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Topic: Day 05 [1430 hrs] Sticky Progress (Read 61 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 05 [1430 hrs] Sticky Progress
Day 05 [1430 hrs.] Sticky Progress

[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya | Corridor | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @AlyFox

For several minutes now, a lone Andorian had stood outside of a high-intensity forcefield that had been erected to seal off the corridor staring at the mess on the other side of it.  A nightmarish scene showed exactly why the next section had been cut off from the rest of the ship.  What wasn't damaged from a firefight was covered in various bits of snake-like cabling connecting chunks of disable machinery that definitely didn't fit the Starfleet decor.  The worst part of it all was that he could see where all that junk came from: the open doors to his Stellar Cartography lab.  For days Shall had been waiting patiently for the word that this section had been cleared so that he could rebuild his little sanctum (yet again), but his patience was just about spent now.

Boot treads sounded on the deck plates behind him and Shall sighed to release some of his frustration.  "It's about time, I've been calling for nearly half an hour." he growled over his shoulder before turning around to see who the Ops department finally sent to see him.  The comparatively diminutive woman that appeared caught him off guard for a moment, hers was a face he knew he'd never seen before.  The forehead ridges were too small to be the result of Savi genetic tampering so she wasn't from the Endeavour, nor could she have been someone from Theurgy who had been altered either.  Grunting in resignation Shall just waved to the forcefield behind him.  "So when will I get access to my lab again?  Do you understand that I have days if not weeks worth of work waiting for me in there?"

Her answer didn't satisfy the hot-blooded Andorian in the slightest.  Doing his best to keep from exploding he did the only thing he could think of: walk away.  She may be the same rank but he did not want to talk with security yet again.  He could hear her keeping step with him and he gritted his teeth.  The turbolift wasn't very far and he stabbed the call button as hard as he could.  "Listen, Ensign, I know it's not your fault, you're doing the best you can, but you have to understand, that lab is my entire reason for being on board this ship."  Staring into those beautiful hazel eyes Shall could admire her spunk.  Not a lot of people would be willing to go toe to toe with a pissed-off Andorian.

As they stood there arguing about it the doors finally opened and Shall blew right in without looking.  Taking up a spot by the back wall his antenna was still plastered against his skull despite K'Lara's best efforts.  She followed him in as well.  "Deck 8" he almost yelled to Thea.  "I'm guessing you probably don't know, but I've modified the equipment in that lab to turn it into a full tactical observation post, as well as one of the best astronomical scientific facilities available to us.  I need to be a higher priority!"  As that new outburst echoed off of the walls Shall could now feel a second set of eyes locked onto hi.  Head snapping around to the uniformed figure that he just now realized is in the turbolift with them he barked out a simple "What!?"

He regretted it immediately.  Lt. Ida zh'Wann had made it clear days earlier that she never wanted to see him again, and now he was less than a meter from her face.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Turbolift | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @ch'Xinya @AlyFox 
And Ida's stare was like a cold fire, glaring at the chan whilst he behaved like he owned the ship, subjecting the Bellerophon crew member to his misplaced anger.

The Lieutenant stood there, with her arms folded underneath her chest at the back of the turbolift, and despite how her mind had been put at ease after the Head Nurse's unorthodox treatments, coming face to face with the very Andorian that had forced himself on her was decidedly not conductive to her recovery. "Stay you tongue, Ensign," she said in a voice so quiet that her next statement was like an ushaan-tor to the teeth, "or I will break the antenna you have left."

Satisfied that Shall was not saying anything immediately, the Deputy Chief of Security turned her blue eyes to the Klingon hybrid that shared the lift with them. "Was this insolent cur of a cartographer giving you any trouble?" she asked, her tone far more restrained, even though there was no smile to her stony countenance. "If so, I would be happy to have him spend the night in the brig so that he might learn some proper manners, as befitting a Starfleet officer instead of a mere animal."

The choice of words, of course, was aimed at Shall for his weakness in the Savi observation pen, where he had given in to his primal instincts - infatuated with the Sclergyn's apparent lies. Moved by falsehood, he's seized her hips in the darkness, and forced himself inside her.

And she would never forgive him for it.

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Re: Day 05 [1430 hrs] Sticky Progress
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Ensign K'Lara Halliwell | Corridor | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya @Auctor Lucan

K'Lara made her way down the halls of the the ship, she was still very much getting used to serving on. The young Ensign had been through a lot more than she admittedly had been prepared for lately, the Academy didn't really teach how to deal with...well this! Still it had taught her how to do her job, which was why she was here. She didn't know much, just that someone couldn't get past a force-field or something and needed either someone from Operations or Engineering to come down and take a look.

As she got close she could see an Andorian standing next to the forcefield in question and the huge mess just behind it. Before the young hybrid could say anything however, the taller man growled over his shoulder at her and looked down at her, not that was anything knew, she was rather short compared to a lot of people, her Human half had clearly beaten her Klingon half when it came to the height department.

"I uh..." she muttered, glancing from the taller man to the forcefield and the mess behind it and then down to her PADD, scanning for where exactly on the several pages list of things in need of repair on the beaten up ship. Not finding anything on pages one or two, sure enough though a little over half way down on page three, there was the area in question. The Andorian, clearly a member of the science department was already in a foul mood due to having to wait and now she had to deliever even more bad news. "Uh well according to the current work schedule this area should be clear in uh...three days." the hybrid said.

Sure enough he was not happy with her answer and if looks could kill, to coin an old Human expression K'Lara was pretty sure she'd be a dead woman. Her fellow ensign however didn't strike out at her however, instead opting to turn on his heel and walk away. Taking a quick glance around, she followed after him as they made the short trip back to the turbolift. Judging by the way the blue skinned man jabbed the button, that anger wasn't going away any time soon. Still he seemed to yell at her about how his work was waiting for him and it was taking all her willpower to keep her Klingon half and the temper that came with it from punching him square on the nose for the way he was talking to her.

She could certainly understand his frustration but there were other, far more pressing issues that the Engineering and Operations departments had to fix and even then what got fixed and when wasn't anything to do with her, it might not even have been Commander Stark's for all K'Lara knew and yet here was this apparently holier than thou scientist acting like he deserved special treatment. Everybody on board was waiting for something somewhere to be fixed, the Andorian was no different beyond the lack of patience he seemed to have compared to other people.

Despite the fact she was small in height, she could handle herself and her Klingon half certainly gave her a lot more confidence when it came to standing up to others regardless of her size, so she refused to back down and glared right back up at him. Which evidently seemed to work somewhat as he seemed to calm down enough and offer something of an apology to her. Taking a breath she nodded in understanding as they stepped onto the Turbolift "I understand your frustration but there are a lot of things on this ship that need fixing and while your lab might very well be important to you, it's not the most important thing on the ship that needs attention right now, you aren;t the only one waiting for something to be fixed around here." she growled back, being as diplomatic as possible considering her Klingon blood screamed at her to knock him on his ass for talking to her as such.

Truth be told, K'Lara didn't know about the modifications she had made, and while they certainly sounded important, evidently despite the Andorian's belief that he deserved to be a higher priority, the Chief Engineer and her own boss Commander Stark clearly didn't think so, otherwise the Andorian and his lab would have been a higher priority. Still before she could tell the smug blue skin that, he seemed to snap and turn his attention to someone else, someone that evidently neither he nor K'Lara herself had noticed before, both being wrapped up in their own arguing...well more his arguing than hers.

Still a quick glance told K'Lara that the other Andorian was wearing gold, which made her either an Engineer or a Security Officer since the hybrid at least knew of the other members of the Operations department and she was not one of them. The second thing she immediately spotted was that the female Andorian outranked both of them and the final thing that was not at all hard to spot was that she clearly did not like the other Andorian judging by that glare.

The curse of being a hybrid was that sometimes her Klingon half would step in and give her courage for a situation and other times her Human half would jump in and take over and vice versa and right now, it decided to jump back in, perhaps because a superior officer was in their company and she didn't want to go all Klingon on anybody, especially being so new to the ship. Something that went doubly so when the woman threatened to break the other Andorian's only antenna. Now K'Lara might not know everything there was to know about Andorian's, she knew that those antennae of theirs were really important to them and losing one was pretty bad. She wasn't sure what losing both would do to an Andorian but clearly this woman hated the man that much to even say such a thing.

Then the woman turned her attention from him over to herself. "Insolent cur?" yep she definitely does not like this guy the hybrid thought to herself, even though the tone of her voice wasn't actively hostile as it could have been, it wasn't exactly hard to know that it probably was in the female Andorian's head. Her next statement caused K'Lara's eyebrows to rise slightly. "I uh...I don't think that will be necessary." she managed to stutter out before giving a soft cough to clear her throat.

All semblance of her Klingon half gone as her Human half took the wheel and right now wanted nothing more than to shrink down even smaller than her 5'3 and 1/4 height already was so that she was not taking up any room in this turbolift to be remotely noticeable to the two Andorian's that clearly had issues with each other...well at least one of them did anyway. K'Lara didn't know, didn't particularly want to know and really wished she was anywhere else but in this turbolift right now.

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[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya | Turbolift | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @AlyFox

Plastered against his skull from the anger over getting shut out of his lab (on top of the discovery of what someone let happen to it, he swore that if he found out whose idea it was to let the Borg have their way with it in the first place he would strangle them with his own hands and throw them out an airlock), Shall's antenna shot upright like an Academy cadet at Ida's tone.  Instinctively stepping back and into the turbolift bulkhead, the chan's face paled at her vitriol.  He wisely kept his mouth shut for the moment, letting the security officer check on the new Ensign.  It wasn't lost on him that she volunteered to toss him into the Brig and his shock started to morph back into anger over the slight.

"Oh I see, the brig is functional but our long range sensor analysis needs three days just to get started.  I guess you have to lose a chief to be the favored child." he spat without thinking.  "Deck 8." he ordered quickly to get the turbolift moving again.

Staring down Lt. zh'Wann, Shall had all but forgotten about K'Lara already.  The ungrateful bitch, her pride shoved so far up her rear that she couldn't bend over to put on her own boots.  For a moment he wondered if he should've sided with Sehl after all, maybe with an egg inside that lovely twat of hers she'd finally thaw out and be reasonable for once in her life.  She fired back of course, but not too far into the retort the turbolift shuddered accompanied with a flickering of the lights.

Glancing up at the ceiling a surprised question formed on Shall's blue lips, but before it found the air the lift lurched to a sudden halt hard enough to make the Andorian stumble.  Everything was plunged into darkness so he didn't see what he fell into, all he could tell is that it wasn't nearly as hard as the bulkhead.  The red emergency lighting kicked in a few seconds later making him blink everything back into focus.  Glancing down he froze in shock.

The damned turbolift just threw him right into Ida's arms.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Turbolift | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @ch'Xinya @AlyFox 
Before the turbolift had come to an abrupt stop, Ida had heard the glib remark about Wenn Cinn, and it stirred her ire more than it ought to. She had unfolded her arms and slowly, menacingly, made fists at her sides, while her browridge lowered over her cold, fiery eyes. "You are a disgrace, Ensign. Not just to the Andorian people but to your uniform, and worse yet, you are a weak-minded rapi-"

Then, their foothold lurched with the sudden short-circuit of the lift, and they all stumbled. Ida still retained her footing, but a body collided with her. Once the emergency lighting came on, she saw that it was - of course - the cartographer, him taking every opportunity to be handsy. "By Lor'Vela get away from me, you puny pervert of a decrepit little chan," she hissed, equally mad over the fact that they appeared to be trapped together as the fact that he'd come close to her. Her open hand shot out, catching the Ensign below his throat and shoving him away from herself, making sure she didn't propel the other Andorian into the Bellerophon officer.

Seething with indignant anger, she slowly turned her eyes and antennae to the woman, taking a deep breath. "Could you please try to contact someone who can make the lift move again?" she said quietly, glancing towards the woman's combadge, and then she looked back at Irnashall, the vehemence returning to her glare.

"You're debaucherous molester, and if I regret anything experienced on the Savi dreadnought most, it is how you forced yourself on me at the promise of our abductors, eagerly leaping at the chance to shed your seed, like a rutting animal in heat. Shelat, we were supposed to remain strong and refrain in the proud, patriotic spirit of our people, showing them that Andorians were better than breeding stock, but no... You ruined it, for even though the lies of the xenobiologist were so apparent, your animal drive got the better of you. By Lor'Vela, how could you do that to me?"

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Re: Day 05 [1430 hrs] Sticky Progress
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Ensign K'Lara Halliwell | Turbolift | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya @Auctor Lucan

K'Lara could do nothing but watch as the male Andorian wisely backed away from the female, seeming to turn a slightly lighter shade of blue as he did so until he bumped into the bulkhead. Still that wouldn't keep his quiet for long as he countered back with a verbal jab of his own. While it was pretty clear that he hadn't thought before he spoke, to speak ill of the dead was a lowly, honour-less thing to do and judging by the woman's clenched fists and glare it wasn't something the Security Officer appreciated.

Her haze shifting between the two Andorians, K'Lara arched an eyebrow at the words the female was saying. Disgrace to the Andorian people, the uniform and was she about to say rapist? He was a rapist? If so why was he still on the ship, serving and not in the brig or tossed out the airlock or something? She wondered, as her gaze shifted back to the male, now eyeing him with far more suspicion than she had previously.

Not that it lasted long when the lift shuddered, lurched and the lights went dead, judging by the sounds of it everybody, herself included had stumbled a little. Luckily she had been standing close enough to the wall that she didn't move too far, but she didn't know where the other two had been sent...which would evidently turn out to be into each other's arms as was revealed when the lights came up again. "Oh no..." the young hybrid muttered, more at the realisation that the Turbolift had died more than the situation the Andorians found themselves in, not that it lasted long considering the security officer immediately shoved him away, with a not so friendly open handed shot to his throat.

K'Lara's head immedately snapped over to the woman when she quielty asked her to contact someone to get the lift moving again and nodded "Oh yes I can do that." she said quickly and tapped her Combadge  =^="Halliwell to Bridge we've got a malfunctioning Turbolift here, could you please get it moving again..." she said, her eyes moving between the two Andorian's on either side of the confined space "...preferably sooner rather than later if possible, thank you."=^=

A few seconds passed in uncomfortable silence before a voice came back through her Combadge =^="Bridge to Halliwell, sorry about that Ensign, we've been having power failures off and on through various systems today that combined with issues to the ODN network and it's unfortunately hit the deck your Turbolift was passing through and took it out in the process. I'll dispatch the first repair crew I can to get to you but you might have to wait a little while while we get the power back up in your area,."=^= came the reply.

With those words, K'Lara was sure she felt the air itself tense up with the silent awkwardness in the very small space, so much so that she almost forgot to respond to whoever it was at Ops that had been talking to her. =^="Oh um th...thank you, Halliwell out."=^= she quickly blurted out before going silent again, her eyes quickly darting between the scientist and security officer and wished that she could be anywhere else in the galaxy right now than in here with these two people that clearly had an issue with the other.
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Re: Day 05 [1430 hrs] Sticky Progress
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[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya | Turbolift | Deck 15 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @AlyFox

The hits just kept coming to Shall, literally in the case of Lt. zh'Wann's reaction.  He could almost swear that he heard the cartilage plate covering his sternum pop from the impact of her palm against it, she'd smacked him with enough force to effectively throw him across the car.  Even if she hadn't hit his throat directly he still ended up gasping for air for several seconds, the blows knocking the wind out of him giving the righteous zhen an opening to unload on the hated chan.

"I didn't..." Shall's reply was little more than a croak at first, he had to work the throat muscles with his fingers for a moment before proper speech could happen.  "I didn't start it.  What else were we supposed to do?  Kidnapped, pumped full of drugs, and threatened with a memory wipe if we didn't comply?"  The chan's voice steadily built in strength and volume, not to the point of shouting, but it was clear his limits were behind him now.  "Shall..." Syora's voice echoed out of nowhere from somewhere in his mind, trying to caution him.  "Besides, I don't recall you resisting once Shar got all over you."

"Listen to her..." Jay now issued a warning, something she seldom did, but their ch'te wasn't listening at this point.  Too worked up to stay against the bulkhead Shall started to pace a few steps, keeping his distance from Ida but prowling like a wary predator nonetheless.  Eyes locking onto Halliwell for a moment he adopted an evil, leering grin.  "You're new on board, so you don't know our illustrious deputy security chief's history yet, do you?"  He gave his compatriot a sidelong glance, wondering what her reaction was.  "Don't Shall..." Jay repeated.

"Ask around, anyone who was on board then can tell you all about how Lt. zh'Wann came back from an away mission and started grabbing every crewmember she could find to either seduce or force herself onto."  His tone turned mocking for the next part.  "But it wasn't her fault, it was the virus, making her do that.  And those she fucked, then those they did, on and on..."

"Is your pride worth your soul?" Tavin finally joined his mates in trying to reign Shall in.  "How can we be Whole if you throw yourself away into the abyss?"

Something changed in the Andorian's face, the built up rage melting from his face as something unseen brought him back from the edge.  Having shot straight up earlier, his antenna drooped again in shame.  "Including me...." Deflated, Shall collapsed against the bulkhead, knees sagging though he was mostly upright still thanks to the friction on his back.  "The logs were deleted once the virus was eradicated." he explained meekly.  "Memory loss was a side effect from the cure as well, so no one knows what exactly happened, but she's right."  Shall buried his face in his hands, tears started to leak from his eyes and he just couldn't let either woman see that just yet.

After what seemed like an eternity to him but was just a few seconds for Ida and K'lara, Shall managed to regain some modicum of composure and his hands dropped to his sides.  "By Lor'vela what's happened to me..."