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Topic: Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break. (Read 111 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break.

STARDATE 57635.39
APRIL 10, 2381
2245 HRS

[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall

It'd been a long couple of days for Fisher since his arrival aboard Theurgy. In fact, he'd begun feeling that the days had grown exceedingly long in the two-months since his reassignment from Starbase-718. It hadn't helped matters that he wasn't sleeping much anymore; between the stress of the situation around him, still lingering regrets about the failed Romulan operation and incessant back pain that only seemed to be getting worse, he'd been finding that sleep only came when utterly and completely exhausted. Not exactly a healthy lifestyle by any measure, but until things really started to develop in a positive manner, he didn't expect much of a change to it.

Still, a man could only read reports and files for so long before he needed a break.

That was where he was at now. He needed to take a moment to try and forget everything and everyone depending on him, otherwise he'd seize up and start making mistakes that cost them dearly.

'Fail to take care of yourself from time to time, and you'll fail to take care of anyone else every time.' He remembered the wise warnings of Admiral Anderson, shared with Fisher years earlier during an operation to counter Anti-Dominion terror activities in the wake of the end of the war. Taking actions against fellow officers in uniform, some of whom Fisher had known and been friendly with was a difficult assignment. But he'd soldiered through it, though not without a cost, and the Admiral had sensed the wear on him from it. He'd recognized the anxiety building in Fisher from five-years of deep cover intelligence operations waged during one of the most stressful periods in Federation history, and advised him that if he didn't take even a short moment to himself, he'd crumble from it all.

There hadn't been room for that then, just as there wasn't now.

A tour of the many amenities aboard Theurgy seemed like a decent escape, especially considering Fisher had been on the ship for a little over two days and had only seen the same four or five different rooms the entire time. His initial impression of Theurgy had been one of awe, and that impression only grew as he made his way from deck to deck, walking throughout corridors that led from one incredible facility to the next. In almost every aspect, the ship was of a whole other level of incredible, and were it not for the uncertainty surrounding it, would have made for a dream assignment for any Starfleet Officer, regardless of rank or role.

[Deck 22. The corridor forward will lead you to the Main Level of the Arboretum.] Thea directed Fisher as he stepped off of the turbolift, her having served as guide during his exploration.

"Thank you, Thea." He responded as he made his way forward down the corridor.

As Fisher stepped into the rather immense space reserved for the ship's botanical garden, he felt for a moment as though he'd been transported back to Earth. The smell of real greens mixed with the sounds of trees and bushes rustling in an artificial wind, filled his senses. Given the late hour aboard the ship, the artificial lights had been greatly dimmed to replicate a twilight environment and were it not for the faintly visible dura-steel walls on all sides he could have forgotten entirely that he was aboard a starship.

There were more than a few other Officers and Crewman relaxing throughout, and he easily understood why.

Walking along the pebble and granite pathway he approached a prominent feature of the Arboretum, the small pond at its center. Instantly his tensions began to wash away as he knelt down to look into the water, letting the sound of a small waterfall along the opposite side reverberate throughout his mind, and for the first time in a long while he felt a little sense of peace.
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Re: Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break.
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Swift

One thing he was learnin' about boats: they fuckin' sucked for goin' outside. Obvious, yeah? 'Cept he ain't realised how much he'd bloody miss goin' outside 'till it weren't a fuckin' option no more. An' no don't say 'go to Aldea then' 'cause that place ain't nothin' but dust an' pirates, an' Corpse Kid's old crew still runnin' around lookin' for revenge most likely.

An' yeah, holodecks an option too, but fuck him 'f he was 'bout t'go runnin' around in them any more'n he fuckin' had to. One of 'em tried t'kill him the other day. No thanks.

Which just left the park. Least Theurgy had one, an' it weren't small or nothin' neither. Not 'xactly where you'd go to take a fuckin' hike, but good enough for like, walkin' around an' pretendin' you ain't driftin' about in space a million lightyears from anythin' 'cept Klingons.

Nice park though. Good for a stroll. Did a couple'a circuits, just enough for his head t'start thinkin' about shuttin' up maybe, an' was just cuttin' through the middle when who should he see but some geezer lookin' awful fuckin' familiar. Who the... ?

Bloke was knelt over the pond, lookin' into it all thoughtful. Could only see half his face from here but shit, was gettin' all sorts'a pings like 'oi you know this guy'. Had time t'curse his dog awful memory nearly ten fuckin' times afore it finally clicked.

'Christmas, that you Fisher?'
It was, remembered now. Seen the bloke crop up in some kinda crew update message thing; he'd fuckin' ignored it, a'course, 'cept for thinkin' 'huh, name's familiar' an' leavin' it at that. Bloody moron weren't he? Mate.

Looked the man over now. Christmas. Old Fishman lookin' even older. Lookin' right knackered, truth be. Been a hot fuckin' minute since he'd last seen the bloke. What was it, like five years? Oh wait no fuck it was fuckin'-- 's fuckin' ten years now, Christmas. Hottest of minutes, bloodinora!

Had been a proper mate, back in the day. Avi all piss an' vinegar, tryna make a name for hisself, Fisher someone what actually knew what he was about, puttin' up with all Avi's shite. Good bloke.

'Still with the Intel lot then?' Red shirt, gotta be. Unless... 'Or you jumped ship to Command finally?' Spotted the pips at the man's throat. Fuckin' hell, three of 'em an' all. 'Made it to Commander, fuck me, congrats mate. How you been? What'd they do t'make you come all the way out here for?' Lieutenant Commander, sent out t'the Theurgy? What'd they need another one of them for?

... Shit. Intel Chief, right? Was the only spot what made sense for him. Cardigan's old job. What a bloody lottery.

'Gotta say, didn't 'xpect t'be catchin' up with anyone like this.' Suddenly occurred t'him Fisher might not even remember. 'Oh fuck sorry mate, 's Avi. Trained together, spy school, y'know the drill. Good old days or whatever. Afore the war an' parasites an' whatever the fuck's comin' next.'
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Re: Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall

After having been given his official assignment by the Captain, Fisher had started the process of going through all of the relevant files available to him, including the crew manifest. But there were a lot of names, and outside of those immediately above and below him in the line of command, he'd not had time to peruse the rest of the lot. If he had, he might not have been as surprised to hear such a distinctive voice of his past. Turning to look back over his right shoulder as he stood, he saw the young Risan he'd befriended years earlier in the wake of an SFI training op.

"I'll be damned!" he announced as a bright smile crossed his face.

There was a certain jaded charm to Inej Avirim that some had found odd, that Fisher had instead admired from the start. In fact, he'd kind of viewed the younger man with a sense of familiarity, having recognized his own early frustrations with the more senior trainees during the earlier phases of his own experience. That of course had been a deliberately manufactured part of SFI training, pitting inexperienced newbies against those who'd already been with the program over an extended length of time. The hope being that the seniors would take the juniors under their wing and offer some guidance. With Fisher and Avi that bond had been relatively strong early on, as they'd immediately connected thanks to their shared appreciation of acerbic and sometimes sardonic humor, as well as a good drink from time to time.

"Small Galaxy." He remarked as he placed his hands at his waist and looked the Ensign up and down a moment.

"Well, if I told you, I'd have to kill you." He made the all-too tropey joke, in response to Avirim's assignment inquiry. Given their history, and indeed the red collar he'd been wearing, it was easy enough for Avi to put two and two together.

"Believe it or not, and in spite of all the beer and whiskey, I remember well enough, Avi." He acknowledged, having in fact remembered well of his time during SFI training, and the long nights he'd spent knocking more than a few back with Avi and some of their other classmates. "Yeah, I got word from an old mutual friend about what's really been going down out here with this rogue starship. Figured I'd come take a look see for myself." He gazed about the arboretum for emphasis, then back to Avi. "And now that I see you're mixed up in this mess too, its starting to make a little more sense." He winked wryly as he poked fun.

"What about you? What's your role in all of this?"
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Re: Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break.
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[ Avi ] Attn: @Swift

Had t'laugh at the bloke's deadpan remark. 'Small galaxy', yeah, an' even smaller 'f you was one of the few what knew Starfleet was turnin' into a hot tourism spot for parasites.

Nice t'know Fisher remembered him. Weren't always a guarantee, had been a bloody while.

'An' weren't there plenty'a that t'go around,' said in reply t'the bloke's drinkin' comment. Part of it'd been Intel trainin', a'course -- couldn't hardly take a room full'a proper little Fed kids an' send 'em out to go a-spyin' 'f they was gonna fall over the first time they sniff tequila -- but part of it'd just been good old fashioned fun. Simpler times, eh?

Int'rested on the bloke's 'mutual friend'. Andy. Gotta be. Followed Fisher's gaze around, checkin' for anyone goin' to overhear. Weren't strictly necessary, maybe, but old habits yeah? An' fuck, Fishman bein' Chief of Intel, maybe it was necessary.

'Mighty good'a you t'come down. Figure this shitshow's big enough you'd've been within your rights t'tap outta this one.' Plenty a Lieutenant Commander could prob'ly do from home, didn't need t'go comin' all the way out here. Coulda gotten someone else sent. But nah, Fisher came over hisself.

Good bloke. Could only hope he wouldn't go regrettin' that choice.

Tone lightened with Fisher's tease, Avi wavin' him off. 'Oi oi, can't go blamin' this one on me! Ain't creative enough t'fuck up like this. Takes real skill t'create a mess like this one.'

Shrugged at the bloke's questionin'. 'Ain't hardly no role in it, barely been on this boat two weeks. Goldshirt now, Security, left that cloak an' dagger shite behind a couple'a years back.' Aye, thought so, leastways. 'Mutual friend mighty needy, though, had me doin' some last few favours.' Gestured around the area. 'One of 'em landed me here. Worse places t'be, I guess.' Was a laughably condensed version, but couldn't tell if Fishman was mates with Andy, didn't wanna go stickin' his foot anywhere on accident. Bloke had always been a couple'a ranks ahead'a Avi, but that gap had widened a bloody ton. Could only buddy up with the brass so much, yeah?

An' that was somethin' he'd learnt since he'd last seen Fisher. Ten fuckin' years. Bloke'd always been a good mate, a good mentor, helpin' Avi through his first few bits'a trainin' afore Fishman'd gotten rubber stamped outta there an' into the field proper. Might've seen him around here an' there since, but ain't hung out proper-like, ain't never worked together neither. Diff'rent careers, by a long way.

Changed the subject. 'So, how you been, anyways? You the spook chiefman now then? Done bloody well for yourself, mate, good fuckin' job. Seen any'a the old lads around, know how they shook out? Did some work with Tiren a while back, much of a wanker as always. Not seen any'a the others in a bit.' Kinda felt weird, standin' around like this, so looked around the area, strainin' t'spot a buildin' or bench or somethin'. 'Hey, you know 'f they serve drinks anywhere around here? 'M parched.'
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Re: Day 30 [2245 hrs.] - Sometimes, you just need a break.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Thuergy ] Attn: @fiendfall

As Avi reiterated, there had been more than a few nights of moderate to severe intoxication shared between Fisher and the young Risan during their days back at Camp Peary on Earth, and for a moment Fisher fondly remembered the 'Farm', as it had been affectionately referred to by trainees and staff. It was an old plot of land located in eastern Virginia that had once been home to the American Central Intelligence Agency's training program. Though officially SFI training was primarily situated in San Francisco, not far from the Academy, a bulk of the actual tradecraft development for Intelligence services took place at the Farm. And at the end of each grueling day, the trainees would seek out a little relaxation, wherever they could. For Fisher, Avi, and a couple of others that place was an old local watering hole called 'The Saddle', that felt incredibly out of place for the 24th Century, which was probably why it felt so charming and as a result was so incredibly popular.

"Tapping out of this one really isn't an option I'm afraid." He grimly stated as a matter of fact.

"But no worries." He reached out to pat the shorter man reassuringly on his shoulder. "We'll find our way through this mess the same way we found our way through all the others." Though he had teased Avi about all the trouble he'd caused back then, Fisher himself had also played a role more often than not on such occasions. That kind of behavior had even been unofficially encouraged by the instructors, as they had wanted to observe what kind of creative schemes the trainees would enact in order to avoid punitive measures; and, to one degree or another, Avi and Fisher were both considered notorious in that regard. No doubt that creativity had lent itself to Fisher's successes as an Intelligence Officer, and he wondered if it had a similar affect on Avi's career at all.

As Avi mentioned their 'mutual' old friend, Fisher mulled over the fact that Anderson had been responsible for both of their postings aboard Theurgy, and it made the Intel Chief wonder on how many others the old Veteran spook had known well enough to send all the way out here in support of this insane mission. He also knew that his curiosity in the matter, would later lead him to reading through the crew files a little more closely, in an effort to uncover those who also had prior experience in Intelligence services. "Yeah... the Admiral can be a little demanding." He admitted, remembering the copious times he'd reached out to Fisher, sometimes with some rather extraordinary requests and orders, like his current posting to Theurgy.

"...and there are definitely far less luxurious places to wind up in." His remark had clearly been one made in respect of the incredible facility in which there were standing; Arboretums like this one were usually reserved for flag ships of which Theurgy would have counted, were it not for it's rogue status. But there were only so many of those ships in the fleet, and in Intelligence services it was exceedingly rare to find a posting aboard one. Most of the time he'd found himself officially assigned to Starbases, which could be luxurious in their own way, except that was the official posting. Truth was, Fisher spent little time if any actually aboard the Starbases that were listed in his personal file. For the most part, he'd found himself tucked away in small run-down apartments on little backwater worlds that played home to dangerous criminal organizations like the Orion Syndicate.

"I'm good." He said plainly, though his answer might not have been entirely honest.

"Chief spook of the boat, as it were." He began to move away from the edge of the pond he'd been knelt near, motioning for Avirim to follow along with a simple nod in another direction. "Haven't heard from Tiren since the Farm, so It's good to hear he made something of himself. I did a bit of work with Sovrok about a year ago; he's still as tight-assed as always." Another of their former class and teammates, who had worked with Fisher and Avirim closely during their time in SFI training. "Though, I guess that's to be expected of a Vulcan." He grinned broadly as he stifled a bout of laughter, remembering an old game that he and the others would play, in which they would compete to find out who would be the first to cause the Vulcan Officer to raise his eyebrows in introspection of some of the inane and stupid shit they would argue over.

"Well, it's not the Saddle, but I've been taking a bit of a guided tour care of Thea, and I think I know a decent place for a round. C'mon, I'll buy ya' a drink" He led his old friend out of the Arboretum and rounded a corner toward a nearby turbolift. When it opened a moment later, two officers stepping out before them, Fisher took their place.

"Deck 28. Aft." He ordered.
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