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Topic: CH06 Battle Log: Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone [D03|1405]  (Read 485 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH06 Battle Log: Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone [D03|1405]


[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Nolan @Pierce @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan

Sithick grunted out orders to the flight deck crew. He could hear Ensign Herrald doing the same. A fight was coming and the Valkyries needed to be ready to fly. It hadn't been long since he had prepped the Sabine to warp ahead of the Theurgy in hopes of getting Chancellor Martok to Qo'noS before House Mo'Kai's fleet knew that he was no longer onboard. The Theurgy would have to put up a convincing fight. Five Valkyries may be a giveaway. If only he could have finished prepping a prototype Killer Bee. If every resource was utilized to protect the ship, the Klingons might actually believe a valuable asset like the Chancellor was present on the ship.

Sithick watched as the remaining six Wolves scrambled to their fighters. "Razor," "Iron Fox," "Goldeneye," "Salvo," "Knight," and "Neko." The Theurgy shuddered from disrupter fire. It was time to fight. The alert for multivector separation filled the bay.

Turning to face a monitor on the nearest bulkhead, Sithick pulled up an exterior view of the Theurgy. He immediately recognized various Klingon vessels. There was a large imposing Negh'var in the center of the fleet, surrounded by Vorcha or Qang class cruisers. Then there were various Birds of Preys scouts, D-7 or K't'inga class cruisers, and what looked like a couple of Qeh'Ral class battlecruisers.

Some of the house markings were unfamiliar to him, but one stood out among them. The House of Kular, a house Sithick knew well. It was the house that his Orion trained assassin brood attacked and was defeated by. Sithick barely escaped the battle, but his broodmates were not so lucky. He was shaken from his memory by a nearby Bird of Prey.

Punching the combadge on his chest, "Sithicksss toosss thesss bridgesss. Theresss aresss asss fewsss D-12sss Birdsss ofsss Preysss insss thesss Klingonsss fleetsss! Asss lowsss-levelsss ionicsss pulsesss couldsss causesss theirsss plasmasss coilsss toosss resetsss, whichsss wouldsss activatesss theirsss cloakingsss devicesss andsss lowersss theirsss shieldsss." The odds were heavily stacked against the Theurgy in this battle but maybe eliminating a few easy targets would improve their chances.

OOC: The Wolf Pack has thinned. Wraith and Angel are escorting the Sabine to QonoS. Ghost, Foxfire, Chance, and Icarus are escorting the Allegiance. This leaves only five Valkyrie pilots to defend the Theurgy. There will be two Valravyn and three Valkyries prepped without pilots in the bay; an opportunity to reflect on absent friends. The odds are stacked against the Theurgy fighters with . "Remember, boys [and girls], no points for second place."
[Current Squad Chart (]

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Re: CH 06: S [D03] 1405 Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan  @BZ  [Show/Hide]

Tessa had headed to the flight deck shortly after her recent mission on the Daqchov. As much fun as it was to have holodeck adventures, and being on the away mission, she was also happy to be back in her Valkyrie. This was where she felt most at home during a conflict because while she was here, she could make a difference. And now after having been recertified for duty, she was ready to kick some Alien ass.

She saw CPO Sithick on the deck and watching a monitor with various classes of Klingon vessels on it, and sided with different factions too as she jumped in her Valkyrie and started up the engines. She loved the purr of it as it came to life. Readied in her flight suit again, she was ready to get into the thick of it. Hopefully their recent mission worked wonders for Martok and his loyalists.

Punching the cockpit closed and priming the weapons, Tessa counted down to leave the deck and be once more unto the breach as she would undoubtedly be heading into a multitude of Klingons ready to blow her and the other Lone Wolves out of the universe. She flicked her finger over the launch controls and the ship lurched forward slowly until she was past the force field of the flight deck and into the cold of space.

"This is GoldenEye on route to defend the Theurgy. Weapons hot, deflectors to full. Let's do this!" She spun the small vessel around and fired some shots successfully on the nearest Bird-of-Prey letting loose a barrage of micro-torpedoes and phaser cannons on the rear of it. The sight of the first barrage lurched the Klingon ship forward and offset it as a small explosive impact ignited their plasma and enveloping the vessel to spare parts.

She circled her ship around again and headed towards the next Bird-of-Prey but had to break off as a warning shots were coming from her rear. "Ooh, better get a move on or I'm gonna be space dust. Wolves report in if you find a weak spot on some of those bigger ships out there." She activated her scanner to uplink with the Theurgy and see who the allies were and who was a true enemy. Their work was certainly cut out for them this time.

OOC - Sorry, just saw this. Realized it never actually notified me of being tagged.[/b]
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Re: CH 06: S [D03] 1405 Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Lt. Cmdr Thomas "Razor" Ravon | Ravon's quarters -> Fighter Assault bay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @jreeves1701  @Cleric_Kyan  @Havenborn  @SummerDawn @Nero @Auctor Lucan  @BZ @BipSpoon

After having shared lunch with Zephyr Praise in his quarters, Thomas had decided to hang back a little with the lieutenant. The two of them using this time to catch up a bit after the recent events. The Spearhead lounge bombing had caused for loss for the both of them. Khorin Douglas and Izar Bila had perished in the bombing and had left a void with the both of them. Even though relations between Khorin and Zephyr as well as Thomas had been sour, the loss of the man left the two of them with unresolved emotions. With the loss of Izar Bila, Thomas lost one, if not his closest friend in the fleet. Thomas wasn't a feelings kind of person and wasn't one to openly talk about it with anyone. Zephyr Praise however could read him like an open book.

Their little get together however got stopped abruptly when the lights went from yellow to red, which soon was followed up by a rattle of the ship when they came under fire. Thomas scrambled, saying goodbye to his lover, kissing Zephyr deeply and lovingly as he always did before deploying. Realistic as he was, he'd say goodbye to her as if it could be the last time he'd see her. He didn't want to feel any regrets when out in his ship, he didn't want her to feel like she could've said or done something more.

The Wolf leader got a chirp when he had arrived at the fighter bay and saw at least one of his fellow pilots launch off. His boots thudding along the deck plating. He had to chuckle when he noticed Lance's ship was the first one missing "Good hunting Tess." he mumbled to himself before he opened the communications line to Cameron. He got the orders and simply acknowledged it once he sat down in his fighter and fired it up. The new exosuits feeling a bit more comfortable and more natural than the old ones. Not that it was a huge difference, but the devil was in the details.

"Razor to Henshaw, I got it, B'Rels are the priority for us. Glad to hear you're with us today." he welcomed the ensign as he opened up the channel to the rest of the wolves even those who weren't in their ships yet, though he could see the pack  rushing towards their birds already "Wolves, I'll make this short. Focus on the B'Rels for now and try and take out as many as we can. Try and cover one another, no hero stuff. Razor out."

With that he steered his fighter towards the exit before dusting off into the cold clutches of space once again. He quickly followed up towards one of the closest targets and began his attack run. Whilst doing so, his peripheral vision was lit up by the green and red lights dashing through the canopy. Whilst he had enjoyed the downtime and Aldean mission, this was the kind of space combat that he signed up for. The dangerous kind, though he had so much more to lose this time. He kept his thoughts from drifting and focused on the task at hand, that being the B'Rel dead ahead.
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Re: CH 06: S [D03] 1405 Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  
Despite the severity of the hour, and the looming threat that a battle with House Mo'Kai and their affiliates was, Liam still couldn't shake the feeling of something missing as he oversaw the activity in the fighter bay.

The Lone Wolves were launching, their Valkyries loaded with hand-picked hard-point configurations and their crafts cleared by the maintenance crews for launch. As much as they could, the crews prepared the crafts for launch, barring the last second pre-flight checks needed before take-off. Liam shouted for the individual teams to wrap up each of the warp fighter checks so that they could clear the bay, and all the while he shouted and gestured, the prevalent feeling of Eun Sae Ji not being there remained. Little could he distract himself from the past, even in the dire present, when they had parted on such terms as they had. In limbo, of sorts, and unsure where they stood after what had befallen them beyond the anyonic phase variance.

Still, he remained entirely focused on the tasks at hand, so when the last Valkyrie was cleared, and the remaining pilots had begun to move towards their fighters, Liam whistled sharply across the bay, alerting any stragglers of the deck crews to clear away immediately. They came running in order to get behind the transparent blast walls, filing in one after another.

"Goldeneye and Iron-Fox are clear," he told Sithick, putting his hands on his hips and hoping for the best; that this time, there would be no boarding parties entering the bay. Sithick and himself had already seen Asurians, Savi, Klingons and Borg drones inside their bay, and Liam wasn't keen on history repeating itself. "I hope they will be okay, but the rest are launching now. Please have your teams prepare re-armament of all five if this battle drags on."

Liam spotted Thomas Ravon before he vanished into his cockpit, and he could but hope the Wolf Leader had his head on straight. He'd heard scuttlebutt about him and the creator of the Niga virus, and he had a lot of reservations about her.

For obvious reasons.

OOC: @Cleric_Kyan has had a family emergency and has had to step away for an unknown amount of time, so in order to introduce his character in Chapter 06, I might NPC Renard in order to have a Point-of-View in the battle. @SummerDawn and @Havenborn , you're up! :)

Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Wolf-04 [Goldeneye] Valkryrie | Space ] Attn: @Nolan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan  @BZ  [Show/Hide]

Weapons fire was hot as Tessa flew by approaching enemy scout vessels. There were many filling the empty cracks of free space, making maneuverability difficult at best. She saw in her viewfinder the Theurgy's split into the multivector battle platform, which in of itself was truly a spectacle to behold. The large ship taking shots from all over the place meant that shields weren't going to last entirely that long.

"Razor, are you out here? What's the formation? I'm taking out enemy scouts off Theurgy's six, but it's getting hammered despite the vectors splitting off. I suspect they were ready for this more than we realized." She turned abruptly as weapons fire thumped the topside of the little vessel. Head turned in the cockpit, she caught the glimpse of another Klingon Scout before realizing that it'd gotten her a little too close to a Vor'cha class cruiser. Quickly she dodged the barrage of disruptors narrowly missing the wings.

Sweat beaded down her brow as Tessa tapped a few other controls activating her Micro-Torpedo launcher. The scanner had a hard time picking up friends from foes and honestly, there were more foes than friends at this point. Finally it locked on and she pressed her hand on the fire button launching a spread of torpedoes on the unsuspecting scout vessels.

A crimson fire erupted from the scout vessels before her as she flew through the explosions and let loose on the Vor'cha class vessel unloading her Tetryon Pulse Cannon and Phaser Pulse Cannons destabilizing their shields. She flew past to let someone else wreak havoc whether by boarding party or destruction as she circled back to protect the Theurgy.

"Let's do it guys! GoldenEye doubling back to help out the Theurgy."
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 16, Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Nero, @SummerDawn, @Auctor Lucan

Daniel walked into the FAB from the locker room, he knew that Uriah was already here thanks to the mishap that had happened just a couple of days ago.  Daniel had decided that Uriah needed something to occupy his free time so he had assigned Uriah to help out with the maintenance of their fighter.  He spotted K'Ren and nodded at her as he made his way over to his fighter.  "Is everything all set?"  Daniel asked his RIO as he approached the man.  Knight looked up from the PADD he was reading.  "Yup, Hellcat is ready to go."  Uriah said.

Daniel nodded and climbed up the ladder into the cockpit.  He put his helmet on and began the pre-flight sequence, he heard Uriah call out to the ordnance techs.  "I want two torpedo launchers loaded with Mark Q-Two Quantum Torpedoes.  I also want four Mark-One Hellbore Torpedoes mounted on the hardpoints."  Uriah stated as he watched the technicians get the ordnance that he ordered.

[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie "Hellcat"]

Daniel listened to Razor as he came over the communications channel giving them their orders.  Daniel tapped into the Theurgy's sensor data to get look at the situation outside the FAB.   A few moments later and Daniel heard Uriah climb into his position behind him.  "Torpedoes are loaded; Quantum and Hellbore, plus we've got the Mass Drivers for CIWS-work."  Uriah said as he began to help finish the pre-flight sequence.  "Excellent, time to go to work old friend."  Daniel said.

Getting the all clear from the ordnance techs and after communicating with Flight Ops Daniel powered up the engines and felt the craft hover under it's own power.  Daniel opened a communications channel to K'Ren.  "Salvo to Neko, link up with me once you're clear of the FAB."  He said as he launched his fighter from the bay and out into the battle outside. 
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Ens. K'Ren, Callsign: Neko | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ] Attn: Attn: @Pierce @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @Nolan @Nero @Auctor Lucan @BZ @BipSpoon
K'Ren was already running through checks on her fighter when Daniel walked into the FAB. She wasn't the first to launch, but she'd been the first getting her bird checked out for flight and her preferred loadout packed up under the wings. The tetryon cannon, a pair of twin mass drivers, and because of the target rich environment, a pair of microtorpedo launchers and a pair of full size launchers. She hated how chunky the fighter felt fully loaded but aerodynamics in space weren't as critical as in atmosphere, mass was. She'd trained for ground attack in the academy, the fighters were always loaded down with as much ordinance as they could carry, but she preferred to fly light where she could. Stalk & Pounce, that was the way she liked to fight, not weighed down by large bulky weapons.

She plugged her suit into the ships life support systems, strapping on the harness that held her in her fighter. It felt good to strap back in, put on the one thing she was good at when it came to defending her ship, her pack, her pride. This fight she had an extra reason to fight hard and make it back to the ship, her mate Deacon was waiting for her to return, her life partner, her love. Saluting Salvo and Knight as they moved into position on the launch rail, she finished her checklists, flicking on her running lights so the deck crew knew she was ready to go.

She was close behind Salvo, being parked on the launch rail as his fighter raced down the launch rail into space. She couldn't help but feel deja vu, years before she'd been launching, other fighters outside in combat, her mate Markus one of them, and she'd desperately been trying to get out there and fight alongside him. In the end she'd failed miserably, she'd been unable to protect her mate, help him fight off their common enemy, and she'd watched him die in a fireball. Thankfully though, that was not today, her mate was safe on Theurgy, protected by layers of duranium and an entire crew fighting to stay alive. She knew he could handle himself, she just needed to survive this lopsided fight.

She pressed that thought from her mind, she had to focus on the now, this fight. She gave the ground crew the last thumbs up, and within two seconds she was hurtling down the launch rail into space. The lights of the fighter bay replaced by the blackness of space, she looked through her helmet's display as the sensors onboard started picking up targets, sensor data from her fighter along with other fighters and Theurgy painting a picture of the chaos. Salvo's craft, her wingmate, was a bold dot off to one side, and she vectored towards him. "Neko to Salvo, On your wing."

Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn  @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan @BZ  [Show/Hide]

The Valkyrie spun through the air like a hawk or another bird of prey type creature. She felt the increased weapon fire drawn around her and the Vectors of the Theurgy. Her radar displayed multitudes of Klingon ships surrounding her, the other Lone Wolves out here, and the ship. If they didn't get the data they needed to turn the tide fast, they were all goners.

"This is GoldenEye, I think I've spotted a weakness on the Klingon vessel, IKC Ta'rom, I think it is? I don't know, but it seems like there's a weak spot in the shuttle bay area. If we can punch a hole through we might be able to get someone on board." Klingon scout vessels flanked Tessa and fired a barrage of disruptor turrets at her six. Fire lit up the side of the small fighter. Panic began to overpower her as she feared that this time she might be on the receiving end of the death count. The two scouts grew nearer by the second as she felt overwhelmed. They were coming in for a close-quarters shot that would most certainly obliterate her.

Reflexes kicked in as she closed her eyes and veered the small ship backward. Reveries of friends and lost friends clouded her mind as she half expected to be blown to space dust. The brakes now pulled, her Valkyrie slammed back as the inertial dampeners ignited. The fire on the hull plates slowly went out as she stopped movement temporarily. Her face glanced up almost as soon as she hit the brakes where she was able to see the two Klingon scouts previously chasing, collide in a blaze of glory.

She attempted to get the small ship to reactivate after that high-speed stop she just pulled which saved her very existence. The whirring and whining of the Valkyrie chugged as she tried her hardest to get it moving again. Frustration clouded over her senses and she punched the controls in anger as it roared back to life.

"Not sure how much longer we can hold this guys!" she yelled over the comm systems. "There's just too many of them! I've been hit, but think I can keep her going for a while longer."
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Nolan @Pierce @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan

Sithick monitored the Wolves as they prowled the battlefield. The big Gorn was still anxious about the ability of the Aldean cloaks to do their job in close quarters combat. Sithick had run maintenance on Klingon targeting sensors before joining Starfleet. It was this experience that he hoped would provide the edge needed in programing the Aldean cloaks to work against Klingon weapons.  A lot of time had passed since those days but Klingons were not known for great leaps in engineering advancement. They truly believed that if it wasn't broke, why fix it? And, why reinvent the wheel if the original design still works.

[ Commander Tereth, Daughter of Kular, of House Kular | Cockpit | Klingon fighter ]

"Arrrrggh!!" Tereth smashed her fists into the console in front of her. "Every time I get a lock these Starfleet petaQs scrambles it. How?" The Klingon daughter of Kular let another volley of weapons fire in the general direction of one of Theugy's fighters. "Warriors of Kular! Time to prove your worth in battle. Show that you are a true warrior who does not need be dependent upon technology to win your battles. Target those ships by sight and bring them down with the might of your warrior spirit. Do this or I personally will bar your entry into Stovokor! No! I will personally through you overboard on the Barge of the Dead into the fiery flames of Grethor!!!"

Her crew feared her. Not because of her temper but because she had a tendency to feed those who displeased her to her feral Gorn pets. With another pass, the female Klingon warrior strafed one of the Theurgy fighters scorching it with weapons fire but still missing her mark. With a barrel roll, it escaped her killing shot.

[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Sithick made guttural clicking croaking noises from his throat as he cheered the Wolves. Outnumber but skilled to outlast their opponent. Then he heard it... actually he tasted it before then. Turning to view the launch bay doors, the Gorn sensed the ionizing particles approaching as weapons fire began to light up the forcefield keeping the cold of space out. The Klingons were trying to punch through and with tactical genius not typical of the hack and slash approach of many Klingon warriors. They were targeting Theurgy at her obvious weak points. Why punch through hull plating and bulkheads when a hole already existed at every shuttle bay door and docking port. Breaching those was a surgical strike from which an invasion force could enter a vessel and take out the vital organs of your prey.

"Battlessstationsss!!!" Sithick hissed at the deck crew. "Armsss yourssselvesss fors incomingsss attackersss." He knew Klingon tactics. They may be after the Chancellor but Theurgy was a prize that any of the houses represented in the enemy fleet would be happy to pick clean.

[ Commander Tereth, Daughter of Kular, of House Kular | Cockpit | Klingon fighter ]

Tereth growled in frustration as her prey continued to elude her. "Fine my little birds... I've hunted your kind before and the easiest way to take the fight out of you is to eliminate the nest from which you came. Without a perch to return to even the strongest hawk tires of flying." And with that comment, she dropped her pursuit of the every acrobatic Theurgy fighters and turned to target the nearest vector's rear docking bay. "Finally a target lock that holds! Warriors of Kular! Lock onto my target and fire!!! Fire like your honor depends on it, because it does! GurltaH! Are my pets ready?"

"Yes my Lady. But I must report that Purska has had an accident."

"Please tell me he lost his other arm."

"No my Lady. His leg."

"Ha! But a flesh wound compared to what they are about to do to those Starfleet targ'pu. The moment the shields drop beam them over. "Oh to be a gob fly on the wall of the Theurgy interior as her pets rendered to shreds its occupants, she thought. "Why not? Lock onto my position and beam me over as well."

"As you wish."

[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Then it happened. For a brief moment the luminesent barrior that protected the flight deck from the cold depths of space vanished and with it gone, anything not bolted or maglocked to something flew toward the door. Not all of the deck crew was lucky. Two engineers closest to the bay doors vanished into the void of space in an instant along with their tools and a few cargo containers. Sithick couldn't remember their names, they being recent transfers from other departments.

It seemed like it took the emergency power forever to kick in. Something that Sithick made a mental note to run a diagnostic on. With so much firepower within this one space, emergency protocols should be iron tight.

When power was restored, taking stock of the resulting damage would have to wait as Sithick immediately tasted what was coming. Moments before the crimson pillars appeared and the phantom shapes within began to form.

"Intrudersss, preparesss toos repealsss themsss!" he ordered, taking only a moment to look for Herrold, hoping his superior officer was close enough to the emergency lock triggering the closure of the bay doors. Had he survived the initial attack? Could the Wolves manage without being able to seek shelter within the den? Would Sithick have to morn more brood members lost? And that thought combined with the approaching taste/smell plastered the big lizard with a wide-eyed expression of shock or the closest a Gorn could come to making such a face.

[ Commander Tereth, Daughter of Kular, of House Kular | Cockpit | Klingon fighter ]

Tereth felt the tug of the transporter moments before her fighter craft smashed into the restored forcefield protecting Theurgy's closing fighter bay doors. She was safely dematerialized when the little Klingon ship's wings were clipped. The impact was enough to force the nose and cockpit past the force field but the closing doors effectively decapitated it from its body that exploded with significant heat to seal the bay entrance in a solid weld. The Theurgy fighters would not be returning to this nest.

[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"Oh no! Not again!" screamed Petty Officer August De Serres as he began firing his phaser erratically and blindly from behind cover he took near the corridor exit. But this time it wasn't Klingons that had beamed into the fighter bay. The reptilian screams and roars sounded like the horrors of a 20th-century earth film about a dinosaur park.

Sithick hadn't moved since he first recognized the pheromones in the air.  It was hard to recognize them but their scent was undeniable. Standing before him and the frightened fighter deck crew of the Theurgy were six oversized Gorn. They looked nothing like Sithick had remembered them. All sign of intelligence was vacant from their eyes. Metallic collars clamped around their necks with blinking red lights indicating some security feature. They were nude save for that. The six were forced to hunch forward in order to balance a large tail each had extending from their rear. These were the Gorn of Hegemony legend. The Terror Rexes that clutch mothers would tell broods was sent by the "Great Father" to gather eggs and young Gorn for him to devour. But to Sithick these were his original brood brothers and sisters that he thought were dead at the hands of Klingon warriors decades ago.

Sithick stood frozen hesitant to fire. Maybe he could talk to them? But then a sharp female voice echoed through the bay...

"yIHIv! SuvwI' qa'! QI'tu' puqloD!"

Like guard dogs, his brothers and sisters were ordered to attack, and like a good loyal pet, they obeyed their master.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1405] Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Miles Renard, callsign "Iron Fox" | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ] Attn: @Nolan @Pierce @Havenborn @SummerDawn
Having launched at the same time as his wingmate GoldenEye, Miles Renard found himself against what seemed impossible opposition, though it was hardly the first time.

He did believe he'd fought worse odds numerous times, though as his slitted eyes darted between sensor readings and his targeting HUD, he couldn't be entirely sure. He'd been in dogfights before he even joined Starfleet, back when he still protected his native people, and on the Theurgy alone he'd fought at Starbase 84 and defended Thea all through Federation space for months. Having lived a long life, and seen as much action as he had, it had all become a blur, so he just took the situation as it came, and reacted to the onslaught of Klingon opposition. Bird-of-preys and Phantom raiders inbound, and with the added complication of defending Thea when she entered Multi-Vector Assault Mode, Renard was still not going to leave his wingmate out to dry. Tessa's Valkyrie had been hit, and he was at her side momentarily.

"I've got you," he told the other Lone Wolf, who'd served under him back when he was Squadron Commander - being one of the original pack. He would give her shields some time to regenerate, as he interjected himself between her and three Phantom raiders that bore down on her from on high. He soared past GoldenEye with both of his micro torpedo launchers coughing out ordnance. He caught two of them, overloaded their shields, and sent them tumbling through the outskirts of the nebula like fiery comets. The third one broke away, and Miles made a barrel roll and returned whence he'd come.

"Confirming the weak-spot you spotted on the Ta'rom and forwarding it to Mission Ops," he said to Tessa, his eyes seeking out the Negh'var class flagship of House Mo'Kai. "Let's see what we can do about it, shall we? Razor! GoldenEye and I will make a run against the Ta'rom. I have yet to spend my hard-points, and that seem to be a great target as long as we can make it count. Salvo, Neko, where are you at? Can you join in?"

They would have to cut straight through the sweeping attack wave of Klingon ship and bear down on the largest ship of them all, but with the element of surprise, and the collective firepower they had, they might be able to deal a savage blow against Gorka, son of Margon. Enough for Thea and those on the bridge to make use of it, at least.

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @jreeves1701 
Luckily, the majority of the deck crew had taken cover behind the transparent blast walls of the Fighter Assault Bay when that second attack wave of Gorka's forces managed to penetrate the aft shields of the Sword. Liam saw members of his team trying to reach safety when the multiple barrages of torpedoes and disruptor fire hit Vector 02, but they didn't make it in time. They were gone in mere seconds, sucked through the opening of the bay. Liam didn't even remember tapping his combadge before he heard himself shout. "Herrold to Ops, lock on to the crew aft of the Sword and beam them back aboard!"

[Acknowledged!] answered one of the Transporter officers, on the task of saving lives, while Liam's light blue eyes saw a Klingon Phantom raider being cut in half at the mouth of the bay when the SF field reignited. The small Klingon vessel's cockpit had three seats, as much he knew, so there would be at least three boarders to deal with.

"Intrudersss, preparesss toos repealsss themsss!" he heard Sithick call.

"To arms!" he added, and for once - having learned their lesson by then from the times they'd been boarded before Aldea - Liam had made sure that the weapon crates had been brought out and made available behind the blast walls. He looked to make sure the deck crew went to arm themselves with hand phasers before he headed for the Flight Ops booths at the back of the bay. Three Klingons, that they could deal with. No problem. They would have a harder time clearing away the remains of that raider at the front of the bay so that the Lone Wolves could land.

Or so he thought, because a sound made him turn to look again, and at first he thought he was hallucinating... but there were six Gorn closing the distance to the scrambling deck crew. Eyes widening, Liam made a quick judgement call...and continued to run for the booths that held the controls for the tractor beam emitters. Not only might he be able to do something about the raider, but given the number of emitters in the bay, he might be able to do something about the Gorn warriors and the Klingons as well.

"Coming through!" he called, even as the screams rang against the blast walls.

OOC: @Cleric_Kyan has had a family emergency and has had to step away, so I am NPC:ing Miles Renard. We now have Klingons to fight in the Fighter Assault Bay after the second attack wave momentarily busted through the aft shields of the Theurgy's separated vectors.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Auctor Lucan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @BZ  [Show/Hide]

Tessa was alarmed for a moment but as she began to openly panic off comms, her wingmate "Iron Fox" howed up in the nick of time to save her hide. "Thanks Iron Fox! I needed the assist!" Her shields quickly rebounded with the overlap and she was back in action doing a barrel roll off the other side to avoid hitting him or the other Klingon scout ships.

She flew up on Iron Fox's six and locked her mini-torpedo launcher on the the third Phantom raider. The red target lock displayed on her mini-map and she tapped the controls. Micro-torpedo bursts flew at the target taking it out in a blaze of glory. Her Valkyrie flew through the debris and backed up her comrade.

She caught his response about the weak spot she'd managed to spot on the Klingon vessel. "Thanks for the assist on that!"

"Confirming the weak-spot you spotted on the Ta'rom and forwarding it to Mission Ops, Let's see what we can do about it, shall we? Razor! GoldenEye and I will make a run against the Ta'rom. "

She nodded and realized that she couldn't be seen. Slapping her gloved hand to her head, she responded on the comm system/ "Ready when you are. I think the Klingon's have met their match this time! Let's shell-shock the Klingons on board and leave a crump-hole in our wake!"

The thrill of flying hit Tessa again as if it was for the first time, with renewed love of it. While she was excited for prospects of the future and possibly doing something else, she was perfectly happy to be out there with her wing mates, giving them the support they needed and knowing they had her back as well. She flew in to be in flanking position with Iron Fox awaiting the signal to fire.
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[ Bekks T'chugh, son  of J'atsat and D'Marass, son of Etroll | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy@Nolan  @Pierce  @Havenborn  @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan

"That taHqeq," T'chugh thought as he helped pull his comrade D'Marass from the decapitated cockpit of the Klingon raider. Tereth would sacrifice her entire house and burn it to the ground. As the two Klingons got their bearings, they could hear the blood boiling sounds of battle.

D'Marass slapped T'chugh's hand of assistance away as he stood disruptor at the ready. "Where is she? I will personally usher her to the gates of Grethor!"

Phaser blasts began to strike the space around the two, clearly, marksmanship was not a standard by which Starfleet officers needed to excel at in order to secure their positions, even among its fighter maintenance crew. Either that or T'chugh and D'Marass weren't the primary targets of their shots.

From across the bay, the Klingons spotted Tereth's feral lizards. Gorn genetically engineered, augmented through forced de-evolution, into lethal attack dogs. Tereth's personal pets; she wouldn't be far away orgasming from the carnage they caused.

"Let the Starfleeters deal with those vile creatures. Now's the time you and I can deal with Tereth." D'Marass plotted to T'chugh as he easily dodged another round of phaser blasts. Klingon loyalty was earned and Tereth had finally lost that of T'chugh and D'Marass.

[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Sithick was frozen, not in fear but in curiosity. Even as the feral representations of primitive Gorn before him proceeded to attack anything that moved within the fighter bay. The sounds they made barely distinguishable from any language spoken on the Gorn homeworld. Sithick's senses could pick up on their pheromones instantly. There were clearly four males in the pack and the sent of the two females caused unwanted arousal in Sithick. As much as he tried to suppress the urge to mate growing within him, his body began to betray him, releasing pheromones that only other Gorn would recognize.

The feral Gorn were quick, agile, and strong. Across the bay where they had beamed in, they ducked, weaved, and dodged, most of the incoming phaser fire. The few hits they took grazed their tough hides and merely slowed them down momentarily. A pair had managed to scurry behind an unmanned Valkyrie where a couple of deckhands had taken cover. The sounds of hand to hand combat could be heard. One of the deck technicians crawled under the Valkyre in an attempt to escape the hulking lizards. One of the attacking Gorn leaped atop the Valkyrie, its transparent cockpit window splintering under the weight of the Gorn and its sharp talons.

"There!" came the command from across the bay as phaser fire focused on a single target. The Valkryie surfing Gorn's scales began to glow red as it became superheated from the concentrated phaser beams until a hole burrowed through to the other side. The crawling Starfleet technician yelped as the corpse of the attack barbarian Gorn crashed to the deck beside him. The terrifying face of his attacker enough to energize him to his feet and across the deck to the safety of his comrades.

However, it had a different effect on the remaining Gorn. The fighter bay was filled with a feral berserker roar as the Gorn screamed out for vengeance for the death of their packmate. The one in hand-to-hand combat behind the Valkyrie turned swinging its tail into the crewman tossing him against the bulkhead unconscious. In a berserker rage, it tore the wing off the fighter and hurled it along with its weapon payload across the fighter bay where it crashed into the bulkhead wall above where some deckhands had taken position. Luckily the weapons were not armed but still capable of detonating. However, the impact against the bulkhead managed to rupture an EPS conduit. The resulting explosion sent a shower of sparks and shrapnel down upon the sheltered crew. If Thea's emergency containment protocols had not activated to extinguish the plasma fires, the weapons payload on the Valkyrie wing now lodged in the forward bulkhead of the fighter bay would have detonated and still could if this firefight continued.

Sithick was moved by the primitive call of the feral Gron. His body sensing and releasing more and more pheromones.

"Big guy, are you going to just stand there, or are you going to help us out? Please tell me they aren't friends of yours." the nervous Petty Officer De Serres asked.

With a shake of his massive head, Sithick snapped back to reality. He spotted his crew, some in the heat of battle, others seeking shelter or aid. Patting De Serres on the back, Sithick stood open so that the feral Gorn could see him. He then opened his throat and let out his own battle cry and roar.

The Gorn ceased whatever attack they were making and faced this new challenger. Because that is what this was. A challenge of primal dominance of the pack.

"Pleassse holdsss yoursss firesss." Sithick asked of his crew. "I'sss willsss triesss toosss speaksss withsss themsss."

"Ughhh, I don't think that's a good idea." De Serres responded. Sithick hoped that De Serres and the rest of the deck crew would trust him long enough to try something even though many continued to defend themselves.

In an instant, before anyone could respond, one of the female Gorn leaped across the fighter deck and onto Sithick knocking him to the ground. The frills on her neck expanded out like a Terran cobra. She snapped her mighty jaws at his face but never to kill. Sithick's challenge was heard and was now being tested by the pack's alpha female. Gorn society has been matriarchal since its formation. Yes, it appeared to be male-dominated with a ruling King by outsiders. But behind every great male ruler, there sits a female to guide him.

Sithick sensed her pheromones, she sensed his. He watched as something intelligent flashed behind her feral eyes. She began to bark orders to the rest of the pack when her entire body was filled with electric shocks emanating from a spot under her neck. With a grunt, she collapsed atop Sithick.

[ Commander Tereth, Daughter of Kular, of House Kular | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Standing over the corpses of two Starfleet officers, Tereth released the glowing button on the device attached to her belt. No one would command her pets, no one but her would be their alpha. Pressing another button, a high pitched squeel filled the air, drawing the attention of the four remaining feral Gorn. It was followed by a series of clicks. Commands the feral Gorn interpreted as "Hide and Seek."

Avoiding confronting any of the Theurgy crew, each of the Gorn sought an access point to the ship's many crawl spaces. Taking the Gorn's retreat as an opportunity some of the crew managed to get some parting shots at their attackers. They managed to stop one before it could access a port Jefferies tube, hitting it with repeated fire. The remaining five managed to escape, one with a damaged leg it cut squeezing through a forced open bulkhead panel.

"Now, to deal with the Starfleet scum that continues to protect the illegitimate usurper sitting in the seat of our Chancellor." Tereth's demeanor was either one of ultimate confidence or defiant arrogance. She walked alone toward the flanking ranks of Starfleet officers.
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[ Lt. Cmdr Thomas "Razor" Ravon |  Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ] Attn: @Pierce  @jreeves1701  @Cleric_Kyan   @Havenborn   @SummerDawn   @Auctor Lucan  @BipSpoon

In the sea of red blips, Thomas noticed the few blips of wolves that emerged from the Theurgy for battle. The red and green flashed against his skin as the colorful display of firepower raged on around his fighter. Comms remained a hectic thing to maintain with target of opportunities being marked and orders being given from above. Razor in the meantime tried to focus on his own flying in the meantime, leading a few raiders on a merry goose chase. Using the fire of the ships between them to pick them off by either friendly or hostile fire. His own weapons firing when able.

When he could he replied to Tessa and Miles "Confirmed! Don't linger too long at the Ta'rom, I get a feeling you'll be drawing attention to yourselves with that stunt. Regroup after your run at marked location Delta." He, flicked a RV point ahead of where they were heading, figuring the Theurgy would have to get out of this situation, Delta would be the point where they would link up with their ship.

"Salvo, Neko, focus on defending Theurgy's six. I'll be assisting. We'll be using new trained flight tactics Zero-Alpha-Lima-Four. Confirm." he told Daniel and K'Ren while his ship plummeted through the debris of one of the Klingon ships. The shields enduring yet the paintjob getting a scratch regardless. His pursuers dissuaded from following, the hunters became the hunted as he locked on to them and chased them down relentlessly while they were seemingly converging on Miles and Tessa.

"Henshaw, I got two birds doing an attack run on the Ta'rom and the rest of us our attempting to keep your rear less hot. Would gladly take highlighted targets that need to be dealt with first. Besides that, I think we're all enjoying the light show really. Razor out." He grinned, seeing the humor in the life or death situation. His phasers opened up and dealt with the last fighters before he barrel rolled and arched his ship back to the Theurgy with maximum thrusters.
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Wolf-04 [Goldeneye] Valkryrie | Space ] Attn: @Nolan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan @BZ [Show/Hide]

Blasts were impacting all around Tessa as she flew in for a strike on the Ta'rom. The voice of Razor could be heard on the comms as she made her flyby unleashing a barrage of phaser cannons before she turned away. Standard phaser arrays lighting up the sections previously fired upon. "Aye sir. I've let loose on 'em. Their port side is hot as a half-fucked fox in a forest fire. This is GoldenEye  returning to defend Theurgy."

The blonde woman moved her hands across the consoles as a musician would a piano during an orchestra. The Valkyrie moved with such precision and poise that it narrowly missed the detonations on the ship as she swooped by and away from the Klingon vessel. Although the ship wasn't destroyed, it took a nice little breach in that section of their hull. The explosion took out another Klingon scout vessel that was in pursuit on the heels of Tessa's fighter.

She cocked her head to the side and saw out the side part of the cockpit the erupting Klingon scout. "Holy smokes that was close! But, that'll show them!" Her fist striking the air in a small victory as she completed the circle and headed back into the heat of battle. She could see Salvo and Neko attempting to help Theurgy's six. Debris bumped the small fighter but the deflectors did their job. Thankfully these Valkyries could take a pounding, otherwise, she'd have been a goner a few attacks back.

Thrusters to full, she was on approach and locked on micro torpedoes at the Bird's of Prey firing on the other Wolves. "Hold on guys, GoldenEye is on the job!" Her tongue squeezed out of her lips as she almost squinted as if relying on an old Earth targeting system to fire. Her finger tapped the control and she pulled the trigger as micro-torpedoes erupted on the Klingon ships firing on her comrades. "What was that Klingon phrase? Perhaps today is a good day to die... Well not for me but certainly works for them!"
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Miles Renard, callsign "Iron Fox" | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ] Attn: @Nolan @Pierce @Havenborn @SummerDawn
Carrying twin torpedo launchers with a total of six quantum torpedoes between them, Miles Renard had bared his teeth at the Ta'rom when GoldenEye and he made their attack run. He'd squinted his slitted eyes against the fiery fallout, content that they had delivered enough of a payload to make a difference against that beast of a Klingon ship.

The way back to the RV point Razor had given them proved far more difficult than making their surprise sortie against House Mo'kai's flagship, because they'd essentially made themselves a high priority target. While GoldenEye managed to provide cover fire for the other three Lone Wolves, Iron-Fox ended up covering their six, as four raiders gave pursuit. Miles would have them deterred before they even got their targeting HUDs aligned, as he circled down and ascended towards their trajectory. Even as he came about, stressing the inertial dampeners and making his gut clench down on rising bile, he made a white-knuckled grip around his firing controls - spewing pulse phaser fire against the hard-points they had mounted beneath their over-sized wings.

One of them carried four Vaghn cluster torpedoes, and they lit up like fireworks in the formation of raiders when Miles managed to pierce the shields of that raider. It sent a sole surviving raider scurrying off into the growing debris field of the battle.

"Come on!" he snarled like the were-fox he was, and switched to micro-torpedoes when he engaged with a B'Rel bird of prey that tried to hit him. The staccato reverberations of the micro torpedo launchers in front of the cockpit were like ancient drums, and it marked the time passing like the beat of a Vulpinian battle dance. Feral in the face of rising opposition, in how the Klingons sought to punish the Lone Wolves for their bravery rather than praise them for the glory of their enduring efforts, Iron-Fox danced with them all, to a beat only he heard. The heartbeat of war, which rose to challenge them all... in defiance of the inevitable.

That, being how he was finally caught in the crossfire between two bird of preys that both went after him, and he screamed still as he continued to dance - launching all that he had left in the face of the ship that gave pursuit.

The dreadful Ta'rom on the prowl, and locking on to his fire-emblazoned Valkyrie.

Thea, Miles found himself thinking as the Negh'var ship opened fire, and what vestigal shields he had left were snuffed out. The ETS system was already lost, unresponsive as he tried to engage it. It was as if time stood still, even as his Valkyrie kept firing, catching yet another raider across its cockpit. Odd, how calm he felt, in the last moments. I've protected you this far, Thea. Now, Razor and the wolves that will follow me must carry on.

"Thomas!" he shouted as his cockpit were in tatters, yet with his helmet still intact. "Protect her... protect them... at any cost. Courage is fear..."

Even as his Valkyrie was twisted and the disruptors cut into the ceramic plating of his exosuit, he tried to pull his hand phaser and raise it, eyes peeled on the mighty beasts beyond the wreckage of his warp fighter. His cry was only silenced by embrace of space, and the disruptor banks of three converging Klingon ships.

[ Ensign Liam Herrold | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @jreeves1701 
Finally arriving at the tractor beam controls in the booths at the back of the bay, Liam quickly began to tap on the LCARS screen. The sheer madness of the development in the bay was largely lost on him before then, but the explosion had momentarily distracted him. Focus!

"Locking on... No. Damn, they are fast..." he murmured, swallowing with his forehead beaded by sweat as he belatedly tried to seize the Gorn on the deck. This, with the swivelling tractor beam emitters in the deckhead of the bay. He barely caught on to one of the lizards before they forced themselves into one of the jefferies tubes, which was a tight fit for them and could slow them down, but Liam had to cut his efforts short with stopping the Gorn and re-prioritise. Others were better equipped to handle those. "Ensign Herrold to Security, we have Gorn in boarders on Deck 16! Thea, scan for their lifesigns and relay the findings for interception!"

Saying this, his light blue eyes had landed on the remaining three Klingons in the bay, and he focused his efforts on the female Klingon at the forefront, whom seemed to have left her two co-pilots behind at the mouth of the bay. He locked on to her with the controls, and in the beam which was strong enough to lift and move warp fighters, he stopped her in her tracks. He was about to turn his attention to the other two Klingons, whom were now severely outgunned by Liam's deck crew, but he'd forgotten to separate the targeting input for the different emitters...

...the result being that all of the emitters in the bay had locked on to the Klingon female, and while they all separately were supposed to just keep her from moving, the different energy directions weren't exactly calibrated to a singular point between them. Therefore...

Liam's eyes widened in shock as the Klingon was torn apart in three directions - blood and ichor suspended in the air.

OOC: Awesome! The Theurgy crew now have both Klingon and Gorn to deal with during the battle! Lol! I leave the remaining two Klingons to your discretion, @jreeves1701 !

Lone Wolves, @Cleric_Kyan has not come back to me still, no replies on PMs, emails or DMS, so let's end the story of Miles Renard in Star Trek: Theurgy with a bang.
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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Wolf-04 [Goldeneye] Valkryrie | Space ] Attn: @Nolan @jreeves1701 @Cleric_Kyan @Havenborn @SummerDawn @Auctor Lucan @BZ  [Show/Hide]

The firefight outside her Valkyrie would make most officer's tremble in fear and freeze, but not Tessa and the other Lone Wolves. But a situation was brewing she wasn't prepared for. Although she wasn't as close to Iron Fox, it nonetheless caused an emotion of sadness to strike her as she watched his Valkyrie getting blasted with disruptor fire. She heard his call to Thomas over the comms and knew unfortunately where this was headed.

A shot of disruptors blazed across her nose as she barrel-rolled back towards the Theurgy. A salvo of micro-torpedoes locked onto the vessels that targeted her comrade in arms, a fellow wolve. It was then she saw Iron Fox go out in a blaze of glory as he was blown out of space dealing disabling blows before he too faced the great beyond. Pain hit her as their numbers again fell lower. She cocked her head to the side and watched quickly as it was over within moments.

Micro-torpedoes locked on to the vessels that took her squadron's partner from them. Her hand hit the controls with anger and precision as the Klingons didn't know what was going to hit them until it was too late. Phasers locked after that and she detonated two Birds-of-Prey before she flew through their debris.

"Let's make sure Iron Fox doesn't die in vain! Lone Wolve's, let's give them all we've got!" Tessa yelled into her comm before piloting to cover the others on the Theurgy's aft section. With any luck, they wouldn't be losing anyone else today.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K'Ren, Callsign: Neko | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie "Hellcat" & AC-409 Mark-III Valkyrie ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Nero, @SummerDawn, @Auctor Lucan

As his fighter cleared the bay Daniel got a good look of the situation, dozens of Klingon starships surrounded them, he saw a group of B'rel-class BOPs nearby and marked one of them as his target, once K'Ren formed up with him he'd have her cover him while he lined up a shot with a Hellbore torpedo.  He'd first need to drop the shields but that shouldn't be a problem thanks to the Tetryon cannon that K'Ren's Mark-III was mounting.  Using the secondary fire mode she could quickly strip the B'rel of its shields and then Daniel's Hellbore would finish the hostile craft.  That was how it should work in theory, however Daniel knew that theory and practice didn't always work as intended, hopefully that wouldn't be the case this time.

A moment later Daniel heard K'Ren's voice over the communications channel.  "Copy Neko, I've got a B'rel targeted, light it up with the secondary fire mode with your cannon and then I'll finish it with a Hellbore."  Daniel said as he watched her craft slide up alongside his; her and Knight were all that was left of the Grey Wolves and he'd do whatever he could to keep her safe, he wasn't going to lose her and keep her from returning to her new mate.

K'Ren had barely cleared the bay, linking up with her element leader when he called over the radio he'd found targets for them to hammer. She glanced over her sensor plot, seeing the large numbers of targets, mostly enemies which meant she'd have to be on her toes the entire time. The upside was accidently targeting a friend was that much less likely. Forming up on Salvo she listened as he explained the attack plans. "Roger Salvo, designate the targets and I'll light them up for you. Save some for me tho k? Can't hog all the fun." She knew Havenborn would give her targets to hit with her larger topedos, it was just a matter of thinning out the targets so they could focus the big guns on the capital ships.

Daniel smirked as K'Ren confirmed his orders, as he was about to move into position he got orders from Commander Ravon to take up a defensive position behind the ship and to use one of the new tactics, Zero-Alpha-Lima-Four, which was using allied and hostile debris while flying in a back to back formation.  "Orders confirmed Razor."  Daniel replied.  He switched targets towards one of the B'rels that was located near the aft end of the ship and shared the targeting information with K'Ren, he watched as she painted the target and dropped its shields with her Tetryon Cannon.

Daniel maneuvered his fighter behind the enemy craft, the Klingon pilot onboard the small escort was good but unlike Daniel's Gryphon the B'rel was much larger and not as maneuverable than his smaller fighter.  He had to get in much closer than he preferred because of the Hellbore's shorter target lock range but it didn't take Daniel long for to acquire the target lock once he was in range and a moment later he fire a Hellbore torpedo.  He watched as the torpedo struck the side of the B'rel and for a moment it looked like nothing happened.  A moment later the B'rel exploded debris flying out from all sides.  "Confirmed kill."  Knight said from behind him.  "Salvo to Neko got another target, this one is all yours."  Daniel said as he pulled back to allow K'Ren's fighter to take point

K'Ren had heard the orders come in from Razor as they swapped positions, seemed she was going to be targeting and shooting this time, while still flying through debris. Nothing like a little fun to make the job simpler, she mused to herself. "Salvo, keep debris off my tail. Going in." She locked onto the next B'Rel, matching it's maneuvers, ducking and weaving through the debris of destroyed ships floating near the ship. It was taking much of her concentration to fly between the larger debris, and she heard pings as smaller debris bounced off the hull of her fighter. She took a slightly different approach to her target then Salvo. Using the debris, she weaved in and out, making a targeting lock harder on her craft, occasionally popping out to paint it's aft shields with tetryon cannon. The enemy shields flared but held as she pumped fire into the larger craft.

This was normal enough, the tetryon cannon would take a few strikes to drop a section of the B'Rel's shields, and K'Ren had both her mass drivers and micro-torps ready. It took a couple more hits and the aft shields flared, dropping for a brief window. K'Ren used the advantage and loosed a salvo of microtorpedos into the craft. Several slammed into the edge of the reforming shield but ready, K'Ren got in close, firing off a burst from her mass drivers into the B'Rel's engine. Flare up's came from the impulse engine and K'Ren loosed one final pair of micro-torpedo's into the gap before peeling off. She glanced back, watching the B'Rel erupt, the ship's engines exploding, engulfing the Klingon craft in the split second before the antimatter pods ruptured, completing it's destruction.


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Re: CH06 Battle Log: Loggin’ Into The Danger Zone [D03|1405]
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[ Bekks T'chugh, son  of J'atsat and D'Marass, son of Etroll | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy@Nolan  @Pierce  @Havenborn  @SummerDawn  @Auctor Lucan

The two Klingon warriors stalked their way across the fighter assault bay in an effort to assassinate their commanding officer, Commander Tereth. All looked promising for the two until tractor emitters locked onto her and tore her in asunder. T'chugh felt his stomach turn as he watched the visceral pieces of Tereth plop to the deck. Then noticed that the majority of the female commander's body had actually sprayed in all directions. One of her eyes rested upon his shoulder staring at him in murderous rage. Had she known what they were planning?

T'chugh was about to scream out in a bloodthirsty cry as was Klingon tradition when D'Marass cursed. "Argg, meddling Starfleet.!" In disguised D'Marass flung his opened daqtagh dagger off to the side where it struck someone. T'chugh looked in that direction to see a shortish uninformed combatant slump to the ground.

"Come, only a fool fights in a burning house," D'Marass ordered. "With their master dead, those Gorn are going to kill anything that moves. There is a whole contingent of Klingon warriors on board this ship. This battle may be over but the war continues on. We may be able to join them." D'Marass removed the house markings from his uniform and tossed his weapons to the ground. Raising his hands in the air he whispered a question to T'chungh, "What is that phrase the Earthers always transmitted to our earliest warriors?"

T'chugh was having trouble removing his house markings from his uniform, the clip having snagged on the fabric... "errr, we come in pieces?"

D'Marass rolled his eyes at his less than Klingon companion, clearly, his presence in the House fleet was the result of some political favor. "Hold! We come in peace!"

[ Otheusz "Sparkles of the Grey Scars" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy

"Sparkles" had heard the combat and it called to his pirate heart. His opportunity to stab Klingon hearts had come again. He worked his way across the fighter assault bay were a menacing Gorn was attacking a Starfleet crewman. Hand to hand combat it would be, his specialty. The Gorn were a pirate's dream combatant. He had fantasized about taking one on in hand to hand. And he was delighted to say it was not a disappointment, but in the end it didn't stand a chance. Otheusz thought if anyone object to him stuffing and mounting the head of this one to adorn his trophy case. The reptiles hide would also make for a nice set of leather too. But all that would have to wait because "Sparkles" noticed his next target, a pair of Klingons. With stealth and file, the pirate inched his way toward the two, when unexpectantly. SHIRK

Looking down at his chest, Otheusz saw the hilt of a daqtagh. How? He had been staring at the two the whole time, except for that brief moment when he watched the Klingon female be ripped to shreds. A moment's distraction was all it took. Poetic were his final thoughts as his body slumped to the ground releasing the built-up charge it contained. As the electricity spread across his dying body, it ignited his clothing and the Grey Scar pirate did more than sparkle, he blazed.

[ CPO Sithick | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy

Sithick rolled the female Gorn off of him. She was still alive and he would like to keep her that way. Someone among the Klingons had bred his people war and he needed answers. Perhaps he could get them from her.

"Dontsss killsss. Stunsss butsss notsss killsss. Questionsss weeze hasss."

He stood just in time to watch the female Klingon splatter across the deck. Pieces of her entrails landed on his snout. He could see the disguised in many of his crewmates' eyes, more than one had doubled over heaving as they emptied the contents of their stomachs. Sithick however, licked his lips and savored the taste of fresh meat.

"We come in peace." He heard the words and turned to their source. 

"Peaccce? Youzzz calls thisss peacce?"

"My word, they've trained them too." D'Marass responded.

"Uh, do you know you have a being on fire over there?" T'chugh asked one of the other officers on the deck. "We didn't do that."

A snarl was forming on Sithick's lips as he contemplated his next course of action. Technically Liam was the senior officer in charge but Sithick felt confident that he would be in agreement with the words the Gorn spoke next. "Azzz muchsss eyesss wouldsss likesss toosss eatsss yousss twosss, regulationsss forbidsss itsss. Plusss eyesss wouldsss getsss an upsetsss stomachsss." Pointing to two composed crewmen, Sithick ordered, "Securesss themsss tillsss weezzz cansss placcce themsss insss zee brigsss."

The battle wasn't over, there were feral Gorn roaming the ship and who knows what else beamed aboard while the shields were down.

"Zee restsss of yousss. Clearsss zee hangarsss doorsss. Zee Wolfsss needsss toosss landsss." Sithick knew that before the day was over he would have to plant more flowers in his garden, the question was how many?

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