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Topic: CH02: S [D03|0600] Breakfast and Blood Debt (Read 116 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D03|0600] Breakfast and Blood Debt
[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Sqweloookle
Valyn made her way down the hallways of the Theurgy. She was clearly not familiar with the layout of the ship, having gotten lost more than once on her way to where she wanted to go. First, she went to the wrong deck out of habit, making it ten steps into the hall before realizing what she'd done. Then she'd started walking down the correct deck needing to read every single doorplate to try and find her way. Luckily, she'd taken a PADD with her, eventually deciding to use a map of the ship she'd downloaded to it, in conjunction with asking a science officer which direction she should be heading. Her uniform and appearance were neat and tidy.

It was early. Despite that fact, the Mess Hall was still full to burst with the usual hustle and bustle, and then some given their Klingon guests. The blonde Romulan walked in and pressed past a few of the Klingons, right up to a replicator and shook her head, trying to shake away the haze from a short night's rest. She knew it was going to be a long day. She could feel it in her bones. "Raktajino and an Osul Twist." She paused as the food shimmered into existence on a small tray in front of her. It was missing something. She picked up the tray and then looked between it and the replicator for a moment, thinking it over.

Damn. She thought before she sighed, "Four strips of bacon." The second dish, this one on a small, metallic plate came into existence as well, and she added it to her tray, moving off to find where she wanted to sit. She knew full well she wasn't going to be alone, so she took a seat that was visible, the one right beside the replicator. Sure it was a bit of a busier spot, but it would be hard to miss her. She might not have known what exactly to look for but it would be hard to miss a Romulan. She wouldn't miss anything either. That was a habit that was etched into the fiber of her very soul. Always be on the alert. Always pay attention to one's surroundings. Always be listening.

Once she sat down, she gave the coffee a good counterclockwise stir and let her eyes trail up to a Klingon who was giving her a particularly unpleasant look. She gave him a warm, sarcastic one in response, then waved a few fingers at him. Shortly after, her attention turned to her breakfast alone. She took a bite of the Osul Twist and washed it down with the coffee, letting out a satisfied breath before she leaned back in her chair and started to flip through a PADD. Report after report flashed before her eyes, she'd read as many of them as she could stomach the night before. It was a tedious task that had kept her up way later than she'd have liked to be up, but it needed doing.

Though, the first thing she'd done upon arriving at her quarters that night, was reach out to Lieutenant Kingston and asked if they could meet up for breakfast. If he was the man she was going to be reporting to, even if only for the time being, it didn't hurt to try and get to know him a little. She was happy to meet him in his office for an official report but, breakfast didn't hurt either, did it? She hadn't imagined that at 0600 the mess would be as full of Klingons as it was. She looked up at another of the passing Klingons, this one was nearly as tall as the doorway. Her nose wrinkled as he passed and she covered her face with her coffee, trying to let that smell overcome her instead.

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Re: CH02: S [D03|0600] Breakfast and Blood Debt
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[ Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston | Mess Hall | Deck 13/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon Apologies for the delay.

After the date with Rhys in the Arboretum, Adam had kissed that shy-not so shy sexy man good night as he had an early day. He had fun and he hoped that Rhys had fun, it appeared he did and loved his presents. Adam was glad he could make up for his suddenly leaving Rhys on the Yacht.

Before going to bed Adam had received a message from a Lieutenant Valyn Amarik, who wasn't already a member of the security department. That meant she had arrived on the Klingon cruiser that brought personnel sent by Admiral Anderson. It was good to have some support back at Starfleet Command.

She had requested that they meet for breakfast. Adam had sent back an agreement and pretty much fell into bed moments later, asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. The dream he had was a passionate one to say the least and Adam woke up way before he would have liked. He saw it was 0538, he had to get a move on.

A quick workout and a shower later Adam entered the Mess to find it mostly filled with Klingons and several of the crew. The Klingons kinda smell and Adam's nose was assaulted with it the moment he walked in, though several Klingons know he is the de facto Chief of Security so gave him a little space. Not much but enough.

Adam went to a replicator and got an assortment of breakfast foods as well as a tall glass of milk. He looked around to see where Lieutenant Amarik would be, he hadn't had time to review her service record for what she looked like so he hoped that she knew what he looked like and would grab his attention.
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Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Lieutenant/Dr Ayden Tyre, Chief Medical Officer, (Vector 02 Medical)

Re: CH02: S [D03|0600] Breakfast and Blood Debt
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Sqweloookle
Valyn had taken a quick enough glance at Kingston's file, at least what she had access to. Enough that she got an image of him so that she knew who to look for. She had spent most of the time in the mess hall waiting, looking the crowd over, studying the mass of Klingons mingling with Starfleet officers and one another. She kept her attention bouncing back and forth to the door as it opened and closed with each arrival and departure however, the hiss of the door bringing her eyes straight to it. Several Klingons continued to eye her with suspicion which, she knew wasn't going to stop anytime soon. The history between Romulans and Klingons was too deeply ingrained between their two peoples.

When she finally did see the Lieutenant she picked up her hand and gave him a little wave, pushing the chair opposite of herself out with her foot. "Lieutenant." She called out, speaking in her typical English, marked with it's strange human accent. She stood up from where she was sitting and offered a hand out towards him, "Lieutenant Valyn Amarik. Captain Ives told me you were the guy to talk to to get a handle on the state of things around here. I tried working my way through reports last night but, reports only say so much." She gave him a shrug. She spoke with confidence evident in her voice.

She studied him for a moment, trying to get a good handle on how the man carried himself. How his uniform was maintained. How his hair was cut. Valyn was well used to trying to read people, and taking every aspect of that read into building a solid impression of them. Her previous line of work had required her to be able to put together information a bit differently than most.  Every detail counted so far as she was concerned.

As for her own uniform, it was neatly pressed, and her boots were freshly polished. Her hair was neatly cut and tucked back behind her ears. Her ears made her stick out a bit like a sore thumb against the far more numerous humans and Klingons around her, with a faint spattering of other aliens mixed into the bunch. She lacked the cranial ridges that other Romulans had, which might have made her come across as a Vulcan, if not for her obvious shows of emotion.

"I was with the Romulans up until the end of the Dominion War, then I came to Starfleet. Served on the Enterprise after the Academy until the Battle at the Rift and then was assigned to One-Fifty-Seven." She gave him a very brief overview of her service docket within Starfleet, but had intentionally left her service with the Romulans vague. That wasn't a road she was going to go down, nor one that she shared with just anyone. She finally took a seat and made herself a bit more comfortable before taking a long drink from her Raktajino, her eyes looking at the Osul Twist for a moment before the shifted back to her fellow officer.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw another group of Klingons enter the already busy mess hall.

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