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Topic: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs (Read 228 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs
Stardate: 57608.54
March 31, 2381

[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai| Squadron Mess Hall "The Den" | Fighter Assault Bay  | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]
att: @Nolan @Stegro88  @Fife

Khorin sipped the last drink of his hot cocoa before he rose to his feet. He had arrived early, he knew that, but after all that had happened he would not refuse a meeting with Razor. Nor could he give any cause of complaint about his behavior. Not after the time in the brig, the time in counseling... Not after his wings were cut off. After all that has happened ...he had barely seen the seat of a fighter a couple of times, mainly to circumnavigate the planet and return to the lair as soon as posible. And this only to check the fighter systems when the rest of the pilots were too busy to take care of the maintenance of the Valkyrie 08. He had been training, on the holodeck and in the gym, as expected. But it had not been the same. Not by a long shot.

The Klingon dropped the empty cup into the replicator, pressed a couple of buttons and turned his feet toward the locker room. The conversation he had had with his mate still echoed clearly in his mind. He had wanted to hide all this from her. He needed to see how things were going before he could either return home victorious or hide the whole thing under the carpet, depending on how things were. But it was impossible to hide anything from Zeph when they were tuned in as they were. Still less when she had much more experience than he did in how to conceal one' s thoughts. Khorin, both outside and inside his mind was loud and straightforward and the betazoid had not needed three seconds to find out that something she may not like was going was going on. So they had had a conversation that Khorin would not wish to repeat in his mind. One full of 'or else'.And yet there he was, recalling it over and over again as he put on his boots, sat on the bench in the empty room. He wouldn't disappoint her again. Not if he could do anything about it. Even if it meant fighting against what every cell in his body shouted at him to do.

A few minutes later, he was ready. The memo he had received had stated that he should report to the FAB in the statutory exosuit, so Khorin struggled to look his best on it. He even had tied his long mane over his nape, and he even had kept his underwear under the suit...just in case.

By the time he stepped into the FAB at last, 3 minutes before the scheduled time, Ravon was already there. In front of him there were two pilots Khorin barely knew, two of the squad's new acquisitions. The Klingon had seen them on different occasions, while he loitered in the Den, as he tried to find out what was going on in the pack without being able to fully belong to it. The Alpha Wolf seemed to be issuing some orders to the women. Maybe some advice. The Klingon noticed how the corners of his lips began to tighten. Khorin held his steps back for a few seconds and struggled to turn the grimace that threatened to form on his lips into his trademarked side grin. "Just let sleeping dogs lie" he murmured to himself just before he recovered the pace of his steps.

"Khorin Douglas, reporting in" he roared as he reached the little group, with more confidence than he really felt. What would the Alpha Wolf be up to?
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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @Nolan @Stegro88
Isel had arrived with Donna well before the time they had been instructed to arrive at the FAB, and had been suited up in her flight gear and listening to Razor as they waited for the fourth member of their patrol to arrive. As Isel stood and listened to the Pack Leader, the Vulpinian craning her neck back to look up at the man, she couldn't help but wonder how the tall fucker even fit in a cockpit.

Isel knew she was short, diminutive being the word she preferred. Or petite. Petite sounded cute. Donna was not petite, standing quite a bit taller than Isel herself. Not that that was hard to do. But Razor, well... the man was about as far from petite as it got. The giant bastard stood head and shoulders taller than Isel and leaving the Vulpinian wondering is she should go borrow one of the ladders from the fucking maintenance crews so she wouldn't have to tilt her fucking head so far back to listen to the guy. The though reminded Isel of the growing kink in her neck from looking up at him for so long, and she closed her eyes for a moment as she rolled her head from side to side, feeling the muscles in her neck protest as they worked and stretched.

Fucking tall people... Isel grumbled mentally as she returned her head to a neutral position, opening her eyes to peer back up at their SCO. When she fixed her gaze on him again, she saw that he seemed tense, the corners of his mouth seeming to draw more tense lines on his face. For a moment Isel wondered is she'd accidentally grumbled about tall people out loud, but then the Vulpinian noticed that the SCO was gazing over her rather than at her.

That was when she heard a voice booming from behind her, the sudden loud noise causing her to curse and jump slightly.

"Khorin Douglas, reporting in."

Isel turned and found herself staring at the chest of a very large flight suit. Craning her neck once more, she gazed up at a scraggly looking face which topped the flight suite at an even greater height than Ravon.

More fucking tall fuckers...

The face was scraggly, true, but it was the forehead drew her attention. Those ridges were unmistakable, especially coupled with the overly obnoxiously loud noises which emanated from the man.

Ugh... and Klingon too... Isel inwardly groaned as she fought the urge to roll her eyes. He better not be braying like a mule this whole flight...

"Khorin Douglas? Let me guess... your callsign is... Loudmouth, right?" Isel asked in a voice which dripped sweet sarcasm as she smiled up at the behemoth. Isel turned and glanced at Donna then, giving the woman who held her heart a wink. "Hopefully we don't run into any trouble out there. With him here, any raiders will hear us a fucking sector away!"
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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen  @Fife  @Stegro88 

Having drafted his pilots for an unscheduled patrol mission, Razor stood in the fighter assault bay as he looked at both Donna Petterson as well as Isel Nix. The two female pilots standing in their exosuits as they all awaited the arrival of the final member to complete the squadron. He had asked them how the transition went aboard the new ship, showing interest in their new assignment and wondering how they were getting alone professionally. There had been whispers of the two pilots forming a couple, though it didn't exactly matter to the SCO. Not unless it would prove a problem on the job. Whilst it had been a few days ago since the incident, Ravon had not forgotten the outburst of the Klingon. Having suspended him from active duty, today would be the first day he'd reinstate the pilot. Mostly to observe if he made any progress or if he still proved the be the volatile powder keg that he seemed to be not so long ago.

Ravon's exosuit seemed to be a rather tight against his flesh underneath as the SCO preferred to not wear anything underneath. In case of an emergency, the suit would protect him, though if for example his suit would be damaged or melt, he'd rather have no fabrics of tissue caught in between. Just wearing his underwear underneath the suit, the pilot felt at ease and confident yet he was pacing idly whilst waiting for Khorin Douglas. He wasn't late yet and even before the deadline would tick away, the large Klingon appeared in sight and presented himself for duty.

Miss Nix seemed to nearly jumped as she hadn't seen him coming. A curious thought wondered through Thomas' mind as he wondered if the Vulpinian would be able to smell him from a distance. The thought causing for a smile to appear on his lips faintly as his eyes remained locked with the Klingon.

"At ease Douglas." Ravon replied before Isel opened her mouth. The eyes of the pilot switching to the petite woman as she seemed to test the waters. Seeing how far she could tempt the Klingon into giving a reaction. Ravon could've intervined in the banter, though he simply looked at Khorin to see how he would react. Everything would seemingly be a test for the Klingon now to see how he'd be able to hold up. Awaiting the response he simply chuckled lightly before raising his voice.

"Alright, enough. We're here to do an additional flight mission that isn't on the books. Picked up a certain signal at these coordinates and we've been honored to go and check it out as Klingon and Aldeans operations are swamped. We'll do a basic sweep of the sector and report back any problems. Standard issue load outs are allowed, so don't pick anything too fancy. Questions?"

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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @Nolan @Fife

"0630 is way too early for me to be awake today," Donna thought to herself as she shifted in her exosuit. The call had come through that the SCO wanted her and Isel for an unscheduled patrol mission. When Donna had asked about the reasons for the mission, she had simply been told to report to the FAB where she would be briefed. With no other recourse, the pilot had dragged herself out of bed and showered.

Now, she sat stood with her wingwoman and the SCO as they waited for the fourth member of their flight to arrive; Ravon enquiring about how they were getting along. Pertinent to his role as the SCO, Donna thought, but perhaps a little late given that it had been 3 weeks since they joined the ship. Something else was distracting the man, Donna noted, while wondering where Ghost was. She wasn't usually late. It was then that she noticed the Klingon, Khorin Douglas approaching and the pieces began to fall into place.

"Well this should be an interesting morning," Donna observed silently as Khorin bellowed his arrival. Isel didn't seem to have noticed the Klingon's arrival, Donna noted, more from the annoyed tirade that escaped her lover's lips than from the slight jump. Donna was content to stay silent for the moment, only nodding a greeting at the man. "Stars, I have missed Isel letting rip. It's been too long."

The other curiousity was in Ravon allowing Isel to needle Khorin. She had heard rumours that the two males didn't get along; even a few interesting stories. But so far, she had nothing concrete to backup her data; until now. Eventually though, the SCO ended the two's discourse and proceeded to explain why they were all there.

"Simple enough," Donna noted casually. "Patrol an area, report anything out of the ordinary. What could possibly go wrong?"

"Two questions,"
Donna spoke up, when the moment came. "One, why are we doing this and not the flight already out on patrol? I didn't think it got that exciting here that everyone got busy. And two, what's the story between you two. You're overly tense and he isn't Ghost," Donna pointed out, choosing to be brusque rather than circumspect.

It was too early in the morning for her.

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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Fighter Assault Bay  | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]
att: @Nolan @Stegro88  @Fife

Khorin stood firm with his eyes locked at Ravon until the SCO gave him the command to be at ease, failing to supress the faint tension in the corner of his lips.. And even with the diminutive woman over whom he loomed, never ceased to scold him as a minuscule rodent would complain about a targ stepping on her abode.  Yet as soon as he was allowed to loosen his stance, the Klingon glanced down slowly, REALLY slowly. When his stare finally met Isel's uneven eyes, he made an exaggerated fuss, as if it were the first time he had been aware of her presence.

"Wow! Now you welcome little girls into the squadron, bossman?" he asked in a mocking tone, accompanied by a burst of laughter. "My callsign is Hardtop, of course," he explained, waving a gloved hand over the pronounced ridges on his forehead. He then used that same hand to ruffle the petite woman's white hair. "What's yours? Midget? TinyTot? ChuSwI'?" He teases her at the same time that he messes up her hair more and more with each new nickname, whilst a deep laugh echoes deep in his chest.

When he leaned forward to bring his bearded face closer to the woman's, he found that the female's face had acquired a reddish hue, as if she was just about to explode. "Look at you, you're truly cute, so angry, are you ready to have a tantrum little babu?" he remarked. "Listen, if there are any raiders on this system and we are bound to find them, we' ll announce our presence at two parsecs away. After all, if the fight is not even, is too boring." He joked, his voice full of klingon bravado. Of course once in the cockpit Khorin would save his comments to the squadron's private channel. And he would keep a standard voice pitch... by his standards. After all, being Klingon and being unnoticeable were almost complete antonyms.

After the whitehaired woman's retort, Ravon proceeded to explain briefly the particulars of the mission, which led the Klingon to shift his attention momentarily to the SCO. As soon as the human male had finished his speech, the second present woman raised some questions. The smile that had blossomed on the Klingon's lips during the episode with Isel soured on his mouth at the final question. For a moment Khorin looked up again to Ravon and held his gaze steady in his pale eyes. Douglas inhaled deeply, which made the joints in his suit squeal softly before he made a response, anticipating his rival.

"I can not guarantee why I'm here, but as for what's between me and Alpha Wolf..." Khorin paused briefly, his gaze clinging yet on Ravon's, almost challengingly. "I committed a transgression against the squadron's discipline and the bossman adhered to the procedure and sent me to the shade for a few days and reduced my flying time to a minimum, as the regulation specifies." he replied formally. Khorin was aware that it had been his chance to discredit Razor, if he had so wished. Spreading the word that he had sent the Alpha Wolf to the sickbay would cripple the squadron's discipline and erode Ravon's authority. But Khorin had had plenty of time to think lately. Both in the brig and after, in the long hours of tedium convicted to stay away from his fighter. In his talks with Zeph and with the counselor he had been assigned. This time he would do things in a different way. Or at least he would try, no matter how much the mere presence of the human male aroused his jealousy. He had to do better. For Zeph.

chuSwI' -> a type of rodent native to the planet Qo'noS. ChuSwI' live mostly underground and make an annoying noise. Because of this nature, "chuSwI'" is often used as an insult
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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @Stegro88 @Nolan
Isel listened as the massive moron who stood before her corrected her guess that his callsign was Loudmouth. It was, in reality, Hardtop. "Hardtop? Ok, yeah, that seems fitting." Isel said as she looked up at the towering Klingon, her voice deceptively sweet. With so few braincells, you'd need a thick skull, wouldn't you?" Isel smiled sweetly up at the ridgehead. That smile vanished as a large hand landed on her hear, ruffling her white hair. Isel's arms hung loose at her sides, her mismatched eyes staring straight ahead as her face coloured fiercely with a mixture of anger and shame. The Klingon continued speaking, his deep voicing booming from high above Isel's head as he mocked her, calling her a number of variants of short.

The fool Klingon seemed to loose some of his bravado as Donna asked why he was here, the mountainous moron not being Ravon's usual wingmate, Ghost. Isel watched as the Klingon locked eyes with Ravon for a moment, the Vulpinian wondering what that beef between the two was. She had heard whispering of a scuffle between the SCO and one of the pilots, and this oversized blowhard certainly seemed the type who might pull such a thing. Khorin resumed his raucous manner of speech, claiming that such matters were between him and the Alpha, going on to admit that he had committed a transgression of some sorts. Isel stopped listening at that point, growing tired of the Klingon's boastful thundering. She had just turned away, the Klingon's voicing falling silent, when she felt it again. A hand on her head, her hair becoming increasingly disheveled as the Klingon's hand went about it's work. Isel locked eyes with Donna as strands of white hair danced about her field of vision, the Vulpinian's eyes flashing with a mixture of mischief and danger.

With a sudden flash of movement, Isel spun about to face the Klingon, white hair swirling around her as she moved. The Vulpinian's hands darted upward, grasping the Klingon's larger wrist and holding on as she hopped, her feet launching her upwards to bring her mouth closer to that offending hand. Long, prominent canines flashed.

An audible crunching noise could be head by the group as Isel found her mark and the Vulpinian's sharp teeth sliced their way through skin. Isel could taste blood as she felt the skin give way beneath her vicious teeth, the Klingon grunting in what she assumed was a mixture of surprise and pain. Isel hung on for a moment, her teeth holding firm as the Klingon tried to pull his arm away, the tugging motion putting a strain on the Vulpinian's neck until she finally released the lummox's limb.

Taking a step back, the diminutive pilot grinned sweetly up at the Klingon, her teeth stained red with Khorin's blood. "How's that, Arsetop? Not bad for a TinyTot, huh?" Isel turned and spit on the deck beside her in an attempt to clear some of the blood from her mouth. Wiping her lips on the back of the gauntleted hand of her flight suit, Isel glanced back up at the Klingon. "You taste like shit, by the way."

Turning away, Isel closed the distance between herself and Donna, wrapping her arms around the other woman's waist and directing a red-tinged grin up at the woman who held her heart. She imagined she made quite a sight, blood still staining her lips and hair a wild rats nest of tangles following the Klingon's disturbance. "Heyya lover, fancy a kiss?" Isel joked with a giggle, though the smile faded as she glanced over at the SCO standing right beside them. "Uh..." Isel let her hands fall away from Donna as colour flushed her face once more and she turned to face the SCO properly, wringing her hands slightly behind her back. "Sorry, sir. I'll be good." Isel wished she hadn't been wearing the flight suit, the urge to swish her tail striking her. "Flight mission. Off the books. Investigate a signal. Klingons are lazy. Sweep the sector and report back. Standard loadouts, all the torpedoes! Got it!" Isel grinned up at Lieutenant Commadner Ravon, inwardly praying the man had a sense of humour. "So are you being winged by Arsetop, sir?" Isel glanced to the side, giving a green-eyed wink to Donna before turning her attention back to the SCO.
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Re: Day 21 [0630 hrs.] Sleeping Dogs
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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen  @Fife  @Stegro88 

Whilst Isel and Khorin kept their little teases between them, Ravon's eyes shifted to Donna as she pointed out two questions. Viable questions to ask yet curious to ask in the particular situation. Ravon kept silent for a moment before he replied "The other flight is patrolling an entirely different sector, it would prevent them from completing their scheduled patrol run for today. We're assigned to this mission since a freighter went missing in this particular sector. So there is some haste in the matter." he informed Petterson before he looked at Khorin. It would seem that the tension between them was in the air, palpable even "Correct, he isn't Ghost. As for why he's here, I have my own reasons for that."

Khorin took the word though as he openly admitted to the transgression made against Thomas. Razor simply nodded to Khorin before Nix seemingly got tired of the Klingon's pickings. It all happened quite fast and whilst Thomas could do nothing to prevent it, he simply watched the scene unfold before hearing the sound of jaws being clenched together accompanied by a crunching noise. Surprise was the general feeling that Ravon had as Nix had actually bitten a pilot of her squadron and Ravon wondered how Khorin would react to it. Sure he'd be in the right to have an outburst now, yet in which way he'd do so would be interesting.

Isel returned to Donna for some reason, be it comfort or to show off. The latter seemed to be more adequate before she turned to Thomas and perhaps came to the realization where she was and what they were supposed to do. She apologized and Ravon's face remained stoical and at most at the edge of displeased with the outcome of their gathering "Nix, I'm not the one you should apologize to. In fact, I wasn't aware that I was running a pack of kindergarten pilots." he snapped at Isel before looking at Khorin as both were to blame really "Can you fly with that hand or do you need a stop at medical first?" he asked the Klingon professionally. Awaiting Khorin's reply he turned his attention to Donna "Lieutenant, if there aren't any more questions, please keep your wingwoman under control. Whatever is going on between the both of you isn't my concern unless it affects pack cohesion." he said before taking in a deep breath "On that note, you're all dismissed. Get to your fighters when ready and sound off when ready to launch." he concluded.

He didn't wait to hear their replies as he simply turned and marched off to his fighter. He would have to find a suitable sanction for Isel's outburst after this mission, even though Khorin perhaps had it coming. Regardless, it was too early for this shenanigans or crap like this. Even for the SCO. He hoisted his helmet over his head and climbed into the fighter as he ran his pre flight checks and contacted control about the imminent launch of their flight. He awaited the sound offs and when he got all of them he spoke up again "Alright standard formation on my lead. Keep the chatter to a minimum and lets get this show started." The fighters taxied and launched out of the Theurgy's safe confines and chose open space as they made their headings and hasted their way to the sector they were to investigate.
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