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Topic: Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga (Read 68 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga
[Lt. Rhys Williams| Below Decks Lounge| Deck 28| USS Theurgy] attn: @lisavw @Numen @Nolan @DaValle

The messages had gone out the party was on. Rhys had felt maybe party was too grandiose a term, 'gathering' might have been better. After all, he was not really certain about how many people would turn up. Though, he felt that it was something that the former crew of the Cayuga would need, he knew he did anyway.

Rhys was not a social butterfly. It was odd in some  ways for a counsellor to be like him. Quiet, withdrawn, reluctant to socialise. It was almost part of a counsellor's job description to be the opposite of that. Obviously not to an overbearing extent, but a relaxed approachable extent. It was a trial for him to be that, he worked hard at it and against his own inclinations. It worked to an extent, at least in his office on home ground. Away from home where he was expected to be more reciprocal, not just a walking ear, was a tougher proposition. However, even he felt like he needed to unwind with crew he knew better. A comfort blanket of Starfleet personnel.

What had happened to the crew of the Cayuga, had been a whirl wind. From survivors of a horror, to joining up with fugitives to survivors of another horror. He was certain that like him much of the crew would need a place to just be among familiar faces and forget for a while.

So the young Welsh officer found himself sat alone at a table nursing a drink. He was humming a Welsh folk song as he swirled the glass in front of himself. Every now and then a few words would slip out, clearly indicating that he knew the tune well but some of the lyrics escaped him. He had thought of brining a book to read in case no one showed. However, if someone did show he did not wish to look weird for bringing a book to a 'party'. Rhys was very aware he was weird, but its one thing to know it and another entirely to want other people to know it.

Re: Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga
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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @lisavw @Numen  @Juzzie  @DaValle

The message of the reunion party had been received by Kythalie just before she started shift. Thus when her shift ended she had rushed back to her quarters to freshen up and pull on some more comfortable clothes. She wasn't sure what the dress code was so she decided to take on something easy. She replicated a garment that was best described as a sleeveless hoodie. The hoodie hugged onto her frame perfectly and had an opalescent color to it. Underneath she wore a similar colored pants though it had a black embroidery overlay. Almost as if it were netted to give the pants more form. She used some mascara, make up and lip stick before she rushed off to be on time.

She entered the lounge curiously as she looked around for any familiar faces. Seeing the counselor at a table as he nursed his drink she smiled and walked over to him. Her shift had been quite busy and unlike Rhys she was a social butterfly. She assumed they were all going to be off duty, thus she didn't exactly take it as close with the whole superior and non com ranks. She walked in from behind Rhys, just hearing him hum his song before she moved her hands over his shoulders, saying cheerfully at the same time "Hello lieutenant, thanks for the invitation." she stood besides him now and leaned in to give him a kiss on his cheek before she moved her hands off him and moved over to sit opposite of him.

Her eyes moved over Rhys, remembering the last time she saw him, he was in a way worse condition. Their ship taken over by Asurians as they were on a murderous spree. Rhys had been there, emotionally scarred and she wondered how he was dealing with that. Though it was hardly a topic she should open up on now as they were meeting with other crew from the ship they served on. "Am I the first one to show up?" she asked him curiously as she pondered what she'd order to drink "Either way, I'm really glad you took the time and effort to organize this sir." she smiled before she placed an order with one of the holo waiters. Her eyes coming to rest on Rhys while they waited for more people to join in.
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Re: Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga
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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Bellow Desk Lounge| Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]
@Juzzie @Nolan @DaValle @lisavw @SilverShadow

If Bila was honest with himself, until he had received the Counselor's message, he was unaware of his presence on the starship. The hybrid chemist had nothing against the human. Simply by some sort of mix of ircumstances, counselor Ejek had become his therapist and the half-cardassian had not delved further into the composition of her department to discover that Williams had been left behind in the Theurgy as well. Like himself. Like Kyth. Like Ekon...

So, as soon as he had read the message a couple of times, he had replied that he would attend. And that had led him to the present moment, where he stood in front of the Bellow Decks Lounge doors. He had chosen a Trill civilian attire, wide and vaporous. It fitted where it should and fell flawlessly in the proper places, so that it concealed the lean and skinny of his figure and made him look like a bit less emaciated. In addition, the colour scheme of the garments, in black, red and gold shades, gave some vividness to his grey skin. Bila sighed briefly and painted his best smile on his face, despite the knot of uncertainty that tied in on his stomach. After all, he was going to a party.

When he stepped forward, the doors opened in front of him and Bila entered the lounge. It didn't take him long to find the small group of Cayuga' former crew members. At the moment he was the third member of the meeting: the organizer of the party was there, more shy and awkward than the hybrid. Kyth was also there of course, as the social buterfly she was. Bila was neither an absolute social incompetent nor a party monster, but he knew how to deal with social situations and make good use of the gift of the gab that was his trademark.

"Three is a crowd so we can call this a party now" he said cheerfully as an introduction as he placed a bottle on the table in front of the other Cayugers. In the container there was a whitish, innocuous powder that was among the hybrid specialties as far as moonshined alcohol was concerned. "Thank you for the invitation, Counselor, I'm glad to see you again and in one piece," he said with a gentle smile before he turned to face the betazoid. Without being able to avoid it, a slight brown tone grew on his cheeks and, suddenly, the collar of his suit seemed to squeeze a little too tightly around his throat. Bila struggled slightly with the neck of the garment to loosen it a little while his smile took on an undeniable nervous appearance. "Kyth..." he greeted her in a strangled tone. "It is always a pleasure to see you again."

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Re: Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga
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[[Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Numen @Juzzie @Nolan @lisavw @SilverShadow

This day was one of the few days aboard the Theurgy one could called a normal day, at least thus far. No malfunctions of the engines that could led to the death of the whole crew, no Alien that's going to attack the ship and no other kind of incident with devastating outcomes. Just a normal day and after a normal day was a visit in one of the Holosuits a normal way for Kaylon to wind down.

"Computer, shut down the active Holonovel." The problem, or dilemma, was now that one of the old members of the Cayuga decided to organize a little party for the old crew in the lounge. Kaylon was certainly the last one who would turned a blind eye to a party just to play a Holonovel and therefore he ended his current session earlier than he would normally. Before he left the room checked the Trill his current outfit. The next best casual top and pants, he found in the database of his replicator. Let's hope they're not expecting anything special for this.

The door opened and Kaylon was able to overview the lounge for some moments before another crewmen signalled him unmistakeable that he wished to use the Holosuit now. Kaylon stepped aside and glanced again in the lounge. There were some small gatherings around, but still nothing he would have called a party. Nevertheless the Trill was able to identify the group quite fast, but before he would say hi, he walked over to the bar and ordered a Klingon Martini. With the drink in his hand he headed to their table.

He recognized the faces of the persons sitting at the table, but as he came closer he realized how few contact he had with the rest of the Cayuga crew yet. At least it wasn't only his vault. You haven't got so much time, when you're working in the repairing team of ship always under fire. He decided to uses this event as an easy way for him to improve his relations with the rest a little bit better.

"Hi guys. I've heard here's somewhere someone who wants to start a little party." An open and hearty smile upon his face, he took the next and last free chair at their table.

Re: Day 21 [1800 hrs.] A Toast to the Cayuga
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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Below Decks Lounge| Deck 28| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Numen  @Juzzie @Nolan  @lisavw  @SilverShadow @DaValle

Rhys' humming was cut short when he flelt the hands of Kythalie on his shoulders and a kiss on his cheek. Rhys blushed luminous red, like a red alert sign. Rhys was dressed informally, he wore a pale blue t-shirt and a warm looking coat was slung over the back of his chair. On his slim hips hung a replicated pair of jeans. He did not particularly stand out either unconsciously or consciously.

"Oh I er... hello Kythalie."
He smiled awkwardly but the smile was clearly warm and happy to see her. "How could I not invite you? You helped fend off the Asurians." That was something he would not forget in a hurry, after the blow to the head had given him a concussion and left him vulnerable to their attacks. He answered her question. "Yes you are the first to arrive, and you are welcome. I felt like the crew may need something to improve their spirits."

"Ah here come some of the others." He said pointing at Iza Bila. This was his opportunity to fade a little into the background. As Iza approached, the way he behaved and interreacted with Kythalie indicated attraction. Rhys could well understand why, the Betazoid lady was very attractive. "You are very welcome Iza" Said Rhys eyeing the white powder in the container with curiosity.

Next along was Kaylon Jeen, who Rhys also knew relatively well. "Party is perhaps overdoing it. No balloons sadly. Its more of a get together." He smiled warmly, this had been a whim so he had not organised a huge amount.

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