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Topic: Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive (Read 86 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive


STARDATE 57594.45
1500 HRS.

[ Ectand qi Versant | Main Research Vessel Bay | Aerodrome | The Erudite ] Attn: @BZ
One hour ago, the first delegation from the Theurgy had been beamed aboard the Erudite, and Ectand had taken the time to be there and recieve them. He felt that, given what some of them had endured because of the Scion Directive, he had a bit of an obligation to bridge any hostility. He was likely the only 'friendly' face among the Vigilant that they knew of, and in his absence, there was no telling what might happen. Victims as they were, and owing them as Ectand believed all of the Flotilla did, it was the least he could do to facilitate the grounds of this new alliance.

Ectand stood there, while the Ante engineers thoroughly explained the large device that sat in the middle of the bay, with his arms crossed. His black eyes moved between the faces of the rather small delegation, seeing at least two abductees among them. Lieutenant Commander Tiran, of course, and one of the Andorians that his own mate - Sclergyn - had tended to in the bio labs. Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann, he belived, and he had no reason to think the thinly veiled hostility in the blue-skinned specimen was an act. He knew what Sclergyn had done to her, and it was a source of regret for everyone involved. They now lived by the Old Code, what they had done was unforgivable on many levels. Hopefully the alliance wouldn't be broken by the history between them and the crew of the Theurgy.

As the Voice, Ectand knew that they had a lot to gain in the alliance, and he would do what he could to ensure victory over the Scion High Council.

The long-winded presentation of the quantum slipstream properties of the device was coming to an end, and it opened up for questions. Ectand knew, however, that the level of detail in which his engineers had gone to explain the benamite slipstream reactor sitting on the deck was far too much. He felt he had an obligation to summarise the most interesting facts in conclusion of the presentation.

"Using a benamite reactor, this Precept ship's slipstream drive allow for travel equivalent to a conventional warp factor of 9.99998477, or 300 light years per hour," he said in his contralto voice and sought Tiran's blue eyes in the delegation, knowing that she was spearheading the delegation that had come to see this piece of technology that they were offering. Of course, they had more tech to present, but it would likely be a separate session for each offer they had. "The flight-limitation is three hours, and once the drive is deactivated, it can't be reactivated until at least 36 hours have passed. These, however, are the specifications when using our ZPE reactor. A conventional warp core will, unfortunately, limit the flight-time further, and prolong the cool-down. How much can only be theorised at this point, since it all depends on the recommended output of each power source, and the Theurgy have three cores. Depending on your ship configuration and which Vector you install this on, the result will differ. Without testing, it will be difficult to estimate the potential of the drive unless you decide to install it on the Theurgy."

Stepping forth, Ectand continued the summary. "Besides this reactor itself, it will need an array of other components installed, among them slipstream initiators and graviton particle actuators. We offer to aid in the installation, of course, with your permission. It would be my recommendation... but I am aware that it might pose some risk to the Savi. If you can offer safety from assault while they work, I do think we can shorten the time it will take to bring the reactor online for initial diagnostics."

The elderly Savi engineers who had spent the hour presenting the reactor's features schooled their faces, perhaps feeling a bit dismissed by how easily Ectand had boiled down the essentials, but the Voice had the advantage of knowing more than the engineers about how to speak with members of the Federation.

"I suggest we pause the presentation for sake of deliberation," Ectand added, knowing that Tiran might wish to confer with her officers. "Let us know when you wish to resume."

Having said this, Ectand stepped away - alone save for the chief defender that kept his eyes on him and the specimens from Starfleet, standing at a bit of a distance - and raised his wrist tablet. He began to correspond with the Flotilla that fought for the rights of the Antes. Reports were read, and orders passed, and he even managed to send a message to Sclergyn on the damaged Versant, asking for a status update. This was, of course, until he was interrupted...

OOC: If you'd like your character to be aboard the Erudite in this thread, please let me know! @BZ has already asked for this, and I have other characters that can interact with yours if you'd like to be there. As you can see, Ida is present, but so could others be. Just PM me if you want to take part in this. :)

Here is also a guide for where they are at. You can find the Aerodrome and the Main Research Vessel Bay here:

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Re: Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive
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[Selena Ravenholm | Main Research Vessel Bay | Aerodrome | The Erudite]

Standing nearly stock still through the entirety of both presentations, Selena Ravenholm was far from her typical airheaded self.  Leaning against a bulkhead with her arms crossed in front of her (one hand covering the mark denoting where a Savi weapon shot off her arm all that time ago), her cybernetic eyes betrayed the mental activity going on in her head.  These Savi were going into far more detail about this backup drive than was really needed for this group, and her role was to determine what would be needed to link this think into Thea's computer systems.  Energy absorption curves, thermal oscillation control, and exotic particle field manifold emissions weren't her field, so when the pale bulb-headed "allies" of theirs wouldn't shut up about them she only half listened while stealing glances at the tech in the room.  When the idea of dynamic controls requiring nanosecond scale resolution at minimum came up that caught her attention pretty quickly.  The more they droned on the more Selena grew concerned, it was becoming apparent to her that while Thea might be up to the task, it would take a significant chunk of her computing power to keep the burst drive on the reins.

Once Ectand called for the break, Selena gathered together with the others in the impromptu huddle.  A quick glance at the others told her a lot about what everyone was thinking already and she could only guess as to what her own face conveyed.  "I don't like the idea of them coming over and messing with Thea's computer." she said outright, not caring if the Savi could hear her.  "The last time they came aboard they ripped out her core and left us infected with a series of viruses that I'd still be trying to purge if they hadn't self-destructed once they grabbed what they wanted."  She couldn't resist a quick glance at Ida at that line, she was one of those that they wanted as well, and the rumors about what they did to her made the human shudder inside.  If someone offered to let her switch places with the zhen she'd probably stick with the lost arm.  "Not to mention that Thea's going to have to spend a lot of her capacity to run it properly.  I'd have to show her some of the specs and see what she thinks, but I'd be afraid that keeping the slipstream corridor intact and in phase will take up too much of the computer and something critical gets cut off."

Re: Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive
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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Fuckers Are Still Annoying | Fucking Know It Alls | Can We Have Ectand for 500, please? | Return of Moby]
@Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @chXinya


A whole.  Fucking. Hour. 

Blue stood in the back of the rag-tag group.  Most of them she didn't want to even fucking be here.  She didn't want all these other fuckers and their voices.  She especially had been surprised when Ranaan Ducote showed up on the Transportation pad.  He was going to witness things she would rather be kept to herself.  She knew, full well, shit was going to come up here for her.  It wasn't as simple as just visiting this place again.  It wasn't as simple as seeing the people again, the white headed mother fuckers that had tortured their crew.  The ones that had done things that only Blue had seen, witnessed, and knew about.  Things she still had fucking nightmares about, and yet, she was surprisingly glad to see Ectand when they walked into the bay they now stood.

Blue was not looking at the white headed engineers.  She was only paying half attention, and besides Albert was recording the whole fucking thing and she was listening for key words.  Blue was pretty fucking adept at getting the whole multi-tasking thing going.  So while she had her ear peeled for the details of all the shit they were spouting out of their creepy little mouths, she wasn't even looking at anyone.  Her attention was on the padd in her hands.  The very one where she was playing a game.  Anyone beside her could see it, and Ranaan probably knew what she was doing even though she had put a steel trap into place the moment they walked on board.  The second the energy beam faded from transporting them all there; she had snapped up her shield so fast. 

Stepping on the Erudite was harder than she wanted to admit.  It wasn't something she needed to distract Ranaan with.  He had enough on his plate and while sh eknew that she could lean on him she preferred that to be later when she could let herself open up and less now when they all had work to do.  The stark walls and décor of the ship weren't what hit her first, it was the smell.  She supposed it must be what the Savi smelled like, or maybe it was the cleaning solutions used to keep the ship as immaculate as it was.  But, whatever it was, her stomach turned the moment she could cognitively function again.  She hated thinking that it could have that reaction on her.  Blue knew she was strong as fuck and with Ranaan, Hathev, and Cross behind her she could do just about anything she wanted or needed.  But, this ship made her feel out of control. 

As soon as they were lead, the whole delegation, through the corridors of the ship she could pick out the differences easily.  But, there was enough that was the same that she felt very skittish.  Hence the mental shields and now the game.  Anything to keep her mind busy.  Which definitely was necessary since these fuckers just kept droning on tossing stupid fucking words at them that they then had to give definitions to and any Engineer worth their weight knew most of them, others were Savi alone and she paid attention to those but for the most part it was like being back in fucking school again.  Blue hadn't gotten where the fuck she was in life by not knowing her Engineering shit.  She had told Albert to remain muted unless otherwise specified, all of this was nuts, but she wanted him there for the fact that he could actually record everything that was happening and she would be able to look over it here and there when necessary. 

It was important to retain as much information as possible.

Ectand apparently thought that maybe the Savi had just learned another form of fucking torture because he finally stepped forward and began to speak.  That drew Blue's eyes up from the fucking game she had been playing and she flicked her padd off.  The game would be saved for later anyway and she might need the distraction.  She was pretty fucking good at burying her emotions and even better at ignoring them.  The game would help if she got overwhelmed again.  Ectand's black pools snapped over to her bright blue ones.  She had most certainly gained wait, muscle, and herself back.  The Blue Tiran that he had seen before he died on the Versant was no longer.  But here, she was vibrant again, and yet she was not afraid to look into his eyes.  He was not what she feared.  Ectand was a friend for the lack of a better word to suit what ever it was.  An ally, she supposed likely was a better one.  He and she had worked together to over throw the old regime of Savi and to rightfully correct it back to what it was now.

As he mentioned the ZPE reactor, Blue spoke for the first time since beaming on board.  "Do we get one of those fuckers too?"  There were a couple chuckles.  She was only half joking though, because if the statistics he had just spouted off at her were true, then she most definitely wanted to get the whole shebang.  Though she knew, that was likely not going to be the case as they hadn't offered and the chances that they just had another ZPE reactor sitting around as a gift was ludicrous. 

Ectand finished everything stating that he figured everyone needed to have a good ol' chat with the whole crew to decide what they wanted to do.  Blue sighed as everyone started gatherine around.  It was hard enough for her to breathe on the ship but standing here with everyone crowding around her now was even worse.  She brushed a hand through her curls and tried to take a deep breath but she couldn't quite inflate her lungs.  Her eyes shifted to Ranaan.

Alive, she reminded herself. 

Coming back here was hard, harder than she would like to admit to anyone.  Only Cross could probably fathom and even then he had not gone through everything she had.  Their experiences were so different, and yet he was probably the only one close enough to fully understand how she felt about standing on a ship run by the Savi.  No longer (they said) did they correct or recycle people.  She hoped the experiments on them had stopped too.  She hoped that she didn't come across any, she hoped that no one was on this ship suffering and waiting for a rescue.  Blue knew she would fight, she would make sure she pushed through til the end like last time.  She had found depths of her strength she hadn't known she had.  But, she would rather not have to go through that living hell ever again.

Ravenholm, spoke first, as soon as they got into the make shift meeting.  Blue looked over at the fucking communications officer and tried to figure out why the fuck she was here.  But, she kept her thoughts on that matter to herself as Ravenholm voiced her concerns on the matter.  Something about messing with Thea and all the shit they had done to her. 

"Thea is with us and can make her own fucking decision if she wants this shit or not."  Blue reminded her for a moment.  "We wouldn't be here if she hadn't been interested enough to come check this shit out."  she shrugged her shoulder and sighed.

"Look, the Borg are out there, and so are other races, just like this.  Not to mention the fucking task force we can barely out run on our good days.  Here we are with something that could aide us.  I'm not against using it, not yet, even if it's at a lesser capacity with the shit that we have on the ship.  I'm not against bettering the Theurgy and Thea.  Isn't that our ultimate goal?  To make this fucker the extreme machine it can be?  So that we can fight, win, and unfortunately flee when we need to?  You saw the fuck-fest that was the Theurgy once she came back together at the end of the last set of battles.  You saw how she limped her ass over here as best as we could and how fucking long it has taken to put this shit back together.  We're in a good place to upgrade her.  I'm not turning them down based solely on shit that they didn't choose to do.  They were under the control of some fucky fucked up government assholes that have since been vanquished."

Blue realized that she might have gotten a little loud at the end there and took a deep breath.  She was just glad her hands were shaking at the moment. 

"Your concerns are valid." she stated to Ravenholm.  "But, first, we need to really think of the pros and cons.  What is the future for the Theurgy.  If we get caught by Acheron before we even eradicate the ass worms in the Doc, well then this would have all been for fucking nothing because we'll all be court martialed, jailed, and our lives will be fucking over.  So we might as well explore all our avenues before we give a resounding no."

Re: Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Main Research Vessel Bay | Aerodrome | The Erudite ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @BZ @chXinya

Ducote's involvement with the visiting delegation to the Savi city-ship was beyond question. Aside from his own desire to see these people up close where they lived, there was also the point that a fat fraction of the crew he now served had suffered horribly at the hands of these people. While he hadn't been present to fully understand their prior struggles, this was one he was actually placed to see for himself - even if the situation was different, it was more than he had for something like Niga or Ishtar.

On a more personal level, he didn't want to send Blue back to a location that was fundamentally identical to the site of her most recent trauma without even volunteering to see it for himself.

He wasn't sure if the headache was just from the lower oxygen content of the local atmosphere or the scant bits and pieces that were leaking out from under Blue's shield, but it was turning into a bastard. Nevertheless, he paid attention to the alto droning of the Savi scientists as they lectured upon the details of the slipstream drive. Ducote felt as if a lot of it went over his head - certainly the finer points about subspace mechanics - but he was gratified that (according to Ectand's summary at least) he had the bones of it by the end.

He decided that ignoring Blue's focus on her PADD game was for the best.

The Voice called an intermission. The XO watched him go for a moment, still trying to decide how he felt about the Savi situation. Their civil war was a just one, he thought, but he couldn't help but compare the Antes in general to Borg drones in several unfavourable ways, chiefly concerning their apparently-unquestioning deference to authority. Which was something of a contradiction given the aforementioned civil war, but here they were. Not for the first time by a long way, Ducote looked around the chamber. The architecture was oppressive in way he hadn't seen in most other alien designs, despite its vaulted construction and wide-open spaces. The dark alloys and naked equipment offended what few aesthetic sensibilities he had... and they were here on what amounted to a social call. This must have been a nightmare during their ordeal.

Ravenholm started off and snapped him back to the present, and he had to agree with her concerns. The counterpoint about Thea making her own decision was a valid enough one, though it was still something he was getting used to. He had assurances that she would follow a given order, but no other ship in the Fleet had the capacity to make its own decisions, let alone the will. Still - any code would be double- and triple-checked before introduction to the nerve centre of their entire ship.

"They did choose, Commander," he corrected quietly, when his favourite firebrand obliquely mentioned the old Savi Code. "They were quite happy to do all they did until you helped Ectand figure out their law had been altered. But that just inclines me more to taking whatever we can. We'll work with the... representatives they'll send us if we agree, but once we have the tech there isn't a great deal they can do. For now, we share a common enemy... but that's about it."

It wasn't lost on him that if he'd been part of the group originally abducted by the Savi he'd have suffered the same violations as them. He'd be a totally different species by now, besides anything else. He was grateful for the psychological safety blanket that was the type-1 tucked between his belt and his waistband - it wasn't likely to do much against the armour the Savi wore, but that didn't mean he wouldn't fight any change of heart their hosts might suffer.

"Ms Ravenholm, what would you need in terms of resources and personnel to verify that whatever runtimes come along with this engine are clean before we implement them?" he asked of the erstwhile journalist and current computer expert, before looking back at Blue. "If we do take this on board, presumably with full blueprints and so on, do you think you'd need the Savi there with your teams or could we manage without? Plenty of people still want a crack at them, and it's not hard to imagine our own security looking the other way."

He suspected he knew what her answer was going to be, flippant or otherwise, but he trusted her to make an honest assessment. She was plenty of things, but needlessly proud wasn't one of them, even if her name was almost synonymous with 'headstrong'.
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Re: Day 15 [1500 hrs.] Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive
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[ Ectand qi Versant | Main Research Vessel Bay | Aerodrome | The Erudite ] Attn: @Top Hat @chXinya  @BZ
Having been interrupted by the raised voice of Commander Tiran, Ectand had lowered his wrist and turned his head halfway towards the group of Starfleet officers. It seemed they had a bit of an argument, and as keen as the hearing of Savi was, it certainly wasn't a secret that there was a lack of trust towards the technology offered. The comment Tiran had made, however, had been about what happened on the Versant, and it opened up for further comments from the hybrid that was second in command on the Theurgy. The cybernetically augmented female of the Human variety had been quite clear on how she wished to reject the offer and the alliance, and knowing what he did about the Federation and their culture, Ectand couldn't say he was surprised.

The comment made about the choices of the Antes, however, made the Voice frown a bit. Such a crude simplification of what his people had undergone, and absent of multiple factors that had paved the way into their morbid practices of science. Of course there would be resentment, but the least Ectand expected was for Starfleet to acknowledge the truth rather than warp it to support their opinions. Slowly, he turned to walk towards the group, but said naught to begin with.

As he approached, he saw a figure step out from behind the group of Starfleet officers. Someone who appeared to be a Human specimen, but he knew she wasn't. She wasn't an organic being at all, but a hologram generated by a rather sophisticated portable emitter. A photonic being, such like the Flotilla had never encountered before, and who's heuristic patterns had generated the Synthesis Code. Quite remarkable, with few of similarities in his people's Archive. The A.I. seemed to have kept herself in the back of the delegation, and some Starfleet officers were even surprised to find her present when she spoke up.

"My consent remains unchanged," said the hologram to the three that had spoken so far. She smiled a bit to them all, perhaps not wanting to make the decision for them, and yet wanting to offer her advise on the course of action. "And based on the presentation held along with my own calculations on manpower and time-expenditure, it would take our own crew one month, two weeks and three days to properly install all these components on me unaided. This is, of course, if there are no complications causing further delays. I do not know how long I can remain in drydock here in the Epsilon Mynos System. At the same time, I do not know how much shorter the time will be if we get aid from the Savi."

At this point, the Andorian specimen - ThanIda zh'Wann - noticed Ectand's approach towards the Starfleet officers in the bay, and she stepped around the people in her way so that she might place herself in Ectand's path. The blue-skinned humanoid merely folded her arms underneath her chest and regarded Ectand, but her movement to interject herself had alerted the rest of his presence.

"My apologies. Our hearing is quite astute... and I merely wished to add comment on the fate of my people," he said, knowing how in their eyes he might seem to try and defend something indefensible. He hoped, at least, some of them would have knowledge pertaining to psychology, and would see the point he would try to make. While the incentive had been reactionary on his part, hearing the misinterpretation of his people's actions, he also thought that understanding might facilitate a positive outcome when it came to the suggested alliance against the Infested. To say the faces of the specimens before him were... sceptical, would be a grave understatement. As the Voice of the Savi and the leader of the freed Antes, he ought to not apologise at all for his approach, but if the Old Code was clear about one thing, it was the need for showing due respect and recognition.

"We were not 'happy', Commander Ducote. If I were to make a generalisation, there are two aspects that you ought to know," said Ectand, standing there with his hands at his sides. His black eyes strayed, however, to encompass the whole delegation and not just the Theurgy's First Officer. "Us Antecedents were all nurtured towards the protection of our Archive, and in order to preserve the knowledge of all our research, we were taught from infancy to adhere to the Code. The Code governed all aspects of our life, and our limited culture, such as it were."

His people did not tarry with artistic endeavours. They were conscientious, industrious, but not overly creative beyond the scientific spectrum of their life. Judging by the Old Code, that might not have once been the case. He did not linger on that aspect, however. "Many times through our long history have we strayed in our scientific research, and our Archive has been compromised. So, in order to prevent us from making the same mistakes we already have, the Code evolved out of not just our own necessity and for the sake of the Archive, but for a second reason." He looked towards Tiran, but he barely paused. "Mercy... towards all life. Because imagine what we - with the resources at our disposal - might deal unto the galaxy as a whole, if we were not careful? We were taught that adherence to the Code stood above all else, for sake of not just the Savi but all the species we studied. The Code we used to live by simply stated that if life in the galaxy came to an end, it would be 'disadvantageous', in that there would be no further biological research to make. It never used to say 'Mercy'. The Old Code has now put it in proper perspective."

Looking back at Commander Ducote, Ectand tried to make his point plain, but judgement wasn't his own to make. "Yes, Commander. We are totalitarian. Still are, for we live by laws that govern all aspects of our society. We must, otherwise one of us might push our research irreparably far."

While he was the Voice, he felt he might be a bit long-winded - like the engineers had been before. He decided to end it with something a bit closer to their own experiences. "There is an ongoing philosophical debate on Earth, I recall, which details the dilemma between nature and nurture. Are you the sum of your genome or are you the product of your experiences? Both would be the common answer in many cultures. For us Antecedents, we have evolved towards the pursuit of discovery. It is in our nature. Curiosity and exploration, putting it before ourselves. We look outwards, not to ourselves. We forget ourselves in our desire for more knowledge, so the Code was created to guide us. We knew nothing but the Code, and using it, we were misled entirely by the Scions we created. Like the Augments in Federation history, what we created cared more for themselves than we have ever done. For like the augments of your Eugenic Wars, despite superior abilities, there were major defects in their genome. Belligerence. Arrogance. Ambition without a sense of morality. We simply did not understand what we created... until Commander Tiran confirmed my doubts."

The Andorian did not move a muscle in her face, merely staring at him still, and Ectand held little hope that he had made his point well enough. It was the best he could offer, for sake of the alliance they mutually needed. "I merely ask that we are judged by the scientific truth, and not a biased standpoint... hard as I reckon it to be because of what we did to you." He spread his three-fingered hands, making his final statement. "True Savi never let opinion cloud scientific findings. It is, perhaps, something you might ordinarily call a virtue, for we would never choose bias over proven facts.... only the facts we lived by were falsified."