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Topic: CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest (Read 83 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest
[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Atten: @Auctor Lucan

Another usual day upon the Theurgy... Usual being a relative term of course; even when the ship was in relative safety or going along its journey to avoid the Federation and find a way to restore it back to its normal state; something or other was happening onboard and it usually was a commotion or a general sense of unrest. That is why the Botanical Expert cherished every minute she could with doing her routine assignments and work, it didn't just make the crew happy when they received fresh fruits and vegetables for their meals, it also kept her happy and more importantly - stable. At present she was going through the task of ensuring the flowers and trees within the arboretum had not developed any irregular patterns of growth or somehow obtained disease. This place was a small sanctuary in of its own right, a place where everyone onboard could come and take time to unwind or focus on heavy thoughts in a peaceful environment, only further enriched by the holographic birds from various worlds that sung and fluttered around the large space. She sits back on her knees and wipes her brow, observing one of the new plants she had just placed within the soil and then she takes a obligatory Tricorder scan of it to ensure the plant is in good health. Once this was done, Cir'Cie would let out a soft exhale and close her eyes to take in the artificial yet extremely convincing 'natural' air that could be found within the Arbetorum, choosing to take a moment to try and relax herself.

Only Cir'Cie's mind was naturally restless, aside from pondering about what other duties she had to conduct for the remaining hours of the day, she also found herself re-calling the information she had recently heard upon regarding what happened with Liam Herrold and Eun Sae Ji, granted it had happened almost a month ago now - but with how her own impulses had been lately becoming erratic resulting her taking additional counseling sessions with Lieutenant Stellan, and how Herrold had to face the very same thing being that changed her life...a plant with distinct purple adornments - bent on forceful reproduction through the distribution of a virus. It made her relaxed state quickly change to one of dread with the tingling sensation of subtle arousal, almost longing. She would roll her sleeve up and look upon the tattoo that he had given her, Poison Ivy. Fitting given how determined and tenacious the plant was, simple yet highly herself.

Slowly; Cir'Cie would stand and exhale to herself as she re-considered the decision she was about to take, if only for a brief second. She had been avoiding the company of men for quite some time now and had only been in the presence of Lieutenant Frank Arnold and Lieutenant Commander Andrew Fisher because her assignments had demanded it. But if she was going to make any real progress with her internal struggle - she knew she would have to go out and speak to someone of the opposite sex...on her own accord. And despite how gorgeous the young Chief of Deck was, she argued that he might be in a time of emotional crisis or just perhaps...might want some company. With reluctance, she taps her combadge and then says. "Thea, please locate Liam Herrold for me."  'Ensign Herrold is currently in his quarters; Deck 11, Vector 1'. "Thank you Thea." she would reply out of habitual politeness that had been taught to her when she was still a girl on Vulcan.

Taking a moment to brush down her knees and sure she was clean and looked respectable, she would then adjust her shirt to make it more seamless in appearance while letting it hug her chest some more and than proceeded to venture through the corridors of the Theurgy, using directional aids when and where needed, occasionally nodding respectfully or greeting fellow crew members who passed her by before she would ultimately reach one of the many turbolifts on the impressive vessel. "Deck 11" was her only statement as she took her position within the turbolift, placing her hands behind her back and just above her posterior as she decided to take this moment to calm herself - the pulsing shift of the lights and sound of the turbolifts motion aiding her breathing until finally the lift stopped and the doors shifted open. Once she had navigated her way through the remaining corridors she found herself stood before the doors to the new quarters Herrold was residing in. With a moment of pause to consider if this was the right thing to do, if it was worth checking on Herrold after their last meeting was both long ago and fairly awkward.

Her final decision was yes as she shook her head in a way to convey self-scolding and she then adamantly chimed the bell to the quarters, awaiting a response, stepping back and bracing herself.
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Re: CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia 
Alpha shift was over, and Liam Herrold had returned to his quarters. All warp fighters had been accounted for, and the remaining personnel in the Fighter Bay were working on equipment and engine maintenance. There were no patrols underway by Tactical CONN given the extraordinary fact that Thea was currently travelling at some insane Savi-engineered velocity into Klingon space, and no warp fighters would have been able to keep up. Therefore, despite the scuttlebutt about what had happened on Earth, Liam had found that he'd actually been able to leave the bay after alpha shift. Weary, hungry, and sore from the physically tasking duties in the Fighter Bay, he's entered his empty quarters.

That they were empty was a harsh reminder that Eun Sae Ji and he remained estranged after that anyonic emission failure in the transporter room. Even more, presently, she wasn't even aboard the ship either, having volunteered to go on a mission on the Allegiant. Despite his attempts to mend things, to build some kind of bridge across the damaged caused by the Niga-infected Doctor that they had encountered aboard the parallel universe Theurgy, Ji had been avoiding him still. She wouldn't talk to him, explain what had happened between her and the present-reality Doctor, and she'd been forced to hear from Security that there were - indeed - recordings of Ji visiting the Brig and Doctor Nicander. Why wouldn't she tell him what had happened? He knew in his heart that unless she'd stopped feeling anything for him, he would forgive her. At least, if she wanted to be with the Doctor instead, they'd be able to be friends, not the kind of strangers they'd ended up as now.

Of course, he could understand if she felt ashamed, feeling that she should have told him about her past and present with the Doctor. In fact, he knew other men would feel completely crushed, jealous and heartbroken over being betrayed, but who was he to judge the nature of her heart? He believed himself a man of high morale and ethical standard, forgiving instead of spiteful, for he had learned to be more than the arrogant you man he´d been before the Resolve was lost for 3 years. He'd learned a lot about being a good person during the strife and hardship on the Resolve, so what hurt the most with Ji was the silence, and the manner in which she shut him out, so that they couldn't figure something out.

Sighing, still not giving into the grief and loss of Ji, not just as a girlfriend but a friend - all because of that scientist that made the Niga virus - Liam shed his jumpsuit and his undershirt, along with his underwear and socks, so that he could shower of the sweat and grime of the day. While he rinsed himself with water instead of sonic waves, making sure to get the dirt under his nails as well, his thoughts lingered on Lieutenant Zephyr Praise, whom had been freed from the brig even though she'd been the one to create that virus. Since that event, in which he'd lost Ji, he harboured a deep distrust towards scientists, thinking that they might all be so careless and irresponsible in their work. He couldn't fathom how the woman had been exonerated, and it was an aspect of it all that made it difficult for him to uphold the moral standards that he held himself too, finding himself bitter and resentful when it came to that woman. After all, wasn't just Ji and him who'd suffered from her creation, but almost all of the original Theurgy crew...

He'd just finished his shower and was about to replicate himself a lonesome meal when there was a chime coming from his door. He had no idea whom it might be, but he quickly tossed his towel aside so that he might hastily don a pair of denim trousers and a white t-shirt, not wanting to keep whomever had come waiting. "Enter," he said, and stepped barefoot towards the front of his quarters.

"Ensign Cir'Cie?" he said after the sliding doors parted, remembering her from before the insanity with the Savi, the Asurians and the Klingons. Not to mention the Borg and the month spent at Aldea. Last he'd seen her, they'd been in his old NCO quarters. It has been a strange encounter. [Show/Hide]
"Is there anything amiss?" he asked, wondering why she had come to him. "Please, come in."

Re: CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 01 USS Theurgy ] Atten: @Auctor Lucan

Cir'Cie's eyes would briefly skim over Herrod's unusually casual 21st century vibe giving outfit and then look at him with her piercing green eyes before distinctly raising an eyebrow as if to say 'curious attire'. Slowly; she'd walk into his quarters with silence - her slender legs swaying and her toned yet svelte posture doing the same. Any attention to her lovely figure however would be quickly cancelled as she would turn on the spot to face him, placing her hands together before softly stating. "Amiss? Hard to say these days... Though I would say nearly everyone onboard this ship is...missing something."

Realizing her statement was vague and not entirely appropriate, she shakes her head. "I'm fine, currently. If anything, I came here to see how you were doing... It has been a long time since we last spoke, and I just figured I would check up on you...if that isn't an issue. If it is, I suppose I will have to use my tattoo as a reason to speak to you." she rolls her sleeve up and looks over the detailed Ivy Plant that Herrod had bestowed upon her before continuing with. "I've been thinking about having it removed...or modified. I'm unsure as of yet.".  as she moved to take a seat and she folded one leg over the other - Liam could see that Cir'Cie's mannerisms had changed in the time since they had last spoke, or at least that is how it appeared. She wasn't being direct or overly wordy yet the expressions she carried upon her face seemed more emotive. Was she simply hiding behind a stoic facade last time...or was something on her mind right now?

Glancing upon him she offers a very faint smile before saying "Your own tattoos...or markings as I called them before. That was the catalyst for our last conversation" her smile widened slightly before she reined it and took a moment to compose herself "among the other things we discussed...I called you presumptuous..and you even suggested I thought you were a convict.. It may not have seemed it, but it was a pleasant interaction."

Now that she had taken a moment to vent her nerves in the form of reminiscent talking, she let out a soft exhale and gazed at Liam intently and just allowed the silence to continue for a moment, the distinct humming of the Theurgy's ventilation system helping her to gain control over her nerves. She reminded herself of Stellan's counseling and once she felt capable of speaking again she would break the silence with. "But yes... a social visit. I realize I might not be the best for casual conversation - but you were patient and kind with me - I had hope to extend the same courtesy, if you would like it." once again Cir'Cie's eyes traced over Liam's 'strange' outfit. She had not seen simple denim jeans before, particularly since the people of Vulcan enjoyed robes and dresses, and many of the people in Starfleet wore uniforms or in some cases - specialist overalls. To see such a dated style of clothing before her that she had never seen before piqued her curiosity far more than she thought it would have.
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Re: CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest
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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia 
Well, Liam did feel  like he was missing something all right. Why had it felt like it was his fault when Ji left on her mission? it wasn't he who'd made her go, much less gone to the Brig to stir up old flames with one of the Infested, so why did it feel like he'd done something wrong? Why was he given the silent treatment by Ji? Was she so ashamed of what she'd done that she wouldn't even let him comfort her in the wake of what had been done to her beyond the anyonic phase variance?

Was the Vulcan scientist saying outright that she might use her tattoo as a pretext to talk to him? Again, Liam felt like he'd missed something, and he blinked as he looked at the other Ensign and listened to her. If she said outright that it was a pretext, then surely he should count on her actually having come to check up on him, being genuinely interested in his well-being? Logical creatures as the Vulcans were, he supposed that would make sense for her. She's... smiling? She never smiled when we spoke last, did she?

It was all very confusing, yet he made a point not to stare overtly on her figure before she'd seated herself, even if it was rather difficult not to do so. He didn't want to cause offence. Cir'Cie, on her end, didn't seem to have any compunction about staring at his denim trousers, however, and if he didn't know better, he'd say she had tricorder-eyes and could see how he'd not had the time to don any underwear. He scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat a bit, suddenly rather self-conscious about what she could potentially see in the outline of his garments. A social visit? So, she wish to talk, as if she's concerned about me? Is that why she's using the tattoo has an excuse for it?

"I... would like it," he said in the end, chuckling since he didn't know what else to make of the situation. "Thank you, for wanting to talk, especially since you don't think it's one of your strengths."

Why would she think I needed to talk with someone? Did she hear about the incident in the transporter room? Liam was still trying to piece things together when he stepped to the replicator.

"Do you want anything?" he asked, and if she made a request, he'd bring it to her. For himself, he asked for coffee, and brought the UFP-emblazoned mug with him to the sitting area of his quarters, where Cir'Cie was at. He sat down in the corner couch, putting the coffee on the table along with anything she might want, and he looked at his impromptu guest as if she was a riddle that had come to visit him at the end of the alpha shift. She did say their last 'interaction' had been pleasant, so he didn't feel like he had to change his behaviour for her sake either.

"I... might be guessing here, and I am not the sharpest when it comes to understanding people. In fact, there is a clear reason I am better with tools and machinery than with people." He caught himself looking at how the lights of their QSD travel filtered over her feminine frame, and he had to avert his eyes so that he might not seem impolite. He really didn't have any intention to offend the Vulcan. She was likely stronger than him anyway, and more versed in martial arts, for that matter. He didn't know the first thing about how to defend himself. Not beyond the basic hand-to-hand training they all got at Starfleet. "In any case, am suppose you're here because of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, before we'd left Aldea?"

A qualified guess, at least, for he had the distinct idea her tattoo had naught to do with her visit.

Re: CH02: S [D01|1930] A Reconvened Interest
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 01 USS Theurgy ] Atten: @Auctor Lucan

Sensing that her smile had made him somewhat uncomfortable - she realized that she was letting her eagerness to try and prove to herself that she could handle herself around men - without the need for self scolding, calming techniques or call backs onto Stellan's words or even Surak's teachings. Slowly, Cir'Cie would stand and slowly she would approach the Replicator, her legs swaying with a grace only highlighted by the patterns of the QSD's light flickering over her frame. Pressing a few buttons on the Replicator's LCARS she made herself a cup of Vulcan Spice Tea and took hold of it to enjoy the warmth flowing the cup into her hands, after which she took a step forward and consumed a gulp of the substance within the cup, her jade green eyes meeting Liam's as she did this.

Taking a moment to process his words in silence only added to the awkwardness of her social interaction - though her silence could also be interpreted as methodical that when combined with her youthful and near 'Elvish' looking appearance gave her a strong aura of influence - especially with her piercing eyes. Finally she exhaled to signify she was about to speak.

"Yes, I had heard about what had happened...and I fully understand what you have gone through. I understand if you do not wish to discuss it; it was some time ago. And while time does eventually heal all wounds...or so the Human adage says; sometimes it doesn't heal fast enough" turning away, she moves over to one of the seats where she carefully sits down and then promptly folds one leg over the other, looking at Liam once more, without realizing it she had chosen to sit in rather close proximity to the young Ensign and it was only when she noted how his shirt hugged his frame that she realized she was playing a risky a game as a light blush would come to her cheeks, a noticeable green tinge against her lightly bronzed skinned cheeks.

"Tools over people though. That is a sentiment I can fully relate too. Unfortunately, the crew onboard this fine vessel is all we really have to help us get through this bitter trek that none of us asked for." a slight scowl appears on her face momentarily before fading back to a neutral expression and she would softly exhale through her nostrils before continuing. "I apologize...I just don't like the irony of it all sometimes. We're on the most advanced starship Starfleet has ever created and yet we are; at times...powerless. I try to get by each day knowing my work helps the people onboard this ship...but sometimes I just want to go home. Do you ever feel that way? Do you miss home?"

She would turn to gaze out the window, her eyes skimming over the 'patterns' she could see in the trails of the Quantum Stream the Theurgy was gracefully pushing through. "An illogical thought I suppose, given the current state of affairs. But enough of what I think. I said I came here to talk to offer you my company - should you want it." Given that she was gazing out the window now and not looking at him, he could take note of how the tattoo upon her wrist was partly exposed due to her sleeves being slightly rolled back from her work within the Arboretum. The Hedera Helix as she called it, had settled into her skin rather well and was visibly very detailed and smooth in its appearance, a fine example of his work. Though if he looked carefully, he could see Cir'Cie had drawn faint purple markers in vine like patterns emanating from certain parts of the Ivy's stem...evidently a certain plant had been on her mind, just as it had been on his.
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