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Day 11 [1610 hrs] Aftershocks
STARDATE 57584.52
MARCH 21, 2381
1610 HRS.

[ Avi | Interrogation Room 2 | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Was in a dangerous position. Restin' head on this nice table, all cool on his forehead, hands clasped round the back'a his neck, ears out an' quiet. Right dangerous. About thirty damn seconds from fallin' asleep an' all.

Fuckin' Christmas. What a bloody day. Only this mornin' he came off fuckin' Aldea. Woken up earlier from his nap t'solve some fuckin' murder. An' now up to his damn eyeballs in all the busywork what comes when some wanker decides t'go an' ruin everyone's day by shootin' someone.

Least the murder bloke ain't offed himself, at least. Bit hairy there for a minute or two. But nah, decided better of it, turned himself in, even made a nice little confession an' all. Seemed glad t'get it off his chest, truth be.

But still. Job weren't even half done -- hardly any bloody point in catchin' the bugger 'f you ain't got a monkey's what t'do with him after. An' the Theurgy weren't flush with options neither. Not that it'd be Avi's decision either which way -- above his paygrade, mate -- but had t'do all the busywork t'make sure them what did make the decisions got all the info an' that.

So he'd spent the afternoon speakin' t'all sorts'a folks, goin' over evidence an' all, before gettin' chance t'sit down with the bloke's counsellor. Bit leery about that one, t'be honest. Shrinks could be awful strange. Ain't had bad times with 'em, exactly, just kinda... Weren't no one he'd be invitin' over for drinks, arright?

Door opened suddenly, joltin' him up. Fucksake. Lass in the doorway, on about somethin'. Waved at her t'fuckin' wait, goin' t'get his ears in.

asked when he was done. Rubbed at his cheek, prob'ly managed t'leave an imprint there from where he'd been lyin'.

'Lieutenant Williams is here, sir,' lass said. Ah fuck, already? Had been hopin' for another five minutes t'kip.

Ran a hand down his face. 'Yeah, brilliant, fine. I'll come get him. Thanks.'

Peeled hisself up from the seat, gave his spine a fuckin' crack -- needed that, Christmas -- an' headed over t'poke his head out the door into the main Sec Centre. Didn't take long t'spot the blueshirt lad; headed over.

'Thanks for comin' over mate,' he said as he approached. 'Won't take long. Room over here, follow me?'

Cast the bloke a sideways look. Avi hadn't told the guy anythin', just called him down. Higher ups had been tryin' t'keep a lid on who knew about the murder, didn't know how well it'd worked. Fella coulda easily heard there'd been a killin', shouldn't know details, who done it, that kinda thing. Would be messy if he did. Though... Could get messy if he didn't, too. Just a messy old business, murder.
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Re: Day 11 [1610 hrs] Aftershocks
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[Lt. Rhys Williams|  Interrogation Room 2 | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]  Attn: @fiendfall

Rhys had been sat in the security centre for a little while. He had cancelled the last couple of appointments he had for the day. There was no telling really how long this would take. Security officers made him nervous. Some how they had this ability to make him feel like he was under suspicion of some grievous crime even though he knew he had done nothing wrong.

He avoided making eye contact with anyone in the room and sat nervously occasionally running his fingers through his short strawberry blonde hair. In common sense he knew there was probably little to worry about. Sometimes crew members on leave ended up taking the frustrations of being cooped up in a ship out on each other. They sometimes needed some counselling after a night in the brig. It may even have been some crew on the ship not yet able to take leave who snap over an innocent comment.

There might be other less common reasons a counsellor might be summed to security. However, despite his nervousness of being in the security office those were not occurring to him. A man appeared outside the door. A security officer of ensign rank. Rhys guessed he was probably a few years older than himself. He was attractive, and seemed to sport long hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Um no problem Ensign." Rhys spoke with a Welsh accent, which had a breathy tone and a slightly sing song cadence to it. He was taller than the Ensign but looked a little awkward and ungainly. Once inside the room indicated by the Security officer, Rhys sat with his arms folded and one leg draped over the other. Some people might have seen his body language as defensive, but in truth Rhys never knew exactly what to do with his hands. "So. What did you want to see me about?" His voice was surprisingly kept calm despite his nervousness. He was clearly practiced at not letting too much emotion show through.

Re: Day 11 [1610 hrs] Aftershocks
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Juzzie

Doc was younger'n he'd expected, kinda soft lookin, soft spoken, all that. Human, looks of it. Gentle bloke. Nervy, too, from the way he was standin'. Just one of 'em anxious types? Or somethin' else?

Led the fella back into the interrogation room, plonked hisself down in his old seat. Bloke sat kinda folded in on hisself. Didn't wanna be here. Made two of 'em, at least. Seemed calm, though, got that kinda scary quiet shrinks get, like they're all gettin' taught it. Prob'ly are.

'First off, you ain't in trouble or nothin', no worries there.' No point makin' the bloke stew, look at him. An' weren't a lie, neither -- though didn't stop the guy talkin' hisself into trouble 'f he started sayin' stupid shite. Didn't expect it of him, seemed open an' shut, but still. This one'd been all up in their perp's head. 'F anyone was gonna have forewarnin', was gonna be him.

'Just wanna verify a couple'a things about one'a your patients. Know you ain't able t'go handin' out personal info an' all that, no worries, ain't gonna ask it of you or nothin'. 'S it okay 'f I just ask kinda broad shit? No details 'f it ain't right t'go givin' 'em.' Weren't about t'get this wrong. Weren't gonna try t'go rattlin' every last thing outta this kid -- an' really, was 50-50 'f he even could. Sure, bloke seemed nervous, worked in the favour of rattlin', but was also a shrink, so, y'know. Go through anti-rattlin' trainin' an' all.

But yeah. Either way. Weren't goin' for it. Didn't need a face full'a the perp's laundry. Broad strokes'd do just fine.

'That okay with you? Patient's name is...' checked on his PADD, enunciated the name carefully '...Junior Lieutenant Brett Hansen. Fella off that ship. Uh... The Bellerophon. One'a your patients, yeah?' Waited for confirmation afore divin' on: 'Lost his lady when that ship kicked it, yeah? Anythin' you can tell me about that, how he was on it? Seems it'd be a right mess comin' aboard the Theurgy after that. Was this ship what destroyed his, yeah? Must'a been rough.'

Many apologies for the delay!
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Re: Day 11 [1610 hrs] Aftershocks
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[Lt. Rhys Williams] attn: @fiendfall

The first thing that Avi really said to him in this meeting set of immediate alarm bells in his head. That he wasn't in trouble. That was a huge red flag, people normally said that if something had gone spectacularly wrong. Something that was maybe your fault, but no one thought you did it on purpose. He started to sweat, and his heart pounded as did a headache that was starting to develop behind his eyes.

Avi then asked if he was ok to talk about one of his patients. The alarm bells rang ever louder, they crashed and bashed in his head and he started to feel a little sick. However, Rhys did his best to maintain his composure. He was well known at this point for being fairly nervous in social interactions and so he hoped this would be read as just that. Poor shy old Rhys, doesn't get out much.

"I'll tell you whatever I can Ensign." He was impressed with himself as he managed to keep his voice steady. He flicked through his patients in his head thinking about who would be the most likely to have gotten themselves in trouble. People who were really in his estimation a danger to themselves and others were rare. He was struggling to think of anyone who would qualify for this chat. Yes occasionally someone lost their temper and lashed out. However, that almost never ended up being to serious.

Avi mentioned the name to him. Brett Hansen. "Yes he is one of mine." Rhys went over many of their recent sessions together. He struggled to get over the death of 'his lady' as Avi put it. It put him in a dark place that as far as Rhys could tell he coped with by not talking about it. Therapy sessions were difficult trying to get him to open up at all. It did not take long to figure out why. He felt resentment towards the Theurgy crew for her death. There was a part of him Rhys felt that understood what had happened and why, and there was another part deeper inside that did not understand at all.

He must have done something. That was the only explanation that occurred to Rhys. "Yes, I er... well I don't think it's a secret that he struggled to get over her death." He wondered exactly what Avi was getting at and what Brett must have done. Maybe he had hurt himself or someone else. Neither outcome looked good for Rhys. Guilt coiled in his stomach like a serpent as voiced he thought silenced started to whisper their poison in his head. He must have missed something in his sessions, missed something critical misunderstood the man in some fundamental way. He also felt horrified that he was worrying about himself at a time like this.

"What's happened to him?" He said trying to keep the edge of panic out of his voice.