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Topic: Day 14 [1300] Court Ordered Therapy (Read 32 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 14 [1300] Court Ordered Therapy
Salem Martin |Counseling Office |USS Theurgy ] attn: @Juzzie 

Like most things in Salem's life things had gotten shuffled around. So it had been a few weeks since he had attended therapy, partly because his transfer from the Cayuga had been so quick and so sudden that he didn't really have a lot of control over the situation. Partly cause he had never really enjoyed his court ordered therapy sessions, so of course those had been at the bottom of his list of important things to do. Even so he couldn't avoid such an obligation forever.

He sat down at the office waiting for his appointment time. He kind of wondered who would take over his case. He knew for a fact that there was a cardassian on staff, and he hoped that the counselors had enough common sense to not put the guy who had been in a prison camp in the same room as a creature who probably helped to run one in her life.

Of course he had taken some chances to try and ease himself in around the cardy population. He had been on an away mission with one, and even spoken to Durmal for a moment, it had started pleasantly enough but taken a quick negative turn the moment she compared cardassia to the Federation. He still bristled at the words she had spoken about how cardassian's knew better to speak up when they got orders they didn't agree with. The implication obvious they had all agreed that it was okay to treat people like animals so long as it wasn't a cardassian at least.

His disgust for them aside he had also spoken with his sister for the first time in a few years. And that had gone poorly as well, the two of them had reconnected but he had brought with him a lot of bad news and he had probably caused some damage.

then there was the big one, his health. Thankfully the first thing he had done when coming to the Theurgy was get his medication in order, and he still wasn't displaying symptoms but sooner or later it would come out that he was dying, slowly, very slowly he intended to have at least 4 years before symptoms became noticeable but every natural gap in his memory every time his hands started shaking he started to get scared.

All in all Salem was the Cayuga's biggest basket case, and the truth was he didn't know if there was any helping at this point.

Re: Day 14 [1300] Court Ordered Therapy
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[Lt. Rhys Williams|Counsellor's office | Deck 13| Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Masorin

Rhys had been trying valiantly to concentrate on his appointments during the course of the day. It felt like there was no end to the stream of people knocking on his and the other Counsellor's doors. It was a big job looking after the mental health of the crew after all they had been through. There were so many cases of stress, mental exhaustion and other concerns to sift through. Not only that a degree of tension between new crewmembers and the Theurgy originals.

However, waiting in his appointments like a tiger in low grass was a crew member of great concern to him. Rhys knew him a little, they had both been on the Cayuga after all. Salem had been under the care of his assistant Counsellor when he had been the Chief on the Cayuga. He had seen the records and knew that attempting to fix Salem was no easy task. Not least because these sessions were mandated, which always made for a testy time.

Images entered Rhys' mind of an attractive guy in his thirties, who seemed empathetic and as friendly as any Starfleet officer. He had a streak of stubbornness, but no more than any other officer. However, it was amazing what people could present on their exterior and hide inside. Rhys was living proof.

Salem had been away from therapy sessions for a few weeks due to recent events and his transfer to the Theurgy. Rhys was expecting tension and awkwardness and in no way looking forward to it. Rhys' office door opened, and he stepped out followed by a young engineer he had been talking to. The poor boy badly needed leave. Rhys sympathetically squeezed his shoulder. "See you when you get back." The crewman nodded uncertainly and left the room.

"Lieutenant? Would you like to step this way please?" Rhys smiled his most winning smile. He was an attractive guy after all, tall and at this moment exuding friendliness. In truth he was nervous, lacking in self confidence and worried he might make Salem's problems worse. However, he always felt that way. Rhys beckoned Salem into his office.

It was not large, a small desk sat at one end. It was untidy, covered in PADDs there was a model of an Excelsior class starship on the desk. On it the designation USS Lichfield, was just visible. Behind the desk were some real books, some were fictional, but the others were on a variety of subjects.  At the other end were a couple of chairs around something that looked like a coffee table. Rhys took one of those chairs and invited Salem to sit opposite him. "Do you have a preferred way to be addressed?"  Rhys smiled, this helped put people at their ease. He was here to help after all in many ways he was providing a service. Being too formal and treating officers who were junior to you as a subordinate did not help. However, some liked the certainty of being addressed by rank or surname.