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Topic: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My (Read 755 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
[ Lt. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Juzzie

Too much excitement in the last week so Adam wanted to relax after a hard workout to get the stress out, though really he just hadn't had time to. Convincing Morali's security cult members to see the error of their ways, his injury in the holodeck while repairing the exosuits, cleaning rifles, help rescue some captives and then becoming one of another batch of captives the next day, though he did have fun at Deacon's party and now it was time to purely relax.

Wearing just his tight purple shorts, Adam had walked to the elevated area with the incline bench presses. He put 10 kg on both ends and put his towel on the bench. Once his back and butt was on the bench he got into a breathing pattern before beginning his first set of 15 repetitions, which he pumped out in 2 or 3 lifts at a time before a pause. He could feel his muscles around his prosthetic shoulder were tight and slowly heated so later would loosen up.

Adam got up after putting the bar back on the hooks and then got on the floor, he did a couple of pushups to break up the bench press and doing 5 before he returned to his bench to do another set of 15 bench presses.

OOC: Though anyone can join us if they want to work out at the same time. Please buzz us via PM or on Discord beforehand just to give us warning, thanks.
Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hours] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

The gym was a more unusual place for Rhys to relax. He found them weirdly intimidating. Not just due the amount of attractive bodies on show of many genders and species, but also due to the competitiveness. Rhys did not have a competitive bone in his body. He had no desire to prove how good he was at anything because he never felt that good about himself. That was why he preferred generally to keep to the pool, people seemed to keep more to themselves and be relaxed.

He did sometimes though feel the need to use gym equipment, and evenings were a suitable compromise. The nightshifts were on duty, and pretty much everyone else was asleep, or doing something recreational. It seemed to be a rarer breed of person who liked to spend their evenings exercising. Of course, if he were wrong and suddenly the gym were alive with competitive hubbub, then he could always go for a swim.

Rhys was dressed in black shorts, and had a pale grey t-shirt covering his torso. When Rhys stepped into the gym he gave a brief start, catching a familiar looking frame. Adam Kingston, an officer he had met at Deacon's party who had been rather flirtatious. Which naturally meant Rhys spent most of the evening pink and smiling awkwardly. Not that Rhys disliked attention of that sort, it was just he was not sure what to do with it.

He was tempted to walk back out, but he was sure the other man would have heard the door, and that would have seemed rude. Instead moving with brain on autopilot, he greeted the other man politely as he moved up to his place. "Lt. Kingston..." he mentally kicked himself they were not on duty, that made him sound cold. "Adam....I see you are... in the gym." This had to win some sort of prize to the stupidest thing one human being had ever said to another. Rhys was instantly red faced, brighter than a red alert sign.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ Lt. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Adam was about to start another press up when he heard the door open, since the gym was mostly empty, the sound echoed around the room somewhat and he looked up to see Lieutenant Rhys Williams walked in. The man was cute and tall like himself, though he still had attraction to women but none really made any connection with him yet. Well same could be said for any men on board but emotions were not something he understood all that well.

The awkwardness immediately appeared when Rhys began talking after he came over and Adam blinked at him but smiled. "Hey Rhys, yeah, I think this is the best time to workout, or very early in the morning. Not many of the crew are here, a few had come and gone but its mostly empty now." He grinned but a tear of sweat picked that moment to fall into his eye and he instantly groaned in surprise before attempting to wipe it away.

It totally ruined the flirtatiousness he was attempting to put on. Once he was able to open his eye again he blushed at his own awkwardness then gestured at Rhys. "What are you planning on doing? Do you want a spotter?" He asked the flirty smirk returned but softer, he did like watching muscles being used, it didn't matter male or female.
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Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Sqweloookle

Rhys smiled politely and pretended not to the notice the sweat go in the other man's eye. This he had only moderate success with as his smile gave away quickly for a moment to a smirk, as he tried to stop laughing.

He gave a cough that allowed him to reassemble his face into something a little more serious. Due in no small part to a his obliviousness Rhys was not really twigging that he was being flirted with. He was simply intrigued by the attractive man who was talking and now offering to spot him.

"Sure, I would welcome the help." He thought for a moment for a weight to suggest. He decided to take it easy, to go for a weight that would ease himself into it, better not look silly. He sat on the bench that Adam had been sat on and saw the weight that was on either end of the bar. 10kg, that was probably fair he could do that and be unlikely to mess it up in some way. "I was planning to work on some weights today then maybe go for a swim after."

He then thought more about Adam. "Of course I hope I am not interrupting you. You came in here for your own reasons." He did not want to take over the gym or distract Adam from what he had been doing if it was important. Rhys stretched a little his arms over his head as he waited for Adam's reply.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn @Juzzie

Adam chuckled as he saw the other man's smile and laugh. It was very sexy, he was attracted to genuine smiles and laughter. Rhys had both. He wanted to see more of them on the counselor. "Excellent, well I've finished my set, you take the bench."

He got up and turned to face the counselor but before he could take his towel, because it would have his sweat on it, Rhys had quickly taken the bench. Adam hoped his working out hadn't made too much of a sweaty mess. He took a moment to admire the younger man as he had occupied the bench and tried to imagine what was not visible.

He snapped out of oogling and replied casually. "It's not a problem Rhys, we can take turns. It's a lot easier to have a partner when working out." Adam said hopeful that the meaning got through maybe the other man would see it as an invitation to join Adam on further sessions. He didn't just want to come out and ask it for they had only met at Deacon's party and many days had passed before today.

So really they were only getting to know one another. He went to stand behind the machine and being a tall man, it wouldn't escape Rhys' notice Adam's bulge. The outline was semi visible considering the sweat the short shorts had absorbed. Adam placed his hands on the bar and smiled. "6 reps to start off, what do you think Rhys?" He asked, even if one looked like they could lift a lot it was important to start softly then go faster and harder. That line of thought made Adam's bulge bounce once, he immediately banished thoughts of that kind and focused on the workout methods and technique.
Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Sqweloookle

He had made the other man laugh that was a good sign. It was not something he was generally good at, so it felt extra good that he had achieved it without even knowing how. Rhys being both oblivious and inexperienced in gyms, neither noticed the admiring glance he was getting from Adam nor that the bench was sweaty.

A normal person might have sat up immediately and requested the towel to clean off the bench. Rhys was not the stuff of normal people however. Instead he pretended not to notice. After all he was going to either swim or get a shower at some point, so did it really matter?

Adam then suggested that it was easier to work out with someone else. Rhys smiled, "Yes and its less boring." Rhys shifted finding the most comfortable way to lie as his hands ran the bar. Rhys had been about to suggest that they work out together in future when something caught his eye. As Adam's lower half moved into Rhys' field of view his pale skin of his face went livid pink. A faint nervous smile crossed his lips as he stared for a moment mesmerised, and then realised Adam was talking to him again.

"Six... oh um... yeah six reps sounds fair." Adam could have said any number at all and Rhys was so distracted he would have agreed. Adam could have even started randomly reciting poetry and Rhys would have been nodding in agreement. It was amazing how a brain focused on something else could keep up the basics of a conversation. Rhys gulped and snapped out of his distracting line of thoughts. "Well you seem to know more about this stuff than me. So it might be good if we met up together. Otherwise I might injure myself or something stupid." He said in his normal self-depreciating manner.

Rhys focused on the bar, relaxed, and pushed up. It was defiantly heavy, a few reps in and could already feel his skin starting to heat up and a faint sheen of sweat begun to cling to it. Slowly, and carefully Rhys managed the six reps. However, when he placed the weight back into its rests his skin was red and his breathing was heavy. He stretched out his arms to the side to get out of them the feeling of discomfort. He unsteadily rose into a sitting position on the bench. "You can tell I am not used to this huh?" He chuckled.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Working out in a Gym had always been arousing for Adam, watching muscles, and not just his but others, the tense and relax cycle is rather sexy. So he watched as Rhys started his first set, the counselor was already struggling slightly through it. Adam did hold the bar just enough to prevent it from falling if Rhys gave in but he didn't and that made Adam proud.

"Easy does it Rhys," Adam advised. "Don't go beyond your limit, as we work on it in the future you will be able to do more and handle more weight." He said answering the offer of partnering for future sessions while he fell into Full On Trainer Mode. Adam realised that he'd slipped into that mindset easily so knew he enjoyed instructing as he was a Security department trainer in combat, weapon use and the scheduling of such things for the crew and didn't really want to be or do anything else.

He continued to watch Rhys with a smirk and helped the counselor with the full extension challenges. Sometimes the muscles will freeze and demand to stop but with a little nudge can finish the push up.

He smiled as he gently took more of the weight himself from Rhys, he had to position himself closer in order to get the leverage, as the counselor reached the 6th rep. Adam found that his short shorts had felt tighter and a little air where it shouldn't be. His Impaler is bigger than the short shorts can hide and hold at the same time, so the head may have been peeking out from the left leg hole, which is why he used it in possible hook up places and the Gym was one of them.

He couldn't adjust himself now with Rhys still working on the first 6 reps though Adam was positive the counselor had noticed.

Though this time he wouldn't flirt too much as Rhys seemed shy and for once a thought came to Adam that slowly encouraging the counselor out of being shy would be far more rewarding if, though he had noticed the distraction had worked momentarily being in tight short shorts, so it naturally went to 'when' from if the two hooked up the passion could be beyond...

Adam found he had salivated a little and now that Rhys was off the majority of his towel he bent to reach for it. "Sorry can I take that?" He asked with a smile and while he used the top to wipe his face and chin but saw the end was trapped by Rhys' rear.

Okay don't go there! Adam thought quickly and made eye contact with Rhys to focus on something else. "No one is born with perfect technique nor confidence." He smiled. "It all comes with practice," this time he smirked with a flirty grin and did that wavy thing with eyebrows. "Wouldn't you agree?" He asked.
Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt Rhys Williams |Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Sqweloookle

Adam was good at 'coaching' or 'spotting' or whatever it was called. Rhys could see that. He offered advice when it was needed, but also did not try to interfere too much or override what Rhys was doing without good cause. Rhys had been in gyms before with some very pushy and bossy types who he had not gotten on with well at all. He supposed being a security officer it came with the territory. People were often unaware of the amount of people skills that were needed to be good at that job.

However, Rhys' thoughts were distinctly elsewhere. Easily flustered at the best of times, there was no way Rhys was not going to end up red faced, embarrassed and honestly a little turned on at what he saw. He had doubted what he saw initially and wondered if he was getting a dirty mind. However, peaking down the leg of one of Adam's shorts was something that demonstrated Adam had found Rhys' work out very alluring.

There was no way he could ignore this. Adam presumably knew that he was hard, and even if he was unaware of what he was revealing, there is no way such a large appendage could have been missed in those tight shorts. In addition, Rhys found himself staring at it, rather like a rabbit caught in the headlights. There was no one else in the gym, so the inescapable conclusion was this was because of him. People often got the impression shy or awkward people did not like sex. This was not true. Certainly not for Rhys. Physical intimacy was uncomfortable because of all sorts of thoughts that went through his head. He had felt undeserving, and if not physically unattractive then at least having an unattractive personality. He knew it was hard to get close to someone like him, a person who carried round a whole ship full of issues all on his own. Never the less he still placed blame for his failures with men and women on some defective part of himself.

Broken out of his reverie by the feeling of the towel being tugged from under him. Rhys looked up into Adam's face. "Oh... sorry." The flirty grin that Adam flashed him only made him blush more. "Um... you know, you might want to... uh... readjust yourself." Rhys pointed to Adam's shorts, but secretly thought it would be a shame if he did readjust.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

"Do you want me to?" Adam asked flirting a little. Though he went to adjust himself, he paused while holding himself. He was watching Rhys as he gave himself a quick squeeze. "I will if it makes you feel uncomfortable," he said hopeful that Rhys may 'go with the flow'.

He would however if asked will return to decency but he was quite horny and still had much of his workout to do. As exercise in a gym setting did trigger his libido almost without fail. He smiled as he put his manhood back into his short shorts anyway, "I would like to get some more of my workout done first, would you like to carry on as well?" He asked as he may have walked on the edge a little.

"What else do you want to work out?" Adam asked and suddenly couldn't help his stupid smirk as he realised the hidden meaning in that question. He hoped the counselor wouldn't take it too sexual, yet. He quickly listed his plan for the session. "If you are unsure you are welcome to do the same as I, I'm going to continue with arms, then do chest and back."

He wasn't sure if he wanted to mention that he'd work out naked and being proud of his body didn't much care who saw. Though considering the lack of others around he did want to.
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Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt Rhys Williams |Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Sqweloookle

Rhys was pink faced as he watched Adam 'adjust himself'. It was hard for him to know how to respond to the flirtatious question he had been asked. Rhys' experience of sex and relationships was limited. His relationships had consisted of a handful of sexual encounters and a whole lot of pining for a certain childhood friend. He had never been good at expressing interest in other people all his previous relationships had involved the other person approaching him. His mouth opened and closed a few times as he stared at Adam's crotch, and he felt a tightening below his belt to.

When Rhys was asked if he wanted to carry on the work out, "Uh... yeah sure." He stood up from the weight bench and looked around the Gym. "I'll follow your lead." He said clearly not picking quite up on the innuendo. It was a safe thing for Rhys to say anyway, as his thoughts were churning. He stood awkwardly with his hands in the pockets of his shorts trying to an extent to conceal that he was turned on.

Rhys was not stupid, he knew why he was having these issues. His previous sexual and relationship experiences with both women and men had been awkward and embarrassing or involved him waiting on the side-lines unsure how to approach the object of his desire. Of course, knowing the issue did not mean you knew how to or had the will to fix it.

Rhys floated after Adam around the gym a little like a lost puppy as he tried to calm both his mind and his libido. The guy seemed nice and he was attractive, but as always Rhys felt uncertain and uncomfortable. He looked around the room at the various instruments of torture and wondered which one Adam would pick next.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston and LT Rhys Williams | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

Since Adam was shirtless and in purple short shorts, his hardness' outline still quite visible due to the sweat that soaked the shorts. He carried his towel and occasionally glanced back at Rhys, he spotted the bench press and gestured for Rhys to go to it while he grabbed the weights.

"Have you used this machine before Rhys?" Adam asked as he put the small weights on both sides of the independently operated levers.

Rhys tried to avoid staring at Adam. This was no easy feat. Rhys moved towards the unfamiliar machine that Adam had pointed out to him.

Rhys had no real idea what to make of the thing. He crouched down beside it, as Adam loaded it up. "No. I don't think I've even seen others use it." He said honestly

A tentative smile spread across Adam's lips as he let his towel drop to the floor next to the machine then gently offered his hand to Rhys for his towel. "I think doing is better than explaining, so lie down after I put your towel down and I'll take some weight off so it's not too heavy."

He waited for Rhys' towel while with his other hand took the 20 weight off one side.
Rhys shrugged and handed over his towel and got back up to his feet as he waited for Adam to sort the machine. When Adam had stopped fiddling with it, Rhys lay down cautiously and took a moment to get comfortable.

"Now don't scared." Adam said as he put the 20 weight plate on the floor by the machine and went to the other side and grabbed the second 20 plate. He left that by machine's side. The was only 10 weight plates left on both sides. Adam in one fluid motion as he came to Rhys' side lifted a leg over Rhys' stomach and gently settled into a stance that had their bodies just touching.

"Okay Rhys, put your hands in the handles and slowly lift the levers up to full extension, down then up again. I am here if you need help." Adam said a small smirk on the side of his mouth as he surely knew this position may come as a surprise.

Rhys was about to open his mouth to see what he should be scared by when he realised Adam was pretty much sitting on him. That caused a tremendous rush of blood south and also north where his face went iridescent red.

"Um.... er.... ok." He said not fully processing all Adam was saying. Nevertheless it was a mark of iron will and self control that he got his hands into the levers and began to push to full extension. It was hard work but not nearly as hard as he had feared. The great difficulty for him was their interesting position.
The security officer didn't want to sit on Rhys' stomach as his own legs were sort of getting uncomfortable as he watched Rhys do several repetitions with a few moments rest between them. Adam placed his hands softly on Rhys' pecs during extension. "Good, easy does it." He said.

Adam then gently let himself sit just below Rhys' stomach to feel hardness there. He did a little jiggle as he asked. "Another 5 should do it then we can switch."
Rhys had closed his eyes  as he worked on the reps. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he tried to forget Adam. That however proved impossible. He felt the touch on his chest and the pressure on his groin. HIs hips pushed up involuntarily a little, and his eyes opened.

He blushed furiously and nodded at Adam, frightened of speaking. He was scared that this encounter might continue or stop, and he was not sure which he dreaded more.

Adam wasn't sure if a quick congratulatory kiss would be welcome, he'd felt the movement under him but again wasn't sure if he should attempt more intimacy yet. He slowly lifted his leg back over Rhys so the Counselor could get up. "Well done, do you have water?" He asked and looked around, he had forgotten to have his water bottle with him, again.

OOC: To Be Continued by @Juzzie
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Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston and LT Rhys Williams | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Sqweloookle

Rhys took a moment to compose himself before sitting up, and nodding. "Er yes, I have some." He walked over to the bag he had brought his towel in and came back to Adam. He handed over a large metal flask filled with chilled water.

"Oh I meant for you. I'd drink too much and you won't have any for yourself." Adam chuckled as he excused himself with the 'just going to the replicator back in a sec', his shorts a little lower than before showing more of his buttocks. He had pulled them down a bit after letting Rhys back up, he hoped it may help push the shy Counselor into taking what he clearly wanted. Or at least starting it, Adam would stop when asked to and happy to do things at Rhys' pace.

A large bottle in hand, purple matching his short shorts, he drank from it as he made his way back to Rhys and just as much poured down his bare chest and began soaking his short shorts which would soon not hide anything anymore. When did he become such a shameless flirt, Adam supposed that being held in Stasis may have done more than he realised.

"oh." That was all Rhys could think to say. Then Adam moved past with the delightful curves of butt becoming more exposed. Rhys wondered if he should say anything. In the end he kept quiet.

While Adam was at the replicator, with faint embarrassment Rhys removed his t-shirt. It was starting to cling uncomfortably to his skin. When Adam returned Rhys did not even pretend not to stare at Adams now wet body.

"My turn now." Adam said having seen a shirtless Rhys and he smiled as he took the Counselor's towel off and put his on the bench. He put the 20 weight plates back on both sides and then got onto the bench.

He waited for a few moments to see if the other man would assume the same position he did before, Adam would be disappointed if Rhys didn't but wouldn't say anything about it or fault the shy man for not doing so. He wasn't sure if Rhys would be able to help lift the weight if he needed assistance but then he knew he could lift 30s on both sides.

His body still wet and most of the top half of his short shorts soaked and clinging tightly to his hard, not too large member Adam had a feeling after he noticed Rhys openly staring that the Counselor will be a little more willing to seek mutual pleasure. Of course there's always a next time. Adam grinned at that little revelation as he got prepared to lift the levers, keeping his eyes looking up but not really focused on the roof as he watched Rhys using his peripheral vision.

Rhys was not stupid, he very strongly had the feeling that it was not really necessary for Adam to have straddled him. It was a flirting game that Adam was playing with him. However, he was uncertain how to respond to it.

Knowing that he wanted to give some back. Rhys found himself straddling Adam's waist, his hands pressed against the other man's bare chest. "Your turn indeed."

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @Juzzie

Well this was exciting, Adam smiled up at Rhys as he could feel the other man's heat and weight on him. He quickly decided to get into the workout before other urges took over completely. He took a deep breath and pushed up the levers of greater weights then Rhys had.

He enjoyed the feel of Rhys' hands on his chest as he worked them for several reps, his hardness however kept rubbing against his short shorts and Rhys' rear.

Soon it would be very difficult to ignore by focusing on his breathing, Adam got to just before the end of his second set of reps when he stopped and smiled up at Rhys again while letting the levers slowly lower back down. "Would you like to water me?" He asked seductively, slowly sitting up so he could put his elbows on the bench behind him.

He wondered what Rhys' skin tasted like, especially his lips, perhaps the counselor would allow a kiss but he had to be very careful when, though it seemed the more seduction he threw at Rhys the more the other man got more turned on. Maybe he just had to keep going and Rhys might initiate the kiss himself? Adam thought as he kept his smile.
Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt Rhys Williams |Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Sqweloookle

Rhys was just watched with his cheeks burning bright red. His eyes playing over Adam's limbs as they the muscles moved beneath the skin and the moisture shone on his body. Rhys was aware of something rubbing against his back side, that only made him swallow hard and shift awkwardly against it.

When Adam slowed and stopped, he asked Rhys if Rhys would like to water him. He smiled "I had no idea you were a plant?" It was a not the best of jokes but it popped into Rhys' head as if some other part of his mind had decided to take over his functioning.

As Adam, sat up Rhys found his eyes focussing on the other man's lips. He licked his own unconsciously and his eyes flicked from Adam's lips to focus on his eyes and back again. Rhys was romantically and sexually inexperienced, but even he could tell where this was going. He did not understand why Adam was attracted to him, but perhaps he did not need to understand that. Again something darker and more lustful than Rhys' conscious mind probed bad pushed him forward.

Rhys found himself moving closer and closer to the other man's face. Almost as if he had no control over this action, not that Rhys particularly wanted to stop it. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Adam's. His hands unconsciously kneaded at Adam's chest like the paws of a happy cat.

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Adam chuckled at Rhys' joke, he thought he sounded seductive though considering the counselor's bodily pressures and motions it was a little difficult to work his mind. It felt so good, a little sooner than he was expecting but then he wasn't completely sure when his charm would get him a kiss.

He had been about to reply with another joke but he elected to deepen the kiss as he gently laid his right hand on the back of Rhys' head and the left slowly caressed Rhys' butt.

It felt so soft as he gently squeezed Rhys' butt cheek. He wanted to slip his hand inside Rhys' clothing but would let the other man set the pace of this encounter. Adam could taste some saltiness, probably his own sweat as he could feel it all over, on Rhys' lips and he slipped his tongue out before gently dragging it over Rhys' lips. He didn't push passed the other man's lips unless invited to do so.

He began to wonder what the rest of Rhys tasted like as he moaned and quickly drew in a breath through his nose.
Lt. JG Adam Kingston, Master-At-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Re: Day 13 [2200 hrs.] Muscles, Shiny, and Awkwardness, Oh My
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[Lt Rhys Williams |Upper Gymnasium-Adjacent to Public Baths | Deck 06/Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Sqweloookle

Even Rhys who would come ahead in any competition involving worrying knew there was nothing really to worry about in this situation. Adam was clearly receptive to him and his kiss if that hand on his butt was anything to go by.

Rhys spent his life in an eternal vortex of thoughts. Many of which were unwanted, disruptive and distressing. It was like living constantly in bad weather. Frenzies of blizzards, rain and wind that had thoughts bouncing around in his skull. Sometimes it was a Tsunami, a cold mounting dread or worry slowly rising over the land of his psyche. Most often, it was just cold forcing his mind to slow to a miserable crawl.

Rhys lived for the moments when he did not need to think. Work others found monotonous was a blessed relief because it meant calmness and neutrality. However, there were even better things music, sport and this. Rhys was there, but his mind was set on minimum power and there a contented happy feeling swept over him.

The movement and probing of Adam's tongue made him shiver, and his mouth opened. Rhys might have initiated what was happening but slowly he began to match Adam being where he always felt most comfortable as a follower and not a leader. His hand affectionally caressed the other man's neck as they kissed, and he lost himself in the joy of mental oblivion.

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For a while the gentle kissing was nice, every so often they'd stop to breathe but continue, that's when Adam noticed that besides open mouth kisses Rhys seemed to not have taken them further. Was he scared to? Adam wondered why.

Pain was rising in his back so placing both hands on Rhys' very sexy backside, Adam moved them into a sitting position after the kissing broke. His hardness never faltering as it poked Rhys' hole with the movement shift, Adam moaned a little but now was getting lost in the counselor's beautiful eyes.

"You have gorgeous eyes Rhys." Adam said in awe, eyes and smiles were his immediate attractors. Sexy buttocks also ranked high. "Like a beautiful calm ocean." Yes it was cheezy and knew it the moment it left his mouth but it kinda came out before he could think of something better.

Then his eyes went to Rhys lips again. His right hand came up and using his forefinger gently traced the counselor's lips from left to right and then with his left hand, hoping that Rhys could keep his balance in the new seated position, began to gently caress Rhys' back along his spine.
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