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Day 08 [2007 hrs.] Second Chances


STARDATE: 57577.39
2007 HRS.

[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox  
When the sparring partner closed the distance with a grappling technique, Deputy zh'wann's response was immediate and uncompromising.

Instead of retreating - where she could unbalance the opponent's forward momentum - Ida made use of the grip upon her blue-skinned arm. In a blur, she spun on her feet while stepping behind the engineer. It made her end up back to back with her opponent for a fleeting brief moment... before Ida's elbow impacted with the back of the pinkskin's head. She did not exactly pull her attack, yet she also made sure she did not cause a concussion either.

The hit landed true and Ida twisted her forearm free against the engineer's thumb. Thus free, she stepped after the unbalanced opponent, used the moment of distraction from the elbow strike by dealing three consecutive and brutal blows against the torso. After this, she retreated - the sparring ring's overhead light dancing over her frame as she regrouped from the counter-attack. She had decided to end her training session with a spar, and she was just about finished - the showers and any messages she'd got waiting for her. The day had been long and uneventful, so a spar had matched her mood perfectly.

On the defensive again, with gloved hands raised in a rigid guard and blue eyes trained upon the opponent - jaw locked around the mouth-guard she had between her teeth - Ida said nothing. She merely waited. Anticipated. No thoughts. No analysis. No speculation.

No. Because the strategy, the tactics, the planning. All of it boiled down to the costly maintenance of one's experience - ever sharpened. Never to be dulled by the lack of said maintenance. Grinding, gruelling practice. Daily. Bodily knowledge maintained by repetition, lest forgotten. The more to sharpen, the more it became a part of one's life, the more time sacrificed. For Ida, martial arts had been a part of her life since she was accepted into the Andorian Guard. It was not a skill as much as it was a way of life for her.

So. There was neither thought, analysis or speculation as Ida turned with the advancing engineer's next movement, never turning her back to him as she blocked his first strike... and led the punch wide from her own torso. Anticipation allowed her to read the attempt at a low kick, and she acted on the threat by raising her knee with the turn - blocking with her chin. With the engineer thus left wide open, the grinding, gruelling repetition of her life of practise laid behind the right hook that came afterwards - going straight against the engineer's headguard. His knees buckled, and he lost his sense of orientation. The subsequent spinning kick came in from the same direction - brutally aimed for the torso. The human weighed three times as much as her, but he staggered from the momentum behind her attack. Her left hook was merely an emphasised punctuation to the spar.

Once the engineer was down, Ida stepped away. Idly, she removed her own headgear and tossed it aside. She picked up her water bottle, took a swig from it, and then walked back to her fallen opponent. With her chest heaving from the exertion of the spar, she poured some of the bottle's cold contents over his head and neck, making him stir.

"You okay, Petty Officer?" she asked, her antennae angling forth with her query - white eyebrows raised.

"Y-Yeah... just got the wind knocked out of me, I think," he said through his teeth, groaning as he struggled to sit up.

"Good. I think your shift is due to start. Thanks for volunteering," she said and walked away, her white sports bra and black shorts damp to her skin.

"Any t-time, Deputy..." she heard the pinkskin say behind her, yet to find his feet. Ida didn't glance back, merely removing her gloves and the gauze around her knuckles whilst she headed towards the communal locker room.

Re: Day 08 [2007 hrs.] Second Chances
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[ LT. JG Jovela | Locker Room | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Luckily things had finally started to settle down onboard the ship. A lot of the people who had been hurt during their last major encounter had been treated and were well on their way to recovery. In fact, a lot of their patients had been discharged from Sickbay already and the few that remained were mostly in there for Post Op observation before being discharge. Outside of that Sickbay had been pretty quiet beyond minor scrapes and the occasional burn suffered by one of the Engineers or Ops personnel during the repairs as well as more than a few people looking for pain relief after a fun night out.

As such Jovela had found herself with a little free time and had decided to hit the gym. It had been a while since she had gotten a good workout in and trained to keep her skills up. There had been a few other people in there at the time so she had settled on hitting one of the punch bags set up in the corner, practicing her jabs and movement as it swung back and forth. It wasn't as good as actually sparring with a partner but it was enough of a workout for her that day.

She'd finished up and made her way into the locker room, swapping her workout gear for a towel wrapped around her and some bathing supplies before hitting the showers. Sighing as she leaned back against the wall and let the water hit her, wanting to feel it cascading down her body and really scrub herself clean instead of opting for the sonic option. Sometimes it was nice to have a proper shower than the alternative.

Once she was clean and feeling refreshed, she turned off the shower and wrapped the towel around her before stepping out and padding her way back to her stall. As she rounded the corner and came to a stop where her stuff was, she caught sight of the blue skinned, white haired Andorian that everybody knew enter the locker room. Evidently, she too had opted for a workout sometime after Jovela had finished her and headed for the shower based on the look of her.

It had been 5 days since their encounter on Aldea and the Head Nurse hadn't spoken to her one-time lover since then. A part of her had wanted to at least send the Deputy a message for perhaps overreacting at the end of their conversation last time, yet another part of her felt that she had done nothing wrong and it was the Deputy who should apologise. In the end she had settled on doing nothing and deal with it the next time she saw the woman.

Of course, she had been hoping that it would have been during a medical emergency or some other professional setting where she could simply be the Head Nurse and not have to worry about any personal issues between them. She certainly didn't think it would be in the communal locker room of the gym of all places. Perhaps the woman hadn't noticed her and she could duck out after changing? Or maybe Ida would decide to hit the showers before doing anything else, then Jovela could simply pretend she hadn't seen her and leave while she was in the shower, yeah that was believable.

Quickly averting her gaze before the Andorian caught her staring, she reached into her bag and started pulling out her uniform and hung it up in the order she would start putting things on. 

Re: Day 08 [2007 hrs.] Second Chances
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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @AlyFox 
Mid-step, spotting Head Nurse Jovela just after she turned her gaze away, Ida paused... for she realised she had her locker right next to the Risian.

Shelat, this might become awkward... she thought with a small frown, knowing that the two of them hadn't parted on the best of terms, even though the Nurse had been instrumental in letting Ida process and move on from what had befallen her so far on the Theurgy's voyage. Of course she was seeing one of the counselors too, with minimal progress, but it had been Jovela's open and liberating mind-set that had helped Ida embrace what she used to be once more. She had taken up painting again, gradually, and even though her first pieces had been dark... it was to be expected. She was shedding all the losses and the abuse she'd suffered unto the canvas, and incrementally, she was able to compartmentalise it all in her mind, and rationalise it with her current situation.

All of it thanks to Jovela.

So while they might not have parted on the best of terms, the clash plain in how they were so entirely different when it came to their duties and background, Ida hosted no ill feelings towards her happenstance lover. Quite the opposite. The nurse might not fully relate to Ida's stark sense of justice - the right and wrongs of officers in the line of duty - or she was personally biased because of her involvement in matters that bygone day at Starfleet Medical. Ida had, of course, held her promise, and hadn't reported Jovela for letting the deserter steal a shuttle and escape after he killed that Klingon. No one from Security had summoned the Risian for a hearing, and while it was entirely uncharacteristic of Ida to not abide to her oaths... she couldn't bring herself to report a victim of attempted rape.

Not when she'd suffered the same fate, several times. Jovela had, of course, called her out for exactly that - judging her for not understanding what she might have suffered at the hands of that dishonourable Klingon - and the words still stung Ida. It stung because not just because she wasn't fulfilling her duties... but because it had seemed Jovela had actually thought Ida following justice so blindly.

Slowly, she drew up next to Jovela, still a bit winded from the spar, sweat beading her blue skin, and the overhead lights dancing over her movements. Of course the Head Nurse looked as extraordinary as she'd been down there on the beach near the Ibai Besi's outlet, fresh from a shower and wearing naught but a towel. It made Ida remind herself to refrain staring, even though the eye of an artist was always drawn to such physical splendour.

"Pardon me," she said quietly, and tapped in the authorisation code for her locker, almost brushing shoulders with the Risian. She realised that she was about to remove all her clothing for a shower, and while Andorians weren't generally modest with showing skin, the context in which she and the Head Nurse had been naked before was at the forefront of Ida's mind. Perhaps, also, it was the culture of Starfleet that had bestowed a sense of propriety unto her after her exile from her keth and homeworld? She wasn't sure, but there was no avoiding it.

In fact, the removal of clothing was far easier than finding ought to say. The secret between them was the very note upon which they had parted, and couldn't revisit, in risk of Jovela suffering the consequences. Perhaps it might not be a big thing on the nurse' record, but surely it would become a permanent thing in her file. Ida didn't even know what Doctor Tyre might do if he learned about it.

"I've... started painting again," she ended up saying, feeling a fool for it. Was that the best way to break the ice? It wasn't even a question. Still it might draw attention away from the fact that she was shedding her tank top, shorts and underwear right next to the woman.

Re: Day 08 [2007 hrs.] Second Chances
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[ LT. JG Jovela | Locker Room | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Jovela kept her eyes forward as she slipped her underwear on up under the towel, silently cursing in her head when the Andorian came to a stop beside her, hearing her quiet "pardon me." Of course the Andorian's locker had to be next to hers. The head nurse gave her a silent nod and shuffled over slightly to give her a little more room, even then the two almost touched given the closeness of the lockers.

Jovela did her best to avoid looking at the Deputy as she started removing her workout clothes but couldn't help but take a glimpse, seeing her blue skin and ass very briefly before she stood up and unwrapped the towel from around herself,  putting on her bra, feeling somewhat awkward being topless, albeit briefly in front of her one time lover, especially considering what had transpired between the two of them recently. The uncomfortable silence between then didn't make it any less awkward either.

As she continued getting dressed she it would be Ida who would break the silence, stating that she had started painting again. "That's...good to hear." Jovela replied and she was being honest with that statement, regardless of their personal beliefs on Jovela's actions, she did still want Ida to move on from the trauma she had suffered and the fact she had started painting again was a good sign. "I hope you're enjoying it and that it helps." she added.

Trying her best to avoid looking at the other woman as she shed her clothes, Jovela couldn't help but wonder if the other woman had sneaked a peek at her but pushed the thought out of her head as she stepped into one leg of her pants, then the other and pulled them up. Another silence passing between them until this time Jovela was the one to speak up.

"I'm sorry." she found herself saying. "About before, what happened back at the Academy is an...unpleasant subject for me and Drauc....he saved me back then and once again here on the ship, he also taught me to defend myself so I'm a little protective of him, even if he would say I don't have to be." she found herself saying. "I know what he did to that Klingon was...excessive, wrong even but..." she started saying than shrugged, Ida already knew her feelings on that, there was no need to repeat them.

"...I shouldn't have reacted the way I had, as a security officer you of course would see it a different way and as someone who has experienced what I did...worse in fact..." Jovela said quieter, since after all Jovela had never been raped thanks to Drauc, unlike Ida who hadn't been able to avoid that fate herself "...I shouldn't have thrown that at you just because I was angry." the head nurse finished and took a breath.

"The fact I'm not sitting in the brig right now, been kicked off the ship or lost my job would imply you haven't told anybody about my involvement in helping Drauc....twice. I know what your sense of duty means to you and the fact you haven't I....thank you Ida." she said, addressing the woman by name for the first time since their last encounter.