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Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure


STARDATE 57599.59
MARCH 27, 2381
1600 HRS.

[ Ensign Liam Herrold | Turbolift > Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ + 2 Writers (Vacant)
[Show/Hide]Stepping out of the turbolift, Ensign Liam Herrold checked the comparison on his PADD a seventh time, just to make sure he and Ji weren't mistaken.

"Can't see how it's possible any other way," he said and glanced at Ji with his light blue eyes when they rounded an intersection in the corridor - her walking alongside him towards the transporter room. "I am just amazed that no one realised this earlier. The Reaver in maintenance bay two has been sitting there since the Calamity attacked you guys on Theta Eridani IV, long before I came aboard, so the engine specs should have been well documented. I guess it could be because of the Reaver's namesake - Narik Cinsaj - being a civilian contractor and her not documenting that fighter's specifications in the ship database? Can't see how else it's possible everyone missed it."

After having spent over two weeks as the Chief of the Deck, and earning a promotion to Ensign in order to bolster his sway in the Fighter Bay, Liam still wasn't quite used to having his girlfriend as his direct subordinate and keep things entirely professional. Outwardly, however, that was no issue - since he made sure that for appearance sake there was no cause for concern among the shift rotations of deck crews. No, the deck personnel were not getting much of a reason to complain about his or Ji's conduct, but it was all the instances when they just happened to be alone. Be it in either of the two offices, the magazine or the workshop. How was he supposed to keep a level head when he and Ji found it so thrilling to just take the opportunity and speak of things not entirely appropriate in the work place, or steal a kiss or two when no one was looking? They might have taken things a bit further than that too a couple of times, almost getting caught, but how could they not?

Indeed, the thrill of seeing each other hadn't abated, even when they shared quarters more often than not. They had even managed to go down to Aldea a few times when the opportunity came along, but it had not been any longer stays. A random dinner, a lunch or a walk along the beach. Liam had heard that there were desert rovers in the outskirts of Aldea Prime, and he was meaning to take Ji on a drive in the dunes - surprising her with an excursion that would be the closest he could take her to his childhood on Mars. He had collected all the specs he could on the Aldean rovers that they took into the Beyond, just to prepare the surprise for her as best as he might. She was likely on to him, since he kept hiding the PADDs he was keeping the information on, just telling her it was stuff he needed to read up on now that he was an Ensign and a Line Officer.

When they stepped into the transporter room, he cleared his throat and nodded to the woman who manned the transporter controls - one Lieutenant JG Yvette Conway, whom had taken quite a lot of her time to show Liam the ropes when it came to the reports he needed to file in his new rank - and she smiled warmly in turn. She looked like she wanted to say something, but with a glance towards Ji she just settled for a wordless nod. Meanwhile, Liam kept talking about the discovery Ji and him had made.

"I mean, the sensor data on the Savi fighters - that they call the Initiator-class - is quite clear. The impulse engine outlets are identical to that of the Cinsaj, and since she came from the future aboard the Calamity... it must be that the Savi somehow influenced the technology of Starfleet in that future. Just taking a glance at the sensor data from the Calamity and that of the Versant suggests the same thing. There are too many similarities. That suggests that the Savi and Starfleet Command were in cahoots when the Calamity was sent back in time to destroy the Theurgy and the Harbinger. Are we truly the first ones to see it?"

It might be because Ji was the propulsion expert, and had been able to confirm it all. The brass had to know, so Liam and Ji were about to beam to Vector 01 and request an audience with the higher-ups, to show what they'd found. Since Thea was still split in three in the shipyards, however, they had to beam to the right part of the ship first. Conway waited to ask them where they were heading until they were on the transporter pad - their yellow jumpsuits bathed in overhead light.

"Where to?" she said from her station, pointedly looking just at Liam with her smile lingering in her eyes, but Ji beat him to answering. Liam had to clear his throat and scratch the back of his neck while he waited for the transporter to take them where they needed to be.

Before the shimmering light enveloped them, however, Liam saw a frown building in the Lieutenant's features - perplexed at something she saw on her transporter controls. The anyon sweep had begun - something that had become standard ten days earlier in order to safeguard the Theurgy from infiltration - but something felt... off. Liam was about to ask what was happening, but it was too late, since the sequence was locked in, and both Ji and him were fading from the transporter pad.

When Liam opened his eyes, his concerns were allayed when he saw that they were in a transporter room again, assuming that they had ended up in the right Vector. They had....

....only there was no transporter officer in the room.

"Aren't there supposed to be someone here at all times?" he asked Ji quietly, all thoughts of the Reaver vanishing. It was quiet in the room. Far too quiet.... and yet... somehow, he could still hear voices. Like whispers in the air.

"Chief Petty Officer Jeff Kowalski to Lieutenant Conway, do you still have them?" said the whisper, a male voice - almost too faint to hear. "They are not in the buffer, ma'am."

Wherever the whisper came from... there was no one present, and Liam looked at Ji, perplexed as to what may have happened. "What's going on?"

Re: Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Working Relationship | Professional Liaisons | What is this Fuckery? | I Fix Ships Not Transporters]
@Auctor Lucan

The Turbolift doors opened and the dynamic duo stepped out into the corridor.  Their matching boots marched similarly down the corridor, though Ji being much shorter made it so that they were not moving in time.  Instead, she was walking as fast as she could push her legs and Liam was likely still slowing down a bit so that they could walk side by side as he towered above her in his height.  Liam was amazed that the information they had found when working together had not been documented before.  Her brow rose as he spewed forth a wealth of information that she was still trying to latch onto as they turned a hairpin corner and continued forward. 

"We've been a bit busy, you know, since then.  It isn't like we have had a whole lot of down time to categorize everything.  You yourself know how busy we have been.  The likelihood is, the Reaver was overlooked because of the civilian status and the lack of time to properly go over it.  On a ship like the Theurgy we use what assets we have and worry about the logistics later." she reminded him as they continued to move forward.

Working alongside her boyfriend was actually fun.  It wasn't new for her, but what was new was the fact that he was actually her boss now.  They had been almost equal before, and now he was an Enisgn and had the title of Chief of Deck.  There had been only a few grumbles about Ji having fucked and sucked her way to the top because of her own promotion to Assistant Chief.  But, most of them had been working with her for hears and knew there was really no better candidate.  Ji was gifted when it came to the fighters engines and the propulsion systems, and now, she was able to work on things on a larger scale as well as giving more training to her underlings to help them fill in the gaps when she was needed elsewhere.  Ji and Liam had taken the opportunity from time to time to actually enjoy themselves when they were on duty, but alone.  Ji was always pushing Liam past his comfort zone here and there, because it was fun, and while he totally said it was unprofessional she knew that he was into it because as soon as she mentioned anything, he was ready to go.  So far, they hadn't been caught.

As the pair stepped into the transporter room, Ji looked up at the young woman behind the controls who seemed to light up at the sight of Liam.  Ji gave the woman a glare that said 'it's mine, hands off' without actually using any words.  Ji had never really thought herself the jealous type but it seemed that Liam drew the eye heavily from both men and women and there were times Ji had to remind the ship that he was a very taken man.  It wasn't Liam's fault, but, she found herself frustrated with it from time to time.  They weren't quiet or secretive about their relationship, most of the ship knew about it at this point, so it shouldn't be a surprise.  Which meant the people hitting on Liam had zero respect for their relationship or either of them.  Which dropped their ranking in her eyes no matter what their collar said. 

Together they stepped up onto the transportation pad.  "Well, yes, we have to tell the Captain, and honestly, we may be the first to see it.  Under Sten we had to do whatever we were tasked with but now that you're in control we are able to give time and effort to the things that we need to get done.  And... honestly.. we had time.  Sitting in docking we have time now to do this kind of research while everything else is being patched up and fixed." she stated calmly.

The woman behind console asked where to, and Ji looked up.  "Vector 01, thank you." she stated, though there was a bit of bite to her words as she sent another glare to the woman who's smile fell off her face.  Ji wasn't putting up with shit, and it was plainly obvious that this woman had the hots for Liam.  Perhaps she thought she was a better fit, perhaps she just wanted a tussle in the sheets with the blonde beauty, whatever the case, it would all happen over Ji's dead body.  Ji would have slid closer to Liam to leave her mark on him, give him a peck on the cheek, hold his hand, something, but she didn't want to screw up the transport.  The warm glowing tingle of the transport began before she could say anything else, and then they were gone and off onto another part of the ship. 

Only.... something wasn't right.

As they materialized there was no one there to receive them.  She looked around, a bit perplexed because there was always someone manning the transportation rooms because of their sheer heavy use.  Especially right now with all the Vectors in different places and needing to get from one to another.  Most definitely for senior staff, but there were some things that just needed to be done in person, and that was why there were off to Vector 01.

"Maybe he's on the shitter?" she asked with an unhelpful shrug, though the tone of her voice stated that she wasn't all too sure about the matter herself.  It was quiet, and yet.. if they strained just enough they could both hear a conversation that was taking place.  Almost as if she were listening to it under water, almost as if they were in another room and it was muffled through the walls.  Something about did someone have them.. they weren't in the buffer, and Ji turned and looked at Liam.

"The fuck?  I have no idea.  I'm not gifted at transportation but I can guarantee something went wrong." she stated as she looked around the room.  I hope that bitch wasn't trying to get rid of me and accidentally got rid of Liam too... she thought but kept the thought to herself, she didn't want jealousy to get the best of her.  She just.. didn't like people disrespecting her relationship.  Liam was a good man.  To her, it was more than his looks, it was their chemistry.  When they had sat together looking over the guides and manuals for the Valravyn together, she had found they just.. jived.  After that, one thing lead to another, and now they were firmly in love and the envy of the deck at times.  Ji wasn't without her own pursuers but she made sure they all knew she was taken and worked to make sure that she didn't give Liam any reasons to be concerned.

"Maybe, we should look around.  Find some answers.  There has to be a way back?  Maybe we can put a message up in here."  she said as she went over to the console, testing to see if she could get off the pad before she actually did.  She didn't need to disappear into atoms because of a whim.  Seeing that she could get down, she jumped down and crossed to the console.  Digging around she found a large marker, and walked to a nearby wall in sight of the console and wrote. 

-CPO Eun Sae Ji & Ensign Herrold, were here 1605 hrs.]  she capped the pen and stuck it in her pocket in case they needed it later.

"Should we go see if maybe .. we can find Thea?" she offered thinking maybe the holographic female might be their best bet.

Re: Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure
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[ Ensign Liam Herrold | Turbolift > Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ + 2 Writers (Vacant)
[Show/Hide]Stepping off the transporter PADD, Liam tried to listen to the faint whispers in order to understand where they were coming from, but it was as if the vague sounds echoed inside the room, without any distinct origin. Frowning in confusion, he followed Ji to the computer console, and by then, he was quite positive that the officer that was supposed to man the station wasn't relieving himself. Something had to have gone wrong, if the whispered were any kind of clue. "Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this..."

Ji tried to leave a written message on the wall, and Liam admired the ingenuity, listening closely to the whispers to see if there was any indication that someone - wherever the whispers were coming from - could read it. Yet the voices only conveyed a confused conversation between the two transporter officers, where they tried to understand where Ji and he had gone. Eventually, before Liam did as Ji suggested and tried to make contact with Thea, he could hear how the two officers decided to report the incident to Security - following protocol as they were.

"Yeah, I don't think they can read the message. Perhaps, if we can hear them, they could hear us?" he suggested, and cupped his hands around his mouth. "Hello! Can anyone hear us? This is Ji and Herrold and we're right here, only we can't see you! We can hear your voices, only very faintly! Hello?"

There was no response, the whispers just yielding a conversation with Deputy Than'Ida zh'Wann over comms, the Andorian security officer asking questions about what had happened."Okay, let's try Thea then. You might be right. She's a computer, so even if people are gone from sight, she might remain, right?"

Liam cleared his throat and tapped his combadge. "Thea, could you join us please?" he asked, requesting the projection of Thea to appear. They waited, without any answer. "Computer, please state the time."

[The time is 1605 hrs.] said the intercom in the room, the voice nothing like Thea's, which made Liam frown in confusion again. She sounded like any standard Starfleet computer system, identical to the one he was used to on the Resolve.

"It seems like wherever here is, Thea isn't installed?" he said, and decided to step out into the corridor outside the transporter room. The sliding doors parted for him, but as he might have expected by then, he found the entire length of it empty in both directions. "It's like we're on a ghost ship..."

Taking a few steps down the corridor, he listened to whatever Ji might have about their current predicament, before scratched the back of his neck. "Perhaps we should ask the computer more questions to learn wherever 'here' is. I don't know if it will help, but at least we'll know what we might expect if we're to go searching for some way to make our ship hear us? I mean, if the crew is gone, something ought to have happened to everyone, right?"

That came out somewhat ominous, Liam realised, which made him hope he was wrong, and that there was no contagion or malign force present that had made the crew flee.

Re: Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Strange Things Are Happenin' | Solving the Case | We Are Together, Missing | They Will Find Us]
@Auctor Lucan

Ji worked on her words on the wall, the marker worked just fine like normal.  It showed up darkly against the metallic walls and stated their case.  Ji and Herrold were here, had been here and she even added a time stamp at the bottom of it.  She might as well since they needed to let them know if it worked.  She turned as she heard Liam calling out to the others, hoping that they could hear him, but it seemed that wasn't going to be the case.  As much as she wished that they were stuck somewhere in between, it seemed that was exactly where they were.  She watched him calling out to the woman that had been eyeing him and the man that was supposed to receive them.  Ji didn't like the fact that the woman had been making eyes at him, Liam was hers, and she wasn't the kind to share.

No one responded.

Ji stepped over towards him as they listened while the people informed Security of the issue.  Her eyes widened, brown orbs taking in Liam's face for a moment, in a bit of panic.  She had gone through a lot on this ship, and the Harbinger, and now here they were stuck in some kind of in-between.  She wasn't sure what to call it since it wasn't completely different they could still hear the whispers from the other side of the barrier or whatever it could be called.  She wasn't Scientifically inclined, she could fix an engine, make things go faster and further, but she could not start talking shop with an Engineer over things like this... and most definitely would not be able to hold a candle to someone in Science.  It was going to take a team to get them back, and she hoped they could get them back.

The others couldn't hear them, and so Liam decided that he might should try to speak with Thea.  That was probably the next best, she would probably be able to at least help them.  If Thea could bridge the communications gap between this in-between and the other actual reality then it would be perfect.  AS he called out to Thea, again, there was no response, and Ji found her brow furrowing.  "That's odd, where ever we are, there should be a Thea." she said softly as she brushed a frustrated hand through her short locks.

Then Liam decided to address the computer as if they didn't have Thea at all, and finally got an answer.  Her brow rose.  "We're not at home anymore Toto." she whispered looking around at the room they were in with a different light.  This wasn't Thea, this wasn't their ship, this was something else and it was likely somewhere else. 

She stepped out into the corridor with Liam and it, too, was a ghost ship.  Everything was empty, the sounds of the ship were there.  The beeps of various consoles, the boops of various processes happening, she could hear the thrum of energy moving through the walls powering the ship. But it was distinctly void of any life signs.  "Computer, locate nearest life sign" Ji said out loud, thinking maybe they were on another deck or something. 

[CPO Eun Sae Ji, Assistant Chief of Flight Deck, and CPO Liam Herrold, currently assigned to the USS Resolve, located in corridor adjacent to Transporter Room.]

Her brows rose.  "That's.. there's no one else?" she whispered a little bit of fear filling her voice at this knowledge. Liam told her that maybe they should ask where in space they were, and she nodded.  "Computer, what is the current location of the USS Theurgy." she stated waiting for the answer.

Ji thought about what they could do, there had to be answers here somewhere.  There had to be information.  The ship, so far as she could tell from their current location, was running just fine, but that didn't mean that other decks hadn't been compromised somehow.  "Do you think we could make it to a Bridge or.. uh, a Quarters, where we could check for some crew logs and figure out what happened to everyone?" Ji suggested.
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Re: Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure
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[ Ensign Liam Herrold | Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ + 2 Writers (Vacant)
[Show/Hide]"Computer, what is the current location of the USS Theurgy." Ji had asked the computer, and the answer shocked Liam quite profoundly.

[The USS Theurgy is currently orbiting N9GA Majoris, an M-Class planet in the Mahéwa System.]

All the reports about the Niga Incident came to Liam's mind, and he felt the colour drain from his face a bit. The place was infamous after what the crew of the Theurgy had been through, and evidently something had happened that had caused all the crew to abandon ship. Was it the virus? Was it the state of the ship? It had been damaged after the persecution through Federation space, hadn't it? While Liam had been on the Resolve, and it had suffered a lot of damage during its three year voyage home, it had not been anything like what the Theurgy and her crew had endured. The computer's answer had rendered more questions and answers...

...and Ji's suggestion to find some crew logs or get to the bridge was an excellent one. They wouldn't learn anything just standing around.

"Yeah... This is freaking me out, but I guess we have no choice but to start looking for clues," he said, and started to step down the corridor. His steps were slow, half expecting the reports about the Niga Incident to indicate that there were predatory plants around every corner. Plants that sought to spread their seeds through the innards of people, and made them slaves to the purpose of pollinating the whole galaxy. Liam wished he had a weapon in hand, so that he might protect Ji, but one thing at the time....

[ Ten minutes later ]

Several things had become clear during the slow, tentative progress through the starship's corridors. Many sections of the ship were without power, so they'd had to pry sliding doors open to get through. Furthermore, the Theurgy was nothing like Liam remembered her. In fact, it was smaller. Much smaller, and the corridors didn't lead to where they should. Of course, they were all of Starfleet design, which had made the Transporter room seem like the one they'd been supposed to end up in. But this ship was far more damaged than the Theurgy had been at the point they'd left it behind in the Aldea Prime Shipyards. Obviously, the ship was not separated into three hulls either, but in Standard Operation Mode. Nonetheless, these first impressions were not the most sinister ones they'd come across.

The whispers of their past reality grew fainter by the minute, as if they had been mere residues of the reality they left behind. In mere minutes, they were all alone in the derelict ship.

They had found dead, naked bodies. Most of which Ji ought to have recognised, if not by name by memories from the time before the incident. The dead had fallen due to different kinds of trauma, ranging from phaser fire to plasma explosions. The corridors showed signs of severe damage from battles. Not just from the battles that had preceded the Niga Incident, but from internal fighting between the infected and those who tried to escape the ship. Down several lengths of corridors, the lights were flickering on and off from power failures. There were also many signs of intercourse having taken place, results of the madness of the virus plain. Liam had read reports of a Garden of Eden having been made in one of the cargo holds of the ship by beaming up greenery from the planet, but thankfully, they didn't pass any cargo holds on their way up to the main bridge.

When Liam and Ji emerged on the bridge, it became abundantly clear that Thea wasn't herself. A single glance towards the flickering MSD at the back of the bridge didn't show a Theurgy-class multivector dreadnought... but a carrier-version of a Prometheus-class starship. Liam frowned, wondering how this could be? Slowly, he began to tap the touch-screen surface of a damaged console.

"Looks like all the shuttles and escape pods are gone... and we have limited power. Plasma leaks in main engineering. I think the only reason we can breathe right now is that the ship has been able to replenish oxygen after all the crew abandoned the ship, for whatever reason. The infected likely sought to spread the virus, while the rest fled for their lives..."

Liam had no idea how they might get back to their own reality, but he knew one thing for sure... he was no longer certain he wanted to review the logs from the event that caused the ship to be abandoned.

And outside the viewscreen, the verdant planet Niga could be seen. A paradise hiding the bio-weapon that the Infested had planted there for the Theurgy to find and spread through the galaxy.

OOC: Sorry for the slight delay! Hope this set-up is interesting enough. :)
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Re: Day 17 [1600 hrs.] Anyonic Emission Failure
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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Things Are Not What They Seem | This is Familiar | Take Me Home Toto]
@Auctor Lucan

There were few words in the world that could strike fear into the heart of Chief Ji.  There were Borg, Liam's dead, Parasites, and N9GA.  Because, she knew, all too well, what had happened in that system.  She remembered the planet, she remembered the plants, she remembered hiding out in the jefferies tubes hoping that she wouldn't get discovered or found out.  Terrified of what would happen having seen the bodies that the plants had used, seeded, and pushed through.  She turned white as a sheet, at just the mention of where they were and stood stock still. 

We need to get out of here, we need to be gone, if the virus is still around here, we .. we are in trouble.  I don't want to have sex with a plant and I certainly don't want to hatch any seedlings.  I need to get us out of here now, but how?

Liam wasn't exactly excited either and she figured that he probably remembered the reports of things that had happened before he even came on board the Theurgy.  Back when he was on the Resolve.  They began to move, because she was right, they needed to figure things out.  Knowing already they weren't where they were supposed to be and even then as they walked they began to realize this was not the ship they knew at all.  This was not the Theurgy class ship, she remembered the ship, she remembered the layout.

There were many corridors that had been left in the darkness, just small runners of emergency lights guiding people over the curve of the ship as they moved through it.  Small flickers up ahead here and there right before the lights resumed in another section on a different breaker.  There was a creepy sort of ghost feel to the ship.  A complete lack of people, and a complete lack of anything.. really.  She kept expecting to see some kinds of plant life or something, but she didn't, she just kept seeing the emptiness and the corridors that had been hard hit.  There were phaser fire marks on the walls, and clear signs of battles.  It was harrowing.

Then there were the dead.  Here and there, sometimes in groups, sometimes on top of each other, many times alone.  When their bodies burst open and the seedlings sprouted to go after another person.  When they were just hungry mindless people waiting for the end.  Shooting at each other, begging for the end and yet the plant inside them driving them further into madness.  To procreate, to harvest, to continue.  Ji recognized the faces. 

Lieutenant Salvatore Garza, Ensign Carla Havinger, PO1 Gretta McMillan, CPO Benjam Grodito, Doctor Elissin T'Kor, Lieutenant Goja.. and more.

Turning from the bodies, she brushed a hand through her hair and looked over at Liam.  Her face still white as a sheet, this was effecting her more than she was saying.  She was trying to be strong, trying so hard to retain her cool and get them out of this place, but she was terrified.  They entered the bridge, again, it was empty and Ji looked around at the empty seats.  Some of them were turned slightly as though someone had rocketed out of them quickly, and there was someone dead in the front of the Bridge laying just underneath the console, she only knew because she could see one Starfleet issued boot poking out from underneath.  Liam was already at the console typing away and trying to figure out what was going on.  He mentioned that the escape pods and the shuttles were all already gone, and she hoped that was because many had escaped.  But, she really hated to think if they hadn't.  All of a sudden, she realized, ....

"I .. I was here." she whispered softly, the first time she had spoken since he mentioned N9GA.  "I was here when the Niga virus infiltrated the Theurgy." her voice was rough with emotion and she thought about what to do.  Part of her wondered if she was alive, part of her wondered if she had escaped, part of her wondered... what had happened.  And the other was terrified to find out.

Ji stepped up to one of the working consoles and put in her log in information.  She was signed in easily because her things had always been the same, once she was into the system she began to search for her logs.  "Computer, play the last log of CPO Eun Sae Ji."

[Playing the last known log for CPO Eun Sae Ji.] the computer returned quickly and a brief moment of silence before three beeps and it began. 

I'm still here. came the whisper, full of fear and full of exhaustion.  I can hear the screams outside the tubes.  I can hear the running of feet all around me, and the sound of the phasers as friends turn on friends, as plants split open those around me, people I've known and worked with for years now.

I'm a coward.  Hiding here in the tubes, waiting desperately for something to change.  For the battle to be won, for the battle to be lost, for some way to get to the escape pods.  Every time I think about moving, there are more people out there.  Waiting for me, waiting for anyone, and .. the things I've seen will be hard to forget, if I ever even can.  I want to go home.  I miss my family, my Oma my Apa, I want to see them again, and eat my mom's kimchi.  I want to eat her sticky rice and taste her egg rolls.  I want to go home.

Ji falls quiet for a long moment, as she shifts around in the tube.  Her clothing can be heard rustling around, and then she begins to speak again.  They're calling out.  Everyone can go, escape pods now, and .. I have to try, I have to try right?  For myself, for the crew, for my family.  If I don't make it.  Sranghae...

The real Ji stood on the Bridge swallowing as her face drained of any remaining color.  "Computer, show last known footage of CPO Eun Sae Ji" she whispered softly.  But, the computer heard her anyway.

[Last known footage.  Shuttle Bay.]

She nodded, of course it was.  Ji watched as the screen filled with the full color security footage of the corridors and Ji bolting down them.  Her Korean face was a mask of stress, hurry, and pressure.  She was fearful but trying not to show it.  She turned and continued on, being picked up by another camera, and then she was at the doors to the shuttle bay.  They opened at her command and the stumbled forward.  There was one shuttle left, one beautiful shuttle and she bolted across the floor towards it.  People, officers, were already climbing on board but they saw her breaking for it across the deck.  Calling out to them.  Ji rushed across, the deck plating taking a pounding by her boots.  Half way there she suddenly stopped and fell down to one knee and then all the way to the ground.  A puddle of blood forming around her leg.  She had been shot in the leg.  The camera angle showed, someone, a male, walking into the frame completely naked and not himself as he worked his way towards Ji.  She screamed out, and began to crawl away.  Begging the shuttle to stay, reaching out for them, but she was too far away and no one was willing to risk it.  They closed the hatch and the final shuttle took off leaving Ji in a streak of her own blood as she tried to crawl away from the man.  She tried to get up, slipping in her own blood and her leg unable to support her weight, she fell again.  She reached for a large thick pipe but it was too far away.  Sliding each inch that she could, but the man behind her advanced much more quickly.

There was a blood curdling scream, as Ji was taken by the Niga infected.  However, she never stopped fighting, and eventually she was able to wrangle the phaser from his hands while he was busy ripping her clothing off and working to get inside her.  He succeeded in both of his endeavours before she was able to get the phaser but Ji was a fighter, and she shot him, and then.. turned the phaser on herself.  She wouldn't be another one.  She refused.

[End of CPO Eun Sae Ji's record.]

Ji turned and hurled any and all food and liquid out of her stomach and into a pile in the center of the Bridge.
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[Show/Hide]Before the end, the development on the screen had become far too much for Liam to endure watching. When the infected crewman came for her, and the shuttle took off, he'd averted his eyes, his face twisted and sickened by the sounds of fear and fright this other Ji was making. He was breathing through his teeth, wanting to tell Ji to stop the feed on the screen, yet he froze up by the overpowering sound of what was happening. When the sound of the phaser hit his eardrums, twice, the whole bridge had lit up by the flashes, and Liam hadn't needed to see the screen to understand what two phaser bolts implied.

The sense of relief he felt when the computer finally announced that it was over was short-lived, however, when he could hear Ji retching. He looked around, found her and went to her side. He didn't know what to say, or how to comfort her in such a situation. Could anyone? He wrapped one arm around her, and if she wanted to, he'd wrap both his arms around her and hug her close, making soothing sounds and words. "Hey, hey, it's okay. You're here with me, and we'll get back to where we belong. If we can't get back on our own, you can be certain that the people on the real Theurgy will figure it out. We just need to wait it out, stay safe, and everything will be all right. Okay? We can survive this, together, and put this behind us. Given time, we'll push this from our minds, just like we've moved on from the Savi, the Klingons and the Borg boarding the fighter bay. I have three years of voyages on the Resolve through all kinds of nasty things that I've outlives, and you have your experiences here. We can move on. We're Starfleet, and we're strong."

Liam gave Ji all the time she needed, not leaving her side. Eventually, he told her what he'd learned when he checked the computer.

"It seems Thea was indeed installed on this Prometheus-class version of the Theurgy, but at some point during the outbreak, it seems like either the Infected or the survivors deleted her completely from the shipboard systems. She must have represented a threat to either side, and she was dealt with permanently. It said her positronic brain remains in the computer core, but it's... empty. There is nothing there any more. Only the auxiliary computer. We're on our own."

[Not quite.]

The loud, male voice was like a slap in the face for Liam and he bolted to his feet, looking around. Yet the sound had come from the intercom, he realised, seeing how no one but them were on the bridge. The surveillance system... someone had to be watching them on a screen somewhere on the ship. He felt a cold shiver run up his spine, and heard his heart beating in his ears. Liam had no idea who they were dealing with, but he did know that those infected with the virus eventually died from the seed bursting out of their throax or their wombs, depending on gender. It was a long, slow process before it happened, but the stardate on the computer said they had not been brought to a different time. It was the same day as it had been at Aldea. That ought to mean that the voice didn't belong to someone infected. The person should already be dead.

"Hello?" he called, looking around and trying to find one of the surveillance units in the deckhead. "I'm Liam Herrold and this is Eun Sae Ji. We mean no harm, we just want to be safe, and get back to where we came from. Can you help us?"

[I know who you are.]

The voice, it sounded awfully... familiar somehow, the static of the damaged intercom garbling the voice a bit. He couldn't quite place it, however. "That's... great. Who are you?"

No answer came...

...and the whole situation was beginning to freak Liam out. "Hello? Are you still there?"

Eventually, Liam looked towards Ji, unsure what to do or say. Should they leave the bridge? Should they try to find weapons? He wasn't even sure she was ready to move after what she'd just seen on the screen.

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@Auctor Lucan

Ji didn't want anyone to witness what she had, and unfortunately, Liam was in the same room as her.  It wasn't that she was embarrassed about the situation but this was something gravely personal and despite knowing that Liam loved her and cared for her she felt quite.. strongly about the fact that she didn't want anyone to know what had befallen her.  Even though it was another timeline, or another universe, or whatever it could be called.  She felt sickly and was glad that she hadn't had a large lunch, nor time to snack, with her busy work schedule.  Still, her stomach dry heaved even after it was empty while she clutched the back of a nearby chair until Liam was there at her side.  Ji didn't like to feel vulnerable, at least, not when she was working and not when she was just around.  She didn't mind being vulnerable in bed and things like that but, this was different and she felt extremely exposed.

He put his arm around her and she turned brushing her mouth against the back of her sleeve to get rid of any residue as she curled into his chest and let him hold her for a long moment.  He promised that she wasn't alone, she was there with him, and that they would get through it together and head back home.  Everything would be all right, she swallowed heavily and gave a nod, just trying to burrow into his chest.  He reminded her that they were strong and she would survive this.  Ji gave a silent nod as her arms came up and wrapped around his waist just needing a moment to hear his heart thundering in her ears and feel his arms around her, his hands on her and for a moment she thought about his touching have a slightly metallic feel, and yet, she knew that was not true.

Liam spoke as she calmed down but she hadn't let him go yet.  Her eyes were closed and Ji was focusing only on his words and the sound of her own breathing so that she could remain calm as much a possible.  He told her that Thea had been installed on this version of the Theurgy but somehow during the outbreak she had been deleted.  That was enough to make Eun Sae pull her head back off of his chest.  The brain had been stored in the computer core but was ultimately empty and would not be of any help to them.  They were on their own.

"I can't believe all of this." she said stepping back.  The smell of her own puke made her stomach churn even more and she really felt like she needed to get off the Bridge as quickly as possible.  There seemed to be no actual reason to come back either.  Suddenly though, there was a voice from the intercom and Ji jumped.  It was male, loud, and it surprised the both of them because they had been pretty sure they were alone until that very second.  Liam was on his feet looking around, and Ji went to grab a tool.. a phaser.. something on her hip only to realize they had been on their way to a meeting and therefore had no weaponry on her. 

Liam took it on himself to interact with the invisible man.  Introducing themselves to him only to find out that he already knew who they were.  She looked over at Liam as she wondered just who could it be because if Liam had been on the ship then this time line was already a mess because he hadn't been on board the ship when the Niga came through the first time.  Liam tried to get more information out of the invisible man but the man began to not answer and Ji rolled her eyes.

"What is it with men and fucking dramatics." she sighed softly.

She thought about what to do next. 

"Computer, list the living members of the Theurgy currently on board the ship."