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Topic: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer (Read 5473 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Bridge | Deck 01 | IKS Kajunpak't ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"Jordan you miserable Targ lover! Get up to the bridge. We are approaching your ship." An old family friend's voice blared over the com.

"On my way you old drunk fool." Jordan responded playfully. Captain Kahmar. Ever the joker. It was odd though that they had caught up already. Koilos had expected not to transfer until they reached Qo'noS. The human closed the open files on his PADD, secured it in his bag along with any remaining personal items left out, and stretched. Klingon beds were honestly trash. Might as well have been sleeping on the floor, and after spending a few days doing so, the human was a little stiff. His spine popped a couple of times while he twisted, like a blessed little series of explosions that had his back feeling better. Rolling his shoulders, he walked to the table, picking up his phaser and holstering it on his hip, and hanging the Dk'tahg he'd been loaned on the other. He had no need to fear his hosts but on a Klingon ship, things could go south really fast. The race practically thrived on their base emotions. Advantages and disadvantages. The dk'tahg, belonging to house Mo'Kai was to help him "fit in" and "so the crew will leave you alone" as Kahmar had put it. Crude, but it had proven to be true. While some of the other passengers had been harassed by a bored crew, for the most part, Koilos had been left to his own devices. Small favors.

Content, he left the sanctuary of his quarters, traveling the sparsely populated corridors as he made the short trip to the bridge. The guard at the door grunted at him, but did not stand in his way as he passed. Confidently Jordan walked onto the bridge, checking a few of the displays near the back of the room as he passed some of the officers. 2143 hours. Ship status stable. On the main screen, the massive multivector dreadnought USS Theurgy was traveling at warp just head of them and a little to port. One week ago today, Admiral Anderson had revealed the true nature of the "highjacked" starship situation. He'd studied the available info like he had been studying for finals at the Academy. 1145 meters long, 32 decks. Crew Compliment of 980 persons, Standard Cruising Speed of 7.5 and Maximum of 9.2, Max speed 9.995. 29 Type XII Pulse Phaser Arrays, 14 Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launchers and even two Integrated Torpedo Pod Systems for broadsiding. Without a doubt one of the most heavily armed starships to ever traverse the stars. She was a beast of a ship, a battle group unto herself, and while she was the prototype, more were planning to be built. An intimidating thought.

Yet admiring her design wasn't going to get them anywhere. the handoff was going ot have to happen at some point and their host would probably rather be rid of his guests at this point. "Captain." He greeted respectfully as we walked up, giving Kahmar warning that he was approaching his chair from out of view.

The captain didn't turn, instead keeping his eyes locked on the screen but tilting his head in the direction of Jordan's voice. "Your ship is only traveling at Warp 6. For trying to get to Qo'noS they aren't in much of a rush. Unknown as to why." His voice was curious.

"Odd. Theurgy underwent a full maintenance and repair cycle while docked at Aldea. They should have no problem maintaining higher warp speeds. If not, how did they get so far out here so fast?" The former Borg ran through the various possibilities in his head. Had they somehow upgraded Theurgy's engines at Aldea? No data was available to that effect. Had they acquired a transwarp coil at some point? Possibly. It would account for their distance and if it damaged their warp engines from the strain it would explain their lack of maximum velocity. Some sort of unknown wormhole? No. That would be too hard to hide. Some technology the Klingons had that the Federation didn't know about? No. Kahmar would have said something. 

"Another curious question. We are cloaked and are entering transporter range. I assume you'd like to do the honors of hailing them?" Kahmar was a member of Klingon Intelligence which given the covert nature of this transport, meant he was probably right about Jordan speaking first. An unknown Klingon making contact out of nowhere was bound to make the crew a little jumpy especially since they were responsible for the Chancellor's safety.

"Given the current state of the empire, it would probably be for the best. With how close we already are under cloak, it will be a surprise. Best to limit the amount of startling we do. Thank you." The Captain merely grunted in response. Jordan stepped forward, standing just in front of and to the left of his chair.

The spy took a deep breath, turning his attention to the Communications officer. "Open a tight beam channel to the Theurgy." The officer nodded back a mere moment later, tapping keys without even looking. Nodding back, he turned to look at the viewscreen again. "This is the IKS Kajunpak't to the USS Theurgy. We are not hostile. Please respond."
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[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer | USS Theurgy ] [Show/Hide]

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
The hour was turning late, but with the numerous away missions underway within Klingon space - all due to be finished before they made the next leap via quantum slipstream - Jien had made his way to the Mission Ops table at the back of the bridge. It was usually manned by Commander Ducote, but with his survival unsure - kept in stasis as he was - Jien had felt the personal responsibility to oversee the progress. He couldn't expect Cameron Henshaw to attend the holo-table at all hours either, so he stood there, staring at the symbols and the information that was being updated in real time. The table didn't show just the away mission either, since with the loss of Kai Akoni, Jien had also asked to see the Security feed shown on a representation of Thea's three Vectors as well.

Jien had yet to hear from Lieutenant Kingston if they had any new leads on whom the bomber had been either, but the investigation was underway. It was obvious, of course, who stood to gain by the targeted bombing, but not so much whom of all the remaining Klingons aboard actually held a loyalty towards Gorka instead of Chancellor Martok.

"Captain! We have an incoming hail. Klingon signature," said Yvette Conway at the Ops station, next to Derik Veradin.

"Patch it though," said Jien, stepping away from the holo table in the back and coming to stand next to his chair.

[This is the IKS Kajunpak't to the USS Theurgy. We are not hostile. Please respond.]

On the viewscreen, a Klingon bridge could be seen, and standing there was a seemingly human officer in Starfleet uniform, carrying both a phaser and a Klingon blade at the hip. Jien gave the faces on the screen a once-over before reaching down to the armrest on his chair, summoning the information he needed on the Kajunpak't. As he did, he raised his voice, and stepped down to stand next to his helmsman.

"This is Captain Jien Ives of the Federation starship Theurgy," he said, noting how the intel from Zyrao Natauna he summoned to the edge of the screen marked the Kajunpak't as part of the Martok Loyalist faction, and not having claimed any affiliation with the rebelling Gorka fleet. "Please identify yourself."

He directed himself in particular to the Starfleet officer, of course, but it was obvious that the Klingon captain was right there on the bridge as well.

OOC: I think it would be prudent with some agreed-upon exchange of code-words at this point, right? Just so that Ives knows Koilos and additional crew has been sent by Anderson. Feel free to make shit up though and I will do so in kind. :)

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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Bridge | Deck 01 | IKS Kajunpak't ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Apparently, the message about more officers to come after the Vor'Nak had gotten lost somewhere along the way. Or perhaps the good Captain was just being extra cautious. Either way. "Identity Code Obsidian-4-9-Delta-2-Whiskey"

The spy waited patiently until the response was given. Protocol and proper identity codes would certainly help. Least for the moment we aren't being fired upon. Looks like your Dossier is accurate so far...

"Apologies for sneaking up on you Captain Jien, but the Admiral insisted we reach Theurgy as quickly as possible. Less worries of being slowed down if nobody knows where we are. I am Lieutenant Jordan Koilos and this is Captain Kahmar." He purposefully avoided using Anderson's name. In his world, names could get you killed in minutes. It felt.....odd to be using his actual name in the open. Old habits died hard indeed. "I and ten other officers were unable to make it aboard the Vor'Nak before it left Kayvok to rendezvous with you at Aldea. Alternative travel was arranged, though we didn't expect to catch up with you until we reached Qo'noS" He left the unanswered question unsaid. If there was reason they were traveling so slow, the former Borg would find out soon enough. Until then, he'd be patient and keep his ears open.

"Time is of the essence to get the Chancellor to his homeworld. We lose precious amounts of it if we slow to impulse. With your permission Captain, we will begin beaming over your new crewmembers while maintaining warp. We've matched your course and speed precisely and I've already taken the liberty of enhancing the Kajunpak't's transporters to accomplish the task. May we proceed?"

Kahmar was oddly quiet while Jordan spoke. No quips, no comments, not even a grunt. For a Klingon, that was practically unheard of. That being said, he was a friend of his mother so he didn't know him as well as he probably should. He made a mental note to do a deeper dive into the available data once he was settled in. He might have need of his services again. But the more prevalent interest was in the Captain hirself. (S)he was in his male form, and even without having ever met the Chameloid, Jordan saw hints that he was under stress.

Seemed the situation on Theurgy was far from status quo. 
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[ Lt JG Derik Veradin | Acting Chief CONN Officer | USS Theurgy ] [Show/Hide]
[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer | USS Theurgy ] [Show/Hide]

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
Upon hearing the identity code, Jien glanced towards the deckhead. "Thea?"

[A moment, Captain,] she said over intercom, understanding the unvoiced query, which was a clear sign on how advanced Thea had become as well as how much Jien and his crew had come to depend on her. With access granted, the information Jien needed appeared on the edge of the screen and a faint smile came to his Asian features.

"Verification Seven-Three-Beta-Four-Kilo," he said in response, inclining his head in answer to the introduction. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lieutenant Koilos and Captain Kahmar. You've caught us running a maintenance cycle, though if I believed in fate, I would have said it was meant to be since you could now reach us before Qo'nos instead."

It was fortunate that the small Klingon ship had been fitted with the technology needed for mid-warp transportation, and it settled the matter before it even came into question. Jien put his hand on Derik's shoulder and leaned down. "After you've locked trajectory and warp factor, take the conn, and tell the new helmsman to not make any sudden adjustments."

Straightening, Jien addressed the gentlemen on the viewscreen. "I will meet you in Transporter Room 01, Lieutenant, along with the others." He then glanced towards the Klingon. "Thank you for bringing these officers our way, Captain Kahmar, and it might just be we'll fight side by side over the First City, should Gorka, son of Margon, not have the sense to stand down before then. Ives, out."

There would be an anyon particle sweep made automatically in the buffer of the transporter room, but unless either of the new officers were an Infested, they would not notice any difference. Jien stepped off the bridge and left it to Veradin, heading down the turbolift to carve out some time for these new faces aboard Thea.

He would have to do it himself, instead of having Ducote next to him. Stark had enough on her plate as it were at that hour, since being Acting Executive Officer as well as Chief of Operations meant a lot less hours to spend for sudden development.

By the time the new officers came aboard, Jien would be there to receive them in person. Better yet, he would be able to take stock of whom they were, and why Anderson had hand-picked them.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt JG Derik Veradin | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"After you've locked trajectory and warp factor, take the conn, and tell the new helmsman to not make any sudden adjustments."

"Aye sir." Derik responded. His fingers danced across console, securing the current settings for the ship and ensuring that the ship would not deviate. After which he stood from station, another crewman coming up to replace him immediately, just as a well-oiled crew should. He whispered into the Andorian's ear, passing on the Captain's instructions as Jien left the bridge.

Before him was now the Captain's chair, to which the Trill admittedly hesitated moving towards. Sure, the Captain had instructed him to take the conn, but never had the young officer ever sat in the command chair. It was imposing in a weird way. The power, the responsibility, the sense of duty emanating off the inanimate object was almost palpable. Yet staring at the chair was not going to impress anyone, nor would it bolster any confidence Jien had in him.

Thusly, with guarded deep breath, Veradin approached the chair, turned, and sat. It felt like he was going to be swallowed whole by the thing. Gratefully said moment passed and the Trill straightened. "Steady as she goes." He spoke, his first "order" given. It needn't be spoken but it felt good to say it none the less.

Holy Fuck this chair is comfortable.

[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Captain Kahmar grunted, the viewscreen returning to the sight of the Theurgy and a rush of colors of warp.  "I guess my duties as Taxi Service has come to an end." He commented dryly. No doubt the man was secretly happy to rid of his cargo and return to his actual duties. Jordan couldn't blame him. His sense of duty was just as strong as Koilos'. Being a "bus driver" wasn't exactly in their job description.

Jordan turned, patting the family friend on the shoulder as he pass. "Thank you for all your help Captain. We appreciate you going out of your way and lending us the use of your vessel." He began walking to the bridge entrance,

"Tell that mother of yours she owes me those three bottles of Blood Wine!" The Klingon called out to him without turning.

Jordan was already walking down the hall. "Already in your cargo hold Kahmar! Six bottles of 2309!" Koilos yelled back so that his voice would carry. He'd brought extra as a sign of his own gratitude. He could hear the Captain laughing extatically even as the heavy doors slammed shut. The human walked down the halls, returning to his temporary quarters. There he retrieved his bag, took a second to check around the room for anything he'd missed, and left. Taking a second on his way to the transporter room to stop by Kahmar's quarters, Jordan returned the Dk'tahg he'd been loaned, setting it respectfully on the man's desk. They were weapons of honor and taking one without it being given to you was extremely disrespectful. Not a bridge Koilos wanted to burn.

When he finally made it to the transporter room a few minutes later, most of the other Federation officers were already there, waiting to jump ship. Not one to leave anything to chance, Jordan checked the system one last time before giving the Klingon officer the go ahead. He was the first to step aboard the platform, tucking the PADD with their orders under his arm. He deactivated his phaser, powering it down so as not to raise any red flags. When everyone for the first round of transports was in position, he gave the word. "Energize."

Red lights flickered all around him as the outside world blurred for a moment, his body broken down molecule by molecule, transformed into energy, sent across the void between the two ships, and materialized aboard the Federation Dreadnought. After he rematerialized, his Borg ocular implant displayed a curious bit of information. While nobody in transport would have noticed, the process had taken an extra 5.4 seconds to complete. Yet another oddity. He had tuned the transporter himself, with Borg algorithms to decrease the amount of time they were in transport, thus lessening the danger of a malfunction or something else interfering in their transfer.  So why the extra time? He'd have to ask when he had the chance.

Koilos breathed deeply, filling his lungs to capacity and taking a brief scan of the room. Captain Jien was before them in front of the operator booth. An officer was in the booth working the complicated controls while two security officers were flanking their CO on either side. Were they expecting trouble? Regardless, the former Borg pulled the phaser, still secured in its holster, off his belt and offered it to the Security personnel with a soft smile. Greeting the CO while armed was a bad foot to get off on. Once relieved of his weapon, he turned his attention to Ives.

"Captain Ives. It's a pleasure to meet you in person. I've heard so much about you from Admiral Anderson. Permission to come aboard?" His lips spread into a genuine smile, hand outstretched in greeting.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
After the Lieutenant at the front of the newly arrived officers had surrendered his phaser to one of the present security officers, Jien extended his hand to shake Koilos.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard the Theurgy." After folding his hands behind his back again, he continued, his faint smile remaining. "There is a wealth of reports for you all to go over in regard to our mission so far and our current circumstances, so after you have settled in, I would like for you all to meet with Thea in our Observation Lounge. She will be able to give you the overall situation, after which you can go into detail with questions and the PADDs you will be given. I recommend you don't stay up for too long, however, since come morning, we will make another leap towards Qo'nos. Patience, however, for Thea will detail that as well."

Jien glanced towards the deckhead. "Would you like to join us, please?"

[Aye, Captain,] said the A.I., and she materialised in the room, standing on the transporter platform which the officers had just left. Behind their backs, her projection raised her voice. "I have already arranged for accommodations with our Quartermaster, and I can lead you all to your new quarters. Leave your personal belongings there, freshen up, and I will be waiting in my Observation Lounge on Deck 10 at 2230 hours. If you are unable to attend, you will be given a briefing by your Departmental Heads come tomorrow, at the earliest convenience. Please follow me."

Before Koilos left with the group, Jien spoke to the man. "You will be reporting to Lieutenant Commander Andrew Fisher, yet I am unaware as to if he has returned from an away mission he's on at the moment. You will likely be summoned on the morrow and discuss what kind of position you will serve in at that time. There are other Intelligence officers aboard, however, all of whom Thea can inform you about. Do you have anything in particular that you wish to speak with me of, before your briefing?"

While Koilos lingered, a couple of others straggled as well, whom seemed to wish to speak with Ives as well before they followed Thea out of the door.

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Jordan looked around the room briefly. A lot of people were still in the room. Far too many ears for any sort of meaningful conversation. Instead he merely smiled at the captain again. "Aye sir. I'll check in with the Lieutenant Commander as soon as I can. As for things I would like to'll have to wait for another time. It's a bit crowded for my tastes." The former Borg handed over the PADD with their orders. Digging in bag, he found the other, much smaller PADD he'd intended to hand over as well. His hand froze though. Despite the fact he was onboard a Federation starship, surrounded by Federation officers, speaking with a Federation Captain, Jordan felt a little uneasy. Trust was not something so easily earned in his line or work, no matter who you were or where you came from. Perhaps it was all the time he'd spent amongst Romulans that had ruined him of simply having blind faith in his Federation peers. Perhaps it was all the lies over the years. No matter the ultimate cause, he let go of the PADD and simply readjusted the bag on his shoulders.

"Nevermind. It's not important." He'd make due with the equipment he'd brought and the accommodations he had been assigned. The less people knew of any potential weaknesses the better. As for the Captain, while it might have been important to know about any underlying health concerns of hir crew, Koilos had only just met hir. Best to wait for a better time, if it ever appeared. Bureaucracy was a bitch and the last thing he wanted after just transporting aboard, was to be indebted to anyone for anything.

"By your leave Captian." Jordan finished before any questions could come up. Turning away, the human followed after the others to the briefing. Serving aboard a starship where everyone didn't have the necessary security clearances was going to be a challenge. He'd have to watch what he said. Even on a ship cutoff from the rest of the Federation essentially, there was still the high possibility of leaks. Dangerous. His first move would be to start investigating who could and could not be trusted. The CIO would be amongst the first.

GM OOC NOTE: FIN for the time being, waiting for other Applicants or newly arrived characters. :)
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[Lt. JG Amanda Ashby | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy[/b]] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Argyros

As one of only eleven Starfleet Officers aboard the IKS Kajunpak't, Amanda initially tried to reach out to her colleagues and attempt to get to know them a little better. However, following an unsuccessful attempt to strike up conversation with some of them in the Mess Hall, where the young Martian only managed to learn that the others were reluctant to disclose any information about themselves beyond wary introductions, the Counselor was quick to abandon the idea. It seemed that most of the Starfleet Officers, much like herself, were highly uncomfortable with the uncertain predicament in which they now found themselves and, to make things even worse, the behaviour of their seemingly bored Klingon hosts did little to put them more at ease. In fact, following a particularly discouraging encounter with two female Klingons, where one of them complimented Amanda on her dental work before the other suddenly demanded that she'd hand them over, the intimidated Lieutenant Junior Grade also opted to spend her remaining days aboard the IKS Kajunpak't in relative solitude as well; rarely leaving her quarters, except to go to the Mess Hall where she could congregate with the small Starfleet contingent, and never going anywhere alone out of a legitimate concern that the two women would make good on their threat.

When she finally received the call to report to the transporter room, several days after this small incident, Amanda really wasn't sad to leave the IKS Kajunpak't behind. Given how she hadn't really unpacked her duffle bag over the course of the journey because she'd been worried that what little personal items she managed to grab during her escape from Starbase 84 would get stolen out of spite by the bored Klingon crew, it didn't take Amanda a long time to report to the transporter room; in fact, she was amongst the very first Starfleet Officers to arrive and she noticed that some of her colleagues now suddenly looked a lot less pensive than they'd been just mere days ago.

After several minutes the last of her Starfleet colleagues hastily arrived and their senior officer, a Lieutenant whom Amanda hadn't really interacted with during their stay aboard the IKS Kajunpak't, gave the order to energize. Within mere seconds the Klingon surroundings disappeared and, by the time Amanda finally rematerialized, she found herself greeted by the familiar sight of a Starfleet transporter room. After quickly putting her right index finger in her mouth to check if her teeth were still all accounted for, the young Counselor belatedly joined her peers in a collective sigh of relief while she looked around the transporter room in the hopes of seeing a particular familiar face. She had hoped that her brother, Lieutenant Ethan Ashby, would have been present to welcome her aboard the USS Theurgy but as she listened to Thea, whom she absent-mindedly mistook for some kind of advanced holographic aide, Amanda reasoned that her brother probably wasn't even aware of her arrival. The idea of surprising him began to excite her though and, as she quietly began to follow Thea at the head of the small group of newly arrived Starfleet Officers, a happy smile began to adorn her face for the first time since her escape from Starbase 84.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Among the Klingons in the Mess Hall of the IKS Kajunpak't was a singular Romulan in a Starfleet uniform. She was sat directly across from a middle-aged warrior, whose face was muddied and marred with scars from many battles. She held a Romulan knife in her hand, and the Klingon held a D'k tahg. Between them there was a cup that held a set of strange looking Klingon dice. Valyn grabbed the cup, gave it a shake, and dumped the dice out, looking at the result. With a quick shrug she placed her hand out on the table, fingers splayed out and she began to quickly stab the open spaces between her fingers, counting aloud in Klingon a set number of times. She didn't cut any fingers and when she was finished she jammed the blade straight into the table and let out a braggadocious laugh at the Klingon. She looked like she was about to say something to him when she heard the call that they were about to be beamed over.

"Duty calls." She reached across the table and yanked the knife out from where she'd stabbed it in, replacing it into her boot before she reached closer to the klingon to grab a small pile of latinum from in front of him. He grabbed her wrist as she did so and she simply raised a brow at him and leaned closer, her eyes almost daring him to push the issue. She ripped her wrist away from him, took the latinum, and walked away. She gave the Klingons a little salute as she left the mess. On her way through the ship she greeted a few of the Klingon officers who she'd become at least remotely friendly with throughout the journey. At least, as friendly as Romulans and Klingons could really get. Mostly she was silent, and just surveyed the passing crew.

Once she'd reached her quarters she pulled her duffel out from beneath her bed and did an inventory of her belongings. She didn't particularly trust that nobody had pilfered any of her things. Call it paranoia but in the end, she was a Romulan. For the most part, her bag was just filled with minor personal things like photographs and a couple sets of clothes. There were also a couple of books and even two bottles in the bag. After a moment though she lifted the mattress of the bed and pulled a small box from under it. It was very clearly locked. She didn't bother opening the box, instead she put it straight into the duffel and zipped the bag up, throwing it over her shoulder before she went on her way towards the transporter room.

She didn't say anything to the other officers as they beamed over to the Theurgy. She hadn't interacted much with them on the journey either. It had taken until almost the end of the trip for her to interact as much as she had with just the Klingons, and all she'd really done with them is eat and gamble. She closed her eyes as the transported beam rushed over her, the familiar feeling washing over, and when she opened them she was aboard a very different sort of ship. She blinked and looked around, at once stepping off the transporter pad.

She moved with a steady, confident gait. Some might even have said it was cocky. Her blonde hair was brushed back and tucked behind her pointed ears, and if it weren't for the obvious show of emotions on her face it might have been easy to confuse her for a Vulcan. Valyn let her hazel eyes seek out the highest ranking officer in the room, and after a quick glance at the man's collar it was evident who she was walking towards.

"Captain." She stood at attention as she reported. "Lieutenant Valyn Amarik reporting. Security." She was all business for the moment, and the rest of the room seemed to vanish into nothingness as she reported for duty. "I'm glad to finally be aboard, sir." For the time being she focused on the Captain, not following Thea.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon 
Turning to face the woman that approached him, Jien inclined his head to the officer.

"At ease, Lieutenant," he said, a faint smile touching his features. "Welcome aboard the Theurgy. You have arrived at a pressing time for our Security department."

The woman seemed to be of Vulcan origin at first, but it wasn't too difficult to determine that she was Romulan with a closer look. Given her species, it was hard to put an age to her, but he didn't believe she was much younger than himself, so she'd likely seen action in the Dominion War. He didn't pause before detailing what he'd already alluded to, since given her rank, she needed to know her Department's situation specifically, aside from the overall briefing that she needed.

"Yesterday, late evening, a saboteur aboard detonated a chemical bomb in one of our lounges, which cost us our Executive Officer, our Chief Security Officer, and numerous other Line Officers. The guilty has yet to be caught, and our Deputy is not aboard currently, being on an extended away mission. Right now, our Security Department is led by Junior Lieutenant Adam Kingston, our Master-at-Arms. Good man, who's been on the Theurgy since the beginning, and knows this ship and its many unique challenges when it comes to protecting the crew. You will be reporting to him until Deputy zh'Wann returns."

Having gone through that in short order, Captain Ives amended something about Kai Akoni. "Our Chief of Security is not dead, but injured to the degree that he's been put into stasis until a point where we have both the medical supplies and mission downtime to attempt restoring him to health. A feat that might prove futile in the end, but we've not abandoned hope just yet."

Pausing there, Jien waited to see if the Lieutenant had any questions.