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Topic: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant (Read 183 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
[ NPCs: Ensigns Inej Avirim, Marjia Ferik, PO1s Varder Ridun, Peter Wildebrandt, Jean Paul Rivard and Crewmen Petra Vansen, Cabrera | Holodeck 01 and 02 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy, Vector 02 ] Attn: @Nolan as Kythalie, @Swift as Kate, @Aharon

OOC: I do apologise in advance for not being able to portray characters: Avirim, Ferik and Varder as their former writers did but they are NPCs now and so usable by all Security PCs until adopted by writers. The rest are actual NPCs.

Under orders from Lieutenant Kingston, Ensign Inej Avirim as Investigations Officer led the available security teams into organising Holodecks 01 and 02 into testing rooms for the Klingons onboard. The floor had a holographic wall dividing the room in two with a corridor leading out with directional lines flashing.

Inej assigned Ferik, Rivard and Cabrera to Holodeck 01 and Varder, Wildebrandt and Vansen to Holodeck 02 as Crowd Control Supervisors, meanwhile Inej will float between the two making sure all was well during the scanning.

While Inej would rather be drinking in the mess hall or hiking, drunk or sober either way works, in the very holodecks they were using but by Lieutenant Kingston's orders holodecks 01 and 02 usage was postponed and hijacked by Security until the Klingons were all scanned.

He watched as the Klingons started to be herded in the only door, clever and since they weren't in a cargo bay the Klingons couldn't use anything as a weapon or 'hide'. Though Inej hadn't heard of a Klingon that would 'hide', it's dishonorable afterall.

Marjia Ferik was by the door watching each Klingon as they entered while Cabrera was on guard outside with a rifle but facing the door while his back to the opposite wall. Jean Rivard was directing the somewhat now disgruntled Klingons inside into a line around the holodeck in order for the Medical staff to scan one at a time and once scanned the Klingons who passed may leave and return to their assigned area escorted by other security officers around the deck.

Inej heard from Kingston that two Doctors and six Nurses will be committed to this little shindig, the Lieutenant however was in the Brig attending a meeting with Nicander and Intelligence officers. Inej would have liked to do some interrogating, hopefully next time.

The Medical staff arrived as the Klingons were still milling about, some very angry, probably were preparing for battle or drinking blood wine or sharing battle stories until they got interrupted by Starfleeters.

Inej had requested that PO2 Kythalie Benual join the team in Holodeck 01 to help keep the Klingons submissive, apparently they were doing this for both the Empire's and the Federation's best interests. Though Inej left all that reasoning to the higher ups to deal with, he had to help Medical find someone in particular. So he went into Investigator mode and watched as much around him as he could, without appearing to be.

[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Holodeck 01 | Deck 8 | "The Sword" Vector 02 USS Theurgy ]

Ayden had arrived after sorting out a few things back at the Brig, hopefully Intelligence will follow the Prisoner protocols and treat Nicander like the living being he is and not some possessed enemy with voided rights. He entered Holodeck 01 and found many Klingons queuing.

The Betazoid nodded to Avirim, as Kingston had told him that the Investigations officer would be in charge, and at the three Nurses, who had tricorders as well, to take up positions after him in a line so they could scan 4 Klingons at the same time.

He left Doctor T'Panu back in Main Sickbay to oversee it and he hoped Doctor Rez was where she needed to be, hopefully the Theurgy may not get into too much battling as their priority was to get to Qo'noS as soon as possible. The rest of the Medical personnel were divided between the 3 Sickbays.

In Holodeck 02, Varder was helping to direct the Klingons into an ordered queue while Wildebrandt watched them all enter at the door. Vansen had her rifle and was standing guard opposite the door with her back to the wall, a few of the male Klingons sizing her up.

Petra wasn't completely sure it was for real or if some were interested in her, she just glared back.

Varder saw the new Chief Surgeon and the new Head Nurse entered with another 2 Nurses enter. The Bajoran man nodded to them in greeting before returning to his keeping the Klingons from getting too riled up.
Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Lieutenant/Dr Ayden Tyre, Chief Medical Officer, (Vector 02 Medical)

Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Sqweloookle @Aharon

Just as so many Doctors before her time had, Kate awaited the dawn of battle with nervousness in her stomach, yet also the steeled determination in mind, ready to provide for the care of the injured, or to alleviate the anguish of those that would die. Casualties were something of a guarantee in instances like that which now face Theurgy, and it was her job to ensure that as few as possible of those wound up listed as Fatalities in the end. But while she and her surgical staff had been at the read since the call to Red-Alert first sounded throughout the ship, other duties soon arose which she could attend to in the narrow frame of time that still needed to elapse before the fighting actually began. A call had come in, seeking members of the Medical Staff to assist with the screening of the High Chancellor's retinue, so as to ferret out the traitor that had masterminded the 'Spearhead Lounge' bombing just two nights prior; a bombing which had claimed the lives of many, and injured many more.

For her part, Kate had spent the better part of two frustratingly difficult days tending to those injured, and as was sometimes the case with her profession, it didn't matter how skillful or attentive she was in her care, people still died.

Confident that her staff was ready to receive those severely wounded which might have demanded emergency surgery, the Chief Surgeon volunteered to assist her Chief Medical Officer with said screening. She was fueled by a vindictive need to play some kind of a role in the saboteur's apprehension. There was of course an acute awareness that her time was limited with regard to such an endeavor; after all her place was in Sickbay, but she knew that her expertise as a skilled surgeon would lend itself to detecting any latent signs of facial reconstruction. With Ensign Janteel stepping in to ensure that any further preparations were seen to, Kate accompanied Vinata, the Ovri Head Nurse and someone whom over the previous three days she had come to both respect as a colleague and count on as a friend. He was as dependable a hand that Kate could rely upon given the sensitive nature of the task they would be involved in, and she was hoping that he would keep her calm and collected during said task, just as he had done during surgery.

"I have a gut feeling that we're not going to like how this whole thing goes." In honesty, Kate wasn't sure if she was referring specifically of the scanning, the pending battle, or both.

The corridors of the ship were bustling with active personnel, as strips of alert lighting continued to pulsate in crimson as if they were the capillaries of the Theurgy, pumping in unison with its heartbeat and though the heart within Kate's own chest seemed to thump a little more frantically than usual, the strangely regular pattern of these lights were very disconcerting. She'd always felt unease when seeing them lit up in the past, and sure that was partly the intended goal, as Red-Alert was meant to ensure that the crew was on their guard, but the oddly calm order to it all that felt so out of place amidst the chaotic nature of battle and war. She hated it. There was nothing calm about this. There was nothing reassuring about any of it. People were going to be dying soon enough. People already had died, and it was Kate's job to be there and sometimes act as steward for those who would pass onto whatever waited for them after the fact. If anything did. But that was the conflict that healers were forced to deal with, because unfortunately change seemed to come far more readily at the behest of torpedoes than they did through words and reason.

"Do the Ovri have spiritual beliefs? Like... umm, a God?" Kate asked nervously as the turbolift came to a halt and opened, a number of armed security personnel emerging as they were going about the business before Kate could step inside. "Deck Eight. Holodeck Two." She commanded, and settled in against the back wall, fiddling with her hands. She knew the question was likely unforeseen from her, but in the moment, Kate needed any kind of pleasant distraction she could attach herself to, and it seemed like a potentially relevant thread to pull on.

"Because if they do... I hope you carry their favor with you." She smiled with apprehension clearly evident in her face, and a look of concern in her tangerine-hued eyes.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy, Vector 02 ] Attn: @Sqweloookle @Swift @Aharon

Kythalie had been assigned to overwatch duty for the Klingons to be screened. She stood in the middle of the Holodeck and idly strolled back and forth as the present Klingon's got scanned. Her uniform for the occasion being the pants version instead of the skirted version. She figured she would be better off like this rather than to give the Klingons any wild ideas. Her eyes were trained to each group as they stepped up. Her hands occupied with the standard issue rifle in case any of them would decide to cause a racket or a fight.

She kept her mental barriers up, especially with Tyre in the room. Inej was in the room too, in fact he was the one in charge of this circus. Kythalie saw him walking around, inspecting yet gave it no further attention as it would otherwise spoil his intention. Her eyes moved back over to Tyre now, walking over to him and coming to a stop besides him. She didn't say anything at first, just checking the loud obnoxious Klingons that stood there. She reminded herself that Jack was for all intents and purposes a greater man than these scoundrels would ever be.

"How are you holding up sir?" she asked to Tyre now eventually, just checking in to see how the fine doctor and his staff would be holding up.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift @Sqweloookle @Nolan

Vinata was tired - the past few days had certainly been full of emotional and physical exhaustion for not only him but much of his fellow crewmates. Medical had been busy seeing to the treatment and follow-up of those involved in the Spearhead Lounge event, but Vinata had been even more preoccupied with assuming his new role as Head Nurse.

He felt as though his fellow nursing staff had taken well to the change in command but also that his physician colleagues were warm to the idea as well. There had been doubts about how the transition may have gone, Vinata now realised how misplaced those doubts had been though.

The Ovri remained at Kate's side, following in tandem, there was slight apprehension as to their task ahead given what had taken place the day before in the Mess Hall. Kate had been there with him and although the situation had been resolved, Vinata had formulated a position of unease around Klingons in general now - for some reason or another he seemed to attract their attention in a sexual manner.

"Let us hope the feelings of your gut are misplaced Kate. Although, my own is certainly sending warning signals." The Ovri clasped his hands behind his back as he transverse the corridors with the Chief Surgeon.

The questions of gods were a complicated one - his culture had many stories and mythologies intertwined into its consciousness. Vinata had briefly studied and compared their religious and spiritual beliefs to those of several different cultures. Modern day Ovri culture seemed to take on a more agnostic approach - but mythos of the stone mother and ice father creators had still fallen upon the ears of Ovri children from the elders.

"Not so much god in a sense. Rather multiple figures, whose stories are intersecting. Personally, I take a more scientific and evolved approach when it comes to that stuff." Vinata shifted his head and looked at Kate as they walked - personally he did not put much weight in the mythology and theology undertones of his society. It all had its place.

Vinata too settled against the back of the turbolift wall, adjacent to his friend. He took in her words and nodded solemnly. "I have to believe that we have come this far Kate. This ship has survived and persevered through every challenge that has come its way thus far, albeit with great costs of life and sacrifice of many." What was it. A slight sense of optimism? And hope? It had been a while since the Ovri had let himself take such a position of thought, but he did truly believe that they would come through this. Somehow.

"We will get through this. Together." The Ovri offered Kate a cheeky smile and chuckle, if only at his own sad attempt at giving some sort of uplifting speech. "Do tell me though, Doctor. Do you have any theologic based ideals which align with your praxis?" He was now curious if Kate practiced some sort of religion or had some deep seeded spirituality. Not that it would change his opinion of her or their friendship in any way. His opinion on Kate was written and sealed. She was a good-shit.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ "Bekas, son of Bragt" | Corridor Holodeck 01 & 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Walking amidst the milling Klingons around him, 'Bekas, son of Bragt' knew a trap when he saw one.

Little had been told about the reason why those remaining of Martok's two hundred companions were to gather in one place, but Rov - as was his real name - had suspicions that they had means of which to single him out. How, he did not know for certain, but he did know that if he were to end Martok's life, he had little time and opportunity left. He'd lost precious time getting medical treatment, caught in the blast of his own detonation on purpose two days past. This, in order to raise him above suspicion, but he had underestimated how fast the Theurgy had almost reached Qo'nos. This, despite how he'd sought to disrupt the chain of command on the Starfleet ship. His thoughts bent on how to escape notice, to somehow fulfil his mission, he knew he had to avoid being trapped inside one of those holodecks up ahead.

Rov glanced down both ends of the corridor...

...and saw Martok standing there next to the turbolifts with his large shadow, the mountain of a Klingon that seldom left his side. The Chancellor was observing the progression of Klingons that walked into the holodecks from a short distance, and Rov knew that he had no time to spare, and had to make his move.

With a disarming smile, he broke out of the throng of Klingons and began to approach this decrepit leader of his people. As he walked there, giving an air of wishing to speak with Martok about something and completely ignoring the asinine Targ that was supposed to protect him, Rov thought back on how he'd once failed to overthrow Martok. Luckily, he'd gotten away, and perhaps it was the will of Kahless that he'd been given this new opportunity instead. Martok had already seen him. He was looking right at him, and yet he had no idea of whom he was facing.

In walking away from the other Klingons, he didn't realise that some of the Starfleeters inside the Holodecks had spotted him through the open doorways. Nor did he care about how the turbolift doors opened not far from Martok and his personal bodyguard. His friendly stare - hiding something rather sinister when it came to intentions - was completely locked on Martok.

"May I have words?" he requested with sharp teeth bared, and his fist covering the means in which he'd kill this plight of his people.

Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre and Present NPCs: Ens. Inej Avirim, Ens. Marjia Ferik, PO1 Jean Paul Rivard and Cwm Cabrera | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy, Vector 02 ] Attn: @Nolan @Auctor Lucan

Luckily he didn't have to speak, Ayden simply gestured for the Klingon who was next to stand in front of him. He didn't have to get too close either as the medical tricorder's detachable sensor's range was about a meter, half a meter was better but Ayden knew the sensor would pick up evidence of alterations. Klingon Intelligence wasn't that advanced with infiltration compared to the Tal Shiar or Starfleet Intelligence. Though with the Infested perhaps providing support in any way was troubling so Ayden took a half a step closer and started waving the sensor slowly about the Klingon.

Of course the Klingon was agitated as a growl came from him, Ayden ignored it as he could sense one of the security officers approach and stand behind him. Once the scan was complete and nothing was out of the ordinary, Ayden gestured for the Klingon to move on. That's when the officer behind spoke up, Ayden made a quick glance over his shoulder, it was Petty Officer Second Class Kythalie Benmual. She asked him how he was holding up, it was nice to have someone ask. He smiled at her. "Thank you for asking," Ayden began, "I'd like this to be over quickly to tell you the truth as I am sure you wish the same." He spoke softly as he stepped back so the two were closer and so could speak privately. "I do wish we could have scanned them all at once but atlas Thea's sensors aren't as precis as medical tricorders are for this purpose."

He could see that Security personnel were moving about and also standing watch at the door as well as out in the corridor as the large door was programmed to remain open. Ayden then turned to Kythalie. "How are you holding up?" He asked but he caught a flare of deeper anger and was looking around for some visual indication of it when he noticed that a Klingon had left the line and was heading away from the holodecks. Unfortunately he couldn't leave his spot but if that was the one they were looking for, he looked at Kythalie again but nodded toward the corridor. He wasn't sure if she had seen the Klingon leave the line or not. "I picked up on something out there, they may be the one we are looking for, could you check?"

Ayden hoped that Kythalie wouldn't go alone, and if it was the target of the screening then this would be over. He wondered if he could somehow get the Klingons to help. Ayden racked his brain to think of what to say, and how to say it. Obviously it had to have dishonour and treachery in it somewhere. The Klingons here were loyal to Martok so maybe making it a matter of proving that loyalty? He had too many thoughts running around but at least he had alerted Security to what he saw, he had no choice but to continue the screening. He got to scanning the next Klingon, a woman this time.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Corridor Holodeck 01 & 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Sqweloookle @Aharon

An honest pragmatic assessment of the situation, no matter how grim was often one of the first signs of a good nurse. Doctors needed to be given an apt understanding of what it was they were facing, and clearly Vinata championed such a tenant as evidenced by how he had responded to Kate's declaration of foreboding over what lay ahead of them. And while she definitely appreciated his honesty, there had been just the faintest withheld desire that the Ovri might have instead placated her in an attempt to disarm her grim concerns.

To say that Kate had found Vinata's species and culture interesting would have been a grave understatement, as with each subsequent interaction she had spent with her Ovri friend, the more intrigued she became by them. She had spent a little time reading through the data entries on his people since they first met, and she had come to the conclusion that they were more than just an aesthetically beautiful people, which they certainly were. Just as she had developed and affinity for Cardassian culture and heritage during her time spent on their home world, Kate likewise now found herself developing one for the Ovri in response to her ongoing friendship with Vinata. So when she posed the faith-oriented question past him, she genuinely registered his response and let it formulate more of her understanding of him, and his people. She noted how tired he had appeared and began to wonder if her own exhaustion was as overtly visible, given she too had seen little rest over the previous few days due to all the calamitous events that had occurred. But despite it all, he proved himself to be the same calm and reassuring presence that she had found him to be. A realization that elicited a gentle smile of appreciation from the blonde surgeon.

"I..." hesitating like a deer caught in headlights once Vinata volleyed the question after answering in his own way, Kate stumbled as she searched the depths of her feelings on the matter. There was a moderate annoyance with herself for not having been prepared for the obvious turn of her posed inquiry, but all that aside she did find the right means to answer eventually. "I suppose I don't. I mean, my mother used to be spiritual. Religious even. And like, I always found that silly because of all the bad that we went through together." Remembering some of the vivid and disturbing things that Kate had witnessed her mother go through, some of which she herself had sadly also been through, Kate literally shook the painful memories from her mind an instant later. "It just... it didn't seem like any God, or at least any good God would allow so much bad to happen to us. So, I guess I decided not to share in her faith or believe. I don't know. Maybe it's more that I just don't want God to exist." Swallowing audibly as she clasped her delicate hands in front of her, she fidgeted a little uneasily. "Like, if God existed, I would hate him. So it's just easier if he doesn't exist. Y'know?" The internal conflict in her was obvious in the way she peered at Vinata with her tangerine-hued eyes, a great deal of internal uncertainty about the subject hidden behind them regardless of her external protestations.

Thankfully, the turbolift came to a halt and opened before the two Medical Officers just a second or so later, allowing her to briefly escape the deeper introspection that she had started. Though she desperately sought to hide from her past, and who she was, the chance to unveil some of that which was hidden felt truly cathartic, and she more than valued the friendly interest that Vinata had expressed in reciprocation.

"That's... umm... a lot of Klingons." She said blankly as she emerged from the turbolift, noting how the corridor that ran between the two adjacent holodecks was packed to the brim with the armored warriors, and a number of Theurgy security personnel. She also wasn't aware of the fact that standing not far from her, was the High Chancellor and his mountain of a personal body guard. It was an intimidating sight to behold for the slender blonde, even if she had managed to prove herself more than capable of dealing with Klingons over the course of the previous two months. It was just in those instances, she had dealt with a few of them here and there, whereas before her and Vinata were dozens of them. Maybe even a hundred or more waiting for their turn to be scanned and cleared of the monstrous crimes being charged against them. With a deep exhale, she ventured forth from the turbolift and tried not to notice any of their glares as she passed by them, as she was sure there was a mixture of intent hidden behind each of them, none of which suited her or her interest.

Judging by the inane grumbling of the congregation, Kate safely assumed that Lieutenant Tyre had already begun the examination in Holodeck 01, having arrived ahead of both her and Vinata some minutes earlier. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Move it!" she aggresively called out before her as she pushed her way through the bramble, careful not to breathe in through her nostrils due to the pungent stench which permeated the corridor. It was going to take time to scan them all for the tell-tale signs of cosmetic alteration, which Kate had plenty of experience with during her career, making her an ideal candidate to partly oversee the process. However, even getting to the entryway to Holodeck 02 was taking a great deal of time as the big boorish warriors milled about absently, oblivious to her attempts to squeeze by them. A few painstaking steps later she nearly tumbled to the carpeted decking as one of the warrior retinue shoved by her on his way toward where she had just come from. Catching herself by grabbing onto the burly arms of one of the other Klingons, once steadied Kate spun around and hollered in anger at the culprit, unaware of who he truly was.

"Hey! Watch it, you jerk!" she glared at him, recognizing that he was about to speak with the High Chancellor just a few feet away, and suddenly she felt as though maybe she shouldn't have called so brashly after someone who had business with Martok.

"You believe that guy?" she asked softly of Vinata.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy, Vector 02 ] Attn: @Sqweloookle  @Swift  @Aharon 

Ayden Tyre seemed relieved to have someone to talk to, if only for a moment. He hoped this would be over soon and Kythalie could share his sentiment in the matter. Whilst she was fully aware that this was her job, nothing quite matched the feeling of angst and caution when standing guard in a room with bulky Klingons. It wasn't that she feared them, yet she knew far too well that this was a powder keg situation. If one went off, he might inspire or rally the others to join. Kythalie was confident she'd be able to hold out against a dozen of them, yet between her current spot and the corridor, there were more than just a dozen of Klingons. They'd tear her apart, limb by limb or far worse.

Her mind pushed the thoughts aside and she strengthened her grip on the rifle she was carrying before looking back at Ayden "We do what we have to do, right doc?" She caught something of a different reaction in the crowd as well and while Ayden seemed to sense it too, the two of them found themselves gazing at the corridor. Benmual wondered what it was, did one Klingon shove into the other accidentally? Were they going to make a scene? It seemed more to it as the one Klingon stepped out of the queue.

Ayden asked Kythalie if she could check out what they both have felt and she nodded "Sure, give me a shout if you need anything else." she answered him, soft almost a murmur as she stepped towards the open doors of the holodeck. Her eyes trained on the subject and her mind focusing on his. Her peripheral vision caught on the Turbolift opening up and seeing two more medical officers make their way through the crowd. One of the women however got nearly run over by the Klingon Kythalie was tailing and the medical officer certainly didn't seem to be holding back verbally.

The Klingons around her already glancing at her and at the Klingon that had broken away from the queue. Kythalie glanced around which security officers were closest, subtly signaling them to take a look at the one guy that broke away. She didn't raise her voice just yet, not wanting to raise any suspicion while she was now in between the lines of the waiting Klingons. They could easily overpower her by sheer force. Slowly she made it to Doctor Foster and placing a hand on her shoulder "You alright doctor?" she asked, calmly, yet far more calculated than just a courtesy question. Her hand squeezed into the shoulder of the doctor, slowly making her file up behind her as she needed her clean line of sight. She hoped Foster would take the hint, the Betazoid's dark irises not even glancing over at her as the Klingon had made it to the Chancellor.

Kythalie waited to see what would happen next, her finger however moving to the trigger of her rifle as she tried to pinpoint what the intentions of this individual was. Was it anger because of having to stand in line, did he disagree with the scanning and decided to speak up to Martok about it? Her body tensed up, feeling something was wrong and she hoped some of the security officers had caught on to what was happening.
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Re: CH06: S [D03|1000] Revealing the Repugnant
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Corridor Holodeck 01 & 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Sqweloookle @Auctor Lucan @Swift @Nolan

Vinata took notice in the change of Kate's body language and hesitation after he had reflected the question of religiosity to her. He was adept at picking up such changes in people, a well fashioned artform in the required interpersonal relations his profession brought with it. Kate's answer seemed to be ever so slightly jumbled, but also personally revealing. It had caused him to immediately wonder about her mentioned mother, but also what exactly had happened to them. Clearly - it had not been pleasant times, as evidenced by the Surgeon's own admission to hating said God if they did exist.

Part of the Ovri desperately wanted to probe more - not only out of curiosity but also of the need to truly get to know his new friend. Perhaps the universe had looked out for them both though, as the turbolift doors opened, the pause needed to move them along to the tasks ahead and also avert Vinata's own desire to ask more exploratory questions.

The corridor was certainly full of Klingon warriors, "Yes... It certainly is..." His own statement was rather grim sounding and in agreement with the physician's observation. The Head Nurse attempted to downplay his own anxiety now, the effects of what had taken place with Krevass still fresh in his mind - he was so distracted however, he took little notice of their proximity to Martock himself, instead his energies went to remaining calm and trying to appear confident. Klingons had a talent for sniffing out fear and weakness - he certainly did not want to give them that power today.

The Ovri followed close behind his friend, who thankfully had taken charge in making their way to Holodeck 02, where they were tasked with their own sets of manual scans. Vinata set a conscious reminder in himself to thank Kate for her efforts. It was a struggle to get as far as they did, despite the Surgeon's determination and forceful way with the Warriors. Their effort was cut even more short when one of them had nearly plowed Kate over.

Vinata glared at the Warrior, and gave the man a look of disapproval. He was thankful one of their security officers had stepped in to assess and check on Kate - a rather beautiful looking woman at that. The Ovri's unimpressed look was replaced with that of gratitude for their colleague's concern, he made sure this was expressed to Kythalie with a warm smile. The whole situation was tense though, given the fact that the three of them certainly stood no chance against any sort of escalation which might lead to a browl.

"Quite rude, if I do say so myself." Vinata muttered this, just loud enough for the three of them to hear. He did not want to be the cause of any more drama amongst their Klingon allies. His attention then moved back to Kate fully, as he noticed the security office had placed a hand on Kate's shoulder and inquired as to her status. His look had certianly echoed the Petty Officer's inquiry.
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[ "Bekas, son of Bragt" | Corridor Holodeck 01 & 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Walking towards his target, Rov knew that the future of all House of the Empire rode on the coming moments, in which he'd bring an end to Martok's chancellery.

In 2379, wearing a different face, he'd led the attempted takeover of the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS. He remembered, as he walked down the corridor, how he contacted the Klingon High Council and demanded that Martok step down as Chancellor and that Empire declared war on the Federation. Worf had thwarted his plans, however, but he had been able to escape. Little had Martok and Worf known, that he had been working with Kopek, son of Nargor, whom had assisted with weapons and security overrides. Since then, he'd been working for Kopek in the shadows. Unbeknownst to Gorka - whom Kopek and Rov claimed to have sided with - they were still of the same mind when it came to the Kithomer accords.

Indeed, for while Gorka might have personal reasons to hate Martok, the new Head of House Mo'Kai did not defy the Chancellor because he wanted war against the Federation. House Mo'Kai had merely provided an opportunity to end Martok, based on his affiliation with a Federation ship filled with Romulan defectors. With Martok gone, Kopek could ensure the Kithomer accords were torn, and the Empire expand into Federation systems. Klingons did not need the Federation, since its insidious ideals would make coming generations soft. The Empire could not loose its traditions because of an ill-advised treaty that kept them from glorious battle and conquest.

Inside Rov's hand rested the pommel of his qutluch, it's blade hidden by his sleeve. It was fitting, in how it was the traditional weapon of Klingon assassins - among which he'd served since the failed attempt of 2379. Honorable assassinations were performed with traditional weapons, unlike the means in which he'd decimated the senior staff aboard the Theurgy.

Rov ignored the way the Security officers shifted their attention towards him, his hatred towards Martok funnelling his thoughts towards his single priority. He did not give the Human female a second glance as he roughly brushed past her. He did not give the exotic alien a look either. His friendly smile was a sharp contrast to his intentions, as he drew closer to the Chancellor and his dolt of a personal guard.

"Chancellor," he began to say, making Martok shift his remaining eye towards him. "I bring news from Qo'noS..."

Three steps to go. Kudesh, the massive yIntagh at Martok's side, was looking at him as well, but he was also watching the rest of the corridor. He would not be quick enough. Rov had killed enough men with his well-practised strike. The guard would be too late. Two steps to go. He could feel how his smile has ossified on his face, like a mask of rigor mortis. One step...

"Gorka, son of Margon, has yet to make it there," he said and raised his left fist in triumph, drawing Martok's remaining eye, along with a glance from Kudesh. A distraction, so that he could produce his qutluch...

...and he rammed it into Martok's torso.

"...yet neither will you, Ha'DIbaH!" he screamed into the Chancellor's stricken face, and stabbed him again, using the deck beneath his feet for leverage. "QI'yaH jay'!"

Kudesh's strike sent him stumbling backwards, and then...

...chaos ensued, in which Rov's mind was reeling in a mix of triumph and pain.

OOC: Obviously, there are a few things to sort out here, lol!

Obviously, Martok needs medical assistance, the manner in which his death could be avoided (see later Sabine mission) to be established, be it due to organ redundancy, armour, or other hologram precautions taken. I leave it up to you guys! The situation in the corridor needs to be handled overall as well, and Rov needs to be caught in the commotion. Don't forget that you have a number of NPCs and Klingons to use in order to build the scene in whatever way you want. I will be writing both Rov and Martok as needed and in reaction to what you all do with the situation at this point! :)

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Corridor Holodeck 01 & 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Valyn had spent the better part of the evening reviewing report after report regarding the tactical situation and status of the Theurgy. Her first night aboard had been busy, but productive. Despite her best efforts though, she still had a lot of catching up to do, and felt like she was drowning in a sense. No matter how much research she'd done en route, none of it prepared her for what she'd read in the reports.

When she arrived at the corridor between the holodecks she was wearing her typical security uniform, complete with trousers. Valyn had never been caught in a Starfleet skirt, and never would be. She had a Pulse Phase Pistol strapped to her hip, and a Type-III Rifle in her arms. Valyn was standing guard down the hall, towards Martok but exactly close to him, her torso moving side to side as she scanned the crowd. She gained the occasional nasty look from a Klingon, likely due to the obvious pointy ears that showed beneath the blonde hair. She was definitely no Vulcan, given the smirk she'd fire back in response to the scowls. Though initially one might mistake her for one, given her lack of cranial ridges typical to her northern brethren.

Tucked beneath her waistband was her knife, which she carried at all times. It was well hidden. The Klingon approaching the Klingon forced her to cease the scanning motion and narrow those slanted eyebrows, the finger that had been pointed across the rifle in the fashion of good Starfleet trigger discipline, wrapped itself around the activation trigger. She looked down once to check the weapon setting, which simply said '2'. When she looked back up her face looked a bit sour. Her cold, irritated gaze turned up to the Klingon man approaching the Chancellor and she looked towards the other security officer nearest her. It took her a moment to decide what to do but after a second she did decide, she didn't have time to just sit and wait after all. "Stay here." It was some crewman that she didn't know, who likely had no idea who the hell she was either so she didn't know if he'd even listen, probably not. She'd hardly met anyone at all.

In any case, she moved forward through the crowd. It wasn't her most well thought out choice. "Make a hole." She barked as she reached forward to try and physically move some of the Klingons out of her way, trying to get towards the Klingon that was cutting through the crowd. He was much faster though. The Klingons seemed to be much happier to move for one of their own than for a Romulan in a Starfleet uniform.

One Klingon saw her and physically stood in front of her, blocking her path, staring down at her. He was taller, and much gruffer looking than her. Clearly a veteran of many battles. Valyn was unperturbed though. "I said." She growled, stepping up to him, "Make a hole." Some other Klingons moved in to observe whatever was going on. Things, and even time seemed to slow for a moment as she quickly surveyed the area around her, doing a quick tactical surveille of the area, how many there were that seemed to be hellbent on stopping her, if they were armed, if she could break through, and if she could diffuse the situation. "Come on, you don't wan-" She started to speak when she heard a scream from up the hallway and all hell broke loose around her.

"Martok!" She simply heard the screams and shouts.

She didn't duck or move in any way, instead she looked around for any other security officers, really hoping that there was some form of backup in the close vicinity. Sure, they were on a Starfleet ship, but they were in a hallway absolutely overloaded with Klingons after all. She looked back to the Klingon blocking her way, and dropped her rifle, letting the strap that kept it close to her body catch it before she swung an elbow at his head to drop him and push straight past him towards the commotion she couldn't see over the heads of a sea of Klingons. She did not got far in the pandemonium. Nor would she, on her own, likely.

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