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Day 23 [0630 hrs.] Routine Patrol
PWO3 Liliana Walton | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Revan

Liliana and Haqr were in the FAB prepping their bird for launch, it was their turn to go on patrol and while Liliana was looking forward to logging some hours and keeping her skills sharp, her Klingon friend was in far less of an excited mood.

"Oh come on Haqr, it's a good way of keeping your skills honed for the next battle." she said with a grin as she looked up at the Klingon, who was already sat in the cockpit and running his pre-flight check.

"I do not need to "hone my skills" as you put it, I already know how to do my job perfectly well and there is no honor in routine patrols unless something happens, of which so far, little has." he replied, and for a brief moment to Liliana it almost sounded as if the Klingon was sulking.

"Do you not spar on the holodeck to keep your fighting skills sharp? This is exactly the same thing only with the fighter, surely even you can see that? Besides just because nothing exciting has happened out on our patrols so far doesn't mean the same will be true today, you never know what a new day will bring." she said as she glanced over the bay.

She could see Whiteout in the other Valravn running through his pre-flight checks, although there was no sign of the Andorian's pilot just yet. However as soon as the thought crossed her mind, did said pilot emerge from the locker room dressed in her flight suit.

"Well hello there Angel, nice of you to join us." she said with a grin "Are you looking forward to our day on patrol? It's been a bit of a while since we've flown together. I must admit I'm looking forward to it." the older woman said as she watched the Spaniard make her way over to her own Valravn.

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Re: Day 23 [0630 hrs.] Routine Patrol
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[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia - "Angel"  | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AmberStarfyre 

Alessia had being doing somewhat okay with the patrol schedule up until now, managing to get mid morning or early afternoon shifts which had suited her just fine. Today however, she'd drawn the short straw and got the early morning one and Alessia wasn't always exactly what you would call a morning person.

The Spaniard had managed to haul herself out of bed and staggered her way down the corridor to the bay, thankful that she at least was one of the Wolves whose quarters were on the same deck as the bay, making things both a little easier to get to her fighter in cases of quick launches but more importantly in this case meant she could stretch out her time in bed just that little bit longer.

Entering the bay, she gave a half wave to Asav, who had greeted her with a bright smile and a wave. The Andorian was far too chipper for this time of the morning. Luckily in the short time they had known each other he had gotten used to the fact she wasn't always the most pleasant person to be around early in the morning but had learned that it wasn't anything personal, the Andorian was actually a good guy as evidenced by the fact, she could tell he was already working on their pre-flight checks.

Entering the locker room, she made her way over to the showers and stepped inside, starting it on cold at first to wake her up fully, cursing in spanish at first until she was more awake and quickly changing the temperature to hot, sighing as she felt herself warm up as she bathed. Once she was done, she stepped out of the shower and made her way over to her locker and got dressed in her flight suit and headed out.

Today she'd be flying with Walton, which should be interesting, it had been a while since she had flown or spoke with the woman, especially since she was one of the few who hadn't immediately defected to the Theurgy's side, only joining later, much like Logan. Still the older woman was a hell of a pilot and had alot of experience on her side which meant that she was always a wingman you wanted in your flight. The fact they had both been test pilots for the Valravn's helped too of course, those that flew the birds had spent the better part of two years together, making them all pretty close.

"Yeah, Yeah Walton, I'm here. Not all of us are morning people you know." she replied with a grin as she made her way over to her fighter, smiling when Asav's hand reached down towards her from within holding a fresh cup of coffee, which she happily took with a word of thanks.

"Looking forward to the patrol where nothing will probably happen and at this ungodly hour? Not at all." she replied. "Flying with you though? Yeah, at least I'll be bored for the next 8 hours with good company." she added with a grin.
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Alessia Garcia - "Angel"
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