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Topic: Day 13 [2030 hrs] Trials & Tribulations (Read 11 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 13 [2030 hrs] Trials & Tribulations
Stardate 57564.76
Day 13
13 March 2381

[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @fiendfall
[Show/Hide]Cross watched as the world around him faded and dissolved, the room and the people in it ceasing to be. From somewhere in the room, Thea's voice gave an announcement of "Test Completed".

Cross wasn't sure how long he'd been in the Holodeck, how long he's been run through these tests Hathev had devised. The Theurgy's Chief Counsellor had said that each test would correlate with an area of control that he might need to work on, allowing her to better assess his current state and diagnose areas which required more time and work to remedy. Her plan had sounded reasonable, though now that Cross had been through two of her scenarios, and had passed both without much effort or problem, he began to doubt the usefulness of the tests.

This had, of course, all been his own damn fault. There had been a minor incident the day before, and he might have overreacted. Hathev, upon learning that he had thrown the rather small, mouthy and fucking useless Ensign Briggs across a torpedo bay, dislocating the man's shoulder as he'd sent him launching through the air, had decided that perhaps a more direct approach to his training would be of benefit. Cross was of a mind that the event had been an accomplishment, rather than a failure. His initial thought had been to stuff Briggs into a fucking torpedo tube, and shortly thereafter to send the useless Shitscale hurtling towards the planet below. It would have been an excellent test, both of the launcher's functionality, and of whether or not Briggs would be as annoying if he were reduced to ash by Aldea's atmosphere.

Cross sighed as Thea announced that test number three was beginning, the world around him changing form a black floor criss-cross with yellow lines and barren wall to an office on a starship. Cross didn't recognize the vessel, though he could tell they were moving at impulse by the movement of the start beyond the viewport. He glanced around the office, it's design practical and it's decorations spartan, and felt a looming sense of apprehension at the next test Hathev had cooked up for him. He sighed as he finally recognized the design of the ship, having only seen it a few times before, and looked up at the ceiling as though calling out against vengeful Gods, though in reality he was simply talking to Hathev outside of the Holodeck.

"Really, Counsellor?" Cross asked, his voice devoid of anything even remotely resembling enthusiasm. "No offence, but did it have to be a hajari Vulcan ship?" He suspected that she had, in fact, picked a Vulcan ship on purpose. Hathev was aware of the fact that Cross had had numerous negative experiences with Vulcans in the past, and so it was only logical for her to employ them in the attempt to find out what might set off his anger.

She may be more tolerant than some Cross thought to himself, as he waited to see if she would respond to his comment, but Hathev is still a Vulcan, all serenity and logic. At least she isn't...

His thoughts were cut off when the doors to the office hissed open, revealing a rather typical looking Vulcan in the next room. The man strode into the office, pulling up short as he noticed Cross standing there. He regarded Cross with an unimpressed expression, or as much of one that a Vulcan could give, as though studying Cross. For his part, Cross simply stared back at the hologram and waited, having no doubt that this Vulcan holocharacter would be just as annoying as the last ones had been. The previous test had involved Ferengi, and while Cross had wanted to rip their greedy, oversized ears clean off their fucking heads, he had easily resisted the urge. Ferengi were annoying, yes, but hardly worthy of losing his temper over. It might have been amusing to listen to the holo-Ferengi squeal as Cross beat him, btu hardly worth the trouble of failing the counsellor's test.

The Vulcan who now stared at him would likely have a different approach to the situation, and for a moment Cross found himself somewhat worried that he would fail the test. Would Hathev take affront to the idea of him losing control and potentially trying to kill a holocharacter that was of their own species? No, she would likely not even consider it. Hathev might be more agreeable than Seren, not that that was particularly hard to achieve, and she might be considerably easier on the eyes, but she was a logical being first. She would likely find the slight apprehension he felt at that moment to be highly illogical. Possibly accompanied by a raise eyebrow.

As long as she doesn't try to feed me more of that tea... Cross grumbled inwardly, scowling at the holocharacter, suddenly finding the artificial fellow's existence to be an annoyance. As the fellow stared at Cross, still not moving, he began to grow more and more annoyed, his jaw tightening as he waited. Finally, after nearly a minute of waiting for the pointy-eared bastard in the flowing purple robes to speak, Cross had had enough. "What the haja are you looking at, kuevdasi?" Cross asked, his brow furrowing in annoyance. The man regarded him silently for another moment, then gracefully made his way towards his desk, his movements aggravatingly slow. Cross thought that, at this rate, he might die of old age before this test got properly underway. Finally, once the man had taken an eon or so to situate himself at the desk, Cross waiting with arms crossed over his chest as the man fussed over his clothing, smoothing out wrinkles in the same way Cross had seen Seren do. Why did Vulcans always worry about the state of their clothes? Was it logical to always look your best? Or to spend so much time preening over one's self?

Speaking of logic, the man had began to speak, his topic of choice being just the thing Cross had been musing about; Logic.

"I would point out that it is illogical to ask what I am looking at, when I would think it perfect obvious that I was looking at you." The Vulcan explained, his tone just as dry and stuffy as Cross had imagined it would be.

"Adeŧa sumir'vadektiŧ izař" Cross muttered after letting out a long sigh. He glanced up at the ceiling, his eyes moving from side to side as though looking for Hathev. Were she there, he would have given her an exasperated look.

"Are you looking for something?" The Vulcan asked, cocking his head to one side as though studying a strange or unfamiliar creature.

"I was hoping for a rope. Or anything to put an end to these tests, really." Cross said, his voice level and giving no hint of humour for the hologram. He knew Hathev was outside the Holodeck and monitoring the entire session, and he knew she would hear the comment.

"Suicide would be an illogical means by which to end a test." The Vulcan informed him, his monotone voice and clipped, precise words irking Cross as the man's voice droned at him. "If you no longer wish to be taking part in a test, then you need simply fail it to end the test, and in doing so, end your discomfort." Cross wondered if the hologram realized he was basically instructing Cross to kill him, since that was among the parameters set out for failing these tests.

The thought brought a dark smile to Cross' features as he raised his head to look at the ceiling once more, intent on addressing Hathev. "How long do I have to put of with him to pass this?" He called out, knowing that angling his head towards the ceiling was completely unnecessary.

"Who is it that you think you are speaking to?" The hologram asked, one eyebrow raising as the holographic Vulcan regarded him with a look of curiosity.

"None of your hajari business, you hajari hesnúrak" Cross growled, casting an annoyed look in the holo-Vulcan's direction. The hologram's other eyebrow rose to join it's partner, giving the Vulcan hologram as much of a look of surprise as a Vulcan could give. Cross wondered if the fucker would have the same expression as Cross' fist slammed into his face repeatedly. Perhaps the cumulative annoyance of the past couple of tests were beginning to take a toll on him, he reflected.

"Your actions are most illogical, Commander." The hologram informed him, the words causing Cross' jaw to tighten, his teeth grinding. "Perhaps if you sit, we can have some tea and discuss your situation?"

Oh fuck, not more Vulcan tea...

Kardasi Translations:
Hajari - Fucking
Haja - Fuck
Kuevdasi - Shitscale
Adeŧa sumir'vadektiŧ izař - Insult: "I liked it when you weren't here yet"
hesnúrak - Rotten Molt
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