, though, because any unwary moment might lead to peril given the present circumstances. Averting his eyes, he looked upon the prisoner instead, who was picking himself up from the bunk bed of the cell.

"Of course you do," said the Câroon, his pale grey eyes squinting at the light. It looked like he'd been resting after coming to from the incident that morning. Byrne had heard he'd nearly broken out of his cell by attacking the emitters of the force field, as was evident by the state of his right arm. The bionic hand was splintered and destroyed from striking the metal, and it bespoke the sheer power that possessed the Doctor. This untamed, raw physical force that the parasite lent the Host, and judging by reports Byrne had read - which were really just speculation on the abilities of the Infested - it could be the phased state of the parasite allowed the host bodies to move and exert force without the physical restraints of the present existence they all shared. Byrne was no scientist, and he had no idea if that really could be the case, but he supposed it was just as good an explanation as any when it came to the Infested.

"My head hurts," said the Doctor, and raised his remaining, tattooed hand to his hair, and he grimaced when the Sword shook once more. "I want to say I am sorry too... For not being able to remain in control. I apologise if I frightened you... when it tried to break out of here. I tried... I really did, but when immersed in the dark like that, everything became a shadow, and I lost my bearings. Couldn't tell myself apart from it any more..."

Nicander didn't rise from the bunk bed, perhaps unable to, but he glanced towards the opaque wall that covered the force field. "Do... Do you have a database with current councilors?" The Câroon had removed his uniform jacket before they arrived, wearing his teal undershirt unzipped at the collar, and the weight of three pips made it rest against his clavicle. "I am afraid I am more or less a stranger to Klingon politics, but I can tell you whom I saw, and thus also rule them out from suspicion."

The Doctor looked towards his stand-alone PADD lying on a fold-out table that was fastened on the bulkhead, as if indicating the information could be sent to it somehow, unless Pierce decided to step inside the holding cell instead. Byrne supposed she could do so, at the risk of revealing her face to other Infested looking through the Doctor's eyes, but looking at this harried officer, he almost felt inclined to do so himself. It would be a great risk, and he decided against making the offer, but he felt the compulsion to do so nonetheless. Could they project images on the forcefield instead to make this process quicker?
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1430 hrs] Discovered Identity
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Auctor Lucan [Show/Hide]

The feeling that someone was staring at her backside didn't escape her but she had other matters to attend to at present than to worry about that. She heard the request of the Câroon before her. The fact was, she wasn't scared. Startled was more the word she was looking for. It could be this feminine body that projected it as in her old body, she wouldn't have even flinched at the breakdown that had occurred mere hours before. Alana stepped over to a console and transferred some data to a PADD for use with the former doctor of the Theurgy. When the transfer had finished to the PADD on the desk, she lifted the device and began encoding the data for a 2nd transfer.

"Doctor. It's no worry about the incident earlier this morning. I was appraised of the situation and the parameters of what might have happened...which did, unfortunately. To say I wasn't a slight shaken is understated. However, the reason I'm here is to get this important information to the command deck. Hopefully, they're faring better than the rest of the ship." She glanced as if in disbelief at their current predicament. She straightened her uniform and pulled the uniform down to get more comfortable as she felt this was going to be a bumpy ride the rest of this mission.

Fingers tapped the controls on the PADD as a data transfer began to create a shared environment with the data allowing the doctor to see the Klingons in question and to notify Pierce upon his selection of infected versus not. "You'll see from this data transfer that I've sent the particular Klingon delegates over to your PADD. Check it now and let me know what you can recall without diving back into"

Alana stood awaiting what would happen as he glanced at the details. She looked around her shoulder to see Lt. Byrne prepared for the possibility of another attack on behalf of the doctor. His gaze told her that he was unsure if the doctor was truly the doctor. Either way, they had little to go on in this moment and he was their best chance at any insight of infected council members.

She made a cutting motion under her neck to indicate to cut off her communications from his cell before approaching Byrne. "What do you think? Do you think he is being forthright or are we in over our heads here? Either way, be ready in case something happens." She walked over to the wall still holding the PADD, and armed herself with a shoulder strapped phaser rifle. Her arm carefully swung it behind her back and diagonally over her chest as she scanned the data the Câroon was perusing.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1430 hrs] Discovered Identity
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[ Lt. Jonathan Byrne | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce 
"I'll do my best," said Nicander quietly. Still cautious, Byrne watched the Doctor climb off his bunk bed and walk over to the table - the ruined bionic arm hanging at his side. Nicander picked it up with his tattooed hand and seated himself by the small table, balancing the PADD in his grip whilst awkwardly trying to access the information Pierce had sent him with his thumb. He ended up having to put the data tablet down on the tabletop in order to browse the intel on the Klingon Councilors. Then, the ship shook from more sustained enemy fire, and the PADD slid off the table and down unto the deck, forcing the weary Doctor to start over.

Meanwhile, Pierce approached Byrne, and she asked a very poignant question. "Didn't the current Chief Medical Officer have him wear some kind of device on his head? That's that the report said, at least," he said to the other Lieutenant. He glanced towards the stationed Brig Officer, wondering if the man still kept it at his station. "I'm just not sure what to think. I mean, he nearly got out. The forcefield emitters around the opening to his cell had to be repaired and reinforced while he was out, but I'm a spy, not an engineer. I have no way of telling if that will be enough."

Shifting his feet and putting a hand on the cannon mounted beside him, Byrne gave it some further thought. "Can we even trust that he'll give us the right intel? If he turned, this morning, and this thing here didn't work, then there is no way he'd give us the right Councilor. He'd lay the blame squarely at the feet of any prominent Martok supporter in the Great Hall, wouldn't he?"

Looking at the screen of Pierce's PADD, synced with Nicander's, it seemed the Doctor was browsing the faces of the Councilors, and the Klingons were either high-lighted or dismissed with a tap of his remaining fingers.

"It says here there are six vacant seats in the Klingon High Council," said the Doctor, frowning and rubbing his temple. "This, after Councilor Gothmara and Morjod staged a coup against Martok, briefly deposing him from office in 2375. Destroying the Great Hall, the two managed to kill most of the High Council members. It says that in the initial attack, Martok's wife Sirella died, as did Martok's daughters Shen and Lazhna. If this intel is up to date, then Martok has yet to restore Houses to these vacant seats, leaving eighteen Councilors..."

The microphone was still off, so Nicander still couldn't hear them, which had Byrne make his recommendation. "I don't know about you, but perhaps we should ask him to wear that thing again, because I don't trust him. Perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt, not being paranoid and all that jazz that comes with our duties in Starfleet. But we are spies, Pierce, and we know that unless we're cautious, the enemy can get the better of us."

Doctor Nicander continued, catching the PADD as another impact against Thea's shields made the Sword shake. "I could see Councilor Cha'lak, of House Cha'lak. Councilors Ganbral, Grevaq and Kolen...." he murmured, staring intently at the faces on the small screen with his pale grey eyes. Silent, the Doctor continued removing Klingons whom he'd seen through the eyes of the other Infested, and the representatives of Houses Konjah, Kriton and Kryan were dismissed as well. That was when a loud noise was heard from outside the Brig. A... roar?

"What the hell?" said Byrne under his breath, and he saw how the Brig Officer stirred as well, rising to his feet and checking the energy level on his Type-III rifle. "What's happening?"

"We have an intruder in the Security Centre, and too few officers defending it. They are all holed up in our central surveillance hub, or out defending the ship. Jesus fucking Christ..." The Security guard swore under his breath, looking at the screens in in his Brig console. "It's a bloody Gorn. Ferocious. Huge thing, and it's tearing down doors bare-handed, looking for prey. Fuck, it just struck Simmons down... Oh, god, it's eating her... It's eating her! Fuck, this is bad."

Byrne could see that the man was nervous, and while he was feeling the adrenaline rushing through his own veins, he had to keep the man calm. "Hey, listen to me, what's your name?"

"Crewman Tucker, s-sir," came the reply, eyes flickering between the screens on the console, his rifle and the interrogation room doors, as if expecting the Gorn to tear its way inside through those, and perhaps it might...

"Tucker, take a breath, and take a firing position with your console between yourself and the doors, and tell us if it's heading inside here, okay? Do you understand me?"

"Aye, s-sir. Okay... Okay..." Hands visibly shaking, face white, Tucker did as instructed, and Byrne returned his attention to Pierce and the Doctor. By that time, Nicander had four suspected Infested left, and while he was unhearing and oblivious to the threat of the Gorn just outside the Brig, they could still hear him speak when he was finished.

"The faces unaccounted for are Councilors Daa´maq, J'mpok, Kopek and Torg," he said in his faded accent and put the PADD down on the table. "Do you have any recordings of these Klingons available? I did hear the voice of the Host body before..." Nicander gestured with his remaining hand, indicating the embarrassment of the morning.

Byrne, leaving Pierce to continue doing the talking with the Infested, drew his pulse phase pistol and held it in a two-hand grip, keeping the muzzle lowered for the time being and his finger off the trigger - facing the direction where the Gorn might tear itself inside to get another snack.

Re: CH06 Battle Log: Discovered Identity [D03|1430]
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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Auctor Lucan [Show/Hide]

Alana heard the protest of Crewman Tucker as he was scared shitless in regards to the Gorn running amuck in the Jeffries Tubes. She turned and saw Byrne handle the situation before turning her head once more to the good doctor behind the shielded vantage point he found himself behind. Before speaking to him, she raised her PADD and toggled the visibility of the currently opaque force field presented to Nicander. Carefully, she retained the force field but allowed him to see to whom he was speaking, hoping to leverage a level of trust between comrades both new and old.

"Doctor, as you can no doubt hear, we are crawling with enemy forces. I will do what I can to protect you but I also wanted you to trust me. Just as I am trusting you with my identity here before you." She brushed the crimson hair from her face and shook her head which moved the hair towards her backside. Slender fingers rapped the controls as she located the files from the CIS computer system of the Klingon Councilors that he'd asked for to audibly hear the men's voices speak.

She turned once more to see Byrne ready for the coming opponents with little time possibly left to inquire. Seeing him take arms with a pulse phase pistol, she patted her chest and realized that aside from slapping her breasts which hurt just a little, she still had her phaser rifle holstered on her back. She swung it around and checked its functionality as she prepared in the unlikely event she had to do battle in here. Her eyes scanned the reading and bumped up the level to Level 7 on the rifle as she replaced it on her back. She planned to leverage whatever advantage she could. Pierce looked back at the Câroon who sat once more in his cell, clearly listening to the audio files of the various individuals he'd asked for.

Her mouth dry as the adrenaline of the situation helped keep her keen at the task at hand and aware of the situation. "Any luck?"

The sound of steel could be heard tearing apart several doors over from the security cell. Getting an idea she turned back toward Byrne. "Do you think it's possible to alter the transphasic light cannon for Gorn physiology to say, tranquilize and blind the opponent?" She contemplated the idea. "Doctor, what do you think not to take you from the task at hand?"
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